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#and also shit's hard
ohmoka2 days ago
Guys... I don't wanna get anyone's hopes up... but I do have 5k of the next witcher au chapter written. And like... only 1-2k more to write for it. So, soon maybe... for reals this time?
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worldenda day ago
let me ramble abt my genshin ocs for a bit.. tsukasa has only one earring and its on his left ear becuz thats a thing they do in genshin a lot for some reason so i wanted to do that too.. anyway after some shit happened with her and he went 'missing' akami decided to go look for him but before that he also decided to steal her other earring becuz well its not like tsukasa was gonna use it. i think it wouldve made more sense for his twin to have used it instead becuz they wouldve matched but whatever. theyre already identical twins they look basically the same already so im keeping it like this
#i thought of a name for the twin. its kazuma i think the name is pretty#anyway they (kazuma) thought she was well. dead becuz 'why would he go on a little adventure and not come back after several months'#but he actually just lost his memories.... still cant decide how but after she got to liyue he somehow got his ass kicked and probably*#*hit his head on smth rly hard 馃槓#well anyway akami didnt believe that his brother was dead so he decided to do what every 15 yr old shounen protagonist does#and by that i mean go on an adventure completely alone. kazuma ended up staying alone for a long while tho :/#theyre from inazuma if that wasnt clear.. tsukasa just wanted to go travel for a bit but well. shit happened#my other genshin ocs are related to this little story also.. like the hydro claymore that i talked abt#she and tsukasa have smth gay going on i think... i still have to draw her and the others#the Other one i talked abt which is kind of a self insert is in there somewhere too i decided to make him a cryo claymore#and the hydro claymore trains him and stuff.#ive said it before but tsukasa has an electro vision and uses a scythe and akami has a geo vision and uses a sword but i was thinking abt*#*giving him a scythe as well... so it could be like a cute family thing or smth..#kazuma is just there.. they know how to fight a little but they dont have a vision. they like gardening though so thats smth#BTW. tsukasa is trans bi and uses he/she akami is a nb girl and uses he/him and kazuma is nb bi and uses they/them. this was one of the*#*first things i thought of when i made them up 馃槓#ohh i wrote a lot... whatever girl idc
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batgirlcasa day ago
she meant it as dick used to look at her with pride. not whatever you thought. and babs *is* the original batgirl. she isn't a legacy character like the robins. batgirl is her legacy, she is the first. nothing wrong with any of that. i'm not trying to change your mind or anything, you can dislike whatever or whoever you want, but babs is one of the last ppl in dc that should be called manipulative.
Did you read how she treats Helena or no?And no,she didnt mean pride-she was talking about how sexy she was in her costume,so if she was talking about pride,she placed it in the wrong place
The way she treats Cass compared to Helena literally says that-shes basically trying to live out her legacy through Cass,cause she cant do that to Helena since Helena already has her she treated Helena like shit at first,for someone who just wanted help,but Cass-a girl who basically just does what anyone tells her-is clear to go and it sends bad vibes my way
Im not saying she evil-hell I dont even think she realizes shes doing it-but shes keep calling out Bruce for making a "mini Batman" whens shes basically trying to makes Cass what she wants,not what Cass wants
Edit:Also,bette was still batgirl first in a way first,and the fact that theres an og batgirl file and not just an Oracle file is kinda werid to me,ngl.
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It鈥檚 so fucking weird seeing how there鈥檚 been a boom of Ed//ds//World fans since we grew up watching Tom//Ska instead, and in turn saw the struggles behind the scenes when he had to cope with keeping it running during its most turbulent times
It鈥檚 definitely put us off the series, but not because it鈥檚 Tom鈥檚 fault. It鈥檚 more so remembering our own personal shit with fandoms and knowing how toxic they become and personally being unable to unsee that in that fanbase. There鈥檚 also our own struggles with grief and us projecting that into that series helps since the original creator passed away many years ago due to cancer - something that traumatized Tom who was in charge of the series when his best friend passed away. It鈥檚 hard remembering how the fandom reacted to his creative decisions, and it鈥檚 hard to move on and see how well the fandom is doing now
But that鈥檚 my own little queries and troubles tbh about a series we personally never indulged in. It鈥檚 good and all, but we鈥檙e definitely not going to indulge in it for a long ass time and we much prefer to keep our distance from it and esp its fans
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me: i can publish my erotica as is, i think people will be able to read into the deeper themes. the general public is smarter than we give them credit for!
