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#mercury star power
uranusdivine · 2 months ago
hello stardust!! im still kinda new to astrology and im having a hard time conceptualizing fire signs? i feel like the community is INNUNDATED with info on the “super powers” of the other elements. earth signs create tangible tactile results. theyre good at concrete, real world change and have a special connection to physical forms of nature, animals, and the environment. water signs experience sensitivity and receptivity to emotional and intuitive undertones. they have a strong connection to bodies of water, the moon, and the vibes that surround/ occupy a space. air signs explore and express information & reasoning. they thrive by experiencing open land and freedom as well as through relating verbally w others. but what do fire signs do???
i keep coming across “instincts” and thats it. what instincts tho!?!! its been throwing my bb brain for a loop. ESP bc fire energy is so potent!!! its gotta be doing SOMETHING?? i can FEEL IT when someone has fire influence in their chart!! its such a distinct and tangible vibe. but i cant really find any info on what it MEANS to have fire in your chart!! augh!! im frustrated :/ if you have any insight on how & why fire energy effects your life as well as maybe their “super powers” id LOVE to hear it😍❤️
hi sweet love ! yeah, fire energy makes shit happen, similarly to earth signs but they dont wait around necessarily for things to come to them, they go out and take it because they know what's theirs. I once saw a post that said fire signs may be better manifesters than water signs and I disagreed because fire signs don’t even need to manifest because they are resilient. they have a connection to blood, the blood in humans, the blood in animals, every living thing, they know everyone's limits they know boundaries, they are smart? not necessarily tactful but they can read people like a book if they choose to do so. 
when i think of fire i think of ferality, i think of primal, its harsh but beautiful energy. so when people say instincts they mean just that. fire represents predator, go-getter energy. they feed off of other people, we dont naturally see fire in the ways that we see water, or wind, or earth, usually fire needs to be controlled but often fire is found with another element whether it be air or earth, even water. they arent energy vampires but they use others energy to benefit them and know how to uplift people and allow them to grow into the best versions of themselves. their superpower is control, fire energy rules the world because they can be weirdly compatible with any element even if they seem brash at first, they find the sweet spot and click with others. 
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chieftyrantrebel · 4 days ago
Sampler Program For Old Mac
Tumblr media
Government Program For Old People
Old Samplers For Sale
Apple today announced an expansion of its recycling program, offering free computer take-back and recycling with the purchase of a new Macintosh system beginning in June. What is the best program for designing logos.
Tumblr media
US customers who buy a new Mac through the Apple Store or Apple’s retail stores will receive free shipping and environmentally friendly disposal of their old computer as part of the Apple Recycling program.
“Apple is committed to supporting our customers and protecting the environment throughout the entire product life cycle, from purchase through to retirement,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “Now we are making it even easier for Apple’s customers to safely and affordably recycle their used computers and iPods.”
Equipment received by the program in the US is recycled domestically and no hazardous material is shipped overseas.
Black friday exclusive! 25% off online and in stores. Plus, choose four samples at checkout with $50+ orders! No code needed. Sign in or join now. Jordan, You can actually pick between a lipstick or an eyeshadow with your 6 recycles at the MAC store. Just FYI in case you need eyeshadow instead of a lipstick.
Apple’s free take-back program will extend Apple’s existing US recycling program, which has recycled more than 90 percent ofelectronic equipment collected since 2001. Apple also operates a free drop-off recycling location at its headquarters in Cupertino for used computer systems and selected home electronics.
Apple also announced that the fifth generation iPod(R), iPod nano and iPod shuffle are 100 percent compliant with the upcoming restrictions of hazardous substances (RoHS) in California and Europe, which are recognized as the new global standard for environmental regulation. iPod’s RoHS compliance comes months ahead of the July 1 deadline set by the European Union, and most of the materials covered by the RoHS directive, including mercury, cadmium, chromium VI and brominated flame retardants, were voluntarily eliminated from all Apple products years ago.
iPod power adapters now exceed Energy Star efficiency requirements and already meet California’s stricter appliance efficiency regulations, which are scheduled to take effect July 1, 2008.
Information on Apple’s recycling programs and environmental policies is available at the Apple site. Free 3d cad program for mac.
Active9 years ago
I'm developing something for Mac OS X. It's a port of a Windows product.
