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#my strength is being an annoying little shit lets work with that
lunarian-writings · 6 days ago
Not any request, but I had this thought and I wanted to get it out of my head: imagine the Bad Batch (Star Wars, pre-Order 66) meeting Noble Team (Halo)
I fully imagine Jun and Crosshair would get into a scuffle over who's the better shot, lots of banter and biting remarks but have underlying respect for the other despite it. Who knows, maybe Crosshair will stop being an ass to Noble Team. (Emile almost got himself kicked off again because him and Crosshair got into a nasty fight when he called them 'regs')
Cat is impressed with Tech's knowledge of practically everything, though she might be a annoyed at how he can ramble sometimes and gets a little snappy if he goes on for too long. Other than that though shes content with him.
Jorge and Emile with Wrecker though? Jorge notices Wrecker's strength immediately and commends him for it; if it weren't for his personality, Jorge might even say he's on Level with Spartan-IIs. Can't tell me they don't get along by training in fist fights, arm wrestling and joyous conversations about the Covenant and Seppies though. Emile is just glad that he has someone who appreciates his explosive tendencies, I totally imagine him and Wrecker sneak out sometimes to go cause some chaos against the baddies by blowing their shit up; totally craft their own explosives too and have fun about it
Carter and Hunter get along smoothly as commanders and brothers in arms (not literally, but they both went through similar events such as being molded for war and such). Carter appreciates the work and leadership Hunter has for his squad, and Hunter's breathing sighs of relief that he has someone to talk to that isn't about to start fights, blow shit up or go on random sayings. 10/10 they are terrifying when their paired up together, no questions. (Also if you really want to think about it.... Carter kinda looks like a 'reg' clone too)
Noble-6 (going off of the personality shown in game and not the custom character) would get along with Echo the most, but it isn't immediate, like its almost as slow as a slug. I headcannon that because he's such a lone wolf (even with Noble Team, he has a habit and preference of going solo), he struggles to open up to anyone, but then over the course of getting to know Echo, he just... let's out a lot of things. Six goes over the amount of chaos and death he's seen that he forcibly bottles up to where nightmares happen so frequently that he's left with barely several hours of sleep. Echo completely understands as with what happened at the Citadel, him being a POW, Fives, and so much more, he relates to Six on a personal level. They become buddies quickly and Six never lets anyone rudely comment on Echo's cybernetic body, or else they get a fist to the face.
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lavenderboneswrites · 11 days ago
Russian family au
Kururi is clingy too Izaya, like she'll try too help him cook but it never really works. Kururi always moves when she see's Shiki enter so that Shiki cant see Izaya. She'll grab his cuffs and just snuggle them
While Muiru is clingy too Simon like ALOT. She'll ask him too let her ride on his shoulders all the time. Muiru practically hangs off Simons arm if given the chance.
While they both like too torture Denis.
They all meet when Izaya had passed out at the shop forgetting too go home and so Muiru and Kururi decided too break in and wait. Scaring the SHIT outta Denis when he walked in.
This is too cute anon 😭 I just imagine the twins being very overly affectionate with Simon but Izaya is a little more reserved. However that does not stop Simon from ruffling Izaya’s head affectionally and clapping him with way too much strength on the shoulder from time to time. Izaya will act like he hates it but secretly he loves it. Touch starved Izaya is my jam. Also Izaya acting like he’s annoyed with Kururi hanging off him but then will teach her the best way to fillet a fish like we stan a good big bro 🥰
And the twins messing with Denis is just too good 👌👌 like just think of all the shenanigans they could get up to? And they rope Shizuo into it when he starts working there and together they beg the master, Izaya, for his prank wisdom.
Also now I’m just imaging Shizuo and Izaya having a prank war. The twins take sides, Simon just thinks it’s good natured fun and Denis is s u f f e r i n g.
Denis @ Simon: please stop adopting kids I’m begging you
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leaflovescloud · 16 days ago
Hi there. 
I’m feeling a lil upset, emotional at the moment. And now, I’m all alone. 
Chris left for a stay in AirBnB, honestly I never thought I would see this day coming. 
To date, we have been together for 10 months now. 
It has been really eventful, really. I guess both of us have hit a rocky path. 
Let me give some facts forming the backdrop of this post. 
Back in Feb, I was encountered with a car accident, in fact, for the first time in my entire life. It’s crazy that you may have seen news relating to car accident everyday but it just feels so surreal when it actually happens to you. 
Of course, it was traumatic. I had some difficulties dealing with it during March - April. But I guess I have finally come to a closure, with the past unpleasant memories. Now, deep down, I know that I have overcome the car accident, I have made it through recovery, I am able to walk again after 3 months, I can finally call it a blessing. I hope it will contribute to my strength as well. 
Whilst my recovery seems to go well, my relationship with Chris does not seem to be at the right place. If you ask me why, honestly, I think I’m quite unaware. It’s only when he exploded, only I realized, oh shit, something is wrong between us. 
Things have gotten worse lately. I’m honestly at the verge of giving up. As much as I hate what he says about me, about all of my inadequacies / failure to fulfil his expectation, which I find it a little bit unfair to me, because I don’t sign up to this relationship to be who you want me to be isn’t? But set that aside, at least at this juncture, I know how pathetic he would be feeling with me when he is now with someone that he doesn’t desire anymore. 
And honestly, this feeling sucks. 
He said that I view relationship very simplistically. I love it though, because I don’t find the need to incur any unnecessary hardship to someone, if I love you, I love you for who you are and that’s it. For me, my ultimate goal is to be happy together. It just seems like we don’t share the same perspectives and views anymore. 
I find myself  dreading everyday. I must say, I still love him very very much. Perhaps many factors have contributed to this tragedy. And he said that I don’t fight for him. I tried, perhaps with my own way, perhaps not in the way you like or prefer, again, we are just so different. 
I made up my mind to finally move out. Though I’m not so sure if I should put an end between us. For me, it’s really just now or later. I find him a little bit unstable for me, a little too dramatic and/or dark as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m willing to make this work for both of us. But I really can’t do it when deep down I know I’m just like a failure in his eyes. 
As I always like to quote, ‘Everything happens for a reason.’
This time, I really don’t know what the universe tries to indicate to me. But I’m just exhausted. And I don’t want my time and emotion got eaten alive by something that I don’t see its worth anymore. 
To put it simply, I don’t see myself marrying Chris. I know marriage is a bad example, but I know I’m unable to see that we share a future together. 
Even though this afternoon, I urged him to have faith. 
I’m really annoyed by the fact that, when he said if he doesn’t truly love me he could have broken up with me much earlier, in many occasions, plus his friends are not supportive of us as well. Honestly, this breaks my heart too. Why do I feel like I am always at his disposal? 
Honestly, the thought of going back being alone again, scared me, freaked me out a lot. But sometimes, I really don’t think I should force things. If it has a likelihood of making things good, fine, so be it. But rather, it looks more like a temporary aid, just like painkiller, it does us no good. 
And I don’t get it how someone could be resentful towards their partner. LOL. 
For me, at the very least, when I don’t hold grudges overnight. That would explain why I always view things a little bit more simplistic. I just know I want to be kind to myself as well. 
My mind right now is just a messy pot. 
Not forgetting to mention, he has gotten more defensive as well. 
He has just turned to someone that I don’t know anymore. Does that mean the ‘him’ before that was all just a facade and/or under pretense? 
I know I am about to embark on a journey where I will be alone all over again, carrying my own responsibilities. 
It’s going to be hard. I just hope I have the strength to overcome everything. 
Sometimes, I am just wondering. Jackie & I still loved each other despite miles apart and despite breaking up. Does that say something? 
As of now, I’m just feeling a little bit annoyed or more like furious. 
Does he really think that he is the perfect boyfriend? 
It’s only because I’m 4 years younger than him and I haven’t achieved much in my career yet. It’s always this kind of people, who belittle me unknowingly that I sought to destroy and/or prove them wrong. 
Unfortunately, for people like me, I can only work harder. Hoping that one day I will be reaching the peak. 
He can’t be there for me. and I can’t be there for him. 
So be it. 
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op-law · 24 days ago
One Piece {Warlord Imagines} When You're A Marine
*Warlord's Pov*
Trafalgar Law
Now becoming a Warlord would never have crossed my mind before since being a Government dog wasn't ideal but it needed to be done as part of my plan. Though right now some young Marine decided it would be a good idea to approach me. "Hello! You must be Trafalgar Law, right? I recognize you from your wanted poster. You're here for the Warlord meeting, aren't you?" They were cute that much was clear but they weren't anything more than my enemy.
"Yes, that's why I'm here. Who are you Marine-ya?" I didn't see a problem in finding out this Marine's name since I'd most likely forget about it after the meeting concluded. "Oh, you want to know who I am? I'm Captain (Y/n)... The meetings about to start come on I'll take you there personally!" When the Marine grabbed my hand, I was a little surprised but allowed them to lead the way until we reached a set of double doors. "All the other Warlords are already here. It's a very strange occurrence when they all gather like this. Come on"
As they pushed the large set of doors open, I was taken back by the Marine's strength though when I noticed my hand was still held by theirs, I tried to pull it away but it wasn't working. "I found the missing Warlord!" When everyone's eyes shifted to us, I felt like burying myself in a hole but kept a straight face as the Fleet Admiral began stared daggers at me. "(Y/n) get your hand off of that Pirate right this second and you better have finished all your paperwork for the day!"
"Alright, Dad... See you later Law" Even almost an hour after the young Marine had left the room, I couldn't help but think of them. They were Sakazuki's kid and somehow, they were the complete opposite of him. "Maybe I'll have to come back here just to see them" It was said under my breath though Sakazuki had managed to hear it. "Did you have something to add Trafalgar?"
Dracule Mihawk
"Who's the pipsqueak?" As Doflamingo spoke up from across the room I tilted my head back to catch a glimpse of the Marine he was referring to. "That is Captain (Y/n) and they are not to be bothered by the likes of you Donquixote" I could care less if my statement angered the other Warlord since that man was not at the top of my list of people I cared for. "Are any more Warlords coming to the meeting?" There were only two members currently present although that never bothered the young Marine since they weren't particularly fond of having more than three in the same room as them.
"It would appear that will only be the three of us (Y/n)-chan" As the sound of rustling papers reached my ears I turned towards the door and saw another Marine was standing there. "Captain (Y/n) your father has requested that you discuss the following topics with the Warlords. Where should I put these documents?" I wasn't sure why (Y/n) was left alone for this meeting but I knew they were quite strong and if Doflamingo stepped out of line I would simply put him down.
"Why are you staring at me Mihawk?" I knew (Y/n) often hated when people gave them a lot of attention but I couldn't help it. They were one of the only reasons I attended these meetings although I highly doubted the Marine was aware of that fact. "Okay let's get this meeting over with so I can go have my afternoon nap. Although Doflamingo please sit in a chair like a normal person and Mihawk remove your feet from the table"
I respected (Y/n) enough to remove my feet from the table but Donquixote clearly didn't and as he replied I felt my eyes start to narrow. "Fufufu. You got guts kid but keep it up and I'll have to rip them out~ Fufufu" Donquixote would often threaten Marines or anyone that ticked him off though I drew a line when it came to (Y/n). "That Marine is off-limits Donquixote. If you threaten them again, I will kill you"
"Hm, I changed my mind I'm leaving... Say Little Marine do you know if Snow is on the base? I didn't see her earlier but I have some business to discuss with that one" Was Donquixote still trying to win over that girl's heart? I thought he had long given up that hopeless endeavor after Captain Ember had made it clear that he wasn't to go anywhere near her sister. "Vice Admiral Snow? I believe she is conducting training exercises in the northern courtyard. Hey, you can't leave! I'm not done with you yet!"
It was better if Donquixote didn't sit in on this meeting any longer so I did nothing to stop the man from leaving. "Fufufu. Your barks much worse than your bite Little Marine~ Now if you'll excuse me, I have a girl to find" That look on (Y/n)'s face caused me to question what they were thinking but if I had to take a guess it was probably that of disappointment. "Are you going to leave as well Mihawk?"
"No, I wish to hear what you have to say (Y/n)-chan. May we begin?"
"Hehehe. Alright, my Swordsmen let's begin~"
Bartholomew Kuma
As I walked through the Marine base, I eventually came across the quarters of the Marine that I desired to see. They were normally in charge of writing notes on the Warlords meetings but when they didn't arrive on time, I was requested to bring them up. Without knocking on the door, I entered though that might have been my first mistake. "Good afternoon (Y/n)-san"
The Marine was still changing into their uniform but I caught a glimpse of a new scar just below their shoulder blade. It definitely wasn't there the last time I seen them exposed like this though the chances of them telling me who was responsible were slim. "What do you want?" Our relationship could never see the light of day but this level of hostility was not the norm for the Marine. "You're late for the meeting. I was asked by the Fleet Admiral to retrieve you"
"Hm, is it that time already? Alright, I'll be there shortly" Their shirt was quickly pulled into place followed by that cape but as I closed the door, they turned to face me. "Is something wrong (Y/n)-san? That scar is new" There were numerous scars that littered their skin though I made it a point to memorize all of them. I cared greatly for them after all. "Don't worry about it Mew"
I respected them but this life was only going to end their life if I allowed it to continue any longer. (Y/n) deserved better than this so as I removed a single glove, I asked them a question. "If you could take a vacation, where would you like to go?" They knew what was going to happen next and the fear within their eyes was ignored as my palm connected with them. "Wait Kuma! What the hell are y-"
"I'll see you shortly (Y/n)-san"
Sir Crocodile
There they were giving out orders to the rest of the crew as the ship sailed towards Marineford and I couldn't turn my attention away from them. Pirates and Marines were much like water and oil but that didn't deter me from developing feelings for them. "Croco-man why are you staring at that Marine?" Of course, Doflamingo didn't have anything better to do than bother me throughout the trip although killing him wasn't an option. "It's none of your damn business Doflamingo"
"Hm, it that so? Oi Captain (Y/n)! Crocodile thinks you're fucking hot!" Thankfully the young Marine could be as clueless as a little kid but it didn't help that the other Marines acted in a way to protect them. "I'm not hot it's quite cold today Pirate... Wait Snow is that what Doflamingo meant?" That Vice-Admiral was equally as childish though she knew the games that Doflamingo played. "Yeah, that's what he meant (Y/n). Come on let's go eat lunch"
"Oh, lunch sounds great. I've been dealing with the Warlords all day and they're annoying as hell. Smoker, watch the prisoners for me I'll be back in a few hours" They could call me a prisoner as much as they wanted to but the other Warlords didn't appreciate the insult. Well, it was mainly Doflamingo who had the problem though. "Who the hell are they calling prisoners?"
"Doffy, can you help me reach something on the top shelf in my bedroom? I can't reach it and really want it" Those two were rather odd but Doflamingo made it very clear that Snow was his. I wasn't sure why he liked that Marine though the same could be said about my feelings towards (Y/n). "Coming Snow! We'll discuss this later Croco-man~"
"Great who's going to eat lunch with me now... Crocodile, make yourself useless and follow me" As my eyes trailed after their retreating form, I didn't follow right now since that would only make me seem weak to the Marines on board the ship. "Why?" Their face remained the same as it always did but I noticed a few others were staring right at them. "You're going to eat lunch with me. Hurry up before it gets cold"
"Fine" Standing up from the crate I began to walk towards the Marine but something they said caused me to pause. "And just so you know I'll be eating and you'll just be watching me... Oh, I'm also going to call you Croco-chan from now on since I think it's quite cute. Don't you agree Croco-chan?" Were they really teasing me in front of the entire Marine fleet? "You're walking into dangerous territory (Y/n)"
"My Mama always told me not to smile at a crocodile but you're cute so I think that warning can be ignored this one time" That was definitely teasing although when I got a look at the rest of the fleet, they didn't seem to be bothered by their follow Marine flirting with a Pirate. "Right... Whatever happened to hurrying to the mess hall?" Keeping them on task would be difficult but now that we're walking towards our original destination I relaxed. "Shit! Come on Croco-chan and don't slow me down!"
I really should figure out why I like this Marine as much as I do since I couldn't remember what first caught my attention about them. "At least they're cute" It wasn't meant for (Y/n) to hear but when their head turned back, I knew they picked up on it. "I thought I was hot? Although I'll take it~ Hehehe"
Donquixote Doflamingo
For someone so small (Y/n) always seemed to be able to keep a fair amount of distance between us. I could have used my strings to make them slow down but that would only lead to me getting attacked by the Marine. "Stop following me Doflamingo!" They were known to be quite hostile towards me though I found that to be a wonderful trait since not many were that brave. "Fufufufu. I'm not following you on purpose (Y/n) we're just both heading for the dining room"
It was the truth I didn't purposely seek them out during this trip but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to follow behind them when I noticed they were walking by. Many of the other Marines just ignored my fondness of (Y/n) but for whatever reason, I'm sure (Y/n) didn't want anything to do with me. "Fine, I'll just eat later then! Move your feathered ass out of my way!" Something must have set them off since they would only grinded their teeth together like that on special occasions. "You're rather feisty today (Y/n)~ Did someone upset you?"
"Yeah, you did!" At this point, I just accepted that being difficult was just in (Y/n)'s nature but it was a little discouraging that they weren't telling me the information I wanted to know. "I haven't even been near you for more than five minutes. How about you tell me who upset you and I'll take care of them?" They seemed to be less mad than a few seconds ago but I knew that wouldn't last forever. "Oh, so you'll off yourself if I say you're the person who upset me?"
"No, but I know someone in this base other than myself has hurt my tiny Marine and for that, I'll kill them~ Give me their name (Y/n)~ Please"
"Vice Admiral Vergo"
Boa Hancock
"Alright, these will be your quarters for the next week. I'm sorry that they suck but blame Admiral Sakazuki for that since he doesn't think the Warlords deserve anything nice. Well, enjoy your stay and if you need anything don't ask me" I liked this Marine but something about them seemed different. Hopefully, the brutes weren't pushing my love past their limit. "Thank you (Y/n)-san! These accommodations will be more than enough!"
"O-Oh, you're welcome Hancock! Excuse me I need to be somewhere else!" (Y/n) was about halfway down the hallway but a certain male decided he had the privilege to speak to my love. "Fufufufu. Look at the ass on that one~" It was true that (Y/n) had a nice figure though this man didn't have the right to make such comments about it. "Don't you dare talk about my love in such a disrespectful way you beast!"
"Ah, now I see why you two shouldn't be kept in the same space together. How about you stay in my room Hancock? You'd need to sleep on the floor but at least you and Doflamingo won't be at each other's throats" They were being more than kind and I wasn't going to pass up such an opportunity. "S-Stay in your room with you!? Of course, my love!"
"Yeah, I'll come to get you later but right now I have drills to conduct with my little fleet. See ya later Hancock"
"Don't work too hard my love!"
That Marine must have been quite exhausted since they fell asleep almost immediately after the meeting had begun. I would never disturb the young one's slumber but their fellow Marines didn't seem to have the same mindset. "Captain (Y/n) wake up! It is not professional to fall asleep during meetings!"
"I'm up!" The poor thing looked like their heart was about to give out but after the Marine was awoken the meeting continued as normal. It didn't take long to conclude though I had noticed the same Marine had fallen asleep. "Can't this brat stay awake for more than five minutes?" This was a pitiful display and, in a way, I felt sorry for the young one. "Hahaha. Just leave them be I'm sure if they miss training again Sakazuki will take care of them permanently"
"Big talk for such a little man~ Hehehe. Why don't you go and run a few laps around the base? I'll escort (Y/n) back to their room shortly" So, the Vice-Admiral was friends with them? That must offer them some protection but clearly, that didn't stop the others from waking them up earlier. "Y-Yes, Vice Admiral Snow we'll do that right away!"
"Fufufufu. You're getting better at intimidating the other Marines my dear. Shall we head down for lunch now? I need to leave the base shortly but I have a few hours" Doflamingo did make a good point I should really head back to the sea before the tides picked up too much. As I was heading for the door Snow had called over to me. "Yeah... Jinbei do you mind taking (Y/n) back to their quarters? It's just down the hall with the others look for the one that says Admiral Sakazuki"
That was concerning but I didn't ask about it until after (Y/n) was safely within my grip. "Admiral Sakazuki?" I didn't attend these meetings often enough to know much about the Marines here but Sakazuki wasn't someone I could see tolerating this young Marine for long. "Yup they're his kid. He's most likely not even in there"
"Very well. Goodbye Snow"
'Knock' 'Knock' 'Knock'
I didn't want to face Sakazuki today but as a voice called out from the room, I realized there wasn't much of a choice on my part. "Who is it?" There was some hesitation with my response though after I had finished, I heard some movement from inside. "Jinbei... I was asked to bring (Y/n) back to their quarters" When Sakazuki threw the door open the loud bang caused the sleeping Marine to awaken from their slumber. "Ahhh!"
"Put them down now... (Y/n) go take your medication" With the Marine on the ground I watched them stare up at their father but they didn't appear to be bothered by the man's murderous mood. "Didn't I already take it?" Hmm, I wonder what illness they had? "No, it's still on the table" The emotion on their face changed into understanding though I could see they were staring at me but it only lasted for a few seconds. "Oh, that's why I'm so tired. Thanks, Pops"
At least I did my job and escorted them safely back to their quarters. Although Sakazuki looked to be holding back his anger towards me. "You can leave now Pirate Scum"
"What an interesting Marine... Hopefully, I'll see them again someday"
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sainadazai · a month ago
When your crush is angry all the time
Tumblr media
I wanna be an intern too, you ragedy ann looking ass hoe 😠
Y/n pov
All goes well when you are ignorant is what my dear best friend would say to me now, as I sit in the very back of the class unfocused on how our teacher is introducing an activity I have no chance of participating in. All I knew was that when Mr. Aizawa walked up to the board and wrote names of people getting offers, I wasn't one of them. Not that I expected to be, considering I wasn't in the sports festival, let alone the school at all back then. 
However, I did notice a small inconsistency in the order of the most offers. I was pretty sure that boom boom had gotten first place in the festival, him being there is what convinced me to transfer, but his name was actually second on the board. 
Todoroki had taken the place of first as far as offers were concerned. Todoroki the nice boy who I used to meet when I snuck away from my fucking prison cell. Call me privileged for complaining about living in a mansion All my life, but I much prefer being here. With common folk. They ground me. 
I peeked up from my phone at the red and white head of hair in front of me, he didn't seem all that fazed. Although maybe it was just the lack of seeing his face that made me believe he couldn't care less about all but one of those offers. Still, his business is his, and my business is the new Ao3 update on my favorite chrollo lucilfer fanfiction. What a babe. 
I decided that the class as of right now would be of no importance to me, considering I will have no offers, and bakugou-the reason I came here- hates me like I'm a piece of gum stuck under his shoe.  Through that conclusion I allowed myself to dissolve into the world of hxh and forget about how boring this world is. 
Could my power beat Killua or go in a fight? I mean, it doesn't enhance my strength like they did trying to get into Killua's house so physically they must be stronger. 
"Y/n! Is there something you would like to share with the class?"
Mr.Aizawas voice seemed almost shot at me as my gaze rose from my phone in my lap to meet him at the front of the room. He looked displeased to say the least. Well good for him, im displeased too, I might not be able to beat a fucking twelve year old in combat. 
"You were grumbling, what's so important you had to tell us, hm?"
I thought it through for a second- just kidding, I never think anything through. 
"Oh, well I wasn't sure if I could beat Gon in a fight, but I'm not coming to the realization that if Chrollo is my boyfriend, I shouldn't have to fight anyone at all. I can just be a pretty face in the backgrounds and then after he wins for me i'll suck his-"
"Enough, y/n." Mr.Aizawa no longer held a tired looking face, his eyes were wide and an uncomfortable cringed was set on his face. As I peered at the rest of the class many also had shocked eyes, but unlike our teacher, held faint blushes. 
Minus midoriya, his face was completely red and his eyes void of life. I must've killed him, huh. 
In an attempt to regain some dignity, I tried to correct myself.
"I would....not suck his-?"
"Don't even say it, shitty princess !"
"Woah bakugou, you spoke to me on purpose!?"
"Shut up!"
"Hey, how come you call me princess, you like me or something?"
He growled at that, neither of us paying mind to the fact that everyone in the class was either dead from nosebleeds or extremely uncomfortable and staring at us.  
"Its cuz you act fucking entitled like a princess"
"I'll be your pillow princes-"
"Enough!" A robotic-like hand sliced the air in front of me. The voice sounded firm, almost more teacher-like than our teacher's voice. I followed my gaze up the hand, not failing to notice how as I drew up the guy's arm his muscles only seemed to get bigger and bigger and- iida? 
"Oh class rep-"
"Y/n this vulgar language and border-line harassment needs to cease immediately. I will not tolerante overtly sexual language and acts in this class-"
As he was speaking I noticed something ironic about the situation. If everyone here didn't like sexual jokes or banter, how were they so flustered at comments that objectively should be unknown to them. 
"How did you know what I meant, iida?" I rasped in a low sultry voice, allowing my fingers to dance up his arm starting at the wrist in front of my face. 
I heard a few chuckles from, who I would say are the only two people enjoying this situation: kaminari and...stinky mineta. Iida's face grew more red than previously and the arms in front of me began shaking. 
"Mr.Aizawa it seems I've disarmed the robot. Is there a restart button or something?" I question with a serious face using the search as an excuse to wonder my eyes all over his body. Perverted? Yes. Rightfully attracted to this giant hunk of a nerd. Yes ×10. 
"No, there is not." Todoroki, who was in front of me, finally turned around to address me. I guess he was unfazed by my words. Looks like someone here can be cool. Whether he is okay because he is more comfortable with sexual jokes, or because he has yet to pick up on them, its nice that somebody in here can still function. Otherwise, I'd feel like a nuisance. 
"Y/n I'm not really sure how to- let's just say to have detention with your m- midnight. Detention. Yeah." Aizawa publicly convinced himself of my punishment? 
"Now, back to this, even if you didn't get any offers ALL of you will have an internship" 
And so went on the class, kids chose their hero names, not me though. I wasn't even sure I wanted to be a hero at all, this was just a little less boring and sad than the way I lived before. This school had people who laughed in joy, not just to mask the pain. That was the real benefit, not being a hero, or being strong. Likely no one here realized that there were many places where none of this joy was possible. 
Some of the kids in class gave me suggestions for a hero name, but I didn't like them anyway. They lacked personality, and while I have many adjectives to describe my personality, my life, none of them are all that heroic. 
