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#sentence starters
rpmemes-galore · an hour ago
billie eilish : don’t smile at me album ... sentence starters 
“No fair...”
“I'm scared.”
“Where's my mind?“
“Your love feels so fake.”
“Your lies will never keep.”
“I'm too young to go to jail.”
“Kiss me until I can't speak.”
“I don't know what feels true.”
“It's not like me to be so mean.”
“I don’t wanna be you anymore.”
“You committed, I'm your crime.”
“Call me calloused, call me cold.”
“Don't be cautious, don't be kind.”
“If you don't stop, I'll call your dad.”
“Was I made from a broken mold?“
“But nothing hurts when I'm alone.”
“You just want what you can't have.”
“By the way, you've been uninvited.”
“Just let me hold you like a hostage.”
“Only you know the way that I break.”
“I've never fallen from quite this high.”
“I just wish you could feel what you say.”
“I've been watching you for some time...”
“When you fantasize, am I your fantasy?“
“And if you want a good girl, then goodbye.”
“He ain't a man and sure as hell ain't honest.”
“Maybe it's in the gutter where I left my lover.”
“No fair. You really know how to make me cry.”
“’It's not you, it's me’ and all that other bullshit...”
“When you close your eyes, do you picture me?“
“'Cause all you say are all the same things I did.”
“You just crossed the line. You've run out of time.”
“If I could get to sleep, I would have slept by now.”
“I wanna make 'em scared, like I could be anywhere.”
“Thought that I'd feel better, but now I got a bellyache.”
“If we were meant to be, we would have been by now.”
“When you call my name, do you think I'll come running?”
“You want me to be yours? Well, then you gotta be mine.”
“I don't belong to anyone, but everybody knows my name.”
“I wanna be alone... Alone with you, does that make sense?”
“You got your finger on the trigger, but your trigger finger's mine.”
“If ‘I love you’ was a promise, would you break it, if you're honest?”
“I'll sit and watch your car burn with the fire that you started in me.”
“If teardrops could be bottled, there'd be swimming pools filled by models.”
“You really know how to make me cry when you give me those ocean eyes.”
“Careful creature made friends with time. He left her lonely with a diamond mind.”
“My boy loves his friends like I love my split ends. And by that, I mean he cuts 'em off.”
“Go ahead and watch my heart burn with the fire that you started in me, but I'll never let you back to put it out.”
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notmorbid · 15 hours ago
the searcher, pt. 1.
dialogue prompts from the searcher by tana french.
that wasn’t an idea, it was a notion.
you’ve been keeping a pretty good eye on me.
there something you want to know?
not the aliens again.
as long as you’re not expecting a goodnight kiss.
were you a good cop or a bad cop?
you allergic to anything?
i get a little jumpy at night.
i’m not holding my breath.
have you got brothers and sisters?
it wouldn’t suit everybody, but it suits me.
i’m not that useful to anybody right now.
you take what comes your way, i suppose.
i didn’t mean to scare you.
anything they don’t tell you, they don’t want you to know.
no point sitting around sulking.
find anything you didn’t expect?
i’ve had just about all the excitement i can handle.
i’d be happy enough if i never saw this place again.
you’re not a mindreader.
there’s always reasons to worry.
i’m a lot of things, but i’m not dumb.
i’m an optimistic kind of guy.
just making sure the aliens didn’t abduct you.
you don’t have to bring me stuff.
we have to look out for each other. no one else is going to do it.
i like to see people settled and happy.
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twordytings · 15 hours ago
"i'm not ticklish!"
“I’m not ticklish!” you yelled in frustration.
Lucifer kept pestering you about the fact that you were now extremely ticklish because of the fact that your dad gave you human weaknesses; you weren’t too happy about it.
“But you are... our beloved Dad specifically said so.” he smirked.
“Okay. I might be. A little bit. But I never was before so it doesn’t count.” you said, crossing your arms. It was an attempt to get Lucifer to lay off the subject, considering you quite obviously wanted nothing to do with it.
“So what you’re saying is if I tickled you right now, it wouldn’t count?” He was testing you, eagerly waiting until you were flustered enough to go in for the kill, but he loved the chase.
“N-no. Luce don’t.” you said, trembling, but stood your ground nonetheless. Lucifer, on the other hand, took no time to swiftly grab you tickling you where he knew he would get a reaction; that being your poor stomach. You immediately fell into hysterics, kicking your legs to no avail.
“This is what you call a little bit ticklish? That’s a big fat lie if I’ve ever heard one...” he yelled over your squeals, soaking in a moment he knew he wouldn’t be given again for a long time.
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twordytings · 17 hours ago
Hello:) I have a sentence starter, however, I saw that you posted about having to study for the SAT, so if you don't have time for another that's totally fine. And I wish you the best of luck with your SAT! You're gonna be brilliant.
"And what are you gonna do about it huh? Tony would kill you guys if you hurt and or make me sad" *smirk*
A/N: aw thanks anon!! I took it on Saturday so I hope your luck hasn’t worn off yet😩🤞 hope u like this!
“And what’re you gonna do about it, huh? Tony would kill you guys if you hurt me or made me sad,” you smirked victoriously. You had hidden Sam’s goggles and Bucky’s knives; you didn’t expect them to be so pissed, but it actually made it all the more enjoyable.
“Who said we had to do either of those things?” Sam said mischievously.
“Yeah... remember that little game we played the other day?” Bucky hinted. You were immediately taken aback as his threat made you remember exactly what he was recalling.
You and Bucky were wrestling together the other day, when he accidentally jabbed your side, causing you to squeak like a little mouse. He knew exactly what had happened, and a torturous tickle attack ensued. Sam was there, laughing at your predicament. It gave you goosebumps just thinking about it.
So right now, you were a bit petrified to say the least. You gulped loudly as you slowly stepped back, as to not provoke the two rabid animals standing in front of you, waiting to pounce. And not long after, you were cornered, practically awaiting your impending doom.
“ATTACK!” Bucky screamed with a battle cry, with the Falcon following him soon after. They had both planted at either side of you on the floor, wriggling their fingers wherever the hell they could. They hadn’t even pinned you down, but you still couldn’t move given the sheer intensity of their dexterous digits.
“Where’s our stuff y/n...” Sam sang.
“IHI DOHONT KNOHOHOHOHOW!” you squealed. The two men couldn’t help but chuckle at your position, considering how cute it was that all you could do was laugh in defense. For the next ten minutes the compound rang with your obnoxiously adorable laughter, and no one would complain.
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seryyvdova · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
@belovatm​ said: “  you  don’t  need  a  reason  to  save  people.  ”         ** villain / hero sentence starters
Tumblr media
"𝚈𝙾𝚄'𝚁𝙴  𝚁𝙸𝙶𝙷𝚃.  𝙸  𝙽𝙴𝙴𝙳  𝙰  𝚅𝙴𝚁𝚈  𝙶𝙾𝙾𝙳  𝚁𝙴𝙰𝚂𝙾𝙽."  she  is  not  above  compromising  if  that  meant  she  gets  to  have  her  way.  “it’s  all  for  a  reason,  little  spider.  trust  me.  we  got  work  to  do,  but  not  here.”  and  the  older  widow  simply  places  a  hand  on  yelena’s  shoulder,  to  ease  her  on  the  commentary  and  to  what  they  have  to  do  (  it  should  be  easy  for  all  of  them,  to  compartalize  and  move  on  ).  “we  are  saving  people.  but  not  today.”
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swordsxandxshadows · 19 hours ago
❛ no … no , why would you do that ? ❜
☯ 𝑫𝑬𝑨𝑫𝑳𝒀 𝑵𝑰𝑮𝑯𝑻𝑺𝑯𝑨𝑫𝑬 .    (   angst - oriented  sentence  starters .   dark  &  potentially triggering  themes  are  present .   ) ☯
Why would he? It was in his nature, even if he knew that Yang was fully capable as a fighter and a warrior, he couldn’t help his protective nature at times. Rather he take a blow than the ones he cared about, not wanting them to be hurt in such a manner. Better him than them in his opinion. What was one more scar on his body anyway? He had plenty of real estate to spare still.
“Maybe I’m just a masochist like that?”
Even with a deep gash running along his stomach, blood escaping past fingers pressed against it and applying pressure, he was still smiling and joking. God, that was a good slash. Burn and hurt like hell, but he pushed through that pain like always. Still standing and still ready to fight if necessary. Even with his vision blurring at the edges.
Focus. Breath. 
Steady even breaths. Ignore the pain. Stay alert and stay sharp.
“You okay?”
Ryoma asked, giving a soft and worried look to the other. Concerned for her well-being rather than his own in the moment, wanting to make sure she was alright. The irony of that all things considered, but his safety was always second to those he cared about. Reckless as that was and had been told.
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rpmemes-galore · 20 hours ago
the little mermaid II : return to the sea ... sentence starters 
“Oh, this is gonna hurt.”
“What's wrong with me?“
“Oh, wishes do come true.“
“’Grrr’ yourself, pipsqueak.“
“I was trying to protect you.“
“I'm the princess of disaster!“
“Help! Someone, please! Help!“
“You deliberately disobeyed me!“
“I can't help it. I just love the sea!“
“Hold on, sweetie, we'll save you.“
“You're really pushing it, small-fry.”
