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#this character design is SO CUTE OH MY GOD
This is random and just came to my mind, what if the MC was an online roleplayer and unknowingly was Levi's friend before they even came to the devildom? Like, Levi and the MC were in... a Rurichan roleplay server on discord and got to know one another there. And then when MC arrived they would not always, but often be in their room just roleplaying with him.
Okay first of all this is freaking genius and I love it. Ahhh this is going to be so wholesome and CHAOTIC CUTE haahhaha thank you for this! I'll try and do my best to do it justice. This is so adorable I can't-
Tumblr media
Levi:*barging into your room* MC you've got to come see this!!
MC: What's up Levi? A new game?
Levi: Well technically not new but they released a new and improved version of Cosplay Battle Saga!
MC: Oh my god! I love that game! We even had this in the human world! I haven't played it in so long!
Levi: You used to play this? Did you have an account and avatar?
MC: Why of course I did! I always made them look so cool! Ah I miss it.
Levi: You can use your old avatar again!
MC: Wait what? Really? The data is still saved?
Levi: Like I said it's the same thing. Just with massive updates! Of course you'll need your password though.
MC: Ah don't worry I remember it. I still use it for some other things. Where do I log in?
Levi: *pointing at his screen* The game is being installed right now. After that we'll log in from two different devices.
MC: Gotcha! Ah I wonder I'll meet my old friend's there again. Do they even play anymore?
Levi: I know most of my friends do. But there's this one friend I haven't seen in years. They were the closest to me. Ah I miss them.
MC: I know right? I used to have a close friend here too. There was this game server on discord where we used to text almost all the time. We used to have fun roleplaying and making up our own adventures haha.
Levi: SAME! They used to be so good in acting as Ruri chan. They could even mimic Ruri Chan's voice! Online role-playing is an art of story telling, don't let anyone convince you otherwise!
MC: Oh wow, my friend used to say the exact same things hahaha and roleplaying as Ruri chan was also so fun. I did it too sometimes! Now then is the game loaded yet?
Levi: Yes! It's done! Now we just have to log in with our old accounts and-
*MC phone starts to ring. It's Satan calling.*
MC: *picks up* Yes Satan?
Satan: Sorry to bother you MC, but did you finish reading the last book I gave you? Another friend wants to borrow it.
MC: Ah yes yes. Do you want me to go fetch it for you?
Satan: Ah no no it's okay. I'll take myself. Its on the nightstand as usual right?
MC: Ah yes yes. Is there anything else?
Satan: No just this. Enjoy your playtime with Levi and come to the library if you're done. There's another a new book I want you to have.
MC: Oh okay then. See you soon byee!!
Levi: Go on MC, your turn to log in. As you can see they really upgraded the graphics and-
Levi: Who's him?
MC: That avatar right here! That's the friend I was telling you about!
Levi: N-no way are you sure-
MC: YES LEVI IM SURE! Look at that sword! See it's hilt? See how the hilt looks like Ruri Chan's cap? He and I designed that together! And then he hacked the game and added it as one of the weapon options in the game.
Levi: .....
MC: It's true! Noone else in the whole game has that sword except him and me! See I'll show you mine! *logs in* Look I have the same sword!
Levi: I-I see...
MC: Ah I have to talk to him. There's a voice chat right?!
Levi: Yes...
MC: *in a Ruri chan voice* Hello hello! Is that Admiral V, I see? Oh it's been so long since I've seen you, dearie me! I missed you! *hugs character*
Levi: *blushes furiously and stares at the screen, his leg shaking in excitement*
MC: ...he isn't replying. Maybe he forgot me after all. *Sad smile* Where's your avatar Levi? Say hi to me I'll come to you.
*Admiral V hugs you and says hi*
MC: Yay he said hi! Levi where- wait. Is that YOU?
Levi: *blushing mess* T-this is Admiral V reporting his partner in mission. RuriRuri do you have anything to say for your five year absence?
*Pounces and hugs Levi*
Levi: I missed you too MC! I can't believe it... It was you doing the Ruri chan voice... all along*Blushes again*
MC: No wonder I always had so much fun playing with you! Now let's go and fight some dungeon trolls! *Ruri voice* Onward we go Admiral V!
Levi: ...Yes, of course, RuriRuri.
MC: Levi...your nose is bleeding!
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honhonluigi · 9 hours ago
What games do you like to play?
I like Dead By Daylight, Huniepop, Jurassic World Evolution, Yandere Simulator, Danganronpa obvs, and the Sims (but only for the purpose of making and playing with my characters/characters I know). That’s pretty much it when it comes to games I play. I never really got into GTA V or Red Dead Redemption even though I probably could, I played Reigns and Banished but they didn’t stick, and my friend made me sit through Doki Doki Literature Club but I fucking hated every second of it. And I love Layers of Fear (not the sequel. The sequel sucks balls.) That’s my whole history with games. 
I’ve been obsessed with DBD since it came out in 2015. I love everything about it. I love the characters in Huniepop, especially Audrey. They’re so fucking funny. It’s a hilarious and really cute game. Yandere Simulator is also super funny and I love the game design. It’s so bright and colorful. I hate the storyline and characters (oh my god, I want to burn Osana alive. She’s the fucking worst.), but the gameplay is really fun, and I love playing it while joking around with my friends, doing challenges or playing as various ‘yandere’ characters I know with different rivals. The Sims I use to make my characters/characters I like and then play around with them. Other than that, it’s pretty boring. I like Danganronpa for the characters and the concept, even if the lore is...really dumb. And I love Jurassic World Evolution because....Hello?? You get to have your own fucking dinosaur zoo. What’s not to love about that? Plus I love RTS games, and I love animals, and I loved the Jurassic World movies. (Jurassic Park...Not so much). The game has so much in it. It’s unbelievable how much it has to offer. I love it, and right now it’s the only thing I’m playing. I want to get Planet Zoo and try it out too, because then I can have a regular animal zoo, but I haven’t bought it yet. 
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puffyjisung · a day ago
It felt like they were ruthlessly pushing down at my jaw 😭 but I mean they gotta do what they gotta do. Now it’s aching so much but the meds they gave helps a lot. And thank u!
Idk why but it’s hard for me to watch anime, I would recommend one but I rly dk much 😂 but hopefully u find one soon. And tht does sound fun tho! Me and my friends were playing Genshin and pubg yesterday so I guess it was just a day full of gaming 😂 the best we can do without leaving the house rip. And omf 5 years 🤭 how did u even hold it off for tht long but damn I’m impressed. At least u finished it tho.
LITERALLY SAME THO. Like I want to finish them all but I can’t 😭 I try to read fics to get like “inspired” but rn there’s barely any to read. I wanna write for either Jisung or Chan but that’s literally not going well. I hope u find the ideas tho I bet things from anime or something will help. – 🍓
(tw blood, needles, burning for the first paragraph)
aaaaa sounds terrible 😭 reminds me of the time i got gum surgery. The dentist said there was no pain and it was more on contouring and i was like oh fun. what i didnt expect is for them to inject my gums with anesthesia 5 times and burn down my gums. a horrifying day. i was literally shaking but also frozen in place. and also my gums were bloody and painful for 2 weeks. i was never afraid of dentists and orthodontists until that day. thank god though im never having wisdom teeth so i guess i dont have to experience another horrific thing
(it ends here if u wanna skip reading that)
omg genshin! a lot of my friends are into that game and i wanna try it too but they warned me that it takes up so much storage space 😂 so i was like ok nope. i'll just happily vicariously live through them. im just wondering what kind of game is it? is it like a fighting game that's also rpg? the characters designs are cute ngl
barely any?? 😭 maybe it's time to expand horizons and discover more writers!! i have a fic rec account @puffyjisung-ficrecs maybe you can browse through it and find something that piques your interest 😊 maybe it will help you discover more writers too! i hope you find inspiration and ideas too. i'd love to see your works soon if ever you get to posting it 😆
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feverfew08 · 2 days ago
(yeah I'm kinda late for it but here we go. Spoilers ahead obviously)
First off I comprehend why for some fans this season is their least favourite due to the light-hearted tone. I thought too that Ryan and Min-Gi story was going to be bittersweet. Everyone expected (me included) them to have a toxic relationship based on codependency and both have to come to terms with the fact that they have grown up therefore their goals are different and the lesson would be that friends don't stick with us forever and sometimes they walk away from our lives. Infinity train had us so used to feel intense emotions so even it was strange for me to see both protagonists getting their happy ending without being subjected to so much trauma as previous passengers. I thought too that Ryan and Min-Gi story was going to be bittersweet. I was like yeah I'm so happy for Ryan and Min. They are together pursuing their dreams but where's the ✨ T R A U M A✨?? However, I'm glad it ended on a positive note. I'm pleased with the less heavy direction book 4 took like ok let's take a break from the tragedy and trauma from book 3 and enjoy the calm before the storm.