"Dark element"
"Girl who will die if her quirk doesnt like its environment" 
See, I'm not the best at this. Even bakugan names had some sense to it...well no. I'd say we're about the same, but still. Ugh. 
Bakugou pov 😠
She came up with no hero names. Fucking entitled brat. Everyone at this lunch table seems to have no problem with the fact that she is here, just happy to have another pair of tits to stare at like perverts. Their gross. I bet she doesn't even want to be a hero, she sure as hell doesn't act like it. We don't even know what her whole quirk is. Ive seen her do that plant shit a couple times, fucking with flowers or whatever. Still, there's more to it. Something we don't know, at least. Cuz in the middle of class she gets up and whispers to Aizawa and he just lets her go. Where the fuck does she go? 
Interrupts class, got into the school because her moms a teacher, won't use her quirk. What a nuisance, I can't believe she is not expelled yet. Plus those bullshit sex jokes are so shitty. She is obviously faking something when she does them. Not like midnight, who always at least seems like she means that gross shit. 
"Hey, who did you guys choose for your internship? I haven't chosen yet."
"The number three hero guy," I spoke, knowing I'm the only person here who already chose. 
"Really? Best jeanist! That's so cool, but are you sure that for you bakugou?" Shitty hair raised a shitty brow at me. 
"What the hell is that supposed to mean!?"
"Just that he seems pretty...uptight..for you?" Dunceface added, but he spoke like it was a question. Of course he is the hero for me, he is the highest ranting hero on my list. If I wanna be number one, I gotta train with the best. 
If I go to his agency I'm sure there will be a lot more action, since he is so high ranking. Then i'll get some real experience kicking villain ass, well, other than the USJ. 
"Of course he is the right option!"
Shit. It's her voice. I honestly should applaud her for using it less often around me but, how can one small girl be so goddamn annoying. I don't even know what she has to say and I already wish she would just put a sock in it. How can someone so entitled like her, probably never had to lift a finger, walk  over here and talk like she has something to say. 
"You're working with the best jeanist! So cool, one time he saved me from a group of rapist guys, it was awesome with all these strings everywhere and I could only see half of his face. Oh and he had goofy hair too!"
Oh. I didn't really know how to respond to the girl who looked so excited about almost being violated. Another thing wrong with her? I looked back at the other people at the table to see if they knew how to respond to something like that. 
Dunceface was frozen, tape arms were frozen, shitty hair was frozen, and alíen eyes were looking like a lost puppy and trying not to cry. 
It didnt seem like the shutty princess was exactly understanding how what she just yelled was making things weird. She just stood there expectantly. She kinda looked like she thought being raped was something that must happen to everyone. Did she think that? Wouldn't put it past her weird ass. 
"Uhm...anyways, i'm sure you'll do awesome, he likes to put boys in tight jeans. Wish I could intern too, I'd love to see that boom boom~" she winked. 
A perverted joke...and then she had the audacity to wink at me. 
"You wish you could see me in tight jeans, shitty extra!"
"I know...thats what a I just said." She dead panned, blinking a couple times at me. 
"Tch, screw you!"
"I would-" 
"Can it, i don't wanna hear your shitty voice anymore"
The girl stopped herself after my words, pushing all her hair behind her head, except for the two blond stands in the front. 
(You don't have to acknowledge these if you don't want, but I made it so that they change color depending on what element your using and I thought it was hot*if you have short hair, then you just got a lil nishinoya type thing 🥰)
Lifted her obnoxious hands that moved around while she talked and made a zipper-like motion over her lips. Then she just stood there looking at me. I really wanted to just let her stand there and go back to eating. Ignore her completely and let her hope fizzle out and die or something like that. 
Yet here I am, still looking at her. Silently. Wishing she made a stupid joke so that I could stop flickering between those images I'd seen of her dancing. How even though ballet is a princess fucking dance, the pictures felt nice. Like if I was watching it live I would probably be unable to criticize it. That pissed me off, because I want to hate everything about her, but I can't hate those photos. Where she looks like she is flying, without any need for a quirk.
I see her in that weird gown, and now, in the UA uniform. I see her looking respectable, formal, and serious. Then I see her stupid little smirk as she takes pride in being able to shut up for more than a minute. 
"Why are you still standing there?"
Instead of answering, she took her hand up again, made a pinch with her fingers and unzipped her mouth. 
"I was enjoying the look in your eyes."she smiled. 
The look in my eyes? Could she tell I was seeing two different people? What the hell does that even mean? Even said it without that shitty flirt voice. Like she meant it. 
"You tryna make fun of me?"I stood up from the table to get in her face.
"Not right now, maybe later, I gotta do something." She smiled sincerely at me, for a second as she walked away, I forgot about how this conversation started. What a wierd fucking girl. I'll never respect her as a hero. Tch. (Yes, its canon he tchs even in his thoughts) 
3rd person POV 
Y/n briskly walked out of the cafeteria with a new goal in mind. She would come to remember how maybe being oblivious was a benefit in some ways, but for now, she had a clear plan .
"Mr.Aizawa, let me do an internship."
"You weren't in the festival, I can't just hand you to a hero who has no idea what you can do, y/n."
"Well, you know what I can do, right?"
"No. I'm not doing internships. Stop asking."
"That's not what I meant! You can just tell them, or I could, it's not that hard to explain. Just say i'm all- powerful or some play on words like 'she's got all the right elements' hehe, see how i mimicked your voice there?" Y/n grinned like a child. She was proud of herself. 
"No. Still not happening."
"I wanna be an intern too, you raggedy ann looking ass hoe" 
"Y/n, it doesn't make sense, insulting me to get what you want?"
"Maybe it doesn't, but I bet you feel real insecure about your hair right now."
"You already have detention, what more do you want!"
"An internship, I wanna do one with kamui Woods, I have a good reason, too. As far as my quirk control, i'm the weakest with earth, the aspect that allows me to grow and manipulate plants and stuff. That's why I've only been using that part of it all month. Im trying to get her up to speed so I can start using all four at once. He is like a tres guy, right? He manipulates earth all day long. He could teach me a lot, and that aspect of my quirk would suit his well. Please!?!?!?"
If the girl had just asked again in a normal way, his answer would have been the same. However Aizawa was taken aback to hear how much thought she put into this. From the stories of the teachers lounge, he came to understand her big life goal, was to rely fully on a rich man or woman, and do nothing at all forever. Just to try and forget about the terrible life she was destined to have because of that quirk.
This side of her was something he could not even her mother had seen, and it prompted him to speak those words she wanted to hear so badly.
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catcze · a month ago
hELLO HI- its the anon who requested the prettyboy- here i am being annoying ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ can i pReTtY pls request again- if its okay here i go kaeya, diluc and childe(les goo) with male reader who has huge white wings ? (the reader has a good control over them and strong ?¿) im being annoying and i know- i dont know- if i have the chance to req again but-(but- lemme try my luck-) {btw love your writing♥️}
⠀💌 —;⠀⠀⠀Hey again hun! 💞 and nOOO omg you're not annoying!! Feel free to request as much as you want haha, I'm just glad you like it! It might take a bit for it to be answered, but I'll always do my best to get back to you 💞 Hope you like this too!! 
⠀WC: 1.3k
⠀I also took a couple of creative liberties in the sense that i implied that the reader wasn’t strictly human (illuminated beast, maybe? partially? idk up to interpretation, but this would imply that they come from Liyue) but the prompt remained the same! <33
Tumblr media
⠀💞 —;⠀⠀⠀Kaeya
Tbh i genuinely think that Kaeya would adore your wings!
If you allow him to, he’ll pet them and stroke them in the way that you direct him. He’ll probably be so careful while preening your wings, too, since he doesn’t want to disappoint you or make you feel uncomfortable. 
During the spring, i can totally see him complimenting your wings on how prettier and shinier they’ve gotten.
If your wings are sensitive, causing you to shiver when he touches them at first, he would so tease you about it, the little shit. Probably every other time, too.
“Do you enjoy my touch that much, dove?” what a cocky little shit smh
When he shows you around Mondstadt. you both have a great time! However, one problem is that because of your large wingspan, it’s best that you don’t enter small shops in fear of breaking stuff due to their strength, even if you can control them well. Another problem shouldn’t be a problem but, well, is. Your wings are pretty unusual in Mondstadt, since they don’t really have non-humans or half-humans wandering around like in Liyue. as such, many people are so interested in your big white wings,.
Basically, people have the tendency to crowd you and ask to touch your wings, which is typically a no-go from randos since it can mess up the feather alignment.
So Kaeya typically sticks with you as if he were your personal bodyguard! It’s super sweet. He makes jokes about it too, sometimes joking about how you could form a boyband if you managed to rope Diluc and maybe one of your male friends from Liyue into the gig. 
Aside from being attention grabbing and ruckus-causing, big wings can also be troublesome when it comes to finding clothes! You typically stick with backless options, sometimes racerbacks, and usually without a neckline (unless it has buttons or velcro) for ease of putting on and taking off.
That means you can’t really swap clothes with Kaeya tho, since he doesn’t strike me as a guy with too many backless tops. He does buy some eventually! Just for you to steal haha.
Speaking of clothes, since he has that feather boa thing around his neck, i can totally see him asking you for some of your discarded or molting feathers to weave into there, just to have a piece of you with him!
Tumblr media
⠀💞 —;⠀⠀⠀Diluc
He’d be cautious around them! He probably hasn’t seen many winged humanoids, so he kind of has to get used to seeing you. He’d probably be aware of not sneaking up on your from behind, since those white things are huge, and he doesn’t want to risk getting knocked back if he surprises you. 
He doesn’t mind you sitting in the Angel’s Share, since it’s kind of fitting for you to be there, what with your wings and all. In a way, you sort of became the mascot for the place. 
This results in some problems, though, like when some of the more drunk patrons proposition you and call you a ‘pretty boy angel.’ It’s not something that requires any direct action aside from ignoring them, but once in a blue moon a rather aggressive drunk would be too forward or pushy with their advances. It’s still no problem though–– not when you can just send a gust of wind their way to spill their drink and topple them to the ground with a flick of your wing.
Diluc would probably send for a tailor to custom-make some clothing for you that is easy for you to put on and is comfortable for your wings. He’d ask that the fabric your clothing would be made out of is light and aerodynamic, too, for your ease of flying.
If you ask him, he’ll give you a room in the winery to do as you please-– so you can make a huge nest if you want! Diluc will even get you as many blankets and pillows as you need. Sometimes he’ll even join you–– It much comfier than he expected.
You’re sometimes the big spoon, but usually you prefer to lay on your front and sort of drape your arm around him, since you don’t want to cramp your wings.
If work is slow at the winery and the tavern, sometimes Diluc will go flying with you. Well, to him it’s more ‘gliding’, really, since he glides and you can flap your wings. But it’s still loads of fun! With your masterful control, you’d dart around his form in midair and sometimes create updrafts for him so that he can stay in the air for you just a little while longer.
I can see him being hesitant in letting you carry him though, even if he does trust you.
If the two of your get caught in the rain, you’ll extend one of your wings to cover Diluc from getting wet!! Sometimes this ends with a sweet rainy kiss, other times Diluc worries you might strain the muscles in your wings, even though he should know better.
Tumblr media
⠀💞 —;⠀⠀⠀Childe
Honestly? Super excited and 100% wants to fight you.
Of the three, he’s probably the least caught off-guard that you have large white wings. After all, he’s aware of Ganyu the half-adeptus and her quilin horns, and he’s aware of the part illuminated beast Yenfei and her horns due to the research of the Fatui. He probably heard of you and your white wings before he even met you due to his information network.
He’d compliment your wings, compliment how meticulously clean they are and how strong they look, he’ll probs compliment how strong the guy they’re attached to looks too. Flirty little gremlin.
He’s aware of how big wings can be inconvenient indoors, so for date night, he’ll sometimes rent out whole sections of restaurants with high ceilings to have dinner in, just so that you can stretch your wings without inconveniencing anyone.
Childe will undoubtedly drop heavy hints that he wants to spar with you, and he wants to fight you while you use your wings, too. When you finally agree, he’s over the moon.
It sounds kinda morbid, but during your fight, he sort of tests his prowess with a bow against you when you take to the skies. He’s positive he can hit you at least one or twice, but he find it so hot when you easily dodge all his arrows, knock a couple out of the sky, and even casually catch one or two.
At one point, if you pin him down and use your weight and muscle mass + the weight of your wings to hold him down? He’s really into that.
Like Diluc, he’d probably go gliding / flying with you if he has freetime. unlike Diluc, if you guys go flying after he’s fought you and seen how nimble and how much control you have in the air, he’ll absolutely pester you until you carry him.
It’s an adrenaline rush for him to be in your arms and to be flying like this! It’s this experience that really shows him the difference between flying and gliding.
If you ever do that thing where you tuck in your wings and go into a free-dive to the ground, Childe would probably scream-laugh, though it turns more into an adrenalized whoop when you extend your wings mere seconds before you two are pancakes.
He probably loved the adrenaline rush of that too, and practically demands that you carry him like that again. 
Another one who has custom clothing made for your comfort and for practicality! I said it before, but Childe is a literal sugar daddy who will get you anything. Be it oil for your wings, a new backless top, or even specific sheets for your added comfort, it’s all on the table. 
Tumblr media
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skiesofthesketchy · a month ago
could i pretty please (with a cherry on top) get “ask me nicely” with jj? 🥺
hi love! thanks for your request :)
ahh i know it's been so long since I've posted, and these requests came in months ago, but I now have more time and will be working on those old requests, and hopefully some other stuff too. y'all let me know what you think, love u <3
1k celebration blurbs
Tumblr media
25. "Ask me nicely."
You were warm, laying out in the sun with your eyes closed as you listened to the banter between your friends about whether the DC comics were better than Marvel. You were hardly paying attention, slowly drifting into a comfortable dream-like state. However, you were rudely awakened by someone snatching the sun hat that was covering your face from the harsh sunlight.
You sat up while shielding your eyes, your vision taking a second to adjust before you noticed JJ standing above you with a sly smirk on his face, your sun hat in hand. “JJ,” you grumbled. “What the hell? Give it back.”
He just shook his head, putting the hat atop his dripping locks of hair. “No can do, Y/N. You’re coming to the water with me.”
You rolled your eyes with a huff. “I was trying to take a nap.”
“Don’t be so lazy,” he teased. You angrily stood up and reached for your hat, but JJ took it off and held it above his head, out of your reach.
“Seriously, JJ? How old are you?” He always pulled this kind of shit with you, taking your stuff and teasing you until you were forced to chase him in order to get it back. It was annoying, and you didn’t know why he found such joy in messing with you all the time.
You pulled on his arm but he wouldn’t budge, the hat still too high up for you to reach. You shoved him and tried jumping instead, but failed. He laughed at your attempt, a bright grin on his face. “You’ll have to try harder than that.”
“Oh my god, you’re so annoying!” You made sure to put on your best pissed off expression, but JJ was unbothered. Getting a rise out of you was one of his favorite pastimes.
“Ask me nicely.” You grumbled at his cute little dimples making an appearance on his handsome face as he smirked at you, eyes gleaming.
“Fine. JJ, can I please have my hat back?” You pouted your lips and batted your eyelashes for good measure. You swear you could punch this idiot sometimes.
“See, Y/N? That’s all you had to do,” he said, offering you the hat, only to take off running when you went to grab it. You had no choice but to chase after him, yelling at him the whole time while he cackled like a child in a game of tag.
Just a few strides behind him, you balled your fists and decided to jump onto his back. JJ only stumbled slightly as you tightened your arms around his neck, your legs wrapping around his waist. “Give it back, you idiot!” you yelled at him.
To your surprise, JJ dropped your hat and used his free hands to grab the back of your thighs. “Time for a swim!” he hollered with a laugh. You tried your best to wiggle out of his grasp, but with his hold on your legs, you’d fall if you let go of his shoulders. Then he was sprinting like a maniac towards the water, acting as if he didn’t have a person on his back kicking and screaming.
He ran into the sea, not stopping until the water reached his chest while you squealed at the cold temperature engulfing your warm body. Leave it to JJ to make you chase him around like a dumbass, then fling you into the ocean. You’re just glad you had taken your clothes off already at your beach spot.
“I’m going to kill you,” you muttered into his ear, your arms still clasped tightly around him.
He just chuckled at your displeasure. “Come on, Y/N. You can’t kill me. You’d miss me too much.” He released your legs but you tightened your grip around him like a snake attacking its prey, your legs wrapped around his waist. Your arm secured around his neck in a chokehold and his hands shot to your elbow to try and pull it away.
“Wanna bet, Maybank?” you taunted in his ear. He only laughed, using his superior strength to pry your arm loose enough for him to breathe. You’ve had your fair share of wrestling matches with the boys, in fact JJ was the one who showed you the move you were trying to pull on him, but you were never strong enough to actually win.
JJ expertly grabbed your wrists and held them down against his chest, but you weren’t going to give up that easily. He laughed again cockily, and you were getting even more annoyed. “You know you can’t beat me in a physical fight,” he beamed.
You couldn’t think of anything witty to say back as you tried to yank your arms free of his grip. The idiot wasn’t even phased, just laughing at your poor attempts to escape before suddenly spinning around and pulling you with him. It was a battle of strength with his fingers still wound around your wrists as you tried to get away. To nobody’s surprise, JJ was winning, and he had somehow maneuvered you to be in front of him, your back pressed to his chest while he held your arms crossed over your body.
“Ugh, JJ!” you whined. You were even more helpless now with JJ clutching you against him and not being able to move your arms. You stopped struggling and threw your head back onto his shoulder. “You couldn’t have let me win just this once?”
You felt his breathy laugh fan over your bare neck and collar bone. “What would be the fun in that?”
You closed your eyes with a sigh, letting your whole body relax now that you had given up on trying to beat JJ. “You’re an asshole.”
He chuckled again, eyes focused on you and how calm you looked now. He had a close up view of your pretty face and the smooth skin of your neck, all the way down to your cleavage. Another soft sigh escaped your lips and JJ smiled, letting go of your arms and wrapping his own around your waist. Instead of being forcefully pinned down, you were secured in his comfortable embrace.
He swayed the pair of you softly as he looked out at the ocean, and you stayed with your eyes closed. His fingers rubbed soothing circles into your skin while your legs floated out in front of you. You were actually falling back into that dream-like state before JJ broke the silence. “I’m beginning to think you like being in this position, Y/N,” he tried to flirt.
“Oh shut up,” you laughed softly. “I’m sleepy.”
“I can carry you back to the beach spot,” JJ offered, which made you smile.
“No, let’s stay here for a little while.” You didn’t see it, but JJ had a grin of his own as he brushed your hair away from your face before returning his hand to your hip.
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calypsoff · a month ago
Sixty Four. Part 2
Tumblr media
Robyn is so childish, why would you go to Mexico when you could just keep your ass at home, she could have dealt with this here now she got me having to go there for nothing. This is what I mean about Robyn being dramatic, she could have just had me sleeping on the couch for a few days and be done with it. I love Robyn I do, but this is ridiculous, she is being ridiculous about this whole situation making it to be something it isn’t. Nothing happened but now I am having to clean the mess she made, I refuse. This is some bullshit, it’s annoying. I am flying out to Mexico in the morning, but I am just relaxing in my home in the cinema room watching my damn show, I ain’t cleaning shit she did. Blowing the smoke out from my lips, if you look at the bigger picture. Robyn is doing the most over nothing, she has really left for nothing because I went out to Canada. Looking down at my phone as the screen lit up, lifting my phone up and it opened up straight to whatever the fuck came through. Letting out an oh seeing India has messaged me through my IG DMs ‘Ur wife looks good as hell, don’t blame u 😉’ placing the blunt between my lips ‘I told you? Why would I cheat when I have that. I ain’t that and I told you’ pressing send and then it said seen straight away, she was waiting ‘I get it but it’s a shame, u also told me that drunk soooo..’ moving my blunt back from my lips ‘u in trouble then?’ blowing the smoke out replying ‘not sure yet lol and drunk minds speak volumes remember that’ looking up seeing my dad calling, it’s late as hell over in VA well maybe turning morning there, not even sure my head is a mess. Answering the call because it’s not like my dad to call me at this time knowing the timing “pops” answering the call “I had a feeling you would be awake, don’t ask son” putting my blunt out, I don’t know why but I just felt I needed too “we have that connection dad, is everything ok in VA? How is the home, enjoying it? Mom keeps sending me pictures of herself, like she is taking a selfie but showing the home behind her” my dad laughed “she is over the moon, I love it here, the peace I feel. Just love it, thank you son” I am glad they are enjoying it.
Turning the volume down “what are you doing? Clearly watching TV” nodding my head “yeah I am, just vibing watching TV, nothing big. Can’t sleep” I can sleep but the bed is not made, and I refuse to make it because she wanted to have a tantrum “yes, I had a sleepless night. I have had a lot on my mind, and it’s been like the whole weekend and I just had to call you now. It’s on my mind, and the only reason why it is on my mind is because I see my son entertaining a female that is not my daughter in law, I did not know of this until I am reading my newspaper. I don’t know what a blog is Chris I don’t, I was at work and reading on my break and I see my boy on there and I don’t see my daughter in law, I see a lady dressed terribly. Your mother isn’t here but dressed like a whore Chris, her boobs and body just out there, why did she bother. And I see you hanging with men I don’t know, well the man I met at your wedding, Drake. The groups of ladies, my son is being called a cheater, Rihanna is looking to seek a divorce? I am not sure, Joyce wanted me to stay out of it but I was wanting to call, but what is happening? Rihanna isn’t divorcing you right?” pulling a face “dad it’s bullshit, I was speaking to a female yes, but it wasn’t what it seems. We were having a joke and a laugh, I didn’t cheat. They wanted to take pictures I did, it was harmless. Yes the chick is pretty, yes she is I felt she is but I am too faithful to Robyn, I would never do that. It looks wrong because the blogs made it look wrong!” I spat, this is bullshit “I am sorry son reading and seeing that, looks like you had sexual relationship with her. What on earth are you doing? Where is Robyn in this, why hasn’t she controlled you” scrunching my face up “I ain’t a dog dad, honestly. I went to Canada to have fun, that was nothing. That was just a party, only that part he allowed phones, everyone need to stay out of my business, including you” what is wrong with people “where is my daughter in law now?” licking my top lip “she isn’t here” I mumbled “and you are where? Still there!?” he shouted “no, I am home. She isn’t home, she went to Mexico I am joining her soon, she went” my dad sighed out “you should be running there, finding a way in the middle of the night, the longer you leave a scorned woman the more wrath you will feel, son I need you to back up a little and admit fault, you look bad” this is what I mean by people being in my business.
I don’t wish to speak to my dad, but I also don’t want to put the phone down on him “you listen to me Chris, you look like you cheated on your wife. What is Breezy? Is that you? That title she is putting around Love and Breezy? What!?” moving my phone back from my ear “dad her name is India Love, she just put love x breezy because that was the picture of us together. You don’t get it” he doesn’t “no I get it Chris, you are right in the doghouse, but you are too big headed to see that because you don’t want to admit to this fact Chris, you are in the wrong. She is pregnant, how can you. She lost the first baby due to stress and then this, don’t you see. This is wrong and that is not my son handling money in that manor, don’t let money take over you. You need to admit fault” shaking my head “she needs to accept that women will be around, but I would never cheat, it’s bullshit and I will keep saying that” I sighed out “keep saying it, see how far your marriage goes. She doesn’t need to accept anything, remember that. I would never put myself near those women because your mother is the only lady that can fulfil me, maybe you don’t love Robyn because of this behaviour is terrible, I don’t like it! I don’t, my son is not that” disconnecting the call, I don’t want to hear it at all. Seeing India has messaged back before all that ‘U fine! Always the taken men’ I read before locking my phone, this is crazy.
Tumblr media
Mel left, I do not want Mel around for this because why should she be here and be the middle person, it’s unfair. This is my argument with him. He is awful, like I need him back in my grips because he is being awful, it really looks like I have lost control, but I will get it back. The picture I posted has kind of changed the attention from about him to me, I think this is the most liked picture on Instagram history, it’s doing numbers more then the marriage ones, it’s crazy. My daughter already the most liked girl, imagine when she is born. The world is going to want to meet her, I am just so happy to know that I am having a beautiful girl, a daughter. She is going to be my mini me, whatever I wear she will wear, I can’t wait. I smiled looking at the polaroid picture of my daughter with her thumb in her mouth, maybe she is stressed out, but I have wrote on the back of this that it is a girl. Placing it in the envelope and closing it, this is how he will find out. I did feel guilty about the whole going without him, but now I don’t, after he spoke to me the way he did I am not guilty about it. Answering the call from him “yes?” asshole calling “I am leaving the house, text me the place” I want him to not come but let him “I will, did you clean the things?” I shouldn’t need to ask but I don’t trust him “the mess you made?” it kind of shows he hasn’t, I just put the phone down on him “fuck” I need to build myself up, I am not going to break, I can’t. He is still feeling he has done nothing wrong; his ego is working hard.
Being alone makes you think, and the more I think on it the angrier I get. I have the cleaner here, he is just doing his thing, but I am not going to argue or raise my voice but watch me end up doing it, he is going to push my buttons. This home is huge, and I hate it that I am alone, but I had to let Mel go, I had too because he would be picking at her about being the brains behind it but he is so ignorant that he didn’t do what I told him to do, he just ignored it because I made the mess. I think he has forgotten who he is speaking too; he will realise, and I need a nap, but he will be here soon, he did text me. Hearing the buzzer go off “god help me, Dolly if you are looking over me please give me the strength I need” getting up from the couch, I need the strength because Chris can break me down, he can do it because he has done before, as soon as I cry it’s over. I am wearing a bikini and a throwover, see through of course “are you leaving now?” I asked the cleaner “yes Miss Fenty” what a sweet man, I am glad he is because then he doesn’t need to hear Chris and me “you first” I smiled at him, he opened the door and there stood Chris looking miserable as ever, he looked at the guy and then me “thank you again” he walked around Chris, I turned around. The door is open, he can come in or stare at my ass cheeks, he looks stressed more then I do when I have had nothing but shit being thrown at me about everything he has been doing.