One of my boss' concerns is how it will run on older versions of Mac OS X. I know Xcode has facilities for compiling for old versions of Mac OS X, but QA would prefer to actually run the older versions of Mac OS X on a Macintosh.
Since we got into Macintosh development after Snow Leopard was released, all of our machines come with Snow Leopard (10.6). As far as I know, you can't really walk into a store to buy Leopard (10.5) and anything prior to that is basically extinct.
In a question on virtualization someone said that they've done multi-boot or multiple hard drives for other versions of Mac OS X, but I'm not sure how one would obtain the install media or the license for an old version.
I see Apple has their Mac Developer Program which touts as one of its features as 'access pre-release versions of the latest software' which is cool, but I don't see it anywhere on there that old versions of Mac OS X are available. Does Apple have an MSDN-equivalent where old versions of the software are available for download?
Also, is there a reliable breakdown somewhere of the rate of upgrades/updates to Mac OS X? (i.e., what % of users still run Mac OS X 10.5, 10.4, PPC-based machines, etc.)
Government Program For Old People
Tom KiddTom Kidd
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4 Answers
In case you buy an old OS X from Amazon or other retailers, note that you can not install an OS which was released before the hardware was announced. Older OSes just don't have the required driver to be able to run on a newer machine, and Apple doesn't back-port drivers for older OSes. In other words, if you buy the latest new Mac from Apple, you can't install 10.5 or 10.4 or whatever. So, you need to buy an old Mac too, not just an old OS.
The breakdown of the OS ratio really depends on the software. For example, the veritable Omnigroup publishes this version breakdown of the hits of their software update server. There are many websites which tell you the version break down, see e.g. this site.
Judging from it, I would say Snow Leopard covers half of the Macs in the world. Supporting Leopard might be worth while if you have extra resources. But I would guess people who didn't buy Snow Leopard won't typically buy a new 3rd party app, so supporting Leopard won't give you 50% increase in the number of potential buyers. (I admit this last sentence is completely subjective, though.)
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Apple Developer Connection does have most older OS version available for download, but it's not quite from a complete collection (specifically, they're missing a full install of 10.4.anything for Intel CPUs). They do have the GM builds of 10.6.0 (which is Intel only), 10.5.0 (Intel/PPC universal), 10.4.0 (PPC only), 10.3.0, and 10.2.0.
As others have said, you won't be able to use older versions of the OS on newer hardware, so you're going to have to get used computers for testing -- if purchasing doesn't like eBay &c, look for a company that specializes in used equipment, like PC Recycle. For maximum coverage, I'd recommend getting an Intel Mac that shipped with 10.4 (and make sure you get the installer disks that came with it), and a PPC Mac with that's as old as possible while still having a 867MHz+ G4 CPU (so you can run 10.5 on it, and don't have to worry about weird G5 builds) (again, be sure to get its original disks 'cause an older generic installer won't work).
Gordon DavissonGordon Davisson
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One option (besides acquiring old OS versions yourself) is to use the compatibility labs that Apple maintains. Lots of machines, old and new, already set up with many different versions of the OS.
I believe you can get a 'day pass' to the labs for ~$100. Depending on where exactly you're located and the cost of getting to Cupertino, this may or may not be a viable option for you.
As others noted, a number of sellers on Amazon have boxed old versions of the OS.
Stephen CanonStephen Canon
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Historically, people used to boot off external Firewire drives to use older or beta OS versions, but of course some of the newer machines lack Firewire ports. I know EFI does support some external boot options (netboot for instance).
It might be possible to boot newer Intel hardware using a late version of 10.4 - but I couldn't guarantee it (as another poster noted, 10.4 won't have relevant hardware drivers - but there are basic generic drivers that may work. Then again, is that a realistic test???).
As an addition to Yuji's post - there are some people who are forced to stick with Leopard or Tiger for compatibility reasons (my father can't upgrade all the machines at his school, because the A3 colour printer only has generic printer support under Snow Leopard, and they also have a lot of older Adobe software). I would say that generally this applies more with institutional customers - for educational software running on 10.4, and even running on PowerPC hardware, can still be a significant issue.
Old Samplers For Sale
For consumer software - less so - the big spike in Mac sales came after the switch to Intel, and almost all active consumer software purchasers are on Intel machines running 10.5 or later.
Candlewood camera club. The other thing that needs to be considered is that 10.4 is missing many APIs introduced in 10.5 and 10.6.
Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged macostestingosx-snow-leopardosx-leopard or ask your own question.
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sailor-solar · 4 days ago
Hello love,there it is 🥰
Tumblr media
Thank you again ❤❤❤
Hey love, I think your chart is amazing because I don't see the conventional sort of fame you'd expect with a lot of Leo degrees or placements. Instead, you have something quite special 💜
✧・Your Fame・✧
✵ Midheaven exactly conjunct Fixed Star Regulus
Perhaps you didn't realize this, but your Midheaven is quite powerful! It lands on Regulus, which is known as a royal star. It gifts a native with a noble mind, glory, riches, and power. Since it's elevated at the top of your chart, it's very clear how you are meant to achieve great recognition and high levels of position in your career path.
This placement is also known to bring connections with honourable and famous people. There's also a likelihood of working in a career that revolves around the public.
✵ 11H Libra Mercury and Scorpio Venus
You will be known for your intelligence and charming nature. Perhaps you could achieve your goals and ambitions among the collective. With your ability to connect and form close bonds with others, you can certainly manifest your dreams into reality with their help. Since your Midheaven's ruler is here, there is a strong indication that you will gain a dedicated following of some sort.
✵ 10H Virgo Sun at 19°
Your sun in the house of public reputation will certainly give you honour in whatever you choose to do. At a Libra degree, it further emphasizes a need to balance your desire for independence and serving the collective for good.
✵ 12H Scorpio Jupiter conjunct North Node + Venus
Normally, people may dismiss 12H placements as fame indicators. Truth is, many famous celebrities who people often fawn over, have planets here! Your Jupiter is especially safe here since the 12H is traditionally ruled by it. This house also governs foreign lands, the arts and subconsciousness.
With your North Node (purpose) next to Jupiter (expansion) and even conjunct Venus (attraction) in the 11H, you can in fact reach the masses. You are capable of having great power.
✵ 10H Chiron at 15°
There may be some wounds regarding your thoughts, communication or even network. Some people may try to give you a bad rep or will doubt your capabilities. This is quite normal unfortunately— when you're on a throne, people will pray for your downfall. You have placements in the 12H of hidden enemies after all...
Instead, you can use that Chironic energy, Virgo MC, and 12H placements to heal others.
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incorrectdaysquotes · 5 days ago
Kimishita: This is a star frame and it will help you locate stars and planets with your naked eye. Mercury and Jupiter can be seen just over the west south west of the horizon after sunset.
Mizuki: Bet you can see angels up there flying around.
Kimishita: In fact, there are some things that they call miraculous. Einstein said the more he studied the universe, the more he believed in a higher power.
Ooshiba: Well, if there is a higher power, then why is it he can’t get you a new sweater?
Kimishita: He’s too busy looking for your brain.
Kazama: Ohhhhh, daaaaaamn.
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meanstreetspodcasts · 6 days ago
Master of Other People's Minds
Orson Welles was already a celebrated theatrical producer, director, and star by the late 1930s. He financed his productions in part from his earnings as a radio character actor. But he became a household name when he stepped into the spotlight - or, to be more precise into the shadows when he was cast as Lamont Cranston, known to the underworld as The Shadow. The success of the series boosted Welles' popularity outside of the world of Broadway, and it helped to launch him into his own radio broadcast (The Mercury Theatre On the Air).
Welles starred as the Shadow for two seasons - one sponsored by Blue Coal from the fall of 1937 until the spring of 1938, and the second syndicated by Goodrich Tires through that summer. For many of those episodes, Welles was joined by actors he'd work with in the theatre and would go on to work with on screen, particularly Agnes Moorehead (as "the lovely Margot Lane") and Ray Collins (as Commissioner Weston, the Shadow's uneasy ally in the police department). Welles left the role after this stint, but despite his short run he may be the actor most associated with the role today.
In later years, The Shadow would evolve (or devolve, depending on your point of view) into more of a traditional detective series where the hero could turn himself invisible. The Welles broadcasts featured complex plots and a Shadow who could not only "cloud men's minds so they cannot see him." This Shadow could manipulate perception, create hallucinations, and he had no compunction about sending villains to their deaths.
In honor of Orson Welles' birthday, here are ten of my favorite episodes from his run as radio's invisible avenger.