Ok let's talk about the characters shall we?
Ryan- Omg I love him 💖💖💖. He stole my heart since the trailer was released and God Lord I love him even more 💕💕. He is adorable. His design is top notch. When Min-Gi was a bit of a dick with him (especially when he called him stupid) I got the urge to hug him :C What I like the most about his character is that he is not the typical studious shy Asian guy with glasses. He breaks that mold beautifully. Instead he is such a creative guy with a lateral thinking.
Tumblr media
Min-Gi - Ok he was a tad condescending at the beginning but he wasn't annoying to me. Ryan steals the show and won our hearts with his :3 nyaa expressions but Min has his cute moments too. Like hellooo?? He comforted Kez when she opened up to them about Jeremy. Also he patted his shoulder as a cue for her to to rest on it. That was so sweet 💕. Besides, he is handsome and awkward. I love him too.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kez- Oh god I love this talkative and bubbly bell. Her voice is so relaxing to listen to and her relationship with Ryan and Min is among all my favourite. She is the most charismatic denizen to me. She goes with the flow like Ryan and I adore when she tries to calm both down with her warm kisses and snuggles on Ryan and Min's shoulders. If she was my denizen companion I'd miss her for real once I get off the train like noooo :C therapy train can I bring Kez with me to the real world please??
You know I relate to both guys. I'm a bit more reserved like Min and I really care about how people perceive me. Also I have that habit of getting cold feet (I hope I will change that). Similar to Ryan sometimes I forget to use my brain cells and can be careless. Nonetheless, due to negative outcome of my rush decisions I become more cautious and I choose not to take risks again.
I'm a sucker for that type of dynamic in which two "friends" are way different from one another and yet their bond is mutual. Ryan is carefree to a fault and avid whereas Min-Gi is down to earth but anxious. Ryan learnt to slow down and he is now aware of his actions can affect people. Min, on the one hand, learnt to embrace uncertainty and join Ryan. They balance each other out. Isn't it sweet?? Somehow they give me off Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu vibes. Same case with Ryan and Min they are two sides of the same coin but they care so much about each other. However, Nana O. And Nana K. Story is full of angst. Perhaps Ryan and Min are what these girls could've been if they lived in Infinity train universe and got on the train to get therapy (and all Nana characters in general. They need it urgently).
My favourite car and episode is the Art gallery car. Out of all the cars this one is the creepiest and most terrifying. If you don't figure out fastly the way out of it you will die and probably be part of that horrible creature made out of seemingly previous passengers' hands who couldn't get out of the car. Come to think of it what would have happened if Ryan had abandoned Min and chosen his exit?? The train might have sent him to another car but I'm not sure. I don't believe his number went down to zero just because he said he wouldn't leave Min. I think the exit was a trick to test Ryan's loyalty but who knows?? Perhaps we could have known more details about their numbers synchronized and this issue if Cartoon Network wasn't too much of a coward to cancel the show due to ridiculous reasons.
What I applaud is the voice acting. The characters feel fleshed out. Idk I immensely love the voices. The voice actors were invested in their characters. Kudos to them for doing such an amazing work!
Ok everyone has pointed this out but God the whole split screen sequence is absolutely marvelous fantastic and sublime. The juxtaposition between Ryan's warm colours and Min-Gi's cold colours is just perfect and beautiful✨.
Tumblr media
When I watched it Osamu Dezaki came to mind. He normally used this technique in anime he directed. Here's an example from Ashita no Joe one of his well regarded works.
Tumblr media
(psstt they are gay my mind)
Seriously I want to marry this shot 💖💖💖💍💍.
Tumblr media
Overall, this book is wholesome putting aside what happened in the art gallery car and how Min was on the verge of death there. I like how every book is executed in different ways. Infinity train in general doesn't follow a pattern. The episodes don't feel mundane. This cartoon is not predictable and I think this is why is so appealing to me. It is a shame CN made the wrong decision to cancel it. The premise is unique and fascinating honestly it is unfair its potential is being wasted. I hope another animation studio will pick this fantastic cartoon and hopefully we will get to see the rest of the story.
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avionvadion · 2 days ago
Towa was too naive neither Setsuna had didnt have gold eyes from their father and sessrinners are too immature to bullied people like James beckett
The first three episodes, Towa had a lot of potential. She questioned gender roles, her place in the modern era, and actually showed signs of intelligence when she tried to avoid mentioning or doing anything that could alter history. She was cute and she was smart. I really enjoyed her character then.
Unfortunately, that was all lost shortly after as Sunrise completely rewrote her personality into a Mary Sue who was dumb as bricks (not even endearingly dumb, she was just plain stupid) with such an obsessive crush on her twin sister (who she hasn’t seen since they were four, mind you) that she completely stopped caring about the family who, you know, raised her for ten years, and never stopped twice to think that-
“Huh, you know what? Maybe I SHOULDN’T give my rainbow pearl to a dude who just admitted that he works for the enemy, and in doing so just completely forget three seconds later that he said he was the enemy until Setsuna and Moroha remind me after he’s already left. Also that he got me kidnapped in the first place, as he gave a stolen sword to me and framed me as the thief.” -_-
And the color schemes!!! Good gods. In the og design Rumiko made for them, Towa had gold and Setsuna had brown eyes. Yet for some reason Sunrise decided they going to change it up to make them look near identical to Kagura and Byakuya. 👀 That’s not even mentioning their freaking powers. Half of Towa’s abilities link back to Naraku and his many incarnations, the blue dragon especially as that was a TOKIJIN trait- and what was tokijin made out of?
The fang of one of Naraku’s early incarnations. That power did NOT originate from Sesshomaru. He could only use it because it came from the sword itself. Then there’s Setsuna with her whole moth motif and dream butterfly and wind abilities.
Kagura had moth feathers in her hair. She was the only character who actually had wind powers (wind scar is not actually a wind power, ya nasties; it’s the clashing of demonic energies that is so strong it causes a gust of wind that tears into the ground leaving several scars. What happens when you swing a sword hard enough? There’s a SWISH sound, which is wind) and Byakuya was nicknamed “Byakuya of Dreams”. He also uses a naginata... like Setsuna. Little Towa even had Kagura’s specific ponytail. All the signs are there. Like holy frick.
AND THE BULLYING THING. Jeez. It’s bad enough the nasties send death threats, rape threats, and suicide taunts, and even go so far as try to doxx people and get them kicked out of their college, but they’re even attacking people who are literally just doing their job in reviewing anime. It’s not James’ fault Yashahime is trash. Even the Anime News Network is saying Trashahime is awful.
It’s hard to believe the nasties are grown ass adults with kids. 🤢
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Literally everything that Setsuna and Towa have and are can link back to Naraku somehow. The only way it makes sense is for the mom to be Kagura (or Naraku himself). Although at this point I’m not even sure if I want Kagura to be involved in this dumpsterfire. 😫 She deserves better. But with Sunrise’s evident lack of writing skills and creating plot, I doubt they even have a good explanation ready.
They keep relying on the “oh they’re Sesshomaru’s daughters” line without providing any additional back up. Like, yeah they’re his kids but they’re also half demons. Inuyasha had to learn to use his powers, and he gets the crap beat out of him quite often. Dude got stabbed through the chest in almost every big fight scene, and his keen nose was often used against him.
