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#actually neurodiverse
internationalspacesystem · 32 minutes ago
If you say you support neurodivergent people but still call people narcissistic abusers/sociopaths/psycho you don't actually support neurodivergent people. You support the ones that don't seem "scary" and are easy to understand. There are many different ways to be neurodivergent, and some of them are in ways you inevitably will not be able to understand. This is what being neurodivergent means. That doean't make them scary, or bad. That means you need to put in a little more work to understand people who are different from you.
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mentalthisone · 2 hours ago
As a neurodivergent, this is the 2 most commons conversations I have with people:
Some neurotypical: *ask me to do some favor*
Me: *thinks more than 5 different ways of interpreting this ask* you will have to be more specific...
Some neurotypical: *ask me to choose between 2 things/situations/...*
Me: *thinks in one hundred different scenarios* it depends...
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Okay, so, I tend to match the accent of the person I'm speaking to. It's a neurodivergent thing, I think it's called echolalia?
But the thing I never noticed is that for my whole life I've been doing the same thing with my brother's speech impediment. So now I feel real guilty because he doesn't know about echolalia and probably thinks I've been mocking him all this time... Oh jeez.....
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so1987 · 8 hours ago
Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) types
traits of avoidant RAD:
avoids intimacy
fears close relationships and expects abandonment
low empathy, and dislikes to be pitied when upset
compulsive self-reliance, learns to be independent but is secretly immature and childlike
can age regress, grow up too fast, develop unevenly, or feel premature/immature compared to peers
fears betrayal around needs and dependence
difficulty getting along with others, and fears being controlled by others
impulsive and reckless, manipulative behavior, automatic lying, and passive-aggressive
control issues around food and disordered eating
perceives low levels of social support and rejection
socially withdrawn and can be shy
critical of others
also intensely self-critical
not aware of their own emotions
but is innerly very sensitive to blame and criticism
gives up on relationships
thinks of themself as an unlovable person
traits of ambivalent RAD:
compulsive people pleasing
fear of abandonment, expressing needs, clings to others
needs reassurance and validation from others and idealizes others but has trouble trusting them
overinvolved with others and is manipulative, moody and volatile when feeling unappreciated
caretaker and “mature” parentified role, but very emotionally immature inside, may age regress
poor at understanding others, compromised empathy, mixed high/low empathy
experiences mood swings and extreme emotions
is emotionally overindulgent, manipulative for attention, impulsive and reckless
swings between high/low self esteem and focus on image, appearance, gaining attention, lies to please
can have self harm and disordered eating for control, self-image, or perfectionism
jealous and feels security only when in relationships
but has trouble maintaining relationships
is very sensitive to all forms of rejection
often suffer from depression and anxiety, can even be suicidal
feels unlovable and unwanted
RAD is caused by early childhood trauma like cptsd is. some people neatly fit one subtype or the other, some have traits of both, others have RAD and no subtype (i’m avoidant mostly).
RAD is a disorder that can make you feel difficult to love and hard to understand. if someone you know has RAD be patient but set boundaries. if you think you might have RAD, talk to a therapist.
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tigerlily225 · 14 hours ago
Reason why Ryan Akagi is autistic
He is seen stimming throughout Book 4. The biggest examples are in The Twin Tapes when he drummed his hands on the table, also in The Astro Queue Car he was jumping around when he was excited for the party, The Art Gallery Car he was touching the art stuff and when he was singing to himself, and in The Mega Maze Car when he was flapping his hands while crying
He has trouble understanding other people’s feelings. Like in The Twin Tapes and The Party Car when he doesn’t understand Min’s discomfort.
I can tell he really loves music and singing, which could be counted as an special interest and possibly hyperfixation
He has comfort objects: His guitar and his Chicken Choice Judy shirt. He seemed really happy to have his guitar back and even called it his “baby”, his CCJ shirt is also very important to him (mostly because it was a gift from Min) and claims he “never did a show without it”
At the end of The Castle Car, he has a shutdown due to stress. After becoming so overwhelmed by everything going on, he just responded by shutting down and even when so far by starving himself for who knows how long
This one’s important so listen up: Johnny Young (Min’s VA) confirmed that Him and Min are both neurodivergent in an AMA, meaning if you say otherwise you are wrong
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eekohfriendly · 19 hours ago
im almost completely sure im autistic so every time i think of another good reason to get officially diagnosed i'll reblog this
first off we have "autistic people legally can't join the military"
if it's illegal for me to join the military then i won't have to become a war criminal and get severe PTSD
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helasupremacy · 21 hours ago
The depressed part of me: I wanna die and everyone hates me
ND side: remember when we liked to make bracelets with those little beads
The depressed part: I can barely eat
ND: yea ik that but bracelets
The depressed part: I just wanna stay in my room and never come out
ND: you can make some for your friends
The depressed side: I don't have enough motivation
Tumblr media
Depressed part: I did it happy now?
