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#last minute
llycaons · 29 minutes ago
WOW. what a beautiful movie. bittersweet yet so valuable and memorable. the way they were each the most important and influential person in each other’s lives if only for a brief time, the way they found freedom and joy sharing art and music, the way way none of the three of them will ever forget each other even after years and years...the tragedy in this in its realism offset by the very genuine happiness and meaning they found in each
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starsweepers · an hour ago
the show: literally never gave us much in terms of douxie and nari
amber and i: nari saved him from death when he fell 😌
amber and i: he’s going to feel so sad and responsible for the fact skrael and bellroc clearly got nari from his protection and you know they bonded while he was keeping her safe
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haleths · 2 hours ago
was feeling stressed earlier but watching drunk lan zhan attempt to steal roosters for his husband has sorted me right out
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fursasaida · 2 hours ago
just went and got my hair cut for the first time since september 2019 and WOO what a relief (it is like 7 inches shorter now). but also i had forgotten the sheer viscosity this city can have. getting there was fine but then the entrance for the train coming back the other way was closed, so i took the train one stop further out to turn around, but no, the whole LINE is down in that direction, so i had to go all the way to the edge of the borough to change trains and come back. what should have been an 18 minute return journey ended up being, idek, 45 minutes? an hour? hilarious
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kiryuiegerin · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
@lunafaeris​ asked:
😢 (Luna)
Nonverbal RP Starters
Tumblr media
✧️– There are seas between her and home. If one could call such a place that... the dominion she’s shaped in his honor. No... in his retribution. In that distant island country does his grave await her. Awaiting offerings of chrysanthemum, candles, and deep reflection. 
But not this year. 
Instead Satsuki has sacrificed yet another piece of herself in her conquest. Father can wait, she tells herself as unsteady hands flood the glass with scotch. Endure this country of heathens... this city of damned. How she loathes these streets and these people -- how it sickens the tongue to play cordial, when they belonged under her firm foot! She hated it here. And she couldn’t hate it more knowing that day was tomorrow.
Tumblr media
Something dribbles down her chin into her cup, causing ripples in the liquor. It startles her, but not as much as the hand at her shoulder. As quickly as it comes does her own palm CRUSH the glass, bringing the broken remains of her drink near her surprise guest’s throat to threaten them. Only to blanch when her teary eyes fall upon Luna Basquerville, herself.
How... does this woman manage to catch her off guard so often? How could Satsuki allow herself to be so vulnerable before her? She cannot even bark at her to leave her be -- let her wallow at her bar in solitude -- because her bottom lip trembles too hard.
"What do you want from me...?” Wavering. Pathetic. As if a simpering spoiled princess like her could properly avenge her father in this undue state... the glass, and her bloody palm, are lowered.
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voidgoblin · 3 hours ago
I dislike bubble gum, I dislike it with passions EXCEPT when it comes as these artifical flavoured, chemical, diabetes ice cream sticks! I like the ice cream and those sadly come with it, so the only time you’ll see me chew bubble gum is after I ate one of this funky dudes
Tumblr media
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bluenecromancer · 4 hours ago
Love when two friends start dating and decide spending time with each other trumps any previous plans you may have made together 🙄 the betrayal is real
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frog-in-a-rainhat · 4 hours ago
oh shit i gotta create a dnd character fuck
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emerald-amidst-gold · 4 hours ago
1, 8, 65, 66 for the DA asks? 👀
Ready for me to gush about this wonderful/flawed franchise? >:D I love DA so much, but we all can pinpoint the parts that are...less fulfilling. Though, I think that's why we love it! XD
Thank you for that ask! <3
1. How did you get into Dragon Age?
Once upon a time, I was one of those people that really, really, really loved Let's plays or walkthroughs (I still do, but mainly streams XD). So, one day, I stumbled upon a video titled 'Dragon Age: Origins', and I can't really remember if it was a compilation or one part of a play through, but I watched it and I was like, "Wow! This is really interesting! I wish I could play it!" (I didn't have the proper console for the game, at the time).
However! Origins wasn't my first Dragon Age; DA2 was! >:D I think I watched some romance compilations and dialogue compilations and I was like, "I need to buy this game. I have to play it. I have to." And I did! Do I regret my knowing walk into Hell? No way. Dragon Age has a lot of good messages, and it's why I'm one of the people that is like, "DA2 was really good. There are some areas that could have been better, but who cares about the repeated areas? It honestly makes sense because you're in ONE area for YEARS." So, I got into Dragon Age by spoiling myself, mainly. XD
8. Preferred class overall?
I used to lean towards Mage until recently (Fane is the blame XD), but in Inquisition I do really like playing a mage because I like doing A LOT of crowd control and combos. But I have a soft spot for Warrior now because HNNNNGH REAVERS. *bangs table excitedly*
65. Any epic game play moments in any DA game?
I wish I would have recorded this one time in Inquisition when I was playing with Fane.
So, basically, locked in a battle with those fucking guardsmen enemies and I was like, "I can't kick! I can't roll around fast enough! Fane keeps falling on his ass! Which isn't anything surprising, but come on!" And as if to spite me, give me the big old F. U., I hit the trigger for a basic attack and hit the button I had Dragon Rage on and FLY LITTLE GUARDSMEN FLY! I think he got absorbed into the Veil because he was GONE.
....I still got the loot, too. :3 Fane pretty much said, "Try me again. I DARE YOU."
66. Something you hate about any/all of the games?
So this is more directed towards DA2 and Inquisition because Origins had it right, and that is the dialogue options. As we all know, I am a person who THRIVES on fleshing out and personalizing my characters, so the tiny wheel of three emotions and not at all what you think your character would say makes my brain go, "STOP IT." Like all I want is for the Fane to lose his shit ONE TIME and not just in Trespasser when you literally tell your advisors and all of THEDAS to shut. the. fuck. up. Like that is the only, only, only time I feel as if Fane is in 100% character. And I want more of that!
Bioware, give me long lists of dialogue options to choose from. I'm BEGGING you.
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angel-ships · 6 hours ago
It was an actual dream, and he was also really nice, if a little grumpy. And he slept on the couch and had a mug of coffee
Comfy, grumpy cutie with his sweet, lovely cutie! 💗
I'm glad you had such a nice dream 😊💕
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dreaming-boys-rp · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
i really hate waiting!!
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thomassist · 7 hours ago
they already don’t know how to play anymore ffs
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