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vivgen · 7 minutes ago
man shout out to me who made this shitty one lined comment in the replies of a post and kinda paused, looking at it for a sec
and then I said into the open air at absolutely no one, "do I use social media like my old man uses facebook? yes. does that really matter? no. cringe culture is dead, and separating yourself from your parents is a useless concept anyway because humans are all connected to each other in a transcendental way." (as close to an exact quote as I can remember even though I might word it differently trying to make the point written out)
and I kinda sat here,, half expecting a reply,,
and I realized I was quite alone and felt really silly lmao
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sirdust · 26 minutes ago
I saw someone going 'well why can't Stolitz be healthier like Charlie and Vaggie' but like. That's actually an interesting parallel to consider, I think. They're both royalty in Hell, they both have power political and probably literal(even if we've only seen glimpses of that latter), and unlike their family members(Stella, and presumably Lucifer and Lilith) they both have an interest in the lower castes of Hell, and they both probably have a lot to learn about how to treat those castes.
For Stolas, as we know, his interest is more in a singular member of that caste, he's very used to his status perhaps to the point he's not as aware of it as he should be, but he damn well knows how to use it and his power when properly motivated. He's unintentionally condescending to Blitzo and a bit bratty to Moxie and Millie when they save him instead of Blitzo. His efforts to cheer up his daughter end up accidentally making her mood worse, so a bit like I discuss with Charlie he IS well-intentioned and naive, but doesn't listen to Octavia until she runs off. When she does tho, he tries to explain thing, and does promise he'll never run away and leave her behind. He's well-intentioned I think, but unaware of the consequences of his actions and mannerisms, which he WILL need to unlearn.
Meanwhile comparing that to Charlie, she recognizes the people of Hell suffering and wants there to be a better way, and does have a healthy relationship with Vaggie... but from the Pilot she's also very idealistic, very naive and sheltered, and can't throw her weight around as Princess of Hell effectively, lacking resources and staff for her project, being made a fool of on television, and Alastair feeling pretty comfortable telling Hell's princess 'yeah I'm here because I wanna see you fail horribly'. Not to mention I'm not sure has a lot of knowledge about effective ways to help people, expecting all her 'patients' to go totally clean from drugs and alcohol and fights without weaning them off. In her song she ripped syringes out of a demon's hand and destroyed them, and later on she or Vaggie was irritated at a drink bar in their hotel. It may not be the same for demons and sinners, but something like that would probably send a human into withdrawal. Not to mention she's gambling all this on the hope that Heaven WILL let in a redeemed soul, if Heaven goes 'yeah, no, sorry, but no' then that shuts down her idea (unless she decides 'fuck it, restructure BOTH Heaven and Hell' which honestly I really wanna see)
So like. I dunno, Stolitz isn't healthy NOW, but Stolas is probably going to grow, and Charlie's hotel project strikes me as dangerously naive NOW, but that was just the pilot so she'll ALSO probably grow. And I'm disappointed people can't seem to realize that like... okay different show but my favorite character ever took two seasons and hitting rock bottom in a show I like to even start trying to do better, and even then he still fucked up and made some of the same mistakes until he realized and tried to do better yet, and Charlie may be a good person but can still have dangerous attitudes even as a good person, there's still a HELL of a lot of time for both to grow. (pun not intended :P) Endgame ship means end of THE SERIES, not the season.
(it was vaggie who didn’t want the bar!)
yeah i think this is an astute parallel to make. if charlie and stolas both have arcs that focus on learning to empathize with the lower class, it makes sense there would be similarities.
also, regarding the heaven thing, people act like that’s spoilers, but we were already operating under the assumption heaven wouldn’t want redeemed sinners anyways. alastor’s answer to charlie’s project is “they had their shot on earth and this is the eternal consequence”; it’s about seeing if the system can be changed, less working directly within it.
but yeah getting back to the main point, the parallels between the two are interesting, and while i tend to balk at comparing the two shows too heavily i do think there are interesting connections (they’re made by the same creator anyways). regarding charlie and vaggie’s relationship too, it’s funny because people in the crit side of the fandom tend to waffle back and forth on whether or not that relationship is “good”. canon has shown us it’s a healthy long-term partnership, but at the same time no relationship is perfect and there are seeds of conflict being planted within that dynamic already, so people who think conflict is not the core part of any story are looking at that and going “SEE. SEE. UNHEALTHY.” it’s wild.
