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#an interesting ep!
laziestgirlintown · an hour ago
New Ship Alert!
Tumblr media
And I can't help but think there could be a better ship name than Lokius. Something to do with the Möbius loop, Loki's fluid nature and time travel. Loopi? Frosttwist? The Laufeyloop?
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seokjinnieb · 3 hours ago
i think my main problem with ipytm till now is that we get so little insights from the characters and what they are actually feeling. there's so much context missing for everything. especially in ep 3. there's just so much missing, its like they give us a vague ass timeline of events happening without showing us anything about the actual characters. i wonder if they expect me to fill in the blanks and just understand where and how teh and oh changed?
itsay was a character-driven show and people (or me I guess) did get attached to teh and oh. there was no huge, dramatic plot thing happening. but ipytm just really disconnected me from the characters. they feel like vague shadows (?) and just so out of touch. and yeah the whole don't compare thing is totally valid but ipytm is still a continuation of itsay and i was watching it for the characters and their relationship. and if you make us feel distant from them then what exactly is the point of it being a part 2? just make another series (
and this is not just because i think the things in ep 3 are ooc for teh (which i guess i still believe in). but if they did the whole cheating (?) or method acting while making it a little more believable i would be perfectly fine with it. and by believable, i mean actually showing how teh reached that point (especially after ep 2). his actions make so little sense to me right now, i could make 15 theories about how we reached ep 3 teh and they could all be canon. his actions are so confusing and so contrasting all the time and i have no idea how or why tf is he doing anything. they really gave an anxious af teh in one ep and gave a fucking detached teh in another with no context. ok, maybe i'll just go write some fics about what happened in the middle since they don't want to give me any context.
i'm not even going to ques their direction of the script because you do you (i guess?) and it is their story (although if they are making something commercial the audience is like, you know, some way involved too but whatever). but if you don't even make it convincing enough for me, then how am i supposed to just. should i just take your word, that oh changed, teh changed so they do this shit? of course, they changed i expected that much. this story is over three years, of course, they changed! but how, and most importantly why?
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noeggets · 3 hours ago
Why aren't their navies based of anyone from megaman X, besides zero? There was a miss opportunity if a storm eagle navi being related to falzer.
colonel and iris are there (and better than their mmx counterparts my opinion) not because they fight or anything i just don't like their mmx designs i haven't looked at them in abit and i look at them now and go "that's not them their .exe vers are them"
i really have no idea why that is but i agree that it could have benefited from having like maybe a after game boss or two from mmx in it to show hey that's a character from the X series
actually answering your questions 
i guess there's no room for them if your making a new version of something you new fresh faces reusing characters is good but it gets kinda meh (if you don't do it right at least i wanna see new faces)
me personally i think its pretty okay but if you have Zero you could have had X that's my only take away because you literally cant have X without Zero its like that meme where its like frequently bought together other than that im p okay with just the three of them from the X series cause than the story would be more complex and blah blah blah what i said at the top about new faces and taking away from the story by adding to a new story within with characters ive seen before
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skogenflicka · 13 hours ago
anyway i may have made myself cry earlier thinking abt the ending of bf. lol
#ok i may be watching it again bc one of irls wanted to watch it and wanted to watch it with me specifcally 🤧#and by may be i mean we literally watched the first 6 eps together today and might be watching more after i get off work on thursday. god#like im glad she was interested in it enough after i told her abt it (+ the brainrot lit essay) months ago to actually want to watch it#but like god when i first told her abt it i fucking SPOILED LIKE EVERYTHING bc i didnt think it'd be up her alley at all#but APPARENTLY SO like as soon as i finished telling her abt the ending and how i cried like a baby she was like#omg wait that sounds so good!! 🙄 like girl i just spoiled almost EVERYTHING SIGNIFICANT god. whatever#we;re watching it and she's enjoying it and im glad. i did give her repeated warnings abt it so that was good#she only really got into anime recently and sjkfghshdjkfkj when we were in the car she was like. so like people dont usually kiss in anime??