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#ezra bridger
ilovestarwarsandkpop · 29 minutes ago
Ok I'm just going to cover up my last post with this lmao so here's a bunch of Headcannons of the Ghost Crew at Disney World bc I want to go to Galaxy's Edge alreadyyyyyy
The kids totally begged Hera and Kanan to take them and they only agreed because Ezra was doing puppy dog eyes
Sabine's favorite ride is Expedition Everest and Ezra tried to act tough and was like "Yeah, I can definitely handle it" but then threw up immediately after they got off
Kanan's favorite ride is Under the Sea with the little Mermaid, he just likes how soothing it is.
Hera llloovvess classic Disney so she mainly focuses on getting on Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story Maina, Dumbo, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Haunted Mansion
Ezra gets way into Turtle Talk with Crush and pushes all the little kids in front of him so he can ask Crush a question
Zeb is scared of the animatronics in Spash Mountain and just ducks down and covers his ears and closes his eyes until the drop
Chopper is constantly wandering off on purpose so Hera had to buy a little magnet to attach to him like a leash so he stays with the group.
Chopper and Sabine love all the intense rides and Kanan likes to join in too when he's not keeping an eye on Ezra and Zeb so Sabine, Chopper, and Kanan go on Rocking Rollercoaster together and have a good time. Kanan even teaches them a little about Aerosmith.
Hera actually loves meeting the characters, especially Mickey. And Ezra goes with her too because he wants to get at least some of his childhood innocence back.
Kanan is the parent that's ssuuuuppeerr overly concerned, he has a backpack full of sunscreen and he's constantly asking if everyone has all their things and is always aware of the time so he's always rushing everyone everywhere to go on a ride or see a show
Hera on the otherhand is the super chill and cool mom with the Mickey ears, a tank top and shorts with sneakers on with a lanyard that has pins on it and a little fan and refillable water bottle attached
Sabine seperates from the group for a little bit and she says she's going to get a snack but she actually just goes to meet Ariel
Ezra gets super confused when he sees Aladdin walking around because he looks like him and then Zeb tells him that Disney kidnaps kids and make then dress up as characters and Ezra starts screaming "I WON'T FALL FOR YOUR EVIL SCHEMES YOU DECEPTIVE MOUSE!!" At Mickey
Chopper thinks the Cinderella Castle is an actual castle and tries to overthrow the Magic Kingdom, only to be the reason they're kicked out of the Park
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ilovestarwarsandkpop · 3 hours ago
Ezra, yelling: She made fun of me, for getting Capri Sun, and then she drank 8 of my Capri Suns!
*Sabine just watching while drinking another Capri Sun*
Hera: Ezra, you're 15 and you're arguing over Capri Suns?
Ezra: Mom, either you ground her, or I fight her, so there's two options, and my fists are already up.
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intergalactic-padawan · 5 hours ago
taken care of - Ezra bridger imagine
based on this post, some ideas on what it would be like to have ezra as your boyfriend while you’re on your period. 
-  It hadn't been long since you and Ezra had became (in the words of a rebel-turned Kallus) an "item"
- But our boyfriend didn't take too long to learn how to treat you during your special time of the month
- Your cycle tended to vary a lot, considering stress, atmospheric pressure, even what foods you had been eating
- but even then, Ezra always seemed to know when to show up with a cheesy holo-movie, your favourite candy and a jug of water
- (you can eat all the junk food you want, but staying hydrated is not up to negotiations)
- Kanan also picked up on it, since Hera's seemed to sync with yours
- The poor boys would take some time out of Jedi training on the Ghost to discuss the latest developments of your needs
- They had very serious discussions on how warm the heating pad should be and whet to get the tampons/pads that were more comfortable for you
- Ezra loved taking care of you, honestly
- Tight hugs and kisses and cuddles
- But also listening to your worries and distracting you when you needed it
- You could get pissed off at literally anything, he'd never hold it against you
- He might not have a solution for everything, but he'll be by your side when you figure it out
- Helping you with cramps was also a good prctice for his force healing
- And you weren't about to complain about his soft, warm hands on your abdomen
- Massages to help you calm down after a night of insomnia
- He found out that the best way to get you to sleep was to sing his favourite lullaby
- The song of the lucky lucky loth cat was very soothing for some reason
- Sometimes you felt so loved it was like you were going to explode
- You made sure to let him know that
- Sometimes he would take you stargazing at the cannons station of the ship
- You would share stories and kisses
- Neck kisses, ear kisses, hand kisses, everywhere you two feel like it
- Long talks about what is the Force and that beautiful rock you saw in the last planet
- He knew how to keep you grounded like nobody else
- It wasn’t pleasant, it wasn’t perfect
- But you couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend
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intergalactic-padawan · 5 hours ago
Of grumpiness and candy stashes
Requested: yes, by a lovely anon who encouraged me to put pen to paper once again
Warnings: none, except for the lack of beta read and my rust ater YEARS of not writing. Hope you like it, and if not, please be kind in the comments (if you feel like writing one, at least)
A/N: Hello everybody! Thanks to a lovely anon who requested a story about Ezra and Kanan taking care of the reader while she’s on her period, I decided that even if it took me like, 3+ days and 4 different drafts I’d try to do it. Sorry if it’s not what you wanted, but i hope you like it!
