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creativewebsiteuk · 7 minutes ago
An ESA letter is very important if you want to carry your pet anywhere as this letter authorizes you to travel or to stay at any place where animals are prohibited. With the help of the authorized ESA letter, your Legitimate ESA’s are allowed to travel on the plane. PDSC professionals will assist you if you get any problem regarding the ESA letter or you can talk to the experienced therapist for registering an emotional support dog. Visit our site or via call at (800) 925-2182.
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shoreslip · 15 minutes ago
who knew that I would be chanting for somebody’s death before the end of Word of Honor, a show full of sympathetic villains, and it’s some bitch from a sect called “Gentle Wind Sword”
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daexhwita · 51 minutes ago
Tumblr media
lee youngjae - 22 años – 27/11/1998 – sagitario – diseñador artístico / artista nsfw en twitter  – fc: jeon jungkook
"i’m the landlord of the home of sexuals” min yoongi 3:15
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loveismypoisen · an hour ago
I wish you would message me... seeing your name on phone love up my day. And I’ve been going through so much lately. I need your light, just for a little while.
I don’t mind feeling confused about what we are. I don’t mind biting my tongue till it bleeds to keep from saying I love you. I don’t mind only talking about what you are going through. I don’t mind...
Because if you are talking to me then you must be thinking of me. And that’s enough for my heart. Knowing I cross your mind makes me happy. I do rarely feel happy and I need you.
I miss you. I love you. Please make me happy and save me.
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sebstan-simp · an hour ago
Feel stupid cause I have no idea what half these kinks are
noooo, dont feel stupid!
everyone learns about kinks at their own pace!! and i learned a lot about different kinks through reading fanfics and through p*rn- but i didn’t start really learning about kinks until maybe late last year, if you have any questions fill feel to ask & i’ll try my best to help :))
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kingtunnelsnake · 2 hours ago
the 9th doctor really had the line "you spend all your time thinking about dying, how your going to get killed by eggs or beef or global warming or asteroids, but you never take time to imagine the impossible. that maybe you survive." in the SECOND episode
while one of the 1st things of of 11s mouth is him being afraid he was a woman because his hair was "long" and the second episode he had he made a weird comment about scottish people while with a scottish companion. real charming stuff
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You already know who I’m here for 🥺
Jean, my love <3
Fluff for this one please, I’ve been desperate for good jean fluff recently 😭. Your my sister and you already know pretty much everything about me. My favorite pet names are lovey and baby...
For my scenario, I was thinking something for a my birthday cause I can’t really think of anything else atm.
Congratulations Asshole. Love ya.
Tumblr media
(Context:Time skip Jean, he’s sending you a letter from Marley to Paradis)
To my Love,
I know, I know, I should be there with you instead of just writing some stupid letter. It’s your birthday, and I’m really feeling like an ass for not being able to be there and spoil you like you deserve from me. I know i haven’t been the best boyfriend considering what’s going on in our life’s right now, but I hope you’re still charmed at this half ass attempt at a happy birthday, lovely.
But enough of that pity party spit, happy birthday. It’s the day my favorite person was born, and I’m missing it! Trust me, this is the worst for both me and you. Birthdays have always been special too me so it’s KILLING me inside to not be able to just hop on the next boat and cross the miles of water that separate is just so I can whip up one of my birthday omelets— trust me, it’ll be delicious.
....You miss me too right? Not that I care, well I do care, I just really want to know. Because I, for one, are missing you— and it’ll just be alittle weird if you didn’t, just sayin’ haha...
But anyway, I don’t really know what else to say except that I’m sorry. Really I am, genuinely. It hurts me just as much as it hurts you for me not to be there because I love you so much, Baby, I really do.
And don’t you EVER forget that, you understand me?
Forever yours and happy birthday,
Jean, the love of your life ;)
Do you want a love letter? Look here! From May 10-17th!
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cgrings3d · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pendant With Letter Y - 3D CAD.The 3D CAD model (3DM.STL.) is ready for prototyping on any 3D printer..
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sunshineforsail · 2 hours ago
Letter to No One #3
Dear No One,
What have you been doing? Even though I’ve been by your side, I can’t tell. My new friend seems to upset you, but why? Is it because you expected me to wait forever? Or do you simply not like the man you’ve never met. Is it because you’re afraid I’ll realize he’s better than you? You don’t have to worry about that last one. He’s not better than you. He’s nice, and he’s funny. You two have some similarities, by the way. Like how you both hate my taste in music.
That’s irrelevant. I miss you, No One. You don’t have to worry about my new friend because he doesn’t like me that much. He is and always will be just a friend. You however will not always be my friend. I’ve decided today that it would be far too painful to see you with anyone else. I won’t be friends with you anymore when you find your dream girl I couldn’t be.
Did you know I think about every little thing you do and try to find some ulterior motive, some sign of something deeper? I’ve always done that, but things feel different. You stop the conversation when I bring up my new friend. And you’ve been nicer to me lately. I wonder about that. You’ve been nicer to me now than you were when we were together.