That god forsaken duffle bag, he looked around the place. He has a durag on, any nigga with that on is going to have a attitude “what was the point?” he placed his bag on the couch “nobody asked you to come, you came because you wanted too” he made his way over to me, I pulled a face because I know this nigga ain’t coming near me “haha, no” placing my hand on his chest “is this a joke? You think I want to hug you, fuck you nigga” Chris laughed “really? Is that what we doing now? Right, I am trying to keep shit as normal as I can but you tripping now” pushing his chest back but that push did nothing to him “I am going for a nap yeah, you can stay here and play with yourself. I don’t know, I don’t care” turning around to walk off, I need to sleep because I am so stressed out and so very tired. My blood boiled as he had the nerve to slap my butt “you look good” I hate him so much, he wants me to soften up and we can just get over all of this and just pretend what he was doing is fine, I refuse.
I am glad I locked the door, he actually tried to come into the room. He wants me to soften up, I really just didn’t sleep. I just laid here thinking, my hormones are everywhere, in his mind he wants us to move on from what happened, that is what he wants from me but I am going back out there and I need to control the situation, I felt myself slipping when he was coming up to me, I have Jay Brown harassing the hell out of me, deal with the situation when the situation is out there “what is it, I am trying” I answered his call “I wasn’t asking that but I am asking that, have you located him. Robyn you’re my client, and you’re looking a whole clown out there. You cannot defend him; he has to defend you. Handle it” I sighed out “I am, just leave me to it” disconnecting the call, grabbing the envelope. I need that for when it comes to that point, leaving my phone in the bedroom. Making my way out of the bedroom, unlocking the door. I am not sure where he is, probably not far. I see the TV is on “decided to leave the bedroom” he really didn’t listen to me about the cleaning of the home either “turn off the TV, I will be sitting on at the table” walking to the table “what has the TV done to you?” walking around the TV, staying away from him “because I said nigga, now do it” pulling the chair out, sitting down and placing the envelope on the table. That is for after, once I speak to him because I need to break his ego down.
Who is even this man, I question that sometimes. He is laughing and nothing is funny “what is funny? Speak” he placed his drink down “just everything, you throwing my clothes on the floor for what?” glaring at him “I threw the clothes I bought you and the things you get because of me! Now sit your ass down” that wiped the smile off his stupid face, didn’t like it but he is playing in my face so I will do the same. He sat down finally “before you even speak, I will speak first. You shut your mouth; I don’t want to hear it. You first of all left me alone in that house when you spoke out about my people being around, for you I did it. It’s called compromise but you left anyways, when whenever I fucking go anyways I am there making sure you’re set, making sure someone is babysitting you because I don’t want you to be alone, but you left me like I was nothing. Like I am not your wife, like I am some side bitch that you can just up and leave. I let you go Chris, remember these words. I let you go, because I didn’t want you to miss out. I let you go even though I was unhappy you went, and I made a big fucking mistake to do that, you have dragged my name through shit! Oh my god, you have done worse than my own dad. You have made us look stupid, you made me look stupid for marrying you! You don’t see what you have done, you have E News preparing us for a divorce and I get it. I fucking seen it all Chris, you look like a single fucking man while me, this stupid bitch is sat at home pregnant. Now I ask you this, did you repost India’ post?” he’s been really lying about that “I don’t remember, I was drunk. I don’t think I did” he is lying in my face “lie to me again Chris” he shook his head “I’m not” he is really doing this “you did Chris, I was awake because Mel came to the home in the middle of the night, so I was awake, then I woke up and you deleted it, why did you delete it? You fucking liar, I saw it and you just lied to my face for what!?” Chris’ face became so small, he’s fucked up and he knows it.
Squinting my eyes at him “why are you quiet now? Speak, why did you delete it? Did you know you fucked up? Did you realise you shouldn’t have done it huh, didn’t want wife to see it. The whole world did and you lied to my face about it too. Wow, who is this man I married. I don’t need you Chris you are very aware of that right? You are aware that in this industry that you look like a clown for cheating on me even though you haven’t, I have a lot of men wanting to be my baby step daddy and if you think for a second I won’t divorce you? I fucking will, nobody plays me for a fucking fool Chris, nobody. I don’t care how much I love, no! Not ever! I don’t look stupid, you do! You fucking do, so you lied for what, tell me?” he isn’t speaking now “I didn’t lie, I just didn’t tell the truth because you just go off on some rage for no reason. You just don’t fucking think at all, you women just like to jump without asking” letting out an oh “us women? Is that what we are, right. You know what you didn’t even really speak up on your nasty friend disrespecting Bajan women and now you have some attitude about us women, I hope god blesses you with a girl. You deserve it, so answer the question clown. Why delete it?” he doesn’t like me right now “I reposted because I looked good, I was having fun and you disliked that I was. I knew you would be this way. You could take up for me and defend me that I am not, because you know I wouldn’t!” He barked “what you think I am doing!? This bitch has been saying you’re not like that to my publicist! You don’t get it, your shit attitude and behaviour is affecting me! You fucking look single, oh my god! You are an actual bastard Chris, you have been flirting with these girls, don’t fucking lie to me” he clasped his hands together “can I speak?” waving him off to proceed.
“Chris you are actually going to lose me, I am not even joking” I had to add that on “I got to Drake’ crib and India was already there, I been following her before I even got with you anyways and it hit me who she was, I just said it to her that I follow you and you that chick. That was it, then we just spoke but nothing happened. She recorded me, we were having fun but nothing happened!” that means nothing to me “I am sorry but that really means nothing to me, you proceeded to look and act single, did you not think of me? I am stupid enough to marry you, money has changed you clearly because it’s grown your ego” Chris started to speak over me “you’re my fucking wife of course I did” he barked “liar, you got to Canada and didn’t check up on me and proceeded not to do that so what next? Why do I need you in my life Chris, huh? Tell me this, why do I need an egotistical person like you in my life” Chris mean mugged me “I would think on what is next to come out of your mouth, you will find yourself back in VA with your parents” Chris got up from his seat, having a tantrum like a child he is “fuck you Robyn” he doesn’t like it but he fucked up “you are a liar, you have lied to my face so tell me why do I need you?” Chris turned around “you fucking know me! You know me and you know I would never cheat on you, I love you!” he shouted at me “act like you fucking do!” I stood up “I always fucking do Robyn, you know that. Ok I shouldn’t have spoken to these girls, but it meant nothing to me” this is where he is wrong “admit you are wrong Chris, admit what you did was wrong. I can’t even believe you lied to my face. I don’t know” Chris groaned out “I didn’t cheat, stop being this. Stop making it more then what it is” he pleaded “sit down and you read the blogs, I want you to sit right there, and you read it” I sat back down.
I am making Chris read everything on there, he hasn’t read it all like that “they are making these stories up. Everything is made out to be what it wasn’t, females will always be around” he said as he stared down at his phone “men will always want my pussy, but you don’t see me reacting, and trust me I have more takers than you got. Some OnlyFans bitch, oh Chris” he glared up at me in anger “don’t speak like that” he mumbled “admit you’re in the wrong” Chris locked his phone and placed it on the table, he held his head in hands. Staring at him as his head bowed low “you don’t deserve me, I am sure you read that too and you know what, it is the truth. You lied to my face and that alone kills me inside, how can I trust you” he lifted his head up “I am sorry” he said those words, but they mean nothing to me “girls were throwing themselves at me but even drunk that isn’t me, I lost myself being there. And yes in that moment I was a single man, I wasn’t thinking of you because I was having fun. I assumed if I delete the video then it would be over with, but it isn’t. India did try, she asked me directly and I said to her no. I came here for a good time but not that type she wants” nodding my head slowly “she respected that but I think lowkey she was trying but no, no other girl will amount to you Robyn” I sniggered “you damn right and you may have lost the best thing you ever got” I got up from the chair grabbing the envelope “congratulations nigga” throwing it at him, he can do as he pleases because I am a hundred percent crying myself to sleep now so he can do what he likes.
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woodchoc-magnum · a month ago
L0ne St@r 2x12 Hate Watch
DO NOT REBLOG THIS ONE - thanks, I’m trying to fly under the radar with my negative opinions here
Usual disclaimer, and I mean it this time: If you watch and love this show, that’s great and I hope you continue to enjoy it. Please don’t read this - simply go about having a lovely day.
If you do love this show and T*rlos and are braving this anyway - do not come in here. I mean it. This is not a T*rlos friendly zone. I do not ship it. Please enjoy your ship in peace and harmony. I have no intention of getting into arguments with anyone, I will simply ignore you.
I have done everything I can to avoid this showing up in the tags, whatever the LS tags are. Don’t send me hate on anon because I’ll delete them; I don’t care if you think I should stop watching the show, I’m not gonna. I like to suffer.
Eddie Diaz for calm and strength and to centre ourselves:
Tumblr media
Hate, as always, under the cut:
Let's do this fucking thing, I've heard bad things about this episode
And I already know I'm wrong about the arsonist which is ANNOYING but maybe also too obvious so that's okay, I also know who the arsonist is and all the main plot points but I’ve still got to watch it to really appreciate the subtle nuances of the episode:
Oooh Billy
I ship it
Billwen for the win
This show is so dumb
Billy is smarter than Owen, maybe he should be the captain of the 126
I miss his lightning scars though
TK is looking as bland as always
They seriously waited for two fucking hours for this guy
Maybe should've put some deodorant on before going to dinner there Owen
You know I can't imagine the OG doing a storyline as dumb as this
So Carlos' dad thinks it's someone who works at the 126 or just a firefighter in general?
Well gosh darn it, it looks like Owen fits that profile exactly!
At least we get some Judd early in the episode and I love him
Angela Bassett is executive producer on this show as well? I hope she gets paid cash money for this
Billy is the red herring and I fell right into their trap
I just really wanted it to be him
Ooh Grace was listening
Oh it's 100% the arson investigator and Billy is 100% turning Owen in, I love him
Billy is amazing
He's my favourite character on this show
I hope he's not working with Owen to get the arson investigator? I hope he's actually this devious
I want him to be THIS DEVIOUS
Why the fuck does Owen wear that hoodie everywhere
TK is now having a little bitch fit
"they can't do that, can they?" he asks in a monotone, his face blank and devoid of expression
TK's real real dumb
Oh ho ho is this the shoving scene
Okay so while I think it is wildly unbelievable that they would send TK's boyfriend to tell him that his father had been arrested by HIS father – it seems like a conflict – I would like to say that Carlos is being calm and reasonable
And TK is acting like a little BITCH
This is escalating quickly
Oh TK you so dumb
Your fave is problematic, yo
Carlos deserves better than this whiny little piece of shit
And now, an interlude while I rant:
Let's talk about how Eddie Diaz yelled at Buck once in a supermarket and the fandom has never forgotten it; how his character has been villainised despite everything else going on in the show at the time, for that one fucking scene – let's talk about all the fics where Eddie hits Buck, or punches him, or rapes him – because you know those fics exist – let's talk about the "Eddie is violent" narrative that parts of this fandom like to push because Eddie yelled at Buck, one time, once, in a supermarket
Totally ignoring the fact that at no point at all, in any other episode he’s been in, has he been violent towards Buck, at all - let’s talk about how the street fighting arc was out of character for Eddie, because he was struggling to cope and looking for an outlet - let’s talk about how Buck and Eddie moved past that whole storyline and strengthened their relationship; how they built a family together, how they’re a team and they have each other’s backs no matter what, and how, not once in the entire show, have they ever been violent towards each other or pushed each other around in anger - NOT ONCE.
And let's talk about this scene, where TK, ya boy, ya sweet tender boy, just shoved the man he says he loved four times, violently, in front of people at the firehouse.
I betcha any money he doesn’t get tarnished with the Eddie-Diaz-is-violent brush, because he can do no wrong. He’s the fan favourite, and this is totally glossed over by the end of the episode and nothing will ever be said about it ever again.
Because wow, you guys. Wow. If this was my ship, I’d be pissed.
Back to the hate watch:
And I know that whole fight is for nothing because I know the plot twist – I know that the dads are working together in order to reveal the real arsonist, the investigator – so they've basically turned their children, who are in a relationship, against each other?
Also why is Billy allowed to be watching the interview?
Goddamn do we really have to show the gruesome burn victim photos
I really want Billy to be devious by the way, and not in on the plan
Oh here comes TK, looking like the little bitch he is
God he's a fucking awful actor
This is the dumbest plotline ever
Uh oh here comes the evil investigator
Do either of these men – Owen and Carlos' dad – stop to consider that what they're doing has kind of an impact on their children, who are currently in a relationship? No? Okay
Because this is one hell of an awkward situation
Does Owen genuinely think that Billy is the arsonist?
Interesting that the arson investigator wants any info Owen didn't give Carlos' dad, and he turned off the cameras/mics etc
This show is stupid
Arson investigator also knows that the sons are dating, interesting
"And you can pound sand!" oooh great comeback Owen
This episode is so BORING OMG
Why the fuck am I watching a shitty Law & Order knock-off when I should be watching a bonkers 911 episode
Oh no Judd's at Billy's
I really do think Billy Burke is good looking and it is a flaw of mine, I don't know what it is about him and he really doesn't look that good in this show but I really love Billy Burke okay
Oh Judd
Oh Judd thinks Billy is the arsonist
Oh he punched him
God damn everyone is violent in this show
Uh oh here comes trouble to the "vagrant's" hospital room
Oh it's the arson investigator, their little bluff worked, incredible, amazing, flawless etc
Wow how amazing
It was the ol' switcheroo
Judd punched Billy for nothing
TK and Carlos nearly came to blows for nothing
Now Owen is allowed to watch the interrogation? They'll just let anyone watch those things these days
Damn it I wanted DEVIOUS god damn it
Fucking cowards
"I assumed it was probably a trap at the hospital which is why I went there anywhere"
But why is he lighting fires
A man is dead
Pure theatre
So annoyed that Billy isn't devious
But the Billwen ship sails on, clowns 🤡
Do we think the arsonist has the hots for Owen? 100% yes, right?
He's very happy to see him wink wonk
This doesn't even feel like an episode of 911, it's so goddamn dumb
"I knew you had darkness in you too" – that dude definitely wants to fuck him
Why is he lighting the fires?
They're so dumb
"And now I'm going to repay the favour" – he's talking about YOUR SONS
Wow these two dumbasses really have no fucking idea do they
Wow this is graphic
What the fuck is up with this show and the horribly graphic scenes lately?
That dude is dead yo
"Take away everything that's important to me" AND HE CALLS THE FIREHOUSE FIRST
Oh okay it did blow up and TK was there so I'll allow it
But hey look on the bright side – Owen gets to remodel again!
And isn't that what he's the best at?
Yo your firehouse is on fire dudes, better call the fire department
Does Judd apologise to Billy or no
Oh here we have TK and Carlos and their perfect love
And Carlos is the one apologising?
Please tell me no
Carlos you are allowed to be pissed at him – ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME
"nobody has to apologise?"
Oh my god
Look I'm just saying that to me this would be a GIGANTIC RED FLAG but wtf do I know
I'm just saying because I have to – if Carlos was a woman and TK did that? Whole different story gang
Whole completely different mother-fucking story
This show, wow
Wow. This is bad.
Domestic violence happens to men too, just saying.
Wow I'm so annoyed that I've paused it to type furiously and rant that wow, they're just not acknowledging that TK was totally out of line? Okay. Wow.
And everyone's just fine with it?
Oh they're just figuring out that he set more than one fire
Maybe there's something else you care about other than the firehouse, Owen
See this is why Billy is the best
Oh no TK and Carlos are in danger
Oh it's so romantic isn't it? They're gonna fuck now that everything is okay
Wow he left a lot of bombs in Carlos' house
Damn Carlos is hot
No smoke alarms?
That fire has really taken ahold there guys
I'm gonna assume you do have smoke alarms and he disconnected them
Wow he really covered all bases didn't he
Put the bombs in the bedroom as well
RIP Carlos' nice house
"I love you too" after I violently shoved you around today
Oh who needs a fucking fire department when you've got Owen fucking Strand right?
"Carlos" he says flatly. "How are you doing?" he asks in a monotone
"I should've had an extinguisher in the bedroom" DUDE NO ONE DOES
And if TK wanted one in there, he's the fucking firefighter, he should've checked when he moved in instead of assuming like a dumbass
God this show is dumb as fuck and I hate it so much
Billwen for the win
"just a couple of crap magnets" fucking a-men Judd
This show sucks
What the fuck
Is he dead?
I’m going to say one more thing about this T*rlos storyline - if they’d done this to Buck & Eddie in the OG, I’d be fucking devastated. Like... if Buck or Eddie pushed the other around the way TK pushed Carlos around, I’d be absolutely gutted. It’s really horrible that they went down that path - whether it’s OOC or not, and you can probably argue that it is - they shouldn’t have included the scene like that in the show. 
It just raises a whole slew of questions, like... is TK violent? Is Carlos used to being pushed around in relationships? Is the show saying that it’s okay that they got a little physical because they’re both men? Domestic violence is never okay, and this is kind of... saying that it is, in certain circumstances?
That is problematic as fuck and such bad writing.
These two are in a relationship where they are living together and supposedly love each other, and this is how the writers choose to portray it? If you’re a T*rlos shipper and you’re upset about this episode, I get it. It’s really fucking terrible that they included that scene - and I would bet cold hard cash it’ll never be addressed again.
This is why LS is a bad show. It’s shitty writing. Shitty storylines. Characters who are interesting are shoved into the background and glossed over in favour of the male white characters. The OG doesn’t have this problem - for everyone complaining that Eddie hasn’t been featured as much this season (and yeah, I hate it too) - you can’t complain that the characters of colour don’t get equal screentime. 
With LS - it’s the Rob Lowe show, and everyone else is just in the background. And that’s why it’s so frustrating to watch - they have a great cast, and this could be a really good show, but it’s just not.
Do you think the LS writers patted themselves on the back after this arc and were like, "yeah we nailed it, we're amazing?"
This episode is -1,000000/10. This show should be cancelled.
Two god awful miserable fucking episodes to go.
Diaz to cleanse:
Tumblr media
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chasing-starlights · a month ago
Okay I can't stop myself– FEMALE GIANT MONSTER ARE SUPERIOR!!!
FGM SUPREMACY!! IM THE PRESIDENT OF THIS CLUB! Now here plz take what's been on my mind all day.
She didn't know what was wrong with the human, surely it was on something, or it was simply messed up in the head. It was the only thing the giant could think of to justify the way the human was acting–nuzzling one of her clawed fingers as the giant held her in her hands.
"I'm so glad I was the one left for dead–I'd never get to meet someone as breathtakingly exquisite as you."
What the hell was it saying? The giant had woken up in her cave–a group of rowdy human screaming upon coming across her massive form–annoyed out of her mind. Really, it was her home, if anything she should have been the one screaming.
One human had unceremoniously pushed another human in the group (which had oddly just been starting up at her in awe) leaving her on the ground and running away with the rest. The giant had barely anytime to process the event, staring down at the fallen human with pity.
"Hey...I won't hurt you. Sorry about–you know–your friends leaving you here–!" The giant had been cautiously reaching forward, hoping to rub the tiny's back...something to comfort her in some way. To her surprise, however, the human gripped the giant's entire finger in her arms, hugging it with vicious strength.
"This is the best thing that could ever happen! You're absolutely beautiful, like nothing I've ever seen before–your fangs, claws, glowing red eyes, horns–! Thank heavens they hated me enough to attempt to murder me!"
"What...what the hell? Let go–holy shit you're going to hurt yourself! Be you have no sense of danger?" The giant had tried to get the human to let her finger go, the look on her face incredulous when nothing seemed to work. The tiny eventually was cradled in the giant's hands–little arms still gripping her pinky–grinning up at the giant with sparkling eyes.
"Yes! Maybe? I don't really know Miss. Can I call you that? Perhaps Ms. Beast is better? Hm, Vixen works just as well, or perhaps given our size difference you'd like to be called a goddess? Oh–I'm sorry I'm rambling aren't I? I really can't help it..."
The tiny shifted, moving to press her little lips against the finger pad of the massive being. She smiled slyly then, as though she had managed to get away with a great achievement, eyes teasing as she glanced back up to the giant's face.
"I mean with someone so beautiful in front of am I supposed to stay calm?" The giant felt like she couldn't breath at the compliment. Was this creature...that was smaller than her hand...flirting with her?
This little human...might be more dangerous than I originally thought...
Now y'all know how I'd slide into a fgm's dms 😏
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magpiencrow · a month ago
kaz brekker x reader - bubbly
summary/request: “Hey!! I love love loveeeeee all your Kaz fics 💖💖 I saw your requests were open so I was wondering if you could do something like where the reader is always pretty optimistic and bubbly (as much as you can be in Ketterdam lol) One day Kaz is kinda in a bad mood so he lashes out at her like ‘how can you be so happy rn and it’s so annoying and blah blah’ and then something happens where the reader is serious and a total badass and The Crows see the other side of her and then however you want to end it. Sorry if it’s really specific and it’s completely fine if you don’t want to do it 💜”
warnings: language, typical six of crows stuff
word count: 2.3k
Tumblr media
Jesper and Y/N never stopped talking. It was an endless stream of noise when the two were together, never ceasing, never giving Kaz a damn break. Over the years, Jesper had at least learned to tell when Kaz needed him to shut up. Y/N on the other hand, hadn’t quite learned that very valuable skill. She was everything Kaz wasn’t - bubbly, energetic, happy, optimistic. Y/N was the sunshine to Kaz’s storm. They were living proof that the opposites attract theory could be true.
As much as he often hated to admit it, everything about Y/N was infectious. Each little detail that made her Y/N, reeled Kaz in. Her smile lit up every room, even when everyone was depressed after a failed heist. The joyous laugh that was so uniquely hers could lighten the tension in every argument. Her zealous optimism could put a damper on Kaz’s cynicism even at the strongest of times.
Even though he secretly loved those traits, they could be overwhelming. Kaz, being a creature of the dark, found comfort in the darkness of the city, of the eerie quiet of empty streets. Kaz liked the silence and he rarely deviated from that preference. He felt as though his brain just couldn’t process the bubbly happiness sometimes. As much as they were drawn together, they could clash violently. This was one of those times.
With each step Kaz took, his annoyance over the girl seemed to infinitely multiply. His brain was racing, desperately trying to solve the newest mystery that had captured his attention. As they walked down a damp and grimy street in Ketterdam, the crew had fallen into silence, trailing behind Kaz. But she just couldn’t be quiet. Jesper and Y/N were both fantasizing about a new breakfast joint that had recently opened up. As much as Kaz occasionally enjoyed a good waffle, he thought he might snap someone’s arm if he heard that word, waffle, again that day.
“You’ve got to be kidding! Plain is definitely not better than blueberry.” Jesper exclaimed while practically skipping behind Kaz.
“I stand by my decision.” Y/N insisted and from the corner of his eye, Kaz could see her stubbornly cross her arms.
Gritting his teeth, he turned his attention away and focused on the task at hand. But the chatter was endless and Kaz just couldn’t bring himself to truly understand why the girl was the way she was. They’d just lost a job yesterday to another crew - how could she be so happy? It was infuriating.
Abruptly turning to face them, he snapped, “Shut up.”
Y/N’s eyes widened with shock, “What?”
“I said shut up. Stop being so…” Kaz clenched the crow’s head with both hands, trying to desperately find the right words to say.
“Stop being so… let me guess: happy, talkative? Stop being so me?” Y/N asked, annoyance clear in her voice.
No, don’t stop being you, Kaz thought, but those weren’t the words that left his mouth. “Yes, I don’t see how you can be so happy right now. It’s annoying, so cut it out.”
Kaz could easily tell the girl was perturbed with him. Her arms were crossed over her chest as she viciously stared him down. The rest of the crew watched their little showdown awkwardly, likely waiting for either of the two to blow up and completely lose their temper.
“You don’t mean that.”
The girl’s facade of strength fell, her compassionate interior shone again, eyes softly staring at Kaz with her voice barely above a whisper. That’s how Y/N always was - she tried to be tough, but she simply wasn’t.
“I do mean it. This crew doesn’t have the time or space for someone not taking their job seriously.” Kaz spun on his heel, limping down the alley.
“Is that a threat, Kaz?”
With one glance over his shoulder, he responded. “Yes.”
Could anything ever go right? It seemed as though Kaz was on somewhat of a losing streak. Losing some jobs had just been the tip of the iceberg. Now, here he was in the middle of the one job he secured and everything was going awry. Bells clanged around them, loudly proclaiming the presence of the thieves.
“Shit, shit, shit.” Kaz mumbled as his fingers delicately worked the picks around the lock to the vault.
“Hurry up, Kaz, the guards will be checking this hallway any moment.”
Y/N was fidgety, itching with nerves. Her fingers constantly twitched as she held her pistol close to her side. Her constant little jumps at every sound put Kaz on edge.
Clenching his jaw, he responded, “What do you think I’m doing?”
Locks were like people, time and a delicate hand was needed to manipulate them to do your bidding. Kaz’s fingers danced around the lock with feather light touches, until that satisfying click reached his ears.
Rising to his feet, he slowly pushed open the door. The vault was lined with items of all shapes and sizes, but all certainly worth loads of kruge. It resembled a library, but with gleaming treasures instead of books. Stepping inside, Kaz ran his gloved fingers over golden chalices adorned with rubies. This was what dreams were made of.
Pulling an empty horse feed sack out of his pocket, he began to fill it with anything he could place his hands on. Y/N stood guard at the vault door, pistol ready for action. Kaz flitted around the room like a child at a candy store, mentally appraising the worth of each item. If he was strategic, played his cards correctly and chose the right items, they’d be set for life. All of them. This haul would launch Kaz into a state of eternal infamy in the Barrel, another tall tale to add to the legend surrounding Dirty Hands. Jesper would have more than enough to pay off his gambling debts. Inej could leave Ketterdam and find her family. What would Y/N do - leave? Kaz thought, but he suddenly shook his head and focused on the treasures before him. He didn’t have time to think about the girl.
Kaz hardly noticed when Jesper and Inej snuck into the room, pulling sacks out of their pockets as well. They’d lowered the lights and distracted the guards so Kaz had time to do his dirty work.
“Glad to see our hard work didn’t go to waste, that you got this sucker open.” Jesper chirped while unceremoniously dumping gleaming golden plates into his bag.
“Doubted me?” Kaz questioned, a light smile on his lips. There was always something incredibly amusing about proving their doubts wrong.
“Nooo, never, why would I ever doubt the Bastard of the Barrel? It’s not as though these plans ever feel like we’re asking for death.”
Jesper’s tone was so lighthearted and the two girls quietly laughed at his teasing remarks. For a second, it didn’t feel as though they were on a heist with their necks on the line. They were just a group of friends having a bit of fun, and making kruge at the same time.
