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vintage2600 · 10 minutes ago
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valkyrie-shadow · 15 minutes ago
After rereading both ACOSF and FBAA I have come to the conclusion that
Poppy Balfour would so fit in with the Valkyrie Trio
⚠️ FBAA and ACOSF Spoilers⚠️
Assuming she just showed up one day in the House of Wind for a visit
- they train together
- she’ll at least attempt to cut the ribbon if not succeed
- they bond over smutty books
- Miss Willa Colyn’s diary is passed around if poppy has it
- have mutual respect over past and present traumas
- they swap stories about the bat boys and Casteel and Kieran (nsfw ones included obv)
- “And he was like ‘we go home to marry, my princess’ and I was like ‘what makes you think I would ever want to do that’”
- she roasts Cassian and Nesta dies laughing
- she really wants to ask questions about Azriels shadows but vibe checks him and decides against it
- she is fascinated by Emerie’s wings and asks the most random questions about like sleeping with wings or how their clothing works around them
- she obv has a thousand questions about Illyria and Prythian in general
- Cassian thinks her dagger is cool and asks questions about it
- The House does its magic hospitality thing and she is amazed
- if they take her down to the library she kinda stiffens seeing the priestesses and their veils and Gywn explains how it’s their choice to be there and totally optional to wear the veils
- they probably don’t spend a lot of time down there because poppy’s power gets kinda overwhelmed
- if Casteel is with her the girls definitely make suggestive jokes about him
- “Hey Cas!” *Cassian and Casteel both respond*
Wow there are a lot of potential headcannons abt this crossover I might do a part 2,,,, y’all should reblog w ones you think of <33
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kitmarlowe · 19 minutes ago
the way reece said “something is rotten in the state of denmark“ had me laughing way too much
what an episode to end a series on
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timesconvert · 29 minutes ago
I Kissed You When I Shouldn't Have
It had been a slow morning, culminating in a lunch with the inner circle in the humid dining room that made it feel as if he were dying a slow, painful death.
Azriel loved his family. He did.
That fact did not make it any easier to stomach the sight of Feyre and Rhys wrapped around each other, attempting to swallow the other whole. He was just thankful he wasn’t privy to the filth they were undoubtedly whispering to each other through the bond.
Cassian and Nesta weren’t as obvious, but the way they showed their love was loud, even outside of the bedroom. Cassian was attempting to discover the spots in which Nesta was ticklish and letting out a delighted yelp when he achieved his mission, followed by her shrieks and threats.
As annoying as it was, it made his heart ache. He yearned to be able to show such obvious affection for the person he loved. It was worse, Azriel thought, to be in love with someone and have them love you back but be unable to show it, than it was for that love to be unrequited.
After all, he would know.
He snuck a glance at her, reading quietly in an armchair next to him. Her golden-brown hair twisted into a coil that rested on the back of her neck, various strands escaping and catching the sunlight streaming through the windows; her brown eyes danced across the page and her mouth turning up gently at the corners as she read.
Looking at Elain made his heart ache in a different way. He wanted to hold her, to kiss her, to announce to the world that he loved her and she loved him.
But that wasn’t possible, and Azriel wasn’t sure it ever would be.
Mor looked as exasperated as he felt, twirling strands of her hair through her fingers as she pulled tongues at Rhys, who clocked her from over Feyre’s shoulder and stuck his finger up in return.
“Get a room!” Mor hollered.
Rhys did something that made Feyre make a most unladylike noise, leading her to blush scarlet and push him away from her.
Cassian sniggered. “Steady on, Rhys. I’m sure you don’t want us knowing the kinds of noises Feyre can make.”
Rhys issued forth a growl that sounded suspiciously like a suggestion that Cassian should stop talking if he wished for his tongue to remain in his mouth.
Azriel stood and stretched. “As entertaining as this live sex-show has been, I have a job to do.”
Without thinking, he bent down and kissed Elain gently on the mouth, tilting her chin up with a finger. It was only as he pulled away that he realised what he’d done.
He quickly cycled through the options available to him and arrived at the conclusion that each one ended with him getting his ass kicked.
There was only one thing for it.
He pivoted, and leant towards Mor, whose expression was mixture of curiosity and glee. She accepted his brief kiss, eyes sparkling with mischief.
Cassian made a stunned noise of disbelief, but Azriel knew every set of eyes in the room were on him.
He knew better than to attempt Nesta, for she’d surely gut him like a fish if he even so much as tried to kiss her.
And so Azriel strode towards Feyre, bending down to kiss her gallantly on the cheek. “My lady, I will take my leave now.”
Feyre nodded in stunned silence.
He all but sprinted from the room, leaving behind their whispers of speculation; all he could think of was how close he’d come to ruining everything. If Rhys ever found out, no matter how useful Azriel’s talents were, the only thing between him and oblivion would be Feyre.
That was if she wasn’t leading the charge for his head, though.
A soft giggle brought him out of his reverie, and he looked up to see Elain standing in front of him.
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be.” Elain, as always, spoke softly, but with a seriousness that suggested she knew more than anyone else ever would.
“If they find out, Rhys will have my head.”
Her hand rose to cup his cheek; unbidden, he angled his head into her touch.