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Diversity win! The person shitting on your front porch is actually Matthew Gray Gubler
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pjo-hoo-toa-freakazoid · 4 hours ago
You do be cool homie ✨
Thanks Homie🥲
Really needed this today.🥲✨🌸
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okay i can't decide what to do so i'll let you guys decide - i have one prompt left; after posting that should i:
write another longer oneshot
write some shorter fics/go through old ideas and see what's worth salvaging
take prompts again and write those
if i do 1 or 2, i'll probably do a few ask memes (as in ship/character hcs) as well, since i like to take my time with oneshots lol
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what classifies as proper adventurecore?
Ok, this is both a complicated and a loaded question. I can only answer how I view it. If I had to give a definition it would be something like:
“An aesthetic or yearning, usually based around travel of some sort, that you are invested in.”
Nothing fills me with more delight than seeing people posting pictures of their adventures, whether it is a trek through the wilderness or a journey to the store down the road, with captions on how much fun they had etc. It annoys me when popular blogs misuse the tag without any actual investment in the aesthetic, as it then clutters it up and buries the content of the smaller blogs, and renders the aesthetic inaccessible to anyone unless they actually dig for it.
Adventurecore is not just hobbit-esque high fantasy journeys, but it does (in my opinion) need some connection to travelling and adventuring in general, whether that be wilderness, rural or urban. It is not just a filler tag to garner notes, and I hate it being used as such.
thank you for coming to my TED talk
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oddthesungod · 12 hours ago
your art is amazing and makes me happy every time i see it 💖🥺
Aaaahhh gosh!!!!! Thank you!!!! 🥺🥺🥺💖💖💖💖
Tumblr media
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Ohohhohohhoh I just realized there’s an anime coming later this year that’s going to have a TOP NOTCH long haired anime dude. Do either of y’all read manga that have gotten anime adaptations where you just sit there for months after the announcement, waiting for a character to appear to you can add them? Cause that’s how I feel right now.
Tumblr media
Is it by chance that guy with braids from Blue Period? lol but yeah, I feel like this all the time. I read way more manga than I watch anime tbh, so there are many series I want to see adapted mostly just so we can put a character on the blog lol. I especially remember this feeling when waiting for Vinland Saga to finally come out.
- Mod T
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isolatedfeline · 13 hours ago
Everytime Haru denies Kyo peace I just imagine that GIF of that cat about to hit that other cat from the cupboard and being real slow and calculated about it. Then just STRIKING as the other cat looks back confused and ready to kick ass all the same. 
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raichoose · 17 hours ago
@ramenthings​ - Cont. ~ X 
“ ... Naruto, this has nothing to do with how strong I am. Even Sasuke needed help against me when I was in my prime. That’s not the point. When I ask you to punish me, or to give an order, it’s because it’s the only option I have left, because only your commands for them to knock it off or your assurances that I’m getting more than a slap on the wrist can stop this. The problem is that some of my assailants are your citizens, and there’s only so much I can do. Peaceful resolutions aren’t working. They haven’t been working. I’m not opposed to killing trespassers on sight - I won’t even pretend that I don’t like that option - but I’m a criminal, and a bad one, at that. I’m not at liberty to just kill people, unless you specifically consent to my use of deadly force to protect what’s dear to me - those kids. Because we both know that the death of a civilian, whether justified or not, is all it will take to get me back in prison.” 
He hates the way his hands are shaking. Maybe it is a bit self-pitying to come crying to the Hokage about this, but Kabuto genuinely feels that he is out of options. The use of a child to go after him wasn’t something he foresaw, not when the harms he’d done against innocents were what led to his predicament in the first place, and he didn’t want his kids to be injured or killed on account of the sins of the past.
Tumblr media
“I know you hate me, okay? And I know your life would be easier if I left you alone, and I won’t pretend that running a large village isn’t stressful. But I can’t leave, and I do need you. I can live with being assaulted when I’m alone. It’s what I deserve. But I can’t condone it when my children are involved. I don’t want to see them get hurt because I was a bad person. And no one - not your people, not people from other villages - will listen to me. But they’ll listen to you.”
Kabuto swallows thickly. “Naruto, you know me. I don’t like begging. I wouldn’t come bother you about this if I didn’t think I had to. Don’t you care about those kids, too? Make it so that I can protect them adequately, by allowing me to use the force you know I’m capable of to keep people away from me once and for all - or put out an order for everyone to leave the orphanage alone. Please.” 
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mercy-of-the-ashes · 17 hours ago
Akechi was going to speak just for Suki to cover his mouth causing him to rant and rave.
"Geez Akechi, you're just one drama king." Suki sighs, having enough of his attitude. "Sorry about him Haiji. He's been acting out lately."