The fantasy came crashing down around him brutally when Jesper slammed into the floor with a groan. One of the boy’s shaky hands reached up to cover the fresh bullet wound on his shoulder, which was turning his shirt red.
“Oh Saints, Jes has been shot.” Inej stated, voice barely above a whisper and her eyes wide with fear.
Kaz’s body froze as his eyes frantically scanned their surroundings. There were no windows, Y/N had the vault door covered. A secret entrance. Slowly Kaz glanced around from behind the shelf that was providing him with cover. Then he saw it, a crack in the back wall from which the barrel of a gun peeked out, right in between two large shelves covered in silver trophies.
“Get down!”
At his command, Inej and Y/N flattened themselves to the floor, right as shots rang out. Bullets flew through the air, pinging off the various metal treasures. The resulting noise was a high pitched ringing, enough to give anyone a migraine. Kaz’s face was pressed into the cool stone floor, trying to make himself as flat as possible. Looking around carefully, he saw Inej and Y/N huddled together behind a bookcase closer to their only exit. Kaz crawled over to Jesper who was still groaning quite loudly.
“Jes, I really don’t want the last words I say to you to be asking you to shut up, so please be quiet.”
Kaz despised how weak his voice sounded, how it cracked when he said Jesper’s name. Softly, Jesper’s fingers gripped Kaz’s sleeve, tugging his arm down to his side. The guns. With a tight nod, one of regret, Kaz carefully retrieved the pearl handled revolvers from their holsters - Jesper’s babies. He kept one for himself while handing the other to Jesper.
Shots still rang out in the room, but they were becoming less frequent. They’re trying to figure out where we’re at. Kaz stared at the girls until Y/N’s eyes met his. He nodded towards their one exit and then performed an elaborate set of hand signals, but his meaning was clear. Go, save yourselves.
Y/N stared at him blankly, the wheels turning in her head and she tried to figure out what to do. Kaz performed the signals again, more desperately this time. They couldn’t all make it out, he was sure she knew that. Kaz couldn’t bring himself to leave Jesper behind, but he wasn’t going to take the rest of his crew down with him. He wasn’t ready to outlive yet another brother.
Another round of bullets sprayed out into the room and golden dishes began to fall around them. Steadily, Kaz kept eye contact with Y/N, silently begging her to leave, and take Inej with her. But Y/N kept insistently shaking her head no, tears welling up in her eyes. Kaz let out a sigh of relief when the girl grabbed her gun, appearing to prepare for an escape. Reaching over, he clasped his hand around one of Jesper’s. They were in this together.
“You should go.” Jesper whispered, staring up at Kaz.
“I’m not leaving you, you idiot.”
Kaz tried to smile at his friend, but his face shook with emotions. It all felt like too much. This is the end.
Kaz glanced up and his breath caught in his throat as Y/N held her gun around the corner and fired off several shots. What is she doing? Inej scrambled to her feet and gracefully dove next to Kaz and Jesper.
“C’mon, let’s go.” Inej whispered urgently, tugging Jesper up.
Kaz grabbed Jesper’s other arm and pulled him up to his feet. They worked in tandem, tugging a now barely conscious Jesper along towards the exit. Y/N covered them valiantly, walking backwards behind the trio, constantly firing off shots. Kaz’s heart was in his throat, occasionally stealing glances back at the girl to ensure she was still there, still safe.
By the time they reached the Slat, Kaz was utterly exhausted. His ears rang from the gunfire, his mind was a throbbing mess, and his leg ached like it had never before. He’d sent Rotty to fetch a medik who was now leaning over Jesper’s still body, working away. Every moment since that first shot felt like a train wreck in Kaz’s mind. His thoughts were unbearably slow, trying to work through what exactly happened and all the feelings that came along with it.
His eyes searched the room for his savior, Y/N. He owed her, big time, for saving Jesper, saving him. Kaz clenched his jaw and drew in a deep ragged breath as he pushed himself up onto his feet. Hobbling his way over, he joined Y/N, pulling out a chair for himself at the table she was sat at. Their eyes met just for a second before Y/N turned her attention back to fiddling with her pistol laid on the table.
“Is Jesper going to make it?”
Kaz nodded, leaning back in the chair, “He’s lucky. Missed everything vital and didn’t lose that much blood. Passed out from pain.”
Kaz’s voice was taught, desperately restraining the pent up emotions that tumbled inside. He felt as though he could break right then and there. Today he could have lost them all, the people that mean the most to him, in one fell swoop. Y/N was quiet, for the first time in what seemed like forever she didn’t have something to say.
“Thank you,” Kaz choked out, his eyes roaming the side of her face, “for saving us - Jes, me.”
“You don’t have to thank me Kaz.” Y/N turned her head to face him, softly meeting his gaze.
A corner of Kaz’s mouth quirked, humored at her comment, “No, I do. The logical thing to do would have been to leave, it’s what anyone with an ounce of common sense would have done.”
Y/N scoffed, leaning back in her chair and crossing her arms, “Always have to throw in a little jab?”
“You know me.”
“No, I don’t think I know you Kaz. You’re always surprising me. I’ve always thought you’d leave us behind if we ever got hurt, cut your losses.” Y/N’s tone was ridiculing, it stung to hear those words come from her mouth. She’s still upset.
“I shouldn’t have said what I said. You’re more than capable and I know you take the jobs seriously.” Kaz looked down and fiddled with the crow’s head of his cane while he spoke.
From the corner of his eye, he could see a smile make its way onto Y/N’s face. The sight was addicting, a little ray of sunshine in the midst of a horrid day.
“Apology accepted, just don’t doubt me again.” Her tone was teasing and it coaxed a reluctant smile out of Kaz.
“I won’t - the crew needs you, I need you.”
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OTAS: Ch. 6
Going Down
Tumblr media
Jim, the terrified elevator mechanic, busies himself on his data pad, desperate to try and convince the impatient Kylo that he was actively working to fix the elevator (despite there being nothing he could do). His heart sinks as he watches the coordinates of the elevator move past the current location to a commander’s floor above; those floors always taking priority over the common floors. With the six minutes up, Kylo reaches a gloved hand for the man's shoulder.
Just then the lift returns and the door opens to Lieutenant Mitaka flanked by two stormtroopers. Mitaka, Kylo hates Mitaka, the sniveling lackey of General Hux. Kylo clenches his jaw at the unwelcome annoyance and enters the crowded car.
“Commander Ren,” nods the Lieutenant, his tone firm as if speaking to a peer - obviously trying to show leadership in the presence of the two troopers.
Kylo ignores the empty greeting and motions to the panel to press his floor, but sees it is already lit. “Hmm. You are going to R6?” He immediately regrets the question, as it opens the door to further conversation.
“Yes, Sir," says the Lieutenant, eager to show his productivity to the apathetic Commander. "The troopers on that floor have failed to update their status. It is most likely a delay in the Comm System, but it is protocol for an officer to check and maintain order.”
Ruminating on this new information, Kylo knows it is not a comm delay… it is the rogue stormtrooper. It has to be. The more he considers the actions of the trooper, making fools of both he and the Order, the more uneasy he becomes. He shifts his stance and tries to push the agitation of a potential force sensitive trooper out of his mind, instead focusing on the task at hand - the Pilot.
The elevator door opens on R6 to reveal another solitary stormtrooper in Kylo’s path. Except this one is flailing on the ground, moaning as he humps inappropriately against the floor. The two men behind Lieutenant Mitaka snort loudly as they attempt to hold in a laugh.
A visibly startled Mitaka blinks in confusion, then lets out a shaky command, “FN-1165, stand and explain yourself.” Despite the order, the thrashing resumes.
Incensed, Kylo turns toward Lieutenant Mitaka and the stormtroopers, “Are all you little shits defective?!”
Attempting to regain the appearance of control, Mitaka quickly motions to the troopers at his side. “Get him up!” NOW!"
Kylo huffs. Choosing not to wait, he uses his long legs to step over the gyrating body. Before he completes the stride, he stops short to smash his heel into the troopers outstretched hand. Expecting a howl of suffering, Kylo looks down to see that the man appears to be impervious to the pain, solely fixated on his invisible pleasure. Jaw clenched in anger, he twists his weight deeper into the cracking bones; but still no reaction. At the faint sound of a gulp, Kylo looks up and is relieved to see a frightened Mitaka, quaking in fear. Lowering his helmet to the edge of the man's forehead, Kylo makes one final comment, “Take control of your fucking men or these won't be the only bones I break today.” The terror in Mitaka's eyes satisfies Kylo and he turns to leave. His thick black boots march onward with determination down to the cell, as the sound of armor hitting the steel floor echoes throughout the hallway.
Just before entering the interrogation room, Kylo steadies himself - reconnecting with his innermost darkness, only to hear the rustling of armor to his back right. Perturbed with the constant interruptions, he pivots just in time to see two other languid troopers attempting to rise to attention. Kylo growls furiously and uses the Force to jerk one trooper to him. “Enough of these antics! I want answers!” The trapped trooper tries to nod in compliance but is unsuccessful against the hold of the Force.
Not waiting for a reply, Kylo continues, “I want to see all security footage of this cell and hall!”
“Y y y… Yes. Yes, sir.” Regaining his faculties at the release of the hold, the guard fumbles with his data pad and types furiously. He pauses and his shoulders drop before looking up, “There is no video sir. An order was placed to cease recording.”
“Who put in the order?” Kylo’s deep voice speaks slowly as he twists the hand by his hip. The guard feels an invisible strength circling his throat, and gulps.
“WHO PUT IN THE ORDER?!” Kylo asks again as his free hand latches to his sabor. The other trooper takes a step backward.
The frozen trooper stumbles over his words. “It’s… it's… mmm my… my login code, but I…I… I don’t remember-” before he can finish his admission, Kylo tightens his fist and thrusts out his arm; the unforgiving Force propelling the strangled man into a nearby wall, already dead before impact. Hearing a gasp, Kylo turns his attentions to the other guard.
“Tell your General to get his ass down here! His inability to lead is turning the Finalizer into a circus and I AM NOT AMUSED.” Kylo hisses. He takes a step forward as a door to the cell opens. Right away his brain fogs with the oddest sensation. Even odder is the prisoner, asleep on the table, a contented smile glued to his face. This would typically annoy the Commander, like everything else about this day, but his emotions stay steadfast in a satisfied, almost sensual, calm.
“Wake, now.” Kylo orders coolly as he wields the force to jostle the prisoner’s head to attention. “I had no idea we had the best pilot in the Resistance on board… Comfortable?” The comment is meant to be a jeer, but observing the prisoner’s sated state, it appears to be true.
“I’ve been better,” admits Poe shrugging his shoulders, still hazy from his euphoric high.
“I’m impressed,” Kylo continues as he saunters toward the trapped man as an enigmatic heat fills his torso. An urge to touch Poe's chiseled cheek makes his fingers twitch. Clenching his fist, he fights the compulsion. “No one has been able to get it out of you… what you did with the map.”
“You might want to rethink your technique,” Poe smirks. He closes his eyes and takes in a full breath, losing himself in a thought, “The uh… Lady interrogator.” He sighs out, gently shaking his head, ”Hoo… yeah. I would have given her anything, and given it to her good.” He chuckles through his nose before focusing back on Kylo, “You on the other hand… aren’t really my type. But by the look of those tight pants, it seems I’m yours.”
“ENOUGH!” An embarrassed Kylo silences the smug pilot. Without another word, he hovers his palm over Poe’s mind, untangling and unearthing images from his brain. The first image he pulls loose is a memory from minutes earlier. It is one of arousal and pleasure, and Kylo finds it too enticing to ignore. However the memory is blurry and the face of the initiator, a woman, isn’t clear. Only her mewls are heard.
“This has to be a dream,” Kylo reasons to himself, “but it looks too real.” Tantalizing goosebumps dance across Kylo’s sensitive skin. Suddenly the quiet room fills with a hedonistic sigh, his own - at once alerting him to his mental voyeurism. Kylo scolds himself for lingering too long on this diversion, as tempting as it might be. With a groan forming in his chest, he clears his throat and digs deeper until the image of a droid in the desert is made clear.
After reading the same paragraph four times, Rose throws her book to the floor. “Agh! Where the kriff is she?!” With every distraction failing, she opts to visit the refresher. Trying her best to keep a positive mood, like her best friend, she encourages herself, “Everything is okay. Y/N will be back at any moment.” Grabbing her robe, she repeats the affirmations to herself all the way to the refresher room.
However upon her return, her hopeful smile fades when she sees a still empty bedroom. Dejected, she flings herself onto her bed, only to feel a buzzing against her chest. Scrambling the bedding out of the way, she pulls out her data pad, alerting her to a message. Eyes closed, she prays it is you as her fingers open the screen. Unfortunately it isn't Y/N. It is a work notification from her manager, “Emergency Call - Please report to the machine space of vertical transport 101A for an internal investigation.”
“Shit!” Rose's mind races. This is bad. This is very very bad. An internal investigation could point to her, and she knows she has to reach the assignment first to name another cause and sway suspicion. Zipping up her plain gray jumpsuit, she shoves her wet hair into a hat, and runs to the incident.
At the scene, her eyes widen to see the other Portside Lift tech already working. “Damn it, I’m too late.” She takes a deep breath before greeting her peer, “Hey Jim. What’s the situation?”
“Thank Kriff you’re here,” he motions down to the data pad screen to share his findings. “I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a forced reboot flagged from the Electromechanical interlock, but all of the inner parts report back as stable. I’ve tried running different test scenarios virtually, but nothing is coming up. It looks like one of us will have to board the car ceiling to manually inspect.” His eyes slowly look up to stare at Rose. “So?”
“You want me to do it?! Why not a droid?” Rose asks nervously. Due to the advanced technology of the self-diagnostic computer systems and the aid of droid techs, Rose never had to enter a hoistway. Even in the apprentice program, manual checks of this nature were only discussed theoretically.
“One is already in the pit, checking for anything out of the ordinary. The other was crushed, remember? Hasn’t been replaced yet.”
Rose recalls seeing the gnarled pieces of the recovered droid on top your worktable after it got twisted into the rails. She shudders before pointing her finger at Jim, “Why not you?”
“Hell no! I had to babysit Commander Ren on Common Deck C2 for nearly a half hour. That’s way more dangerous than the hoistway. It’s your turn,” declares Jim, holding out a flimsy harness to his partner.
“This is pointless… I already know the origin of the error,” Rose lets slip as she throws her exasperated arms in the air, refusing the harness.
“You do? How?” questions Jim, eyes narrowing.
Rose bites her lip, knowing if she says anymore she will implicate herself. She tries to think of an excuse, any excuse to explain the reboot, but nothing comes out of her mouth.
“Just as I thought, you don’t know either.” Smug in his assertion, he ends up throwing the harness at Rose.
Rose catches the belt against her chest. “Uh. Fine.” As she buckles herself in, cursing under her breath with each motion, Jim calls the car to their floor.
“You’re chariot awaits,” he teases. Rose glares at him, she’s in no mood for jokes.
“I need a boost,” she huffs. Jim helps her through the hatch door of the car ceiling. Looking beyond the sling, her heart quickens as she takes in the seemingly endless vertical shaft downward. She gulps. As she steadies her feet on the roof of the car she calls down nervously, “Jim! Make sure the car is halted! I’m not dying because you forgot to click a button.”
“No can do. We have orders to keep it in service while we fix the issue. But don’t worry, I’ve kept the speed locked at 2 MGLTs.”
Rose drops back down to her knees and grips the edge of the open hatch, “WHAT?! You can’t be serious?!” she yells to her unconcerned partner, nose down in the data pad - oblivious to her distress.
Finally looking up he gives her a cocky grin and laughs, “What’s that? You want me to make it faster? Okay…”
“Just lock the damn car, Jim!” Rose’s terrified yelp echoes throughout the expanse.
But he only shakes his head, “Sorry. Superior officers are using this system. Direct orders not to halt service.”
“Fuck you and fuck orders,” Rose grits her teeth.
“Now that is no way to speak to the man holding the controls. Seriously, calm down. It’s going to be fine. I doubt you’ll even be up there long enough to-,” he pauses and all teasing stops. The elevator dings. “Oh… um… it’s been called to R6.”
“Kriff no! Pause it! I’m coming down, we will finish this later,” she says, cautiously lowering a leg through the hatch door. But it is too late, the doors begin to close.
“STOP!” warns Jim through remaining sliver of the doorway, “…it’s too dangerous! Just hang on!” The door shuts and the mechanism next to her begins to click ominously. With the rumble of motion, Rose quickly closes the rustling hatch door and lays flat against the car ceiling, careful to avoid any moving parts. In an instant, she attaches her harness to a corner hook and wraps her arms protectively about her head.
“This can’t get any worse,” she cries to herself. After a few minutes pass, the car comes to a stop, and she lets out a sigh of relief. She decides to ride back to her floor in the safety of the car. But before she can unhook her tether, in walks two reasons to stay put.
After a successful, and strangely gratifying search through the prisoners brain, Kylo at last has what he is looking for. With this step of mission complete, he calls the elevator - ready to end this day once and for all. With the elevator slower than normal, a now present General Hux has time to wrap up his conversation with Lieutenant Mitaka and makes his way next to the Commander. Kylo sneers under his helmet.
“Have you finally taken control of your men? Or does a real leader need to set them in line?” mocks Kylo as the lift door opens. Simultaneously both men take a step inside, shoulders colliding, refusing to be second to the other. As the elevator moves, Kylo looks about the cabin, sensing something out of place, but sees nothing.
“Lieutenant Mitaka is convinced it is a gas leak, no doubt from one of your many destructive outbursts,” states Hux, his face frozen in disdain. “And you? Did you finally retrieve the information that we all have been waiting for? Or are you too busy whining about troopers?”
Kylo ignores the slight, “It’s in a droid. A BB Unit.”
“Well then,” General Hux smirks, “If it’s on Jakku, we shall soon have it.”
“I leave that to you.” The cabin goes quiet as the two men stand silently in their hatred. A minute passes before Kylo continues, “And Hux, I want FN-2102 found and detained. I need to have a word with her.”
Above the car, Rose hears the name of the trooper and her mind instantly flashes to the moment she placed the helmet on your head. She scoots closer to the small perforated metal window into the cabin just in time to see the General pull out a portable Comm Link System.
“Status needed on FN-2102,” states Hux into the microphone.
“Yes, sir,” replies a voice through the speaker. “FN-2102 is currently in the med bay unconscious. Unlikely to wake, Sir.”
General Hux motions to Kylo before answering. “Commander Ren requests the trooper be detained.”
“She is immobilized, Sir. Both legs have been broken. Should we continue with customary protocol?”
“Not yet. Since Commander Ren has taken an interest, wait for removal until he gives word.” Hux turns off the comm link and turns to Kylo, “My gift to you.”
As the harrowing words rise up to unknown hitchhiker above, Rose clutches her face and tries to hold in a scream. Despite her mouth staying shut, her watery eyes watch as Kylo’s helmet snaps to the attention of the hatch. Their eyes meet through the tiny holes of the metal gate and Rose gasps. Startled, General Hux looks up to see what has caught the Commander’s attention.
“You!” Scolds the General, “Get down here and explain yourself.”
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harrysbutterfly · a month ago
My Only Angel (She’s An Angel)
Tumblr media
Told it to her brother and she told it to me,
That she’s gonna be an angel, just you wait and see,
Then it turns out she’s a devil in between the sheets
And there’s nothing she can do about it.
- Only Angel by Harry Styles
An angry Angel and a touch deprived demon leads to sparks, right under the stars.
Word count: 10.6k
Warnings: Wise words from a demon, Angels in shopping malls, roast turkey, thrashy wall posters, Anthony Stark cameo, almost nutting in front of a Gucci store, Shadow play, a walkie-talkie goes haywire, rainbow boots, the angel that wore pink, planetariums, a shit logic on Heaven, demon shades heaven, heaven fries demon, Zeus chasing a woodland nymph, super specialty in quantisation of current, demon-done destruction, exhibition under a false sky, “free me, then”, shock-effect gets it tall and mighty, a lot of work for imagination and animation, haute couture ropes, mentions of pegging, a l*vestruck moron, implied shifting, R*mantic things. Thats all. Thats what I like about it.
Please reblog this fic, so that more and more people see it. Leave a nice comment, add something in the tags, send me a message in my inbox. Please support content creators by reblogging their works.
Have fun!!!
Tell me what you think
Tumblr media
It's a small world, they say. There are thousands of places open for you to run into the same old people. The mall, the club, the grocery shop next door. It is one of the wiser things humans have said and it hits deeper if you are destined to wander in its depths forever, linked to morally dark acts and dependent on the messier of stories encompassing the lives of the people who run this ground.
Harry ran into the same people every now and then, especially when he had a target to hunt down or a deal to make. He has also had the immense pleasure of running into the next generations of those who had once been subject to his active human hunt, faces of people who had fallen prey to him staring back in the form of younger eyes, sometimes sober, many times not. Monotonous. Painstakingly boring. Seeing an angel, one he had been very familiar with, now that's what made things interesting.
If you are hunting monsters, then dark, shadowy places are a good place to start. If you are seeking angels, the gardens. Finding an angel in a shopping mall, damn, that's a real fine thing.
I saw an angel
I really saw an angel
She was pretty. Not of the celestial kind, not that nefarious beauty that had her glow with a magnetizing, special-effect aura often witnessed on the TV screen. Or a mobile screen, depending on which century you were talking about. She didn't hold a defensive stance five hundred metres into the vicinity of anyone remotely similar to that shade of grey enveloping him, so Harry could safely say she was normal.
All that aside, she was still an Angel, which should be bad enough. Given what Harry was, getting a glimpse of one was in itself a rare achievement, but Harry was never farther from ordinary, even for his kind. He was used to having her around, so much that her absence stung. He saw her smiling, he had her laughing at things he said. He had her moaning under him with her eyes screwed shut, panting out the sweetest of noises and gasping as the headboard of his bed rattled against the wall, squirming with each touch of his hands to her skin. He had her littering kisses all over him, he had her melting to his touch, he had her calling him for more.
In all two years, he never had her look at him with so much anger, that too after four months of complete silence. He was about to step up the escalator to where she was when a steely zap strung down the length of his spine. Abs flexing, he gritted his teeth as his nails grew out, long, pointed and steely like talons, lethal enough to tear apart humans and animals alike. The hairs at the back of his neck rose and his irises faded into black nothingness, the onyx of their depths locking into Y/n's glittery ones, squinting at the minuscule waves of lightning shimmering along the ends of her lashes.
She snapped her finger again, but this time, Harry had extracted the shadows of an Iron man's cardboard cutout to wrap in a translucent blanket around him. Desperate times require some crazy defences. Jaws clenched tight and knuckles rigid, Harry got the shadows to condense around him in layers, his black energy enveloping him and shielding him from her strike. He blinked through the fuzzy curtain that separated him from Y/n, noting that she looked beautiful. She really did.
He watched her move backwards, blinking away the sparks from her eyes and the little fires burning out of her fingertips retracted back into her veins. The cloud of black vapour around him faded away, his claws burrowing back into his skin. He let his eyes remain that way, stalking over to the escalator. It led him to the floor where she was, right next to that huge Gucci store, all rigid and tight and looking like she would jinx him to hell if he wasn’t permanently tied to it already.
Harry took his time, crossing the glass pavement connecting the two sides of the floor, flicking his eyes up and down at her. She was wearing his clothes. Damn.
"Four months. Recognize me?" She was glaring at him. Or at least, she was giving him the most threatening look she could manage, and despite that not scaring him even a bit, he knew of the magic she possessed at her fingertips. He was also well aware of her situation, and just how he had been greatly instrumental in pushing her into it. So maybe, he should not underestimate her. 
He stopped a few feet away from her, his sauntering gait coming to a slow halt with the sounds of his boots echoing against the tiles. Recognize her? Another hundred years in the fields of punishment and another hundred wandering through the depths of hell and he still wouldn't forget her. He scrutinised her, looking down at her pouty lips from under his lashes. Light blue lines at the circumference of her irises. Check. A glazy, silvery effect each time she blinked. Check. No bluish-red patches anywhere. Check.
"They didn't throw you out." He shrugged, tucking his lower lip under his teeth as an arrogant smile flittered onto his lips. "You didn't have to zap me to get me to fuck you."
Y/n’s irises blazed white, and that quarter of a second sent Harry into a life crisis because what the fuck would he do if she appeared in her real form? Everybody here would be singled to dust and mass manslaughter wasn’t what he was looking forward to that night. Not that he would be in one piece to complain about it, but being a demon and all, he had to deal with some stupid side effects. He would assume form again, every molecule of black energy constituting the essence that pumped through his veins would aggregate to give him back the supernatural strength he possessed. The process was strenuously slow and mercilessly painful. The last time Harry had to go through it, he had pissed off a purple-eyed witch some two hundred years ago and he wasn't ready to go through it again. Not so soon.
"Had to zap you to get you to talk to me, asshole" she gritted out, her pesky language which she swore she had gotten from staying around him tugging a grin at his lips. It was so damn good seeing her again.
"I would have come here anyway. Been wanting to all day, should have known." He leant into sticker-covered walls separating a shoe store from the Gucci one, an all too annoying grin on his face.
"They locked the gates on me." Y/n breathed out, an indignant orange fire burning at her fingertips which she didn't even bother to suck in and of course, do it. Get humans to notice that you are the Gen-Z revival of the burning witches. Of course, the mortals around were nonchalant, ignorant of what was transpiring here and how the two of them had caused a surge of unrest in both heaven above and hell below.
Harry's shadows were moving again, extracted out from the space where one shop was closed with a huge 'We're not closed, we're just not open' written in annoyingly obnoxious letters. A shield of temporary invisibility wrapped around them, covering them from human eyes, just in case she lost control because right now that was very much probable. Don’t piss off an angel when they are pissed off at Heaven. They forget just how intense they are. "They didn't throw me out. They are just never going to let me in again." 
And that isn't the same thing? Cool.
The fire from her fingers started forming a cord, circling around her hands. Celestial fire. Too much exposure to it made him dizzy and lost, a slow kind of high that dissolved into his essence, crumbling his restraint and often reducing him to one sensitive, delicate mess. Y/n looked distressed and her fires went uncomfortably out of control the more deep something pricked her heart. It didn't help that her emotions were so fucking strong, they grew onto him. 
Without even looking down, Harry knew his energy, his shadows, were threading out of his ring- a platinum band embedded with black and red gemstones along the rim- and coiling over his arm the exact same way her fires crept up hers, the patterns and formations fitting quintessentially such that if he had it in him to hold her hand now, the light and dark would converge perfectly.
