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paulofcharsky · 11 hours ago
The Roland's Food Court Food News for April 27th, 2021; Roland presents myself and Gennaro Pecchia with some food news including; recap of our guests on the show, Dunkin' is introducing coconut milk with their coffees, chocolate Dunkaroos is returning this Summer, the Roland's Food Court West Coast Road trip visiting El Cholo, Chili John's, Tasty Donuts, Quarters Korean BBQ, Califorina Donuts and Hell's Kitchen.
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thecoinshop · a day ago
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Great price on this 2007-P Wyoming State Quarter ONLY: $2.65 Wyoming is the 44th coin released in the 50 State Quarters Program and the fourth released in 2007. Wyoming, admitted into the Union on July 10, 1890, themed the coin, The Equality State. It features an image of a bucking horse and rider. President William J. Clinton was in office when this legislation was signed. Three United States Mint Directors served under President Clinton's tenure; David J. Ryder of Idaho, Philip N. Diehl of Texas, and Jay W. Johnson of Wisconsin. View MORE State Commemorative Quarters StatehoodQuarters StateQuarterProgram statequarters
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