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#melody oceana
tallulahrobinson · 2 days ago
Swynlake Style - Tallulah’s Circus Party
A hot or not fashion rating for the EVENT OF THE SUMMER. (Totally not biased!)
Phineas Flynn - -1/10
Why on earth would someone dress up as Evil Knevil (Is that even how it’s spelled??) for someone’s birthday party? You had the right energy, but honestly, atrocious... fashion SIN!
Amazing. Very simple, but ON THEME. Plus you always look good, babe! 
Martin Ambrosius - 4/10
You’re giving me very sad circus tent/even sadder concessions clerk vibes. BUT! ON THEME, so you get some points there!
Susan Webb - 11/10
The beading on this was very well executed, who made that? I could have done a bit better, but still it was a look™. Have you considered running away to join the circus? Taming lions?
Henry Charming - 7/10
VERY on theme, I appreciate your efforts young man! 
Anna Sommers - 2/10
I KNOW I said it was a circus theme, right? Not Candyland? Either way, it looks kinda cute on you and you pulled it off better than most would. 
Oliver Saluki - 8/10
I understand that you did NOT dress yourself for this event, so again credit to the tasteful, Pacifica Northwest! 
Jessica Rabbit - 8/10
Gorgeous. You Court ladies really know your classy looks™ don’t you? Red is your color, babe!
Wendy Darling - 6/10
DARLING. So simple, on theme, and wow you’re to die for! Would have loved to see you in something a little more bold, but NOT BAD!
Barbie Roberts - 10/10
BARBIE HOW COULD YOU. You looked fab, it was BOLD and COLORFUL and CAMPY. I did not expect any less from you! 
TOM - ∞/10
Sarina Go - 12/10
YES. That’s all I have to say, wait no. I have more! ASJKLJGKL. Ok, that’s all now. 
Toulouse Bonfamille - 13/10
WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE BOOTS?! To die for!! They really brought the whole look up a level. Magnifique!
Ashlee Tomassian - 3/10
Yesss Queen give me nothing! No feathers? NEED MORE STRIPES. mORE color! 
Simba Bonfamille-Lyons - -10/10
Melody Oceana - 1/10
Striped parachute pants? NOT EVEN COLORFUL STRIPED PARACHUTE PANTS? Babe, we both know you can do better! 
Attina Triton - 7/10
So cute!! Vintage show girl vibes were the vibe of the night for so many ladies and you looked so sexy! *chef’s kiss*
Vixey Chakraborty - 10/10
Actually a very cute clown look!! I love how original the idea was, not many people came as clowns! The face paint shows commitment to the fit and I applaud you!!! 
Roman Triton - 4/10
As MUCH as I love this jacket, WHERE WAS THE REST OF THE PIZZAZZ?!?!
Theodore Barrie - -2/10
Such a pretty face... such an... outfit... You got points for originality but I just hate it. 
Zira Blackwell - 11/10
Iconic. V similar to my outfit, but honestly, I can’t be mad! IT’S A GOOD OUTFIT.
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swynlake-spill · 22 days ago
i cast my favourite swynlake dramas as songs from olivia rodrigo’s SOUR
brutal - Compulsion Night, probably :) 
traitor - all baby mamas getting dumped by their baby daddies! (so like ashley and elena but weird it happened twice)
driver’s license - tito getting ghosted by greg lol 
1 step forward, 3 steps back - aquata and greg feud??? sure
deja vu - tommy/marie/rose drama 
good 4 u -  mabel vandalizing the Moon Market! 
enough for you - tiana getting dumped by melody during Regency 
happier - lou/peri break-up! (from lou’s pov 🤪)
jealousy, jealousy - ashleigh dying mei’s hair during wicked last year! 
favorite crime - Phineas and the Great Washroom Rave 
hope you’re ok - greg’s mental breakdown/disappearing into europe for like a month
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vampiremeerkat · 2 months ago
Would it have been easier for Melody and Orson to have a child if one of them turned into a human, mermaid/merman, or octopid like what Ariel did with Eric? They can always debate on what species Melody should be while giving birth to the baby later, or let Oceana decide what species she wants to be when she is older. I like your original idea, but I'm just wondering if they tried transformation spells to solve their pregnancy problem.
Since Eric and Ariel managed to have a child, who’s visibly not a half-mermaid, I suppose these transformation spells are strong enough to change one’s biology and indeed make it possible. Don’t know what’ll happen to a developing baby when the mother is transformed back, though. I don’t think Disney intended for us to ponder about these kind of situations, but I guess we don’t need to in a scenario where Orson is turned into a merman. Anyway, there are multiple factors playing here on why this method has not been entertained. Firstly, Melody and Orson weren’t trying for a child. She expressed it would be cool and Orson stated not to mind either, but also insisted it to be unlikely they’d ever become parents. Secondly, Orson is a bad witch. Ursula didn’t train him, and octopid males in general don’t have magic abilities, unless they’re white-haired. For men, this feature is as common as red hair is for humans. He’s capable of magic, but not female, so not particularly good. If they really wanted this child, the only person they could ask is Triton, but he’d likely die of a heart attack if they approached him with the request. He won’t go out of his way to help his granddaughter get pregnant by a descendant of Ursula.
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vampiremeerkat · 2 months ago
The interspecies romance story between a mermaid and octopid is interesting, even if the relationship is a complex one. What do the merpeople, sea creatures, and octopids think of Orson and Melody being together? Did Melody used her Atlantean nobility to try to bring peace between the merpeople and octopids?