ND: Remember your transformers hyper fixation?
I can't win, but y'know BRACELETS
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The people that you should be wary of or avoid. Lesson nr2
the first group of people that you should avoid are the negative folks who spat out garbage pressed in a smooth charismatic look. You will see the anti sjws and far right folk. They know how to get people to like them by being smooth and having a charismatic look help. But be warry and avoid them, specaly when you a minority group that might fit their little criteria, they will only see as a token or as a tool to get more sympaty. Some examples, carl of the youtube channel sargon of akkad, lauren chen of roaming mellenial, prager u.
These folks are extremely ignorant in their field but due their social skill manage to garner lots of people. dont fall for them, their are also left wing folk like tankies that might use the same tactic, this is actualy for any political compas.
Toxic positive people: These folks will promote harmful ideas or harmful healt ideas, like eugina coony, shes a pro anna who shows of her boddy alot and does adult content, even though she has a young audience. Dont promote their content and stay far away from them, they dont care about you at all and they paint their illnes or struggle with a smile, DID is also a person who glamorizes her DID, by switching on camera.
People who use charity to garner sympathy, some people use charity to hide their nasty nature, a old example is the pedo jimmy savel, he was a brithish tv maker who used his charity to garner sympaty from multible celebs and governent people, he behind the scenes harmed and damaged many young childeren and women yet he before his death was a well respected man with a charity. Same with micheal jackson.
People who infiltrate activist groups or any group that promoto a good moral. MAPS infiltratring the LBTQIA and claiming that their sicknes must be added even though no normal person within the group will accept them. Older folks who groom younger folks withint the LBTQIA. Folks who use their neurodiverse kid and who create videos to garner support from the neurodiverse and LBTQIA comunity such as again DID and Kathy Joy from without a crystal ball but also folks like creepshow art. They make videos in order to garner lots of vunereble naive and kind young neurodiverse and LBTQIA folks. They will apear to them because of the direct language they use.
Always be warry when it comes comentary channels, you can enjoy their content but if you cant see the red flags and others will make videos about them unfollow them directly, same with art comentary channels, same with any youtuber.
If a famous person be it on youtube or any platform enters your dm, be very warry the moment you feel uncomfy or they tell you what to do block and report them. Never give them your personal info.
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goodbyetoaworld · a day ago
im over here talking the rest of the year off school yet im still stressing about going back in the case that i cant find any meds to help my adhd without bad side effects. i hate how this world is so neurotypical structured i feel like such a failure for even thinking of taking a break because im just beating my head against a brick wall every time i even try and i feel so stupid that i even need to take this break and that school is just that frustrating i hate it and i hate having adhd i jsut want school to be finished and never go back but i have to. i dont want to completely drop out but i do at the same time. i feel like all my worth depends on getting through year 11 and 12 but its just so difficult.
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constructioncrane · a day ago
anyone else feels like they do their special interests less than other less enjoyable activities for various reasons
Tumblr media
to me it either feels that the special interest requires more effort or would take up more time so I just spend an equal amount of time doing something neutral
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crowtea · a day ago
I've noticed that I can hear better if i don't have to focus on making and keeping eye contact.
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irisidium · a day ago
Tumblr media
AUTISTIC PIN! I am an autistic adult, and I wanted a nice pin to wear with the (preferred) infinity symbol instead of the puzzle pieces. Here it is! Goes live Tuesday the 18th at 11am ct/5pm bst!
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so1987 · a day ago
anyway it’s unfair that not only do adults make fun of adults with speech impediments, but adults make fun of kids with speech impediments, tv shows that kids watch and copy make fun of characters with speech impediments and use them as a joke, people could literally know better but refuse to.
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so1987 · 2 days ago
idk about everyone but i am tired of the posts that say support “ugly” and “scary” disorders too (uwu) i support these disorders also! they may be ugly and scary to you, to me they are just demonized.
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stupidlittlereblogs · 2 days ago
Oooh * lightbulb *
Am I horny or am I under stimulated?
* runs about being a menace until someone fucks me or I get bored *
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a-d-h-d-nd · 2 days ago
holy shit. im meeting w my pyschiatrist and my mind was like “a memory? never heard of her”
amd she was asking about things and i was like i have no fuckin clue dog.
it was like a all white and tiny little dots of images i was trying to grab but were just out of reach
it was so frustrating.
and ofc there was a bird chirping so in classic adhd fashion i was very distracted
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theadhdadult · 2 days ago
Hyperfocus in a Nutshell:
You look up from your latest project only to discover the sun has set, you missed lunch, you're late for dinner and you're about 30 seconds away from wetting yourself.
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