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mdzs-fic · a month ago
Additional Tags: 
Alternate Universe - Modern With Cultivation, Sex Demons, slight dubcon, but all parties are happy, Hurt/Comfort
Word count: 17k
Dating a yao is a lot more mundane than some might imagine. Or, at least, less filled with danger. At least for Lan Zhan.
Of course, "dating" may be too strong of a word for it. Currently Lan Zhan is taking it day by day, as Wei Ying wishes, but he is biding his time until he can truly demonstrate to Wei Ying that they have nothing to worry about and that Wei Ying is safe with him.
Years of lonely hunting for scraps, however, have conditioned Wei Ying to be wary of even the most reliable of circumstances. Lan Zhan will not let that dissuade him. He will simply have to make himself more reliable.
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mdzs-fic · 4 months ago
Additional Tags: 
Alternate Universe, Arranged Marriage, Practice Kissing, practice other things, horny boys in love, questionable logic, Questionable Choices, they're dumb but cute, but dumb, but really cute, slight knives, Happy Ending
Word count: 55k
"Who do you think your betrothed is?" Wei Wuxian asks, sprawling out in front of Lan Zhan and enjoying the prim thinning of his lips at the question. He shouldn't be sprawling—they're in the library, for one, and Lan Zhan is studying, for another—but he can't help himself. Wei Wuxian is a sprawler.
"I do not believe this to be of importance," Lan Zhan responds, without turning his gaze away from his book.
"What!" Wei Wuxian sits up. "How can you say that? Of course it's important! This is the person you'll be with for the rest of your life, Lan Zhan."
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carodrugficrecs · 5 months ago
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 陈情令 | The Untamed (TV) RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Wang Yi Bo/Xiao Zhan
Additional Tags: always a girl au, HAROLD THEY'RE LESBIANS, University AU
The first time Yibo sees her, Yibo's trapped against a wall by a drunk dude who's earnestly attempting to explain to her why she should be reading Western philosophers in order to understand Eastern spirituality. The girl walks straight up to them, says, "There you are, I've been looking all over for you!" then grabs Yibo's hand and pulls. Yibo has just enough time to see the dude blink at them in confusion before she's spirited towards the rest of the party.
The girl marches them far enough away that the guy won't hear them over the din, then drops Yibo’s hand and smiles apologetically. "Sorry, I hope that was all right. You looked like you needed a rescue."
Yibo knows that she's openly staring, but she can't help herself.
This girl is gorgeous.
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wangxianficrecs · 6 months ago
Bound With a Same-Heart Knot by mrsronweasley
Tumblr media
Bound With a Same-Heart Knot
by mrsronweasley
E, 59k, RPF, yizhan (xiao zhan/wang yibo)
Summary:  London, 1892. Xiao Zhan, a promising young attache at the Chinese embassy is tasked with showing the new ambassador's son Wang Yibo around London. The inevitable happens
My comments:  Victorian au in which xz works at the Chinese embassy and wy is the son of the temporary ambassador. Very slow burn, as they get to know each other and go on not-dates around the city. Eventually wy takes the plunge, and then there's lots of satisfactory smut until they have to part when wy and family go back to China. xz thinks this is the final goodbye, and mopes around mourning, but of course, it's a happy ending for all. 
New!  10k sequel featuring Yibo’s POV when they’re reunited.
RPF, historical au, victorian au, pining, harlequin, yearning, slow burn, very slow, horse racing, jockey wang yibo, feels, getting together, first kiss, first time, top xiao zhan, bottom wang yibo, light angst, happy ending,
(You may wish to REBLOG as a signal boost for this author if you like – or think others might like – this story.)
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cqlfic · 2 days ago
Only Fools Rush In
link to AO3 AUTHOR: mrsronweasley E, 27840 words, 1/1
RELATIONSHIPS: Lan Wangji / Wei Wuxian BLURB: lwj/wwx accidentally get drunk married in vegas
Lan Zhan watches as Wei Ying's eyes track down his body until… "Lan Zhan," he says quietly. "What is that on your finger?"
Lan Zhan frowns and looks down. "That," he says, then stops. Something cold trickles down the back of his neck. "That is a ring." His eyes automatically go to Wei Ying's left hand, where… "Wei Ying."
Wei Ying, being the brilliant man that he is, is already ahead of him. "Holy shit."
Lan Zhan clears his throat.
They are in Las Vegas. And now they have rings on their fingers.
There is only one explanation for this. One simple, idiotic, ridiculous explanation.
"We got fucking married?!"
alternate universe - modern setting, woke up married, alcohol use but no sex happens while drunk, mutual pining, getting together, what happens in vegas etc etc
[link to all bookmarks]
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wangxianficrecs · a month ago
Tumblr media
I’m in the mood for a fic where...
Hmm, I’m not doing so well on these today, I think.  Let’s see what you can come up with.
1.  Hey Mojo! I love your blog and all the work you put into it! ❤ ❤ I know you have just done "I'm in the mood for", so I'm in no rush, whenever you do another one... I'm looking for fics where the other sects (like the Lans, Jiang) are held accountable for the killing of the innocent Wens, and even wwx. Something like this blood in my mouth by ShanaStoryteller. It can be after wwx resurrection, or before. I would love a Lan WangJi who cannot be part of the Lan sect anymore after what they did. because they like to call themselves righteous, but they went there and killed a lot of innocent people (and the love of his life). I would love one where he doesn't just accept his punishment, and maybe he doesn't have a good relationship with his brother after all of that happens. Thank you!!! ❤ ~ @fondofeveryprickle
Believe by Quiet_crash (G, 11k, lan wangji & songxiao, my bookmark)
❤️The Rules of Living by syriala (G, 12k, xicheng, lan wangji & jiang cheng, my post)
❤️And Miles To Go Before I Sleep by Glitterbombshell (T, 24k, wangxian, WIP, my bookmark)
2.  Hi! Thank you so so much for all the work you put into this blog! I swear I check it in the morning like it’s the newspaper lmao [lolz]
Are there any fics you can think of that have to do with the juniors learning the real story of what happened in the earlier era (like, sunshot, pre-flashback, etc) and/or realizing how the “heroes” of the sunshot campaign were like... young? Like how the people from their childhood stories were the same(ish) age the juniors are now
❤️The One-Body Problem by metisket (T, 29k, wangxian, my bookmark)
3.  hello.. can i ask for any wangxian mafia fic if there is?? like any mafia themed fic 😅 Thank youuu
too much love will kill you by retts (T, 3k, wangxian, my post)
❤️10 RMB lucky chickens by Raitelzen (T, 25k, xicheng, background wangxian, my post)
See What I've Become by Vamillepudding (T, 25k, wangxian)
So Full Of Love (Wouldn't Know Where to Start) by witchupbitch (M, 54k, wangxian, WIP)
4.  Hello! I was wondering if there are any stories where a Future/Modern Lan Zhan summons Wei Ying’s soul from the past? I’ve had so many good recommendations from your page! Thanks for your work! ~ @luxxeh98
Yiling Poltergeist by jaemyun (G, 16k, wangxian, ghost wei ying from canon and reincarnated lan zhan)
5.  Hi,mojo!!! I hope it's not too much of a hassle, Can you help me find a story which is based on this fmv:《遗落的月光》上 Part1(情敌变情人 | 破镜重圆 | 狗血午夜场??? I already read the His Till We Lose by LicHeng23 [link is to Wattpad]. But is there any other fic with the same plot?