“Another plan, perfectly executed.“
“What she did, she did out of love.“
“You're hiding something from me.“
“You went over the wall, didn't you?“
“You'll never find me, but I'll find you!“
“All this time, and you never told me?“
“Why did you keep the truth from me?“
“Oh, sweetie, nothing's wrong with you.“
“But then, who said we had to play fair?“
“Hungry? Afraid all I have is a cold plate.“
“You've got no one to blame but yourself.“
“No, hand it to me. It's for your own good.“
“I've given you what you've always wanted.”
“I didn't miss the cake and ice cream, did I?“
“Trust me. This time I'm sure I've got it right.“
“Child, how many times do I have to tell you?“
“You must remain calm. This is not your fault.“
“She's the one who lied to you all these years.“
“She's a damsel in distress. It's our big chance.“
“If we were, you wouldn't be helping, would you?“
“Do I have to do this? Everybody thinks I'm weird.“
“Guys, I really have to get going, so if you could...“
“I'm sorry. There is no sign of her, she's vanished.“
“Right, two minutes... Where have I heard that before?“
“We shall not rest until that mad woman is vanquished.“
“If there was one thing in my life that I could do over, I...“
“You can have anything you want; just don't harm (name).”
“I never want you going out there again. Do you hear me?“
“She might be in big trouble! She might really need our help!“
“Oh no, sweetie, we're sorry. We should've told you the truth.“
“It wasn't built to keep something out. It was built to keep me in.”
“Yeah, that's what you said last time, and I was sore for a week.“
“On the other hand, we could gather our courage, if we had any.”
“It's your fault that we can't show our faces in polite society again!”
“Stop, criticizing me! That's all my mother ever did was criticize me.“
“We love you for who you are on the inside, our very brave, little girl.”
“Well, I'm just here to let you know, there are a lot of people downstairs.“
“One minute you're on top, the next you're sushi. Now, is that fair, I ask you?”
“You're not the only one with a mother who doesn't understand you. Believe me.”
“Okay, on the one hand, we can live a long, healthy life; albeit as disgusting, pathetic, cowardly...“
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Prompt #1
Five o'clock came and went, but there was still no sign of them. I was beginning to wonder if they were ever going to show up.
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Hey there and Welcome!
If you're looking for prompts for all of your writerly needs, you've come to the right place! I'll be posting prompts four times a day, so please feel free to pick and choose, don't feel pressure to credit me, just remember to use the tag #prompts-for-every-need so I can see what you've been working on! If you have any questions drop me an ask, I'm always around!☺️
~ Mags
Tumblr media
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intheticklecloset · a day ago
My Hero Academia Sentence Starters #11-19
A collection of the MHA sentence starters I've done, compiled for the sake of ease. These are all stand-alone stories.
11) Lee Kaminari, Ler Todoroki
“Get away from me,” Denki murmured into the pillow, shifting away from Todoroki. “You’re making me cold.”
Todoroki wrapped his left arm around the electric teen and pulled him back, pressing his face into his shoulder. “Come back, you’re leaving me cold.”
“Just use your other half to warm yourself up. Actually, warm us both up. You’re freezing.”
With a chuckle, Todoroki found the hem of Denki’s shirt and slid his hand under it, pressing his warm fingertips against his chest. “Better?”
“Mhm.” Denki sighed contentedly, then giggled. “Stop it, that tickles.”
“What? I’m just kissing you.” Todoroki pressed his lips to the back of Denki’s neck again, smirking. “You just can’t handle my love today.”
Denki giggled even louder, trying to squirm away but held firmly in place by Todoroki’s arm around his torso. “Stohohop…Todoroki…”
“You’re so ticklish.” This time, Todoroki used the hand that was already under Denki’s shirt to scribble along his ribs, chuckling when the blonde squeaked and squirmed even more. “Nuh-uh. You’re not getting away.”
“Nohohohoho!” Denki giggled frantically, beginning to kick his legs. “Lemme go! Todorokihihiehehehehe!”
“Mmm…but you’re so cozy,” Todoroki hummed, nuzzling into his shoulder and scribbling even more. “I don’t want to let you go.”
Denki whined, giggling and writhing, helpless to save himself. “Plehehehease, no mohohohore! Todoroki, please!”
“All right.” Todoroki stopped, resting his hand comfortably on Denki’s chest once more, getting settled as the big spoon behind him. “Just relax. I’ll keep you warm.”
12) Switches Kirishima and Todoroki
“You’ve never had a proper tickle fight?!” Kirishima exclaimed, staring at Todoroki, who lay curled up in a ball on the floor below him, still grinning widely from his brief tickle attack at Kiri’s hands.
Todoroki shook his head. “Tickling was never a thing we did in my family growing up. I didn’t even know I was ticklish until recently. So…no, I’ve never had a tickle fight.”
“But…but…” Kiri was incredulous. “Your siblings?”
“I never really hung out with them.”
Kiri shook his head. “This has got to change.” He slid onto the floor beside his friend. “Come on. Tickle me back. Let’s do this.”
“Yes, now. There are wrongs that must be righted!”
“Tickle me,” Kiri insisted, but when Todoroki didn’t move, he plunged his fingers into the boy’s ribs again. “Tickle me, or I’ll tickle you forever!”
“Aiehehehehehehehe!” Todoroki cackled, smiling wide and squirming on the floor. “Kiri!” Finally, he managed to reach up and scribble lightly along the redhead’s side. It didn’t really tickle, but for the sake of their play, Kiri pretended that it had by jerking back.
That was all the encouragement Todoroki needed. He lunged forward, latching his fingers into his sides and stomach, digging in deep and making Kirishima giggle brightly. “Thehehehehere! See? Thahahahahahat wasn’t so hahahahahahard!”
“How is this a tickle fight?” Todoroki asked, only to be sent into a fit of giggles himself when Kiri grabbed his hip.
“Because I’m going to keep tickling you back,” the redhead replied, pushing him onto the floor, “and you’re going to keep tickling me back, until one of us gives up. Hope you’re ready, Todoroki – I don’t go down without a good, long battle!”
13) Lee Sero, Ler Kaminari
“Wanna see a magic trick?”
Sero looked up from his book, blinking in surprise at Denki, who stood grinning at him. “Uh…sure.” He bookmarked his spot and set the volume aside. “Hit me.”
“Can I borrow some of your tape for this?”
“Sure…” Sero curled his elbow inward and started ejecting tape until Denki waved his hands, signaling that was enough. Then he was told to close his eyes. “How am I supposed to see the trick if my eyes are closed?”
“Just trust me,” Denki replied.
Sero closed his eyes. For a long moment, nothing happened. Then, suddenly, he was shoved backward against the chair, his own tape being wrapped harshly around him, pinning his arms at his sides so he couldn’t go anywhere. He snapped his eyes open, staring at Denki’s smirking face. “Dude! What was that for?” He struggled, but his tape was nothing if not strong. “What are you doing?”
Denki hunkered down by his feet and peeled both socks off, wiggling his fingers teasingly. “Heh…always wanted to see if you were ticklish.”
Sero’s eyes widened. “Wait! Wahahahahahahait!” He tossed his head back with crazed giggles, wiggling helplessly in the chair. “Nohohohohoho! Dehehehehenki!”
“You are ticklish! I knew it!” Denki only grew more enthused at the discovery, peeling his toes back and raking his nails up and down the sole of his bare foot, sending Sero into cackling fits of laughter. “Bakugou owes me a soda.”
“Stahahahahahahap it! Denki! Plehehehehehehease!” Sero cried, giggling and squirming but going nowhere fast. “Why ahahahahahre you dohohohoing this?!”
“Because I want to, duh,” Denki answered, laughing as well, dragging a nail down his arch slowly, torturously. “Plus, your smile is the brightest thing in the room right now, and I want to make sure it stays that way!”
14) Lee Bakugou, Ler Kirishima
“I bet I can break you with just one finger.” The words sent a shiver up Bakugou’s spine as Kirishima settled himself on his hips, smirking confidently. “Better get comfortable. We may be here a while.”
Bakugou’s heart began pounding in his chest. Kiri’s weight on top of him was making his insides do flips and cartwheels. He swallowed. “Ei, you’re being stupid.”
“I think you’re just afraid that I’ll make you giggle when you really, really don’t want to, grumpy pants.” Kiri held up a finger, wiggling it twice. “Tickle, tickle.” The redhead giggled himself when he saw how red his boyfriend got at the teasing words. “Aw, look at that blush~”
“Shut up.” Bakugou turned his face away, but that was a mistake, because the instant his guard was down, Kiri jabbed that wiggling finger into his underarm and dug in, forcing the blonde to let out a startled squawk and bite his lip to stifle his mirth. “Kiri! D-Don’t-!”
“Don’t what? Tickle you? But I’m determined to make you smile, grumpy. So I’m sorry, but you’ll just have to deal with it.”
“I hate you.”
“I love you, too.” Kirishima leaned back comfortably, smirking, still wiggling that finger in Bakugou’s armpit, watching him squirm and smile and try not to break so easily. Eventually, however, the blonde had no choice but to let out some of his pent-up ticklish frustration by chuckling slightly, twisting his face into the pillow to try and hide it. “Uh-oh~ Was that a giggle?”
“No, idiot.”
“I think it was.”
“It wasn’t.”
“Too bad.” Kirishima ditched his pretense and vibrated his fingertips into his boyfriend’s belly and ribs, grinning when laughter finally burst out of his angry blonde. “Guess I’ll have to take it up a notch.”
