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#pmd partner
084392 · 3 days ago
i do like the idea that explorers partners parents were great explorers themselves and thats why they wanted to become one...but i also like to think they werent biologically related to them. like their parents adopted them as an egg from a mission yknow...?
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stompstump-peak · 6 days ago
♫ your gates duo! :D
i actually had to think about this one for a sec! so here's what i've got:
for úrsula (hero) — interesting drug by ok go // a toast and a spirit by vacation manor
for axel (partner) — sunflower by rex orange county
for the two of them together — can you stay by the family crest // more today than yesterday by spiral staircase
they've both got individual playlists, but i've never really thought about a song that fits both of them! can you stay is only on axel's playlist but it really does work for them as a duo. and of course there's a romantic song too bc <3 they're in love ur honor
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firaknight · 7 days ago
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defendglobe · 12 days ago
when i was in grade 10 my irl best friend and i replayed pmd2 around the same time we decided that grovyle keeps the stolen time gears up his ass
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084392 · 18 days ago
adding to my last post. explorers partner is actually really good with scary stories and shit too bc of this lmao...that night that the guild apprentices were telling scary stories? partner told the scariest one and were also the only apprentice that got a good nights sleep that night....including hero lmao.
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