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xmoonlitxdreamx · 37 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Raihan & Kabu in some rando outfits
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Raihan: If Sonia's the unofficial mum of the group, who's the unofficial dad?
Gloria: Hold on what got you thinking about that?
Raihan: I was watching this thing and there was a club and everyone was like 'Oh he's the mum of the group' and 'Oh he's the dad of the group'
Nessa: What thing?
Raihan: Haikyuu. Bro Sugamama and Dadchi for life
Gloria: C R O W S
Raihan: Oya oya!
Gloria: Oya oya oya!
Raihan: HEY HEY HEY!
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Raihan: When you've been online as long as I have, you develop a thick skin.
Piers: Blue is not your color
Raihan: Blue brings out my eyes you prick-
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Lol that recent just gave me the thought of Alister turning up in Spikmuth at like 3 am, asking for help.
Yeah, that’s definitely what happened. Allister is usually wandering around looking for ghosts at night, and happened to catch a Sableye. Dark types and ghost types are high maintenance, so trainers really need to know what they’re doing. Allister wants to keep Sabeleye, but wants to make sure it’s healthy, so he immediately goes to Spikemuth. He’s not bothered by the dark moonless streets, and he knows exactly where to find Piers.
He’s lucky Piers is a light sleeper, or he’d never have heard Allister’s knocking at the door. Piers ends up calling Bea and telling her Allister is at his place before setting him up on the couch. Piers gives Sableye some food but otherwise makes Allister wait until morning.
That morning, though, Piers writes out a whole stack of papers on how to take care of dark type pokemon. And tells Allister to come back for some checks just to make sure (he doesn’t want to see a pokemon in harm’s way).
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What would it be like if Nessa went to spikemuth to visit?
There’s a lot of dark alleys and a bad reputation in Spikemuth. Still, Nessa is a brave and strong woman, so she visits whenever she has to without complaint. Piers does escort her around, though, as a courtesy. People don’t visit Spikemuth often, so most visitors get lost anyway.
Piers and Nessa are different but they have a lot of common ground and get along very well. Nessa also loves Marnie and likes to treat her to a shopping day when she’s around.
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hatchingshinies · 4 hours ago
Okay so I finally got with the program and I bought Sword. I have been shiny hunting in Ultra Sun up until now, but just didn't feel I had too much worth posting here. I spent 4 hours SOS chaining for a shiny Sandygast the one day, and the next I got a shiny Riolu in like 6 encounters. So that was neat. I've only just started Sword, but I'll definitely be doing some shiny hunting/hatching here.
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garlicbreadbowl · 7 hours ago
Callout post for games with absurdly long intro scenes or opening beginning before you can do your thing while I button mash through sashes opening dialogue dump
Pokemon SwSh
Every fable game
Fallout 3 and 4
Kingdoms of Amalur (still a good game argue with the wall)
Pokemon DPP
Borderlands 3 with the BALLSY CHOICE of a 6 minute CUTSCENE before you can even pick your character, and an opening of actual game play that about 40 minutes before you can go on your own and explore
Borderlands TPS was pretty long and winded too but that game let you start playing after only a minute or so of cutscene and about 10 minutes of tutorial play
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crownofhearts · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sketches of my Sword Trainer, Kiara, and a few of her babies.
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1kook · 8 hours ago
yup yup this semester is over back on my impulsive posting
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champion-prism · 11 hours ago
Warning: NSFW
Pls comfort fuck raihan everytime he loses. Shower his cock with love and attention. Go down on him real slow, kissing down his abs, kitten licking his length, softly sucking at his balls till he begs. Make him feel really pretty and wanted, okay?
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snapshotofstories · 13 hours ago
SWSH Pokedex
I don't if anyone is still playing Pokemon SWSH but I've recently got back into it and I'm hoping to complete the pokedex. I have Sword along with the DLC so if you need anything from those, I'm happy to trade.
Here are the pokemon I am looking for:
If you have any of these, lemme me know!
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Bede: I love cheating
Bede: If you don’t cheat, what the hell is wrong with you
Hop: Have you ever been cheated on?
Bede: I forgot some people are in relationships.
Bede: To clarify, I love to violate academic integrity on exams.
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cxffin · 16 hours ago
If you're still take requests maybe Raihan with mouthplay and phone
The pad of their thumb slid along his lower lip, coaxing his mouth open with every gentle glide. His jaw relaxed, falling to make room for their hand. He could feel them wrap their arms tighter around him—they caged him against their chest—as they finally slid a finger over his tongue.
Raihan wasn't looking at them. His focus was on the phone screen in front of them, but his eyes were stuck on the image of his mouth—the spit-slicked lips and the lolling tongue, the dreamy way he sighed as they added a second finger to slowly pump in and out, in and out, in and out. They were hardly in frame, just a backdrop for him, a reminder that they were the one to drive the dragon tamer so far gone.
His gaze was uneven, watching beneath heavy lashes as their other hand moved across his chest. They traced his exposed collarbone and the column of his throat, working gentle touches across his jaw until they came to his mouth. Their thumb hooked over his teeth—a touch too sharp, a shade nearing draconic—and pulled his mouth open farther. As their fingers pressed deeper, his tongue swiped along the bottom, curling along the edge as much as he could with them still moving.
"Oh," they feigned surprise. "It's not recording. I guess we'll have to start over."
But they didn't move. Their arms kept Raihan against their chest, their fingers continued to move in his mouth. He was stuck on the floor, watching in his phone's screen as they sat behind him on the bed, keeping him steady between their legs.
"Go on, press the button."
His eyes widened, momentarily waking him up as he realized just what they were asking of him. He couldn't nod, couldn't give an affirmative... Instead, he reached out, limbs shaking as he tried to touch the device. They had set his phone up just out of reach, the tripod just shy of his fingertips. Raihan was sure they had done so on purpose, meant to tease and frustrate him in the midst of something that melted him so completely.
He used his other hand for leverage, pushing up from the floor as much as their position allowed, before barely brushing his fingertips across the screen. The button darkened ever so briefly, and the counter appeared in a flicker of color. He fell heavily back to the floor, still full of their fingers and ready to return to their embrace—but they had something else in mind.
They pulled him back by the shoulder, doubling their efforts to work his mouth open. He groaned as they pressed along his tongue, flattening it over his teeth to poke out past his lip. His eyes were rolling back before he could stop them—his mouth was too sensitive, it felt too good—and the vision on screen was lost. They smoothed their thumb over his cheek, whispering praises he couldn't quite understand, body shaking and numb and warm as they continued to fuck his mouth with no more than a few fingers.
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bakanohealthy · 17 hours ago
Wassenveld update
Tumblr media
on tumblr | on comicfury
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