15) Lee Deku, Ler Todoroki
“Wow, you’ve got such an infectious giggle!”
Deku whimpered, arching his back against Todoroki’s chest as he dragged his fingers up and down his sides and ribs. The teasing words made him feel ten times more flustered. He even let out a little snort as he giggled.
“Was that a snort?” Todoroki asked, chuckling, wrapping his arms around him and pulling him closer. He pressed his lips to Deku’s neck. “You’re so adorable it’s killing me, Izuku.”
“Dohohon’t say that,” Deku whined, but it was clear to his boyfriend that he was loving all of this attention.
“But it’s true.” Todoroki kept pressing little kisses to Deku’s neck, making the poor boy giggle and squirm, being driven insane from the light, tickly touches while also never wanting them to end.
Deku let out a small, contented sigh in the midst of his gentle laughs, and Todoroki wanted to just squeeze him so hard for how adorable he was being.
“God, Izuku, you’re killing me,” Todoroki murmured, teasingly pinching his hip and making him jerk in surprise.
“Todoroki,” Deku whined, “not there.”
“I can’t help it. I want to hear you laugh. I want to feel you move.”
“T-There are other ways…!”
Todoroki paid him no mind, gently pinching his hip again, smiling against his neck at the loud yelp Deku let fly. “Not tonight, there aren’t.”
16) Lee Todoroki, Ler Deku
“Aw, does this kiss tickle?”
Todoroki giggled hysterically. “No!”
“Then why are you laughing so much?” Deku chuckled, pressing another kiss to the spot right below Todoroki’s ear, grinning when the half-and-half hero gasped sharply before letting out another breathy snicker.
“F-Feheheheheels…” Todoroki tried to explain without using the word ‘ticklish’ but simply couldn’t do it. He squeaked when Deku nuzzled his other ear in the same spot. “Fuhuhuhuhunny…”
“Funny, hmm?” Deku smiled, pressing a kiss to Todoroki’s lips this time. “Don’t you mean ticklish?”
“It d-doesn’t…tickle…”
“You sure?”
Todoroki averted his gaze, lips twitching in an effort not to smile.
Deku hummed, dragging his thumbs down to draw tiny, precise circles in his boyfriend’s underarms. Todoroki let out a strangled noise and shot his arms down, throwing his head back against the pillow. “N-No, dohohon’t do thahahat!”
“Why not?” Deku started kissing his now exposed neck in tandem with the little circles. “Does it tickle?”
“Aww, well, why didn’t you just admit it from the beginning?” Deku smirked, biting his ear playfully. “Now I’ll have to show you what really tickles.”
17) Lee Kirishima, Ler Bakugou
“You asked for it!”
“I know! But I – I don’t think I can – WAIT, NOHOHOHOHOHO!!” Kirishima screeched with laughter, desperately wishing he could squirm or flail but unable to do either.
Bakugou nibbled mercilessly on his ribs, holding his arms above his head by the elbows and lying on top of him so he couldn’t move at all. He smirked at the sounds he was producing. “Aw, what’s wrong, Kiri? A little too ticklish for this?”
“I AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAM!! I AM – PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE!!” Kiri gasped in grateful breaths of air when Bakugou stopped and propped his head on his boyfriend’s stomach, grinning up at him. “Please, I can’t…I can’t take it, Katsuki…”
“You literally asked me to do this.”
“I know!”
“You can’t take it back now.”
“But it tickles too much! I can’t – NO NOT AGAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAIN!!”
Bakugou laughed between nibbles. “Dang, spiky hair, you can’t stand it!”
Instead, the blonde took a big breath and started blowing raspberries along his boyfriend’s ribs.
“No way,” Bakugou teased. “You asked for this.”
“And if you really wanted me to stop, you’d be saying ‘strawberry.’ So sorry, Ei, but you’d better get comfortable. I’m just getting started~”
18) Lee Kaminari, Ler Kirishima
“This is a form of training! C’mon, just take it!”
“I CAHAHAHAHAHAHAN’T!! THIS ISN’T TRAHAHAHAHAHAINING!!” Kaminari squealed, laughing hard into the grass, pulling at his own hair to try and ground himself somehow. Kirishima was sitting on his calves, scribbling over the backs of his knees, and Denki was pretty sure he was going to lose his mind if the redhead didn’t stop soon. “KIRI THIHIHIHIHIHIS IS TORTUHUHUHUHRE!!”
“You can do it, man,” Kiri teased, smirking up at Mina, who sat beside them with a huge grin on her face from the cute scene. “How much time does he have left?”
“Forty-five seconds,” she replied.
It had only been a minute and fifteen seconds since Kiri started?! Denki wailed, wishing he could roll over or clutch his stomach or something, but he wasn’t going anywhere. “PLEASE I CAHAHAN’T LAHAHAHAHAHAST THAT LONG!! KIRIHIHIEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!”
Mina giggled at him. “You said you could take it, Denki. Come on, you’re so close! Just thirty more seconds!”
Kirishima glanced at Mina’s phone, saw he had twenty seconds remaining. “You are strong enough, Kaminari. You’re proving it right now! Just fifteen more seconds!”
Denki squealed and thrashed and laughed and begged and everything in between, feeling like he was dying all the while, amazed he hadn’t blown a fuse yet. When everything finally came to a stop and Kiri climbed off of him, he giggled tiredly into the grass, groaning, gasping for breath. “D-Don’t…dohohoho that agahahahain…”
Kiri and Mina exchanged amused glances. “Then don’t make bets you can’t follow through on, buddy.”
19) Lee Sero, Ler Kaminari
“It’s just a back massage,” Denki said with a smirk, knowing full well what he was doing. “Why’re you laughing so much?”
“Gohohohohohod dahahahang it, Denki,” Sero giggled, gripping his shoulders with everything he had. “It tickles, thahahahahahat’s why!”
Sero was lying on his stomach with his arms folded in front of him, chin resting on them. Denki was sitting next to him, gently massaging his fingers into his friend’s back, focusing on the knots of tension the tape hero had formed over the last couple of days of intense training. At first everything had been going just fine, but then Denki decided to try electrostimulation therapy and, well…
“Stohohohohohohop,” Sero pleaded, burying his face in his arms but still refusing to bring them down. “It tihihihihihihickles!”
“But is it helping?” Denki asked, grinning at how stubborn his friend was being about not moving, not even squirming. “Do you feel better?”
“Thahahahahat’s not the pohohohohoint!”
“I don’t hear you denying it.”
“Denki, plehehehehehease!” Sero gasped sharply, gripping his shoulders so hard his fingernails left imprints when the blonde reached his lower back. “Dohohohohon’t – nohohohohot there!”
“You know, you’re protesting an awful lot for someone who seems to be enjoying this,” Denki teased, switching from his light electric shocks to wild scribbling, enjoying the fresh round of giggles he produced.
Sero whined into his arms, snickering uncontrollably. “Shuhuhuhuhut up…”
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ohtheaesthetics · a day ago
"When I was young, I was afraid of the dark." "When I got older, I learned that darkness is a place." "Pack up and be ready to leave." "Of course it's real." "Then why cross it? Why not go around?" "I'd like to see even one person who isn't scared of that." "You'd be surprised." "I know you're hiding here!" "You try me without that magic." "Oh, so we're back together?" "I'm going to do it again." "Hide your emotional breakdown for when you're alone." "Always carry a weapon on you." "That's because you're a child in an even bigger child's body." "He/She/They talk(s) about you all the time." "Yes, that would be nice, but don't hold your breath." "It has to be an error. It has to be." "Drinks all around here, please." "Let me see that." "Busted." "The point is, either is was a group effort or a ghost." "Why does this concern me?" "Who can hear a whisper here?" "What information do you have for me tonight?" "Well, of course certain death pays a million." "I would have had to use my knives to get closer." "You can get arrested for that." "You don't seem like the type who does what they should." "Where did you get these?" "Well... turns out they do need me." "You're a terrible shot." "If it goes wrong, come back." "I'll find my way back to you." "Either you take your time or you take your chances." "Have you ever put out a fire by adding more fire?" "We can't hide forever." "And what was damaged?" "What did you do?" "I'm usually right." "What the hell are you doing here?" "No. Turn around right now." "How many more are there?" "I'll meet you at the meadow." "It's been too long." "Your life's in danger with this job." "Are you threatening me? Really?" "Hey! One of these has a hole in it!" "One look and I can tell. Criminals." "No businessman worth his salt bargains for what he can take." "I have to be back in an hour." "So you don't know everything after all." "He/she/they was/were one of two witnesses to an... event." "Should've been a total loss, but something happened." "You're safe now." "If I tell you, you'll set me free?"
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intheticklecloset · a day ago
My Hero Academia Sentence Starters #1-10
A collection of the MHA sentence starters I've done, compiled for the sake of ease. These are all stand-alone stories.
1) Lee Deku, Ler Kaminari
“How many times do I have to tell you to leave me alone?”
Kaminari blanched, shocked and hurt by Deku’s harsh tone. He took a step back, frowning at the boy who sat at his desk, eyes angry and fists clenched.
However, a moment later it seemed to register with Deku what he’d done, and he instantly went from looking livid to looking guilty. “I’m…I’m sorry, Kaminari. I just…” He sighed heavily. “I want to get this done, and everyone keeps telling me to take a break, but I can’t, I’m so close—”
Kaminari paused, looking at him with concern. “They’re…they’re right, you know. You need to take a break; you’ve been up here for hours. You’ve had half the class tell you to come eat dinner or watch TV or something.”