6.   Hello! I was wondering if you know of any wangxian fics where, maybe after canon or during it, WWX finds out that LWJ has a fiancée? With wangxian endgame, of course! Thank you so so much for all the hard work you do, it makes fandom SO much easier. Have a wonderful day/night <3
Smile by summer_melody (E, 35k, wangxian, chengyi, WIP)
The Proposal by LFMH021 (T, 93k, wangxian)
7.  Loving Momjo! I adore you and the good you do for society, by which of course I mean the society of Untamed degenerates ❤️ [Aahhh, thank you!] because of you I have discovered that my taste is a beautiful cross of Hurt!WWX and BAMF!WWX - WWX being his brilliant self but also getting Big Hurt™️ and being fretted over by his doting LWJ/juniors. When I searched these two tags on AO3, not a single fic showed up! Any suggestions?
I'll throw some of my favorites out there! build me no shrines by occultings (microcomets), Wherever the Chaos by shadowsapiens, hills and rivers by LtLJ , out in the garden, there's things you hid away by saltyfeathers.
❤️To have and to hold by Moominmammashandbag (M, 79k, wangxian, my post)
between the shadow and the soul by cl410 (M, 22k, wangxian, my bookmark)
Still in the Water by airgeer (T, 45k, wangxian, juniors, my post)
Talismans by brooklinegirl (E, 10k, wangxian, my post) - he’s not hurt but he sure faints a lot
silt, or scurvy by astronicht (M, 11k, wangxian, series in progress)
the field meets the wood by astronicht (T, 8k, wangxian, Podfic, another Podfic)
8.  Was wondering if anyone has done a wangxian legend of fei au or anything similar? I loved the story and just want added wangxian gayness to it haha either mlm or wlw would do :)  I really hope the next mood for a fic post doesn't get broken! Much support for having this happen to the previous one, love your blog and I know it must take so long for you to gather all the links, I can't even imagine <3 [Thank you, sweetie!  I hope so, too. 🤞]
You'd Look Good in Red by failed2be_chill (T, 73k, ji chong/xi yun but no wangxian, WIP)
9.  Hiii girl! All good? First, thank you for this tumblr. I started to read fanfics with your links and this is my number one place to try more.  [Yay!]  I'm in the mood to read something about the Wei Wuxian and Lan Shizui relationship when Wei Ying comes back. How is it. I read one once that made my heart cry and then be sooo happyyyyy. Do you have more like it? Thank you!!! ~ @jessicasheaven
your name, safe in their mouth by astrolesbian (G, 11k, wangxian, my bookmark)
Not Yet (There As Needed) by sunrise_and_death (T, 13k, wangxian, my post)
the stone-filled sea by yukla (t, 9k, wangxian, my post)
remember the moments when we were together by RoseThorne (T, 2k, lan sizhui & wei wuxian, wangxian, part 3 of try to praise the mutilated world)
10.  Hello Mojo! I hope you have a nice day! :-) These have probably been asked about before, but would you have modern sex worker au recs? Like camboy, escort, sugardaddy au etc?
I Started From the Bottom/And Now I’m Rich by x_los (E, 58k, wangxian)
hot necromancer singles seeking dom daddies in your area by Mikkeneko (M, 19k, wangxian)
See all this and more for just ten dollars a month! by ScarlettStorm (E, 289k, wangxian, WIP)
Wei Wuxian makes a porno by andreanna (E, 8K, wangxian)
tell me how you need it by verseau (E, 12k, wangxian)
Crystals and Come by Unforth (E, 6k, wangxian, camboy wwx)
Snow by kuro (M, 39k, wangxian)
Just Trust Me by kippalittlefox (M, 24k, wangxian)
crazy in love by w_wxsparkles (E, 51k, wangxian)
kiss the one you love (with reckless abandonment) by lightningalwaysreturns (E, 44k, wangxian, camboy lwj)
for your viewing pleasure by celerydragon (E, 8k, wangxian)
last shred of truth in the lost myth of true love by lazulink (E, 35k, wangxian)
please forgive my most passionate disruptions by pumpkinpaix (E, 63k, wangxian, my post)
A Sure Thing by mrsronweasley (E, 96k, wangxian)
This Ain’t a Stream (It’s a Goddamn Arms Race) by feenwitch (E, 6k, wangxian)
Temptation's Mask by threerings (E, 58k, wangxian, WIP)
how to be a heartbreaker by sweetlolixo (E, 122k, wangxian, 2 works)
something just like this by ThirtySixSaveFiles (E, 2k, wangxian)
What It Looks Like by phnelt (M, 10k, wangxian)
11.  hi! do you or your followers know any modern wangxian fic with coming untouched tag? like in sexy scenarios but also especially in unexpected situations that aren't necessarily inherently sexy?
in the pines by astronicht (E, 13k, wangxian, WIP)
Our Eyes on the Road by etymologyplayground (E, 23k, wangxian)
Possessive by Katalyna_Rose (E, 4k, wangxian)
Bite and Bruise and Bind by ReformedTsundere (E, 5k, wangxian)
Care and Feeding by mrsronweasley (E, 17k, wangxian)
12.  Hello Mojo! Love your blog, you do amazing work. Make sure to take a break, eat a sandwich and drink water. [Ha, thanks!]  Anyways, I came up with this ridiculous concept and have been searching everywhere for something like it. So, Sizhui gets hit by a dimension-travel talisman so that Wen Yuan, from a world where the burial mounds were destroyed in his mid-teens instead comes to their world and is bitter. It probably isn't a fic, but if you can find it, or even something similar, I'd really appreciate it. <3 ~ @themuffinninja-posts
❤️ nevermore, nevermore by agloeian (T, 120k, wangxian, my bookmark) lsz travels back to burial mounds as a teen and tries to fix everything...but isn’t bitter.
