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inkedroplets · a minute ago
tried to think of the nicest way too ask about a story update without being annoying ❤️💜❤️ it's the best I could come up with
*Stares at wall of unfinished wips*
Not sure what story you're asking about but I'm shooting for an update on Wednesday for Rich Girl with Issues and then a very long awaited update on Somewhere you can't follow for this weekend. Fingers crossed I can make it. I know I'm super far behind on that one but I typed two chapters of that story on my typewriter and then I accidentally threw them out without making a digital copy... Accidentally but it took me a while to get back in my groove and stop crying long enough to start over Please bother me more for updates, if I could hire someone to force me to write I would be ecstatic
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simcl · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
             𝑖𝑛𝑡𝑟𝑜𝑑𝑢𝑐𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑆𝐴𝑆𝐻𝐴 𝑂'𝑁𝐸𝐼𝐿𝐿 & 𝑆𝑇𝐸𝑃𝐻𝐴𝑁𝐼𝐸 𝑀𝑈𝐿𝐷𝐸𝑅                                 𝑓𝑟𝑜𝑚 𝑠𝑡𝑎𝑟𝑔𝑎𝑡𝑒 & 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑥 𝑓𝑖𝑙𝑒𝑠.
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resqectable · 4 minutes ago
Sometimes you have to wander around until you find where you really belong. And sometimes it’s right where you started.
Rachel Gibson, True Confessions
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randomrosewrites · 4 minutes ago
Pyro Vision Reader who keeps constantly trying to protect Zhongli at any cost because they love him and don’t know he’s Morax? Even if they know he’s specialized in shields. They just genuinely want to keep him safe and are also kind of airheaded. With headcanons?
a/n: I recently played through both of Zhongli's story quests and I was not disappointed. Every time he spoke I felt so at peace. Also, I wanna curl up under his coattails, lmao.
Fire and Stone
Pairing: Zhongli x Pyro vision reader
Words: ~500
Tags: Fluff, mutual love, Zhongli has the most patience out of everyone in Teyvat
Zhongli finds it very amusing. And concerning. Mostly amusing.
You’re like a little firecracker, blazing and igniting the grass wherever you go, taking down slimes, geovishaps, and the like.
Sometimes he has to pull you back for your own safety, but usually, he’s content to let you go off. The Pyro Arcon granted you a vision for a reason, after all. There’s a beauty to the way you burn, with all the blaze of an inferno but remaining intact.
You’re very protective of anyone that causes harm to him, but also to those that treat him with disrespect (which there is no shortage of).
Many times historians have quarreled with him, because of their colliding views and knowledge on the Lord of Geo. He always reminds you that you don’t need to defend him, but that just makes you more frustrated.
Don’t even get me started on the fatui - it’s awful.
There was one day, when a Shneznyan researcher sought out Zhongli’s help to investigate some ruins. However, his attitude was quick to grind on your nerves.
“I don’t care about its story,” he cut into Zhongli’s ramble on the history of wood carving. “I care about its value.”
“Mora is all you care about?” you butt in before Zhongli could say anything. “Really?”
The merchant had just curled his lip at you. “So what? I could care less about Rex Lapis or the ramblings of his obsessed historians. They have no value to me.”
The sound that comes from your throat is nothing short of a growl, your fingers twitching with the need to burn.
Zhongli shortly steps in and calms down both of you. That’s one thing you love and hate about him - his patience is astounding.
Why does he just sit there and take it? You’ll never understand him. Sure, it’s one thing to ignore people who are dickheads, it’s another to sit idle and let them treat you like garbage.
But Zhongli simply sips his tea, humming at your concerns.
“I understand your frustration. But if a person is being less than agreeable, meeting them with the same hostility accomplishes nothing.”
You still think it’s pretty stupid, but you agree to disagree.
Differences of opinions aside, Zhongli and you get along quite well, traveling around the land of Liyue. Zhongli adamantly talks about whatever draws your curious eye, providing details from the type of aquatic plants, to a history of stone formations.
