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#roleplay meme
rpmemesofmine · 2 hours ago
How does your muse describe mine to others?
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uptonogoodindiememes · 14 hours ago
One Tree Hill Sentence Meme - Let the Reigns Go Loose
“You’re still here. . . I thought we had an understanding,”
“I have a dig day ahead of me and you’re in my way,”
“Do you realize how wrong that is?”
“Try getting a job,”
“You going to the club opening tomorrow?”
“You know, I had a great time the other night,”
“Being dropped into a new place is hard enough without jumping into a new relationship too,”
“I’m just saying let’s not rush things,”
“Didn’t you once tell me there was such a thing as over preparation?”
“Hey look, I know it’s last minute, but there’s a club opening tonight, wanna go?”
“I’ve never been a big fan of the rules,”
“Does this melon look overly ripe to you?”
“I mean, the whole point of friends with benefits is that there’s no strings attached, right?”
“You’ve been getting a little needy,”
“I have a date tonight, you are okay with that?”
“Sometimes marriage is about sacrifice,”
“Beware of strangers bearing gifts,”
“What’s going on, you alright?”
“I really don’t think you should be drinking after you just gave blood,”
“This is definitely the first time I’ve felt like the oldest person in the bar,”
“So what’s the story with you and your. . . friend?”
“I just didn’t know you were seeing other people,”
“I’m not jealous, I just figured you’d go for someone with a little more class,”
“She seems fun,”
“It’s nice to see good things happen to you,”
“Ready for our first dance?”
“Just walk away, please,”
“Are you out of your mind?”
“Just because people say something, doesn’t make it true,”
“Nice dress, is it new?”
“I’m sorry, I had no idea that was gonna happen, and you don’t deserve any of it,”
“I didn’t mean to ruin your night,”
“Look at us, I mean, does this picture look right to you?”
“If we were exclusive, just you and me, would you be good with that?”
“So, what do you say, boyfriend, wanna sleep over?”
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notmorbid · 14 hours ago
the searcher, pt. 1.
dialogue prompts from the searcher by tana french.
that wasn’t an idea, it was a notion.
you’ve been keeping a pretty good eye on me.
there something you want to know?
not the aliens again.
as long as you’re not expecting a goodnight kiss.
were you a good cop or a bad cop?
you allergic to anything?
i get a little jumpy at night.
i’m not holding my breath.
have you got brothers and sisters?
it wouldn’t suit everybody, but it suits me.
i’m not that useful to anybody right now.
you take what comes your way, i suppose.
i didn’t mean to scare you.
anything they don’t tell you, they don’t want you to know.
no point sitting around sulking.
find anything you didn’t expect?
i’ve had just about all the excitement i can handle.
i’d be happy enough if i never saw this place again.
you’re not a mindreader.
there’s always reasons to worry.
i’m a lot of things, but i’m not dumb.
i’m an optimistic kind of guy.
just making sure the aliens didn’t abduct you.
you don’t have to bring me stuff.
we have to look out for each other. no one else is going to do it.
i like to see people settled and happy.
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naughtyandnicerpmemes · 15 hours ago
Send your muse's flirty messages to mine on anon.
My muse has to guess who it is from
Remember to specify muse for multi-muse blogs!
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uptonogoodindiememes · 16 hours ago
Modern Family Sentence Meme - My Hero
“You were the one who said, I need some time, I’ll call you when I heal more,”
“You’re okay making plans with my ex boyfriend?”
“I worked there for half a summer twenty years ago,”
“Loving this already, if no one gets a concussion, we’re totally coming back,”
“Did you know your entire family is here, invited by your ex boyfriend?”
“Throw on those skates and take a whirl with me,”
“You don’t know how to roller skate,”
“But I’m going to look stupid,”
“As long as you’re standing next to me, you will not look stupid,”
“I did used to work here,”
“What do you think you’re doing out there?”
“Flirting with boys is about increasing your value, not decreasing theirs,”
“You know, I’ve got problems of my own,”
“Did you even notice I’m binge eating?”
“Of course not, I would never ask that, that would be insane,”
“I know you’ll do what’s right,”
“What if we practice outside where no one can see us?”
“What are you doing out here?”
“Apparently, this is the only way we’ll get to talk tonight,”
“This is as sad as I’ve ever been in roller skates,”
“Do what you love, you never work a day in your life, right?”
“I still think about that kiss,”
“I’m just so stressed out,”
“I’m with a customer right now, I’ll be with you in just a moment,”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about,”
“This was never about him, this was about getting you some confidence,”
“Okay, try not to throw this in my face one day, but sometimes you’re actually really smart,”
“I’m not the bad guy here,”
“That is literally the first punch I’ve ever thrown,”
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My muse has fallen asleep, but hasn't woken up for a few days! What will you do to bring them back to consciousness?
