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#actor harry
b-hardys9 hours ago
sigh .... oh to be walking the carpet of the brits in a floral richard quinn ensemble stealing coy glances over at harry styles in his heart-eye inducing gucci suit and bag
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phoenix-louiea day ago
Why is Olivia Wilde Problematic
1-She stereotyped lesbian relationships as "soft and gentle kissing and scissoring".
聽2-She said she felt lonely so she considered a relationship with a woman, that, is not only implying that being with a woman was her last option and she considered it ONLY because she felt lonely, cause of lack of a man in her life, it also was misogynistic cause its implying a woman needs a man to be happy and not feel lonely.
聽3-She considered being with a woman till she finds her man, implying that WLW/NbLW relationships are only a pastime till a woman find her man and be happy.
Tumblr media
4-Olivia about 鈥淎re you a lesbian or are you too old鈥 said 鈥淭his is a question I never asked myself, Am I too old to be a lesbian?鈥 which in the eyes of the lesbians I asked, this implied that being a lesbian is a thing for young people, they found it invalidating. (I鈥檓 not a lesbian so I can鈥檛 talk on it that鈥檚 why I am just stating what THEY 鈥搕he lesbians I asked- said about this.)
(unfortunately I lost the link to the video for no.4, I鈥檒l update this as soon as I find it)聽
5-She called a racial joke which was calling Asians "little yellow guys with little dongs" hilarious and defended the person who said these and said "lighten up haters".
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
( Olivia鈥檚 tweet )
6-She starred in an ableist video made for World Dawn Syndrome day.
Tumblr media
( The tweet )
An article explaining it :聽
7-This one is so wrong on so many levels:
Tumblr media
( from THIS article )
-You always have to be kind and nice it鈥檚 not about the years. -Wouldn鈥檛 cheat nearly as much??? cheating is not justified it鈥檚 just about how of an indecent human being the cheater is. -Getting to spending forever with someone is not a threat it鈥檚 a treasure. -Issues of children is NOT fun. -Boarding schools at seven? Are children just toys to u so u put aside when u don鈥檛 want them anymore?!!! A child deserve love and deserve to be with their family. -So sex workers are so low in your eyes they only cost as much as a pedicure? -Are you saying people cheat cause their partner is away or not in the mood and not cause they鈥檙e assholes? Or are you saying it鈥檚 okay to not be able to control yourself when you want to have sex so you hire a sex worker when your own partner is not in the mood/around? Or is it about not trusting your partner or wanting to control them? -Muted and crossed eyed? this is a whole new level, Olivia!
8-And lastly comparing coming out to job switch (if you鈥檙e not queer u have no right to agree or disagree to this.) We are TERRIFIED to come out. Someone got killed by the hands of his own brother just 3 days ago BECAUSE he came out! This is not a joke or a fun thing to do it鈥檚 a matter of making it out alive or not more often than not. She invalidated our struggles.
Tumblr media
( from THIS podcast )
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hii hope ur doing well do u have any actor harry fics?
hi! i hope you are well too! here are some!
through the warning signs by @anabsolutetrainwreck
just a kiss or more? by @harrygivenchy
go your own way聽 part 2 by @candyheartharry
reward + jack by @stylesmessiah
dont worry darling by @harryswifeofficial
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robinsmoyo3 days ago
The honest opinion no one asked for
A lot of people on twitter are saying that they are more excited for my policeman than dwd... I鈥檓 not excited for neither of these movies. Dwd was ruined the moment that pr stunt started. My policeman humanize a cop no matter what the story is AND a lot of people ruined it for me with the 鈥渁cab except Harry鈥 I apologize but I am not excited.
I鈥檓 sure all the actors, including Harry, will be fabulous but the way Twitter ruined it for so many people馃馃従鈥嶁檧锔
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twopoppies3 days ago
Oh yeah absolutely, it鈥檚 not the actors who are casts fault, it鈥檚 more those with power who cast people who are the culprits. Obviously as the faces of films the actors get a lot of stick over things they can鈥檛 really control, I can see why people might be upset if someone who鈥檚 all about woke posturing and supposedly a queer ally took a role when they claim to be aware of all the implications of their actions though. As with most of this it鈥檚 those with power and in control who are perpetuating a system which forces this scenario on those within it, no individual actor is to blame and no one owes their identity either. People shouldn鈥檛 have to come out to be accepted as queer if they鈥檝e never said their straight either but it can be really frustrating when all representation is coming from or through straight or supposedly straight people. I feel like if there was more balence people would be less bothered by Harry but as it is for many people he鈥檚 viewed as using his straightness to maintain mainstream celebratory while playing into his queerness to seem new/different/exciting and make a lot of money and I guess when these things meet it can be uncomfortable.