He’s almost got no mora on him, so you (or Childe) have to fork over the cash whenever you go out to eat. But it’s a fair trade. You pay. Zhongli provides knowledge and sits there looking pretty.
Your relationship isn’t really defined in any sense. Zhongli’s fine with the way things are. He knows of his love for you, and he’s confident in your feelings as well. Though if you request for him to refer to you by a certain title (boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, etc.) He’s more than willing to oblige.
There have been multiple times when he’s found you couched by the statue of Geo, head bowed in silent prayer.
“What are you doing?”
“Asking Rex Lapis for protection,” you say without getting up, adding. “Specifically, for you.”
The irony kills him. But he kneels beside you, offering his own wishes of protection to his own statue.
...He won’t ever tell you of his true nature, for your own safety and because well, he can’t help but like the way things are now.
He knows inevitably, there’ll be a day when you will leave his side, but until then, he’s going to enjoy every moment with you.
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teeth-and-tea · 4 minutes ago
So apparently theres a ton of evidence for Sukuna's cursed technique to be cooking related and all I can think of is Gordon Ramsey!Sukuna where he will kill you if you fuck up but he'll keep you around to torment you if you fuck up correctly
Yuuji for his meatballs, Nobara for her sushi and plating aesthetics, but Megumi? Because he's so terrible at everything that Sukuna likes to laugh at him, but also because there's some talent there to foster.
Gojo the food critic who deliberately finds something very menial to annoy Sukuna about specifically but praises his kitchen staff so Sukuna's Hell's Kitchen is like, 90% perfection and 10% Has Sukuna.
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sheneya · 4 minutes ago
Me, to myself: "You can't just create worlds and characters inside your head, write a story."
Also me, to myself: "TTRPG's are pretty popular, you could just create a world, then throw it at random people like, here, make your own damn story... nicely of course."
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yototothelalafell · 6 minutes ago
Alina: Human amplifiers don’t exist.
Baghra: You’re an expert on such things? 
Season One, Episode Three
Bless the show. 
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theassignmentexperts · 6 minutes ago
1. Country or Continent: Select a country (other than the United States) or continent you are
1. Country or Continent: Select a country (other than the United States) or continent you are
1. Country or Continent: Select a country (other than the United States) or continent you are interested in (If you select North America, exclude the United States). Explain why you selected this country and/or continent. For example, you may be interested in doing study abroad in this country; traveling there for pleasure; or perhaps living and working there one day. 2. News Articles (Domestic…
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mywordsarewings · 6 minutes ago
you've always been a heroic hodophile, letting dusty, worn roads lead your way to great unknowns.
- hodophile (n) - one who loves to travel - jsh poetry
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friedneckpsychicflower · 6 minutes ago
"Hallo liebste M., Du liebstes Meins....i crave your Touch.... Bei Dir habe ich Mut, Du bist mir vertraut, so wie man nur sein kann, wenn man sich so kennt, wie wir. Kleine 'Kratzer' , bei denen Du von 'Verletzungen ' sprichst, verraten mir Deine seelische Nähe die ich als wohltuend empfinde (und brauche!) Echte Verletzungen nehme ich nicht wahr, sie perlen ab, mein Liebe für Dich absorbiert sie. Ich denke an Dich und bin bei Dir. In Liebe, Deins. Heute ist Sommeranfang. Ich wäre gern bei Dir. 21.06.21||15:17h ❤. "
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worrywrite · 7 minutes ago
Fantasy novel idea: a sexually dimorphic language
(Is it a good idea? Probably not. There's a lot of gaps between concept and implementation in a realistic setting, but it sounds fun).
Men and women in a society are taught and speak more or less separate forms of the same language. There is only mild apparent overlap. But the grammar and writing system are mostly the same.