13.  Hey!! Your blog is super helpful and thanks to you I've found a lot of awesome fics, thank you sm! Do you perhaps know any fanboy!lwj wangxian fics? I read a fic with it and idk I've fallen in love with this concept? It's a very funny but also interesting idea and I'd like to read some more, so if you (or anyone else) knows any, I'd be so glad if you could help me!!
Feel My Love by Leffy (E, 5k, wangxian)
Make It Count by wearing_tearing (E, 47k, wangxian, my post)
14.  Hey, mojo! ❤️ Love your recs, thanks for doing this blog! Do you happen to know any fics with the very specific trope of "one night stand and next day there's a new boss and the one night stand was the new boss, this is awkward"? :D I don't know how it's caaaalled, but yes, I want to read fics like that. :D Thank you in advance! (hope this ask reaches you, it seems tumblr ate my previous ones :( )
Mr. Nine Inches Is His New Boss twitter threadfic by @lanzhanstan.
15.  hi!! any wangxian family modern au recs, please? have a good day! ...   HIII, i don't know if you got my previous request , but can please request some adoption fics please >-< !!!!! preferably where WWX aLOnE adopts more than one child...;) TYSM MOMJO!!!!!
Let's Play Pretend and Live Our Lives by Tassos (E, 51k, wangxian, my bookmark, A-Yuan only)
so take my hand (take my whole life too) by cicer (E, 92k, wangxian, my post, A-Yuan only)
❤️The Simplest Way Forward by harriet_vane (E, 71k, wangxian, my post,  A-Yuan only)
❤️save a sword, ride a socialist by sysrae (E, 33k, wangxian, my post,  A-Yuan only)
say it’s here where our pieces fall in place by Lirelyn (E, 69k, wangxian,  A-Yuan only)
I look up and see the bright moon by RoseThorne (T, 5k, wangxian, songxiao,  A-Yuan only)
16.  Hi I was wondering if you or your followers knew of fics where the adults (jiang cheng, Wei wuxian, Lan Wangji, Nie huisang) tell the juniors about what actually happened during the war/the sieges. Correcting misconceptions and letting the juniors see how awful the war actually was. ~ @apparently-i-am-an-adult
❤️The One-Body Problem by metisket (T, 29k, wangxian, my bookmark) it’s sort of accidental but it counts
17.  Hey, i love your blog and the work you do!! i was going to ask if you maybe know any fics were both lan wangji and wei wuxian are the yiling patriarch(s)? i stumbled about a fanart recently and now i'm curious bcs this concept is so fascinating? like imagine those two as kind of murder husbands?
scienter by synonemous (E, 67k, wangxian, 4 works, series in progress), modern serial killers but not patriarchs
My Empire of Dirt by ElDiablito_SF (E, 5k, wangxian, "Demonic Cultivator Murder Husbands”)
18.  hello! Thank you for this blog, which I check nearly every day for new things to read (I always find something new! It's wonderful) [I’m so glad!]  For you next in the mood for post do you know of any fics where lwj tells wwx about their a-yuan sooner? It always made me so sad to hear him grieve until nearly the very end for a boy who was right next to him in canon. Thank you in advance !
19.  Hello Mojo! I was wondering, do you have any fics where Wen Qing survives? Not a modern AU, though. Thank you for your hard work! <3
A Clan of Ghosts by twigofwillow (G, 31k, background wangxian, my bookmark)
❤️in case of fire, break glass by Jenrose (T, 65k, wangxian, my post)
A Bell That Tells Us to Rise and Fight by DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee (T, 121k, wangxian, chengqing, my post)
Sick Bed Reserved In Gusu Lan by scifigeek14 (T, 14k, wangxian, my post)
something like by silversshadow (T, 69k, wangxian, my post)
And Time Is But a Paper Moon by sami (M, 139k, wangxian, xichengqing, my post)
Myopia by rustycol (M, 67k, wangxian, WIP)
searching for tomorrow by KouriArashi (M, 47k, wen qing)
20.  hi!!! do u know the fic where the wens leave the burial mounds?? i remember wwx becomes a teacher in yiling hehe thank u so much have a nice day!!
FOUND! (oops, I didn’t realise this was a fic search, shame on me):   Just as the Snow Melts by draechaeli (T, 67k, wangxian)
for just ‘wens leave the burial mounds’, here, have these:
Sick Bed Reserved In Gusu Lan by scifigeek14 (T, 14k, wangxian, my post)
wide enough and wild by impossibletruths (E, 64k, wangxian, my post)
bloom into the ground by tattletold (M, 58k, wangxian, my post, wens move underground)
Myopia by rustycol (M, 67k, wangxian, WIP)
21.  hi! i would loooove some recommendations of a experienced lwj and a virgin/less experience wwx. do you have any in mind? it can be modern au or canon era
(our friendship) up against the ropes by daltoneering (E, 36k, wangxian)
undone (the spreadsheet song) by spookykingdomstarlight (E, 282, wangxian)
Lol, this tag exists on AO3 lan zhan FUCKS and should net you gold; and maybe Horny lan wangji
all the trembling ways by typefortydeductions (E, 11k, wangxian)
depths within by andreanna (E, 18k, wangxian)
22.  Hi! Sorry if it was asked before, but do you know any fics that are like an opposite of "slow burn"? Where they don't pine for each other, they are just together from the start? I can't find fics like that :c
Under Extreme Duress by sssrha (T, 34k, wangxian, my post)
Reservations by flowercities (oogenesis) (G, 3k, wangxian, my post, POV outsider)
❤️Bet Your Heart by Vamillepudding (G, 14k, wangxian, my post, sort of fits)
talk sense (to a fool) by Turtles (M, 2k, wangxian, my post)
No, Lan Wangji, You Cannot Marry Someone You Just Met! by soulmateenthusiast (T, 41k, wangxian, my post)
23.  Hi! The XY fic(s) I'm trying to find isn't like a specific fic, more of a general situation. I want to read fics that feature xue yang having to use his safeword (safeword as in bdsm). The appropriate AO3 tag returns so very few results and none are xy :( Hopefully you or one of your followers has read one. Thank you!