The Temple Bells of Neban - Lamont Cranston receives a blast from the past as he investigates a drug ring running rampant in the city. A touring performer was a young girl in the temple where he learned how to cloud men's minds. Not only does she know his secret identity; she has powers of her own, and she wants the Shadow out of the way so she can enjoy the profits of her deadly drug trade. (October 24, 1937)
Circle of Death - A mad bomber stalks the city, detonating explosives in the middle of crowded areas with no trace of how the bombs are delivered. As panic sweeps through town and Commissioner Weston faces pressure to resign, the Shadow sets a daring trap to identify the madman and end his wave of terror. (11/28/37)
The Death Triangle - This one opens on Devil's Island as a whipped prisoner promises revenge on the men who betrayed his attempt to escape. Years later, a celebrated child surgeon (and former political prisoner of the island) has been targeted for death, and he asks the Shadow to save him from a long-simmering vengeance. (12/12/37)
The Poison Death - People all over the city - old and young alike - are succumbing to mysterious poisonings. The police are baffled, and they're shocked when a note signed by the Shadow claims responsibility for the attacks. Lamont and Margot not only have to save the city from a deranged killer; they also need to clear the Shadow's name. (1/30/38)
The Phantom Voice - The Shadow comes to the aid of an upstanding public servant on trial for accepting a bribe. The senator's fate seems certain when filmed evidence is played in court, but Lamont is unconvinced. He's sure a political fixer is behind it, and he discovers the clever plot set up to bring down an innocent man. (2/6/38)
The Silent Avenger - This episode is surprising not only for its subject matter, but for the compassionate view it takes of the people involved. A killer is sentenced to die in the electric chair, and he enlists the aid of his brother - a World War I veteran sniper suffering debilitating PTSD ("shell shock") - to take vengeance on the jury that convicted him. The ace marksman carries out his brother's wishes as the Shadow races to stop him and hopefully get the man the help he desperately needs. (3/13/38)
The White Legion - Orson Welles and co-star Agnes Moorehead make appearances out of character at the end of this episode - the finale of the first season sponsored by Blue Coal. Before we meet the people behind the Shadow and Margot Lane, there's a story of a political mob resorting to kidnapping and murder to advance their agenda in City Hall. (3/20/38)
The Hypnotized Audience - To save his brother from a date with the electric chair, a celebrated dancer hypnotizes a theater of VIPs and abducts the governor. Only Lamont is immune from the effects of the mesmeric trance, and now it's up to the Shadow to save the governor before midnight. This episode and the next two on the list come from the syndicated summer season sponsored by Goodrich Tires. Most of the cast returned, but Agnes Moorehead was replaced by Margot Stevenson - the actress who inspired the name of the Shadow's friend and companion.
Tenor with a Broken Voice - Lamont and Margot investigate a series of fatal "accidents" plaguing an opera house whenever Pagliacci is sung. Is anyone who steps onto the stage doomed, or will the Shadow uncover the secret and save the day?
Murders in Wax - The capture of a notorious criminal is memorialized in wax at a city museum, but a killer is replacing the figures with the corpses of their real-life counterparts one by one. Commissioner Weston is slated as the next victim if the Shadow can't find the ghoulish murderer.
Check out this episode!
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time was a little odd. wally supposed it was vast, unknowable for most people, the mystery of time curling around them like wisps of smoke in an old london night. it wasn’t unreadable to wally, just a little strange.
dates and times and memories and feelings, all coming together in a whirlpool, into a supernova, into someone’s multicolored iris as wally stared at them, trying to remember if he’d met them before. he’d like to think this wasn’t the case with the people that were etched into his skin, so deep they’d never leave, making their mark right alongside the lightning scars decorating his skin. but he could never be sure.
because his dad had stared up at him through a fringe of matted hair, long like he’d never grown in before, a prisoner’s uniform perfectly complementing his furious expression as wally shoved away every loving thought he ever held for him, and let the aurora borealis of a green lantern ring wash over his eyelids as the corps took him away. but suddenly, his father’s face was twisting, turing, flipping upside down and swirling until it was an hypnotic swirl, except that hypnotic swirl had a familiar tuft of hair swooping into a familiar forehead, and there was a scar on the man’s left wrist that wally remembered being there for, and the two batons strapped across the man’s back were ones wally could name by heart, and suddenly, dick was looking up at him with apologetic eyes and silent explanations as he tried to justify his apparent survival.