Melody can’t, really. She was born and raised clueless about her roots, which includes the history merpeople and octopids share. Nothing she’ll say will resonate with those born in the ocean, since they have lived experiences and/or full knowledge of this history. Aggressive attempts at uniting everyone will be seen as naive and make residents go “What does this young half-human know..!”. Blissful ignorance is what made Melody want to befriend an “unbefriendable” species, never mind the son of her family’s number one enemy. She fell in love with an octopid first and learned about their past struggles later. While being oblivious worked out for her, a fact of life is that people are seldom willing to forget the past for the sake of achieving ultimate, unbiased peace. It’s a big sacrifice to make; who’s going to be the first one to pretend nothing ever happened and shake the hand of their mortal enemy, who might not care to do the same? Melody and Orson make Ursula’s lair their home, so the two are mostly out of sight, but when she visits her family, there’s always something. Either Orson refuses to come with and she has to go alone with slight disappointment, or he joins her, and everyone in Atlantica becomes visibly on edge. Merpeople think it’s unwise to lower their defense around him, since he has plenty of reasons to change his alliance if it suits him, and always looks and acts like he’s seconds away from ripping someone’s head off. The best thing Orson can hope to receive is an unapologetically fake smile, though he doesn’t care for public approval, anyway. A real Disney movie would likely treat their love for each other as a peace treaty, and I considered it for half a second, but it wouldn’t have made sense, based on past feuds and what’s written about octopids. ..To clarify; what I’ve written. Disney never expanded on this species. Octopids make for bad friends regardless if there’s prior bad blood, and are considered to be untrustworthy, unattractive, self-important, and inherently hostile carnivores. Triton disapprovingly called humans “fish eaters” in the original movie, so we have to assume here that all merpeople are either herbivores or vegetarians by principle, thus Orson’s primary need to eat meat will already make many Atlantians uncomfortable. At least a human can choose to refrain from it; and Melody’s omnivorous nature is being excused by her peers as ignorance that can be unlearned. Melody understands Orson’s aversion to her family, but still thinks there’s a chance for everyone to become close if she keeps the visitations going. This and promoting his kind treatment of her are the only things she can do. Her title as princess might’ve meant something on shore, but underwater, she’s just one of the many girls related to Triton. She’s not expected to get the Atlantian crown and isn’t aiming to become something that demands respect, evidenced by her embrace of Orson and octopid culture. Whenever her family asks, she admits to still eat fish, and since she’s also happily swimming around with a seashell top that’s perceivably made by Orson, there’s this slight worry she’s being “corrupted” by him. Every wrong she commits is pretty much never her fault. When Melody becomes pregnant, she entertains the idea it might be the key to peace, but her family and other merpeople are disheartened by the news and only give her a feeble congratulations. The child is spared from vitriol and Melody is loved and forever welcome to visit the palace, they’re just disturbed by how the villainous Ursula’s bloodline managed to live on through theirs. Long story short, Orson and the octopid race are not treated any better. He’s not sent away when he shows up, Triton knows it’d be unfair to do so, but he would’ve preferred a more charming grandson-in-law. Or really, one not related to Ursula. As for the octopids, Orson already made clear to Melody that visiting them would be a mistake. Showing up as a mermaid will endanger her safety, but if they learn she’s Triton’s granddaughter as well, Hell will break loose. Octopids don’t care to have merpeople as their allies, only merpeople tried this, and it lead to betrayal and many deaths. Now everyone is forever a skeptic. Melody’s daughter is tolerated inside octopid establishments, though, because interspecies breeding is not believed to be possible. They just think she’s a strangely delicate-looking octopid. Revealing who her parents are will bring the opposite of peace.
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swynlake-spill · 3 months ago
So did you see any potential at the speed dating? Anyone who might actually hook up after? Or all just blooming friendships
Ev literally went home with tall dark mysterious Theo (who i would sell my body to). 
Beyond that, as noted we had Grin and PERSONALLY I think Melody and Tiana have it all... friendship... attraction... the perfect levels of sweetness and spice...absolutely fuckin delicious. 
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swynlake-spill · 3 months ago
So as Lady Fipplehorn, which dream couples are you rooting for IRL? And which ones should definitely ONLY be in our dreams??
oh u mean rate them all and pass ultimate judgement? absolutely! 
Duke Tod Sionnach & Baroness Melody Oceana: 6/10 
i think they’re both too shy iRL?? ive never seen two introverts work what would they even talk about where is the passion 
might work best as friends  
i do desperately want to believe im wrong 
ok i have a grudge bc melody should be with tiana irl... 
But maybe. Just Maybe.
Her Royal Highness, Ashley Armbruster & Countess Ashleigh Quinlan: 8/10
overall very predictable 
if i say anything too mean though i’ll be kidnapped and duct taped to the front of a moving car headed straight into the atlantic
best remains in dreams bc if they dated IRL then we might as well rename the town Ashley-Lake 
truly the stuff of both nightmares and viral reality tv shows. i shudder at the power
 Baroness Gliss Wintergrove & Miss Tiegan Khan: 7/10 
didn’t see this one coming but never met gliss in my life!! she keeps to the hollow so far huh 
um two hot ladies though what is there to complain about???
Gliss seems too sweet and down to earth IRL for Tigg to woo her but I love crazy people with introverted people its the spice of my life 
would like to see on a date at hatter’s even if it isnt otp  
Lady Holley Shiftwell & Marquess Mu-yeol Bae: 7/10 
this one is wIIIIIILD 
imagining the awkward vibes in real life i think they are strong enough to topple buildings 
would not trust holley with a teenage child personally (for HER own safety to be clear)
ok i admit so curious
why not
Lieutenant Tiana Truitt & Viscountess Amity Blight: 2/10 
absolutely not
amity is not technically too young but she does not have her shit together enough to be the strong, supportive, sweet, responsible, rich partner that Tiana deserves (she deserves melody. yeah i know she was a gossipy ho that makes me like her MORE) 
thank u next 
Viscount Iandore Lightfoot & Viscount Riku Nakayama: 11/10
Lady Tallulah Robinson & Rev. Al McWiggin: 8/10 
contrary to tallulah’s opinion probably, she does not actually deserve him
that being said i think they would actually work together p well 
they have “opposites attract” energies. 
as a bonus, i think tallulah would look really hot in cosplay 
Captain Thomas Harrington III & Lady Arista Triton: 5/10
middle of the road couple for me 
probably bc im sure if u swapped arista for another blond ol’ tommy probably wouldn’t even notice
ultimately think Arista settled 
i dont hate this tho and tommy WOULD BE SO LUCKY to date arista.