“My spymaster.” Elain’s voice was musical, calling him home. “So serious.”
Words wouldn’t come; he simply smiled at her.
“They will find out, Azriel.”
He frowned.
No-one had yet figured out the intricate details of Elain’s abilities as a seer, but her warnings of the future had yet to fail to be true.
He chose not to share these concerns.
“I know. But for now-” he bent to kiss her cheek, nuzzling her neck, “you’re mine.”
“I wouldn’t want to be anyone else’s.”
I don't know why Azriel's inner monlogue is so rife with angst; this should have been a fluffy piece, and yet it's got angst. I hope you enjoy this little drabble, inspired by @sunlit-elain's post about Az accidentally kissing Elain in front of everyone and making up for it by kissing the rest of the inner circle.
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thorniest-rose · 42 minutes ago
I love the idea of Terry/Daniel like you said, where Terry basically bludgeons his way back into Daniel's life (and maybe his body?) and Daniel being all like "I'm feeling stressed and overwhelmed but I'm fiddy+ years old, so I'm OLDER, I'm WISER, I can HANDLE this" but then realizing that holy shit, he never dealt with all that trauma. Like, I love the idea that Daniel would want to prove he could handle Tall Toxic Sexy this time around and utterly failing because Terry is that overwhelming.
Oh my god, I don't know if I'm just feeling delicate at the moment because of the heat but after reading "bludgeons his way back into his body" I had to lie on my bed and recover. I felt like a southern belle who'd had a fit of the vapours. AHHH I wish I could tell you what's coming up in my fic because it's so cruel, like to the point where I sometimes can't work on it because I feel so bad about everything I put Daniel through. But at the same time he's a slut and deserves it?? (That last part is a joke, don't hate me!!)
But completely yes @ everything you've said! Daniel definitely has this false bravado where he's like, "I'm confident, I'm ready, nothing can take me down!!!" And then as soon as he sees TS again and hears his voice he falls like a house of cards. It's like flicking a switch, it's instantaneous, and all the growth and distance Daniel achieved over the years just shatters in front of him. Like he wants to belong to TS again, and he knows how wrong that is, but he can't stop himself wanting it. It's going be a big whumpy fic, I might have to hide after posting it!!
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concerto-of-the-fallen · 42 minutes ago
Mt. Joy - Silver Lining
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caeloservare · 45 minutes ago
To Be Held prompts
[ REUNITE ] - having been apart for some time, sender, upon seeing receiver for the first time, sprints to give them a hug. (be emo w this okay PLS--)
That was an awfully long trip and James really shouldn't be surprised since over half of it involved Qrow and visiting Theodore in Vacuo. Of course there were random unforeseen circumstances that over all made this entire trip much longer than predicted. At least General had a lot of work to do, since it was diplomatic visit combined with Inner Circle business. Couldn't call these vacations boring, but it was none the less annoying. Qrow kept acting like a drunk asshole he is, important things like jet engine or communication with Oz in Vale kept spontaneously breaking when needed, sun kept frying this gods forsaken place and Theodore kept having fun. It went on for a whole three weeks too long. Stay in Vale was nothing compared to that chaos, so he gladly risked breaking a few traffic regulations on behalf of just getting back home already. Autopilot was too slow and he was determined to sleep in his own bed already.
Who would have thought vacations can be this exhausting.
He won't lie, his vision and focus range shrunk significantly past few hours, but still he got the clearance and landed the jet smoothly. Well, close enough to smoothly. Time to grab his bags and finally get some rest. Maybe also a shower. But mostly just lay down and relax, enjoy mattress he knows and drift off for a couple hours.
A shame to say, but at this point he doesn't notice almost all of the surroundings. Doesn't think of anything. Definitely didn't see Clover. Didn't notice him running. Suddenly has arms full of Clover and flinches as he nearly gets tackled, but quickly realization hits and instinctive attempt on wriggling out stops at more or less comfortable position.
"Cloves, I have sunburns..." He complains chuckling, drops his bag and wraps both arms around him. That's not something he would dare to hope for, but it is good to feel welcomed. Burying nose in brown hair and holding Clover tight in mutual embrace is something much more comforting than simply getting some rest, however needed it is.
Now he knows that he's home.
"Did you change your shampoo?" Or maybe it's just separation that makes these slightly sweated and graying strands feel so good to nuzzle his nose into. He doesn't want to let go yet. Right here and now he's exactly where he's supposed to be.
Truly back home.
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tinkercore · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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||The residence is awake||
Tumblr media
((Hello everyone, Peahen mom has returned from work but I’m getting to replies when I can. I just need to do some cleaning. I’ll reply to some things before finishing up. Hope you guys are doing alright.))
Silver butterfly mun/Peahen mom
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buckys-blue-eyes · an hour ago
And not only Shuri is the genius, Hank (Pyme?) is too, I mean he made the ant man suit and made it shrink and get bigger, and all the things around it. I mean, time travel was only able with the Pyme particals
Hank Pym!
I have to admit that I have the biggest crush on Michael Douglas 🥰😍
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I did watercolours for fun :3
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stormlore · an hour ago
Tumblr media
i have way too many projects but...i want this
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