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#ouran high school host club
ohshcscenerios · 6 hours ago
The Host Club reacting to Nikocado Avocado
Haruhi: Look at the size of that burger... is that three patties?
Kyoya: I give him four - no, two months before he has a heart attack.
Tamaki: I think I'm going to vomit *runs to the corner to vomit*
Haruhi: He needs psychiatric help, oh my gosh.
Hikaru: This is making me hungry, not going to lie.
Kaoru: The cheese sauce is a good idea but a whole bowl of it? Overkill dude.
Mitsukuni: I don't want anyone complaining about how much cake I eat after this. Not ONE word.
Hikaru: He cries more than you do boss.
Tamaki: How dare you -
Takashi: *goes to the dojo because exercise is like bleach for the eyes*
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ohshcscenerios · 7 hours ago
The Host Club's Group Chat on Mother's Day
Hikaru: Happy Mother's Day Kyoya!
Kyoya: Please don't wish me that.
Kyoya: Wait, is that why Tamaki sent me flowers this morning?
Tamaki: We felt roses were most befitting for our wonderful mother.
Kyoya: I'm not a mother.
Kaoru: Don't deny it Kyoya.
Mitsukuni: Kyo-chan's in denial.
Kyoya: I am not a mother!
Hikaru: That's exactly what a mother would say.
Kyoya: Mother's Day is reserved for actual mothers, please be respectful. Might I remind you not everyone in this group chat might agree to this?
Haruhi: You know, in some ways you do act like a mom.
Kyoya: Huh?
Haruhi: You can be a little naggy.
Kyoya: I thought you would take this day more seriously Haruhi. I'm disappointed.
Tamaki: We've disappointed mother T_T.
Haruhi: Plus you're basically in charge of our allowances in the host club so-
Mitsukuni: And you let me eat all the cake I want!
Tamaki: You look amazing in a dress!
Takashi: You're shorter than me.
Tamaki: You give the best hugs!
Hikaru: You're always yelling at us.
Kaoru: And you've perfected "the glare".
Kyoya: Alright! I get it!
Hikaru: Does this mean we can give you the card we made?
Kaoru: We added stickers <3.
Kyoya: Absolutely not. I'm throwing away these flowers too. You're all ridiculous.
Kaoru: That's not very motherly.
Tamaki: Don't throw them away!
Kyoya: I'm turning off my phone. Don't talk to me. I will deal with you all later.
Haruhi: Did he just ground us?
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ivyandstone127 · 8 hours ago
I may be 21 y/o, but I still wanna study at Lobeliaaaaa
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ohshcscenerios · 9 hours ago
Dad Kyoya Headcanon Scenario:
Yoshio: "Kyoya, we have to ask you to revisit your plan to lower the candy prices in the reception lobby. It seems a little juvenile, don't you think? I'd advise you speak with your head of sales as soon as you can."
Kyoya: "My apologies, I'll have that taken care of today."
*When Kyoya gets home*
Kyoya: "Alright, who hacked into my computer last night?
*His sons point to each other*
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hostagine · 9 hours ago
Tell her your thoughts. 🤫💘
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zenibas · 9 hours ago
suuuper~ late but @bebemoon tagged me to do this:
(as always i’ll skip the tagging other people ^^’ )
Lyra Godslayer Belacqua - stealing her right off of Fanfan’s list but in my defense I was reading the “extra” HDM books last year
Elizabeth Bennet, specifically as portrayed by Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice (2005)
Sookhee from The Handmaiden
Cara Mason from Legend of the Seeker (the show), purely for crush reasons
Tsunemori Akane from the Psycho Pass anime series
Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road
Vanessa Ives from Penny Dreadful
Sophie Hatter from the Howl’s Moving Castle books
Chihiro from Spirited Away
Eleanor Shellstrop from The Good Place
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fanfic-sins · 11 hours ago
Fanfic Sin #21
I once read a Haruhi Fujioka x Reader fanfic where there was a smut scene but the author didn't know how to write lesbian sex so they literally said
"Just imagine Haruhi has a massive haru-dong" and went on writing the smut as if Haruhi had a dick.