Subdrop by Lunarwriter75 (E, 4k, songxuexiao)
24.  Recently read a cute fic hot for teacher by attackofthezee (noxlunate) where WWX got A-Yuan at 17 and the mother left. Years later A-Yuan tries to set his single father up with his teacher (LWJ). Do you or your followers know of other fics where WWX has a biological child before getting together with LWJ? They could be strangers like in that fic or have known each other before WWX had a baby, any era.
Transverse by manaika (M, 9k, wangxian)
25.  Hello! Thanks for all your hard work running this blog!  I’m desperate for recommendations for some modern cultivators AUs! They can have other fantasy or plot elements (like this river runs to you by sundiscus or see you yesterday by glyphic ) or more strictly cultivation on setting ( Always Knew You Were Magical by jeyhawk or most times a wish by impossibletruths ) but there’s something really satisfying about modern cultivation done well and how that world building/setting plays out for Wangxian!
Moonlight as My Guide by BromeliadDreams (M, 32k, wangxian, my bookmark)
Brilliant Mistake by brooklinegirl (E, 54k, wangxian, my post)
The Life Cycle of the Frog and the Fish by Aerlalaith (T, 53k, wangxian, my bookmark)
❤️with you, I am home by tellthemstories (M, 47k, wangxian, my post)
Crazy, Rich Cultivators by ShanaStoryteller (G or T, 13k, wangxian, my bookmark)
please forgive my most passionate disruptions by pumpkinpaix (E, 63k, wangxian, my post)
and so my heart beats wildly by lily_winterwood (E, 106k, wangxian, my post)
❤️speeding up my heartbeat by plonk (E, 25k, wangxian, my bookmark, pure smut and humor w/out worldbuilding)
best things in life by belovedmuerto (T, 35k, wangian, my bookmark)
i'll be your girl by plonk (e, 38k, wangxian, my post, not much worldbuilding, but good)
bring you home by Alasse_Irena (T, 28k, wangxian)
《我一生中的路还远远没有走完》 by thelastdboy (M, 90k, wangxian, WIP)
a sword for a tongue by martyrsdaughter (E, 7k, wangxian)
silt, or scurvy by astronicht (M, 11k, wangxian, series in progress)
[My ko-fi.]
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boxoftheskyking · a month ago
The Untamed/CQL Rec List Part 2
I’m stuck on this chapter, so I’m doing this instead! My recs aren’t the most unique bc this fandom is so massive and I mostly get them off other lists. But hopefully still interesting.
If you haven’t watched the show yet you gotta
You can find my first reclist here
Shameless Self-Promotion to start:
Something For Yourself - Happy little fluff piece
Something Good - my 43K word Sound of Music AU
Pick Up Every Piece - my post-war journalist AU WIP
The Recs! In no particular order:
Wei Wuxian/Lan Wangji
your horizon to chase by hellotailor T, 6,001 words They miss each other!!! Wei Ying draws funny pictures of himself! Communication!
you are my delightful intruder by hanguang-jacked E, 4,403 words Lan Zhan wakes up to an empty bed and panics
Orchids in Lotus Pier by Vamillepudding G, 21,631 words I’m a sucker for Lan Zhan & Jiang Cheng being pals, and of course Wei Ying thinks they’re in looooove
hold me fast, fear me not by cicer M, 16,155 words Tam Lin AU - nice fairy tale style writing
hunters seeking solid ground by Attila E, 23,633 words Wei Ying can only sleep with Lan Zhan around
get bolder by plonk NR, 11,288 words This is the plonk section of the reclist. flashbacks telling a modern AU best pals to lovers
feels like the first time by plonk NR, 4,076 words alternate scene from the above fic
i’ll be your girl by plonk E, 3,077 words Wei Ying in drag seduces Lan Zhan, is an idiot, and totally owns my bi ass
A Lot of Edges Called Perhaps by hansbekhart E, 21,922 words Wei Ying comes home after 8 months to an injured Lan Zhan & then they bang
live from new york by varnes E, 87,069 word You’ve all seen it recced before and prob read it already. SNL AU that get The Vibe so well actually made me want to get back into producing which is saying something bc I hate it
Where the Lonely Ones Go by CSHfic and VSfic T, 23,940 words Cursed baby!
To Do With You What Spring Does With Cherry Trees by sfbluestocking M, 36,621 words Lan Zhan goes with Wei Ying and the Wens after Qiongqi Way
what else is there? by mme_anxious T, 12,917 words Jin Guangyao turns Lan Zhan and Jin Zixuan into swans. Lan Zhan and Wei Ying may be better at interspecies communication than they are at human communication.
shorthand of emotion by sarahyyy G, 6,010 words Modern AU where Lan Zhan is a musician and the babies try to set him up. It is fluffy good fun.
Lead Me On Through by mrsronweasley E, 54,673 words UGH kill me. You know where it’s going but it’s still super satisfying to get there. Everyone has a secret betrothed and so the boys decide to practice kissing to prepare. Just kissing, it’ll be fine.
Your Heart and Mine by natcat5 T, 8,591 words My favorite daemon AU! Lan Zhan’s daemon sits on Wei Ying’s daemon and that’s all you need to know.
sugar stains by lanjingyeet T, 18,243 words Wei Ying gets turned into a toddler and while it is adorable it is very sad for Lan Zhan
softly through pine trees, the moon arrives by theLoyalRoyalGuard G, 3,032 words Lan Zhan turns into a rabbit and it is Devastating
Brilliant Mistake by brooklinegirl E, 53,702 words The first long fic I read after like two months of not having a brain and it made me happy. Modern cultivator sex pollen baby, can’t go wrong.
