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demonlovesangel · 7 hours ago
Elain Archeron
Tumblr media
Digital painting really hates me, if I could go without it I really would lol. On my defense I'm truly trying.
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So in ACOSF, we are told, by Rhys, that the reason Nyx has wings is because Feyre was in her Illyrian form when he was conceived:
“That can make a difference? I thought she only made the wings--nothing else.”
“She shape-shifts. She transforms her entire self into the form she takes. When she grants herself wings, she essentially alters her body at its most intrinsic level. So she was fully Illyrian that night.”
So. . .by this logic. . .if Feyre shifted into a human and had sex with Rhys, would they have a half human/half Fae baby? Or if she had sex with a human while shifted into a human, would she have a full human baby? If she shifted into Mor and had sex with Rhys, would the baby come out looking like Mor???
I didn’t think this was how it worked. I always took shapeshifting to just be purely physical outward appearance. Which is why, in TOG, Lysandra needed Aedion to father “Aelin’s” children, because if they looked like him, they would look like Aelin. Her shifting into Aelin wasn’t enough.
I know you could probably argue that they are two different series and could therefore be two completely different sets of magic, but I still don’t know. . .I feel like this revelation was needed just to make this situation exist. I always assumed Feysand’s kids would have wings. I know Rhys is only half Illyrian but since his wings are such a prominent part of his physical description, they just became a part of him to me. It’s not till this book that we’re told he was born without them. He told Feyre his favorite childhood memory was jumping out his window at night with his mom and flying all over Velaris. They seemed to be a very central part of his entire life. I ALWAYS imagined their kids with wings and it didn’t have anything to do with Feyre. I actually just read the scene in ACOWAR Azriel gives her her first flying lesson and most of it is spent just trying to get her wings formed correctly. There’s a lot of “bigger here”, and “a little to the left”, and “you need more width here”. She has to try a couple times to get it right. If she were shifting her “entire self” and “altering her body”, wouldn’t these wings just form naturally on their own once she achieves the shift? Never once does she talk about “shifting” her “entire being” into anything, it’s purely just growing some wings out of her back that she has to alter and change until she gets them suitable for flying. I personally think SJM just needed this situation to exist and this is how she went about achieving it. I think it’s her way of stopping people from asking why Rhys and Feyre hadn’t thought of this being a problem already. It’s never brought up in the original trilogy because I think Sarah just hadn’t decided on it yet. If there was even a slight possibility for their child to have wings, you’d think Rhys would have been proactive about it or it would have at least come up in some capacity. We also have to assume that Rhys and Feyre didn’t realize she was shifting her “entire self” when she did this, otherwise I would seriously question their decision to have unprotected sex in Illyrian form, KNOWINGLY trying to conceive a baby. Not doing that seems like a great way to avoid their problem.
So which is it?? Did Sarah intend for this to happen all along and this was always supposed to be the moment they found the extent to which Feyre’s shape shifting abilities went? Or is this a half-baked way to justify unprotected kinky Illyrian sex without holding our future High King and Queen truly responsible for anything???
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n-a123-love · 11 hours ago
I will say this again as I repeated many times, you can like any character, or hate any character you want. But the minute you bring race, and other sensitive topics into it as ammo I will come for you. And if you disagree with that statement,which nobody should if your decent human being you can play in traffic.Point blank period.That also goes for rebloging it in agreement.There are lines that should not be crossed for a reason. Call me crazy all you want but don’t stir the pot if you can’t handle it. I normally just stay in my lane and stay in the tags I follow unless you bring bs to the tags. That is all I have to say. Good night and good morning to everyone expect for those two brid brains and who know exactly who they are.