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ollieakana · 3 days ago
hyakujuu sentai gaoranger
Tumblr media
quests 4-6
quest 04: the two who never give up!!
don't be mean, sharkboy
so this is where max and danny got their "never give up" thing from
i like that black comes off as a little more of a "scaredy cat" than danny is
he's a dumbass tho bc he literally just?? let himself get hit in the head with stone from this pillar when he shoved sharkboy out of the way
okay i actually like that feathery dumbass just straight up teases/mocks sharkboy for his "i'm not a kid!" thing
also i have an easier time believing sharkboy is "a kid" bc he actually does look younger than his team vs max who looks like he's the same age as the rest of his team
i think it's funny how they were nervous abt adapting goseiger bc "angels" but were fine with adapting gaoranger practically point for point and it has more religious stuff in it than goseiger did
sharkboy is sulking by the waterfall... as ya do
oh so those numbers that pop up on the screen of the g-phone are designated to the rangers based on when they joined the team
also he's 19 what
i thought he was like 16 or 17
kai gave him courage :,^)
i was gonna make a joke on shuten's name but they were all distasteful and i'm a better person than that
i'm here for tsuetsue getting called an old lady by tigress over here
[character calls someone a fool] me, immediately: just like franziska <3
i love how chill every motw is with murder
kai is fine dw black
i wonder who else's names we're gonna learn in these early episodes
oooo mystery stone and scroll :0
(break, perhaps for nature?)
(only people i went to hs with would get that but still it felt appropriate given this sentai's theme)
quest 05: the mountain moves!!
okay so mystery stone = new gao jewel, which means new power animal. sick
they're all grabbing from each other like children i think i love them
oh god monster body horror
fucked up mystery scroll says there are more power animals!! gotta catch 'em all, amirite?
tetom just.. shooing everyone out of gao's rock
love that mr vet and tigress are just following tetom
queen behavior from tetom what a legend
are you saying that in a sexist way, or in a genuine concern way, mr vet?
i think it's kinda interesting that the gaorangers don't live on sky island with the power animals
god the way they cgi'd the rangers chasing after the tire org
tsuetsue nail inspo
tetom cheering the team on is so cute omg
wait is black a sumo champion or was he just saying that
mr vet my beloved
every time i see them enter gaoking it reminds me of the wild force advertisement on my ninja storm vhs
!!!!!! gaoelephant!!!
okay i love tetom to death i think she's my favorite so far
(break bc work smh)
quest 06: bison in love!!
gaoelephant is back on sky island :,^)
these girls' uniforms remind me of misao
omg black has a crush
also i like that at least this part of the story's execution is different for danny in wild force
"that scary manager" eh he was more dickish than scary
okay this org is super creepy
oh this scene is:
Tumblr media
goddammit black look what you've done
also he's the only one i don't have a nickname for yet smh
oh fuck the manager is in league w the orgs
so humans can sell their souls to the orgs? once again why there hesitation with adapting goseiger when the only "religious theme" was the fact that they were angels?
oh no they fucked up
or wait is the org controlling the bride fully? that is.. unclear
okay clear now. the org was the dress
and apparently black's little crush is in league with the orgs to gain youth and beauty.. wack
i love when they have the male characters crossdress for the plot and it isn't turned into a humiliation thing
this dumbass literally got turned into a baby bc of her selfishness and conceit. as she should
he's really doin the sumo thing in high heels and a wedding dress. mad respect
"it went out!?" yeah... it's water
"i really do hate men!!" twitter would love you, wedding dress org
i really vibe w yabaiba's catchphrase being "oh crap!"
okay but will black's crush on whatshername still be a thing or is he gonna abandon it bc of how shallow she is
listen the cgi they do on her (her name is shimada btw, but i feel like i won't need to remember that) when she ages down/up is super creepy
nuh uh, no. black, we aren't pulling that card. she was fully aware of her actions, and it's her fault she was turned into a baby. she did something bad, don't use the org as a fall guy
she does not deserve immediate forgiveness for her actions don't be spineless just bc you're whipped
yes, a beautiful heart is the most important thing for a person, but she's shown she has aspects of an ugly heart that need time to be redeemed
insecurity is not an excuse for dooming people to be living statues for the rest of their lives
damn black got FUCKED
"you still have me, right?" that's a little gay kai
anyways moral of the story i hate the idea that someone deserves to be immediately forgiven after doing something shitty like that
alright that's the end of part 2 of this giant ass live blog. hopefully you enjoyed reading the dumbass thoughts my idiot brain produced <3
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eloarei · 5 days ago
In lighter news... Ah, well, actually it’s just because I’ve been trying to distract myself. Anyway, I’ve been playing video games pretty incessantly this past week or two. See, I usually have a bunch of games sitting around on my PS4 that are half-finished, or I downloaded and never played. So right now I’m sitting here waiting for Mass Effect to come out, so I decided I’d try to knock a few of them out. And since I’m here, I may as well chat about them a bit.  In rough order of my beating them recently:  Assassin’s Creed 3: 
Tumblr media
(Ziio~~! I love Ziio. Haytham too.) Man, it took me 9 years to beat this game. Actually, that’s why I never played any of the recent AC games. But now I’m done, so I can move on! This is a really different game from previous AC games, but also very nice in ways. Connor (or  Ratonhnhaké:ton) is a pretty cool protag; I like his no-nonsense nature but how he’s also just a little bit of a dork. His design is cool too, and I liked that some scenes took place in his native language.  The Tyranny of King Washington DLC was actually pretty great too. The eagle flight thing was a game-changer.  Of course, I couldn’t talk about AC3 without mentioning Haytham, Connor’s dad. Finding out he was a templar was totally ‘Top Ten Video Game Betrayals’ lol. 
Tumblr media
I started this game with no idea about it, and I found I liked it quite a lot. It’s a little bit in the same vein as Dragon Age. Gameplay-wise it definitely has some similarities, though the characters aren’t quite as likeable. I was fond of the natives, although the politics got a bit tiring. The ending was... somewhat predictable, though I don’t know what I would have suggested doing otherwise. Little phrases from the natives’ language are gonna be stuck in my head forever from how much they said them, like ‘on ol menawi’ and ‘carants’. 
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: 
Tumblr media
Like every other FF7 fan, I was nervous about this, but I’m really happy with how it turned out! The gameplay was pretty good; the expanded story was nice; the characters were fantastic. I loved how they turned out. The English was so much more natural than a lot of dubs/translations feel, and some of their lines were genuinely funny. I liked just about everyone. Oh my god but little Marlene? Literally so cute that I wanted to cry every time she talked. So cute. Best little kid I’ve ever seen in a game.  Really looking forward to the next one! Literally I think the only thing I didn’t like about this one (compared to the original FF7) was that max-leveling a materia doesn’t spawn a new one, and that there’s only 1 ‘All/Magnify’. Maybe having more would be too over-powered. 
Manual Samuel: 
Tumblr media
A much smaller game, and probably the most amusingly frustrating game I’ve ever played. Rich entitled Samuel dies, and Death says he’ll bring him back to life if he can survive one day doing everything manually. Which means you have to breathe, blink, and move both feet and hands separately. And talking is a nightmare. Of course then you also have to fight robots. TBH it’s really fun and very stupid-funny, but it made me scream. Highly recommended if you can get it for 50 cents like I did.  Little Acre: 
Tumblr media
Another short game, Little Acre is a very cute point-and-click adventure about a single dad raising his little daughter in a cottage they share with grandpa, who happens to have made a portal to another world. It’s all hand-drawn adorable animation, cute voice acting, and typical point-click puzzles. Another 50 cent recommendation!   Control: 
Tumblr media
This is the game I’m on currently, and I’m enjoying it a lot, even though I’ve had to use more walkthroughs than I like to admit. It’s very spooky, and I’m not good at spooky games! XD; But the more powerful you get, the less the shadows and enemies scare you. It is very ‘Lovecraft Cosmic Horror’, though most people don’t consider it a horror game. Wherever it’s creepy, it’s usually a little funny too, and just... strange. The powers you get are pretty cool, but my favorite thing is the main character Jesse: she frequently says exactly what you’re thinking! (For example: “ ‘Alright, time to clean up,’ she says, as she pulls out her gun.”) She’s very genre savvy and it makes the whole odd affair seem friendly in a way.  I haven’t beaten the game yet, but I’m close. I’ve avoided most spoilers. although I know just enough that I’m excited about a couple points I haven’t gotten to yet.  Another very recommended game, if you like semi-spooky shooters, government conspiracy, and some tough optional boss battles. Might even be worth watching a playthrough if you can’t play it yourself.  Have you played any of these games? What did you think of them? =] 
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woolydemon · 7 days ago
what are your thoughts on blurr?
I HAVE... MANY OF THEM. This is gonna be a long one (also im assuming ur talking abt tfa blurr)
First impression
I was just scrolling though the TFA tags before finishing my first watch if the show (bc... I'm like that I guess. I am willing to spoil myself stuff just so I can see fanart of them before I finish the show </3) and OF COURSE I saw him.