Wei Wuxian/Wen Qing
No Color In Itself by trickybonmot E, 2,485 words Do you know how hard it is to find good Wei Ying/Wen Qing buddy sex?? Which should be everywhere!! This has d/s and a strap on, wahoo
Xiao Zhan/Wang Yibo
you can take my heart (and hold it together) by ThirtySixSaveFiles E, 54,894 words You don’t have to know anything at all about RPF or the characters or anything, it’s a 100% original sci-fi story about a mechanic in love with an android and it is so fucking bomb
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weakfor-wx · a month ago
since you offered... top 5 fic recs (any kind)? thank you 💕
Oohh! Thank you for the ask ^^! Here are my top 5: SPOILER - I only like things with a happy ending.
1. your heartbeat across the grass by fakeplasticlily (wangxian)
Super cute kid fic but also reunited wangxian and so soft and caring lwj! Everything fakeplasticlily writes is gold tbh but this was the first one I read and made me fall in love with wangxian fics in the first place.
2. 听候发落; As You Wish (translated by) sunsandships, (original in mandarin by) piggycat (bjyx)
Oh where do I begin with this. It’s so poignant and melancholic and realistic about what happens in relationships and real life as adults and this is so so excellent in shaping the pair. It’s a kind of bittersweet beauty and if you haven’t already, please please read this. I even went back to read the original in Chinese to get a better sense of the nuances and words used. ++ the author also has a sugar didi au if you can read Chinese!
3. Bound With a Same-Heart Knot by mrsronweasley (bjyx)
This is a Victorian!AU which I didn’t know I needed?? It started a bit slow which honestly gave it time for the relationship to develop realistically but in a world that was wonderfully built. Also with a healthy serving of realism (love doesn’t solve all things, sometimes people can’t be together because of circumstances etc.) but a it’s a wonderful piece of discovery and exploration on multiple levels of foreign-ness.
4. as if you were a mythical thing - daltoneering (wangxian)
I first followed this as a threadfic on Twitter and I was OBSESSED with every single update. Really interesting story with how it unraveled and really great world building as well!
5. walk my days on a wire - cicer (wangxian)
This was really really hot but also very filthy so do read the tags before delving in! I definitely have a thing for a/b/o & mpreg and this hit all the right buttons. Also pining while f*cking is a thing but also talking things through. It has a sequel!!
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greedydancer · a month ago
Tumblr media
@ziusik​/mrsronweasley's story, read aloud (26min.)
Ronan's always Ronan. Even when he isn't.
Adam/Ronan, Explicit, no warnings apply, First Time.
Available to stream or download on AO3 -- I'd love to know if you listened! :D
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intoxicatingimmediacy · 2 months ago
Fandom Fic Rec Days - CQL/MDZS
I bring you FIC RECS! ENJOY! And to our beloved writers - THANK YOU! I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for how much joy you bring into the world. 
Under the cut there will be pining, there will be devotion, there will probably (definitely) be kink, and most of all there will be rampant wangxian.
For my first ever fic rec post, these are the first stories I thought of without checking my downloads. Some I read long enough ago that I don’t remember them exactly, but they must've hit me hard enough to recall their names off the top of my head. Some of them are definitely top tier ultimate favourites, but many of those are also missing from this list as I’ve spent the last year in Severe Lockdown feat. Hours Of Ao3 Every Day.
A caveat: I read wide - as in, I enjoy interpretations of the characters that contradict how I experience them in canon, as long as they have internal consistency. For example, in canon WWX doesn't read as self-loathing to me - he’s seethes confidence in his abilities; it's his place in the world that he struggles with - but I thoroughly enjoy fics rooted in self-worth issues. So, YMMV.
In the same vein, I like pure CQL, pure MDZS, and mash-ups, as well as RPF; my squicks are few and far between, my triggers nonexistent, and I have happily eaten many a dead dove. For our yown safety, read the tags.
+ Linger in the Sun by etymologyplayground, Teen/39k
"Tell Lan Zhan that I'm weeping uncontrollably," Wei Wuxian says to the juniors. "Tell him I'm truly pitiful and he needs to do everything I say until I'm well again."
Lan Congyi is in the middle of carefully holding his eyelids open to check his pupils, but he still obeys, bless him. "Hanguang-Jun, Senior Wei would like us to tell you that he can't stop crying and he'd like for you to do everything he says until he's better." There's a moment of silence, and then Lan Congyi says to Wei Wuxian, "Hanguang-Jun says he already does everything you tell him."
- Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji find themselves cursed, unable to see or hear each other. They figure things out anyway.
(I remember reading this on a long train ride home over a year ago, so spellbound even after finishing, that I alighted a stop too early.)
+ The Absolutely True Story of the Yiling Patriarch by aubreyli, Teen/20k
Wei Wuxian’s hand jolts, spilling a drop of wine onto the tabletop. “Love?” he croaks, then clears his throat and tries again. “Lan Zh— uh, Hanguang-jun, in love?”
“Have you not heard the story?” the other young woman asks, looking pitying. “You must, it is a truly heartrending tale of star-crossed romance and mutual pining — go to any storyhouse in town, everyone has been requesting a reading of this book.”
“There’s a book?” Wei Wuxian says blankly.
- In which the junior disciples (namely, Lan Jingyi, Ouyang Zizhen, and a reluctant Lan Sizhui) turn to RPF in an attempt to rehabilitate Wei Wuxian's reputation so that he and Hanguang-jun can get together and get married and live happily ever after. It's… surprisingly effective.
(My original comment, because it’s been too long, I think it’s long overdue a re-read: ‘Pure joy! This made my whole week. My cheeks ache from all the giddy smiling at my screen.’)
+ An Account of His Days by theherocomplex, Teen/3k
Someone, someday, may read it, though what they will gain from doing so is anyone's guess. They will learn he loves Wei Wuxian, but that is no secret. It never was.
(Utterly gorgeous and so very much exactly how I headcanon LWJ's inner life.)
+ (our friendship) up against the ropes by daltoneering, Explicit/36k
The reboot completes, and Wei Ying’s brain smashes this information together into two mind-shattering thoughts. Number one, he knew very well already, and is now further seared by defined muscles and a mouth-watering tattoo into his every waking moment: Lan Zhan is the hottest fucking person on the planet.