“I can’t!”
“Yes, you can. If not willingly, then because I’ll make you.”
Deku looked at him, seeing the wiggling fingers seconds before they made contact with his upper ribs, trying to wiggle their way into his underarms, which Kaminari knew was a bad spot. Surprised, panicked giggles spilled from Deku immediately, without his consent. “Nohohohoho! Kaminariehehehehehehe! I h-hahahahahave to fihihihinish--!”
“You’ll finish it after you take a break.” Kaminari finally managed to get into one underarm, nearly toppling Deku out of his chair in a fit of hysterical giggles. “Don’t make me use my tickle-shocks on you. I’ll do it, Midoriya.”
“Nohohohohohohohohoho!” Deku pleaded, squealing when Kami gave up on his other underarm and instead went for his hip. “NAHAHAHA!! OKAY OKAHAHAHAHAY I’LL TAHAHAHAKE A BREAK!!”
Kaminari grinned, satisfied, and tugged Deku out of his chair. “Come on. Dinner and video games. That’s what’s on the agenda for you for the next hour, my friend.”
2) Lee Deku, Ler Shinsou
“Wanna show me your face, bashful?”
Deku shook his head, still covering his blushing face. Shinsou smiled down at him, lazily trailing his fingers up and down his boyfriend’s sides, making him squirm and giggle quietly.
“That’s too bad. I guess you really don’t want me to tickle you, then.” Shinsou grinned.
“Shinsou,” Deku whined, “that’s not fair.”
“What’s not fair?”
“I can’t look at you while you’re t…tic…” Deku stammered, trying and failing to say one of his favorite words. Shinsou noticed his ears became as red as his face. “You know.”
“Do I?” The violet-haired boy chuckled lowly, gradually trailing his fingers up into Deku’s underarms. “Come on, Izuku. I want to see your cute face.”
“I c-cahahahahan’t,” Deku whimpered, giggling louder now, at war with himself between bringing his arms down protectively or keeping his face covered up. “You’re so mehehehehean…”
“Aww, but I want to see that big smile of yours.” Shinsou gently grasped his wrists. “Let me see you, Izuku.”
“Nohohohoho…” Deku kept giggling even though Shinsou wasn’t tickling him anymore, his hands gradually pulled away from his face. He twisted his head to the side, squeezing his eyes shut. Shinsou took the opportunity to begin nibbling on his exposed neck. Deku jerked beneath him, trying to cover up again, but this time Shinsou held his wrists firmly and wouldn’t let go. “Nohohohohoho! S-Shinsou, no fahahahahahahair!”
“You are literally the cutest thing on this planet,” Shinsou murmured between nibbles. “Sorry, Izuku – I’m not letting you hide this time~”
3) Lee Todoroki, Ler Kirishima
“Put me down,” Todoroki said.
Kiri grunted. “Nah, man, I got you. Go ahead.”
“You’re going to drop me.”
“I’m unbreakable.”
“I’m not.” Todoroki gripped Kirishima’s shoulders with his legs. He was perched precariously on them, trying to change a lightbulb in the living room. Rather than get a chair from the kitchen, Kiri had suggested using him as a boost, which Todoroki was now seriously regretting. “Kirishima, just put me down and let’s get a chair. It’ll be safer than whatever this is.”
“I got you, Todo,” Kiri replied, holding him firmer for emphasis. “Go ahead and change it.”
Todoroki rolled his eyes. He wasn’t playing this game today. Rather than do as Kiri said, he reached down to scribble into his open underarms, making the redhead yelp and tumble backwards, losing his footing and falling toward the couch.
Todoroki quickly made an ice slide for himself, knowing he’d fall over the back of the couch if he didn’t. Once they were separated – Kiri on the sofa, Todoroki on the floor – the icy-hot hero sighed. “Look what you made me do. I’m going to have to explain to Mr. Aizawa why the living room got drenched in cold water now.”
The next thing he knew, Kiri had leapt over the side of the couch and used his own slide to meet him on the floor, quickly straddling him and digging his thumbs into his hips. “If you’d have just changed the light bulb this wouldn’t have happened, Todo.”
“If yohohohohohou’d just puhut me dohohohown--!”
“I told you I had you, man.” Kiri smirked. “This is what you get for doubting me.”
4) Lee Aizawa, Ler Present Mic
“Wake up, sleepyhead!” Present Mic turned on the classroom lights, grinning at his friend who lay bundled up like a caterpillar in the corner of the room. “Lunch is almost over!”
“Go away,” Aizawa muttered.
“Your kiddos are going to be back any second!”
“I know.”
“You have to get up!”
“Let me sleep, curse you.”
Mic grinned even wider, striding over to Aizawa and yanking down the zipper on his sleeping bag. “Up, up, up!”
“Ungh.” Aizawa allowed himself to be pulled out of his warm cocoon, but made no effort to stand or do anything more than go limp. “You’re so annoying.”
After successfully managing to get his friend out of his hiding place, Mic crouched down behind him an drilled his fingers into his underarms.
“Nahaha-! Whahat the-?! Mihihihic!” Aizawa screeched, trying to roll over, but Mic pinned his arms to the floor with his knees and kept tickling. “Stohohohohp!”
“Get up, get up! The second half of the day is about to begin!”
“Dohohohohohon’t you hahahave somewhere to be?!”
“I do!” Mic laughed. “Right here, tickling you awake. Look alive – the students are coming!”
“Gehehehehet off, you annoying loudmouth!” Aizawa finally managed to wiggle his way free, scrambling to his feet while Mic got to his nonchalantly, the first of his students from Class 1-A walking through the door not a second later. Aizawa glared at Mic. “I have work to do.”
“You bet you do,” Mic replied, smirking. He turned and waved over his shoulder.
5) Lee Todoroki, Ler Iida
“I know you can do it!” Iida encouraged, unable to help but smile at his friend’s predicament. “I’ve almost got it; hang in there!”
“I CAHAHAHAHAHAN’T!!” Todoroki screamed, laughing hysterically as the marker dragged up and down his foot, drawing patterns on it he couldn’t see. “PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE IIDA!!”
The class rep was currently drawing a map to all the pressure points in the foot, both as practice for himself and a reference for his friend to use later. He’d been surprised when Todoroki offered to let him draw on him, and even more surprised to learn how incredibly ticklish his icy-hot friend was. He smiled at the hysterics he was inadvertently producing, holding onto Todoroki’s toes to keep his foot as still as possible.
“I’ve only got a couple left,” Iida replied over the loud laughter, grinning. “You can do it.” He resisted the urge to scribble wildly just because he could. He did have a job to do. “Just one more!”
Todoroki tossed his head back and laughed louder and wilder than Iida had ever heard before when he dragged the marker’s tip along the space just below the ball of his foot. If he weren’t in the room to know what was happening, he’d think his friend was being brutally attacked.
Finally, he pulled the pen away, released his friend, and sat back. “There! All done!”
Todoroki collapsed with relief, gasping for breath, still giggling. “T-That was awful.”
Iida grinned. “Ready to do the other foot?”
6) Lee Deku, Ler All Might
“I thought heroes were supposed to be strong,” All Might teased, smiling at Deku. He pressed his thumbs into the soft flesh of the boy’s sides, earning the brightest, bubbliest giggles in return.
“I ahahaham strong!” Deku insisted, squirming but not trying to stop him. “I can tahahahahake it!”
“Oh, can you, now?” All Might hummed. Suddenly his soft pressing became rougher digging, and Deku knew immediately he’d regret saying that he could handle it. “We’ll see how long you can last against the number-one hero.”
“F-Fohohohohohohormerly!” Deku reminded him, always one for accuracy. However, as soon as the words were out, he wished he could take them back. “Nohohohohoho, wahahahahait, I mehehean-!”
“You wound me, young Midoriya.”
“I’m sohohohohohohorry, I dihihihihidn’t-!”
“Take this!” All Might suddenly tackled him to the floor, pinning him in place as he scribbled his fingers up and down the boy’s torso, and Deku tossed his head back and screeched with panicked, excited laughter.
“Have you forgotten, Midoriya?” The former pro hero laughed. “I am still here!”
7) Lee Kaminari, Ler Bakugou
“Be careful where you put that thing!” Denki cried, jumping out of the way.
Bakugou gave him a sideways look. “It’s a hand buzzer. It can’t hurt that bad.”
“No, it doesn’t hurt.” The electric blonde huffed out a breath. “It tickles. Watch where you’re aiming it.”
There was a long, long pause.
Bakugou glanced at the item in his hand, then up at Denki, and he grinned evilly. “It tickles, huh?”
Denki turned on his heel and bolted, but not fast enough. Bakugou had him tackled to the ground and pinned to the floor within moments, the hand buzzer pressed into his side.
“NahahaHAHAHAHAHA!! NOHOHOHOHO!!” Denki cried, laughter bursting from him before he could think about it. “Dohohohohon’t! That reheheheally t-tihihiHIHIHIHCKLES!! BAKUGOU!!”
Bakugou laughed, pressing the buzzer everywhere he could. Sides, ribs, shoulder blades, lower back. All of it made Denki squirm and cackle beneath him, begging him to stop. “You’ve got to be kidding me! If this tickles you so bad, what are tasers like?”