I immediately was like "OH,, HIS DESIGN IS FUN,," and he was a lil hyped up for me based on how ppl are like "look at this lil cute boy <33!!!!!"
Impression now
He's... not a "lil cute boy <33". But thank goodness he isn't bc I love him for that.
hearing his voice for the first time caught me off guard since ppl were drawing him.. In a certain way that doesn't quite indicate how much of a cringe nerd he actually is. He's just such a weirdo!! And thank god for that!! I wouldn't want him any other way, also I related heavily to his talking habits that's where the roots of kinning happened </3
What's also cool is that he is still kinda badass while still definitely being such a dweeb, like he ran across the galaxy!!! How did he do that??? Fucked up. Also despite being somewhat eccentric, he is definitely one of the most level headed characters on the show and that's just a fun concept to me :]
Favorite moment
probably all 13 minutes he appears in the show?????? (listen. i like him a lot)
like idk even his appearances in Velocity are interesting bc like... What is he thinking while all of this is happening.
is frothing at the mouth with rage at being controlled like a remote control toy car?? Is he freaking out over the fact he almost killed bumblebee?? is he impressed by how bee was able to quickly access situations and respond accordingly to them?? The possibiwittys..
but aside from that i just love seeing blurr being blurr at any moment, I give him full permission to infodump at all times
(also i love seeing him banter with bumblebee, wish we got more of that dynamic but alas </3)
Idea for a story
ooogh... i got some ideas.
I love seeing stories abt him dealing with the cube trauma but sometimes I think about what if he just went over to shockwave in prison and lashes out at him but in the end it just. Doesn't make him feel better and he's like "WOW. THIS SUCKS I NEED THERAPY"
Then there's an AU I've been thinking of where Blurr joins the crew from the start bc Ultra Magnus wanted someone to keep direct tabs on Optimus for him (and also intel didn't want to deal with him anymore so they just willingly sent him away </3) then u explore how he fits into the crew now (bonus points if he actually joins illegal street racing on his own terms this time, and then bee finds out and is like "dude what the fuck". There's reasons for this of course- this didnt come outta nowhere)
Then there's all the blurrbee fics that are in my brain, but the one I find rlly fun and interesting is Blurr gets forces to have a partner bc the cube incident and of course he's like "no!! I want to avoid social interaction bc i have social anxiety problems" but he looks at the list of new elite guard members for him to mentor and he sees. Bumblebee on that list. Apparently Bee's got the chops to be a really good scout, plus his reputation as a member of Team Prime made them willing to accept him into the Elite Guard. So now Bee is mentored by Blurr and is also Blurr's emotional support bot, plus they go on fun adventures and fall in love <3 good for them
Unpopular opinion
as I've said.. blurrs not a "lil cute boy". He's not some pushover!!! he's immensely stubborn and does not let willingly let anything get in his way!! He is also super intolerant of bullshit so he's probably going to shut down any of that before it gets out of hand
also while i do rlly like the idea of longarm and Blurr being friends, I think it's rlly funny if they were bitter workplace rivals and constantly going back and forth being extremely passive aggressive while maintaining professionalism. Like how blurr was sent to earth by longarm before he was able to get his breakthrough on the Flipsides case!! I imagine that conversation being like
Longarm: hello agent Blurr, I know you have been dedicating a lot of time and energy in figuring out who amongst the entertainment guild could possibly be a sleeper agent but I'm afraid I will have to postpone that by sending you in earth to monitor Optimus prime and his crew uwu
blurr: oh. .. thats. Completely fine sir. *Cuts to him later banging his head against the wall*
Favorite relationship
hmm.. I wonder whats my favorite relationship with Blurr in it?????? wat a mystery.. /j
OK Yeah. Its Blurrbee. I'm just so in love with their dynamic in the show and also what ISNT in the show. There's actually this bit in the Allspark Almanac where Blurr talks about how he thinks of Bumblebee as slightly annoying but has his heart in the right place and??? That's so sweet?? Blurr genuinely has a good opinion of Bee from the start and respects him which is. Very different from how a lot of other bots see Bumblebee.
I'm just saying, blurrbee dynamics ARE THERE and they are INTERESTING!!! Please think abt them please think abt them plea
Favorite headcanon
I think Blurr is very defensive of any friends he manages to actually have. Like he cares abt ppl like Wheelie and Dug Base A LOT.
You can call him a weirdo all you want, he doesn't care. But you start making fun of how Wheelie or Dug Base talk?? Ur gonna face his righteous fury!!!!!! He will end ur life and I might not be joking about this
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bluecoloreddreams · 11 days ago
I have officially finished!  That was an extremely good adaptation, and it fixed the things I did not like about the original trilogy (which was mostly focused on getting exhausted with Alina’s POV, poor chemistry with Mal despite their endgame status, and strange pacing in the first book--not that the original trilogy was bad, it just ends up weak compared to SoC and KoS. It’s a first novel, and that’s okay.). 
Especially where the Crows are concerned, the Netflix-adaptation is going to blend seamlessly into the SoC books: Given that the unrest in Ravka is heightened more with the Zlatan subplot, the development of the panem in Fjerda doesn’t seem out of place if it were to continue alongside the SaS/RaR plotlines. I especially like Nina overhearing their “we’re going to need a heartrender” setup in E.8. 
Dialogue, costuming, set, sound design, and the actors were amazing. If I had one thing that I had to go “eh” over it would be the CGI on the skiffs, and Ben Barnes’ awful wig in the Darkling flashback. (It’s nearly always wigs I notice.) 
An incomprehensive list of things I really enjoyed: 
The entire cast is literally perfect, sorry, no exceptions
Mikhael and Dubrov’s character expansions. I enjoyed their whole Rosencrantz and Guildenstern shtick, and was really sad knowing they were gonna die. 
Mal and Alina’s joking banter and general chemistry in the first episode was amazing.
Talk shit, get hit flashback Y E S 
Freddy Carter’s profile. Just. The little upturn of his nose??? Just, it’s perfect, and I really liked it. I cannot for the life of me explain it, but it just brings a hint of cuteness to Kaz’s harshness that *fist clench* it’s good. ALSO KAZ’S MUSSED UP HAIR PLEASE GOD THANKS 
Jessie/Alina’s forehead scar, it’s very nice that it got kept in, and that Genya never even went for it
The scene where Fedyor feeds Ivan the macaron at the Winter Fete. And when he escorts Alina and Genya on each arm when they sneak out. Both of them have to do things that the audience does not agree with/like, so I do enjoy that they’re shown doing funny and human things. 
Speaking of, Alina dragging Genya out to see the performers, it was very cute, and I love them both dearly. They cut the scene from the books where Mal and Alina stumble across the Butter Week celebrations, so this is a nice nod to it. 
The very erotic nature of Nina taking a bite of the bread from Mattias before spitting it in his face
the goat that carries the show and plot oh my goD
Technically, Kaz did not lie about kidnapping Alina
David raising his hand to speak
Inej stabbed the Darkling, Inej stabbed the Darkling~~~~ 
The way Jesper gets angry when Ivan realizes how he’s doing his sharpshooting
“Jesper fixed your cane”, no questions asked as to how 
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bearisweet · 12 days ago
yooo I don't follow precure but I just seen this character and im LOSING IT
Tumblr media
WHY. IS SHE SO CUTE??? the sheer perfection of her design, the squirrel motif, the warm colors. Oh my god.
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anxiousfanchild · 15 days ago
Since people liked my Teruteru posts, I’m going to be listing every character in V1 and V2 and saying if they are overrated or underrated and why. WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR BOTH GAMES/ANIME
Junko: overrated, obviously. She’s very pretty but other then that? Not the best lmao?? Abused and manipulated Mikan and Mukuro
Makoto: Boring, was carried through the whole game by kirigiri. Not even all that funny in the anime, he’s just a boring kid.
Togami: A spoiled rich boy that messed with poor Chihiro’s body. He’s cute but a total asshole and a twink (derogatory). He should have been a victim.
Toko: I love her personality and her design is very pretty, but the way they are further demonizing DID with her character is horrible and I do not stan. 
Leon: Underrated boy, everyone gives him a lot of shit for being the first murderer. He’s cute, he’s got a funky lil shirt (that he shares with nagito?) and hes got some scottish roots like me. A good boi (minus the fact he killed someone.) 