If a couple wants to communicate across that linguistic divide, they have to learn how to communicate with eachother first. This can be done by learning another language that is not dimorphic, or by forming a unique auxlang with their chosen partner. Male-female pairs generally form, initially, due to mutual interest and crystalize in the formation of a communication system. These bonds are very strong, though seldom the primary means of a linguistically dimorphic peoples reproduction.
This lack of immediate ability to communicate with the opposite sex does lead to many non-romantic same sex pairs. Occasionally (though perhaps more often than in other cultures) an intersex individual will be born, and such a child is taught both sides of the dimorphic language. These individuals are highly desirable by both sexes and by larger social groups as translators and mediators between the sexually divided subcultures of these peoples.
As a consequence of the abundance of same sex pairs and a need for new offspring, same sex pairs may come to a silent agreement to share partners for a short period to reproduce. In these events, the child is generally kept with the female pair if the child is female, and with the male pair if the child is male.
Despite the overwhelming frequency of same sex pairs, the prevailing sexual attraction is between male and female. However the respect given to linguistic communication between the two, and the effort it takes to establish such a link, most members of each sex see members of the other with a reverence or fear one might attribute to something mysterious and alien.
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ladywhvmp · 7 minutes ago
Summer of Whump #17 – Collared | vampire whumper x werewolf whumpee | cw: captivity, (implied) pet whump, intimate whumper, collar.
Her neck burns. The metal is cold, yes, metal is usually cold. But silver burns, she's not a "pure-blood", so the silvers doesn't poison her so easily. However, she's still a werewolf and silver still burns her like the brightest flame would burn someone. The collar is heavy, makes her lean forwards and breathing almost hurts. The chains is attached to the collar on the back of her neck and it goes up to be connected to one of the bars above her head. The cage is quite small, she can't stay up to her full height, and she's not even that tall.
The silver dumps her heightened senses, so she doesn't notice the woman until the woman hits the cage. The werewolf looks up, she can smell the metallic smell of blood coming from her. She's very obviously a vampire. And the wolf isn't really that much of a conservative purist, but the scent of a vampire still bothers her nose. Even more when the vampire is someone who decided to put her in a cage and put a silver collar around her neck. The werewolf knows that her neck will be covered in scar tissues because of all this burning.
The vampire smirks at her, showing the dangerously sharp fangs. She unlocks the cage's door and enters it. She barely can stay upright, she looks down at the kneeling girl. The vampire holds her chin, freezing cold fingers and sharp nails that probably could cut her skin easily if she applies a little more pressure. Her other hands comes up and caresses her cheek in a way that makes the werewolf shiver, hating how intimate the moment feels. She really doesn't like the idea of being this close to someone who's basically torturing her.
"You're an adorable little dog, aren't you?" She smirks, the wolf almost growls. The hand on her chin forces her to move her head side-to-side. "Hm, that's a quite handsome face for a wolf lady."
"What you want, bloodsucker?"
"You, obviously, pup," the hand on her cheek moves up, to her hair, petting and even if the wolf is happy to accept head pets and belly rubs even in her human form, this feel utterly humiliating. "I bet you're adorable in your doggy form."
She growls. The vampire snarls and slaps her. Slaps her hard enough to make her fall to her side, choking with the collar being dug on her throat since the leash is too for her to be on the floor. The vampire grabs the chain and pulls, making the wolf kneel again, she coughs and dark spots dance in her eyes. She can feel the silver starting to poison her, burning into her veins and making her feel weaker.
"Don't be insolent, pup," being called pup isn't bad most of the times, but the vampire makes it sound offensive. "If you behave, I can be nice. But if you don't, I'll hurt you as much as I can."