“WOHOHOHOHOHOHORSE!!” Denki screamed, pounding the ground with his fist. “PLEASE STAHAHAHAHAHAHAP IT!!”
“You know they’re worse?!” Bakugou laughed again, but he relented and let him go. “Have you been tasered before?”
Denki groaned. “Shut up.”
8) Switches Todoroki and Deku
“I just wanted a hug!” Todoroki cried, trying desperately to get away from Deku’s strong grip around his back. “Midoriya!”
“You’re getting one,” Deku replied, grinning, digging his fingertips into Todoroki’s ribs. “A tickly one.”
“You sneheheaky little-!”
“Aww, was that a giggle?”
“Of cohohohourse it was!”
“You’re so ticklish it’s adorable, Todoroki.”
The icy-hot hero blushed, squirming, trying to get away. “Stohohohop!” He grabbed onto Deku’s hip and squeezed. “Lehehet me go!”
“AIEE!!” Deku shrieked, pulling away so hard he actually took Todoroki with him, tumbling backwards and landing with a crash on the floor. Unfortunately, that left the half-and-half boy on top of him, and he was still squeezing Deku’s hip. “NAHAHAHAHAHA!! TODOROKIEHEHEHEHE!!”
“Whaaaaat?” Todoroki teased, getting settled, completely unbothered by the hands pushing at his head, his shoulders, anything they could reach. “I just want to give you a tickly hug, Midoriya~”
9) Lee Todoroki, Ler Momo
“For being such a tickle monster, you’re awfully ticklish,” Momo observed, smiling.
Todoroki lay on the ground, curled onto his side as she dug into his ribs and underarm, and he was giggling hard into the carpet. “I knohohohohohohohow!”
“Is that what you were trying to do? To get me to fight back and tickle you?” she teased, rolling him onto his back and squeezing a thigh, making him jerk and let out a loud bark of laughter. “Ooh, good spot?”
“NOHOHOHOHOHO!!” Todoroki cried. He couldn’t believe how fast the tables had turned on him. One minute he’d had Momo pinned beneath him, and now here he was beneath her, laughing helplessly as her nimble fingers danced all over his torso and now his thighs. “PLEHEHEHEHEASE NOT THEHEHEHEHERE!!”
“You’re just so cute like this, Todoroki. How can I stop now?” With that, she straddled his knees and grasped both thighs, kneading deeply and sending him into fits of hysterical cackling he had no control over whatsoever. “Aw, tickle, tickle~”
“Sorry,” she replied, not sounding sorry at all. “You’ll have to beg a little more than that~”
10) Lee Shigaraki, Ler Dabi
“Why are you always so grumpy?”
Shigaraki held perfectly still, staring Dabi in the eye, unwilling to give in. The fire-wielding villain had his hand wrapped around him as though going in for a side-hug, but the press of fingers into his ribs told Shigaraki that he was being anything but friendly.
“Why are you always so optimistic?” Shigaraki spat back. “It makes me sick.”
“Sorry, boss. Can’t help it, I suppose. Much like you probably can’t help being grumpy all the time.” Dabi let a slow, confident smirk creep across his face. “But I can fix that for you.”
“I don’t need fixing.”
“Oh, you need way more fixing than any of us will ever be able to help you with,” Dabi replied, digging his fingers in a little more. “But for now, I think this will do.”
Shigaraki tensed. The way they were positioned, he couldn’t easily get out of Dabi’s grip, and if he touched him with all of his fingers without thinking, he’d turn the fiery villain – quite ironically – to ash. “Don’t – don’t touch me, Dabi.” The league’s boss grunted and squirmed, but Dabi kept up. “This isn’t funny. Let me go.”
“Wow, listen to that! The boss is begging me to let him go.”
“I’m not begging,” Shigaraki snapped. “I’m demanding.” There was a pause, and then a sudden screech as a loud bout of laughter escaped him. He collapsed onto Dabi’s chest with unstoppable giggles that he hated himself for letting free. “Nohohohohoho! Stohohohohohop it!”
Dabi chuckled. “So the boss is ticklish, eh?” He wrapped both arms around him and pulled him in close, drilling his fingers into his ribs and sides and belly in rapid succession, and Shigaraki was helpless to the laughter that poured out of him in response. “That’s good to know.”
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SENTENCE MEME ⟶ PRYCE AND CARTER'S DEEP SPACE SURVIVAL PROCEDURE & PROTOCOL MANUAL / PAGE 117 - 187 tenses and wording have been altered slightly for ease of sending! always feel free to tweak the sentence to fit your muse.
'keep one eye open.'
'it's not rocket science. until it is.'
'to get anything done, you have to know the difference between doing your best and being a perfectionist.'
'being in love makes you lazy.'
'being in space makes you constantly aware of all the things that can kill you.'
'everything happens for a reason. that the reason is not comprehensible by modern science or newtonian physics does not mean it is not there.'
''it may be a dog-eat-dog world, but it's a man-eat-man universe out there.'
'there are no lucky stars and no unlucky stars. there is only the star you are orbiting around.'
'the only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire.'
'anything you deem dangerous enough to be worth shooting is worth shooting twice.'
'your irrational anxieties are generally the most resilient because you can't logic your way out of them.'
'keep in mind that you have pre-conceived notions about how things should look and sound, which may not relate to phenomena you haven't experienced yet.'
'apropos of nothing, that weird noise is probably fine.'
'you cannot skip ahead without falling behind.'
'certainty is the enemy of growth.'
'if it sounds like a duck, walks like a duck, and smells like a duck, you're likely experiencing isolation-related hallucinations.'
'in a tight spot, there is no substitute for a little old-fashioned elbow grease.'
'try to look good in as many dimensions as possible.'
'do or do not. there is no try.'
'the place in space to find grace is between your ears.'
'space is the one thing that doesn't have to compensate for anything.'
'people's strengths and weakness can come from surprising places.'
'a little bit of planning goes a very long way.'
'eyes are greater than ears are greater than fingers are greater than noses.'
'hippies got one thing right.'
'situational awareness is key in preventing stubbed toes, knocked knees, and casual betrayal.'
'better days are not necessarily ahead.'
'fear itself is far from the scariest thing in space.'
'if you don't stop scratching, it's never going to fully heal.'
'it's never time for a conspiracy.'
'it's always time for a conspiracy theory.'
'dress to impress.'
'you never know when you might find yourself in a position that might help you advance and/or end up in a tragic, grisly accident involving large machinery.'
'don't look directly into stars.'
'it's okay to scream.'
'it is incredibly freeing to have a long-term goal and recognize that you're never going to get all the way there.'
'art can be a wonderful stress-relieving activity.'
'while the two inevitabilities in life are death and taxes, it is imperative that you complete your tax return /before/ death.'
'however tempted you might be, you can't make a called shot with a flamethrower.'
'you would be surprised how useful a single sock can be in an emergency.'
'you have to prepare for the thousand things that will never happen in order to be ready for the one thing that does.'
'it takes constant practice to overcome fear.'
'no one here is in charge of your happiness.'
'thinking is only so useful. instinct and practiced reflex get more done.'
'the friends we made along the way is never the answer, unless those friends are willing to sign standard non-disclosure agreements.'
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resident evil: village writing prompts.
“ there’s nothing wrong with my memory. you’re just being paranoid. “
“ it’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you. “
“ in life and in death, we give glory. “
“ you shouldn’t be out here. it’s not safe. “
“ i’m not used to relying on other people. “
“ oh, so gauche. what do we care for bread and circuses? “
“ quiet now, child! adults are talking. “
“ my decision is final, there will be no argument. remember from whence you came! “
“ you’re still alive? impressive... “
“ oh, you didn’t think i’d let you get away, did you? “
“ anyone who is anyone has heard of the likes of you. “
“ i haven’t cut open a man in a while! “
“ taken alive? dead? which would you prefer? “
“ i need blood. warm, wet, bright red blood. “
“ they will pay for what they’ve done... “
“ i would have sliced you to ribbons if they hadn’t stopped me. “
“ rest while you can because i will hunt you and i will break you! “
“ go ahead, do your worst! “
“ like i’d ever let you get away. “
“ running will get you nowhere! “
“ you’ve ruined the hunt! “
“ you will not get away! you’re my prey... mine... “
“ so you finally came to see me! everyone falls for me in time. “
“ stupid manthing! you won’t live long, even if you run! “
“ flesh, bones, i will devour all of you! “
“ like hell you’ll kill me! “
“ not enough blood! more! more blood! “
“ come now, don’t be shy. show me your terror! “
“ how can a man be ‘almost’ dead? that’s a question for the wise. “
“ what kind of sick medieval shit is this? “
“ it’s only a riddle if you don’t know the answer. “
“ you don’t have to trust my words, but do you have any better options? “
“ ____! come with me. there’s something i have to tell you. “
“ everyone leaves me... even you... “
“ i didn’t want to keep it from you. i didn’t want to lose you again. “
“ don’t leave... i can’t let you. “
“ you are never going to get out of here! “
“ ____... i’ll make things right. “
“ oh, ____... if it’s for you, i’d do anything! “
“ i gotta say, i’m surprised you made it this far. it’d be a shame if something happened to you now. “
“ you’ve got fight, i’ll give you that, ____. “
“ i’d kill you if you weren’t worth the trouble. “
“ you’re the real deal, ____. well done. “
“ quit hiding, asshole. i’m not letting you get out of this. “
“ i am not a weapon. “
“ the strong will destroy the weak. that’s the way of the world! “
“ you can hear it, can’t you? someone’s waiting for you. “
“ i told you to leave it alone, ____. “
“ just give up. flesh and blood will never win against me! “
“ i’ve spent a lifetime creating this moment... and you try to take it away from me? “
“ i will take what is due. “
“ my desires will be fulfilled! “
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Haikyuu!! Sentence Starters #41-44
A collection of the Haikyuu sentence starters I've done, compiled for the sake of ease. These are all stand-alone stories.
