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#neurodivergent things
thoughtsofmj · 5 hours ago
*Drives past the street I need to turn down for the third time.* Me to Me, "can you please focus for five minutes."
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fallenthrough · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
ADHD mood. I don’t even like HIMYM but suddenly I had to read its entire Wikipedia page along with all the subpages. Help
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msharma05 · 18 hours ago
Do you ever just get so SO frustrated when you can't find THE song that will be enjoyable for your brain. So you just sit there and listen to 5 second of every song????????
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goblininabubblebath · a day ago
do other auties kind of just...avoid the sad songs at first?
as my 2 followers are aware, i literally have not shut the fuck up about hozier in at least 17 consecutive days. new special interest who dis
but anyway, i hadn’t listened to his second album all the way through yet when i saw someone in a fan forum mention how heartbreaking the song “shrike” is to them. so i actively avoided it until today?? (it’s a great song btw i love it)
i’ve noticed myself do this with some of my other favorite artists, too: if i think an unfamiliar song might be heavily emotional, i avoid it for a while, because i’m scared it will feel too “draining.” but when i finally do listen to it, i usually listen to it on loop for an entire week.
i think for me, it’s a combination of hyper-empathy and my tendency to form intense parasocial “relationships” to whichever artists i’m currently fixated on. if i’m low on spoons, it can be deeply upsetting that an artist went through whatever pain they’re expressing, if that makes sense.
anyway, tune in next time for another episode of Is It Autism or Just Me™?
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noelisun · a day ago
I am angry, I hate that they use my things without my permission, my father slept in my bed while I was gone, now I can't stop feeling uncomfortable because I feel ... how his essence is in my bed, my place. it's uncomfortable, I don't like it.
It's like... Touching, I hate it.
like when they drink from my glass or touch something that I want and I can't touch it again because someone else has already touched it and it disgusts me. Also when someone walks barefoot and I don't want to step where they stepped (if I am also barefoot)
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thoughtsofmj · a day ago
Employers be like: "Do you know any foreign languages?"
Bro.. I have adhd. My entire thought process is a foreign language.
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magic-can · a day ago
I am so upset by this whole situation with Scott Cawthon.
He was someone I really looked up to. I saw him as this hardworking, passionate dude who was always extremely friendly to his fans, someone who remained humble despite all of his success. I admired how he was able to, so quickly and efficiently, get these games made and have them work just fine with no major flaws. That along with his 3D modeling talent, the story behind FNaF’s creation, his seemingly friendly personality, it all really inspired me. He was a hero to me.
Heck, even his short Christian cartoons were inspiring to me as someone who’s also a Christian. I saw them as genuine, heartfelt shorts made by someone who genuinely believed in those messages. Now it’s revealed that he’s yet another Fundie loser. Disappointing, but I guess not that surprising, sadly. Christian Fundamentalism and American Evangelicalism are plagues on our society, I swear.
By the way, Scott, if you were truly pro-life, if you REALLY valued human life as much as you claim to, you wouldn’t donate THOUSANDS of bucks to someone who actively wants certain communities dead. You’re a liar and a hypocrite, just like most “pro-lifers” tend to be. You suck, Scott. You genuinely suck. Shame on you.
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dinosawre · a day ago
The connection between ND people and cats. Do you agree
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thatadhdfeeling · a day ago
I can't hold myself accountable for self motivation.
There is no consequence to my actions because I'm the one in control of the reward or punishment I give myself when I do or do not complete a task.
This is why structure and social pressure from others helps with executive functioning more than when I'm the only one affected by what I do.
This is why I struggle to do household chores, but can easily do the same tasks at work.
This is why I appear to function better around others than if I was alone.
This is why when I set a schedule that is successful, it's dictated or influenced by other people and the social pressure of judgement and consequences set by them.
This is why people with ADHD appear to be able to function in a less diverse or struggling ways when around others than when alone.
Alone, we struggle more than what you see.
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thatadhdfeeling · a day ago
I get bored easily, I need something new.
I hate change.
I get emotionally attached to things most people don't care about, and I just can't let them go. I hoard things. I like consistency.
But I need change.
I hate change.
I fear change.
But I'm bored.
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shapervalta · a day ago
GUUUUUHHHH i hate how i can’t listen to music made past the early 00’s - not bc it’s bad but bc the sheer number of artists is so fucking overwhelming. like if i got into any of the new genres i’d have to check out so much music 😐 plus they’re constantly making new songs. hate being autistic sometimes.
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comradepatroclus · a day ago
you know i probably would be able to enjoy and relax while indulging in my hyperfixations more if i wasn't understimulated, unable to focus and currently trying to do 3 completely different things at the same time
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free-renaissance · a day ago
Djidjdjssnns cannot stop thing about what u said and Rin & Haru's sibling dynamic and how Rin would learn the phrase "brother from another mother" from one of his Australian buddies and WILL NOT stop calling Haru that, Haru's constantly like "I Do Not Know What That Means, also get off me"
Also during like an Olympic interview Haru referes to Rin as "one of the few people i considering to be the closest thing to having a brother" and that obviously sets off the waterworks for Rin 😩
rin and haru interpreting and expressing their friendship dynamic wildly differently is a big only child mood ✌🏻
rin trying so hard to have the Banter and the Competition and the Physical Touch and the Emotional Vulnerability and haru struggling to give it to him is so hilarious to me because yeah obviously? rin, give the overwhelmed only child some space!!!!
the twins are probably closest to actually feeling like siblings to haru but rin’s (kinda similar) instant and easily given familiarity is an enigma most of the time (nagisa too, but with rin’s energy it’s especially confusing and exhausting).
they just need a lot of time (and probably makoto and kou mediating between them) to understand the different ways the other expresses affection. still, to haru, rin referring to and treating him so familiarly does not make sense. to him it’s just one of those pushy things rin does to add to the list.
but as they constantly grow and learn more and more about each other, they get used to the things that seem absurd about the other. makoto compares them to the twins once and for a long time haru Does Not Understand. he mulls it over for YEARS before concluding that maybe there’s a point there. they have grown together, just not as kids. they annoy and say and do hurtful things to each other but somehow still have that unconditional love and appreciation between them. haru really doesn’t need or want rin to be like a brother per se, even now. but rin obviously does and haru’s finally ready to come to terms with it so… when he says it out loud it’s a huge thing for rin. and yeah maybe he should have said it privately but making rin cry on TV is a good price for admitting something so embarrassing
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