Maizono: Overrated, shes not even all that pretty. The REAL musical ultimate was Ibuki and you can’t convince me otherwise. 
Hifumi: He never did anything *wrong* in v1, but he gives off this horrible vibe. Probably has a body pillow of Kisa from Fruits Basket or smth gross like that. 
Kiyotaka: In the fandom, his personality has been muddled down to “old gay man” but lets be real, if this dude wasnt in a killing game, he’d be a c*p (o)
Aoi: Her personality is literally eating and big boobs and closed lesbian. Not a fleshed out character and honestly, Sakura should have survived, not her. 
Mondo: You’ve heard of mommy and daddy issues, now get ready for “I accidently killed my big brother when he gave me his biker gang when I was literally 15 years old and now I lay awake for nights thinking about and on top of that I might be gay and oh my god I just got turned into butter.” issues
Yasuhiro: 100% underrated. Is there colorism in the fact he’s one of the only dark skinned characters in this series and his personality is literally “spout off random bullshit and have the whole fandom think i’m a druggie?” yeah, but if i remember correctly, in the anime, he’s actually really smart or something? (in the second anime, not the first.) And he was really kind when he was taking care of Kiyotaka when Mondo died. He’s a good character, minus the obvious racial stereotypes
Sakura: Deserved to live. She was a great friend to Aoi and sacrificed herself so her friend could keep going. She’s a good gorl. 
Chihiro: Prefacing this with I’m a Chihiro Kinnie: overrated and everyone in the fandom sexualizes him. Or headcanons him as mtf or nonbinary. It literally explains why he dresses as a girl (he was v v weak and sickly so if he convinced everyone he was a girl, they wouldnt pick on him for being a weak boy). Headcanon what you want, but dont come at me with the “hE wAnTs To Be A GiRl” cause youre literally erasing his entired character and the REASON mondo was able to kill him. 
Celestia: She’s so creepy and mean? and not even in a cool way I just don’t like her. If Junko wasnt the mastermind behind this game, it totally would have been celestia. Manipulated Hifumi, framed Yasuhiro, and killed Hifumi and Kiyotaka. Not a fan with the double kill tbh
Kirigiri: I personally don’t like her cause she has no personality beyond “gotta solve this mystery like im fuckin scooby doo” and “I can’t believe its daddy issues!”
Mukuro: literally wants to fuck her sister. No. 
V2: (I’m not finished with it yet, just finished the Mikan trial) 
Teruteru: underrated and over villainized. he’s literally a horny teenager and was just trying to a) protect everyone from nagito cause he thought twogami was nagito and b) just wanted his mom. 
Nagito: literally insane lol. If I hear him say anything else about hope, I’m going to scream. 
Nekomaru: No personality minus “I need to take a shit”
Akane: (see Aoi) they are literally the same character
Ibuki: overrated, but I can see why. She was really nice and cool. (I also have an Ibuki interject in my system so I can’t really bad mouth her.)
Mikan: Annoying at most. If Junko didnt hurt her, she probably wouldnt have killed anyone. 
Chiaki: I get.... v bad vibes from her, but I also kin her so its an odd toss up
Hajime: Whole personality is “fuck off nagito” and “orange juice in a wine glass” 
Mahiru: No my favorite, I didnt really like her, but she was really nice to Hiyoko so she’s okay in my book. 
Hiyoko: Underrated because no one takes into consideration: she is litearlly like 16 or 17, shes under 5 feet tall, she’s never gone through a killing game before, shes probably terrified. Thats why she’s mean. And she’s not even mean to everyone, just to Mikan really (who didnt deserve if but she was a really easy target)
Fuyuhiko: boss baby, tiny boy, underrated. He lost his sister and his best friend, let him be. 
Peko: Eh?? if she didnt have a literal slave mentality she’d be cool (and i dont think it was hiko’s fault, cause there are many times where he was just trying to treat peko like a friend and she was in full human shield mode.) 
Gundham: nice design, but the theatrics are getting on my nerves. Whats with the hamsters? I like his scarf though
Kazuichi: literally a giant perv, but i like his design and I have a small soft spot for pervy characters. If he would have left Sonia alone, he would have been an okay character. 
Sonia: overrated, annoying, would fuck ted bundy and run a true crime blog on this gods damn website. Not a good girl and I’m surprised she hasnt killed kazuichi yet. 
I dont think I missed anyone so here you go. Read it and weep /j 
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inosukeslefttoe · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
SO i just finished wonder egg priority and i think that with confidence i can say it has been one of my favorite animes like... ever ?? and not even from hyperfixation or obsession over it just... its so fucking real yet so simple in a way that i havent rlly seen shown in any other shows you feel ??
but first i wanna talk about how sexy the art and animation is real quick... HOMIE ITS SO GOOD LIKE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT JUST... serotonin... the characters are all so unique and iconic and fun but not over the top in their designs yknow ??? they seem like regular every day girls but they stand out and theyre all sO CUTE !!!! also i love how the style is like this soft bubbly slice of life lookin stuff with bright happy colors and the most beautiful scenes you could find but they also have the SICKEST fight scenes complete with whimsical animal helpers and terrifying villains and crazy weapons unique to each character. and the animation. god DAMN shawty i am obsessed with everything in this show. i might make a post solely about the art later lol bc i wanna get into the other stuff.
so the themes in the show right ?? it starts just as this cute lil magical girl kinda deal but within the first episode we see that like.. oh damn... thats kinda heavy... tbh i was a little shocked and thought about stopping bc yknow bad mental health BUT i was so intrigued that i had to keep going and i am SO GLAD that i did. because this show just so beautifully discusses all these heavy topics in such an eloquent and artistically expressive way. and also like, , the juxtaposition of the charming childlike vibe with bright colors and 14 yr old girl protagonists against the dark themes of suicide and so much else,, i think is just perfect. bc a lot of heavy animes are more of the seinen genre and have some middle aged dude as a protag or make the entire color palette dim or offer little relief to the pain of these heavy themes right ?? but NO not wonder egg bitches B) because these problems arent just things that ppl face later in life or just problems that need to be talked about among adults or the edgy seinen watching squad,, these are REAL problems that face people of every age, gender etc and i think its awesome that wonder egg addresses that. some may cringe at the thought of their high schooler watching animes that discuss sexual harassment, suicide, abuse, self harm, eating disorders etc,, but in reality it is the most comforting thing i have ever come across and is basically jsut free anime therapy. because not only does wonder egg present these themes to the viewers as something real that happens to all kinds of people (making said people feel heard in a way that maybe they hadnt before), but it also makes sure to vanquish all of these forms of trauma. and the way the trauma is vanquished isnt always beautiful and it isnt always just magically gone with a poof. the struggles of overcoming or living with that sort of thing are shown in such a real and relatable way that addresses every hardship trauma survivors have to go through. and i just. god i cry bro. 
oh m y GOD and the lgbtq+ rep in this show ?? like shawty... as soon as i saw episode one i was picking up on some gay/lesbian themes but then again im sapphic and project that a lot so i tend to see that sort of stuff like... everywhere... but NE WAYS... episode ten made me FUKCING CRY BRO LIke i cant believe there was a whole trans character with a whole trans pride hoodie like LKGHKDGH my heart is just so.. so fucking full thinking about him. bc like yeah i know there are trans characters in anime but i feel like theyre always very ambiguous about actually being trans or not or erased or portrayed as a harmful stereotype or theyre constantly misgendered and still refered to as their assigned gender at birth and i hate it. HOWEVEr... Kaoru.. *chefs kiss* it was so amazing to see a character straight up say “yeah im trans” in such a casual yet powerful way bc i personally have never seen that before. and i love love loved how he went into his backstory and talked to momoe about gender bc i think thats what she rlly needed and that it helped her find herself and it makes me so happy oh my god,, and the way they talked about it never seemed forced or like it was the focal point of his existence yknow ?? like yeah he existed to help momoe overcome some of her trauma but he also just existed to be HIM yknow ?? also... personally, i headcanon momoe as a trans girl even though i dont remember it being explicitly stated plus the school scenes of her and stuff would seem like they suggest otherwise ??but,,, SHAWTY THE AMOUNT OF SUBTEXT and her complicated relationship w gender is... something i feel like a cis girl would not go through so harshly yknow ?? with all of the questioning and feeling detached from femininity or feeling like ppl dont see her as an actual girl and only like her as a guy or for her masculine traits,,, but dont take my word on this bc i myself am a cis girl but that was just my take on it as someone in the lgbtq+ community trying to educate myself on the transgender community :) either way,, wonder eggs portrayal of momoe and kaoru and the way that momoe becomes so passionate about expressing herself the way she wants to as a girl is just... good lord im gonna cry its so perfect,,,.so ... i just love this show way too much. i also am honestly super lost about the relationship btwn acca and ura-acca ?? bc i was gonna mention ura-acca as a canonically gay guy bc when i was watching i interpreted ep 11 as him being in love with acca and being jealous of Azusa (bc i mean,, they lived together (i swear to god there was only one bed in that apartment) and had a daughter together and def loved each other and also when Frill said they were husbands and then when ura-acca said he wasnt attracted to azusa but he was def jealous of their relationship ??) but then i saw somewhere that theyre brothers ?? which would make sense ig since they look kinda similar and accas daughter called ura-acca “uncle”.. but at the same time its ANIME SO THEY ALL LOOK SIMILAR and referring to gay couples as siblings is an EXTREMELY common euphemism soooo... IM JUST LOST HERE... but yeah i tried doing research and found different things so i cant say anything for sure >:( however,,, if they are canonically a lil fruity for each other... when frill refered to acca as ura-accas husband i imploded dude you never hear that sort of wording in anime.. but if theyre related i am so sorry. 