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hostagine · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
In this garden of romance, maybe we can take this chance ? 💘🌹
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the-weeaboo-ma · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Can’t stop thinking bout mushroom Tamaki ✨🍄
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saiki-k-innie · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
So i feel like writing and sharing my ideas/headcanons about different anime series, so send me an ask or whatever about a certain character or series and I will write about it! Depending on how much i know about the character or how invested I am in the series, the response could be long or short. I will absolutely do nothing nsfw, i’m not comfortable writing it.
Series I will write about-
  the bolded series I am more familiar with characters and will write more depending on what you want me to write about
hunter x hunter, saiki k, durarara, death note, no game no life, your lie in april, dr stone, my hero academia, demon slayer, promised neverland, love chunibyo, toradora, ouron high school host club, and k-on
Character I would love to write about:
Hunter x Hunter: Killua, kurapika, chrollo, illumi, meruem well now that i think about it basically anyone exept Palm  Saiki K: literally any of them Durarara: anyone exept izaya No Game No Life: Sora, Izuna, Jibril, and maybe Shiro if i feel like it My Hero Academia: anyone exept Mineta
This is my first time doing something like this, and I need direction or all of my thoughts will come out in one blob. You can ask for headcanons about the characters, headcanons about relationships, what i think about the characters, etc. again, i absolutely won’t write any nsfw or pedophilia or anything in that vein. 
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potatogirl0240 · 20 hours ago
senpai's favorite TV show is Ouran Highschool Host Club and you cant change my mind.
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chaosclover1999 · 21 hours ago
im on a roll ranting abt things that r annoying me 2day ig so while im here fuck ouran high school host club
im so sick of seeing it show up on "top 10 anime w/ nb characters" lists, 1] the main character is not even confirmed nb and 2] the show is so bad, like i know a lot of ppl reading this probably haven't looked at the show since they were a teenager but i decided 2 look back on it bc i remembered some weird shit and thought "nah it couldn't hav been that bad" but it was, watching ohshc is like when ur in the cottagecore tag and u come across 1 of those tradwife posts where u think it's cottagecore at 1st but then u read the description and c there's some alt right bs going on
in short ohshc is full of misogyny, lesbophobia, fetishization of queer men, incest and pedo shit and glorification of sexual assult
the literal plot of the show is a gnc afab falls 4 this rich boy and hijinks ensue and they now need 2 crossdress and pretend 2 b a guy also the rich boy wants 2 b w/ them but also wants them 2 conform 2 gender norms and is only ok w/ them being gnc when it's 4 the profit of the host club so it's actually way worse if u do read the main character as nb bc rich dick is constantly trying 2 get them 2 b "more like a girl"
also the whole fanservice w/ the incest twins
also the antagonists 2 just a group of lesbians from the rival school and rich dick has a whole arse speech abt how lesbians bad and not what god intended or w/e tf, also even if that 1 was due 2 translation from sub 2 dub they still use the lesbians exclusively 4 feminazi "jokes" including making them do a nazi salute in front of the nazi flag also the show wants u 2 ship the 1 that's called "the boy lolita" [aka pedo bait] w/ his cousin who is also his man servant
and then there was that epsiode where rich dick flirted w/ an elementary school kid and they recruited another elementary school kid into their host club who then was flirting w/ and getting hit on by high schoolers as if that's somehow normal
and then there's the fuking beach episode where the main character is scolded 4 trying 2 save these 2 teenage girls who were being sexually assaulted [groped] by 2 guys who were i think in their 40s or some shit? point being every1 tells her she shouldn't hav tried 2 help bc "she's a girl" and she should've instead relied on the men 2 help her save them, later in the same episode glasses bitch pretends he's going 2 rape her 2 remind her of her place as a woman and this is played as fanservice
and that's just the bs i can remember off the top of my head
so yeh don't go 2 ohshc if u want good nb rep, i'd recommend just watching steven universe or craig of the creek, if u want anime the sub of tiger and bunny might b a good 1 2 check out
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Tumblr media
The Lobelia girls from Ouran High School Host Club are going to super hell for campy theater lesbian crimes!!!
requested by: Anonymous
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