"Stop that," he spoke in the same low tone that he had used in bed with her over the last two years, the same voice which had her on her knees, praying, not the heavens above but the religion that spasmed its way out each time they touched. He knew it couldn't tame the anger burning in her, and fuck heaven, can't those group of saggy bearded bigots simply let them be, but the more pressing deal was to get her out of here.
"I can't. Three thousand years and they tell me to choose." Then her hand was flying out, hitting hard at his chest, so hard that all of her fingertips burned through his limited-edition Saint Laurent, dragging over his skin five claw marks which would ruin his appearance for a while. She hit again, only this time, he caught her wrists, pushing her to the same ridiculous banner pasted to the glass door.
"Stop. This isn't going to help," They were out of the shield he had created, and his alarm increased at the few people getting out of the Barnes and Nobles store at the other end of the floor. Nobody in the mall was aware that if Y/n continued with her little displays of anger, Harry would be an excellent personification of the roast turkey people were so fond of.
"Four-fucking months and you don't even try to contact me." The circumference of her eyes glowed red, which when it came to angels, symbolized hurt. Of all the things, this, according to Harry, was what separated them from humans the most. Great way to ruin the colour that made people think of romance and fervour and passion and what not.
"It's not like you have cell phone connectivity in heaven." Harry stopped her arm from flying out and hitting him again, letting the fire burn into his palm because somewhere, he felt that he deserved it. He may or may not like the stinging sensation that followed as his self healing did its bit, right after each blow. "And the last time I tried to wander near the gates of Olympus I had my ass fried. I couldn't really do anything," Harry refrained from adding a 'baby' at the end, her aversion to nicknames too intense and her spirit too volatile at the moment for him to push his luck.
Y/n shrugged out of his hold, ponytail swinging as her celestial fire burned into those parts of his skin which his shadows had failed to protect, blackish scars littering over his tattoos. His self healing clicked in, skin cells slowly spreading over the burned areas, everything stinging and sensitive as the first time he had gotten himself inked.
"Certified asshole," She spat out, snapping her fingers again, another current running down his spine but now Harry wasn't fighting it. A purple- violet hue burned at the circumference of her irises, one which he saw very often. One which he drove out of her. Desire.This zap had the same intensity that he was used to, one which he often asked, more like, ordered her to use on him, in their multiple illicit adventures.
Illicit? Seriously? Damn. Y/n really was growing on him and she was angry and she looked fucking hot in his tee-shirt, even if it was the most innocent shade of pink with cute white words and a pink jacket with flowers printed on it. Something told him she wasn't here to fuck and if she was, she was not letting him be on top. Fuck.
Flicking his hair away from his eyes, he ran his tongue over his lower lip, sweeping his lashes in one swoon-worthy gesture as Y/n placed her hands on her hips. Tilting his chin up, he took in the two strands of hair she had left out of her ponytail, which hit her cheeks each time she shook her head. A silly smile built up, tugging his cheeks upwards which he pushed back, forcing his eyes to remain black and stay under control.
"You don't say that when you are in bed," he smirked, taking two sauntering steps up to her. Taking care that she didn't have any fire around her hands,he wrapped his fingers around her wrist, tugging her to him. He twirled the tendril framing her face around his finger, pulling at it, black eyes glossed over with sheer, unabashed and unrestrained want.
"I'm fucking angry and I'm going to tear your shirt next." Y/n dived her fingers under his shirt, straight to his left nipple, the pierced one. She scratched at the skin, leaving bruises and marks and that minx, she was again using a bit of her fire on him. A measured estimate, it was strong enough to seep through the first layers of his skin, leaving tiny marks at its wake which felt like downing a tray of shots before his self healing clicked in, another wave of euphoria.
"You came for this." Running one long finger over the curve of her jaw, he flipped them around, enjoying the cool surface of the walk sticker hit his back, and the mesmerizing sight all over his front. "You know what you are here for, Angel."
Y/n laughed, tiny shards of blue, white and orange appearing like circles of light in her eyes, an indignant wave of energy flowing from her skin to his. "You love that, don't you. Lifetime achievement. You fucked an angel." She gritted out, pressing her hand to his shoulder blade, his spaceboy jacket falling prey to her flames. He had his shadows cover in immediately, using the dust particles scattered around to cut off all the oxygen before she caused any more damage to his beloved clothing.
He pushed her hand away, cradling her face with his hand and tilting her chin up. He pressed his fingers to the back of her head the way she loved because it left her all hazed, only this time, it riled up the fire, the orange- purple flames blazing in her eyes instead of sedating their robust dance. Doesn't matter. It worked either way for him. 
"I have one bigger achievement, and you know what it is." He drawled out, condescension crisp in his words because he knew the night would end up just that same way- them wrapped around each other, impossibly close with nothing, absolutely nothing separating them, wound together by a wordless promise to come back again, to do the same thing, even if it scarred every holy deity, over and over again.
She stepped back again, barely missing the group of people with bags full of books, one of them catching the burned front part of Harry's shirt and going, "Man, cool shirt." 
It took all his self control to not stuff the guy into one of the books he was carrying. Just to toy with him, Harry let the black in his irises slowly fade into a fresh emerald green, the entire diffusion done in the direct line of sight of that guy. He saw that, looked around wildly to see if anybody else had seen what he just saw. Nobody else had, maybe other than Y/n, who had crossed her arms and was giving Harry a furious glare. 
Harry scoffed, pressing his lips up in a shit eating grin as the boy paled. He looked helpless at Y/n, whose anger only made him more uncomfortable, his nervousness evident in the twitching of his hands. The college dude whimpered, trying hard to tear his eyes away from Harry and get the hell out of there, but now that wasn’t happening anytime soon. Holding his gaze for a solid 3 minutes, Harry released him from the headlock, the guy’s knees buckling. He didn’t spare a second, pushing past his friends and down the escalator and out of their sight.
"That wasn't necessary, you prick." Y/n's voice was cold and it's steeliness hurt the very core of his essence but he shrugged it off, letting the black take over again. Harry was way more composed with black eyes and he liked it that way. He needed it that way if Y/n was going to do something drastic, as he couldn't afford to show signs of weakness, which in his case included completely breaking down and falling on his knees in front of her, in a fucking shopping mall.
He buttoned up his cardigan, letting it cover the holes she had burnt into his body, not wanting some LA doofus to take a piss at his attire. Putting his hands into his pockets, he flashed another smirk at her way, "You know what's necessary?" He stalled closer to her, contemplating her outfit, his t-shirt which looked so good on her. He hooked a finger to the neckline, letting it snap back to her skin. "A thank you, for letting you borrow this."
She narrowed her eyes, "I will end your existence." Little strips of lightning zipped out of her fingers again, and she placed it right on his neck, all of this very much planned with something filthy in her mind because as angry as she was, she was here for him.
Harry laughed, a blissfully arrogant one, wrapping his tattooed arm around her waist. "don't know what you are talking about, Angel. You'd miss me too much"
"Don't call me angel, I'm a mess." And with that she unwound his arm from around her, flipping her ponytail back. Harry knew she would be gone in a second, the lights of the place strong enough to teleport her wherever she wanted to go, and he would chase her, like he always did, like she always wanted him to, just the way she loved. He would do it, a hundred thousand times over for the rest of eternity, but he wasn't letting her leave before he asked this. So he wrapped his arm around her again, pulling her to his chest and locking her there, his shadowed eyes boring into her lightening-rimmed ones.
"It was me or heaven, wasn't it? Three thousand years and they ask you to choose between me and heaven. You chose me." 
The lightning in her eyes flared up, tearing through the area of her irises, the circle of fire full of every colours you could name, their robust flames closing in till her pupils. She sent another shockwave down his neck, unrestrained and punishing and all of it made his mind fucking reel. 
Y/n nodded, and in an instant he had her pushed up on the glass railing of the mall, hands clutching her hips and his lips crashing on hers. His tongue thrust into her hot mouth, fingers running over whatever skin came at his reach. He ran his tongue over the bottom of her lips, stopping for a quarter of a second to let her breathe and then he was claiming her mouth again, threading his teeth over her plushy lips as another light zap at his neck drove him all feral. She lit in him the fire that burnt red, crowned with golden flames. He kissed her with the fervour only a demon could provide, possessing only one human trait which was desire, and could be amplified a hundred thousand times when they wanted to feel it. 
For Y/n, Harry was already in surrender, everything he allowed himself to feel other than hatred and anger, directly or indirectly because of her. She was the fountain which granted him a reason to embrace all the emotions he was capable of feeling but had kept bound under silver threads. Right now, he was giving her everything he could muster, hoping he could communicate with his heavy ringed hands gripping onto her like his existence depended upon it. His legs grinded against hers, his breath fanning over her lips every time they parted only to cling back together, months of staying away making it impossible to let her go now that she was in his arms.
She was the first to break the kiss, another zap of current running down his spine as he realized he was rock hard in public, after making out in a mall. She attempted to glare at him, rolling her eyes at his very obvious problem, a tiny smile shimmering along the corners of her lips. He realized she must have done something to make them invisible, some light-magic of hers, because the small group of kids hitting each other with their bags showed no care about them, happy in their own bubble.
"Now that all is said and done, you might as well start making it up to me," She had her eyes on him, the multitude of colours in their depths- mostly lavender, with blue and orange- conveying she wasn't letting him top today and just in the blink of an eye, she was gone.
The black of Harry's eyes dissolved away, glittering green jewels appearing in their wake as he sniffed around the area, little whiffs of sulphur burning into his nose. He knew Y/n would do something like this. He also knew exactly where he had to go to find her.
Harry had met Y/n three years back. They had been fucking for the last two. He had kept himself for her for the last two. She had melted to his touch, collapsed in his arms every night for the majority of the last two years, making him feel most at home in a land which was not meant for either of them. He had worked wonders out of her, built up a high which showed her heaven on Earth- the real heaven. They were happy. They really were. Or atleast Harry was. And he hoped more than anything that she was too.
The darker your soul is, the more imminent it is for you to crave the light. Harry was no exception to any other demon, who at any point where they feel their sanity crumbling, reached out for something, someone, maybe just a stranger who they could fuck for a night as long as it meant to be touched. These one night relief systems were equivalent to the light caress on your cheek from someone you love- softness, for a limited time frame and most demons clung to it. Now who was Harry to deter from his kind. 
He had taken himself a step ahead of the others though. Lurking in the shadows, Harry had let his dark energy wreath floral shapes and makeshift heart symbols around Y/n's celestial magic. Watching it all happen was like living in a film, so smooth that all of it felt like an involuntary dance of magical threads, fastening the knots tighter each time they were close. She was inescapable, inevitable, especially when his essence had committed itself to her, when his shadows had learnt to be in sync with her fires. She had taken him to the heaven she came from, and he wasn't letting something as ridiculous as Zeus’s puny anger and the Jury’s so called morals take her away from him.
Harry frequented dingy clubs, conducting business at night, manipulating people and planting crazy ideas into their heads. His basic job was setting up deals with various kinds of people, an exchange of a soul the most in-demand for any kind of work which he promised would be done- and Harry would be eternally damned again before he broke a promise he made. Specially when someone had bargained a life for it, when somebody's soul was at stake. 
Most of the people Harry dealt with were a smothering kind of desperate, a few he hated with burning passion and yet had to work with, or a few who felt they were smart enough they could cheat the very epitome of conceit- a demon like Harry. Harry’s favourite people to hunt and manipulate were the cheats and the scoundrels with malicious intent because you can’ just waltz in to take over the basic employment of demons. Leave the shady things to us and enjoy your confectionaries. No wonder silver repulsed him. The shiny metal symbolized everything that he was, too similar to him for his own good. Y/n, she rose from a bed of silver and no wonder father Zeus hated him.
It was in one of these very dark places where he had met Y/n. One look at her, and he knew she was one of those winged creatures who considered themselves and their ground too pure for someone like him, and the thought kinda stung because she was cute and he would have loved to give her some wrong lead or cause havoc in whatever business she was here for.
An hour later, he was chatting her up, working his charisma to add her to his list of regular fucks but midway through, she had told him to cut the crap, following something behind his shoulder with wide eyes and in a second, she was gone. Later, a group of imbecile shadow demons were found growling from the pits of hell. Good work Angel. This spared him and his community from having to tame some ridiculously ravenous beasts. Now, he would use the same sulphur trail to find her.
Harry whisked out a shadow from the little decorations they had added around the mall for the aesthetic- all of these places with their damned LED lights had him struggling for relief- and he let it grow over himself, channeling some lack of light out of the dark current that ran through his veins to strengthen the envelope around him. Waves of his own energy engulfed him and slowly, he was one with the darkened hue, going to the only person who could so much as introduce him to the light.
The university of California. Woah. Nice choice Y/n.
The choice was bizarre actually. Harry found himself vaguely wondering if Y/n had lost her mind after being shut out of heaven but then he shook his head, sweeping away a tendril of hair hanging in front of his eyes. She shocked him just fine.
The planetarium. Shit. Staying with Mitch had gotten him slow, because the shaggy-haired sage of a demon did nothing- absolutely nothing. He hated dealing in souls, sometimes dragged his sorry ass out to the streets only to end up hanging around in some graveyard, playing stupid guitar riffs to large rocks and hoping they allow him passage to the underworld. His little trips to hell were more than the amount of times Harry dicked somebody- um- someone- down in a year and that was saying something. Who the heck goes for Hell excursions?
Staying with a sage replacement demon wasn’t doing him any good. Of course, now he would amend it. Humans did have some crazy discoveries here and there, all of which helped creatures like him. Or the bloody cheats that occupied the seats of power above. Humans develop the telescope, Heaven starts using it to monitor the workings of their angels here. Humans develop satellite images and of course, that becomes Heaven’s free installed CCTV camera.
Planetariums, observatories and many labs, could be used, after a few change of settings and some magic effects, to spy- or look, maybe- straight into heaven. Angels used planetariums to exchange gifts between the two places, meeting family and friends above while they worked on healing the spirit of some inebriated idiot repeatedly cheated on his wife. Harry wouldn’t tell a human this, but this could give him a chance of really spitting into the face of heaven. Or maybe he would tell a human about this, bonus points if they were high.
So maybe, Harry had been a little thickheaded. He walked towards the main corridors of the uni, feet coming to a slow halt as he was met with the scowling face of a guard. 
“How did you get your ass in here man? Don’t you know this place isn’t for yeh-” The guard yelled, walking hotly towards him. Harry smirked, letting the man run his torch’s beam over his spaceboy cardigan and brown corduroys before he melted into the shadows again, materializing at the Guard’s desk.
The guard stumbled, looking around wildly at where Harry had just disappeared into thin air when he rapped his knuckles against the wooden board of the table, lifting his legs up on the desk and crossing them over, his rainbow boots strikingly shiny against the matte finish of the surface. He smirked at the guard, one smooth, slow curve of his lips as the black currents lashed in waves over his eyes, the entire transition clear as day to the very frazzled guard who had gone white as a sheet. He stood in his place, eyes and feet frozen, even though he wasn't in a condition to hang around any longer.
“Now listen there mate,” Harry snapped his fingers, burning all the circuits of the place, all the lights flickering off except for those corridors which she had walked on. Sorry students, you all deserve a break. On the desk, the man’s voice transmitter was going haywire, beeping and vibrating with its pointer signalling in every direction and annoying the shit out of Harry. He tapped his finger over the device, its internal circuits firing up and all of it vibrations melting down. 
The guard looked on, transfixed, eyes adhered to Harry no matter how hard he wanted to run away. Pursing his lips, Harry interlocked his fingers in front of his chest, pushing back on the reclining chair, which creaked under his force.
“This place- and everything here-,” Harry gestured to the LA skyline, staring tersely at the guard again, who looked like he would shit himself, “has been mine, for longer than your family tree exists. Don’t you try to tell me where I should go,” He got up, the chair pushing back six metres and then falling apart. “You'll do your work, you will remember me, you jus' won’t tell this to anyone. Be a good boy,” With one arrogant flash of green in his eyes before they ran black again, Harry rushed up the steps, following the trail of lights to Y/n. 
He found her where he had expected her to be, a magnificent dome cupping over the walls of the building. She was fiddling with a computer in the control room, little flares flashing out of her eyes. Real ones. Poor computer. No wait. That fucking celestial thing could harm him a lot more. Poor Harry.
She stayed silent, tapping away on the keyboard. She had discarded her floral jacket somewhere, only wearing his pink t-shirt which he remembered having purchased in Italy. Angels were supposed to have perfect bearings of Heaven, so he let her do whatever she was doing, only taking care to note just how many light years and other values she was entering, so he could find it again. Harry had some unfinished business with that place anyway.
Slowly, he stalked out of the control room, right close to the centre of the space. It looked big enough, and it might look better if it had the stars painted on it. He didn't know what he would do if the entrance to Olympus sprung out in front of him. Show the middle finger. Throw a packet of used condoms.As long as he was spared of watching Zeus whip out his dick at some woodland nymph.
Y/n stepped out of the controls, the lights around them slowly diminishing as the LA skyline appeared around the horizons, all of this a magical spectacle. Then again, having to pay to see the stars, all artificially displayed for them using fancy devices with freaky bits of code in itself yelled of the sorry state of this stupid realm. Woah, was he remorseful for this stupid place? Fucking hell. He really had spent a lot of time with Y/n, and he didn’t want to stop anytime soon, as long as she wanted him around.
“You didn’t think of this, did you?” Y/n stood next to a row of seats, diagonally away from him. She didn't look as angry at him as she was in the mall before, and at the moment, her eyes did not have any kind of neon light sparkling out. Harry scratched the back of his neck, turning and carding his fingers through his locks again. “No.” He finally let the black seep back into his eyes, glittery green taking over.
The room darkened even more, a fathom of the night sky spread over them. Slowly, the stars increased in frequency, masking over the entire dome. A cluster of stars swam towards the east, settling in some bizarre shape. That must be heaven. It was glowing. Bright red, a little bit of orange, little specks of a whitish sparkle, the colour of the celestial fire which all of its residents possessed. 
“You were supposed to be there,” he said, wincing because his voice broke at the end. Nope, Harry was done with any kind of angsty breakdowns and he hoped they were both over drowning in guilt. He turned away, the sight of the stars eerily working as a pathetic fallacy for him. That's what you get, when you are a demon and you see your life in someone else’s eyes. In an angel's eyes.
“I’d rather not,” she huffed, blowing away the two strands of hair framing her face, silver energy crackling at her eyelashes and it looked like she had glitter run down her face. The lights in her eyes, ones which resembled the LA skyline with the multitude of neon specks circling the circumference, and the lights from the specks above was all that could help Harry see. Seriously, he was offended she looked so cute in his shirt. "They never trusted us. Its better to be out."
“So you prefer me to Daddy? I’m talking about that wanker who probably needs viagra more than-” he stopped midway, doubling over at the indignant look flashing across Y/n’s face.
“Don’t make me regret not blasting you,” She huffed, eyes lined with purple and orange lights- desire and indignation, raising her hands preferably to shock him again.
“That would mean some trouble. Don’t you need to write a report to daddy each time you harm somebody? You know, his good girl,” three streams of current ran down his spine, his knees buckling at the speed with which they were administered. Goosebumps all over his arms, and the black paint washing over his eyes which he blinked back, he smirked again at Y/n, flapping his eyes in a way which had mortals drool. Anything to get fucked.
“You know how the jury wanted me to prove my loyalty to heaven?” She threw her hands to her side, eyes flashing orange, red and blue- indignation, hurt and anger and fuck, what would Harry do if she started crying? She braced herself then, words small, tiny threads of astonishment and anger supplementing their curtness. “They wanted me to end you. Or never show my face again. “
Harry averted his eyes, black colours involuntarily threading over him before he pushed them away, settling down onto one of the plush velvet seats and staring back at his lover. He placed one leg over the other, the metal bands of his rings clinking against the wooden armrest as he tapped his fingers against its edge, voice a mesmerizing baritone.“They think you can do that? Free me, then.”
The mosaic of her eyes intensified, a hundred more colours springing up, like neon lights all around the city. “I can’t. I was hoping you would stay around, now that, I’m eternally damned too." When she saw his eyebrow rise up, his platinum ring crackling at its seams with sheltered unrest, she gulped and added, “If you look at it a certain way- I am. I mean, I didn’t lose my wings, because even we aren’t that cringey,” Harry snorted, and Y/n swept the dangling tendril of hair away from her face, "but now that I'm fallen, I might as well make the best out of it."
Harry smirked, drawing circles at the edge of the armrest and settling his foot down onto the carpeted floor with a muffled thud. A black beam, which at a glance looked like a procession of animated stardust, slithered out from stones set on the platinum band around his ring finger, tearing through the space between them to loop around Y/n's wrist in three fluid circles, little shimmery explosions lining up everywhere in their path and the next second, she was tugged to his lap, her ponytail tickling his face.
"Was that necessary, you ass?" Hands still arrested between his cords, she pressed them to his chest, another light shockwave plunging down his spine. Harry shivered, tightening the cord around her hands, crossing them over one another and jutting her ahead so her fingers were placed over his swallows.
"More than necessary. We are goin' out of track," he ran his nose over the slope of her jaw, eyes sunken under waves of lust, one hand pressing her closer to him,"I wanna fuck."
The expected shockwave didn't rattle down his spine, Y/n grinning and shaking her head at him. His fingers inched closer to the base of her neck, wrapping around to press at the sides of her neck the way it left her with purple-lit eyes, the shadow cord slipping between his fingers, cool and scathing.
"That's all you think of." She was biting her lips, eyes twinkling and her tongue jutting out lightly as she tilted her head to whisper coyly into his ears, "I'm still mad at you."
"And why is that?" Harry paused, taking one deep breath before huskily whispering into her skin, "my love"
Her breath hitched, whatever she had been thinking of saying thrown out of a window as the universe danced above them, little flecks of blue and violet mist clouding close to heaven, millions of little stars burning pleasantly in their own fuel over the artificial sky projected over them. 
"You said fucking you is my biggest achievement," Harry tugged at the cord tying her wrists together so she was straddling him, looking all too perfect with her messy hair and eyes resembling the crystals of a chandelier. For a moment he didn't even want her on her back, he just wanted to sit and admire her. Under the phantom of stars decorated just for them, under the very gates that had been closed on her for choosing to be with him. More than just fucking her, he wanted to have her touch planted on him, her taste dissolved in the very energy that coursed through his veins. He just wanted to be with her. And she him. His angel. His only angel.
She popped off the first two buttons of his cardigan, big burn marks dismantling the front of his tee-shirt. Yeah sure, that's the work of an angel. "And it isn't?" Her eyes glowed lavender, a slow smirk tugging at her lips.
Harry shook his head, arrogantly sweeping his gaze from her lips down to her chest and to her intercrossed hands, streaks of lust dismantling his patience. He loosened the cord wrapped around her, letting his seat fall back and stretching his flexed arms above his head, which had Y/n crashing down on him. Blinking away the startled look from her eyes, she wrapped her fingers around his wrists, his black energy still tethering him to her. He felt her emit minuscule peeps of fire from her fingertips, little currents of electricity flowing down his biceps.
Harry slid his tongue out, running it down the slope of her neck as she scrunched her eyebrows in concentration, the little currents stopping and starting all over again, right from his neck to the side of his shoulder. If you really want to get those sparks they talk about, try dating an angel. You won’t succeed, because most of them are too far up their asses, but you can always try. The touches itself are orgasmic.
The lines of stardust still clung to Y/n’s wrists, tiny zips of lightning which resembled the lights jittering out from a mirrorball ran over Harry’s arms, revolving in perfect eclipses over his tattoos as Y/n slotted her lips against his, dragging a slow, wet graze over his cupid’s bow and shoving her tongue into his mouth. He really wanted Heaven to watch this, he was wishing- more than anything- for them to witness all of this. They weren’t just sprawled out under a legion of satellite projections for nothing. 
“Want to know what my biggest achievement is?” His cardigan was unbuttoned, and Y/n bunched up his tattered tee upwards, latching her lips around the stud fastened around his nipple, harsh and unforgiving. With the limited movement the loosened cord allowed her, she dug her fingers into his curls, tugging his head backwards and grinding herself all over him. His cock twitched under his corduroys, growing harder with the second as she lowered herself to rub her clothed clit over his erection, eliciting a strangled groan from his rosy lips. A swift current down his spine had his shoulders rolling backwards, his jaws clenched and eyes shut in pure ecstasy, shivering with each swipe of her tongue against his jewelled nipple.
“What is it baby? Tell me.” One of her hands rested against the curve of his neck, light teasing touches of her fingertips, hot as fire for a second and frozen as a glacier the next. Black curtains shaded over his irises, dissolving the green. This had Y/n increase the fervour of her grindings, the seat falling back even more as she rubbed her fingers over his clothed bulge. Harry spread his thighs, letting her sit on her knees between them and run her fingers up and down the inside of his thighs tantalizingly.
Harry’s bejewelled hand ghosted over to the back of Y/n’s neck, twirling a few strands of hair that had escaped out of her ponytail over his fingers. With one swift slide, he pulled her silky locks out of its binds, her tendrils framing her face prettier than ever, the ends tickling at his collarbones. The length of his shadows, glittering and connecting him to her shortened, disappearing from around her wrists. He let the line of his energy still pour out of his ring, now shorter, sparklier and sure as fuck as it looped around Y/n’s ring finger in one single roll, all of heaven being witness to him cross every possible limit ever fashioned for someone like him.
Harry didn’t know if Y/n understood just which forbidden deed his actions expressed, and fuck she did, because its hard to miss an icy cold seam curl up your finger, and his feelings harder to hide with his eyes which had turned more crystal green then ever. He didn’t let her react though, his palms gripping at her hips, hoisting her over and setting her clothed clit right over his cock, which was sadly neglected for the last three minutes and demanded their attention. He was enjoying the purple and orange flares in her eyes too much anyway.
He mustered back his signature arrogant smirk up his lips, pushing out his tongue and dragging it over her cupid’s bow as his nails dug into the sides of her ass, the button of her jeans almost open and ready to be thrown off if she kept on with this buildup. “Hear me Angel,” he whispered onto her lips, letting out a choked simper as she snapped his pants open, skimming her hands over the lines of his boxers, eyes engulfed in purple flames.