god this is so much longer than i planned it to be oops but i also love the theme about like.. relying on friends to help carry your weight but at the same time not becoming completely dependent on those friends and using their support to learn how to love yourself and rely on yourself yknow ?? bc that is exactly what healthy friendships look like. bc i think ai sort of had a codependency thing goin on with koito maybe ?? but now she has a whole squad of funky friends that are so so different but all struggle with different kinds of trauma and although they fight over it, they always get through it with each other together. and they push each other no matter what to be the best versions of themselves and they teach other that getting hurt is okay because theyre always gonna be there to pick up the pieces no matter what happens. they can give each other space when they need and adapt to meet each others needs but theyre always able to balance it out with their own needs and thats such a beautiful thing in friendships especially at their age like damn i wish i had that maturity when i was 14 but no all i had was depression. another thing is that through these friendships you get to see all the different sides of each girl; you get to see them being strong or a shining light to their friends when theyre hurting but you also get to see them being hurt and weak and allowing themselves to be on the receiving end of the comfort. their friendships allows them to have weaknesses but it also allows them to highlight their strengths and thrive off of each others. I LOVE FRIENDSHIP DUDE
next i wanna briefly mention some of the themes connected to suicide that ive noticed. a big one is the survivors guilt that ai feels once koito is dead. several times she screams that she wishes she couldve gone with koito and she dreams of a “perfect world” where they committed a double suicide. one of the main reasons for her troubles is that she blames herself for koitos death and feels like it should be her thats dead... but at the same time she feels like too much of a coward to do anything now that koito is gone. she just has all these complex and contradicting feelings that wear away at her in ways that ppl that havent gone through the suicide of a loved one could never imagine. a lot of the times when things like this are portrayed in media i feel like its more in a way thats meant to guilt trip those that have taken their own lives and paint suicide as this selfish sin thats unforgivable but... not only does wonder egg reject that idea and instead portray it as a heartbreaking tragedy with,,, so so many terrible reasons, but it focuses on the feelings of ai separate from koito without blaming her in any way. not once did i feel like the show antagonized koito or that ai blamed koito for doing any of this, but they simply mourned her loss and touched on ais reaction towards the event but separate from koito herself if that makes sense. and i think that discussing survivors guilt without painting koito as the bad guy is something so beautifully done in wonder egg that can really resonate with those that have lost a loved one to suicide and have struggled with these same things.
okay i think this is the last thing ill mention,,, but HOMIE THE PARALLEL UNIVERSE BIT AT THE END. I AM. OBSESSED. i am such a whore for anything about the multiverse okay n e ways...,, not only did this make a super epic trippy ending of season one and add a little bit more magical girl whimsy to the show,, but it had such a powerful message. from the perspective of og ai,, finding out that you killed yourself in another world is... i mean its definitely not a surprise but at the same time it rlly makes you think how close og ai herself couldve been to that point and what decisions led her out of that dark place in her life. if i were in her shoes i would be terrified and id cry bc the thought of going back to such a dark place and actually going through with something like that is my worst fear and probably something that ai fears too. but at the same time,,, think from the perspective of ai two !!! like yeah its true that theres this awful terrible version of ai that dies but theres also a whole version of ai that is a superhero magical girl fighting off monsters to save countless ppls lives !! and she has a badass lizard and a gang of awesome friends !!! at first i was worried that ai two would be jealous of og ai and compare herself to her and feel inferior but like.. THEYRE LITERALLY THE SAME PERSON AND CAPABLE OF THE SAME THINGS !!! and ai two realized that !! just within the span of one episode, she went from the version of ai who took her life,, to the version of ai jumping in front of a friend to take a bullet for them and save their life. and that just inspired THE SHIT OUT OF ME. i think that ai was sent another version of herself to sort of beat her own worst enemy yknow ?? those doubts and fears that shes no good or that shes that same bystander from episode one and that she hasnt changed at all. but getting to interact with her parallel self and see her grow was just what she needed to realize that while yeah sometimes the worst thing can happen and things can be terrible but on the other hand sometimes the most wonderful thing imaginable can happen because she has the power to do either. 
so im gonna go ahead and stop rambling bc i got all my thoughts out that i wanted to for this post :D but yeah lol i might make another if i feel like it sometime. long story short: this show is perfect and it is going on my favorite of all times.
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agoddamn · 20 days ago
It's a bit cute when you're reminded of how real-life boat design is in Star Destroyers. There's no reason for the bridge to be on a giant, vulnerable tower on a space ship--but of course you need to be able to see as much as possible when you're steering a boat. They look a lot like aircraft carriers here
>Kilian and at least three navigational officers tried to land the ship, and then at least two more guys in the hallways
So I guess it's what I thought, that there was a fair amount of crew complement still onboard
Anakin firstnames Mace, hah
"Ponds and Kilian must have been sucked out into space when the cabin depressurized" ...Mace. There are dudes that were executed all over this bridge. It was clearly intact
The fucking DRAMA of executing every survivor on the ship and delicately placing a rigged Jango Helmet Replica at the very tip of the bridge and then watching with binoculars like a Tom & Jerry cartoon?? Good God, these guys are bad at what they do
Oh nooo, this is a "the heroes are incapacitated so the goofy sidekick has to save the day" episode. This show and its goddamn mood whiplash--we're standing in a graveyard, I'm really not hyped for "Lassie is driving the car!" jokes at this point
Why has Aurra got an antenna in her head
It takes the efforts of both Ahsoka and Plo to steady the bridge for only about thirty seconds
"[hostage-taking] does not sit well with [Boba]"
Boba emphasizes "I'm not like you, I'm not a clone". Yeahhh, I'm gonna say that Jango definitely dehumanized the clones to him
Are Anakin and Mace sharing a hospital room?
Ponds dies for incoherent Boba wangst :(
Writers treating clones like cannon fodder, take a shot
Wait, hang on, is this a "my whole squad was wiped out" tick? I started that count with Rex in mind, but there's now one clone survivor from the ship landing
Official subtitles note the music in Hondo's place as [Indian pop music]
So, Plo and Ahsoka investigating the underworld...sure would be nice if we had some sort of established character with an expertise in the underworld, huh?
Plo: be more subtle
Also Plo: -walks directly up to the bar and puts his lightsaber on the counter-
...Hondo sexy
Boba: We wanted Windu!
Also Boba: -did his level best to kill, wound, and cripple Windu-
I mean I can buy HIM being stupid on account of being ten, but at least three grown adults were soft enough in the head to critically wound a guy and then expect him to hustle across the galaxy
This plan had like six swerves and nowhere did they attempt to account for Plo gently Force-grabbing Boba by the collar like a kitten
"your father would have wanted [the honorable thing]"
The same father that sold his children into slavery? [doubt]
"I see now that I've done terrible things" ABSOLUTE LUCAS-TIER DIALOG
I don't think the single clone survivor from the crash landing even got a name.
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rens-room · 21 days ago
SK8 thoughts (episode by episode commentary version): 
This is so disorganized because I had to start over like three times, Tumblr kept eating my drafts. 