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n-a123-love · 12 hours ago
It’s confirmed you guys I’m not black @blackreaders-assemble my insta is going to get a kick out of this💀
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n-a123-love · 13 hours ago
You need to have a seat somewhere @blackreaders-assemble. I guess I’m not black anymore. @dreaminginvelaris you can catch this call out too, finna be a two for one special. Trump supporters really!? Classist!? I advise both y’all to stfu and go on with your day. I’ve been trying to be respectful and cordial to you guys for too long.The fact that you can sit there and comfortably post this on the internet is beyond me.Any post that either you post, I’m on your ass you might as well block me.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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n-a123-love · 16 hours ago
It’s been four books and a novella, and some of you are still pressed. Nesta lives your heads rent free. You can not convince me that your not obsessed. A bunch of sad cases 🚶🏾‍♀️
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cocoscomments · 17 hours ago
We need to know more
Anyone else think we need more bonus chapter to A Court of Silver Flames? Or at least a compilation of short stories 
It would include:
The Inner Circle’s thoughts after Cassian unfroze Nesta with a kiss. Maybe them discussing the mating bond between Cassian and Nesta. 
Rhysand talking to Feyre about Nesta’s trauma after he helped her through her nightmare. 
The Snowball fight! 
Azriel being the “chaperon” but really just trying push them together
Nesta talking to Cassian about why she was scared to admit that he was her mate. Cassian discussing how he feels bad about the way he treated her in the beginning, pulling away whenever the IC was around. Cassian telling her he too felt unworthy being her mate and at times still does
Everyone's thoughts on seeing Nesta dance for the first time, complete with Rhyand and Feyre yelling at Cassian for cutting in
Cassian tracking down the musicians and asking them to play their favorite songs. 
Gwny’s first impression of Nesta
Emerie’s first impressions of Gwyn and Emerie
Gwyn’s POV cutting the ribbon
Feyre and Rhysand discussing Nesta and Cassian and the mating bond between them
Cassian confiding in Az that he screwed up with Nesta after winter solstice and now he needs to leave
Bonus Chapters: 
Azriel constantly telling Cassian he screwed up and taking Nesta’s side
Rhysland’s POV having to “ask” Nesta to dance with Eris as well as his POV asking Nesta to track down the dead trove after experiencing her trauma
The House getting mad at someone for saying something disrespectful towards Nesta
Gwyn and Emerie discussing the mating bond between Cassian and Nesta and how Nesta seems to be unaware of it or avoiding it
Mor teaching Cassian how to dance and maybe having a conversation about Nesta, the mating bond and how she and him haven’t always treated Nesta the best. 
Mor’s POV finding and taking Nesta to Emerie’s 
Azriel’s POV on Nesta’s nightmare and having to hold back Cassian.
Gwyn waking up in the Blood Rite 
Rhys’ POV on Nesta inviting the priestesses, resurrecting the valkyries, her slaying the Kelpie/Lanyths, Nesta giving back the sword or him comforting Feyre because her sister is in the Blood Rite and they can do nothing about it.
Rhysand’s POV of Nesta wielding the dead trove objects than giving up her power to save his son and wife. Anything to show that he realized that he had been wrong. I mean considering the amount of times he was in her head, did seeing the world through her eyes change anything
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furyofthetrinity · 18 hours ago
Sooooo in Heir of Fire from TOG, the silent arguments/conversation between Rowan and Aelin.... is that a mating bond?
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foxboylucien · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Elucien version of the art trend but make it a sunflower field 🌻🌞🌾
@ladyvanserra I intended to have this ready for your birthday yesterday but I didn’t have it finished in time. Happy belated birthday anyway! 😘
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feyre-a · 19 hours ago
I painted so much yesterday my hands hurt
I have some classes in the afternoon but other than that i think i want to spend the rest of the day with nyx
He’s flying more every day
Cass and rhys couldn’t be more thrilled
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malulls · 19 hours ago
Manon: I want a baby
Dorian: we can't adopt Elide, Manon
Manon: who is going to stop me?
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dawninlatin · 20 hours ago
A scene that definitely happened:
Nesta, in the middle of a conversation: By the way, I asked Rhys to plan our mating ceremony
Feyre, blinking: What?
Nesta: Yeah, I did it so he would stop buying me presents. Yesterday he got me a throw pillow. Who the fuck needs throw pillows?!
Feyre, already sweating: No, wait, you asked Rhys to do what?
Nesta: Plan Cassian and I’s mating ceremony...
Feyre, all pale and shaking: You have no idea what you’ve just done...
Rhys, with his 300 pinterest boards: *cackles in the distance*
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