Leave it to the woman found in the church to control a fully grown man who was acting less than.
Tenshi was sleeping with Scout sitting on top of her on the ground. Scout purrs with interested eyes.
Tumblr media
“I can tell.” It was a miracle he withheld the urge to roll his eyes. “And not just that, what is it with you guys? Tenshi is a kid. How can you be so calm about this?”
Haiji was reeling with nothing but anxiety. He’d have to watch his back in the hideout every single day now! Damn, and just when he thought this place was a safe haven for him.
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mercy-of-the-ashes · 17 hours ago
After a while, Rose stopped playing. She was a bit tired out and her throat was starting to ache, she smiled at everyone who was still there. "Thank you for letting me entertain you guys, I'll make sure to do this more regularly." She hoped off the monitor and decided to go get some food like a lot of other people were doing.
She took a seat by herself after getting some dinner, she didn't realise how hungry she was until she took a bite. It felt good to have a steady supply of food instead of having to find scraps or dented cans in the rubble, it was hard to stay strong when you didn't have enough food to keep yourself replenished.
Her thoughts were interrupted when a man sat across from her while she was eating, it was the same guy who gave her a daisy. "Hey gorgeous." He said with a smile.
Rose swallowed her food and eyed him up and down carefully. "Hey? Sorry, have we met?"
"No, but I'd like to get to know you; babe." He leaned forward, his grin never leaving his face.
Oh Rose did not like this at all.
"Umm.. that's um.. really nice of you?" She wasn't sure she wanted to continue but she didn't want to be rude. "I guess we can start with my name. Because it's not 'Gorgeous' or 'Babe', it's Rose." She stated, she didn't want to be known by nicknames like that by someone she only just met. The guy laughed at her. "You're so uptight, but you're cute so I'll let it slide."
Rose looked around for anyone that could hopefully get her out of this situation, she would never admit out loud but.. she was looking for Haiji.
Haiji had left his room as soon as Rose’s concert came to a close. Fresh air was what he needed. The room suddenly got him feeling claustrophobic, so he had never been so relieved to be roaming in the hideout to reorganize his messy thoughts and feelings. A bigger mess than he wanted.
“Rose, why are you doing this to me?” He mumbled. Dejected and defeated, he just leaned against a wall, taking slow, even breaths. Relax. He needed to relax.
His growling stomach broke the quiet hallway. Well, he could relax while stuffing himself with a big dinner, if his appetite remained unaffected by his stupid warring emotions. Sighing, he dragged himself to the cafeteria.
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iridescentides · 20 hours ago
gif makers respond: if you could only gif one piece of media for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?
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est-hajnalcsillag · 20 hours ago
I don't know how do average people feel when they can focus on something important for several hours long, but as someone who either has adhd symptoms because of PTSD, or I have adhd symptoms because of adhd, this is the strangest feeling ever. Today I managed to watch four accounting videos and pay attention the whole time (and I solved several tasks related to accounting). It's fucked up. For me. I never managed to do this in a formal school setting ever. My mind always needed stimulation, and if the lesson/teacher/prof didn't provide any, then I needed some external source, and I am loathe to say, but I read fiction or in high school and before that, I daydreamed (I either read fanfics or a downloaded epub). And after school, I wasn't able to do my homework and study, even if I knew I needed to, because I was too tired after a whole schoolday. My brain was tired of having to be in school, but it didn't fucking manage to pay attention to anything. I was always an external bystander to my brain's shitshow, I felt like my rational mind who knew what was needed to do to succeed was caged into a glass room, shouting itself hoarse to do! Fucking! Something! While the part of my brain responsible for the executive function was the dog sitting in the room that's on fire, saying "this is fine" and it didn't do shit. Now I can see that I had so much potential to become more than I am now, and right now, at the tender age of 28 I feel like that I have to play catch up with my peers. Suddenly I want to do all the things and I feel like I have all the executive function in the whole fucking world. I want to do my best on the accounting exams, I want to learn to sew and draw sewing patterns, I want to learn to sing semi professionally and/or play the piano, and I want to do justice to my mental health by exercising. It's like my brain suddenly decided that there's a deadline somewhere in my future, and I have to cram all these things together and learn them, because something will surely happen. The when and the what is absolutely unclear, but nevertheless, I'm riding this high until it lasts, because otherwise I won't manage to do anything. I know my brain, I've lived with it for the past 28 years, I fought with it for as long, because every day is a fucking battle with a brain that has zero executive function.
Anyways. Idk how neurotypical people experience "focus" and "executive function", but this is my take on it.
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