Welcome to the madness I guess. 
Why does this show have such clean animation?? like I thought this was gonna be a meme show? but the animation is actually nice. 
Reki looks like Soul Evans crossed with Lavi or Reno. 
How old is this kid?? Why is he taking on a wholeass adult? in a skateboarding race??!!
oh, we are breaking out the named attacks.
Why do I only log into Funimation for shows like this? last time it was hypnosismic. 
Based on the OP, Cherry is my favorite. 
spotted: blue Hisoka!! I hate it here!
ok, I lied. Langa might be my fave. 
they really said “cool transfer student” and “main character sits in the back row by the windows” tropes. 
He has blue-purple converse and I need them.
Langa is me on a skateboard- immediately falls off. 
Cherry is so pretty I can't! 
sketchy ass skateboarding competition where you need a special pass to get in.
Shadow...scares me.
plot armor can’t protect your DUCK-TAPED FEET TO A SKATEBOARD!!!
^ I need y’all to know, I figured this out literally seconds before it was confirmed on-screen. That is how bad I am at picking up foreshadowing clues. 
your villain intro can’t involve dramatic classical music, I won’t take you seriously. 
ok so is everyone pretty?? is that what I’m gonna have to live with?
red/blue shippers come get y’alls juice (technically Langa’s hair is more silver than blue but he fits the ice queen to Reki’s fiery enthusiasm on a superficial level). 
Canada lol. 
oop called the inability to stop problem too. 
ma’am, I hate to be the one to tell you but your son accidentally joined an underground skateboarding cult. 
get you a friend who’s willing to make you a custom skateboard. 
dead dad disease strikes again. 
ok, I get massive catboy vibes from Miya. he screams catboy with the arrogance, god complex, and uhhhh literal cat ears on his skating outfit. 
I guess there are no rules for modifying boards because Langa would totally be breaking all of them. 
Langa noooooooo Adam is obviously a creep!
I just want to know how the creator got around the HxH trademark to make Adam because he’s just as creepy as the original. 
when you lose in episode one and are reduced to being a taxi for the rest of the show. 
matador of love...who’s attracted to potential probably + a really extra hairstyle and costume + Spanish sounding theme music =  blue Hisoka. 
oh no the blood thing and the tongue thing and the “main course” thing. 
“love hug” say less, please say less and leave the underage boys alone!
instead of having a loli they made a shota cat boy character. it’s Miya. 
“please” “please” “blackmail threat”
Shadow vs Shadow’s car. two very different aesthetics. 
I appreciate that everyone fails a little bit with skateboarding, makes it more realistic.
The palm trees in the ED are Langa and Reki btw.
Adam is so creepppyy!
hi, I am here to say that matchablossom has consumed my soul and I am a devout Joe and Cherry shipper now.
^ evidence: Cherry showing up and invading Joe’s workplace. the bickering. the childhood friends status.
so uhhhhh Hisoka Spanish music intensifies. but on skateboards this time.
What kind of cop-out is having literal cops show up during the race?!
found family in action: sighted waiting in the hospital for Reki after he raced Adam.
fellas is it gay to have nightmares about your best friend in class? asking for Reki.
What is this fight club? the first rule of S is we don’t talk about S?
shows up uninvited to an Italian restaurant. attempts to order ramen for the kids you adopted.
Reki and Langa’s communication and acceptance of each other’s wishes. top tier. let them be happy please.
secretary-kun is treated so weirdly by Adam.
red carpet + red roses + red cape = one dramatic entrance
please don’t touch the underage boy, please don’t touch the literal minor, TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF OF THE CHILD!!!
What is up with Adam's eyes and the neon lights?
How much power does Adam have to control the police??!!
ok, so Shadow really did adopt all these children. 
a fun “coincidence” that everyone’s on the same ship.
Family dinner! paid for by the totally not married couple inviting other people for free food.
Langa offering to protect Reki! and both of them being adorable in general. 
do not forget your injured friend! especially if he’s scared of ghosts! 
what even was episode 6... it started really cute with the beach, we got a hot springs thing...and then mud masks?? 
episode 6 fed the fandom so fucking well like adorable anime sparkles, ship content, wholesome beach fun.  
^ but why did you have to tear us down immediately after?
so yes this is probably the turning point as Reki is starting to get in his own head and Adam is making his moves but eh it was a great beach episode.
Adam is a creep. He is blue Hisoka on a skateboard and none of those things are ok. please stop touching the underage boys. (how on earth do you skate like that?? I can’t keep my balance on solid ground let alone dipping another person while accelerating forward). 
Cherry and Joe. matchablossom. I ship it. (every time they fight on screen: they’re married, your honor). 
Cherry is literally so many of my favorite character attributes together ahhhhhhhh. 
roses. so many roses. do not accept the roses. 
episode 7 starts off so well but I read spoilers you can’t fool me! (please don’t break my heart). 
^ update: episode 7 is breaking my heart. Reki is a little too relatable ya know. 
rip to secretary-kun. Adam stop being weird with your assistant. 
parachuting down from a helicopter? Adam this is a bit much even for you. (but the part where Cherry isn’t even surprised at this lol).
Adam...has to use hair extensions because his hair is so fluffy in his skating persona but there’s not enough of it normally to have that much volume.  
friendship breakup in the rain. listen, these hurt me more than actual breakups in shows. like I don’t like the end of HxH because the main four characters all go separate ways. 
I need more backstory with Cherry, Joe, and Adam. 
Adam isn’t like your average antagonist, he has Aunt issues. (why can’t he be normal and have daddy or mommy issues??). 
hahahaha Miya’s face! when Adam explained that he loved his victims. 
It is really interesting that all of the characters are introduced as pretty one-dimensional but the show is doing the best it can to flesh them out and add backstory. I feel like most 12 episode shows don’t bother as much so this is nice. 
Tadashi is a snake in the best way possible. gotta love the secretary plot points.
Who the hell is Harry??
can Joe drop his workout routine because he was skinny in high school, so how did he get buff? 
Joe out here (trying) to fix friendships because he’s actually super observant and understands how people work.  
how Joe and Cherry always find each other/know where the other person is. 
episode 9 WTF!!! is that allowed?! I feel like that shouldn’t have been allowed, Adam wtf. 
you know that feeling when your ex-friend (cough crush cough) hits you in the face with their skateboard? no. me neither, let’s ask Cherry how it feels. 
fellas is it gay to pour a glass of wine for your sleeping friend? 
My friend pointed out that “girl all the bad guys want” by bowling for soup is a pretty accurate rep of Joe pining for Cherry who wanted Adam. 
I want it on record that I considered Adam and Cherry having a past (as more of a crack ship than anything else) before episode 9.
imagine your crush from seven years ago rejecting you with a skateboard to the face.
Looking back, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more informative opening for an anime in my life. The whole plot is there basically.   
The shortcut? Not physically possible wtf. Actually, the entire race is verging into only possible in anime territory 
Joe’s fucking mullet. Dude, did you grow out your hair because Cherry kept his long? We know you had it short once. 
Adam why are you dancing on the fucking stage it’s so weird.
So Adam and Cherry both started their beef by running, is there a limit to how long before the skaters have to get on their board? Or is it like a swim meet where you usually take the first couple of strokes underwater before breaking the surface naturally? 
Rewatched episode 9 (because I’m illegally streaming episodes before they come out on Funimation- this show is having me revert to bad habits) and you know, the pacing is wack shit. Like the first half is this awesome beef with Langa and Joe, and Reki and Langa get some development, etc. but the second half is all Cherry and Adam. It’s just a really chaotic episode and part of me thinks the ending is going to be just as rushed because they spent too much time (through episode 6) being happy and slowly introducing conflict. 
I can’t handle the recap of Reki and Langa being happy ahhhh. 
Happy smiling Reki…..
Got palm-tree-ending-song-trolled by a skateboard, thanks Carla. (yes it hurts more than getting rickrolled). 
Omfg, why is this so violent?? 
Don’t start with Cherry’s murder wtf I was in enough pain the first two times I watched it. 
Sk8 really said, “Cherry was only the beginning” and then went after Shadow and Reki. 
How does the manager know Cherry and Joe? Is he also an S skater??!! 
So does everyone like live in that hospital now? Do the staff recognize “ah yes the colorful-haired skaters are back again”? 