“You love me more than you can ever love heaven,” he growled into her ears, pushing himself against her hand in a desperate frenzy, fingers travelling up under her- his- shirt to unclip her bra. He tugged it off from under her tee, pulling the straps down both her shoulders and tossing it somewhere in the seats behind them. His tee wasn’t going away anytime soon. The orange flare cutting through the purple and her hands fisting at his hair had his chest spluttering and abs flexing, his breaths ragged. He risked another smirk at her, raising his hands in a mock salute to the amalgamation of stars which he knew was heaven and which he knew would have people going into moral collapse when they saw what was playing out under them.
“Yeah?” she panted, letting go of his hair and raking her index over the expanse of his chest. She slid down the seat, settling on her knees between his manspread. She grabbed his hand, placing it over her head. He dug his fingers into the roots, pulling her up so she was at level with his bulge- and damn- he was aching. She ran her tongue over the hemline of his boxers, mouthing over his erection with hooded, electric eyes as Harry felt another zip of current jolt down his spine, all of it making him hornier and needier than he had ever been.
She curled her fingers over his boxers, finally pulling them down. His cock sprung out, throbbing with precum collecting around its tip. She grazed her fingers over its length, the veins scattered over its surface twitching with each mellow touch. She awarded him another coy grin, dragging her index finger over his balls and the inside of his thighs, once, twice, thrice, her lips hovering just above his pulsating tip, never touching.
Harry still had his hand in her locks and he wished he could be dominant enough to push her mouth on him. He wished could whip her around, slam her face to the seat, pull down her jeans and take her from behind. He had the option to get up, wrap his fingers around her throat, pull her over to his lap and smack her ass while rubbing her clit for teasing him so much. Only, he couldn't. He was too drunk on the touch of her fingertips slowly circling the base of his cock, her tongue drawing a swipe along one particular vein strewn over his length, her warm breath hitting the inside of his thighs and making them tremble. He was too gone for to do anything but wait.
“And you think you can give it back to me?” she mumbled over his skin, caressing his thighs with the softest of touches. She wrapped her hand fully around the base of his cock, finally settling her mouth lower as a series of broken grunts flew out his lips. One hand still clutching her hair, the other which had his shadows leaking out clamped so hard on the armrest he could feel the wood splinter under his hold. 
Y/n went faster, bobbing her head up and down, his length glistening with her spit and his precum. She pulled out, smacking her lips coated with him and rewarding him with feathery licks at the tip. She reached her hand out, hollowing her cheeks and taking the whole of his length in her mouth again. She secured his shaking fingers in her hold as he felt the stars come closer to his eyes. His claws were ready to poke out, his knuckles white, jaw clenched and muscles taut as she had her way with him, toying with his length. 
“Y/n, I’ll” Harry’s eyes were screwed shut, little stars dancing all over his vision as his teeth dented cracks into his lips, “Y/n,” he moaned again, legs weak and fingers shaking as she pulled him closer to his release. His hand left her hair, racing over her shoulder blades and digging his nails over her collarbones, travelling inside the shirt to caress at the sides of her breasts. She circled his pierced nipple with her fingers, hollowing her cheeks and taking him till he hit the hilt of her throat. She took him, right to the point he was dangling beyond the edge, going fast and just the way it got him to cum- and then she stopped.
Y/n simply peeled her mouth away from his throbbing cock, his thighs clenched and knees shaking and stars still dancing around his vision. He flapped his eyes open, looking drugged under his lashes as she had this coy smirk on her lips, drawing her initials over the expanse of his thigh. What- Why? Harry tried desperately to pull over the edge, reach out just far enough to bring back the euphoria of release that was so close to him, the release which he could see ebbing away, farther from him with each second. He let out a breathless groan, throwing his head back with his hair all disheveled around him, the denial, after promising him of such a strong release, after taking him so damn deep, too much for him to handle and his limbs too weak to do something about it.
“Did we talk about you giving it back to me?” she whispered, climbing on the seat again, placing her knees next to his waist and dragging the icy cold cord of his own shadow looped around her finger, over his butterfly tattoo. Y/n used the dangling cord to caress his skin, letting it drift tantalizingly along the edges of the inking, his abs flexing and spluttering from the cold and the repercussions of the high she just took away from him. Seriously, it's been four months, Harry huffed, panting and locking eyes with her as she continued her ministrations.
“As if you don’t know?“ collecting the messy pieces of his disheveled control and letting black paint spray back over his eyes, he raked his fingers through his hair, letting the curls fall to the side of his face. He brought up the hand with his ring to her face, dragging his knuckles over her cheekbone and jawline. Harry's cock twitched with the way tiny silvery shards flew out from under her lashes, his shimmering shadows and her blazing lights so close they could be good as one. “As if fucking under the stars isn’t the most romantic thing I have ever done.”
Y/n scoffed, grabbing at the sides of the cardigan which was hung loosely over his shoulders, taking the end of his cross pendant between her teeth and tugging him up. She pushed herself back, sliding down from the velvety surface onto the carpet, pulling him with her. As if Harry hadn’t already anchored himself to her. She lay down on the carpet, facing the millions of stars dotting the dome above, letting him place his weight onto her.
“Always baby, always for you.” They stared at each other for a second, and then Harry was hungrily taking her lips in his, thrusting his tongue to the inside of her mouth and grazing it against hers. All the while his hands fiddled with the button of her jeans, finally popping it off. His tongue still exploring the crevices of her mouth, he slipped the chain down to be greeted by her bare pussy. 
“You came here for this babe,” he smirked over her lips, pulling her pussy lips apart and collecting some of her wetness to rub over her clit. He caught her cupid’s bow between his teeth, running slow circles around the sides of her nether lips as she moaned, eyes stacked with layers of tiny purple lights. She buried her fingers into the hair at his nape, pressing her calves to his backside and flipping them over so he was sprawled under her again.
“It's been four months, isn’t it baby?” Little silvery white flames tore out of her fingertips as she drew a tiny heart at the centre of his chest, the tingly sensation radiating over to the swallows raked out across his broad chest. From under her, Harry simpered, jaw ticking as he plunged one finger inside her wet hole, pulling it out and thrusting it back in again. He picked up speed, switching hands so he was now scissoring two fingers inside her with the hand that had the cold current flowing out of it, the cold sensation by his semi-warm fingers making her mind reel. 
Harry’s other hand travelled instinctively to her throat, his thumb raking over the column in a smooth crescent as his fingers pressed to the sides of her jugular. He pulled her down by her neck to meet his lips, tongue slotting against hers feverishly. He counted for five seconds, holding his breath with her, barely giving her the chance to do anything but moan and pant heavily against his lips. Y/n dug her fingers through his locks, prompting him to release her lips with a wet plop, a line of spit hanging between the two lovers.
“Four-fucking-long months,” Y/n gave out successive feathery moans, gasping against the junction of his neck, her erratic breathing all over his jaw and collarbones. She grabbed at the neckline of his tee, almost falling off balance as he rhythmically flicked at her clit, long fingers expertly curling around to bring out the sweetest, most angelic little moans she could make. She latched her lips to his neck, sucking at the skin what she knew would be deep bruises, all her marks, the territorial lover in her reclaiming him as hers, just the way he was. 
“You will get back at me for that, won’t yeh? Punish me, won’t you?” he slurred at her ears, intoxicated by her taste, another bite, followed by a kiss pressed onto the mole at the dip of his collarbones. Her nails came back to scrape at his butterfly tattoo, growing steadier with the second as she pushed herself up, leveling her centre with his rapidly leaking cock.
“Four months warrants four times, doesn’t it?” She whispered, sweetly pecking at the corner of his lips before she sat on him slowly, adjusting to his girth and after four months- fuck- she was so tight. She lowered herself on him again, testing just how much she could get in, before she found that rhythm again, the one that had them see stars without satellites or projectors. Once she found her pace, she was taking with full force what she had come for- him. Her fingers spread over his butterfly tattoo to veer herself up again, she went quick and unrestrained, his lust-drenched whimpers and low grunts with the clenching of his knuckles and jaws only fuelling her desire. All those moments of not being together, all the frustrations, all the anger, the agony, the longing, she was giving him it all.
Was Harry going to get to cum anytime soon? Safe to say he wasn’t. Did it excite him that she was promising him denial? Hell yes. Was he more turned on than ever with her playing with his like this, slowly tormenting him with devious intentions? His dick would happily agree. Was he loving the way she was touching him, alternating between flicking his nipples and running her warm tongue over it, sending sparks down his back which others could only dream of. Hell yes. Was seeing her sitting on him, eyes bleeding lust and the pure eroticsm in her actions making him this lovestruck moron he hated to admit he was? A million-fucking-times over, yes. 
Pressing his luck, Harry began thrusting against her, using his massive thigh strength to allow himself some relief before she came and stopped it all over. She pushed back, just as uncompromising, bouncing on her heels way faster than their regular pace, Harry loving every bit of it. He knew Y/N was close, more familiar than anything else with the way her eyes would glaze over like stained glass, her whimpers sounding the sweetest as she desperately clung to him, crying out with each grind of his hips against hers, lashes fluttering with tiny bits of silver crackling at their rims. 
Pressing his luck even further, he tapped two fingers over her lips, silently asking for her to open up. It wasn’t to assert dominance, Harry just knew she loved it and he would do anything to make his girl happy. Y/n parted her lips, letting him slide his fingers into her hot mouth, lazily dragging her tongue over his digits as its pair went to rub circles at her clit. He thrust hard against her, shifting slightly so had better angle, one which made her back arch and toes curl. 
With one clean stroke of his cock hitting her g-spot and a few flicks at her clit, she was clamping her teeth around his knuckles, thighs spasming and elbows collapsing under the sheer euphoria cutting through her, her body consumed in the abundance of pleasure from his lips and his fingers and his cock. Harry could feel her spasm around him, her walls fluttering around his cock and damn, he was close. He stopped though, letting her fall onto his chest, securing her in his hold and lightly running his knuckles over her cheekbones, the icy cord tingling against her skin which was crowned with goosebumps all over..
“Two more?” Harry asked, tugging his lips up in a lopsided grin at her messy hair and glazed eyes, so many colours gleaming at the circumference of her irises they were impossible to count. Her eyes were like LA when you look down as a flight takes off over its vast terrains, the city which was his home for so long he had lost count of just how long he had spent wandering in its depths. Harry wasn’t even being a sap, but after being denied her company for so long, he felt like he had lost every sense of familiarity to home. After those hellish four months, he would choose orgasm denial any day.
“Two more,” she promised, pushing herself up and slipping out of his hold. She rolled over to the side, fastening her jeans around her waist, and  flopping down next to Harry, who was adjusting himself under his corduroys and wincing due to the overstimulation. His poor cock. 
They stayed that way for a bit, Harry turning to face her and brushing some of her awry locks away from her eyes, drinking in the sight of her by his side again. It was so fucking good having her here, even if it was close to sunrise and they just fucked in some planetarium in a University. Now, that is one good inclusion to the achievements list. They had taken exhibitionsim to an entirely different out-of-the-world level too, but he knew better than to gloat about it. Couldn’t afford to have his ass on celestial fire again. 
Unless it was Y/n doing it, with her experience on just how much input got him hard, without leaving him singled and raw and- he would rather not think about anybody else experimenting. He scoffed, rolling his eyes at just what not they do. No wonder heaven wanted them torn apart. Y/n couldn’t go back to heaven unless invited in person, which was sad and he shouldn't be so happy about it, but where do you get a demon who isn't selfish? He also knew Y/n would figure something out and he would do whatever he could to help.
“Why so silent, Styles?”
“What would daddy say about this?”
“He wouldn’t say a thing. Not that he ever did,” She shrugged, little gleams of red hitting at the edges of her eyes. Yup, remind him to visit this place again and give in his own sweet input to Heaven. They deserved one, after treating her like this.
“Too busy fucking around?”
She arched an eyebrow at him, but her eyes remained soft, a smile still around her lips. “I’m not going back there. Doesn’t seem like home anymore.”
Her voice was soft, veins of hurt running underneath the watery texture. Harry cupped her face, kissing her temple and running his nose against the ridges of her eyes. Y/n blinked at him, little waves of silver energy emanating out of her fingertips. It rose out like a cord, cutting its way towards him, touching against his shadows- he had forgotten about the holographic cord dangling between them- their opposite energies aggregating and then exploding. The entire volatile interaction was oddly mesmerizing, like watching a million minuscule firecrackers light up one after the other. It strung to his ring finger in a similar fashion to his shadows clung around hers, heaven and all the angels above watching the light and dark melt into one.
“That looks nice”
Harry scoffed, “Just nice? It's- fucking amazing,” He felt her eyes trained onto his jaw, a slow smile brimming at her lips. He laughed sheepishly then, carding his fingers through his and brushing most of it back.
“And you are still mad?”
“I’m still mad,” Y/n was smiling, beaming, and the crinkles around his eyes just came in. How can you not smile when someone’s beaming at you that way? She shifted, throwing one arm over him and he scooped her to his side, holding her close to his chest. He pressed his lips to her hair, mumbling a little, “I missed you,” and cuddling her closer.
“I’m just happy getting you stuck here with me,” she mumbled, pressing feathery kisses over his swallows from the burnt area of his tee. Harry laughed, his laughter rumbling in his chest, echoing off the surface of the dome, purer than his existence now that she was here with him.
"We gotta get out of here," he mumbled into her hair, slipping his hands under her tee, only remembering of the bra he had thrown somewhere between the seats when he was met with the smooth expanse of her back.
"How much time till people start turning up?" She asked, nails scratching around his jewelled nipple, her fire pulled back into her skin and replaced by  light pecks of her lips on his fingers. Harry pulled his shadows back inside his ring, her fingers travelling south, digging into his creamy sides. He stopped her hand at the crest of his navel, gulping thickly as she eyed him deviously, eyes bleeding lust.
"Baby, I wanna get pegged," his voice broke towards the end, cue her fingers dancing around the hemline of his corduroys which were again- for hell's sake- uncomfortably tight.
Y/n laughed out, smacking her hands over her mouth at just how loud she had crackled, "Tell me something I don't know"
Grinning mischievously, he shifted, grasping her hand before it went further down, pulling it up to his lips and smacking a wet kiss against her knuckles. "Lemme think" he playfully kissed at her nose, grinning at the stars above. "I can't. You're all I think about."
Smiling, she nestled her head at the crook of his neck, nudging her nose against his adam's apple. "That's what I like about you."
Harry laughed, placing his hand over the curve of her ass, pressing a kiss on her hair.
"My only angel."
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caught red handed.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
18+ nsfw content. minors dni. all characters are aged up.
content warnings: f!reader, college!au, masturbation, mentions of alcohol, voyeurism, daddy kink, bit of a handjob, bit of oral (m!receiving), filming, slight degradation, creampie, one (1) instance of bakugou slapping your pussy.
notes: happy belated birthday to my bestie, @rekiri . you deserve the world and so much more, you’re sweet and hilarious and i fucking love talking to you, whether we’re joking or being more serious. i know you told me not to, but i really wanted to write something for you as a gift (because ya girl is a bit of a broke bitch). ik it’s not eren, kiri, or reki, but i hope you like this piece regardless. i love you, even if you annoy me to death, you whore /j. this one’s for you <3
wc: 2.6k | inspo (nsfw link): xxx
Tumblr media
Everyone knew college was stressful. Deadlines nearly every single week, assignments and essays, not to mention attending classes brought a whole new wave of anxieties for students every single day. Sometimes that stress was either doubled or relieved by having a partner for a project or two. Luckily for you, you and your old high school classmate Katsuki Bakugou were paired up for a project for one of your Quirk Law classes. It was a research project, one that required a forty slide presentation. You were headed on your way to Katsuki’s dorm today to work on it at the time you agreed upon: 5pm. Then you two would study together for upcoming midterms. It was all planned out down to a tee. So at around 3:50pm, Katsuki knew he had time. He figured he needed a break from his Rescue Tactics Indoors II class, otherwise his brain would begin oozing from his ears.
Pushing aside his overpriced textbook, he rolled his shoulders back, hearing the cracks of his stiff muscles while he stretched at his desk. He let out a sigh, propping his chin up on the palm of his hand as he scrolled mindlessly through his socials. Mina had posted a Throwback Thursday post, an old one of him and you back in your freshman year of college. His nose twitched in annoyance as he recalled the parties, more specifically Denki Kaminari’s birthday party, where he had gotten so drunk that the walls melted and bent before him. Katsuki’s expression changed however, as he swiped through the collection of photos to stumble across an image of you and him. Have you always worn dresses that tight? You practically had your ass out from how short your garment had been cut, tits threatening to spill out of your low hanging neckline. Not only that, but Katsuki had an arm slung around your shoulder. His smile was stretched wide due in part to the alcohol in his system, but also because you were standing next to him. You were laughing at something Mina had said behind the camera, your hand tossed against the slightly unbuttoned shirt Katsuki had worn that night. Your fingers had brushed against his toned chest and he scoffed at the thought. Slowly but surely, memories of that party flooded back to Katsuki in waves.
They were mostly recounts from Kirishima and Mina, but apparently you two had made out in front of everyone that night. He swiped left again, swallowing dryly as he saw just that. Your manicured fingers were wrapped tight around his party shirt, tongues in a deadly dance of want and desperation for each other. Katsuki’s eyes grew as he noticed that the photo hadn’t cut out the part where he had been kneading your ass through that skimpy dress of yours. Immediately, Katsuki went to Mina’s dms demanding to take down the photo. And she did, thank god, but not without sending Katsuki more than ten photos of you and him making out at the party. He clenched his jaw, anger and a low desire plaguing his conscience. Glancing to the top left corner of his phone, he noted the time. 4:10pm.
He had time.
Saving the photos to his gallery, he pushed his chair away from his desk to have some fucking breathing room. His eyes flitted down to his sweats and as he expected, there was a tent forming. He groaned, wiping the sweat from his palms off on his pant leg before languidly beginning to palm himself through his clothes. His breaths quickened, chest stuttering as he looked to his phone displaying the photos of you and him. There’s a faint recollection in the back of his head of how you taste. Like cherries from your glossy lips, like vodka from the shots you took off of Denki earlier that evening, how you moaned into his mouth the night you had drunkenly kissed.
Katsuki tugged the waistband of his sweats down, allowing his previously constrained cock to breathe. It slapped against his stomach, heavy and leaking. Shit, he didn’t remember being this horny at the beginning of this. Spitting into his palm, he lubed up his dick as best as he could on short notice. His eyelids drooped as he swiped through the pictures like a filmstrip, a montage of all the best moments he had with you at that party. You grinding on his lap, you whispering dirty ideas you wanted to do with him later, you, you, you…
Katsuki squeezed his aching shaft, fisting his cock as precum dribbled down his slippery head. His face was an uncanny shade of crimson, a testament to how horny he was all for a few old pictures of the two of you. “Y/n.” He swore he barely recognized his voice from how breathless and needy it was. He continued to pump his cock, the only thoughts replaying in his mind were perverted fantasies of you bouncing on his dick hard enough to hear the slap of your ass cheeks against his abs.
Tapping the screen of his phone twice to zoom in, he admired your curves with pursed lips. Fuck, you really were gorgeous. Everything about you radiated a sinful nature he could never put his tongue on. You were tempting him, licking flames up his body with such intensity that made him shiver. He cursed, thumb drifting over his slit as he hissed. Fuck you for being as ravishing as you were that night, fuck you for making him feel so goddamn needy for your-
“Bakugou, I was about to text you but I remembered you were studying today, so I figured it would be okay if I came a bit...” your words trailed off. You blinked rapidly in an attempt to process the scene unfolding before you. Katsuki Bakugou, holding his dick in his hand, face on fire with a deep blush, his other free hand secure around his phone with- was that a picture of you from your freshman year of college? There was a beat of silence, Katsuki’s uneven breathing the only sound in the room aside from the low drawl of the ceiling fan over both of your heads. You gaped at him, tongue darting out to wet your lips upon realizing his hand hadn’t stopped moving. If anything, you saw his hand flex around his cock, further tightening his grip as you stood right in front of him.
“What the fuck-”
“What?” he beat you to the punch, his lips twitching into a devilish smile, “Don’t like what you see?” His confidence knocked the air out of you, your bewildered attitude showing true on your features. Your body feels warm, searing beneath his gaze. “Excuse me?” you squeaked out, overcome with both curiosity and a hint of lust for the ash blond.
“Are you gonna fucking help me or not?” His pride was refusing him to be flustered, not when he was this feverish for you. He needed the upper hand, he needed control over this situation. And it seemed by how you were shifting your weight from side to side, that it was happening just as he wanted. Who were you to refuse such an offer from Katsuki Bakugou?
And that’s how you ended up here, nestled between thick, muscled thighs with your hand wrapped around his throbbing cock. He had you spit over his dick, his entire shaft gleaming in all its glory as it stood to attention in your grasp. The flash of his camera burned your eyes as you suckled on his crown, hand continuously jerking his cock while he ravenously watched you through the screen. The guttural groan that escaped him was nothing short of music to your ears, your thighs tensing as the coils of heat continued to build and knot between your legs.
“Mm. Keep going like that, take it. All the way in now, like a good little slut,” Katsuki instructed, his voice slicing through the heavy atmosphere of desire. The words make you whimper, enveloping his sensitive head in vibrations while you lick around his slit. A large hand cupped your face, forcing you to make eye contact with the ash blond behind the camera. His black tank top truly had no confines over him, since it was tight enough to see the outlines of his pecs and ripped torso. Katsuki sure worked hard to maintain his appearance, but you knew he had the strength to back those muscles up. The thought of him completely dominating you, holding you with strong arms and pinning you down with his body made your pussy even more wet with your slick than it already was. Even from how you were on your knees, Katsuki possessed an unspoken will over you. You wanted to please him, make him feel good, make him have no good reason not to give you everything he had to offer.
You took your lips off of his head with a little ‘pop’, eyes wide and expectant as a string of drool connected your bottom lip to the tip of his cock. Bakugou’s smile grew, making sure your face was completely in frame and in focus. “Dirty girl,” he hummed, thumb tracing the apple of your cheek before guiding your lips toward his twitching cock. You slowly kissed the vein on the side of it, mumbling out four words:
“Your dirty girl, daddy.”
The moment the words left your mouth, Katsuki let out a low, gravelly moan. It was as if a switch inside him had flipped. Without warning, he’s pulling you off the floor and sitting you down in his desk chair instead. He’s a bit rough, his vision clouded by the sheer want to fuck you until you were screaming his name, until his name was the only word your pretty little brain could recall. He abandoned his phone and instead had his hands drop to the armrests of his desk chair, encasing your body as he towered over you. Your skirt was immediately shucked up your waist and Katsuki’s hands went to work on your panties. He ripped them off completely, tossing them aside without a care as to where they went. He gazed down at you with fervour, licking his lips at the sight of your dripping cunt.
“Who’s pussy is this?” he coaxes with a grin, teeth shining. His hand slipped between your thighs, his index and middle finger tracing up and down your slit. Goosebumps erupted across your skin, your thighs instinctively closing around his hand. Your face bloomed with warmth, eyes darting away from his cocky demeanour, “Baku—”
Your body jolted as a firm smack was delivered to your sensitive pussy, a wet, lewd sound meeting your ears as he did. It made a high pitched, whiny moan be pulled out from your throat.
“Try again,” he ordered, tone demanding and almost condescending. His lips ghosted yours yet he never had any intention of moving close enough to seal the gap between the two of you. You whimpered, eyes meeting the dark red irises that were staring straight through you.
“‘S yours, daddy.”
“Now that’s a good fuckin’ girl.”
His lips found yours, teeth tugging at your bottom lip hard enough to make the warmth in your stomach double. The liquid heat had been building ever since you walked in, and you were fairly certain that you weren’t going to last much longer.
He hooked your knees over his elbows, biceps flexing as the muscles in his arms supported your full weight. He picked you up with such ease, your arms flying around his neck as you squeal, gasping at how little effort that took him. He was a pro-hero in training, of course he had practiced lifting people up no matter their body type or size. Either way, it didn’t matter to him. He thought you looked rather angelic clinging onto him regardless. He wasn’t even breaking a sweat with his hands spreading your cheeks, grunting as he adjusted you in his arms. He slid slowly into your slick cunt inch by suffocating inch, your walls fluttering and enclosing around his throbbing cock. Katsuki’s breathing was unsteady, eyes watching your expression intently in hopes that this new position would give you as much pleasure as it was giving him. His ego was running rapant from how you were holding onto him for dear life. You were practically shaking in his grasp, mouth open in an ‘o’ shape as all you could do was gape at how deep he reaches within you. You were keening, eyes hazed with lust and nails digging crescents into his shoulder blades hard enough to make him hiss.
When you finally catch your breath and adjust to his size, you give him a curt nod as an indication for him to start moving. Slowly, he lifted you up off his cock until his head kissed your entrance before allowing gravity to do most of the work. This position had his cock nudging your cervix and it made the knot in the pit of your stomach squeeze further, threatening to snap with every loud smack of his balls echoing through his dorm room. He pistoned into you like that, reaching deeper to rearrange your insides. It was like your entire body was being engulfed with pleasure and fire. He took in your face, how it scrunched in pleasure, hair sticking to your face as you mumble out how much you want to cum, how much you need to cum.
“Fuckin’ tight just for daddy, hah?” he cooed to you, “You wanna cum all over my cock like a little slut? You were watching me from the door jerking off for you. Dirty fuckin’ girl. Who’s making you feel good? Say it. Spit it out.”
“You!” you moaned, your head feeling light from the way the veins on the side of his cock rubbed your walls, “You, daddy. Please let me cum. I w- wanna cum!”
“I can’t hear you,” Katsuki rumbled, eyes steeled before you unmoving and unwilling to give you permission just yet. “Please!” you begged, “I’m a dirty girl. I’m your dirty girl, daddy! Please let me cum!” You were too engrossed in your pleasure to have any semblance of shame. Katsuki grinned. That’s what he wanted to hear. He let out a tiny ‘tch’ before uttering out, “Then cum, slut.”
Without another word, you let out a final wanton moan, gushing around him as the liquid heat finally expels from your body. Your orgasm hits you in waves, your body quivering with each new sensation as you hold Katsuki’s cock within your cunt. Your nails leave angry red marks along Katsuki’s shoulders, ultimately sending him hurtling towards his own release.