wally asked bart, once, if the same thing ever happened to him. if he turned to ask roy whether or not he still looked at donna like she plucked the stars from the sky and put them on her suit herself and sprinkled the leftover stardust in her hair, and roy would have a beard and a ponytail and a five-year-old on his hip. if he saw hartley walk into a restaurant and spring back in shock and ready himself for a fight, only for hartley to make his way over him with a gentle smile and a wave of his hand that told the waitress he’d like his usual, please, extra fries for wally. but bart never answered in a way that wrapped his question in shiny paper and tied the bow on top with a perfect little flourish. instead, bart took his question, stretched and squeezed and twisted it into a gregorian knot that wally tried to untie in vain, then threw a gift card at his face for good measure.
the time streams were mixed up in his head, too, but he knew every version of his friends like he knew every strand of hair on his head, and he twirled them all together until they were mirroring versions of one and the same image, then loved them the only way he knew how. barry wasn’t much help either, despite how pivotal he’d been to wally relearning the language of his body all over again. he could separate the timelines in his head, pluck them out and remember which memories were which and who was who. it came with practice, barry told him, practice and diligence because he too had made mistakes and almost gotten tangled in the fascinating web that was the speedforce, but he made his way back and understood it along the way, so wally could, too.
understanding it wasn’t exactly wally’s problem, though. he was atalanta, his legs pounding the dirt as fast as they possibly could, trying his best to stay focused but inevitable being drawn away from his path by a golden apple, by the speedforce whispering in his ear and binding his wrists together in a loving lock, because wally understood the speedforce, he understood it fine. understood it better than anyone alive, save for maybe max mercury. 
iris told him to decide whether he wanted to tame it, whether he wanted to take his power and and work it into a leather whip, use it make the force bend under his hands and live with the knowledge that he’d broken such a spirited thing, or if he wanted to be swept away by it instead, closing his eyes and relaxing his shoulders and giving in, falling off earth the way he’d seen dick tumble off the side of a building hundreds of times before. dick had always had a grapple line to catch him, though. wally was still looking for his own.
was this coherent at all? n o p e. i just had some speedster feels and wanted to get them on the page. they don’t,,,experience time the same way other people do. time is weird to them. wonky.
tag list: @woahjaybird @birdy-bat-writes @anothertimdrakestan @screennamealreadyused @subtleappreciation @catxsnow @pricetagofficial @bikoncon @maplumebleue-blog-blog @sundownridge @thatsthewhump @xatanna-troy @red-hood-redemption
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0zzysaurus · 7 days ago
Breakdown of Cats Magic:
- Astral Alignment: Sun, Moon, Stars, Clouds, Earth, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune Uranus, Pluto
A cat receives energy from their vessel, and performs rituals in service of their own idols. All idols lie nestled along the Everlasting Cat’s black fur - each bestows different powers.
A cat - as well as having an astral alignment, will have an Elemental alignment that works in tandem with their Astral alignment.
- Elemental Alignment: Illumination, Decay
- Illumination: Light, Growth, Water, Fire
- Decay: Earth, Remains, Sound, Gemstones
Cats have further proficiencies in traits or abilities that make them unique from others with similar denominations.
- Proficiency Examples: Music, Element Casting, Extrasensory Abilities, Luck, Hot Reading, Mediumship, Terpsichore, different forms of Kinesis, Clairvoyance and Precognition, Divination, Scrying, Alchemy, Combat, Shapeshifting, Invisibility, Illusion, Teleportation, Levitation, etc.
For NOTE: Illumination is not strictly “good” magic, and Decay is not strictly “bad” magic.
For example, Misto would have an alignment to the moon, with powers of illumination, with a proficiency in terpsichorian illusions. Maybe some day they find out that he’s actually under Lilith - the Dark Moon of the earth, which explains his sinister energy.
Macavity could have an alignment to Mars, and has illumination powers. He has pyrokinesis and levitation as well as other forms of clairvoyance.
Of course, Demeter is under Ceres, and has illumination powers. Skimbleshanks is Mercury. Munkustrap is under Saturn, Old Deuteronomy is under Jupiter. Tugger is under the Sun. All members of the Deuteronomy family have Decay powers aside from Macavity.