 So! Here’s some advice, Harrington: Arista is your ticket to reputation redemption. 
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swynlake-spill · 3 months ago
After all the dream madness we need your guidance. Most shocking moments? Least surprising? Whose going to start some real life romance and/or heartbreak? Give us your wise insight!
FAVOURITE part of Swynlake’s dreams: the absurdly messy aftermath. here are my main takeaways
Thomas Harrington WILL challenge Henry Charming to a duel for breaking bro code (don’t smooch your lad’s ex even in a dream!) 
Henry Charming is absolutely cheating on Ashleigh Quinlan-- CONFIRMED!! I give them 90 days or less. 
MELODY OCEANA NEW SWYNLAKE IT GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep an eye out Swynlake, the annual V-day Speed Dating event is coming up... 
Toulouse and Belle are fucking irl?? Didn’t see that one coming! Thought it was #LOUDES all the way! Unless... 🤔
Holley likes dil... 🤢 she likes 🤢 i can’t say it no one come to my inbox to bully me 
If Ian/Riku don’t get together IRL, WHAT is even THE POINT of SWYNLAKE DREAMS???  
Al McWiggin Best Swynlake Boy Actually. I’ve Been Saying This For Months, When Will The People Wake Up And See  
also considering hosting a new poll for Token Swynlake Fuckboy, phillip officially has company (hi henry, hi oliver)
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swynlake-spill · 6 months ago
Best/worst dressed at the election ball?
oh i am SO glad you asked. this is based on a set of criteria all my own, but mostly guided by one thing which is if i am bored looking at you then we have a problem. predictably, the women did much better than the men. every event i have such high high hopes and every event the men let me down
MELODY OCEANA: With an outfit FIT FOR A QUEEN, she positively evoked the spirit of Christmas in this excellent scarlet red gradient gown, with the details reminscent of holly berries. Nothing tacky about it! 
Tumblr media
ASHLE BOULET: meanwhile Ashle’s outfit comes from an entirely different genre of fantasy and romance, the kind that involves her kicking me in the face after I confess my UNDYING love and devotion to her. I despised most of the people in black, but the textures of these fabrics, and the deep maroon accents made this dress the sexiest holiday dress I’ve ever seen. again, ahem: kICK ME IN THE FACE. 
Tumblr media
TOULOUSE BONFAMILLE: Toulouse never misses. Is there....anything more to say? i mean was i just NOT supposed to award a Louis Vuitton suit from the 2020 line a best dressed title??? its the snowfall effect for me. its also my wallet WEEPING. hey king take me shopping ahha
Tumblr media
Honestly there were too many to name. Swynlake disappointed me in spades so lets just-- 
Kovu Blackwell, I can see my face reflected in that godawful suit
Wilbur Robinson! Demerit points for not matching your boyfriend maybe??? We all know you donated items for his wardrobe. 
Thomas Harrington, I love a double-breast jacket, but looking at you makes me want to sleep 
Phil Knightley, same!
Dodger, at least put on a fREAKING JACKET ur so handsome why do you hate yourself (peri why do u hate dodger why did u let him get away with it)
Tad maybe try a shirt that fits you! Maybe learn how to tie a tie! 
i could go on, but it’s making me depressed, reliving it. i gotta go stick my head in a freezer. 
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bdrpmemes · a year ago
Franny: You need them to think you're stronger than you actually are.
Melody: That's what you do?
Franny: Me? Oh, no. My power is no illusion. I can fucking demolish you.
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islebrn · 12 days ago
♡ ;  MELODY OCEANA .  › blurb.
Tumblr media
melody never quite fit into the perfect princess role. when she was younger, the other children in the kingdom avoided ( unless forced to interact ) because they considered her strange. they’d never seen someone talk to sea creatures more than humans, and found it odd that she preferred the sea over land. 
her parents (mostly her mother ) sheltered her and hated the idea of her exploring lands and kingdoms outside of their own, so she grew up with little to no people skills and was very socially awkward as a child. 
over the years, however, she’d convinced her parents to give her more freedom and she started getting better at being around people. she went from being a shy and awkward caterpillar to a baby butterfly, but she still has her quiet and shy moments.
she has a huge heart that she wears on her sleeve, and loves animals. she’s also very adventurous, and won’t ever say no to any sort of adventure. 
her father taught her how to use a sword, and she’s surprisingly good at wielding one. tiny but mighty is what others have described her as. 
she’s a hopeless romantic and dreams of a love like her parents’, but is also not in any rush to find it. she’s happy dating around and just living her life and is confident that one day, she’ll find that one person.
she’s a water-bender, but hasn’t fully reached her potential. she’s working on it though.
she humours her mother by playing princess when asked, but really has no interest in ruling or taking over for a while. as far as she’s concerned, she missed out on a lot and wants to experience more out of life before she commits to ruling a kingdom. 
she’s definitely more of a daddy’s girl, but she loves her mother too. they just tend to butt heads more often because they’re so similar. 
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swynlake-spill · 17 days ago
Who are you nomming for prom court boba?
should i, the void monster shaped like a kid's happy meal, truly use my great power to sway voters so???
of course i will lmfao
i am team ANYONE WHO IS NOT SIMBA for Adult Prom King, not because I don't love and respect Simba but bc his reign needs to be BROKEN ! inspired by the current party coalescing around gregory eeyore but would also love to see my sexy king Jake Long sweep up a win before he disappears out of my life forever :( Other boys who are prom king material: Theo Barrie, Jake Rogers, Winston Deavor
for teen prom king there can only be one winner and that is Ferb Fletcher who I would follow to the ends of the earth.
Prom Queen is TOO HARD TO PICK. i love WOMEN ! the women in Swynlake alwayS SHOW UP ! i'd nom alana triton, marie bonfamille, eilonwy llyr, susan webb, rita sykes, Melody Oceana (our DIAMOND! yes i capitalized her name out of nowhere for some reason), or any of the ashleys???
