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ohshcsceneriosan hour ago
I didn't think it could get worse but I was terribly wrong. I searched for Asuma Mutsumi hoping for Kiss Him, Not Me merch and found this instead -
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why are there so many mugs and stickers dedicated to Mutsumi suffocating someone?!?! Who's idea was this?! Why is this the only merch image of him?!
Tumblr media
And what's up with the literal wall of wigs -
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froglegsz2 hours ago
Ouran anon here-
AKSKDLGGLLDG;; the way I forgot abt all of that jeez omg;; yeah I picked up on the huge lesbophobia/transphobia. Literally cannot believe I forgot abt the incest tho... My brain just deleted that cursed information
god i wish i could forget about the incest
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froglegsz3 hours ago
adding on to why ohshc is 馃槵
the beach episode scene w kyoya and haruh. it genuinely infuriates me.
ohshc is one of my favorite stupid comfort shows but goddamn they really did some very problematic stuff
OH YEAH THAT TOO. yeah that scene. god. that scene.
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froglegsz3 hours ago
Wait why is Ouran problematic (?) Ig there was that one "homosexual supporting cast" joke but? /genuine
oh boy. okay. well. first off, one of the big parts of the show is the Very Played Up performative incest, and then also theres a lot of Heavy Transphobia
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kaorushusband4 hours ago
Kaoru: Tamaki isn't answering his phone
Haruhi: I'll call
Hikaru: Kaoru and I have both tried six times each, what makes you thi-
Tamaki, over the phone: Hello?
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kaorushusband4 hours ago
Tarot card reader: I will now tell you your fortune
Kyoya: Cool I guess
Tarot reader: Why is every card death? What the hell, I don't even own this many death cards
Kyoya: Figures
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acidictigers5 hours ago
Alright so I鈥檓 finally caught up with the MHA manga and hOLY SHIT this is getting insane.
The amount of whiplash I鈥檝e experienced over the last like 30 chapters is insane.聽
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mikeyinbrooklyn5 hours ago
Tumblr media
i found this frame at Daiso and it was only $1.50 and i got the idea to maybe do a 3D glass painting since this frame had 2 pieces of glass. the first one are the flowers and the second one was kyoya and i鈥檓 really happy it turned out well. the glass was really just plastic but still happy considering it was extremely cheap and honestly just a random buy <3 also i forgot to draw his ouran patch so imagine he has one 馃拃
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ohshcscenerios6 hours ago
So uh, I just did the math and my OTP in Ouran High School Host Club (Mori x Haruhi) holds only .03% of fanfiction on AO3 within its category.
Meanwhile my otp in Kiss Him, Not Me (Mutsumi x Serinuma) holds 15% of fanfiction on AO3 within its category...
Why do I do this to myself? I make myself suffer by rooting for the "underdog" ships. I will never know peace. I will create for my muse until my fingers fall off, casting as much content as I can into the fandom for those who suffer with me.
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hostagine10 hours ago
idk why but I have this theory/headcanon that Hikaru would in the end love/show his s/o more love than Kaoru would and idk why but it鈥檚 been on my mind for a while. I feel like Kaoru will always place Hikaru above anyone, even his s/o? while I don鈥檛 feel like Hikaru would do the same. Kaoru lives his life for Hikaru even though he never asked him to, and I feel like it would be harder for Kaoru to fully and completely love someone more than it would be for Hikaru. I love Kaoru, I really do, but I thinks that鈥檚 why if I had to choose anyone to date or be with that I would choose Hikaru. Hikaru just wants to be loved and find love, and I think when he found that person that he would love them more than anything or anyone in the world, more than himself. But Kaoru, idk I just have this feeling that his s/o will always be second in his eyes. I still think he would be an amazing bf or husband, but bc of this I would have to choose Hikaru :/ am I crazy for that? lol
I feel the same !
For me,I feel like it's more so him afraid of having a bond like that with someone else besides Hikaru rather than him not wanting one because he still feels attached to Hikaru. Kind of like... He doesn't know how to connect with another person on that level yet.
Him and Hikaru's bond came very easily. They were born twins so therefore they felt as though they had a bone more special than most siblings have. And just attempting to be on the same page with someone is scary because that comes with change and unpredictable hurdles.
Kaoru thinks about those sort of things. Hikaru doesn't think much about little details like that and so connections come easier to him. Emotionally.
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eurydicees10 hours ago
hikaru: do you ever think about how your skeleton is always wet?
tamaki: i hadn't before but thanks for ruining my life
kaoru: don't worry, there will come a time when its not
tamaki: that's even worse thanks
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blakeblueboi14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy Pride Month everyone!!