Secretary-kun, how much time have you spent in love hotels?? 
Funimation doesn’t use the oxford comma and I think that’s all I need to say on why I don’t like Funimation. 
I think I speak for everyone when I say OH THANK YOU GOD I WAS GETTING SCARED AT THE 6 MINUTE MARK! 
Langa laughing. 
Adam is evil but that’s nothing new. I wish he would keep his creepy pedophile fingers off Reki but whatever. 
ok dancing Adam, not a good start.  
bitch this ain’t a wedding he’s a minor so fuck off!
Y'ALL I STAYED SPOILER-FREE TO WATCH THIS EPISODE WITHOUT ANY FILTERED INFO AFTER WATCHING BL DRAMAS (and day drinking) FROM 3-11 pm. The commitment I have for this show is only made more ironic by the fact I did not want to get attached. 
Reki working on/making another board for Langa is so cute. 
Cherry and Joe driving/escorting the kids to S is so sweet. 
Adam wtf is this course. WHY IS THERE A GRAVESTONE??!! 
I will admit everyone in this show is really committed to their aesthetics. 
Adam, why the death theme? 
oh shit, I like the music during the race. 
don’t bring the zone into this, I already rewatched Kuroko no Basket over the winter. 
I cannot watch someone die!! this was supposed to be a fun cute little sports anime. what the fuck is going on?! 
I love how the message of this show is that you are supposed to have fun and enjoy things with other people. the mindset of sports/hobbies/anything that isn’t for work or profit makes people think they have to be the best and that’s not a healthy mentality sometimes. 
did- did they knock each other out? midair collision for “fun”? 
I personally do not desire redemption for Adam, but I guess that’s a nice message or whatever. 
HE WON!!! (oh thank god). 
sk8 fam celebration!! bruh these characters are so cute. 
Adam did not need to crash land that roof party. 
family screen time!! 
So did Langa’s dad die snowboarding or…? 
I would kill for all the ending theme clips to be fully animated in an ova or something. 
UM?! Can Adam maybe not call Tadashi a dog? not to kinkshame but that part is still weird. 
so the weird police lady’s story/investigation went nowhere and that’s really sad.
the serious review 
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t-o-m-hollands · 21 days ago
New found Timmy fan anon here! Yes. I watched the King, and it was sooo good, I love history so when I saw on Letterboxd that he had that period drama film I went straight to it. He is so hot, I never knew I would be a whore for a man with a bowl cut.
I proceeded to watch CMBYN next, and wowieeee I’ve only seen it once w a friend but I was like half asleep. He’s so pretty, his acting there was phenomenal and his broody angsty self on CMBYN made me feel like it was close to his character in PARIS!
I then watched little women, which I’ve seen some parts of and I FELL IN LOVE. He was so cute, and his character was probably the most “happy” one he’s played yet he still brought in that pouty “my heart is always broken” persona to the role. Swooooon I loved the costume design on little women, it’s one of my fave books so I think he did a great job bringing that character to life.
OH and I watched beautiful boy, lemme tell you...... I don’t ducking understand why that movie was swept under the rug and why I didn’t really hear of it. That was probably his best acting. I watched a 40 minute interview of him doing promo for that show and he said he lost 18 pounds?!?!? His dedication. Oh goodness.
I’ve still got some more movies to go, and I’ve read up on some of the articles he’s done, he so well spoken yet awkward in conversations at the same time I found it endearing. Found out he briefly went to an Ivy League school too and dropped out to be a starving artist. God. He’s so predictable. Love it.
Apparently he auditioned for spider man??? LOL! I couldn’t see his broody self playing that character. A timotheé/Tom interaction would send me to orbit. They’ve both worked w Zendaya so hey... what’s stopping them?
I heard he’s gonna be playing as Bob Dylan in a biopic, I am so excited. Can’t believe a FanFiction got me researching this man. I live in NYC which is where he lives and I never even knew, now I’ll be on the look out for a dark haired lean man, with lanky legs when I’m in line for bagel orders or when I’m shopping in used bookshops!
I'm absolutely LOVING your journey here 😂
And honestly, its so funny to me imagining tom and timothèe having switched careers, like they're both really great actors but the thought of timothèe as spiderman really cracks me up. BUT YES I'd love to see them work together!
And cannot waaait for the dylan biopic!!
Also second hand book shops seems like the perfect place to run into him quite frankly!
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cuddlecave · 21 days ago
oh god that image of your sona with the wing flappies is so cute!!
cuddle is the cutest~
Tumblr media
like legit she is one of my most fave character designs I've ever come up with
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natsukitakama · 22 days ago
I got pieck lmao 😂 well I am female bisexual after all but she’s not my waifu but I do think she’s pretty and I do have crush on someone from attack on Titan and it’s Eren but I don’t like him this way anymore. (That was when I was 12 years old which I’m currently 19.) and about you getting Floch that’s a good result for the Floch stans, well he’s actually my type but in manga version only lol but I’m not his stan, I just honestly think he’s attractive and really curious about him lol.
DA** I’m so jealous , i don’t really think I’m attracted to woman but she is one my favorite I love her she is lovely even if I’m not really into SNK woman much to my dismay 😭
That’s funny because Eren was my first (still is) crush when I started Snk like everyone was like « oh my god Levi 🥵 » and here I was in love with the angry boy (I believe I got a soft spot for them) but then I started to crush on another character like Zeke (🥵) Porco (🥵) I also love Jean Armin, pieck, Annie, Hansi. May i ask you who is your curent crush now ?
To be honest I do not hate Floch and I won’t judge anyone for loving him. I mean it’s up to everyone’s taste and it’s not of my business. I actually find him quite interesting his character développement especially. He is not my type but somehow I find him cute when we got a glimpse of the past from Mappa Opinion I really love his design with his hair kinda cute I guess ? Unlike I’m not fan of his manga design lol his face makes me think of some titans from the beginning lol 😭
As someone mentioned he could be a great way to get closed to not only Eren but also Zeke so I’m taking it lmao
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rat-boiy · 25 days ago
Thoughts about all the "Extra" content (In order: Snapchat, Arg, Epilogues, Hiveswap Act 1, Hiveswap Friendsim, Friendsim, Homestuck^2, Hiveswap Act 2)?
Okay let's do this.
The Homestuck Snapchat: I honestly had no problem with this. Saw it as a cute lil extra bonus content for the ending. The Rosemary wedding and seeing everyone happy? God it felt good to see these characters I love finally get what they deserved after all that time.
ARG: Oh jeez was this a mess. Not a well thought out plan. Although great in theory and the backstory into some of the characters is great, some of the the things found in the website were just plain terrible. Like H*tl*r and Einstein interaction and plain ole antisemitism kind of terrible. Not a great look to add to an already deemed 'insensitive and cringy' Fandom.
The Homestuck Epilogues: Very mixed feelings here. Releasing it on ao3 alongside the website? Kinda weird. And the tags on the story? You read those tags and knew you were in for a wild ride. I find the different paths to be interesting and it was a different take on what we believed would happen to these people. Here's my problem with this. This to me isn't seen as an epilogue as much as I see it as a separate story. It doesn't tie much up in a way that is true to the comic to me but it's still Homestuck related so I still count it when speaking of lore.
Hiveswap act 1: Pre-ordered this bad boy. The late release and Kickstarter money going bye bye kind of gave me a sour taste and made me feel like I wasn't gonna like this game. I'm glad I was wrong. Hiveswap Act 1 was awesome. The art and design in it was pretty and I liked the attention to detail in it. Overall? Good game.
Hiveswap friendsim: You don't understand how attached I grew to these characters. A simple mock dating sim game in the Homestuck universe is genius. The art is amazing and the characters are well done in this. It was an awesome way to meet the trolls in Hiveswap Act 2 before it came out.
Homestuck^2: Oh boy I'm talking about it again. This takes place after The Epilogues and while the art is good and I find some of the storyline endearing I have the same feelings here. I will still consider this to be canon to Homestuck lore. I feel meh bordering on not liking it very much for the twists and turns it takes on the characters again. But it's still classified in the gray line of canon that The Epilogues were so I can't complain much.
Hiveswap Act 2: I haven't gotten a chance to play this yet. I want to though as the art looks awesome and I want to meet the trolls from the troll call. Send me an ask and tell me if you think it's good and worth it to play! :>
Send me more asks I love these and I love you guys sending them in! <3
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