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ironverseocs · 8 days ago
Lukas Hoffman [dctv profile]
Tumblr media
Full Name Lukas Adrian Hoffman
Date of Birth July 16, 1984
Face Claim Daniel Brühl
Species Metahuman
Powers Gravitational Manipulation
Alias N/A
Sexuality Bisexual
Nationality German
Residence Central City, USA
MBTI INFJ - quiet around strangers, more vibrant the closer he gets towards someone, studious, imaginative, independent, ambitious, clingy, self conscious
Born in Hamburg, Germany, Lukas grew up in a household of seven: two parents and four older siblings. In order from oldest to youngest, they are Erik, Karl, Peter, and Martina. He began his life as an unassuming child, but it soon came to light that he was a mischievous soul. Carefree and naive, he marched to the beat of his own drum. Only as the years turned and reality checked him over the head did the self-consciousness begin to take over and dull him in most situations. Anxiety took command of his heart. He felt most at peace when by himself, buried in a book or studying the stars.
He clung close to his family, the most important thing in his life ( right after the dream of exploring the stars one day ). Of his siblings, he was the closest to Martina, the second youngest. Of his parents, he was closest to his father, who shared his love of astronomy. Long after his father’s passing, he holds close to him the telescope he received for a birthday long ago. It’s outdated in terms of technology, but it means too much to sell or throw out.
In college, he met and began dating a boy named Michael. He was in Lukas’ very program of study, and they’re shared space became the roof on the top of their apartment building. They were roommates since college and a few years afterwards, but soon it became clear that they were drifting apart. They broke up when Lukas took an offer to work in Central City, at S.T.A.R. Labs.
Lukas’ plane touched down in America on the very day the particle accelerator exploded. In fact, it touched down on the very second it exploded. Dark matter swept over the passengers, and the following day, Lukas accidentally demonstrates a mighty power: the power to manipulate gravitational fields. So scared, he misses his supposed first day at S.T.A.R. Labs. Not that it means anything, anyway, for said labs discontinue most of their employee contracts, including Lukas’, who’s contract has barely started. It’s in lieu of the particle accelerator disaster, which makes sense, but still, Lukas is left disgruntles by the turn of events.
Lukas interviews for Mercury Labs and secures a position. It’s exhausting, however, to work while trying to contain his powers, and many times he nearly outs himself. He meets Veronica Marshall when tasked with assisting her on a scientifically-oriented case. They become friends, and to Lukas it is nothing but that. Meanwhile, he keeps an eye on S.T.A.R. Labs, hoping a position will open up eventually.
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saturnianneptune · 8 days ago
hey astrology brilliant! so here i want to put forward a theory, if someone feels part of the nature of the ascendant as well as the whole place is not powerful, besides the persona chart i want to try this to be a rebirth-like chart. so i have tested this and checked 5 big 6 people that i changed, the first example i took from myself. this is my real placement: sag sun 5h|cancer moon 12h|scorpio mercury 4/5h|sagittarius venus 5h|sagittarius mars 4/5h|sagittarius jupiter 4/5h|leo saturn 1h|pisces uranus 8/9h|aquarius neptune 7h|sagittarius pluto 5h. at least i often feel that the chart is little relates to what i release to the world. oh im cancer rising 28° with leo & aquarius intercepted and saturn retrogade. so my ascendant is retrograde and the energy may affect the whole chart and house provided default. i guess everything will be channeled and rotated for a more accurate direction, i mean 28° capricorn ascendant more into me, oh ye my 7h ruler is 1st house, i wont be uncertain anymore. im not going to rewrite how my chart swaps, because its obvious then im sag sun 11h etc (.....) the second i revealed my friend chart she's sag rising with pluto 1sth, im looking for a placement for her if she's the suppose to be scorpio rising. scorpio mercury 12h (real chart) scorpio mercury 1h (if she manages to become a scorpio, and as a result it turns out she is receiving that energy!! btw her 1st ruler chart is at 12h) i will not describe her placement long as i am. what do u think ara? is this acceptable if appropriate? i am very happy to get an answer from u, of course it will be written slowly but accompanied by smiles and abundant knowledge, ah u really make my eyes sparkle, reading ur writing and diligently liking ur blog is a positive thing. exaggerates thanks bestie!!😽💞💥 or there could be a possibility that what astrology and zodiac we want to manifest ourselves becomes, and in the end everything can be played, like roleplayer but the difference is these idol of stars constellations~
Hello dear, thank you so much for your words🥰❣️❣️
Let me see if I get you first, you are referring to switching the chart like the exact opposite, right? You were a Cancer Ascendant and now with this method you are a Capricorn Ascendant. 