41) Lee Yamaguchi, Ler Yachi
“Stay still, I’m not done,” Yachi insisted, pressing the eraser tip against Yamaguchi’s spine once more.
The pinch server tried – really, really tried – to do as she asked, but it was just so hard with her pressing the eraser so precisely along his spine like that. She’d been so helpful to him and the other first-years with their classes that when she’d needed help with her anatomy homework, he thought it was the least he could do to stand still and let her count the vertebrae in his spinal cord. But now he was regretting it, because with each press of the eraser tip, a ticklish shockwave would make his entire nervous system flare to life, and it was all he could do not to crumple to the floor in a heap of giggles right there and then.
“I’m not even halfway done yet, Tadashi,” she said, finally stepping back and around to look at him in the eye. “What’s wrong?”
“N-Nothing!” He stammered, but when she didn’t budge he sighed and blushed. “I’m…I’m sorry, it’s just…what you’re doing is really…um, ticklish…”
Yachi’s eyes lit up. “You’re ticklish?”
“I, um…y-yes? B-But wait!” He whirled around and caught her wrists, suddenly very aware of how close they were, and how shirtless he was. He flushed red. “I…I can’t be held responsible for the way my body freaks out if you…!”
“That’s okay,” she replied, shrugging, wrenching one of her hands free to scribble along his bare side, smiling when he burst into giggles and curled over on himself. She latched on to his other side as well and gradually tickled him down to the floor. “This is way more fun than anatomy homework anyway.”
42) Lee Tsukishima, Ler Bokuto
“Stop squirming!” Bokuto laughed, dragging his fingers up and down Tsukishima’s ribs like he was playing a xylophone.
“I cahahahahahan’t help it!” Tsukki snickered, twisting his face to try and hide his mirth in his own shoulder. His arms were pulled above his head, and Kuroo was sitting on them, lightly fluttering his fingertips along the insides of the blonde’s arms from his elbows to his armpits. Tsukki hated how much he couldn’t help but giggle, despite how long he had fought to remain in control. All of that was lost now. He was going to kill them both.
“C’mon, man, it’s gotta tickle more than this,” Bokuto whined, curling his fingers into claws and drilling into the grooves between his ribs.
The blonde yelped and giggled even louder, still kicking his legs frantically, as it was the only thing he could do with Bokuto on top of him. “Stohohohohohohop!”
“It’s good to see you smiling, Tsukishima,” Kuroo commented playfully, focusing his scribbles in his underarms. “You really need to do it more. Learn to relax, yeah?”
“Nohohohohohohoho!” Tsukki clenched his teeth to try and keep his laughter at bay, but all it did was make his mirth come out in a more throaty giggle that sounded like “kekekeke,” and he hated that even more. “Stohohohohop tihihihihihickling me! Plehehehehehease!”
“But it’s so fun, Tsukki!” Bokuto grinned, enjoying himself immensely.
Kuroo concurred. “Stop fighting and laugh already, blondie. We won’t stop until we get what we want~”
Tsukishima cursed the day he’d met these two maniacs, but still couldn’t help but give in when both of them finally switched to kneading into his ticklish spots. His laughter finally burst free, and his squirming got even worse as he tried desperately to get free somehow.
“What did I tell you?” Bokuto laughed again, beaming at the mess they were making of Karasuno’s serious middle blocker. “Stop squirming!”
43) Lee Kageyama, Lers Tsukishima and Yamaguchi
“Although you’re strong, you can’t win two-to-one,” Yamaguchi teased, sharing a knowing smirk with Tsukishima as they both pinned Kageyama to the floor. Tsukki had already gotten to work kneading deliberately into the setter’s ribs, and Kageyama was absolutely cackling at the touch, his face lit up in a bright smile that was rare for him to express.
“Plehehehehehehease,” Kageyama giggled, trying to bring his arms down but unable to do so for how Tadashi was pinning them above his head. “Lehehehehehet me go, plehehehehease, I’m reheheheally ticklish!”
“Oh, we know,” Tsukki replied, pushing up his glasses as though getting more serious about the task before him, trailing his fingers down to the setter’s belly. “That’s why we’re using your sensitivity to put you in your place.”
Kageyama tried to groan, but it came out as more of a whine when Tsukki scribbled his fingers over his belly, forcing him to laugh softly at the light touch. He felt a shiver of panicked excitement shoot up his spine when the blonde’s eyes snapped up to his, the reaction registering with him as meaning something.
“Oh?” He pressed in a little harder, digging rather than scribbling, and Kageyama choked on a startled laugh. “Oh, found your spot, did I?”
“Tadashi, hold him tight. Make sure he’s not going anywhere.”
Yamaguchi complied, sitting on Kageyama’s arms rather than just pinning them down by the wrists.
Kageyama panicked and did the only thing he could think of to maybe get out of this – he begged. “Please, no – please not there, Tsukishima, I can’t – it really tihihihihihihickles! Nohohohoho! NO!! PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE!!” The setter shrieked with laughter at the vibrating fingertips around his belly, complete with random pinches and pokes and scribbles. The ticklish touches were driving him up the wall, but the only thing he could do was laugh out his frustration. “NAHAHAHAHA STAHAHAHAHAHAHAP!! TSUKKI!!”
Tsukki merely smiled and kept going.
44) Lee Noya, Lers Daichi and Suga
“Take a break,” Daichi said firmly, using his no-nonsense tone. Noya paused, looking at him, frowning. Daichi glanced at Suga, and the two nodded before both approaching their libero, determined to make him listen one way or another.
Noya hesitated, taking a step back. These two weren’t joking around anymore, that much was certain. Still, he trusted them not to hurt him, which is why he allowed them to each take a wrist, yank it above his head, and use their free hands to grab onto his ribs and squeeze.
“NAAH!!” Noya shrieked, bursting into crazed giggles so hard his knees gave out beneath him, making his friends hold his weight so he wouldn’t fall to the ground. They scribbled and scratched along his vulnerable ribs, and the libero couldn’t help but fall into helpless laughter, twisting and squirming in their grips. “NAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU SUHUHUHUHUHUCK!! NO FAHAHAHAIR!! GUYS!!”
“We told you to take a break, like, five times,” Suga told him simply, grinning.
Daichi nodded. “But did you listen? Nooo, of course not. You’re too cool for that.”
Noya threw his head back and screeched when they reached around to the backs of his ribs. His feet scrabbled against the floor as he tried to find some kind of purchase, but he was too weak to hold himself up anymore. “YOU SUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUCK!! STAHAHAHAHAHAHAP IT!! YOU CAHAHAHAHAHAN’T JUST TIHIHIHIHIHIHICKLE ME INTO SUBMIHIHIHIHISSION!!”
“But it looks like we can, Noya~”
Daichi and Suga stopped their tickling, but held onto him so he wouldn’t fall to the floor in a graceless heap. Instead they helped him into a sitting position on the ground, rubbing his back as he let out some leftover giggles.
“So, going to take that break now?”
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swordsxandxshadows · 2 days ago
“We’ll meet again one day. This is not the end.” (From MK2021 Scorpion to Aku)
Those words, a part of him wanted to believe in them so much, that this wasn’t the end. Wanting to ignore the painful reality of the situation. Hoping, something that was something he rarely held onto with all the circumstance of his life, that the fear that gripped deep in his conscious would end up being a foolish one. Wanting to cling onto what the bond, not wanting to let his slip his grasp or be lost. Sadly, it seemed the fear, the worries, and the dread had not be unfounded as had been hoped. 
Maybe...this was for the best though? A revelation that hadn’t just struck him in the moment, it had been a thought that had occurred frequently and as the bond that had began to form grew more and more between them. Selfishly pushing it down whenever it floated to the surface, wanting to not face the thought. Never having a strong connection like this before, finding someone that broke through his barriers and saw all his faults but still stayed and even cared for him. Love blossoming and deepening as that bond grew, a feeling that was new and strange at times, but that drew him in deeper and deeper. The wraith practically becoming everything to the sorcerer, a love that had become deep and true to him without pretenses, without stipulations, and without calculation. Raw and powerful.
...but was he right for the man before him? Hanzo Hasashi, Scorpion, the spectral being of Shirai Ryu clan seeking out his justice for the slaughter of it’s members but his own wife and child. Harboring hatred and rage for those who had carried out the brutality, seeking vengeance. Yet, even with the sharp edges that lined made his being, there was still a strong, caring, honorable, gentle, and loving spirit under those layers. Ones that Aku had glimpsed in moments of tenderness and bliss between them, cherished moments of serenity, which only made his fondness and endearment for the other grow. Yet, even with that love and devotion he felt for the one who had taken his heart, he felt a lingering feeling that urged him to push him away. To have him find someone who was worthy of that softness, that tenderness, that love and devotion the other could give. Not him.
