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#you’ve got to learn
nicksmac · 5 days ago
You've got to learn to show a happy face
Although you're full of misery
You mustn't show a trace of sadness
Never look for sympathy...
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landryaugust · 5 days ago
you know i’m Thinking and i’m p sure the main reason i hate(d) physics and ap calc sm is bc i didn’t/don’t have a textbook for either of them
#everyone hates textbooks but i LOVE textbooks textbooks are my saving grace#i taught myself all of geometry w the textbook and just slept through the actual class lmfao#like all your resources are concentrated in one spot w organizations to go along w it#but also i just learn a lot better from a book than from a video#you’ve got examples and the formulas right there#you can look over them as many times as you need rather than go back and replay smth that a person is saying#and reading smth is a lot easier to process for me than speaking is#not to mention w videos you can’t just skip over the details that you don’t need like you have to listen all the way through and then lose#attention bc you stopped listening since you already knew that but now they’re onto a new topic and oh you missed that and now you have to#go back and oh great now you’re back at the part that you already knew etc etc#the ap calc chronicles#the physics chronicles#chemistry was fine learning from videos (since my teacher Did Not teach so i replaced her w the organic chemistry tutor lol) but chemistry#is p simple in general so#personal#going to try to get my hands on some textbook now that i know what the real problem probably was all along#i mean obviously i knew i disliked learning physics through videos but i was always thinking the issue was physics#and not the videos themselves not being the right learning material#i’ve always known i learn better through reading than listening but i think i was undermining just how much
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tteokdoroki · 13 days ago
Wait so not everyone has curly pubes? 😳 I always thought that was just the norm
MAYBE?? i always thought pubes were a little courser than the hair on your head but I GUESS NOT FOR EVERYONE ??
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banglatown · 13 days ago
here is an excellent vid by xiran, they articulated my feelings better than i ever could
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as-der-schwerter · 22 days ago
Asian Americans are specifically targeted in social media by racist blacks. They are excluded from minority-focussed equity programs. When it's convenient they're used as a tool, but when they succeed they're ostracized.
yes i know that and? did i say black people can’t be racist towards asian? i acknowledged that black people can be racist towards asian and i acknowledged that asians can be racist towards black people.
i have also talked about how racism against asians are normalised many MANY times.
if you came here from the asians, black people and white supremacy post just to say THIS then you obviously did not read my post or understand anything i said.
i didnt say racism against asians by black people aren’t a thing, in fact i CONSTANTLY ACKNOWLEDGED THAT IT IS A THING, EVEN IN THAT POST.
you obviously don’t know how to read, so i’m gonna rephrase it for you:
there are black people who can be and are being racist towards asians. there are asians who can be and are being racist towards black people. white supremacy is not the only reason but it is part of the reason that caused a division between POCs in order to uphold its own ideology because it knows that when we’re divided, we are weak.
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dahladahlabills · a month ago
~just some writerly thoughts I’d like to dump into the void~
yikes so after finally writing again after a good few months I’ve got this heavy feeling that my wip isn’t going in the right direction. Plot-wise I’m still following my outline, but I think my characters are developing differently than I expected/planned. It’s interesting and I kinda wanna see where it goes, but something about it is also setting alarms. It just feels... off. In general I’m feeling like the story I planned out isn’t as good as I originally thought
I can’t tell if I’m feeling this way bc I’ve spent such a long time away from my wip and I need to warm up to things again, or if my plot is actually flawed and I was only able to see those flaws after having spent time away. Part of me just has a v strong feeling that this story is capable of more than I had planned and I should strive for that. But I’m unsure if I should just uproot all this work I put into it and start over, or see the whole thing through and work with that as a foundation?
This is generally just another case of the “premise is good but execution is bad” blues. And I think the only cure is to let the idea sit on the back burner for a while until the right ingredients pop into my brain.
I’m gonna see how these feelings settle after a few days of (hopefully) consistent writing. Ultimately I think the best approach is to finish the draft, so I at least have something to work with for the project’s future. But I def think that there’s gonna be some major revisions happening, which is to be expected of course
But it has been a trend lately where I get to a certain point of my wip and I realize “wait...this isn’t as good as I thought.” And I’m starting to think it has to do with the fact that I tend to rush my plotting/outlining phase. Usually bc whenever I get a new idea I’m all giddy and can’t sit still until *everything’s figured out*. To be fair though, this could also just be a normal trend where we don’t see a wip’s full potential until we start taking it in the wrong direction and learn from our mistakes to make it better? It’s just annoying that it keeps happening lol
Oh well. We’ll just have to see what happens lol. Hopefully I’ll have some more updates soon :D
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