Pronouns of reader: she/her
*ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE! I make mistakes just like everybody else 😉*
The plan had been simple when you all designd it last night: Hera would be taking Chopper, Sabine and Zeb for a mission while the Ghost hovered on the atmosphere, ready to swoop in if needed.
What had'nt been on your plans though, was to wake up irritated by the sound of your own breath and bleeding out of your lower regions. You normally don't wake up this early and grumpy, but your latest sleep cycles hadn't been very regular to start with. The anxiety, the insomnia, the motion sickness, even the pimple that randomly popped up on your belly should have been obvious signs of the times to come, but you had just been too busy to prepare; now, you were facing the wrath of nature in a swarm of hormones that made it near impossible to wait for Kanan and Ezra to wake up while you prepared your favourite period comfort food: crunchy honey flavoured cereal soaked in bantha milk.
You knew how unpleasent you could be in this state, so the best solution was to eat quickly, go back to your room and hope for the best - it being them not even noticing you had stayed on the ship.
But, considering your average luck, it souldn't have taken you a total of 5 minutes to know this wasn't going to work, though. As they loudly entered the kitchen, you made sure to remember the meditative guidelines the older man had taught you a few months earlier:
Breathe in, don't freak out, breathe out.
Breathe in, don't freak out, breathe out.
-"oh, there she is! Hey, Ezra and I were thinking of going to train for a while outside. Is that ok?"
You balled your fists under the table, for once in your life hoping they would put their jedi abilities to good use and read your mind, which was screaming at them to go away.
-"fine by me" - you shrug - "but I won't take the bame if you fall off the ship to certain doom"
The usual joking tone you used when delivering these sorts of lines wasn't there, wich left them both a bit uneasy and unsure of how to act.
Ezra was starting to feel a bit insecure now. Earlier, he had devised the perfect plan for that day before he entered the kitchen with his master: he wanted to get some time alone with you on the sky after training, to hopefully impress you with his saber skills. Kanan would get a check-up call from Hera, Sabine and Zeb after a while, giving the two of you the perfect time frame to bond among the clouds without anyone suspecting a thing.
-"Um... I was- we were actually wondering if you'd like to maybe go with us?" - The hopeful tone in his voice didn't slip by unnoticed to Kanan, but it appeared that you just weren't having it today.
-"It's a good idea." - Kanan offered - "Breathing some fresh air might be good for all of us, we rarely get to stop and do it anymore between hyperspaces and command ships"
-"Thanks for the offer, I'm honoured you'd think of me" - you forced a smile, breathing deeply to keep your emotions in check.
-"So, you're coming along?" - Ezra tried one more time
-"As I said, thanks for thinking of me. But i think I just want to stay in my room for a while, sorry."
Right on cue, you felt the familiar knot in your stomach that indicated a tampon change was due.
-"Good luck out there though, and may the force be with you or whatever." - You rushed out of the kitchen, leaving your bowl unwashed in the sink. Rule of the crew or not, you could wash it later; all you needed now was to raise your legs and not think about nature's punishment for you deciding not to have children.
-"I don't know, Hera" , Ezra says to the blue hologram on top of the table. "I'm not the only one who thinks she's been acting kinda weird today"
-"Exactly" Kanan nodded from behind his padawan "she didn't even want to eat anything with us today, ran through our honey flavoured cereal like they were expiring in a week"
Hera turned her head for a moment, pensive.
-"Have you maybe considered the possibility that she's... on her period?"
To be honest, Eza had no idea what she meant by that, much less why Kanan gasped in realization and facepalmed like it was the most obvious thing and it had slipped right through him.