Tips: interpret it as you wish (it might depend on the blog owner)! It might be related to health, magic, messing with time or whatever strange anomaly you can come up with. Or maybe the owners muse just goes into winter slumber and the sender's muse doesn't know about it? Get creative :)
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madebymandyla · 19 hours ago
Overly Sarcastic Productions Starters                             ☄️ Miscellaneous Myths IV  ☄️
“General consensus: probably not a fun time.”
“I’ve been dreading that dumb quip literally my whole life.”
“Look, this season is my jam, okay?”
“Aw, jeez, I left my rings and cloak at home. I’m sure I can think of something to offer you.”
“Nobody’s responsible for this baby but me. . .and also my old boyfriend who lives in the woods.”
“Before you do anything like that, let me tell you my tragic backstory.”
“Work through your daddy issues on your own time, man.”
“Don’t worry, I’m a very determined hugger.”
“Think of me when you gaze into his functional, fleshy eyes!”
“If he won’t be responsible about his kids he’s not getting any more.”
“Just a heads up, those are gonna be a problem for you.”
“Maybe I should be in charge of stuff.”
“Turns out absorbing you pregnant wife can have unforeseen medical consequences.”
“I’m gonna go bang everything with less than six legs.”
“We should really get you a normal human boyfriend.”
“That’s why she gives such great hugs!”
“Seriously? That’s a terrible idea. There are less emotionally taxing ways to die.”
“Who has the stomach for smores when you’ve just talked about a giant man-eating spider?”
“Dear, I need you to kill your son.”
“Oh, crap, that’s a crime now?”
“Oh, Hades no.”
“Were classical painters allergic to putting women in clothes?”
“Don’t demonize me youtube I’m just trying to be educational.”
“I’m not crazy, by the way.”
“‘sup nerd, you know the drill.”
“I’m tired of censoring all these boobs you guys.”
“In the modern world this is known as pedophilia and this is very very not okay.”
“Hey, [name], want some wings?”
“Maybe he was jealous?”
“[name]! Did you steal the remote?!”
“I don’t think we appreciate the sun enough, and I say this as someone who gets sunburns from Hubble pics and people with unusually shiny teeth.”
“I’m picturing a Jacob’s Ladder made of nightmares.”
“Let’s file that under ‘yikes’ and move on.”
“Don’t make me find a way to dismember you again.”
“Blood sacrifices keep the planet from eating your feet.”
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ghstmemes · a day ago
add  ‘ + 🔁 ’   to reverse the roles !
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Send 🌭 for the receiving muse to hotdog the sending muse’s ass.
Remember to specify muse for multi-muse blogs!
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Send 'I want a baby' for the receiving muse's reaction to the sending muse saying this to them.
Remember to specify muse for multi-muse blogs!
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moonpiehelps · a day ago
✏ Send one and I’ll draw our muses! Send an emoji + a muse of mine and yours and I’ll draw them! Make sure to specify for multi-muses and feel free to change it up however you see fit or add in details!
Send a “ 🎄 " for a drawing of our muses celebrating Christmas
Send a “ 🎃 " for a drawing of our muses celebrating Halloween
Send a “ 💋 " for a drawing of our muses kissing
Send a “ 😭 " for a drawing of one muse comforting the other 
Send a “ 🤪 " for a drawing of our muses making silly faces
Send a “ 🎢 " for a drawing of our muses at a fair
Send a “ 🎨 " for my muse to draw yours
Send a “ 🧦 " for a drawing of our muses wearing each other’s clothes
Send a “ 🧸 " for a drawing of our muses as kids
Send a “ 🩹 " for a drawing of one muse patching up the other’s wound
Send a “ 📱 " for a drawing of a picture on one muses phone of them together
Send a “ 🎶 " for a drawing of our muses dancing together
Send a “ 📺 " for a drawing of our muses watching TV together
Send a “ 🗡️ " for a drawing of one muse defending the other from danger
Send a “ 🩸 " for a drawing of our muses after a dramatic scene
Send a “ 🎬 " for a drawing of our muses in a canon scene
Send a “ 🔦 " for a drawing of our muses in a horror setting
Send a “ 🎉 " for a drawing of our muses at a party
Send a “ 💗 " for a drawing of our muses hugging
Send a “ 😡 " for a drawing of our muses fighting
Send a “ 🌲 " for a drawing of our muses camping
Send a “ 🏖️ " for a drawing of our muses in a summer setting
Send a “ ⛄ " for a drawing of our muses in a winter setting
Send a “ 🏠 " for a drawing of our muses having a sleepover
Send a “ 🛏️ " for a drawing of our muses sleeping in the same bed (can be platonic)
Send a “ 😆 " for a drawing of our muses laughing together
Send a “ ✨ " for a drawing of our muses in another universe (AU or verse)
Send a “ 🔭 " for a drawing of our muses stargazing 
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ohtheaesthetics · a day ago