Number two: that guy wasn’t visiting Lan Zhan’s neighbour, he was visiting Lan Zhan, which means:
Lan Zhan fucks.
Lan Zhan fucks.
Lan Zhan fucks.
- Lan Zhan has been Wei Ying's best friend for years. Literally, years. How did he not already know? How has he missed this most important of facts? And more importantly, how is he ever going to get over it?
(My salivating comment upon the first read: ‘Ah I'm so glad I waited until you had finished posting the whole glorious thing so I could inhale it in one delicious go. Not that I did, I had to take a break twice, just so that it'd last longer, so I could live with it in my brain for a few hours more.’)
+ Meng Yao vs. the Board of the Homeowner's Association by Ariaste, Mature/114k (as of this post, series not concluded)
Two gremlins, their husbands, and the horrible HOA board. As long as nobody gets arrested for arson or murder, we're gonna call it a win.
(Mainly XiYao, with WangXian secondary, but this one is really about the ridiculously stupendously funny. As in, I discovered new sounds coming from myself, ever escalating levels of snortcackling.)
+ For a Good Time, Call by ScarlettStorm, Explicit/171k
The picture is of Wei Ying, that much is clear. It’s of a lot more of Wei Ying than Lan Zhan is used to seeing. He supposes that, technically, Wei Ying is dressed. It’s a bare technicality, since one of Wei Ying’s hands has rucked up his black tank top practically to his collarbone, showing a long expanse of abdomen and one nipple. Sweat beads on his sternum, catching the light like jewels. His other hand is--Lan Zhan feels his eyes widen, as though unable to look away from a train wreck--on his hip, one thumb tugging down the waistband of a pair of red briefs. Wei Ying is biting his lower lip and looking directly into the camera, sultry, his eyes dark and inviting. His erection is obvious, outlined against the red of the briefs and framed carefully with the hand on his hip. Lan Zhan’s brain goes wildly, screamingly blank.
Or: Lan Zhan accidentally finds his best friend's OnlyFans account and has an ongoing emotional crisis.
(This one has so much, the funny, the painful, the smut, it has such meaty substance to it. I get a craving every few weeks to re-read and it never fails to make my belly go swoop. ‘Just... one of the most satisfying reads EVER.’)
+ Fixtures and Fittings by ella_minnow, Explicit/42k
The client is tall and slim, the padded leather motorcycle jacket he wears adding artificial bulk to his upper body which angles sharply in to slender legs braced wide on either side of the bike. His face is fine-boned and delicate and -
Very, very familiar.
It’s a face that Xiao Zhan has seen daily for the last several months, although never in real life. No, he’s used to seeing it through his kitchen window, twelve feet tall on the billboard that graces the side of the building down the block from his apartment.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
It’s Wang Yibo.
(One of my very first loves in this fandom way back when; wonderfully engaging and detailed.)
+ The Scent of Happiness by mrsronweasley, Explicit/49k
He raises his head up at the drinks menu and that's when the guy behind the counter turns around and greets them both with a smile.
Yibo is aware that he's staring, but he just. Can't stop. The guy is tall--taller than Yibo—with long hair tied loosely into a bun. Soft bangs cover his forehead, with longer tendrils framing the most beautiful face Yibo has ever seen on a human person. And Yibo has met a lot of beautiful human people.
(My flailing comment upon first reading: ‘Some moments you had me literally, physically breathless. I kept copypasting exceptionally exquisite sentences out to flail over their particulars but the list got too long. I feel like my ribcage has been cracked open and my heart is bigger after having read your gorgeous words.’ I think I enjoyed it.)
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rainbowsky · 2 months ago
WangXian Fic Recs
I’ve already got a post featuring some of my fave GGDD fics, might as well make a WangXian one too. I’ve actually only been reading WangXian fic for a very short time so this list will be short, but as with my GGDD fic post, I will keep updating it as I read new fics I enjoy.
Pentimento. by orange_crushed - The author does a brilliant job of putting the reader deep into a truly authentic experience of loving another human being. I can’t put it into words. Just read the story.
Hello, IT. Have You Tried Turning It Off and On Again? by overmountainandmeadow - This one is wholesome and adorable, and I read it twice in one sitting. I am still smiling about it days later.
Lead Me On Through by mrsronweasley - Set in a version of the Untamed universe where arranged marriages are a thing. Very sweet story.
You'd Break Your Heart to Make It Bigger by mrsronweasley - mrsronweasley never disappoints. This is a soul bonding fic.
The Gift Exchange by tellthemstories - Lan Wangji tries to think of a gift for the staff gift exchange. 
Bzzz Bzzz Feel Good by ScarlettStorm - A very cute modern AU. WWX tries to give himself a haircut and fails miserably.
Untaintable 不染 by Pie (potteresque_ire) - Beautifully written; melancholy and sweet. 
Pearls For a Funeral by ElDiablito_SF - Exciting, often hilarious noir detective AU.
Also, I’m always happy to get new recommendations! No mpreg, ABO, gender swap, noncon/dubcon, incest or underage, please. Underage stories are OK with no sex or sexual innuendo.
My GGDD fic recs can be found here.
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forgotten-envies · 3 months ago
Thanks for the tag @gusu-emilu! (You changed your username!)
Last Song: “The Song of the Four Seasons” by Ming Flute Ensemble
Last Film: White Christmas, a tradition for my family (though I finished the kdrama The Tale of the Ninetails since then. It was sooo good!)
Currently Watching: I’m on episode 3 of The Legend of the Blue Sea! I wish I had more time (and service) to finish it.
Reading: “You’d Break Your Heart to Make it Bigger” by mrsronweasley on AO3
Craving: Strawberries
Tagging @fondofeveryprickle @koikoipond and @whateverwuxian if you feel so inclined!