sadistic beauty commenters/the translator on manhuascans: duna is a gaslighting abusive bitch for catering to minhos cuck fetish. shes suicide baiting. its gaslighting when she says erectile dysfunction (he does)
#also like not to detract from my point but why does everyone get so worked up abt erectile dysfunction like#minho simps get SO mad. its literally a fact that his dick doesnt work but theres also like nothing wrong with that?#idk why they act like its an actual hate crime against him to observe that his dick dont work#theres nothing wrong w erectile dysfunction!! its the toxic masculinity making ppl think that being able to get ur dick hard is the only#thing cis men can bring to sex bc it enforces the narrative that sex has to be piv penetration when it can be so much other stuff#saying this as a dfab person who fucks other dfab people#also sex is not the only value men have wtf is wrong with yall??#anyway minho isnt real and hes not gonna fuck you#even if he was real he wouldnt fuck you bc hes only sexually and romantically interested in duna#and even if he wasnt. really?? seriously?? i wouldnt wish him on my worst enemies. which coincidentally are his simps#but like legiterally. hes emotionally abusive (for real and not just bc i want to make up shit abt a character i dont like.#you absolute clowns)#and treats everyone around him poorly bc he thinks acting haughty is going to elevate his status#thats literally how he got into this whole mess. bc hes an asshole to everyone so when he caused the problems that ruined his own life#no one wanted to help him bc his writing isnt as godly as he thinks it is and also hes just mean and unpleasant#which honestly? also caused all this wookyung problems. wokyung wouldnt wanna fuck him so bad if he wasnt so unpleasant#dont @ me about kinning wookyung im just saying i conceptually know where hes coming from. i actually have morals#inb4 the simps are like they just described the worst man possible#no they didnt ive had sex with my fair share of minhos. lots of men are like that. minho simps if you want some guy with a small dick to#treat you like garbage hit my dms and ill set you up with my sloppy seconds#minho simps absolutely just need to get laid and i will help bc i believe in creating the change you want to see#instead of simping minho online just hit me up. i will get you so right you will regret simping him#oh right but back to one of my points wookyung didnt even have to try that hard to ruin minhos life he asked one girl for one favor and knew#minhos nasty personality would do all the heavy lifting and that hed ruin his own life#yes i do wish getting revenge was that easy irl but :(
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h-isforhomea day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@kilari tagged me (thank u 馃挀馃挅馃挄) to make this picrew of myself !! i did me on campus (left) and me at home (right) and......there鈥檚 literally no difference bc i wear black everywhere </3
i tag: @aht + @buckyjpg + @deareddie + @unlawful-waffle + @yaintwild !! feel free to do or not ily & i hope y鈥檃ll are having a lovely day 馃挀
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labelleofbelfastcity2 days ago
鈥...Both of these types of stories are reactions to the Industrial Revolution, and specifically the worsening of quality of life associated with that for many people. The quaint English countryside is being choked by mills and smog, and there鈥檚 public fascination with figures like Jack the Ripper, all of which come about from the increased alienation of industrial population booms. So you have on the one hand strangers and murder mystery and gaslighting. And then a reaction to that which tells stories like 鈥榳hat if a little rat and a little mole had a nice picnic in the field.鈥 Combining those two things is interesting, because these genres actually did grow out of the same soil. But there鈥檚 also something so interesting and dissonant about them, because of what their reactions to the culture of their origin were.鈥 鈥擝rennan Lee Mulligan, Dimension 20: Brennan Lee Mulligan Unravels the Mystery of Mice & Murder by Alexander Sowa
Dnd shows like Dimension 20 and role-playing games in general have become increasingly popular as the pandemic continues to disrupt people鈥檚 lives. With factors like 鈥渋ncreased alienation鈥 and general instability parallel to that of the Industrial Revolution, crafting a story with both the cultural reactions of an applicable time period and the format of a cultural reaction from ours is such an interesting way to explore how history and culture and storytelling all intersect with one another.
In Mice & Murder鈥檚 source material, the base reaction was a fatalistic, doomsday outlook of violence and grief and suffering, which then spawned hopeful, simple children鈥檚 stories. The cultural implications of both are still felt today (For example, spring has brought out the Peter Rabbit picture books in our house; meanwhile I am watching an adaption of The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie), but are usually kept separate in modern interpretations.
Dnd, already, is an amalgamation of these two genres鈥 base purposes. On one hand, dnd adventures tend to involve fighting a powerful evil鈥攁 societal injustice or a government or, most of the time, just a monster鈥攁nd characters get hurt, compromise on their beliefs, and die. But dnd also has those fun, goofy, sweet moments of friendship and family that characterize the mass appeal of the game. Through improv, groups decide the balance they want of each, but it鈥檚 nearly impossible to make it through a whole campaign without one hilarious or heartwarming moment.
By purposefully calling back to opposing Industrial Revolution genres, and incorporating details of them in a format that鈥檚 having its own cultural renaissance鈥攚hich already has elements of these two opposed types of fiction鈥攖he backdrop of Mice & Murder creates both a rich, comedic world, but also an important historical parallel. A parallel which is,, just,, so incredibly cool.
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