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carriejonesbooks · 7 minutes ago
The Best Kind of People (especially writers) Notice Things
The Best Kind of People (especially writers) Notice Things
There is a fantastic blog post on Tim Ferriss’s blog about the work and thoughts of professor/writer Sam Apple. I have a link at the end of this post because you should probably read it in its entirety if the act of noticing as a writer resonates with you. Or maybe even if it doesn’t When I mentor people and edit them, I often tell them to go specific in their details (but don’t overload those…
Tumblr media
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writing-moth · 7 minutes ago
Now that I've graduated from uni. I can finally come back to tumblr, look at writing memes and also complain about writing while absolutely not writing anything.
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starsfic · 8 minutes ago
I don't know if you do stuff for Dragonfruit/Peppermint, but if you don't you can 100% make it platonic if you're more comfortable that way. But them with prompt #18 and #26 mixed together, if that's okay?
A/N: Based on a idea where Xiaojiao and Xiaotian's love lives have been a disaster before Red bc people have issues with them being platonic partners.
18. Looks like we’re going to be stuck here for a while. and 26. You don’t hate me.
Red Son tried the knob again, even though he knew it was pointless. It was firm, not even jiggling under his hands. In a fit of pique, he slammed his fist against the metal with a growl.
Still locked.
With one last groan, he turned to his cellmate. "Looks like we're going to be stuck here for a while."
There was an answering hum from Xiaojiao, curled into a tight ball. Red sighed, leaning back against the door and sinking to the floor. He hunched his knees up. The silence lingered before he sighed again. "I'm sorry."
She was upset.
And he knew exactly why.
The day after the New Year attack, the phone he had accidentally taken from Xiaojiao buzzed with a text from said dragon girl. He had resolved to ignore it. Even if he and his father-at least- were moving on from conquering the world, it didn't mean he wanted to be buddy-buddy with those heroes.
Three days later and a ton of new texts, he had finally caved. What began as him telling Xiaojiao to go away had blossomed into a rather fun back and forth with her and Xiaotian. Then they were inviting him out to things and although he couldn't make it often, it was still fun what he could still do.
And then it had hit him in the face in the last showdown against Lady Bone Demon, watching her attack, her full power on display.
He had struggled with his feelings until, finally, he had drafted up a very long text, explaining his feelings for her. Then he had sent it. And waited for a reply that never came.
The next day, Xiaojiao was closed off.
She had been avoiding him for a solid week now. This latest fight, against a fool of a demon king, had been the most they'd talked since he had sent her his confession. And now they were stuck here until someone let them out.
"I apologize for my-"
"It's not your fault." Xiaojiao pulled her face out of her knees. Despite her makeup being perfect, her eyes were wet. "It's just..." She seemed to weigh something in her eyes, the tears forming soon replaced by steel. "I'm not giving up Xiaotian."
...okay, he was missing some context here.
"We knew the moment we met that we were going to be platonic partners," Xiaojiao continued on, despite the confused expression that must've been on his face. "It's been us for years and I know we're probably too close, but it's us. I'm not giving up Xiaotian so if you're being serious-"
She blinked. " aren't going to... You don't hate me." The last sentence was breathed out in awe
"No!" Red shook his head. "I- what? Did others try-?" He knew Xiaojiao and Xiaotian both had a history of failed relationships, but he didn't suspect that they had tried to break up their friendship.
She curled back up. "Not all of them." she admitted. "But there were enough that tried to make us choose." She fiddled with her hands, glaring at her thumbs like they held some deep dark secret. "We always chose each other."
Like he suspected. Even before getting to know them better, it was like they were two halves of one person. Maybe that wasn't healthy, but... "Those people are idiots. It's obviously clear you two shouldn't be separated."
She managed a smile, tinged with relief and sadness and something else he couldn't place. "I know." She straightened, letting out a sigh of her own. Then she held out her hand.
Red stared at it.
Then he reached out and took it, enjoying how their fingers wrapped around the other's, scooting across the floor until their sides pressed together. Xiaojiao sighed, the sound much happier this time, before she leaned into him. Red smiled. He didn't even ask about how she felt about him.
He had a feeling what her answer would be.
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