Teen Prom Queen is easy. It's Pearl's to lose, and I feel like Mim will protest the whole outdated practice anyway.
the only prom ruler worthy of the title is obviously Deyvn Morey btw
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ofmymuses · 22 days ago
under the cut, you’ll find a total of 578 name ideas for furry friends sorted in alphabetical order!!   if you find this post useful, please consider giving it a like / reblog so i know ♡♡
Tumblr media
abby, ace, angel, annie, allie, angus, apollo, aries, athena, autumn, avery, alvin, amour, aspen, archie, artie, ava, alice, alpha, aslan, almond, alfie, axel, appricot
baby, bailey, basil, bella, bean, bandit, betty, birdie, betsy, bear, beau, bonnie, blossom, biscuit, blue, bo, boomer, brownie, bingo, bambi, bacon, billie, bubbles, bitsy, boots, bb, buddy, buster, bowser, barbie
candy, callie, chanel, chloe, cinnamon, cleo, coco, cricket, captain, cash, champ, chunky, chancey, charlie, chester, chico, chief, cooper, chipper, cookie, campbell, clove/r, coffee, coconut
daisy, dakota, delia, diamond, dixie, dolly, duchess, dane, dexter, diego, diesel, dodge/r, duke, dexter, darcey, dawn, dainty, dora, dizzy, decker, dallas, dagwood, dew, drusilla
eden, ella, ellie, emmy, eddie, elmer, eli, emmett, echo, elvis, eva, enid, eiffel, easter, elfa, edsel, evita, elzie
fiona, foxy, fern, fanny, finn, flash, frankie, fritz, fairy, fang, fancy, ferris, fey, flo, fluffy, fly, fudge, fuzzball, finch, foster, figo, fidget, frodo, flick, frieza
gaia, gumball, gumdrop, goldie, griffin, gus, georgie, gordon, garfield, glitter, gollum, goose, grover, gremlin, gem, gidget, goober, grumpy, gulliver
ham, harry, hope, hickory, harley, henry, hazel, holly, happy, hunter, hopscotch, hershey, harvey, honey, honeybee, hilda, hutch, hyde, hugo, hiccup, hawthorne, hades
icy, indie, itchy, isla, itsy bitsy, izzy, ivory, indigo, iggy, izzy, ike, ima, inigo, ira, isabella, iman
jabba, jade, jax, jj, jiffy, joey, july, juniper, june, juno, jackson, jagger, jasmine, jedi, jellybean, jack jack, jubilee, jonesy, jimbo, jock, jenkins, jinkies, jazz, janie, jaws, jennie, jiggly puff, jiggles, jodie
king, kai, kaijo, kermit, karma, krabby, kraken, kylo, koko, kali, kash, kane, kenny, kiddo, kimmy, kip, kisses, kit kat, kitty, kiwi, klaus, kleo, koda, kona, kylie, kooper, kimbo
luna, lola, lily, lady, lucky, lovey, loki, linus, lilo, lightning, leapfrog, lemon, lemondrop, lacy, luigi, lavender, lilac, leia, levi, lenny, lewis, libby, little, link, little foot, leftie, lulu, lurk, lydia, lynx, lars, lovebug
m&m, mabel, macaroni, macy, mae, midge, milo, midnight, marshmallow, maisie, mischief, mocha, monster, monty, munchkin, muppet, magenta, magoo, magic, maggie, malibu, maxwell, maximus, max, meeko, melody, mellow, mickey, millie, mimi, minnie, mint, missy, moon, moxie, muffy, muffin, mystic
nana, nanette, nanny, nani, newbury, natwick, nico, noah, nixon, nymph, nyx, nacho, nacia, nibbles, niche, noisy, nessie, nugget, napoleon, nanook, nutella, nellie, neon, neptune, nightmare
oatmeal, ozzy, octavia, october, oddball, olive, oreo, oscar, odie, olaf, oasis, oceana, o’hara, oakley, odessa, odin, ollie, olympia, omega, onyx, otis
panda, pumpkin, pops, popcorn, patches, prince, princess, precious, pepper, paige, pongo, poppy, penny, prudence, polly, priscilla, prancer, paris, pooh, peanut, potato, piggy, peppermint, pancake
ralph, ribbit, riley, rio, raphael, rebel, rex, roo, river, rocket, rosie, ruby, rey, ranger, raven, razzle, red, reese, retro, rhino, rigsby, ringo, rizzo, rocky, rogue, rolo, romeo, ross, roxie, ruckus
spencer, spyro, sadie, sage, sabrina, sugar, scout, sass, sky, sunny, sally, storm, stevie, sammie, scarlet, snickers, sweetie, snow/y, snoop/y, suzy, sookie, sapphire, sushi, sedona, skittles, sparkle/s, sweetpea, skipper, spot, sterling, sox, scar, scottie, scooby, sprocket
tinkerbell, tank, tango, tigger, teddy, taz, turner, toto, tess, topaz, tulip, tomika, tycoon, toki, trinket, tootsie, tarzan, trouble, twiggy, tetra, tia, thunder, thor, thumper, titan, toby, twinkle, twizzler
ursula, unit, urian, ulana, unix, utopia, urmina, unique, ultra, ufo
vesper, velvet, vanilla, valentine, vito, victory, voodoo, vallisa, vallie, valino, vanessa, vandooh, van goh, vega, vee, varro
wolfe, wolfie, wagner, whiskers, wendy, willie, worm, winnie, waldo, woody, warlock, wildfire
x-tray, xandor, xampus, xandrana, xandy, xanta, xara, xena, xera, xisco, xylo
yzma, yoda, yaki, yahoo, yogi, yeti, yenga, yumi, yello, yamana, yeska
zeus, zombie, zara, zoe/y, ziggy, zeke, zelda, zero, zola, zane, zorro, zia, zazu, zip/per, zella, zsa zsa, zadie, zoro, zorra, zephyr
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vampiremeerkat · 2 months ago
How can Melody and Orson conceive Oceana when she is inconceivable?