-"I'm normally not one to assume, she could just be needing some alone time." The twi-lek put her hands on her hips, raising her eyebows "You two sure know how to drive someone crazy, after all"
Ezra was about to interject, but kanan broke him off before he could say anything:
-"Well, it is a possibility. Did she say anything to Sabine?"
-"uh, to be honest kanan," Ezra interrupted, worried about the tone the conversation was taking "I have no idea what you two are talking about. What even is a period? Is she sick?" Hera widened her eyes and let out a small chuckle
-"Well, maybe I should leave you two gentlemen to have this uh... much needed talk. Good luck love" she rushed to end the call before kanan could protest.
His master pursed his lips, looking for words to pop out of the air anywhere but in Ezra's direction. The boy waited, looking patient on the outside but absolutely freaking out on the inside; it hadn't been even a whole day yet! She couldn't be sick of them already, could she? Kanan finally spoke before he could dwell too much on these thoughts, probably sensing his apprentice's worries.
-"So, Ezra... uh- can you tell me what you know about the reproductive system of most biologically female species?"
Pain on your head, pain on your legs, pain on your abdomen and pain on organs you didn't even knew could hurt. You were hungry and nauseated, thirsty but too tired to even think of moving your legs. The ground hurt your feet... Since when was the ghost so cold?
You shuffeled your feet a bit until you were covered by heavy blankets, but it didn't last very long until you started sweating and threw them off the bed. Karabast, you'd have to pick them up later.
-"That's why future me doesn't like me at all" - you mumbled, shifting on the bed until you found a position that didn't feel like loth cats were scratching you from the inside while a million banthas danced and jumped erractically on top of you.
"Probably the same reason Kanan and Ezra have been keeping their distance the whole day too" you thought, guilt washing over you for being the biggest pain in the ass the poor men had to endure.
The rational part of you said that you had been driving them away for a few hours because everything they did somehow irritated you and the best logical solution was to isolate yourself until the rage passed; based on past experiences, that was the best solution you could come up with.
Most of your thoughts since you shut the door, however, said that you were overreacting and that they were completely in the right to hate you for everything you'd done.
"but what have I done to them? i haven't even spent any time with other people since my uterus decided to reenact the clone wars and I had to shut myself off not to explode"
"exactly. Now they probably think you hate them too"
The thought of hurting their feelings stung more that you liked to admit. You had been growing closer to Ezra these last days, and he seemed to like your company as much as you enjoyed his. You were hoping to get some time to talk to him away from everybody else for the first time today, but the universe just had other plans, apparently.
-"well, it's now or never" You groaned, dragging your legs out of the bed. You needed painkillers now, or else you would be useless when the rest of the crew returned at the end of the day.
You finally opened your door fully expecting the other ghost members to be distant, and rightfully so. You were also expecting them to fuss over you - and you prepared yourself to be as patient as possible, maybe even explain why you had been acting the way you did. What you weren't expecting though, was to see them both with piles and piles of pillows and junk food by your door, ready to knock.
-"Heeey, you're back on your feet!" - Kanan exclaimed a bit awkwardly, but mostly excited, after a few moments of stunned silence by the three of you.
-"I am" -you replied cheerfully, but still a bit confused - "still standing, yes. Sorry, were you knocking? I didn't hear"
-"Oh, no, we didn't get to" - Ezra throws the pillows on the ground - "you opened the door before we could."
-"Ok, so what are you doing here? " - you stopped yourself before anything else you said could come out in that accustory tone.
-"I mean, what is..." - you gesture at the boxes of cereal kanan had along with 5 water bottles on this other hand. - "all this?"
-"We thought maybe you needed some water, after an entire day in there" - Kanan offered you your designated mug, which you gratefully took a sip of.
-"Not that it's a problem! Not at all- I mean, we miss you, but we understand you needed some alone time... by yourself. Without us. Or anyone."
You smiled softly, realizing they'd figured out what was going on and grateful they were trying to be as gentle as they could. You really had to be the luckiest person in the entire galaxy.
-"We were just passing by to give you some snacks and to ask if you wanted to join us in the living room for a movie session" - Kanan continued, reassured by your smile -"We're watching this new musical Sabine recommended."
-"we also have candy!" your smile only grew bigger as Ezra took a small box full of colourful treats from his pockets. Were those...?
-"Correlian Favourites of the force? You bet!"
-"Alright, you convinced me" - you picked up the blankets he'd dropped, laughing when he tried to do the same and your foreheads bumped - "but I want the purple ones!"