Cum dripped down his twitching cock, your chest heaving as your legs feel like jelly. Tingles shot down your spine as Katsuki pumped rope after rope of his sticky cum well enough to paint your inner walls white. He helped you ride out your high, delivering harsh bitemarks to your neck to leave a mural of hickeys claiming you as his. The smile he gives you is cocky, prideful, and arrogant. He placed you back down on his desk chair, your thighs still going through the aftershocks of your high. Reaching for his phone, he tapped the app icon for his camera. He knelt down, chuckling as your fingers slid between your legs to spread your lower lips for him. His cum seeped out past your slit, leaking down to your puckered asshole.
“There we go. Aren’t you daddy’s good girl, hm?”
Tiredly, you nodded.
“‘M daddy’s good girl.”
Tumblr media
all works © eijishimas 2021. do not reuse, modify, or repost.
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sinreader · a month ago
Among Monsters (5)
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything related to Transformers Prime and Transformers RID (2015).
She had not expect the attention. Orion without a doubt was attractive and there were plenty of women who would kill to be in her position. Yet though he remain courteous towards them, his eyes would always return to her.
Yeah, she is definitely not used to this. Even though it’s not unwelcome.
“I take it that lunch was to your liking?”
“Yeah. Best food I ever had,” Sinclair replied with a smile.
Orion chuckled, walking closely beside her. Though they were in another exhibit within the research centre, the entire atmosphere felt all too much like a date.
“I didn’t get to thank you for the flowers,” Sinclair mentioned warmly, whipping out the card from her pocket. “Though you have an interesting choice for a nickname.”
“It suits you,” Optimus hummed. “Out of all the stars that night, you shone the brightest.”
The reddening of her ears amused him greatly. Then her attention fell onto a particular artifact in the exhibition. A carving of machine-like giants fighting against creatures similar to the Predacons she had seen.
“Are they…?”
“They were warriors from the old civilisation,” Orion explained, joining her in admiring the carving. “Protecting all that lived on the island while fighting the creatures and enemies who dared to harm its inhabitants.”
“That’s amazing,” Sinclair spoke in awe, finding her gaze landing upon one particular machine giant. “He looks different from the others.”
“He was one of the leaders who led the warrior in protecting the island. A Prime to be exact.”
Curious, Sinclair turned to Orion with a question. “What happened to them?”
“Most likely they disappeared after too many wars broke out,” Orion answered solemnly. “Once the Predacons went extinct, there were many fights over territory and power. Some say the remaining descendents went into hiding after too much of their kind had been lost.”
“That’s awful.”
“It is in the past now. But at least we can learn from it.”
Sinclair cast a hopeful look. “To be better people?”
“Something like that,” Orion mused, looking over to her with fondness. “To be honest, this is the first time I ever had someone so interested in my stories.”
“I…” Sinclair blushed in embarrassment. “…I used to be really into history and folklore since I was little.”
“Then we are rather more alike than I thought.”
There was a brief pause before something brushed her knuckles. Sinclair suddenly realised how the distance between them have shrunk considerably.
“Sinclair, I was thinking…” Orion began slowly, almost whispering into her ear. “…Perhaps, you and I cou-”
A sudden buzz in his coat pocket interrupted him. With great disappointment, Orion excused himself to answer the call. His expression grew serious for a moment.
“…I see. Very well.”
Ending the call, Orion returned with an apologetic look. “I’m sorry. It seems I have to return to work.”
“It’s all right,” Sinclair assured.
Sensing his hesitation to leave, an idea came to her mind.
“Do you have pen?”
“What? Seriously?”
Bumblebee and Hana paused in drinking their smoothies at Smokescreen’s frown.
“All right, all right. I’ll get them there,” Smokescreen eagerly answered, ending the call.
“What is it?” Hana asked.
“We got a change of plans for the rest of the tour.” Smokescreen gave a grin. “What do you think about getting a photo with Predaking himself?”
Hana gasped in excitement while Bumblebee gave a questioning look.
“Hey, it’s orders from our boss. I’m just doing my job to deliver the news.”
Eventually, Sinclair came rushing back to the lobby. Hana giving a teasing grin.
“Welcome back! How was your date?”
“Come on, you two can talk on the buggy,” Smokescreen reminded. “Unless you two want to be last in line, we have a Predaking to meet!”
“You have been smiling a lot more to yourself lately.”
“Have I?”
Megatron eyed his colleague suspiciously, noting the latter staring happily at a small card. “Another company interested in working with us?”
“Not exactly,” his colleague mused to himself, keying in the number onto his phone. “This one is a little more special.”
“Special now? Are you telling me that the great Optimus Prime himself has gotten interested in something other than his work?”
The man known as Optimus Prime simply maintained his smile, inputing the name he had chosen for it’s precious owner.
The enclosure was much more crowded than the last time they were there. Even with the VIP privileges, Smokescreen guessed that it would take at most fifteen minutes before it was their turn. The hot weather along with the long wait was already making everyone sweat.
“Argh, I shouldn’t have finished my smoothie so quickly,” Hana groaned.
“At least you had a smoothie,” Sinclair sighed tiredly, looking ahead to the entrance of the enclosure. “Though I’m honestly more worried about what’s ahead of us.”
The roar of the creature known as Predaking resounded even from afar. Tourists came out either excited or scared beyond belief with their precious photo. The fact that they would not only have to enter the enclosure but go up a bunch of rocks to take a picture with a restrained dragon did little to calm Sinclair’s nerves.
“We have staff in there to keep him under control. Trust me, those guys have been trained to handle the worst,” Smokescreen assured. “As long as you don’t piss Predaking off, he won’t bite.”
Or burn me to crisp.
Sinclair kept that thought to herself, eyeing her friend with concern. Even if Hana does not recall what happened, the last thing she wanted was another incident to occur. There was no telling what a disaster it would become. Along with what Orion told her, everything seemed to be leading to a foreboding conclusion.
“Oh my god, it’s going to be our turn soon!” Hana whispered eagerly.
Before they knew it, they were inside the enclosure. The cold air turning their sweat dry as Sinclair’s gaze roam up the steep pile of rocks and metal leading to enormous dragon’s head.
“If I get eaten, punch Smokescreen for me,” Sinclair muttered.
“We’ll be fine!”
Predaking’s annoyed growl utterly destroyed Hana’s assurance, more so when it’s yellow orbs finally landed on Sinclair. The blood in her veins literally froze at how it went silent upon fixating on her smaller form.
One of the staff motioned Hana and Sinclair up the pile of rocks. Hana literally skipping over to the top while Sinclair dragged her legs up with dread. The jingle of chains heightening her wary senses under Predaking’s unwavering stare. Another employee readied the camera while Hana and Sinclair took their positions while the staff that accompanied them stood at the side.
“All right. Just relax and smile for the camera,” he said.
Sinclair went rigid at the sudden hot breath behind her. Clicking and growling now right next to her ear. Turning to the side, Sinclair’s feet rooted themselves to the ground at Predaking’s head being mere inches away from hers.
“Oooh, I think he likes you,” Hana giggled.
The enormous dragon took in Sinclair’s scent, before nudging his snout against her shoulder.
“Well that’s a first,” the employee remarked with surprise. “Maybe you can try and pet him.”
“Pet what?”
Predaking nudged his snout at her again. Hana holding back her urge to squeal while Sinclair questioned her luck and sanity. Her hand awkwardly moved to stroke the metallic nose of the dragon. He stiffened for a moment before eventually closing his eyes at the gentle touch. A satisfied croon left the dragon’s throat.
“Holy shit, you actually did it!” Hana whispered happily.
“That’s perfect.” The employee got his camera ready. “Now smile!”
The click of the camera seemed to end the tender moment. Predaking’s eyes snapped open at Sinclair’s hand leaving his snout. Whatever words the employee was going to say were cut off by Predaking’s cry.
“Aww, he doesn’t want you to leave him,” Hana cooed.
Sinclair turned back to the dragon, suddenly sensing something was wrong at the violent jingle of chains. From below, someone spouts commands to restrain the creature.
“All right, the photo is done,” the employee with the camera said. “Let’s head down so you two can collect it an-”
Suddenly, one of the chains came loose with a violent tug. Then another and another. As one of the staff guided Sinclair and Hana down the pile of rocks, he was suddenly lifted into the air with a scream. Predaking swung the employee in his mouth before tossing him aside like a chew toy. The bone-crushing impact of his body caused the rest of the tourists to flee in a panic. Predaking releasing a roar while the rest of the staff quickly entered to restrain the dragon.
Hana locked eyes with Sinclair, witnessing the growing fear in her eyes.
“Run!” She yelled.
In the next moment, the two of them scrambled down the pile of rocks. Predaking tore through his restraints. The staff tasked with holding him back were barely able to stop the enormous dragon from smashing through the open entrance. Reality finally sinking in with the sight of Predaking now freed from his enclosure.
“What the-”
The deafening roar drowned out Smokescreen’s surprised cry. Every tourist around the vicinity now fled the rampaging dragon as it searched for its target.
“Holy shit! Holy shit!” Hana screamed.
Sinclair desperately ran, shoving through the crowd of screaming tourists.
“Start the buggy!” Sinclair yelled at Smokescreen and Bumblebee. “Hurry!”
Without hesitation, Smokescreen started the engine. Bumblebee pulled Hana into the buggy, reaching his hand out to Sinclair. But then she felt it. The sharp gaze of a predator locked onto her back. Its thunderous footsteps storming towards her.
“What are you waiting for?!” Smokescreen yelled.
Curling her fingers into a fist, Sinclair turned away from the buggy. Hana’s cries ignored and pushed to the back of her mind. Her legs mustered whatever strength she had to run. Another roar called after her and Sinclair knew then.
It was not after just any prey.
It was after her.
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sheerxfiction · a month ago
Catching Up [Leorio Paladiknight X Reader]
Description: Leorio brings you to a bar to surprise you with some old friends. Catching up is very much needed when you find out who the said friends are.
A/N: y’all i am so sorry. my father visited me and now I have a cute lil chromebook to write on so im sorry for errors cause this damn keyboard is so small but i can now pull myself away from my huge as pc for writing. ;o; video games and rum stole me away for a moment but it’s here, the leo fic uwu
Word Count: 1988
“C’mon, can’t you at least tell me who we’re meeting there?” You groaned. 
“No I can’t! It’s supposed to be a surprise!” Leorio reiterated yet again to you. “You’ll be overjoyed, and that’s all you need to know. Trust me.”
“Ugh, fine. Could we at least hurry it up then? I wanna see these mystery people you claim I’ll be so excited to see.” You encouraged, picking up your walking pace. 
Chuckling at how eager you were, Leorio quickened his pace to match up with yours as you walked over to the bar in question where you would be meeting the people he told you about. It was a fair bit away from his apartment to walk to, but you intended to consume alcohol tonight so it would be worth it to save yourself for a cab ride home. It only took a few more minutes of walking to get to the bar of choice, Leorio taking the lead once you stepped inside so he could lead you to a particular table at the back of the establishment. When you approached the table in question, you suddenly understood exactly why he was so sure you’d be excited, and your eyes lit up like stars immediately. 
“Kurapika! Zepile!” You screeched. 
You gave the men no room to breathe nor respond, having yanked them out of the booth by their arms and squashing them in a huge spine crushing hug. Both of them were promptly winded before they laughed, returning your joyous hug to you.
“Gee, nice to see you again too _______!” Zepile remarked once you let him and Kurapika go.
“Your death gripping hugs haven’t changed a bit.” Kurapika chuckled. 
“God I hope not! I haven’t seen you in ages so I think it’s rather appropriate to hug you with such strength!” You defended.
“I told you that you’d be excited to see them.” Leorio grinned, seating himself on one side of the booth.
“You seriously need to tell me these things beforehand. I could’ve killed them with affection!” You chastised, taking your place next to him in the booth. 
The lot of you shared a laugh as Kurapika and Zepile sat back down across from you, easily slipping into a much anticipated deep catch up conversation. You of course all ordered your first round of drinks when your server came around, as well as a large nacho platter to share amongst the four of you as you chatted. As you conversed, a bit of teasing was slipped in here and there after the first drink went down, you being the subject of tease while Zepile committed the act of course.
“Sooo, _______, did you ever tell Leorio your huge secret~?” Zepile asked, aiming to fluster you. 
“What secret?” You asked, genuinely confused by his question. 
“You’ve got a secret you’re keeping from me?” Leorio questioned, equally as confused.
“C’mon, you know what I’m talking about~” Zepile went on.
“I don’t… Ooooh, I know what you’re talking about now.” You laughed. “You mean this secret?”
Quickly, you grabbed Leorio by his chin and pulled him into a big loving smooch right in front of the both of them; Zepile’s jaw hitting the table while Kurapika’s eyes widened with surprise. 
“Oh wow. I didn’t expect that.” Kurapika chuckled, still sipping at his drink.
“YOU’RE ACTUALLY DATING?!” Zepile screeched in follow up after he collected an ounce of composure. 
“Of course! You should know exactly how bad I had it for this man~” You grinned, putting an arm around Leorio. “Did you really think I could keep all that desire pent up for much longer?”
“Oh my god _______ you’re embarrassing me!” Leorio mumbled, blushing from more than just the booze. 
“You’re the one who didn’t tell them you fool.” You scoffed, poling his cheek.
“Well shit. It’s about damn time then!” Zepile commented once he regained his composure. “I was wondering how long it would take you.”
“Hah! Says the guy who got his ass kicked by a twelve year old in the Hunter Exam and still has no license.” You jabbed back. 
The entire table erupted with laughter, Zepile now being the one to flush red as he sipped on his second drink. Kurapika chastised you, or at least attempted to as he did a horrible job of hiding his laughter. Soon the nachos came out and diffused the pass off of embarrassment as you all portioned it out onto smaller plates and viciously snacked away; two, three, and four drinks now having gone through most of you. Kurapika remained on his second drink by the time everyone else hit their fifth, leaving him to be the only sober one amongst three tipsy fools. You yourself had gotten drunk enough to have started leaning into Leorio, drunkenly pressed up against him as you downed your current drink which earned a smirk and a scoff from Kurapika.
“My god. Sometimes I wonder how we became such good friends.” Kurapika said jokingly with a shake of his head.
“Oh hush. You love us.” You argued back with a slight slur to your tone. 
“Oh I never said I didn’t.” He remarked. “But it’s clearly not on the same magnitude that he loves you.”
Kurapika was referring to Leorio of course, who was currently enjoying how much you were leaning on him with his hand settled at your waist and his eyes holding a lovesick look about them that Kurapika had only ever seen when the man spoke of money. He was honestly happy for his friend, and so was Zepile, though Zepile had chosen to show that happiness for you two a little… differently.
“Leoooo! You’re so lucky to have found someone so loving! I’m so fucking j-jealous.” Zepile hiccuped as he cried into his plate of nachos. 
“Aaah, one day you’ll find someone as beautiful and caring to call your own~” Leorio slurred, happy to boast about his relationship with you.
“Oh c-come on. I’m not that special.” You mumbled, trying to hide exactly how intoxicated you were. 
“You shush. You’re t-the most beautiful, loving, and trustworthy partner I could ever have the honour of being with. You. Are. Perfect.” Leorio interrupted, stating quite punctually how he felt for you before he kissed you on your cheek.
Thanks to how drunk you were, you couldn’t stop the water works from flowing forth, and neither could Zepile. Though your tears weren’t as intense as his, you had to bury your face in Leorio’s chest to hide how much you were truly crying, overwhelmed with an intense swell of joy from the words directed at you. Kurapika found the entire display rather sweet, happy to see his friends have grown in such immense ways. Sadly, you weren’t grown or sober enough to get yourselves home in such a state, so he had to step in and do his part as the sober friend. 
“That’s definitely enough drinks for you three. I’ll call you all cabs so you can get home safely, so get ready to pay your tabs.” Kurapika announced to the lot of you. 
“Thank you Kurapikaaaa.” The three of you groaned in unison with varying tones and volumes. 
The server soon returned and you all made requests to pay your tabs out before your drunk selves forgot to do so. Separate cabs were then called for everyone and arrived within minutes thanks to Kurapika, so you all departed from the bar and said your goodbyes on the sidewalk with big hugs and well wishes going around. Kurapika and Zepile wished you and Leorio the best as you ducked into your cab, pleased that you were happy together and still the best of friends. You both waved goodbye to them as the cab pulled away, remaining silent on the ride home as you leaned up against Leorio in the back seat. You were pretty drunk by now, and didn’t want to annoy the cab driver with any potential ramblings of yours. Luckily the trip back to Leorio’s apartment was a short one by car, and you both ended up stumbling out of the cab after thanking the driver. 
Both of you ended up falling over each other as you ambled up the steps to his home, giggling like fools now that you were free of the cab. As Leorio fumbled with the keys to get the door open, you thought about what he said about you before at the bar, and your drunken questioning had to start now.
“Hey Leorio… Did you… Did you mean all that? W-what you said about me at the bar, I mean.” You asked him dumbly as he finally got the door open. 
“What? You mean when I told you that you were beautiful and perfect?” He clarified as he stepped inside with you. 
Simply hearing him repeat his words made you blush once more as you pushed his door closed behind you. “Y-yeah. That.”
“Of course I did babe. I may be drunk, but I ain’t a liar.” He affirmed you with his big goofy smile.
“Hun… Ah fuck, I love you so much. You’re s-so amazing.” you huffed, unable to stop yourself from tearing up a bit again. “I don’t deserve that kind of praise.”
“Oh hush. You deserve all my praise, and so much more.” Leorio insisted as he stepped up closer to you.
He pushed you up against his door and captured you in an extremely passionate kiss, forcing down your drunken insecurities as the thought of only him and his kindness filled your mind. Though it was a bit sloppy, you loved every moment, lost in your own little world with your back arched against his door. You hungered for more of his touch, wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him closer while his hands came to rest at your waist, biting playfully at your lower lip. 
“How the hell can I repay you for loving me the way you do?” You gasped between his kisses.
“Love be back just the same and don’t let me go tonight when we fall asleep.” He replied simply, hovering his lips just above yours. 
“That, I can do.” You sighed. 
You both stared into each other’s eyes for a good long while, seeing stars with big loving smiles plastered across your faces. Seemingly you had also forgotten how intoxicated you both were, and the lack of balance that followed such a state. Having tipped slightly, both of you nearly fell over as you corrected yourselves before you hit the floor, laughing sheepishly at your state. 
“We should probably get to bed before we break something… Or ourselves.” Leorio suggested dumbly. 
“Agreed.” You nodded with a little hiccup.
The two of you made your way to the bedroom where you then lazily changed into some sleep clothes; you having tossed on one of his tank tops with a pair of loose shorts while he slipped into a pair of grey sweats: a lovely sight to see of course. He was the first to crawl onto his bed before you flopped down next to him, having pulled yourself up onto his chest and nuzzled into the crook of his neck. He of course welcomed you with his arms wrapping around you, the blankets falling gently over your shoulders. 
“Hey baby, thank you for taking me out tonight. It was nice to catch up with old friends and… I’ll admit I liked being shown off too.” You mumbled sweetly.
“Any time hun~” He hummed. 
“I must say though, I prefer to spend my time here with you a little more though.” You grinned. 
“You’re too sweet~” He chuckled, kissing the top of your head. “Now let’s get some rest so he can have a chance at avoiding the possible hangover tomorrow morning.” He then suggested. 
“You’ve got a  good point.” You yawned. “Goodnight, Leorio. I love you so very much.”
“As do I, hun.”
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thelovelyghostwriter · a month ago
Some of my favourite female characters in fiction
This list is not exhaustive and while I do have other characters that I find charming and that I love, I have noted these characters because in my opinion, they have struggled and/or there is a certain analysis to their personalities. 
Please take note that some of the characters are not morally good or have done questionable actions. This is not to discuss or say they are role models, but rather to write up what they represented, their role in the story or simply their personalities. I’m not here to justify the character’s actions.
Remember that a well-written characters do not have to be morally good. 
Also, a lot of them are from memory and the analysis aren’t well-structured. 
Let’s dive in:
1. Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby
Daisy, in my opinion, is incredibly misunderstood and unjustifiably hated among the readers. Her betrayal to Gatsby is indeed vile and it did upset me, I definitely think that she is materialistic, shallow and hurtful.  
“I hope she’ll be a fool—that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.”
Tumblr media
Daisy did shit on Gatsby [trying to avoid spoilers here].  
However, I do like to note that I think part of her materialism and shallowness is because of how women were in the 1920s. They did not have any freedom or agency. To Tom, she seems to be a trophy wife for him to keep; and to Gatsby, he only liked the idea of her, he wasn’t in love with her. To everyone around her, she was an item, a beautiful doll to be possessed, rather than a person. I think that’s why she turned out like that. 
She's materialistic because men around her sees her as an object. Nonetheless, Daisy is still “careless” and hurtful; and I think this stemmed from the life she had led that were a compilation of choices that were made for her. Her betrayal towards Gatsby is what makes her character rather disappointing to most readers. The whiteness in her dress as described in her first appearance? It’s not innocence, but rather a void and jadedness. 
2. Neon Nostrade from Hunter x Hunter
Yet, another girl in our list that loves to be hated by the fandom. Though honestly, most of her haters are Chrollo and Kurapika stans who gets jealous because Chrollo got to hang out with her and Kurapika works under her. Also her repulsive hobby - although this is actually what makes me like her. 
Tumblr media
I have addressed this in my other posts before, but let me just copy and paste them (and modify a bit):  Her upbringing and exploitation by her dad makes her materialistic and emotionally detached. This materialism and detachment is manifested in the form of her hobby as a dead body parts collector. But other than that, she’s really a normal girl, just sheltered and spoilt. The money she spends are even from her talent Lovely Ghostwriter, her father will be nothing without her. So I don’t see an issue with her spending them on shopping etc. 
In fact, I would argue that she bathes in materialism to fill the emptiness that she has. Her father is more concerned with her ability and power, she has no friends and is guarded 24/7 by employees.
All the times she threw tantrums and the way she talks… it’s a different speech pattern altogether when she interacts with Chrollo - which may suggest that the whole spoilt attitude is exaggerated to gain attention from a father who is indulgent in terms of material gifts, but not in terms of affection and time for her.
When Eliza cried, she was willing to forgo bidding the auction physically. Yes she did not care about the bodyguards because she is more focused on the living and the present (Eliza) than the dead.
The reason why she didn’t seem fazed when Dalzollene and the others died is because a) they were her bodyguards, it’s their job to put their life on the line to protect her, b) she mentioned to Chrollo that her fortune-telling is for the living, she likes to live in the present and doesn’t believe in the afterlife.
Neon is more focused on who is alive, rather than the dead (which also represented by her hobby of dead body parts collecting). She focuses on the present, unlike her clients who likes to know their future or people who dwell in the past. Kurapika on the other hand, is the complete opposite. He dwells on the past and likes to focus on his dead clan rather than the present times with his friends (which is completely understandable).
Another significance is that her fortune-telling ability is very useful and helpful, she says that she wanted to make people happy with it; but however, it is commercialized and used as a means of power (knowledge of the future = power) by her father and pretty much everyone around her. Just like how she objectifies dead people by collecting their parts, the people around her sees her as a tool due to her fortune-telling abilities, rather than see her as a person. Even Kurapika chose to get employed under her, for his own agenda (he is bound to meet dead body parts collectors at some point). 
She treats people like objects because people see her as one.
Of course, collecting dead body parts is a pretty fucked hobby; but what she represents and her role as a minor character is what makes her an outstanding minor female character in the show. 
Yes. She has traits that are not your typical role model, but neither are other hxh characters. She’s not independent, naive, can’t fight, in need of saving, uncaring at times and spoilt. She is far from so-called “strong female character” that we often look up to. She is a character with bad traits which is a result of being a victim. But that’s what makes me love her as a character in hxh. It reminds us that there are girls out there who has lack of freedom and control over their own fate; and their only way out is through materialism and detaching themselves from people. 
In fact, she might be even relateable to some people more than other female characters because there is vulnerability in her character.
3. Hua Mulan (Mostly the Chinese 2009 film, though the most well-known is the Disney 1998 animated film)
There has been various adaptations for this character, with the Disney Animated version being the most prominent.
However, my favourite one is definitely the Chinese film Hua Mulan: Rise of A Warrior (2009). It portrays the horrors of war and the suffering it brings, nationalism, camaraderie among the army - all while giving us the admirable Mulan climbing up to the ranks of being a war general.
I highly recommend this adaptation. I know the Disney Live Action 2020 version did not receive good reception, and we honestly did not need one because this 2009 Chinese film does the job well (I like their soundtrack though). It's not really well-known because it's a Chinese film (which is hella ironic because Hua Mulan is a Chinese character? Lmao).
Tumblr media
"Today we will stain the battlefield with our blood. Behind us is our homeland. If we have to bleed out our last drop of blood, if we have to become bleached bones in this desert, we must defend it to the death! We must let the Rourans know we Wei warriors will never surrender and will never compromise! Soldiers may rebel against me, generals may leave me for dead, but I, Hua Mulan, will never betray my country!"
Generally, I either have an issue with strong female characters because they are just shallow (meaning they are only physically strong, often viewing rudeness, misandry and independence as strength). I like female characters who are so much more to that.
Mulan, in this film, not only showed her badassery in fighting the war for more than a decade, but we also see how much she struggled. Everytime her comrades die, her heart gets broken. Yet she has to learn how to pick herself up and become the leader that they need. She dislikes war, she dislikes the bloodshed; yet she fights for her country.
To me, a strong female character is not just a feminist icon or someone who can fight. In fact, a female character doesn't need to be someone capable of fighting, what makes her strong is to be able to overcome turbulence with determination.
I think this is something that is lacking in recent "strong female characters" - showing us their strength through perseverance.
As for the Disney's counterpart (talking about the 1998 film here), it is less morbid but we also see her trying her best to make her family proud and protect her country. Like the song Reflection and Loyal, Brave and True, she struggles with finding her purpose and her role in her family.
"The greatest gift of honour, is having you for a daughter."
4. Blanche Dubois from A Streetcar Named Desire
It's been years since I had analysed Blanche, but among all the 6 books that I had to study for English Literature, A Streetcar Named Desire has been my absolute favourite.
I think what struck me in this book is not just the style, but Blanche's vulnerability. Her actions are definitely not morally good: she misrepresents things, she lies, she even had sex with an underage student. She's paranoid, mentally unstable and prissy. Which was why, her polar opposite character, Stanley, is so annoyed with her.
Tumblr media
After her husband's suicide, we see Blanche relying on the company of men to fill the void of her loneliness and misery. She is also concerned about her beauty fading with age - I find that highly reliable. It sounds incredibly "vain", but beauty does play a part.