It’s not inconceivable because it's inconceivable; it’s everyone’s belief it’s inconceivable. There are multiple reasons for that. An obvious one is the fact they don’t look like each other. Who examines their appearance and concludes they’re the same animal? It’s safe to assume their downstairs construction differs as well, and the common mermaid might not have a great time with a male octopid. Where does what end and where does what start, and all that. There have been fans who wondered about the reproduction practice of merpeople, because you have to spend your spare time on something, but I’m convinced Disney’s interpretation doesn’t lay eggs to fertilize afterwards. They have navels and breasts, which only viviparous mammals have. Anyway, merpeople and octopids don’t have a natural attraction towards each other, so with no recorded contradicting instances or halfbreeds swimming around, it’s not strange to think they’re not biologically compatible. Of course, if you’d ask these groups directly, you’d also get supremacist reasons. No one wants to date their enemy, but even if they weren’t enemies and ignored the absence of romantic interest, they’d see no benefit in mingling. Merpeople don’t want children with fangs, and why would an octopid settle for physically weaker offspring, who also live shorter than them and have watered down magic abilities? Octopids aren’t dumb and don’t have flaws that seriously hold them back as a species, so what do merpeople bring to the table, really. Triton can’t even perform magic without using his trident, and it seems like anyone can pick up that fork and blast a spell. It took years for Melody and Orson to conceive a child, because it’s basically a donkey-horse situation. Merpeople and octopids are similar in the sense they’re mythological creatures with a human upper half and an animal lower body, but merpeople are visibly more human, and a fish tail is not the same as a bouquet of tentacles. Their DNA is barely similar enough to get a child out of it. Maybe. There’s no consistency.
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vitani-blackwell · 4 months ago
Civic Duty || Vitiana
Vitani did something incredibly risky the night of the nightmare fog. She allowed herself a moment of weakness to both flirt with and feast on Miss Tiana Truitt, and only just remembered to compel her to forget and to instead remember that Vitani was kind and worried over her. Like a “good” cop should.
Bloody hell, this community protector shtick was getting old already. She hoped wherever she could go after Mother’s mission was satisfied it would allow her to go back to a life of hedonism, selfishness, and entertainment.
For now, Vitani had to make her own entertainment. And for today that meant paying Miss Tiana a visit to ostensibly check on her a month post fog.
“Good afternoon, Tiana,” Vitani said, approaching her in Hatters on the one afternoon she must not be at her restaurant. “I was hoping to run into you.”
Tumblr media
Melody Oceana seemed to be a bit of a dead end, her flirting landing against her like a brick wall. Perhaps Tiana would be an easier target.
“Thought about you a lot since we were holed up in Chapter Three like a Cold War panic room. Are you feeling okay?”
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hqmulti · 5 months ago
ACCEPTED .     welcome   to   hqmulti ,   pika   &   era   !   you   have   24   hours   to   send   in   your   account   before   AERIS   GAINSBOROUGH ,   SERAH   FARRON ,   DABI ,   CLINT   BARTON ,   &   MELODY   OCEANA   get   reopened   !
N/A - CIS WOMAN - SHE/HER — that was AERIS GAINSBOROUGH, wasn’t it ? i just met them but i think i can hear their voice saying “I WON’T LET YOU DO IT , THE FUTURE IS NOT ONLY YOURS”. the TWENTY-ONE year old can probably be found TENDING TO THE FLOWERS PROTECTED BY THE CHURCH. home is the FINAL FANTASY VII verse, but i hope they enjoy the open worlds available. ( pika, she/them, 21+ , est )
N/A - CIS WOMAN - SHE/HER — that was SERAH FARRON, wasn’t it ? i just met them but i think i can hear their voice saying “I HAVE PEOPLE I CAN COUNT ON , I’LL MAKE IT THROUGH”. the TWENTY-FIVE year old can probably be found TEACHING ELEMENTARY STUDENTS IN THE LOCAL SCHOOL. home is the FINAL FANTASY XlII-2 verse, but i hope they enjoy the open worlds available.  ( pika, she/them, 21+, est )
N/A - CIS MAN -  HE/HIM— that was DABI wasn’t it ? i just met them but i think i can hear their voice saying “THIS IS JUST A SIGNAL FIRE”. the TWENTY-NINE year old can probably be found OBSERVING THINGS FROM AFAR. home is the MY HERO ACADEMIA verse, but i hope they enjoy the open worlds available. ( pika, she/them, 21+, est )
N/A - CIS MAN -  HE/HIM— that was CLINT BARTON wasn’t it ? i just met them but i think i can hear their voice saying “THIS IS JUST AWKWARD”. the THIRTY-FOUR year old can probably be found WASTING TIME IN A DUMPSTER. home is the MARVEL verse, but i hope they enjoy the open worlds available. ( pika, she/them, 21+, est )
MADISON BAILEY - CIS WOMAN - SHE+HER — that was MELODY OCEANA, wasn’t it ? i just met them but i think i can hear their voice saying “MOM, I'M THE PRINCESS OF DISASTER”. the 21 year old can probably be found SWIMMING IN THE OCEAN. home is the LITTLE MERMAID (II) verse, but i hope they enjoy the open worlds available. ( era, she+her, 25, est )
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🍁 for Henry: Who does he think each member of the Brio (and Rose as a bonus) should get with ?
John: Someone who can bring him out of his shell a bit! Maybe one of the Tritons, like Alana if she were single, or my buddy Kovu’s sister Vitani!
Tom: Someone who can cheer him up, as he’s going through a bit of a rough patch. That Holley Shiftwell has a very sunny personality
Phil: While I love Phil, I think he needs to meet someone who’s a bit more responsible and level-headed than he is. Melody Oceana seems a bit shy, but I think he will bring her out of her shell!
Rose: My buddy Kovu! They both have great senses of humor and would really get on.
Tumblr media
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Ice Shaped Tears {Tod & Melody}
In which Melody and Tod enjoy a simple skate with some heavy topics.
Time: First Snow
Melody Oceana  
"Do you need a hand?" Melody asked offering hers without a second thought. If there was a moment she could help someone be graceful and not fall like her she would of course take it. "Yeah- Kind of- to be honest it was better not to have time for oneself I would get stuck in my head."