His lips twitched into a small somber smile, taking every ounce of will not to break in front of the other. Not to crumble into a mess of emotions. This was the end. The final time he’d see those eyes that saw deep inside him, saw that scarred and black soul yet still cared and loved him despite it. The last time he’d feel that powerful gaze that sent shivers down his entire being. Memorizing each feature, committing it to memory. That handsome yet solemn face, piecing gaze of tired yet strong eyes, and all the other beautiful features that made this man. His heart.
“ I ... I wish I could believe those words, I desperately wish to believe them with my whole being, but I fear this is the end.”
Gentle hands reaching out and gently caressing either side of the pyromancer’s face. Voice soft as the words were spoken, trying to keep them strong as they passed his lips. Refusing to let them quiver or crack as much as they wanted to.
“ You deserve better than this sinner, I wish I was that better someone but I am not. I would ... could never be, no matter how hard I try. You will always be my heart but I fear I am not your’s. Good-bye.”
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notmorbid · 2 days ago
the living, pt. 1.
dialogue prompts from the living by isaac marion.
why are you still fighting when there’s nothing left to fight for?
aren’t you tired? i’m tired.
i imagine it’s been a hard road.
what’s your poison?
cluttered house, cluttered mind.
you’re not leaving me alone in this horror show.
i still don’t know who you are. not really.
love is complicated and only grownups can do it.
do you love anybody?
you want to be safe, don’t you?
i do what it takes to survive.
please tell me you have coffee.
break stuff open and show what’s in it and make new stuff from the pieces.
where did you grow up?
we’ve all been monsters. we’ve all toured hell. but now we’re here.
here we are again. just like the bad old days.
you look like the world hasn’t been kind to you.
whatever they taught you, you are not a machine.
i’m not floating anymore. you’re ropes tying me down.
after ten years alone you can float too far.
i don’t belong with kind people. good people.
what kind of person are you?
punishing yourself doesn’t help anyone. just puts more pain in the world.
quit stalling and just spit it out.
i need you to leave me alone for a minute.
i want to meet you, but i’m scared you’ll be a stranger.
wherever this nightmare’s taking us, we should go there together.
you don’t have to die to be a martyr.
i got tired of waiting for permission to die. i decided to try living.
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intheticklecloset · 2 days ago
Haikyuu!! Sentence Starters #31-40
A collection of the Haikyuu sentence starters I've done, compiled for the sake of ease. These are all stand-alone stories.
31) Lee Suga, Ler Daichi
“If you’re going to be upset, then I’m going to make you laugh,” Daichi said firmly, grabbing Suga’s shoulders and staring him right in the eye.
Suga shoved him away. “Back off. I’m not in the mood for your games, captain.”
“Too bad.” Daichi reached for him again, but Suga batted him away, and thus a short-lived slap fight ensued, which the Karasuno captain quickly turned to his advantage by dropping to the ground and squeezing Suga’s knees.
“Hey!” Suga tried to sound angry, but it came out as more of a surprised squeal, followed by helpless giggles when Daichi prodded the backs of his knees hard enough to make him too weak to stand. Suga toppled to the ground, and the brunette quickly straddled him, yanking his shirt up to reveal his belly button. “No!” He hurriedly pushed his shirt back down. “No, Daichi!”
“Let it happen, Suga,” Daichi reprimanded, shoving the shirt back up. Again a fight ensued – the captain constantly trying to yank the shirt up, Suga always yanking it right back down. Finally, Daichi grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the floor by his sides, taking the shirt in his teeth and pulling it up that way.
“Whoa, hang on,” Suga protested, a pink hue flooding his cheeks. “Daichi, you’re not going to…”
Daichi flashed him a smirk, then took a deep breath and blew a raspberry right over the setter’s belly button, earning a loud shriek and cackling laughter for his trouble.
“NOHOHOHOHOHOHO!! DOHOHOHOHON’T DO THAHAHAHAHAHAT!!” Suga cried, trying to arch his back but finding that only gave Daichi better access to his weak spot. “I’M MAHAHAHAHAHAD AT YOU!!”
“Are you?” Daichi chuckled, taking a big breath. “Are you really?”
It didn’t take long for Suga to change his mind.
32) Lee Kageyama, Ler Oikawa
“Hey, you don’t have to look so scared.” Oikawa looked down at Kageyama, who lay against the pillow and mattress with flushed cheeks and a nervous expression he almost never let free around others. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, it’s just…” Kageyama murmured, seeming even more flustered. “I never thought…”
“I know. I didn’t either. But life is funny sometimes, isn’t it, Tobio-chan?” Oikawa brushed some of the setter’s jet black hair away. “What can I do to help you relax?”
“I don’t know…”
Oikawa hummed thoughtfully, then slid a hand under Kageyama’s shirt and gently fluttered his fingers against his hip. “Smile for me, Tobio~”
Kageyama bit his lip to try and keep from doing exactly that, but Oikawa’s fingers were persistent, and eventually he gave in, squirming away from the touch. “Stohohop…”
“Oh, Tobio-chan…you’re not ticklish, are you?”
“N-No!” Kageyama stammered, suddenly on high alert. Oikawa was using thatvoice. The voice that meant he was about to exploit this new weakness for all it was worth. He tried rolling away, but the older boy pinned him in place by straddling his hips and sitting on them, running his hands up and down his ribs and sides. “Nohohohoho!”
“Oh, dear, you lied to me,” Oikawa tsked, shaking his head with a smile. “How rude. I’ll have to punish you for that, Tobio-chan~”
“Wahahahait, Oikawa, p-plehehehehehease dohohohohohohon’t!” Kageyama dissolved into giggles, unable to help himself. The touches were so light, but so, so ticklish. He had no hope of getting away now, and so he surrendered and allowed himself to laugh openly, freely, without any fear of judgement.
They were way beyond their days as enemies, anyway.
33) Lee Tanaka, Ler Noya
“You laugh so loud!” Nishinoya giggled, clinging onto Tanaka’s back as he flailed around like he was trying to do some kind of monkey dance.
“Noya!” he squealed, trying to shove him away. “Noya, stohohohohohohohop!” It was true that his laughter was bouncing off the gym walls, but he couldn’t help it! The libero had attached himself to his ribs and underarms, and it just tickled so bad!
Noya hooked a leg around Tanaka’s leg, trying to trip him up and succeeding marvelously. Tanaka tumbled to the floor, which gave Noya even greater opportunity to straddle his back and grab onto his thighs, digging and squeezing.
“NOYA!!” Tanaka screamed, laughter bursting out of his lungs. “STAHAHAHAHAHAHAP!! ENOUGH ALREADYHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!”
“No way, dude! This is fun!” Noya traveled even further down to his knees and scribbled along the sensitive undersides. “Tickle, tickle, tickle!”
“NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU JEHEHEHEHEHEHERK!!” Tanaka pounded the gym floor in his ticklish distress, trying to roll over but failing. “YOU’LL PAHAHAHAHAHAHAY FOR THIS NOYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!”
Noya chuckled. “I’d like to see you try!”
34) Lee Kageyama, Ler Yamaguchi
“Why do you have to be so arrogant?” Yamaguchi muttered, turning his back as Kageyama tossed him the ball.
The setter’s eyes snapped to him. “What was that?”
Yamaguchi sighed, turning back to him. “Would it kill you to stop being such a know-it-all all the time?”
“You think I’m the know-it-all? Have you checked who you always hang out with lately?” Kageyama grumbled. “Just serve.”
Yamaguchi considered for a moment. He and Kageyama never really got along per se, but they didn’t usually fight, either. He was content to watch from the sidelines as everyone else put him in his place. But right now, it was just the two of them. So it looked like he’d have to do the job himself.
He tossed the ball in the air toward Kageyama, who got under it, preparing to set as Tadashi hurried toward the net and leapt into the air. As usual, Kageyama set exactly to him, and he was able to spike the ball into the opposite court with ease.
Kageyama turned around to say something, but before he had the chance, Yamaguchi lunged for him, grabbing his sides and squeezing hard.
“He-EEY!!” Kageyama cried, pushing at Tadashi’s shoulders. “W-What – why are you – stohohop it!”
“Hinata always does this when you’re being a jerk, and it works for him, so I thought I’d try it.” Yamaguchi grinned at the soft, held-back giggles slipping from the setter’s mouth. “Feeling a little more humble, Tobio?”
“Shuhuhuhut up!” Kageyama grabbed his wrists, finally stopping the gentle assault. Breathing heavily, he muttered, “No fair.”
“I think it’s completely fair. We should have a way to knock you down a few pegs when we need to.” Yamaguchi smirked, grabbing another ball from the bin behind Kageyama and turning toward the end of the court. “Let’s do another one.”
35) Lee Tsukishima, Ler Bokuto
“Are you seriously ticklish here?” Bokuto laughed, pressing his thumbs deeper into the space between Tsukishima’s shoulder blades.
Tsukki gritted his teeth against the mirth that was bubbling inside of him, but he couldn’t stop his squirming. “Y-Yes, now stop it! This isn’t helping!”
The two of them had been practicing their spikes in the gym at camp when Tsukki’s left shoulder had suddenly gone tense on him, making it difficult for him to set or spike with any great force. Bokuto had offered to massage the area which – in retrospect – was probably not the wisest idea to begin with. Either way they were here now, with Tsukki lying on his stomach on the floor and Bokuto pressing into his shoulder blades rather than his left shoulder, too amused to continue the massage properly.