#bc there were like no kisses in anything she;d seen (fma vinland saga ****** ** *****) and she;s watching avatar with her brother#adn there's like at least five legit kisses in avatar for some reason#and i was just liike. SKJDFGHKJFKJ#without elaborating#and we got to that one scene in episode 3 and i was like ok bestie you are about to eat your words and she was just DYING skjghsjkhdjhksdfkh#trying to play it low key that i legit think these two characters are in love in love bc i know she;s gonna lean more towards like#they;re just very devoted friends. but whatever it was funny skjfgjkhsdfjhkdfsghk#anyway she's also like obsessed with their outfits she's like wow i want their outfits like at least three times each episode#skjfhjksdfjkhsdkjkj she;s like. ok um eiji clothing line please?????????? like so true bestie#anyway so like this is a show trade and she's having me watch the mandalorian after we finish bf lol#like i feel like those are two very very different things but whatever. she got me convinced abt the man and his son 🤧#we've been doing media trades for like forever they;re always fun#anyway. time to be insufferable abt banana fish on the dash again love and light <3
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peachzin · 19 hours ago
Maybe it’ll be similar to how Czech’s design came about? Hima said that Czech (チェコ, Che•ko) sounded feminine to him. What if that happens with Mexico? (メキシコ, Me•ki•shi•ko.) “Ko” is usually a feminine name ending in Japanese. Similar to how names ending in “A” are for Western names. Imagine if Mexico gets a female design. My Mexican-American self would be so, so happy. 🥺😭
Literallyyyyy I also think it’s just! so fitting! if Mexico were a girl! like I just immediately think of las soldaderas in terms of design, she could look so dope
and women’s mariachi clothing is literally so so pretty, we could literally have it all if hima would…………acknowledge latinx countries ………..
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codakilled · a day ago
beths dynamics are so important to me... when will u all indulge me in the dynamics canon started and then abandoned....
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fiovske · a day ago
I would really really love to hear about that DnD part of yours!! what are you up to who are you playing if you don't mind sharing of course
oh i dont mind talking about our d&d party at all! Our campaign is set in a wildlife Reserve and its a very non-combat based campaign like the primary objective rn is to solve the reason and source of necromantic surge of energies happening in the reserve and in doing so, whatever we do, we have is to make sure we DO NOT injure or hurt the occupants of the reserve, which ranges from a wide range of beasts and specimens to behirs and what not so like its safe grounds for creatures that might be a danger onto others or to themselves or simply creatures who have nowhere else to go. Non-violence means has ALWAYS been the primary objective of this campaign!
its difficult managing the situation bc d&d is designed to be a combat-based game and we're playing it exactly opposed to that in the way our 'attacks' are more actions and we have to stay on the non-lethal side of things! and handle the situation, even in a combat scenario, w/o bloodshed, at least on the other occupants of the reserve. they can and do attack us! as wild creatures are wont to! so we often have to come up w creative and non-attack based use of our arsenal and spells. its really fun!
as for me, I play a panda, cleric of the Raven Queen from Shadowfell who really likes sunlight and whose favourite colour is greens and yellows! there's a Satyr wizard also from Shadowfell a nerd and a painter! we have an aasimar w a shotgun who is an amazing cook, a halforc druid who has adopted a baby grey render and therefore dealing w the crisis of early parenthood, and a kobold princess who is a dedicated academic with her vocal enthusiasm at the workings of the reserve!
we dont just play d&d we intend to sweep around a lot of other ttrpg systems as we go. we do have a lot of fun tbh as we do a set of quests which take us to different places! we have travelled to a basilisk nest to study their sudden growth and collect basilisk oil, we have been to a frozen town and its frozen lake underwater w NPCs which was a v beautiful arc! we have tackled a fundraiser where the necromantic surge occured again, a sort of corruption in the reserve. which has a whole lot of us concerned tbh. also in our system we cant and dont use revivify/resurrection spells so that makes the stakes permanent!
right now we're deciding what our next mission would be we're spoilt for choice it's either study faerie dragons in the feywild, travel to a city deep in the underdark where they do not navigate by the sense of sight or light at all, climb a mount like Everest situation to help the old behir at the reserve travel up to better climates where she would feel better, since she can't teleport to shadowfell but it seems the behir was born on the mountain so that's interesting!! also there's another option of chasing a skyswimmer, an extraplannar sky-swimming serpent for documenting and collecting samples etc w/o actually harming the beast at all since the reserve has no records of such a creature at all.
so thats a decision we debate on and make next session!