Tod Sionnach  
“Are you offering?” Tod replied, a soft grin set on his lips. He definitely could use the help, but he guessed he was feeling himself a bit that day. He liked the thought of taking her hand. “Don’t take me down for the hay accident.” “Stuck in your head? Just lost in clouds or?”
Melody Oceana  
Melody huffed looking away from Tod pulling back her hand though there was a hint of a smirk on her lips. She wasn't too embarrassed because they were friends already. They had spent time together. He was just messing around. "Uh, we lost my brother when I was 13, so my parents thought hobbies were a good idea."
Tod Sionnach  
“Wait, I didn’t mean it!” Tod called, shuffling as close has he could get given that he definitely wasn’t as talented as she was when it came to gliding. He missed the opportunity to hold her hand and now he was slightly kicking himself. Just a bit. Reminded him of Tink’s sass for a second. Though, with her confession, he definitely slowed a lot more, mulling over the words. “I’m sorry... That makes sense.” He was so awkward with death but he definitely understood it. “Did it actually help though?”
Melody Oceana  
The thing was Melody didn't know if it would have helped. Her parents had taken her memories of what really happened so maybe it would have been more painful or less knowing what happened. "Kind of. You forget for awhile but you always remember." Lifting up her wrist Melody showed him the roman numerals. "His birthday, We were only a year apart."
Tod Sionnach  
“It’s always temporary,” Tod agreed, touching a hand to his chest where his mother’s, father’s, and Grandmother’s rings rested on a chain. Helped him feel close to them. “So close... Older or younger?”
Melody Oceana  
Melody didn't miss the movement, grief was all different but all the same in a way too. "Older. Marius. Called him Mari. It was really a different time." When Melody had been a lot more confident in herself and her mermaid side. "It's been a decade though, just over actually." Shoving her hands back into her coat pockets
Tod Sionnach  
“A different time... Yeah, I suppose it was.” Though, he didn’t know what she could be referring to in saying that, he could at least agree. “Doesn’t make it easier. I know that...” He offered his hand again though, smiling. “Still wanna hold my hand? I’m afraid of falling.” Tod had always been a physical person when it came to supporting someone. He wanted to reach out.
Melody Oceana  
Melody offered Tod a smile taking his hand. "Just so you don't fall okay?" It was nice to get out of her head a little bit too. She didn't want to bring down the mood this was the first snow. "Do you have any siblings? I dont think we've ever really discussed family before."
Tod Sionnach  
“Just so I don’t fall,” Tod repeated with a firm nod. Already he felt a lot more stable and her hands felt warm with his. Much better. “No, I don’t have any family anymore actually.”
Melody Oceana  
"lost them too huh?" Melody questioned giving his hand a small squeeze. Again she hoped she wasnt fucking herself over.
Tod Sionnach  
“Mmm hmm,” he said, glancing at the ice. “Lost them too. My parents died in an accident when I was just born and my grandmother,” he took a breath, unsure of what to say. He was still so afraid. “Natural causes... She was sick for a long time and one day she was just gone. She was all I had left.”
Melody Oceana  
Melody's heart sunk. Losing someone suddenly was always so painful but she didnt know if it was any better to almost expect it. "I'm sorry Tod. " melody had always been lucky to still have her parents and now all of the Triton's. "Look at us being all sad on the first snow day."
Tod Sionnach  
“Hmm? Oh—“ He squeezed her hand, turning her around in a little twirl. “I’m okay! I’m happy. The quiet is peaceful.” Lies, but appropriate ones. Tod always thought that if he kept telling himself that then maybe someday it would be true. It didn’t  her him that way. “Don’t be sad.”
Melody Oceana  
melody twirled easily on the ice. Even if she hadnt been skating since last year it still came back easily to her. "Do you ever think about getting a roommate? It might help the days you dont want quiet? I used to live beside my cousins and across from one of her best friends. It was really great."
Tod Sionnach  
“The house is kinda— haunted? A little?” Tod explained, letting out a deep breath. “That might turn some people off. But maybe. I don’t know. Maybe if someone needed a place to get back on their feet?”
Melody Oceana  
"oh yeah it might. I wouldnt do that well with ghosts. Which sounds horrible considering mediums and everything but I dont think if be good with it." The summer play had a ghost haunting it at one point. Melody was sure she heard that rumor.
Tod Sionnach  
“If it helps, it isn’t scary. It’s actually a really warm feeling. The whole cottage feels warm actually. So it doesn’t  her me when the little things happen.” Or was that in his head? He supposed that it could be, but that would be a little crazy too. “In other words, you should definitely still see it someday. I think you’d like the garden at least.”
Melody Oceana  
That was still scary. Would she feel the same if Marius was a ghost? That seemed lonely too. Either way Melody grimaced. "I don't do well with anything even a little bit scary but I could at least check out the garden."
Tod Sionnach  
Tod chuckled, stuffing his other hand into his jacket pocket as they glided. With her, he felt like ice skating was easy. He just hoped the rhythm wouldn’t change and throw off his entire game. “Couldn’t hurt, right? No pressure. Promise.”
Melody Oceana  
Melody wasn't sold, growing up she hadn't known why cold weather just didn't effect her the way it did others but just like a mermaid would get drunk easily, they were made to withstand the colder temperatures of the water. She didn't need to keep her hands warm but she was used to it. "Yeah, if you want me to see it I don't have a problem or anything."
Tod Sionnach  
“You’re welcome to be there if you want. I just hope you’re not too hungry, Tink will have most likely eaten everything out of my fridge.” She was that way. Not that he minded at all anymore in the slightest. “Are you too cold? We could always take a break.” Honestly, he was just afraid of inevitability losing cool points by falling at some point.
Melody Oceana  
ah Tink. That would be awkward, not because there was anything it was just when you thought of shy little melody and rambunctious Tink, Melody was quite sure the blonde would look at her strangely. "I'm fine no worries but if you want to we can. I brought a themos of hot chocolate cause it seemed like a good idea."
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melody-the-unwritten · 5 months ago
No Goodbyes {Tod & Melody}
In which two friend text during Nightmare Before Christmas, Even while battling nightmares.