Like all my tamaharu content, Haruhi is Transmasc UwU馃尭
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hostagine15 hours ago
What do you think was the '/oh/' moment for each host with Haruhi? The one that made them realize maybeeee they liked her more than they expected or were at the shore of walking into loving her?
I don't think Takashi and Mitsukuni or Kaoru actually had those kinda of feelings for Haruhi. 馃槍 So I'll only do a few
You know that scene where Haruhi tried to hand feed Tamaki during Ouran fair? And then Haruhi got embarrassed because everyone started looking at her weird. And then Tamaki was like "fuck that." And took her hand AND ATE FROM HER FORK and was like "I'm me before I'm a Suoh. So don't listen to what they say or think. because I don't care."
I think that scene was very cute and romantic and was probably the moment both of them were like "oh 鈥/////鈥 !!"
For Kyoya I don't think there was really a for sure moment. I think it took him awhile to distinguish what those feelings were. One day he felt nothing special towards her and then the next day he decided that he liked and respects the shit out of her but would no way act on his feelings because there was something more precious to him.
That being the relationship between Haruhi and Tamaki. I think Kyoya feels so protective of them and individuals and their feelings and wouldn't dare intrude on it. Or them.
Hikaru needed the boost of maturity to realize that what he felt for Haruhi was different than what he felt for Kaoru, since he had trouble distinguishing love for his brother and love for a significant other. (Of course his feelings for Kaoru weren't romantic, but it took him awhile to understand that different kind of love and how it made him feel.)
I think Hikaru has liked Haruhi since their first date, and when Haruhi showed her understanding for his feelings, without him saying anything. He was upset and Haruhi immediately caught on as to what was wrong.
Kaoru always knew how to do that, so Hikaru was convinced that he liked Haruhi as a little sister (a sibling) rather than liked her as a girl, and continued with that mindset, as his feelings for her started to advance, until that sort of thinking started to actually annoy Kaoru.
When Kaoru helped him differ between the two, Hikaru was like so overwhelming head over heels for her that it was almost sad. Lol because now Tamaki and Haruhi were already obviously in love and Hikaru loved them both too much to be a bother for either of them.
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hostagine15 hours ago
sooo I saw that you wrote how you thought Hikaru would be in college, so adversely, how do you think Kaoru would be in college bc I鈥檓 kinda curious?
Ah! Well
Kaoru went to a university in France that specialized in art expression, without Hikaru (he went to somewhere in Italy) and was kind of known for being the quiet and charming guy on campus. Cause he has a really nice smile but keeps to himself most of the time until he kind of... Slowly gains this wacky group of friends. They would invite him to all their activities and genuinely wanted to be friends with him, and he liked being included in a group like that again but personally never felt a huge connection with them. I think people would crush super easily on Kaoru in college too but he'd reject anyone who tried to ask him out.
Kaoru would somehow feel like he wasn't on the right emotional level to be in a relationship. Because he still always thinking about Hikaru. Even though when they decided to go to different universities, Kaoru was the one who put a wall between them.
Hikaru would call, and Kaoru would reply with a text, saying "sorry, I'm busy. 馃拫" Even though he wasn't lol.
I like the idea of Kaoru taking over Yazuha's company but also branching off of it with his own fashion brand. And becoming a model! In true, I think that's why he wouldn't be in a serious relationship until he was maybe in his early 30s be side he's so busy and involved with his own life, aside from going on casual lunch dates with really popular influencers and is always getting wrapped in in dating rumors. (That Hikaru gets defensive about lol bc how dare they lie about him).
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applejuice-andpeach16 hours ago
it JUST occurred to me that Honey-Senpai is just...a little.
He just regresses in long, long timespans bc he spent literal years suppressing it.
Regressor Haninonozuka馃ズ
Tumblr media
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ohshcscenerios16 hours ago
Tumblr media
I have good news and bad news...
The good news, I found a new voice impression I can sound alike.
The bad news, It's fucking Goofy.
Tumblr media
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ohshcscenerios16 hours ago
I just finished the Kiss Him, Not Me manga and I am an emotional mess T_T I consumed that story like it were the last drops of water in a desert's oasis. It can't be over T_T I want to know more! Are there extra episodes hidden somewhere like Bisco Hatori did with the LaLa magazine?! I must know! I must know T_T
Meanwhile, I am happy to hear more suggestions for anime/manga! I need more recommendations to comfort this bittersweet heartache T_T
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