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cartoontees · 2 days ago
amphibia is awesome as is but what if it had been a more decentralized story that rotated focus between anne and the frogs, sasha and the toads, and marcy and the newts every episode. 36 half episodes like that, 12 for each girl, leaving room for two 22 minute specials in a season where the three stories could come together.
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screamingatmyfandom · 2 days ago
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godspouse · 2 days ago
hi why do ppl keep saying the covid vaccines don’t protect u from variants when they’ve literally proven to do that very thing with all current variants. absolute dipshit idiots shut up.
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muthaz-rapapa · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Freakin’ YES! The story quality skyrockets whenever we’re a week away from a Cure debut! 😆
That said, I know they posed this as a serious question for Laura’s development...but honestly, this is Precure so her turning human probably won’t be a permanent thing. The Little Mermaid is based on mermaids, not the other way around.
So I’m guessing these might be the ways they’re going to go with Laura after she becomes Cure La Mer next week. Either she...
A) Remains in human form for the duration of her Precure days (until the end of the season).
B) Finds a way to switch between human and mermaid forms after becoming Cure La Mer.
Either way doesn’t seem to make too much of a difference to me. And the two things I’m confident about is that 1) Laura is definitely not going to accept the Witch of Procrastination’s offer (she will not betray her friends and doing so will not allow her to become Precure anyway) and 2) Laura may want to become human now but she’s still holding onto her dream of becoming Queen someday so she’ll still likely return to the Gran Ocean once Precure’s tasks are over.
Maybe there’s an unexpected third or even fourth option I can’t see yet but hell, as long as the girls are together, I can take anything! 😊
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unproduciblesmackdown · 3 days ago
classic saturday night activity for me to speedrun [marge simpson laughing to marge simpson concerned / pensive groan] on my own post by kicking things off like “haha it’s funny how potentially the thing for winston is if he has a crush on anyone he just has to hope they like him back b/c Appealing Winningly to anyone is not an option for him XD” to “oh right, actually that’s sad b/c i’m Earnest about this character” lmfao & then catch me 5 min later getting quietly upset about the moment where winston is reasonably visibly discouraged by rian, with inebriatedly mysterious intent, specifies that a quality of winston’s is only attractive to her Abstractly when coming from him in particular, & yet there is not really any recourse for him but to either give up on this crush completely (probably extra difficult at that moment anyways, what with the collective lack of sobriety) or just kind of keep the pace with trying to appeal to her whether or not it’s hopeless which it might be b/c it also often comes back to “if we’re supposed to recognize that nobody could just Like winston” i’m bitter lmfao even if one does bring it upon oneself simply by caring too earnestly about any billions character......the quant may be somewhat insulated from the [emotional hurt & tumult] shredder but on the other hand his feelings may not matter at all due to them potentially not mattering to any other characters & me resenting this possibility b/c well it matters to me b/c you took your wouldbe one off joke character & were (wisely & righteously) like actually he’s very human & since i’m posting the gif i gotta bring it around to that moment, like, first of all of course i’m always noticing & considering all the instances of “winston getting outwardly discouraged / put out at the end of an exchange” & going :[ about it b/c it happens so often without much balancing it out re: being even a small, unmitigated Win for him, & this Moment with rian is one of the few times we see him thusly discouraged by someone’s response to his efforts to have a positive interaction but then also just sort of forge ahead vs just withdrawing & if this is all some extended “well of course nobody Likes winston or much likes him either” i’m going to be like what tf billions. but if it’s also like “once again if someone does like winston in any way, it must be In Spite Of him, really” i will also be unamused. like makes sense if rian has to warm to someone she just met & who Did try to antagonize her upon their first meeting but what’s the point if it’s like “well, rian just dislikes winston in a different way from everyone else” l o l. tl;dr [i think about winston for 10 sec, &/or humorously comment on his L’s, & then become genuinely put out myself lmao] classic saturday night like i said
Tumblr media
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