Featuring Panic being an ass like normal
Tod Sionnach
mel if youre not inside go inside now
dont breathe in the fog
are you okay
Melody Oceana
oh god what's going on
i can't find anyone
Where are you???
Tod Sionnach
no idea. tiana’s place
its gonna be hard to see anyone  
you just have to go inside and stay far away from the doors and windows
Melody Oceana
i think i
(silence for prob 5 -10 min)
Tod Sionnach
(5 min) mel come on
(6 min) please say something
(8 min) please look at your phone
(10 min) hello? MEL?
- missed call -
(12 min) Where are you? Melody. Come on.
(15 min) please pick up
Melody Oceana
Hey this is Percy, I've got Melody
Tod Sionnach
Is she okay??
Melody Oceana
Attina's fiance, Attina being Melody cousin
I mean I dont think anyone is 'okay' so you might wanna define what you're asking
who are you btw?
Tod Sionnach
terrible with names, im sorry. faces all that.
i’m asking why she isnt the one messaging me at the moment honestly.
friend. i’m a good friend just checking up on a friend doing good friend like things. kinda.
Melody Oceana
she's kind of passed out but physically okay
Yeah good friend things
Tod Sionnach
passed out???
trust me not the time to evaluate my feelings good sir
she’s probably experiencing some kind of nightmare. a lot of people are
Melody Oceana
Yeah she saw someone's face and kind of just passed out
it was a kid too, weird, either way i'm trying to help her dont worry
Tod Sionnach
Where are you  h??
a kid? a boy??
just keep her close then... i know she’s probably seeing something awful
Melody Oceana
yeah he was probably 14/15 ish
yeah yeah, im sure tina would kill me if i didnt
Tod Sionnach
I don’t know how much you know but I think I know who that is
it’s picking on her worst fears and manifesting them.
please keep an eye on her. are you  h somewhere safe?
Melody Oceana
good for you, you two can have a little gush session after
Hatters, so yeah we're fine, where are you? have you seen any of Melody's family?
Tod Sionnach
huh? no just loss. she’s seeing someone she’s lost.
just so you have some context
wait earlier did you say tina?
tianas. Attina is here
Melody Oceana
Don't worry I'm not gonna say anything rude to her. I'm an asshole but not that much of one
oh thank god at the very least she's in somewhere
Tod Sionnach
thank you. just keep an eye out. I have to go out and stop this
she hasn’t been affected. she’s actually just fine
Melody Oceana
I'm sorry what the fuck
take your own advice and stay inside
Tod Sionnach
i know. alarming but I have to help somehow
You have to promise to keep an eye out and maybe tell a white lie if she wakes up and asks about me
Melody Oceana
fucking idiotic move but fine
Tod Sionnach
i know what I’m doing.
i think
i just don’t want her to be worried or anything
Melody Oceana
no offense kid unless you can deal with dark magic I doubt you can
Tod Sionnach
that’s the thing
i can. kinda
it’s brand new and i barely had a grip on this so i’m not in the mood to be thrown into it but it’s my job??
I guess?
i’m blabbering.
and hearing gunshots and it’s not real
Melody Oceana
no job is worth your life. Swynlake isnt that's for sure
panic and fear can be controlled
if apparently it's your job you're more powerful then it right
Tod Sionnach
I grew up here. I have to try to protect it, right?
any tips for that?
maybe. i hope so. to be honest i don’t really wanna die so that would be great.
Melody Oceana
sure that's a reason to do that.
focus on what's around and what's real. Choose one thing that you can hold onto and feel. Everything else isnt real
Tod Sionnach
greatest reason i got beyond hoping stopping this helps her too.
what is that one thing? another person? my own belongings?
Melody Oceana
whatever is accessible. if the thought of a person helps use that. If you physically have someone crazy enough to go there out with you stick close
but if you have a ring or a bracelet that holds significant meaning that works too
Tod Sionnach
i have a couple things in mind. peaceful. okay.
thank you.
if she wakes up and feels better, she can still ring me. But i’m fine as far as she’s concerned
Melody Oceana
sounds good, dude. best of luck
btw ### ### ####
(in which panic sends him his number)
(cause fucking hell he's an idiot)
Tod Sionnach
didn’t think of that. Thank you!
(32 min later to Percy) deLETE tHE CONvo when you cAN
Percy Goldthwait
Oh so you finally realized
what if I said she was up and using her phone right now?
Tod Sionnach
Id say it was about time to pass away to shadow demons
Percy Goldthwait
HA! she's still asleep and i deleted them awhile ago
well all except
(insert screenshot of Tod freaking out and calling Melody)
Tod Sionnach
just gonna do me like that, aye? can you at least tell her i’m fine and that you messaged me back on your own phone?
Percy Goldthwait
yeah yeah, don't you want her to know you were concerned
i'll let her know
Tod Sionnach
Percy Goldthwait
Melody Oceana
hey percy said you're okay but i hope you're staying safe
Tod Sionnach
(30 min later) Yes! Good to hear from you!
glad you’re alright mel!
Melody Oceana
I'll probably be sleeping for days after this
how was it where you were?
Tod Sionnach
get loads of rest
chaotic but there’s people going out to help so everything will be fine
Melody Oceana
Im glad
you're not going back to an empty house are you?
Tod Sionnach
(6 min) i live alne so ya i thik i will be
u wont be a lone will yu?
Melody Oceana
(retyped like 5 times) i have an extra bed at my apartment
if you want
Tod Sionnach
(2 min) your inviting me to sleep over at your apartment?
yeh! ok alright
Melody Oceana
better then h of us alone
Apartment 5B ast Castlesuites
Tod Sionnach
exactly what i was thinkng
when they let us go ill let u kno
Melody Oceana
I think i have some leftover pizza and tea too
just incase you want food
Tod Sionnach
(7min) absolutely :hearts:
thank you mel
maybe 2 or 5 drinks too but yes
Melody Oceana
yeah that type of night I have a stash too
Tod Sionnach
a godsend you are
(2min) are you sure your alrght? btw
Melody Oceana
yeah,i got lucky someone i knew was here
I hope he wasnt mean to you, percy's okay just kind of ??? sometimes
he means well
tina loves him obvi
and he's a good guy
ignore me
Tod Sionnach
(6min) no he was fine. all good.
cared about yu
tina was fine by the way
just in case
just stay away from the fog. no more nightmares
Melody Oceana
if i can avoid it I will no worries!