Here is the thing, this method already exists but is not used for the type of theory that you are creating. It is called Derivative house system, it consists in flipping your exactly the opposite, it has been used for knowing the characteristics of the future spouse since the sign that is occupying the Ascendant is the 7th house’s sign. You can use this method not only for the future spouse, it could also be used for looking for the parents (Putting the 4th and 10th house exact sign in the Ascendant), for siblings (Putting the 3rd house exact sign in the Asc). My friend @mercurytrinemoon explained it in one of her posts about how to know some characteristics of your future spouse based only in your natal chart (covering the basics -wink-).
However, if we follow your theory it could actually make sense, since the 7th house also represents us and not just the spouse. The 7th house actually indicates our approach to social life, since the 7th house is the house that starts the “extroverted” part of our charts. I can definitely get why you relate to it. This house is also related to a side of our personality that we show others when we are close enough or that we show unconsciously.
As a final thought, it’s really interesting, but I’m not 100% sure about it, I would love to see other examples deeply explained, so maybe you could keep your investigation and update us! I found really nice that you start developing theories and testing them, good job! Wish you an amazing day, and keep experimenting with astrology🧡🤗🧡
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the-october-reviewer · 8 days ago
 🌠 + Max?
1) Max is the one to get powers instead of Lilian au.
2) Max works at Star labs instead of Mercury au.
3) Max & Lilian have a baby as teenagers au
4) A potential Rip recruits Lilian along side Fraya for the Legends au.
Tumblr media
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sandyyy0708-blog · 9 days ago
Soccer boots must match your foot securely
Soccer boots must match your foot securely. There should be only a finger's breadth involving room relating to the suggestion of the soccer shoe and your toes. Boots aren't footwear that will obtain create in to. It is important, both for seo'ed efficiency amidst game enthusiasts plus your protection, you just often don scarpe mercurial boots that are great for you neatly. You are going to execute greater within tight-fighting shoes, and are a smaller amount getting ready to harm oneself throughout a complement. Several more mature gamers prefer clears created from kangaroo powerful.
 When choosing overall performance go-karting shoes, do not forget that your slipping sole is maintaining growth the actual nuove scarpe da calcio shoe opposite of which hand you employ. As a result, a right-handed bowler is in order to become desire the particular sliding shoe for you to because certainly one of their own left foot .. You will find there's 3 rd selection, that's performance go-karting shoes or boots with exchangeable soles. This enables the nuanced professional to alter the quantity glide and modify materials many floor remarkable qualities. You might suppose that almost all bowling roads continually be identical even so the devoted bowler will certainly a person in any other case.
 For the people sports athletes which enjoy indoor, the little league footwear buy can be fully unique of which with regard to playing surface or even synthetic playing surface. Despite the fact that prime can be a man-made playing surface folks unique of synthetic turf set up out there doorway. The particular in house little league sneakers botas de futbol mercurial acquire use a way sleeker bottom and less cleat file expansion. The truth is, the boots are usually scarcely witnessed. They're nevertheless skid substantiation and still permit the player to transfer with no anxiety about dropping derived from one of shoe it doesn't hold your playing room.
 Shoes has to be a decent match toes are usually coming in contact with at the sides. Parents may go through your youngster's toes and fingers from the skin to be able to makes it a tight match. They'll must be lighting and also delicate from the inside.Since studs are unsuitable regarding man-made playing surface, you will need distinct sneakers along with rubber soles developed for experience artificial lawn. These kinds of baseball sneakers can be used as inside game titles also. The actual rubberized only increases pattern at the end to produce you using enough bring. These types of little league shoes or boots also widely utilized as instruction shoes.
 Kangaroo natural leather expands as soon as it can be worn and molds specifically to suit the user's base design.Football cleats are usually shoes or boots that are engineered regarding football participants. Football shoes possess huge studs or shoes on the base which help participants in grasping leading. These types of porn stars aid gamers to only always be shifted entire world sought after angle.With expanding popularity along with enthusiasm of the video game, little league are a standard wear of several individuals. Enthusiasts put them on through the season in will follow. It can also be put on together with assisting other game titles also to advertise sportsmanship. In addition to this, baseball tops are used by children because the fashion analysis. They are available numerous lively hues which triggered wearer tabs catcher.
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