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wangxianficrecs · 3 months ago
Hello! I'm new to the fandom, and I want to start reading fics, could you please let me know which fanfic is THE FANFIC of The Untamed/Mo Dao Zu SHi (MDZS)??? You know, that one fic EVERYONE know and everyone has read
Oh, dear.  I’m really not plugged so much into the fandom, so I miss a lot of that kind of chatter.  Here are a few (completed), favorite stories just off the top of my head.  (The concept of the fandom story to read makes me feel balky, because it’s like being asked to choose your favorite child.  I love all of them, and some just appeal to me more on some days than others.)
modern au:
❤️ The Simplest Way Forward by harriet_vane (E, 71k, wangxian, my post)
humor & juniors:
❤️The Absolutely True Story of the Yiling Patriarch: A Manifesto in Many Parts by aubreyli (T, 20, wangxian, my post)
time travel fix-it:
❤️ Looking at You Always, All Ways by Keysmashed (T, 29k, wangxian, my post)
post cql:
❤️ I hope that you will come and meet me by feyburner (M, 28k, wangxian, my post  here)
canon verse casefic:
❤️a stone to break your soul, a song to save it by rikke (my post here)
students at cloud recesses:
❤️ You Are My Euphoria by tangerinechar (M, 18k, wangxian, my post)
burial mounds life:
❤️The Yiling Wei Clan by scifigeek14 (G, 45k, wangxian, my post here)
These Things Stay the Same by notevenyou (E, 30k, wangxian, modern au, amnesia, my post here)
@fanguuuhhhrl said, “imma interpret this question as “must-reads if you’re a part of this fandom” and for me they would be:
pigtail pulling by protos_metazu_ison (G, 4k, wangxian, for one shots, my post)
the vermillion ribbon by unforth E, 233k, wangxian, for novel length alternate canons, my post)
vagabond by xantissa ( E, 66k, wangxian, post canon case fics, my post)
tempo rubato by spodumene (E, 108k, wangxian, for modern au, my bookmark)
and of course everyone knows this, everyone’s favorite post canon series:
❤️Joy In the Midst of These Things by glitterbombshell (T, 51k, wangxian, my post)
like these just scream CLASSSSICCCS to me and based on the number of kudos and hits too i think they are
@strangelingincarnate suggests: 
Certain Obscure Things by hkafterdark (Modern AU, E, 32k, wangxian)
Lead Me On Through by mrsronweasley (E, 55k, wangxian, arranged marriage)
Lay us down (we're in love) by mme_anxious (T, 5k, wangxian, modern au) 
The Space Between by lazylira (M, 4k, wangxian, WIP, ft. Ace Lan Zhan)
You'd Break Your Heart to Make It Bigger by mrsronweasley (E, 33k, wangxian, post-canon)
@exo-neukdae-minyeo​ says:
❤️and so my heart beats wildly by lily_winterwood (E, 106k, wangxian, modern au, my post here)
@mikkeneko reminded me of
And Time Is But a Paper Moon by sami (M, 139k, wangxian, my bookmark)
@fairfax-verde adds:
❤️ A Civil Combpaign by Ariaste (T, 31k, background wangxian, humor & juniors, my post)
@blusocket says, “Gorgeous prose and tenderness abound!”
Linger in the Sun by etymologyplayground (T, 39k, wangxian, post-cql, casefic, my post here)
❤️this river runs to you by sundiscus (T, 53k, wangxian,  modern-with-magic au, my post)
and adds that @littlesmartart has great illustrated fic recs in their drawtober tag!
Nonny said this one is “different than the rest of recs because it is a canon divergence which happens in the pre-canon times. Wwx & lwj are betrothed at 14 and the story is described from LWJ's perspective as he spends a year in Lotus Pier to get to know his betrothed. It's very sweet, how LWJ's description slowly change and you can experience with him innocently falling in love with WWX.”
sweet chaos by eachandeverydimension (G, 86k, wangxian, arranged marriage)
@invisible-mirror says this one is a must-read modern au:
Unstrictly Ballroom by Ariaste (T, 48k, wangxian, modern au)
@parlerenfleurs would like to suggest
the recluse at the end of the moonlit path by b_ofdale ( T, 29k, wangxian)...  Reincarnated Wei WuXian and Immortal Lan WangJi, a delicious read!
@mondengel would rec:
❤️SanRen by Kyogre (T, 88k, wangxian, my post)
❤️a stone to break your soul, a song to save it by rikke (my post here)
Kiss Me Here, Again, Again by pastelaliens (E, 5k, wangxian)
Six Centimeters by Keysmashed (G, 2k, wangxian)
Breaking Through by Suspicious_Popsicle (E, 34k, wangxian)
two guys r in love thats literally it by victortor (M, 11k, wangxian, my post)
Response by Aki_no_hikari  (G, 12k, wangxian)
Pampering by Aki_no_hikari (E, 5k, wangxian)
Cryptids are not Permitted in the Cloud Recesses by crossdressingdeath (E, 96k, wangxian WIP)
Nonny wants to recommend authors (I’m not going to link them all, I’ll hit my limit... many are up above^)
etymologyplayground, sarahyyy, chinxe, besanii, malkinmalkout, Attila, catbrainedschemes. Other really great popular authors: fakeplasticlily, occultings, kuro, mrsronweasley, so_shhy, moonsteps, defractum, uchiuchi, pupeez4eva, beeswaxing, and ofc rikke! 
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untamedficrecs · 3 months ago
I know the question I will ask is not everyone cup of tea, but are there any mpreg wangxian fics? Thanks!
It’s fine anon! There are some, here you go! I’ve only read a few of these, so I don’t know how they all are! 
shuangxiu by panda_desu
Rating: Mature | Post Canon | Status: Complete | Chapters: 10 | Word Count: 54811 Pairing: Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian 
Author’s Summary: Lan XiChen knows he must sound so stupid right now. He clears his throat. "I am sure this is something to expect from a married couple, but Wangji, I have to ask, how?"
Lan WangJi looks impassively at Lan XiChen.
☆ personal comments: i read this one a while i don’t remember what exactly happens but if i remember it was a pretty good fic. 
accidents will happen by mrsronweasley
Rating: Explicit | Post Canon | Status: Complete | Chapters: 19 | Word Count: 45809 Pairing: Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian  ☆ This fic is part of a series: here is the second part. 
Author’s Summary: Wei Wuxian downs the cup of tea. "All right. Now, I'm fine." He isn't, though. The tea is a mild kind, the sort that Lan Zhan prefers before bed, but even so it makes his taste buds revolt. It's only through sheer force of will that he doesn't vomit a second time.
Fucking hell, who cursed him, and how soon can he kill them?
Wei Wuxian finds himself in a whole new situation.