Tod Sionnach
thank you. ill be around soon ok?
Melody Oceana
sound good
Tod Sionnach
bye mel (:
Melody Oceana
no byes, just see you laters
Tod Sionnach
(2min) youre right. see you later. cross my heart.
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sallowhillshq · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
           𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰 𝐇𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐬. 𝐰𝐞 𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐞𝐧𝐣𝐨𝐲 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐲
i see we have a new member to our town.  welcome, welcome MELODY OCEANA.  we truly hope you enjoy your stay.  please feel free to head over to bevin & cecil’s until your settled, and don’t forget to stop by shady glen housing for your welcome package.  i know it might be difficult right now and you might be missing your home. Ariel may be arriving shortly, so you won’t have to be alone.
i see we have a new member to our town.  welcome, welcome JACK SKELLINGTON.  we truly hope you enjoy your stay.  please feel free to head over to bevin & cecil’s until your settled, and don’t forget to stop by shady glen housing for your welcome package.  i know it might be difficult right now and you might be missing your home.  Sally Finklestein is already here, so you won’t have to be alone.
kelli, welcome to sallow hills hq! check the source for the welcome package & make sure to send us your account within 12 hours
i think i just saw MELODY OCEANA (she+her, cis woman)!  don’t you know them? they’re a canon character from the little mermaid.  have you heard that they remember fake memories from their previous life?  apparently they appeared here in june 2020 just after the wall being built.   crazy, isn’t it?  now they're twenty one years old and working as a MARINE BIOLOGY STUDENT.   still, they do have that the sounds of the ocean at midnight, a locket falling onto pavement + screaming outside their dorm window from stress vibe about them.     (madison bailey.  kelli, she+her, 25, est)
i think i just saw JACK SKELLINGTON (he+him, cis man)!  don’t you know them? they’re a canon character from the nightmare before christmas.  have you heard that they remember some memories from their previous life?  apparently they appeared here in jan 2019 just after the amazing this is halloween is sang and jack came up from the well.   crazy, isn’t it?  now they're twenty nine years old and working as a the MAYOR.   still, they do have that calm and collected, the sound of a tree falling at midnight + a dog pawing at him to go for a run vibe about them.     (andy biersack.  kelli, she+her, 25, est)
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swynlake-spill · 6 months ago
Agreed that Ferb is on the nice list, but can you give us the full naughty/nice list?
I refuse to expand on any of this. I said what I said. 
Berlioz Bonfamille-Lyons Candace Flynn Cornelius Robinson Dewford "Dewey" Mallard Errol Woolf Franny Robinson Llewellyn “Louie” Farraj Mallard Mabel Pines Marie Bonfamille Mary "Boo" Gibbs Mason "Dipper" Pines Mitte Esseman Phillip Knightley Phineas Flynn Roscoe Sykes Rose Whitman Theodore Fiske Wilbur Robinson Arwan Prydain Iago Jack-Jack Parr Jane Darling Lucius "Lock" Adamson Miguel Rivera Panic Ca'idh Pearl Park Seamus MacTunnag Violet Parr Héctor Rivera Bae "Nemo" Nam-min Dot Orkney Ignacio de Tito Mei Qin Merida Dunbroch Petunia Robinson Reza Kasraoui-Müller San Mononoke Tiegan Winchell Toulouse Bonfamille Ashleigh Quinlan Hades Acheron Ashley Armbruster Belle Acheron Moon Yeongjun Moon Yeongtae Simba Bonfamille-Lyons Adella Triton Aquata Triton Ariel Triton Attina Triton Finn Flounder Kovu Blackwell Tony Rydinger Vidia Wind-Whistler Dodger Jones Hubert "Huey" Mallard Thomas O'Malley Deb DamselBu Vanessa Doofenshmirtz Tinker Bell
Abigail Vanderwaal Al McWiggin Arthur Pendragon Ashlé Boulet Ashlee Tomassian Bianca Gabor Brandon "Barrel" Adamson Ella Ashbourne Eric Anderson Henry Charming Holley Shiftwell Isabel Flores Jake Rogers James Hawkins John Darling John Smith Kristoff Bjorgman Lachlann "Launchpad" MacNab Laszlo Robinson Oliver Saluki Pacifica Northwest Princess Elena Flores of Avalor Rita Saluki Thomas Harrington Wendy Corduroy Willis Tibbs Alice Liddel Babette Durand Clara Baudry Claude Frollo Georgette Midler Hercules Persaud Marisa Soto Marzel Soto Megara Creon Melody Oceana Pedram Ratigan Shannon "Shock" Adamson Susan Webb Yoshioka Haru Atta Orkney Cheralynne Alexander Eilonwy Llyr Eoghan "Sled" Lantern Flik Feathery Haley Long Iandore Lightfoot Imelda Rivera Jake Long Kairi Uchida Kiongozi Lorrin Lymantria Khan Mei Kusakabe Mu-yeol "Marlin" Bae Olafur Elsuson Önnuson Periwinkle Frostbrittle Perry Flynn Riku Nakayama Ryeo "Robbie" Hwan Sally Finkelstein Sindri Dyrsson Sora Hamasaki/Roxas Su Qin Suta Shere (Khan) Ting-Ting Qin Dornan Humbert Lumière Charmant Aurora Rosewood Barbie Roberts Evelyn Deavor Ferbs Fletcher Gregory Eeyore Minnie Muyskens Monica "Mocha" Chino Philip Seville Phillip Nam Tiana Truitt Tod Sionnach Vishaka Chakraborty Alana Triton Arista Triton Charlie Little Edward Hatter Nuka Blackwell Vitani Blackwell Zira Blackwell Nyx Quillspear Queen Clarion
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