“This is hilarious!” Bokuto went on, switching from kneading to skittering. “Dude, this is great. You need to loosen up and laugh more, anyway.”
“I d-do not!” Tsukki growled, clenching his fists. He hated that Bokuto was planted on him too firmly for him to simply roll over and push him away. “Get off. I didn’t ask for this.”
“You didn’t ask for the massage, either. I offered.” Bokuto moved his skittering into Tsukki’s underarms.
Tsukki jolted, bringing his arms down, wincing at the throb in his left shoulder while also snickering uncontrollably into the gym floor. “S-Stohohop it, that hurts, Bohohokuto!”
“Does it? Sounds more like you’re giggling to me~”
“Knohohohohohock it off!”
Bokuto grinned. “Nah. I think this will work just as well as a massage, buddy.”
36) Lee Suga, Ler Kuroo
“That’s sensitive!”
“Well, it’s your most ticklish spot, so I’d imagine so.”
“Not that,” Suga insisted, hissing at Asahi. “The information.”
Kuroo smirked at them both in amusement. “Not inclined to share how easy it is to reduce you to a helpless puddle of giggles? I’m not surprised, really.”
Suga flushed pink and glared at Asahi. “You jerk. Now everyone on the Nekoma team is going to know.”
“I’ll keep my mouth shut,” Kuroo offered, “on one condition.”
“Which is?”
“You let me see for myself.”
Suga paled. “W-What? No, I…”
Asahi grinned, hooking his arms under Suga’s to hold him in place. “He’s all yours, Kuroo.”
“What?! Asahi, you traitor!” Suga cried, already giggling before Kuroo had even reached him. “Nohohoho, dohohohohon’t!”
“Wow, it must be bad if you’re laughing already,” Kuroo teased, lifting his jersey just enough to find his navel and wiggle a finger into it. “Tickle, tickle~”
“NOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!” Suga screamed, tossing his head back and struggling so hard Asahi had to fight to maintain his hold on him. “STAHAHAHAHAHAHAP IT!! KUROO LET ME GOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!”
“I’m not the one holding you captive, my friend.” Kuroo continued to wiggle his finger, chuckling at the hyena cackles he was getting for his minimal efforts. “Cootchie coo, little setter~”
“STAHAHAHAHAHAP!! DOHOHOHOHON’T TEASE ME!! KUROO – AHAHAHASAHI PLEHEHEHEHEHEASE!!” Suga laughed and writhed and tried kicking his attacker, but it did him no good, and the ticklish feeling was so strong there, he couldn’t take it. “PLEHEHEHEHEASE NO MOHOHOHOHOHORE!! KUROO!!”
Finally, Kuroo let up, standing up with a big smile. “Adorable. Absolutely adorable. You’ve got a cute laugh, too.”
Suga slumped to the ground when Asahi let him go, blushing hard and trying to hide his smile. “Just shut up already.”
37) Lee Kageyama, Ler Kenma
“You’re not as intimidating as I thought,” Kenma murmured in his low, monotonous voice, watching calmly as he made a mess of the Karasuno setter.
Kageyama was on the ground, curled in on himself to protect his most ticklish spot while the Nekoma setter poked and scribbled along his sides and ribs. Just a moment ago they’d accidentally bumped into each other, and Kenma grabbed Kageyama’s shirt to keep from falling, grabbing onto his side and forcing a loud squeal out of the taller boy in the process. Well, much like a cat with a mouse, Kenma pounced on the opportunity and had learned rather quickly that Kageyama – for all of his height and strength and intimidating glares – was incredibly ticklish, and very easy to take down.
So take him down he had.
“Stohohohohop it,” Kageyama begged, trying to stay as quiet as possible. The last thing he needed was for Kuroo or any of the other Nekoma players to know about his weakness. He tried to grab Kenma’s wrists and force him away, but Kenma was quick on his feet when he wanted to be, and in the next moment both of Kageyama’s arms were above his head, Kenma sitting on them to keep them in place and reaching down to scribble in his open underarms.
Now he was even more helpless than he had been.
“Nohohohohohohoho! Kenma!” Kageyama squealed, giggling harder than he cared to admit, certain he had to be blushing by now. Thank god Hinata wasn’t here. “Plehehehehehehease, stop!”
Kenma hummed, reaching under the Karasuno setter’s jersey to scribble directly against his skin, earning an even louder squeal for his efforts.
Nekoma’s brain had gone to work, and there was no stopping him now.
38) Lee Suga, Ler Daichi
“You have the loudest, most dorky laugh of all time,” Daichi said, sitting on Suga’s lap and pinning his wrists above his head to the couch cushion at his back. “And I miss it.”
Suga’s eyes widened. “H-Hold on, I didn’t – this isn’t why I’m here, we’re supposed to be studying!”
“You’ve been studying so hard you’ve forgotten how to have fun.” The Karasuno captain smirked, wiggling his fingers in Suga’s line of vision, enjoying the way his cheeks turned pink in response. “If you don’t want to lighten up on your own, I’ll make you, Kou.”
“Daichi…” Suga trailed off, opening his mouth to protest but then changing his mind, looking away. “Please be gentle.” He cringed at himself for saying it, but Daichi smiled, slipping his fingers under his friend’s shirt to get at his belly directly, scribbling lightly.
“I’ll be gentle,” he promised, “for now.”
Suga giggled, trying and failing to twist out of the way, pinned firmly in place while his friend loomed over him, grinning at his helplessness, making him feel even more flustered. He jerked when Daichi strayed too close to his navel. “Nohohohohot thehehehehere, plehehehease…”
Daichi considered. “But I want to hear your hyena laugh.”
“N-Nohohohohot today, Dai…plehehehehease.”
After a moment, the captain nodded. “All right, I’ll stay away from that spot for now. But you owe me one, got it?”
At the lighter, happier giggling he got as an answer, he knew he’d made the right choice by being gentle for his friend’s sake today.
Suga blushed to his ears but nodded all the same. “Deheheheheal.”
39) Lee Yamaguchi, Ler Tsukishima
“Looks like someone’s ridiculously ticklish here.”
Yamaguchi squealed. Tsukishima towered over him, grabbing onto his sides and squeezing rapidly, making the smaller boy laugh despite how flustered he was by this whole situation. He’d always wanted Tsukki to tickle him to pieces like this, and now that it was happening, he didn’t know what to do with himself. He instinctually wanted to squirm and push Tsukki away, but he also didn’t want the blonde to actually stop, so he just awkwardly jerked and flopped around beneath his friend, laughing and sputtering and blushing so hard he felt the heat of it on his cheeks.
Tsukki watched him closely, a small smirk tugging at the corners of his lips. “You’re not asking me to stop.”
Oh, god. Tadashi whimpered through his giggles, clenching his fists tightly by his shoulders, fighting desperately against the urge to bring them down and protect his – as Tsukki had put it – ridiculously ticklish sides.
Tsukki chuckled, and the sound sent a cold shudder through Yamaguchi. He gasped when the blonde moved to straddle his waist, grabbing his wrists and pinning them to his sides with his knees. “T-Tsukki…”
“Just helping you out,” Tsukki teased, going back to squeezing and digging into his weak spot, making Tadashi throw back his head and laugh once more. It was so much worse now that he couldn’t even squirm! “Since you so obviously want me to tickle you.”
“Ahahahahahahahaha! Tsukkiehehehehehehehe!”
“D-Dohohohohohon’t-!” Yamaguchi hesitated, then forced himself to keep going. “Don’t stahahahahahahap!”
Tsukishima grinned wickedly. “Don’t worry. I wasn’t planning to.”
40) Lee Kageyama, Ler Hinata
“Get away from me!” Kageyama cried, trying to wrench himself free of the cursed net but failing. Hinata continued his slow advance, wiggling his fingers and grinning mischievously. Kageyama’s heartrate kicked into overdrive. He was stuck. The net was wrapped securely around his wrists and arms, keeping him trapped right where he was in the middle of the court, helplessly watching his friend get closer and closer with every second. “H-Hinata, wait!”
“Finally,” Hinata said, beaming. “Finally, I get to show you what it’s like!”
“What what’slike?!””
Hinata plunged his fingers into the setter’s underarms, scribbling and digging with everything he had. “What it’s like to be tickled to death while you can’t do anything about it!”
Kageyama burst into giggles. He was so ticklish, and being stuck in the volleyball net like this felt like being betrayed by his oldest friend, somehow. He wiggled and thrashed, but nothing helped him. Nothing got him away from Hinata’s tickling fingers, and the redhead was smiling at him, and he couldn’t stand how flustered it was making him feel.
“Hinata,” he wheezed, voice pleading, “stohohohohohop! Please, I c-cahahahahan’t – thihihihihis isn’t fahahahahahahair!”
“And tickling me when I got stuck under the bleachers that one time was fair?” Hinata traveled downward to his hips and giggled at the squeal Kageyama let free. He kept up easily with his thrashing. When the setter struggled so hard his jersey came untucked from his shorts, Hinata held onto his waist and blew the biggest raspberry he could manage on his friend’s belly, reveling in the absolute shriek he got for his trouble.
“Hinatahahahahaha!” Kageyama laughed, blushing so hard he could feel the heat of it running down his neck. “Plehehehehehehehease!”
Hinata blushed, too, mesmerized by how much a little tickling had transformed his normally stoic friend into this unstoppable giggling mess. He beamed. “I think I like tickling you, Kageyama.”
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