You snatched the package and ran through the small corridors of the ghost until he tackled you in an embrace, not even trying to get the candies back, Kanan noticed.
Huh. Perhaps the chance for a nice bonding experience wasn't completely ruined for the day yet.
You lay on the floor surrounded by fluffy blankets, with soft hands running through your hair. Kanan was fast asleep behind you, and the movie wasn't even close to ending yet.
-"hey, Ezra?" - you heard him humming in response as he shifted closer
-"where did you get these candies from again? i thought you'd ran out of them in like a week or so"
he flashed a mischevious grin, looking around like anyone could be overhearing
-"can you keep a secret?" you nodded, giggling
-"they were from zeb's stash"
You gasped excitedly and he quickly shushed you, eyes darting to kanan to make sure he really wasn't listening.
-"Ezra, he's gonna kill you if he finds out!" - you just couldnt stop laughing, and his hands now moved from your lips to your shoulders as he tried to contain his laughter as well
-"Well, he's not gonna know if you don't tell him!" - he winked - "plus, for you, it's totally worth it".
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webtrinsic1122 · 8 hours ago
It’s been a while since I’ve like legitimately cried rather than get teary eyes writing a fanfic, so I’m so sorry Ezra because I really made you go through it with this next one coming
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claybrownie7566 · 14 hours ago
Quick Starwars post (sorry it's on my main):
Me and Crow are making our way through Rebels and we are almost done (I've seen it before and she hasn't)
We are getting close to the series finale and the sheer POWER of hearing Hondo Onaka say "For that boy, there is nothing I wouldn't do" hits me so freaking hard every time. Here's the most selfish sneaky pirate out there, removing his hat and giving his service purely out of love for Ezra.
Holy crap that means so much.
Ezra has always been one of my favorite characters, but this is why. The people around him love him, and I am really really going to be sad when we finish.
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handbaskethell · 14 hours ago
SW: Rebels S3E9: The Wynkahthu Job
or lord, here comes Hondo with his Hondo bullshit (jk I love Hondo)
- I think Sabine’s face says it all
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Actually, all their faces. omg Ezra why are you looking at Hondo like that?
- Every time I see Hondo’s arms, I’m like...that’s my grandfather. Is my grandfather a wheeler deeler pirate? Well no but...idk
- Oh god it’s that sack of shit Azmorigan again. Though I do love James Hong, it’s always fun to hear him show up.
- ‘When Hondo profits, so do you!’ NO.
- ‘Ah I remember now! The feisty one. She hit me with a tray.’ one of Hera’s best moments ngl.
- Hondo being SUS AF
- Okay this is a trap, like...just a passive trap for any unwitting crew of ...well..our heroes I guess.
- “Ah HAH! Because weee have something in our favor that the Empire does not! For we are DESPERATE!”  JFC I CACKLED GOD DAMMIT I LOVE HONDO
Tumblr media
- Ezra, hon. You’re a teenager, I don’t trust you to mow my lawn, much less with anything more responsible than that.
-  Sulky teen gunna sulk. Cut the shit Ezra. GOD Thrawn is stuck with this lil shit.
- I agree with that one Ensign from the Tabanna gas incident: Derelicts are a giant NOPE from me.
- lol it’s an ugnaught stalking them in the darknessss
- Zeb: You attacked an Imperial ship?
Ezra: We do it ALL the time!
- TOUCH NOTHING BUT THE LAMP something something
- EZRAAAA SHUT THE FUCK UP. Don’t tempt fate!
- I should just say watching this during an IRL thunderstorm is interesting
- Oh look an assassin droid, like the ones Thrawn beats the shit out of recreationally
- ‘I advise you not to engage the droid’ - SURE WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO KNOW THAT AP5
- God I want to smack the shit out of Ezra.
- Azmorigan, you are not Leeroy Jenkins
- Lol okay the bit with the lightsaber cut door is pretty hilarious.
- Okay but there’s like...explosive canisters in that cargo bay. I guess maybe the set dresser reused the asset? Maybe?
- Hondo: Oh nooo he must have fallen to his doom.
- Chopper, running away: bop boop bop bop BAOw
- The dexterous Zeb feet save the day again!
- If Hera had hair, she’d have so much grey hair with all the bullshit these idiots always pull.