Totally agree.
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twopoppies3 days ago
I think the main thing people are upset about with casting publicly straight people as gay characters is that in a way it reinforces closets for other people. If movies don鈥檛 want gay men to play straight roles because it reduces their sex appeal and therefore sales (goes the logic etc) and then ostensibly straight men are cast in gay roles it does reduce the opportunities. A queer man has far more chances as an actor if he鈥檚 ambiguous about his sexuality than if he comes out at which point the roles become scarce and slim to none. This isn鈥檛 to say Harry鈥檚 doing something wrong per se. In his situation it makes a lot of sense if he is indeed forcibly closeted to want to tell this story. However on a broader scale by giving all these opportunities to straight or 鈥渟traight鈥 men it reinforces 鈥榮oft closeting鈥 where people aren鈥檛 told to not come out but feel they cannot lest they risk their career and legitimises the type Where they are told that since the evidence backs it up.
Oh, I absolutely get the argument. The place I feel like it goes astray is when they get angry at the actors taking the roles. While I get it, I don鈥檛 agree that disparaging queer, but closeted, actors is the solution
In reference to this ask
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yourhabit283 days ago
Who is that harry has his arm around on the set of my Policeman?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The cast of the movie and the staff...馃挆
1) Joseph Potter
2) David Dawson
3) Someone of staff i think
4)Someone of staff i think
5)Emma Corrin
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twopoppies3 days ago
Hi Gina! Have a little story that maybe you can give me your thoughts on (sorry in advance if this gets long)... So I was down in New York this past week visiting some friends from college. I was with my old college roommate and a guy friend of ours. We went to a dinner with him and his boyfriend, and his boyfriend鈥檚 friends. His boyfriend works on Broadway as a production assistant. We were going around talking about all the celebs we have met in our line of work, and one person brought up meeting Harry when he went and saw Slave Play in 2019. So they started talking about Harry and I brought up how excited I was to see him act and that I saw he was filming My Policeman (I don鈥檛 really know these people well so I wasn鈥檛 trying to scare them off when I start talking about Harry 馃槀). I was very upset though when the reaction to him being cast as a gay character was not very positive. The group of people I was with were a predominantly gay male crowd, most of whom are actors, and they were not impressed with the role being given to him. But really the reason for my ask, and maybe your option, is that everyone did agree he was not straight, but someone said he was 鈥渜ueer when convenient鈥, meaning he can play up his queerness while still essentially being 鈥渟traight鈥 passing. They brought up Olivia and even they knew it was a farce. But by him being able to do that goes to show that he gets to play the straight, white man when it benefits him while still being able to have this ambiguity around his sexuality, a privilege not afforded to most. I keep thinking about it and I kinda do agree with them to some extent when I look at it from their perspective锟..but I feel bad about it. I just wish I knew these people better to be like, I see where you鈥檙e coming from but you just don鈥檛 GET IT. That was the most frustrating part. But to hear people in the community say things like that makes me feel so sad for him. I just fear this is going to be the reaction of the general public when the movie is released.
Yeah, I鈥檝e seen a fair number of comments like that. I understand it on some level, and disagree on others. There鈥檚 really not a straightforward answer, TBH. The fact that they agree he鈥檚 most likely queer, but disapprove of him being closeted, is extremely unfair imo. It鈥檚 easy to look from the outside and say 鈥渉e鈥檚 queer when it鈥檚 convenient鈥 and not know the full extent of his situation (I don鈥檛 even mean knowing what we know, but really knowing all the details). I think it鈥檚 unfair to say someone should have to come out in order to be involved in something that means a lot to them, or to be a part of their community. It鈥檚 the entertainment industry (and the world at large) that鈥檚 really at fault for being so homophobic that this situation even exists, not Harry鈥檚 fault for taking this role. I really do get the frustration. But it just seems they鈥檙e attacking the wrong end of the problem.
This isn鈥檛 entirely related, but I thought this post brought up a lot of adjacent issues and discussed them in a very articulate way.
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remusbabyvampire3 days ago
MOONY! 馃馃馃
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larrylimericks4 days ago
**My Policeman spoilers**
Harry frolicked gaily on Brighton Beach, Then smoked for a broody scene (did Lou teach?). And that security feed Shows us what鈥檚 real, indeed: Olivia鈥檚 a bit of a leech.
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sofilovslouis4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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