Based on Evolutionary and Mating Theories among humans, appearance in women are especially important (also for men but not as much as women). Of course, there are other factors and traits that people find attractive, but Blanche's concern is valid here. She needs to find a husband to escape from her financial troubles; and her age, beauty and chastity plays a huge factor in her search for getting a man in the setting she was in (which was Mitch in this case). Ironically, these are the very traits that she has "lost" and so desperately tries to hide it.
Her ending is truly a devastating and upsetting one. [Will not talk about it due to spoilers]
"I've always depended on the kindness of strangers."
5. Haibara Ai/Shiho Miyano from Detective Conan
Perhaps one of the girls that is a wasted potential. In a series where the characters are mostly flat, she's arguably the most multi-faceted (but somehow I had heard that she no longer has the same complexity as she used to have - it's been a while since I followed this series).
But I remember absolutely loving this character.
Tumblr media
Her background story is really unique in the show and one that is embedded within the Black Organisation plotline (why her character was dropped... Forever frustrating for me).
From the moment she was first introduced, we see Conan taking an immediate distrust towards her. A guy who is a detective who had been catching criminals - yet one ex-syndicate member stands before him. The one that actually helped to develop the APTX4869 that changed his life.
Yet, we see that it wasn't entirely within her control. Both her parents were syndicate members and when her sister tries to get both of them to leave, her sister dies.
Ai starts off as seemingly cold, pessimistic and avoidant. But as her arc goes on, the iceberg around her melts. We see her quirky sarcastic replies, her taste for fashion and she genuinely desires to be happy. Her relationship with Conan developed into a beautiful one - to the point where Conan trusts her with anything and they would risk their lives for one another.
Yet, we also empathies with her impending jealousy and heartache. The boy she has fallen for already has someone else. What's more, the girl is genuinely kind and is a splitting image of her sister. After Ran saved her from Vermouth, she quickly warms up to Ran as well.
She's also the key to developing the antidote for Shinichi to be back with Ran - an almost painful metaphor for her to give him away (he never belonged to her in the first place). Yet, she doesn't really stop them from being together (even though in some cases she appears jealous or phrase ShinRan's reunion as a word of caution).
I definitely think she is the most compelling character in Detective Conan because of her character development and the struggles she faces. It's definitely upsetting that her character has been neglected.
“Don’t judge people from the outside. Like any rose has thorns, the more the person appears nice on the outside, the more you should doubt the inside.”
6. Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion
Who is the best female character in Eva? Asuka or Rei? My answer will always be Misato, Risato is a close second (I wanted to analyse Risato, but I’m trying to keep it to one person per series). Misato is one of the 90s anime babes. She definitely captivated many people’s heart. 
Tumblr media
I must say though, I have a soft spot towards female characters who has some sort of daddy issues (why I like Neon Nostrade). It’s been a while since I had watched Eva, but I’m going to try to remember why I like her. 
I think the concept of Hedgehog’s Dilemma has been echoed throughout the series, and all the characters seem to struggle with emotional attachment towards people. I actually like to phrase the Hedgehog Dilemma as “Avoidant-Fearful Attachment Style” - wanting connection with people, yet not being able to do so out of fear of being hurt. 
For Misato, when I initially first watched Eva, I compared her a little to Blanche Dubois in how they cope with loneliness - their sexuality. I remember being confused with her interactions with Shinji, who was half her age. At times, she serves as his guardian/mother figure; but at some moments (I think it was sometimes after Kaji’s death), she tried to seek comfort with Shinji by attempting to initiate sex (which Shinji rejects). I remember coming across a comment somewhere that Shinji and Misato’s relationship is somewhat like Humbert and Dolores (from Lolita) - can’t comment on this as I only read the first chapter of the book. 
It makes me think that she uses sex as a way to cope and the only way she can connect with people (and it’s superficial), which doesn’t work for Shinji because she needs to be her guardian (and ultimately fails to be purely his guardian once she crossed that no-no boundary). 
Another thing to note was her backstory about her dad. There seems to be a dissonance, given that she resented her dad for not spending time with her due to his work, but he ended up sacrificing her life for her. I do think it’s a bit of guilt (because resenting her dad but he saves her - these two contradicts one another). It’s clear that her issues to connect stems from her backstory regarding her father. 
It’s interesting how she compares Kaji to her father. I do think she loves Kaji, but “reminds him too much of her father” (as to put it simply). There is this... stereotype that we find someone similar to our opposite-gender parents, no matter how shitty they were towards us. I believe that it is because we tend to stick to something that is familiar to us, even if those type of people aren’t good for us (I think to break this cycle is to practise self-awareness and know what is good for us). 
Anyway, Misato is a character that I really liked (as all the characters in Eva) because they highlight Hedgehog’s Dilemma that stemmed from their parental issues. Maybe I have not watched a lot of anime, but female characters with issues with their fathers are not as explored deeply as male characters and their parental issues. A lot of times, female characters (especially in shounen) serves as a romantic interest and yes they can have really sad backstory, but not issues towards their father and how it affects their relationship with other people. So far, the only ones I had seen is Mukuro (Yu Yu Hakusho), Misato and Neon Nostrade. 
7. Disney's Cinderella
First of all, she has been a victim of abuse since she was a child. It's not easy for her to escape her predicament. Where can she go? It's not that easy.
Boy. I hate how much people remember Cinderella wrongly and attack her for being "backwards", which is actually factually wrong.
Cinderella always get flack for using the Prince to "escape" her predicament when "she can do it herself".
I say that's bullshit. I actually came across a youtube video: Cinderella Stop Blaming the Victim [please check it out for more in-depth analysis]
Tumblr media
Despite all that, she's doesn't internalize it. She knows she doesn't deserve to be treated this way, and she does to a certain degree stand up to them (whenever the cat makes her tasks harder). She knows when to fight back and restrain herself because it might endanger her life.
After years of suffering in this domestic household, she remains kind, compassionate and hopeful. Which is not an easy feat. The problem is, these traits are often seen as feminine and synonymous with being weak. But it is actually, in fact, signs of strength. The mental fortitude she has to remain kind after all she went through is a sign of strength.
The Fairy Godmother only appeared when she was losing hope - take note that she ends up crying because her stepsisters tore her mother’s dress (which is the most disturbing scene in the film). 
Even I had remembered this wrongly - one crucial fact is that... She did not want to go the ball to nab the Prince. That was her stepsisters. Homegirl just wanted to chill. She did not even know she was dancing with the Prince!
When Lady Tremaine locked her up to prevent her from reaching the Prince, it wasn’t the Prince that saved her. She and her animal friends got her out of the room, and proceeded to prove that she was indeed the maiden that had danced with the Prince. Her marrying the Prince was only a fitting end to her because it provides her a home and an escape from an abusive household; however, it was her resilience for holding onto fate and being mentally strong, and her initiatives partially contributed to her happy end. The Prince is more like a passive character. 
I highly think that people tend to brush her traits - e.g. compassion, having fate, being kind is listed as feminine. However, it is far from being weak, which most people would deem it as. But that is definitely not true. 
“No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish can come true.”
8. Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan
Mikasa is either a hit or miss among AOT fans. Some people like Mikasa because she is physically strong and her loyalty to Eren is admirable. On the other hand, some people think she’s clingy and her being physically strong makes her a Mary Sue. 
Whether or not you like Mikasa, there is a fact that she is not a Mary Sue. The definition of a Mary Sue is a female character lacking in weakness and seems perfect. 
Tumblr media
She is physically strong, yes - I believe that Isayama wanted to distribute traits to the trio. Even Hannes has said it in S1. Armin represents intellect, Eren represents grit and Mikasa represents strength. So her being physically strong makes sense, and Isayama also provided an explanation for it (being an Ackerman). 
However, this does not mean she lacks any weakness. Arguably, her loyalty to Eren is both a liability and her strength. This “weakness” has been highlighted by her dilemma between her loyalty towards Eren and her belief that mass genocide is wrong.
[I won’t go into details about the manga parts that have not been animated as of 2021, can’t spoil it too much]. 
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ladieswgumption · a month ago
Feedback with Gumption: Sonia defends Sharon Carter and gives her episode by episode commentary of TFATWS
Hey ladies, I’m excited to be reviewing tfatws and it’s one of the reasons that I got a Patreon when it was on sale in the first place because I was excited to see your opinions on the marvel shows. Also I wanted to hear your reviews of the other stargirl episodes but mostly marvel lol I’m not sure how y’all will be doing your review but I’ll be going episode by episode for my review: Episode 1: I liked the first episode of tfatws much better than the first episode of WandaVision because honestly the first episode of WandaVision was super confusing and a little bit boring at times whereas tfatws was like watching an action packed MCU movie and I loved that The helicopter fight sequence was great as was seeing Batroc from the second cap movie and it was cool to see a flashback to a winter soldier assassination scene. The scenes with Sam and the bank made me want to cry. Like why in the world was this banker asking about the 5 year cap in making money like there was this little thing called the blip maybe you heard of it you idiot like what and Sam’s sister bringing up that it’s always black people who have to jump through hoops Yay to seeing Rhodey again! And also lmao at the fact that everyone is like “Steve Rogers is on the moon right?” Like what??? Bucky sleeping on the floor makes me remember Steve and Sam’s conversation from the second cap film about beds being too soft now lol
Loved the therapy scene and Bucky being so passive aggressive to his therapist and her rules and how she doesn’t take his shit lol Bucky having an old man friend was so adorable. Idk if y’all watch new girl but it reminded me of nick and tran from that show The date scene was hilarious and awkward like Bucky talking about the perils of online dating, literally saying he was 106 and then just straight up leaving LOL
The scene where he realizes that he as the winter soldier killed the son of his new BFF broke my heart omg It was great to see that even though they save the world, none of the avengers and other superheroes actually get paid like maybe if they had signed the Sokovia accords and were actually part of the government and whatnot they could get paid but they’re literally just rogue people so obviously they wouldn’t get paid lol
I can’t believe the government just gave the shield away like that. I mean I can believe it but still omg
Episode 2
Loved seeing Sam and Bucky actually interact this episode because I honestly love their bickering so much. It was one of my favourite things about the third cap movie LOL
Ugh this John Walker guy is so annoying and it’s so weird that they would give the shield to a human man and not try to recreate the super solider serum on him like how do they expect him to be able to fight the same way Steve Rogers did while being human and not a super soldier?
Lmao Bucky getting tricked by the young girl who was not actually a hostage and was part of the team of terrorists lol The scenes with Isaiah Bradley were so sad like I can’t believe the government tested the super solider serum on black men like I’m tearing up just typing this omg. Poor Isaiah and the fact that he’s the one person who was able to hold his own against the winter soldier is amazing
Those cops being so racist to Sam and Bucky just not having it was just so great like “do you know who this man is?” Like yes Bucky be an ally LOL The therapy scene was so hilarious but I almost cried when Bucky talked about Sam giving away the shield because if Steve was wrong to give the shield to Sam then Steve was wrong about Bucky being a good person too ugh sad
Episode 3
One of my favourite episodes of the season. Bucky “hypothetically” breaking Zemo out of prison, zemo trying to be all “can I just say something” and Sam and Bucky both being like “No stfu” lol and all the scenes in madripoor were awesome
Loved seeing Sharon Carter again. She was the reason I was so excited about the show I the first place. Like I was always going to watch it but learning that Sharon was going to be in it just made it that much better
Seeing the fact that she wasn’t blipped like everyone in endgame thought she was and the fact that they never got her pardoned was crazy. Like Steve literally just kissed her, forgot to get her pardoned and then yeeted off to the past to be with her great aunt like what the fuck Steve. Sharon was on the run and wanted by the government for SEVEN years jfc no wonder she’s bitter lol Sharon’s fight sequence was AMAZING like *chefs kiss* it reminds me of the fight scenes with the female agents in agents of shield and it was amazing
Seeing the fact that there’s a scientist who has made the serum is insane and zemo just up and kills him lol That end scene with Sharon seems to point in the direction of her being the power broker which I hope is not the case. Also I think it’s likely a red herring there is no way they would be that obvious about it so I can breathe easy I knew they would see someone from wakanda the minute I saw the kimoye bead and when it was ayo, I was so excited like WAKANADA FOREVER!
Episode 4
The episode starting off with a flashback to Bucky’s time on wakanda and them trying to help de-winter-solider-ify him was great and to see the pain and relief in his eyes when it actually worked was so amazing
Loved seeing Sam try and talk Karli down as he used to be a counselor at the VA and he literally almost had her and then fucking John Walker had to fuck everything up like why the fuck Zemo destroyed all of the serum except for one vial which clearly John Walker is going to use becuase this show is that obvious LOL
The scenes with Walker and the Dora were great like Ayo is like “we have jurisdiction everywhere colonizer” lol and then him just getting absolutely beat up by them was awesome
“Looking strong john!” Was hilarious lmao Seeing a lot of people being like “it’s so bad that she took his arm off wah amputees” and whatnot and that is not the case at all. This is not just a prosthetic. It’s a literal weapon made by the wakandans and they graciously allowed Bucky to use it. They have every right to take it away from him especially if he’s fighting them I laughed out loud when John said they weren’t even super soliders like No but they are the women that black Panther who has super strength and whatnot trusts to have his back and fight alongside him so there’s that but obviously Walker had to feel like a pussy after getting his ass handed to him so he could take the serum lol
Literally cried when Lemar died and then that changed to shock and horror when John BEHEADed somEONE with the Sheild omg
Episode 5
The fight scene between John, Sam and Bucky was amazingly done. Literally screamed out loud when John ripped off Sam’s wings omg He got discharged from the army not surprised at all Who the fuck is this weird countess lady? I honestly hope she’s not madame Hydra as they already had Aida/Ophelia in agents of shield being madame hydra and after WandaVision took the darkhold from agents of shield I don’t want them to take madame Hydra too lmao
I really hope that Sharon hiring batroc is kinda like how in the second cap movie, fury hired batroc to take that shield ship so he could expose hydra and that she’s going to take down the flag smashers Loved seeing the scenes of Sam and Bucky working together on the boat and Bucky with Sam’s family and Bucky flirting with Sarah and Sam being all don’t flirt with my sister lol
Can’t wait to see what the wakandans have created for Sam!
Episode 6:
Before I get into my review of this episode let me express my utter disappointment at the fact that Sharon is the power broker like it was so obvious i thought it was a red herring and it just ruins her characterization. Like even in the comics when shield leaves her behind for 5 years she’s cynical sure but she still has her morals and a sense of duty. If they were going to do this all along I’d rather they did it with some other character and not Sharon
Honestly though other than that this was an amazing episode. The fight scenes were perfect and seeing John actually trying to help them was nice even though I still don’t like him and think he got off too easily lol
Sam’s speech at the end was amazing as was the fact that he got the smithsonian to put Isaiah in the cap exhibit like yes John Walker is now US Agent like he is in the comics and am I the only one who thinks that’s like the dumbest name ever lol Also am I the only one not sad that Karli got killed? Girl was insane. Like I get that she was trying to help people but she literally blew up buildings with people inside with no remorse instead of actually trying to fix the problem and the fact that she killed Lemar and then was like “I never killed anyone that mattered” like girl sit the fuck down
I need so much more story for Sharon so I hope there’s a second season for tfatws and that she’s in the rumored cap 4 movie because I need to see what they’re doing with her character Loved the end scene with Bucky and Sam in New Orleans especially the scene where all the kids are like hanging off of his arm lmao Anyways all in all it was a great show apart from the Sharon stuff lol. Don’t mind me I’ll just be living in my fantasy world where someone else is the power broker and Sharon can chill in New Orleans with Bucky and Sam and Sarah lmao
One of my predictions is that this version of Sharon is a Skrull becuase secret invasion will be done soon and that’s a skrull storyline in the comics where the Skrulls are taking over high levels of government to infiltrate it and what better way to do it than by taking the place of a pretty high ranking agent. At the end scene she even talks about having access to so many government secrets so it could work My other prediction is that Sharon isn’t the power broker because she never actually said she was. She just said “more than you” when karli said “how much power does the power broker really have?” And never actually said anything when Bartoc said “oh so you’re the power broker” and just shot him lol. So my theory is that someone else is the power broker and she was undercover for shield or sword or something to take down the power broker while pretending to work for them Also if the above is true I think that the power broker is zemo. He went from a hugely secured prison to what I believe was the raft which wasn’t that hard to break into as evidenced in the third cap movie so he gained something out of that. Plus I believe it was his butler or something who blew up the transpo van that was transporting the rest of the flag smashers to the raft so there’s that too Plus there’s all this stuff about zemo talking about hearing stuff about the power broker before he got in jail which was before the third cap movie and before Sharon turned evil or whatever so that’s why I don’t think she is the power broker Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! -Sonia
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liquidheartbeats2 · a month ago
She Didn’t Choose This Life (Ch. 2)
Iris West doesn’t want justice; she wants revenge and retribution. The question, however, is whether or not she wants those things more than she wants the love of Barry Allen.
Barry steps towards Iris and tucks a finger underneath her chin. She resists his tug, resigning her gaze toward the floor.
But he is unyielding in his challenge. “I love you,” he says. It’s a declaration. A plea. “I will always love you.” A promise.
She bites her lip. Partially to keep it from trembling, but also because she’s this close to telling him she loves him too.
Despite everything they’ve been through, those words ring true, but it’s not enough to have love. She needs peace, which only revenge will bring. And as long as Barry’s in her life, it’s just not possible.
He’s already thwarted her plan for revenge—for now —but that’s the only victory he’s going to walk away with, tonight.
Barry narrows his gaze and, again, attempts to turn her head in his direction. Gaze still directed at the floor, she folds her arms across her chest and pivots her body just out of his touch. When he steps forward, she turns her back to him.
But that doesn’t deter him; he speeds in front of her, cutting her off. She spins away from again, knowing the insistence in his eyes is a trigger for her.
He laughs softly. “If you wanted to dance, you could’ve just said so.”
Iris bites her lip, but a defiant smile slips through. She’s never met anyone in who could challenge her like he does.
“Is that a smile, Ms. West?”
Iris corrects her expression. “Contempt.”
She takes a few steps away from him.
“Iris, Iris, Iris,” he drawls with each step. “Come, on, We’re all dressed up at this fancy event, there’s free wine. Why waste it??”
She turns to face him and the look in his eyes nearly pulls her in, but she shakes it off, stepping backward to create more distance. “This is a work event”
“Yet, you had no problem turning it into a murder scene.”
Iris looks over her shoulder to make sure no one is eavesdropping on their conversation. ”No one was going to find him until morning. But we won’t have to worry about that now, do we?” She already knows, but opens her clutch to be certain. Sure enough the poison is gone. She doesn’t know when he snatched it, but that point is moot.
Barry laughs at her utter stubbornness. “You’re really mad I won’t let you murder an innocent man, huh?” His smile drops from his face when she doesn’t respond to him. “Unbelievable.”
“Because you keep getting in my way!” Her voice breaks and her eyes well up with tears. Softer, voice heavy and sullen, she continues, “I will never get closure like this.”
He sighs, bile rising in his throat. As much as she grates on his nerves, seeing her in pain is a greater frustration. “There is nothing I want more than to give you the closure you deserve. But I can’t be a party to your murdering an innocent man.”
“You don’t have to be a party to it. Just go away,” she whines, hands pressed to the side of her face.
“I can’t. You know I can’t.”
She tilts her head forward, letting out a frustrated groan. “Of course not, all you care about is the law.”
He scoffs, brows furrowed. “This isn’t about the goddamn law, this is about you staining your soul. Murder isn’t easy to come back from, Iris. I see this shit everyday. I don’t want this life for you and I know your parents wouldn’t either.”
Iris turns up her face in a wicked scowl, closing the distance between them. And once she’s close enough to feel his breath on her face, she opens her weary eyes wide. “I...barely know what my parents would want, because that jackass had them killed when I was a child. How the hell do you know what they want?”
“I don’t have to have known them to know that they would want the best for you, or that being a murderer isn’t it,” he says, his green eyes welling with tears of his own. He raises his hands, slowly, carefully to the sides of her face, hoping she allows the proximity.
His fingertips barely graze her skin when she breaks.
A harsh intake of breath that has her swiping her tongue over her lips, sniffing to keep her face from becoming a landslide.
But her tears defy her, spilling forth in a fury. She’s quick to cover her face with her hands, not wanting to flaunt her vulnerable display, but he doesn’t care; he pulls her into a bear hug, arms wrapped tightly around her shoulders.
Against his chest she heaves, unevenly, choking through her sobs. He rests his head on top of hers, stroking her back. “I’m so sorry, Iris. I...know what that pain feels like.”
He stops there...but Iris doesn’t need him to elaborate further. She knows the tragedy of his childhood that ran nearly parallel to hers. His parents — an esteemed doctor and homemaker — murdered at a tender age during a home invasion, with the killer never being caught.
Barry’s grief took him to CSI school so that he could bring comfort to families of those unjustly slain, and once the universe endowed him with powers, the life of a hero, in which he tried to save as many people from the fate he’d suffered.
It’s easy to forget his pain sometimes; he keeps his hidden in the pit of his belly, but those moments when she’s reminded of it melts her like a stick of butter. She lifts her head from his chest, letting her eyes meet his — they’re laced with pain, hers and his.
Her lips tremble. Fighting him is exhausting, hurting him is exhausting, finding the strength to walk out of his life is exhausting. She sighs.
“Please, Iris. There has another way to bring this jerk to justice. And if you let me,” he pleads, tucking his finger underneath her chin, “I’ll use everything in my power to help you find it.”
She sighs, depleted. Her plan is as good as foiled, anyway, but she will hate herself if she doesn’t at least try to pushback.
“Please,” he adds, allowing his lips to curl into a smile. “It’ll give you an excuse to spend time with me.”
She scrunches up her face, barely concealing her smile under a look of disbelief. “Excuse?” she parrots back. “As if I want to see you.”
He smiles wider, that disgustingly endearing smile that shows all of his perfectly aligned teeth, and makes the corners of his eyes crinkle. The smile that awakens the dormant butterflies in her stomach. His own smile falls, face settling into awe.
She’s so blindingly gorgeous, but especially when she lets him penetrate her walls.
His blatant admiration of her causes her to roll her eyes, perhaps a defense mechanism, because his gaze threatens to dissolve her into a pile of gel, right in the middle of this hallway. And even if he’s thwarted her plans to off that jackass's son, she still has work to do tonight.
“You have one month, Barry,” she says, harshly.
Her voice breaks him out of his stupor. He refocuses his eyes. “One month? That is an impossible deadline; it can take years to build murder cases. “
“Fine, two months,” she says, with a shrug as she covertly pulls a small pocket mirror and pack of tissue from her cleavage.
Her eyes are a little red and puffy, but at least her waterproof makeup has held up as has her hair. She dabs her face here and there, and once satisfied with her appearance, re-stores the mirror and crumples the used tissue inside of her hand.
When she looks up, he’s staring at her, incredulously. He’s known her for over a year, and her ability to compartmentalize still amazes him, but not as much as her audacity.
“What?” She asks with a shrug of the shoulders. “You are the Flash, aren’t you?”
There’s just enough bite to her question that gets his blood bubbling; if this was a different, less public setting, he’d have responded to her challenge in a different manner.
“I am...but I still need at least...four months,” he says, wriggling his brows. “And if I haven’t at least found some solid evidence, then you can kill his whole damn family, alright?”
She looks at him suspiciously. She’s not not nearly as gullible as he hopes she is. “Yeah. Sure,” she huffs, annoyed, attempting to walk away from him, but he catches her again.
“Baby, I’m serious,” he says, guiding her body back towards his. “Just give me a little time. I want to help you, but you have to be realistic, alright.”
She sighs. “Fine. Alright. You have three months, and after that…”
Iris won’t finish her sentence because he’ll never agree to her terms, and she’s tired of this conversation. He nods, reluctantly, which causes her to scoff.
He’ll never actually let her murder anyone no matter the time frame, which is why, if it ever comes to that, she definitely won’t return to STAR labs for poison — a lesson learned the hard way.
Barry starts to speak, ready to move on from this topic of murder and maiming, because as well as he’s holding it together, all this talk about this woman he loves succumbing to such evil burns his tongue.
But before he can, an approaching voice from behind him calling out to Iris catches their attention. The look of subtle disdain on Iris’s face alerts him of the man’s identity before they even formally meet.
Barry turns slowly, as Iris takes a step towards the man, catching the phony smile plastered to her profile.
“Bryson,” she beams. "Always nice to see you.”
“Same here,” he says, politely. “Thought it’d be nice to see you outside of these stuffy work events.”
Barry watches the way she laughs flirtatiously, and he’s not even fazed by that part of it. Rather, by the way she can put on such a display with a man she’d been two seconds away from murdering. It’s scary,
The other man notices Barry’s awkward gawking, causing Iris to follow his gaze. She coughs, and grabs Barry by the arm, pulling her up a step where she’s standing. “Oh, this is...mmm” She pauses, unsure what his proper title should be. “Umm.”
Barry laughs, extending a hand towards Bryson. “I’m Barry, Iris’s future husband.
Bryson’s face widens, looking to Iris for confirmation. She smiles thinly, teeth gritted, and nods.
“Oh…” Bryson replies. “Well, nice to meet you, Mr. Allen.” His eyes travel over Iris in respectful admiration. “You’re a lucky man.”
Barry tightens his grip, glancing at Iris lovingly. “I sure am.”
Bryson swallows awkwardly. “Well, if you’’ll excuse me, I have to get back to the art gallery, lots of money to be made tonight.”
Iris laughs. “That is true; we’ll be right behind you.”
The other man gives a final nod and starts his trek back towards the other guests. When he’s safely out of earshot, Iris shoots Barry a sharp glance. “Future Husband? What the hell was that?”
He doesn’t even try to appease her, shrugging at her sudden mood shift. “I am your future husband,” he says, just enough of a smirk on his lips to drive her mad. “
She raises a firm finger, ready to scold him, but he grabs her hand and brings it up to his mouth for a kiss. She can't fight the smile spreading from ear to ear. “God, you’re impossible,” she says, rolling her eyes through a laugh. He shrugs casually. “Yeah, well. So are you.”
Iris rolls her eyes, catching the time on the wall. The art showing will start soon and she needs to get back in the room before Bryson steals all of her clients. “Look, this was fun and all,” she says, tone ripe with sarcasm, “but I have work to do.”
“Great, I need a drink anyway,” Barry says, holding his arm out, waiting for Iris to take it.
She huffs, rolling her eyes; realizing there’s no point in trying to fight him. “Fine, just don’t embarrass me.”
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