- D: Mel Zwyer, W: Gary Whitta, E: Steven Melching
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gameglitchx · 16 hours ago
So, I just watched the live action aladdin not too long ago I thought I was pretty good I loved the parts where mena massoud was doing acrobatics I teuly believe now that he could be a good ezra bridger now what do you guys think
P.S I really liked Mena Massoud’s singing and Will Smith’s singing aswell :)
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or-te-ka-ra · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
***click for better quality***
Now...First we got Kanan, then Din and now Hunter is joining the space dad gang💃
I'm loving the whole father/son and father/daughter trope that's happening in star wars. My heart literally can't take it.
Tumblr media
I’m literally here FRETTING because I KNOWW Dave is gonna pull out a twist or some tragedy. And the fact we have ONLY 14 EPISODES LEFT, means anything can happen.
Tumblr media
So here I am, on my knees, hoping to the beings that we get a somewhat happy ending. Because this show has made me WAY TOO emotional this past week. Imagine the ENDING.
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wholockianavenger · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
So I bought the Art of The Mandalorian S1 a few weeks ago, and immediately fell in love with the above background Mando. And then I thought of a plot where she meets Din and they go on an adventure together to get Grogu back and to deal with Mandalore, which ended up being a version of S3 that could 100% not happen. Anyway, here is that story.
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webtrinsic1122 · 18 hours ago
My brain: Ghost Crew out on a mission sleeping in sleeping bags and junk while they wake up terrified that Ezra is legit just cuddling with a Nexu
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frostedbasilisk · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
mY CHARMS HAVE ARRIVED //yells softly in excitement. Some are double sided and aaaaaaaaaa EXCITE 
I’ve listed them on my etsy Here 🥺✨ 
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softpadawan · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Star Wars: Rebels Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Ezra Bridger/Kanan Jarrus Characters: Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Rain, Established Relationship, Master & Padawan Relationship(s), Domestic Fluff, Romantic Fluff, Cuddling & Snuggling, Love, Older Man/Younger Man, Older Characters, Non-Explicit Sex, Post-Canon, Drabble, Quintuple Drabble, Wordcount: 100-500 Series: Part 7 of Star Wars: Rebbles Summary:
It’s a rainy day at the Jarrus-Bridger homestead. Ezra reminisces about his previous home.
Kanan, getting the idea, set his mug on the side table and put his arm around Ezra. “Does that mean we could be sitting together in your old tower right now, shivering and soaking wet, and you’d still feel the same?” He tugged a lock of Ezra’s hair teasingly.
“As long as I can suck all the heat outta your body, yeah, I’m good.”
Continue reading at AO3
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mossy-rainfrog · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Image ID: A collection of black and white drawings of Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Sabine Wren, and Hera Syndulla from Star Wars Rebels.
The first image shows Ezra leaning forward with wide eyes and a big grin, saying “I’m in SPACE!”, Ezra looking down fondly at a painted stormtrooper helmet, a young Ezra wielding his lightsaber with a determined expression, and a headshot of him smirking off to the side with a mischievous expression and saying “looking for trouble, and if I cannot find it, I will create it.” There is also a drawing of Sabine’s helmet surrounded by sparkles.
The second image shows Kanan, looking up with a smitten smile, a blush, and hearts surrounding his head. Beside him is a drawing of Sabine holding the Darksaber, with a confident expression. Beside her is another drawing of Kanan with a tense, exhausted expression as he looks into the middle distance and says “these kids have me at my fucking limit.”
The third image shows Ezra and Sabine happily engaged in a conversation in binary, while Kanan looks on, confused, and asks “what the fuck is happening.”
The final image shows Hera wearing her flight helmet and looking upwards with an awestruck, happy expression. It also shows another drawing of Hera, looking over her shoulder with one eyebrow raised, in a challenging expression. Beside her is a smaller drawing of Sabine leaping into the air with glee as an explosion goes off behind her and she says “EXPLOSIONS!”
End ID.]
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Sabine: Did it hurt when you fell-
Ezra: From heaven? Wow, I didn’t think you were such a flirt-
Sabine: No, I meant when you fell down the stairs.
Ezra: ...
Sabine: You just laid there for 15 minutes.
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Kanan at a crew briefing: My policy is if you see something, say something.
Ezra: I saw a squirrel in a tree today!
Kanan, proud of his young padawan: Outstanding.
Kanan: This is what I’m talking about people.
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Ezra: Anything, honestly, but girls my age especially
Kanan, desperately, as Ezra bleeds out: YOUR BLOOD TYPE
Ezra: Oh! B positive.
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