You bought me water when I told you not to. Perhaps that was just your way of being nice. But when I told you I was lonely and I missed my friends, you did everything in your power to make sure I saw my friends that night. And I thought you didn’t care that much, but you did. You asked your family to move up your meeting so I could not be lonely. You came and picked me up because I couldn’t leave my house. And even still told me you wouldn’t be upset if I went with my new friend instead since he had asked me if I wanted to go with him instead.
Are you proving to me you can be a good friend? Are you trying to prove you know how to be a partner now? There’s nothing to prove. I would’ve taken you back even when you hurt me every day. I tell myself, “Oh I would have to think about it,” but I really wouldn’t. In a heartbeat I would say yes. And I think that makes me a fool.
I’m so in love with you, No One, and I wish I wasn’t. I want you to come back and to hold me again. I want you to hold me so badly, but I refuse to believe it’ll ever happen again. Your sister tells me to have hope, but I can’t. Not while you hold onto your stupid pride. I miss you. I hope maybe someday soon you’ll not be so stubborn.
I’ve said the word hope and everything. Why do you make me such a fool?
Your Best Friend
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ricitosss · 2 hours ago
Te escribo aquí porque soy cobarde y lo sabes, te escribo aquí porque tal vez no quiero que lo leas, te escribo aquí porque me es más fácil hilar mis ideas, te escribo aquí porque es un grito silencioso, porque quiero decirlo, pero no quiero que lo leas, te escribo aquí porque en papel no se conservaría lo suficiente, te escribo aquí porque es más fácil que abrir tu chat y decirte que te amo.
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daddyjackfrost · 2 hours ago
so, i finished A Thousand Splendid Suns, albeit, painfully. are there tears running down my face? idk that’s nobody’s business
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
-I have officially hit 700 followers! This means a lot to me since I only started to blog in august of last year! And I wanted to do something special for my followers and mutuals.
I will take requests from May 10 - 17th, look under the tag “Bagels love letters❤️”
Love letters from an anime character of your choice! Rules for requesting are down below, but here’s the character list to request from.
Attack on titan
-Eren Jeager
-Reiner Braun
-Levi Ackerman
-Armin Arlert
-Zeke Jeager
-Mikasa Ackerman
-Jean Kirstein
-Marco Bott
-Bertolt Hoover
-Connie Springer
-Sasuke Uchiha
-Itachi Uchiha
-Naruto Uzumaki
Death Note
-Light Yagami
Needed for requests/bare rules:
-I will give you a choice: the letter can be ether fluffy or Angst (I’m best at angst) or comfort.
-You can give me a vague topic on what the angst or fluff will be about so I can have a bare idea for what to write.
-Since this is a follower event, so you need to be following me to request! If you see this and aren’t, all you need to do is press follow!
-Please only send in one!
Optional for requests:
-Tell me a little bit about you, I might sprinkle it in the letter! Including maybe if you have a birthday soon, or maybe a little bit about your appearance or your personality!
-Your pronouns! If you don’t give me pronouns, it’ll gender neutral.
-Your name or any nicknames you want your person of choice to call you.
If I don’t reply to yours in awhile, feel free to inquire about its progress! It might’ve gotten eaten or I haven’t gotten to it yet.
~~~❤️I hope my work will satisfy you!❤️~~~
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ichosyfloras · 3 hours ago
Wildstyle⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣#graffiti #instagraff #instagraffiti #style #letter #sketch #writing #newyork #oldschool #lettering #ipadpro #film #timelapse #w #handlettering #phase2 #real #art #king #instaart #legend #love #doityourself #streetart #fun #graff #typography #motiongraphics #graffitiart #ichosyfloras
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notetaeker · 3 hours ago
just thinking about some self-isolating behaviors i have had in the past (and still now i guess) that keep me away from people, while ppl might misunderstand that i’m doing it because i don’t care about them or i take their friendship lightly. But the reason i did it wasn’t because i disliked them but i disliked me. 
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divine-mistake · 3 hours ago
congratulations for 1k!!! Could I have a platonic love letter from Loki, please? Written to Mimi and he's writing something nice because I've been down lately. Thank you!
thanks for being such a great follower mimi! someone snuck this into my bag this morning and it’s addressed to you!
My dearest Mimi,
How have you been, darling? I have heard that you are feeling quite under the weather, but I know not of what ails you. Is it some pesky Midgardian sickness? Or perhaps you haven’t been keeping yourself healthy. I know that you can be headstrong and stubborn, but mortals such as yourself need proper care—food, water, sleep. Those are the basic necessities, are they not? And, dear friend, you deserve these necessities and more.
Or could it be that it is not an illness that can be so easily seen? Such beasts are the hardest to kill, especially when you are at it alone. Fear not. Your savior, Loki indeed, is here to remind you that you are not alone in your endeavors. As my closest friend here in this forsaken realm, my only true confidant, I cannot let you go to battle alone.
For what it is worth—and truly, darling, I know that words are weak against these monsters—you are brilliant. If a God can recognize your beauty, your wit, and your charm alike, then surely a Midgardian such as yourself can stand to look in the mirror and see the wealth your bones carry.
I’ll be there to pick you up soon. I’ve heard sunshine carries vitamins that mortals desperately need. See you soon, my friend.
Until then,
thank you for 1k! join my sleepover and request a love letter from me!
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