"When I was young, I was afraid of the dark." "When I got older, I learned that darkness is a place." "Pack up and be ready to leave." "Of course it's real." "Then why cross it? Why not go around?" "I'd like to see even one person who isn't scared of that." "You'd be surprised." "I know you're hiding here!" "You try me without that magic." "Oh, so we're back together?" "I'm going to do it again." "Hide your emotional breakdown for when you're alone." "Always carry a weapon on you." "That's because you're a child in an even bigger child's body." "He/She/They talk(s) about you all the time." "Yes, that would be nice, but don't hold your breath." "It has to be an error. It has to be." "Drinks all around here, please." "Let me see that." "Busted." "The point is, either is was a group effort or a ghost." "Why does this concern me?" "Who can hear a whisper here?" "What information do you have for me tonight?" "Well, of course certain death pays a million." "I would have had to use my knives to get closer." "You can get arrested for that." "You don't seem like the type who does what they should." "Where did you get these?" "Well... turns out they do need me." "You're a terrible shot." "If it goes wrong, come back." "I'll find my way back to you." "Either you take your time or you take your chances." "Have you ever put out a fire by adding more fire?" "We can't hide forever." "And what was damaged?" "What did you do?" "I'm usually right." "What the hell are you doing here?" "No. Turn around right now." "How many more are there?" "I'll meet you at the meadow." "It's been too long." "Your life's in danger with this job." "Are you threatening me? Really?" "Hey! One of these has a hole in it!" "One look and I can tell. Criminals." "No businessman worth his salt bargains for what he can take." "I have to be back in an hour." "So you don't know everything after all." "He/she/they was/were one of two witnesses to an... event." "Should've been a total loss, but something happened." "You're safe now." "If I tell you, you'll set me free?"
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romanianwilkinson · a day ago
Send ‘ 🌷 ’ & a question for my muse’s mother to answer.
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romanianwilkinson · a day ago
Send ‘ 🌹 ’ to meet my muse’s mother.
If you cannot see the symbol, send ‘ Mother’s Day ’.
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Send 🎁 for the receiving muse's reaction to getting a gift from the sending muse.
Remember to specify muse for multi-muse blogs!
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rp-pet-peeves · 2 days ago
Sending your partner a message that you're not interested in the rp anymore/ point out a problem you have with the rp and immediately closing the app like
Tumblr media
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spunsugarmusings · 2 days ago
Send + for a positive trait of my muse’s that becomes prominent in their relationship with yours
Send - for a negative trait of my muse’s that becomes prominent in their relationship with yours
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notmorbid · 2 days ago
the living, pt. 1.
dialogue prompts from the living by isaac marion.
why are you still fighting when there’s nothing left to fight for?
aren’t you tired? i’m tired.
i imagine it’s been a hard road.
what’s your poison?
cluttered house, cluttered mind.
you’re not leaving me alone in this horror show.
i still don’t know who you are. not really.
love is complicated and only grownups can do it.
do you love anybody?
you want to be safe, don’t you?
i do what it takes to survive.
please tell me you have coffee.
break stuff open and show what’s in it and make new stuff from the pieces.
where did you grow up?
we’ve all been monsters. we’ve all toured hell. but now we’re here.
here we are again. just like the bad old days.
you look like the world hasn’t been kind to you.
whatever they taught you, you are not a machine.
i’m not floating anymore. you’re ropes tying me down.
after ten years alone you can float too far.
i don’t belong with kind people. good people.
what kind of person are you?
punishing yourself doesn’t help anyone. just puts more pain in the world.
quit stalling and just spit it out.
i need you to leave me alone for a minute.
i want to meet you, but i’m scared you’ll be a stranger.
wherever this nightmare’s taking us, we should go there together.
you don’t have to die to be a martyr.
i got tired of waiting for permission to die. i decided to try living.
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rp-meme-source · 2 days ago
NieR Sentence Starters, 1/?
Sentence starters from the video game NieR. Remember to specify muse when sending to or from a multimuse. Change wording or pronouns as needed.
"The end has never felt so close."
"My only concern is to give her a better life."
"I try my best, but I am only one man."
"I will fight for (NAME) until the very end."
"(NAME), you dumbass!"
"I'll rip out your teeth and cram 'em up your ass!"
"How can someone with such a big, smart brain get hypnotized like a little bitch, huh?!"
"Now pull your head out of your goddamn ass and start fucking helping us!"
"For the love of all that is holy, stop pounding me!"
"I couldn't hold it back..."
"Alright! Stop crying."
"You think I'm going to sympathize with you?"
"If someone puts them in danger, they must stand aside or be cut down!"
"You will refer to me by my full and proper name!"
"Shhh, you'll scare them away!"
"My very name brings kingdoms to their knees!"
"This sand is just too much!"
"You've been wearing the same shitty clothes since I met you."
"Life is hard, and it seems the right thing is rarely the happy thing."
"I don't care how tough it is, we're gonna get you back!"
"I'm weak, and sad, and lonely, but somehow you make me strong!"
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