☆ personal comments: read this one and the second part not to long ago...they were both very cute ;; 
lost in diplomacy by subtleladybird
Rating: Mature | Royalty AU | Historical AU | Status: Complete | Chapters: 20 | Word Count: 90858 Pairing: Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian  ☆ This fic is part of a series, here is the second part.
Author’s Summary: A spark of conflict was ready to ignite the fire of war, and the shadow of an ambitious dynasty loomed over the world; leaving kingdoms scrambling for allies in preparation for an uncertain future.
It was a sparkle that burned the order of their lives, their worlds crumbling around them, leaving them with no escape, taking away any semblance of peace. They were left stranded in a cruel world, their lives dictated by fate and destiny. Their future ordained by uncertainty.
Wei Wuxian could only comply and accept his fortune of marrying into the Lan Dynasty as the Empress of the righteous, Lan Wangji.
He was prepared for a lonely and dull life, so why was he seeking to capture the attention of the boring and unyielding Jade Emperor?
☆ comments: never read this one, but it looks interesting!
blooming in white by lucky_moony
Rating: Teen & up | Canon Divergence | Status: Complete | Chapters: 16 | Word Count: 38379 Pairing: Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian
Author’s Summary: What if Wei Wuxian really had given birth to A-Yuan?
☆ comments: same as comments above! 
blue blood series by potterheadavengerdemigod
Word Count: 90,736 | Number of Works: 21
Summary of one fic: Wei Wuxian wishes that he’d told Lan Wangji about the child. Maybe Zhenli would still be alive, then. The Gusulan Sect wouldn’t have let a child of one of their twin jades be killed, even if his mother was the Yiling Patriarch himself.
The self-indulgent one where I create a Wangxian lovechild and go nuts.
☆ personal comments: i’ve read some of these but not the whole series! they’re pretty good. 
31 days of building relations with gusu lan by starandrea
Rating: Mature | Canon Divergence | Status: Complete | Chapters: 31 | Word Count: 45768  Pairing: Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian 
Author’s Summary: Being helpless is only dangerous if there’s a genuine threat. Being taken care of isn’t the same as being taken advantage of. Unfortunately, resentful energy doesn’t know the difference.
Or, Wei Ying’s cultivation collides with his sex life.
☆ comments: I’ve read the other parts of this series, just not this part, but the other parts are good, so I’m sure this one is too! 
blue hue by baobei_mim (lets_winwin)
Rating: Mature | ABO AU | Status: Complete | Chapters: 2 | Word Count: 15000 Pairing: Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian  ☆ This fic is part of a series, here are the other parts.
Author’s Summary: Suddenly smiling, Wei Wuxian reached up and pushed a strand of lose hair behind Lan Wang Ji’s ear. This made the Alphas heartbeat quicken.
‘This is exactly why I know, I want it and that I wouldn’t regret it.’ Wei Wuxian said.
‘How can you be sure?’ Lan Wang Ji asked.
‘Because I like you.’ Wei Wuxian blurted out, honestly quite tired already with this conversation because of his heat. He would have had this talk any other day, when he would have had the energy and self control to talk properly, without wanting to screw the other like his life was dependent on it.
‘Hanguang-jun I like you.’ He repeated himself as Lan Wang Ji looked like he had been hit over the head with a shovel, in awe. But his words were enough to trigger something in him as the Alpha suddenly lowered himself down and captured his lips.
☆ personal comments: this series is pretty good!! its got some angst, some soft moments and just basically all you need. 
brilliant mistake by brooklinegirl 
Rating: Explicit | Modern AU | One Shot | Status: Complete | Word Count:  53702   Pairing: Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian 
Author’s Summary: "Fine," Wen Qing says, turning back to Wei Ying. "You're pregnant."
Lan Zhan feels his mouth drop open and has to work to shut it.
Wei Ying reacts not at all. He's swinging his feet where he's sitting on the table, a bored expression on his face.
Wen Qing just looks at him. "I am not joking about that."
Wei Ying stops swinging his feet. He blinks several times in a row. "Wait," he says.
I woke up at 3AM and sent myself an email that just said:
Modern cultivation friends curse sexy pollen hook up desperate WWX gets pregnant
And then I wrote it. In three weeks. IDK.
☆ personal comments: OH i read this a looooong time ago, but it was really good!! def should read. 
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scottspack · 3 months ago
The lovely Jen @jlf23tumble​ has FINISHED my first fic rec and is now starting on my second, so no better time than now to throw twenty more fics out there for her, or anyone else, to read when she, or anyone else, gets around to them! As with my last rec, all fics are lumped together without categories and my personal favorites are marked with asterisks. It’s insane that I can be this far into my untamed fic reading journey and still uncover SO MANY good fics, but that’s the power of The Untamed for ya! Let’s fuckin GOOOOOOO
Something Unpredictable by airinshaw (Wangxian, E, 28k) ***
When he was a teenager Lan Wangji started to dream about an older Wei Wuxian visiting an older version of him in Cloud Recesses. In them, he saw strange details of an unusual life where Wei Wuxian would come and go.
Then, the dreams stopped and, with time, he forgot. Until the dreams began to become reality.
I read this fic literally the day after I made my last fic rec almost two months ago and have been DYING to share it ever since. I’ve reread this fic three times already. The premise is that teenage lwj has dreams of a future where he and wwx are friends and companions and then realizes as an adult that the dreams are coming true. It’s a cool premise but the real draw of this fic is the absolutely TENDER AND ROMANTIC way that lwj decides that the future isn’t set in stone and decides to actively shape it through his love for wwx. My description isn’t doing this fic justice but HOLY MOLY has it Stayed With Me. A true must-read!
No, I Thought Of You. by mistergoblin (Wangxian, E, 7k) ***
His fingers are now lying very casually upon Lan Zhan’s forearm. Lan Zhan does not shake them off. His mouth has parted ever so slightly, in the way it does when he’s trying to say something. This just has the effect of making them look even more soft and full and biteable than they already did before and how has Wei Wuxian only just realized that he wants to fuck Lan Zhan?
(In which Wei Wuxian revisits Gusu three years after he met Lan Wangji, realizes that he's attracted to him, realises that he's in love with him, and realizes that he might possibly just be loved back).
[deep shuddering inhale] WHAT IF THINGS DIDN’T GO TO SHIT AND WWX GOT TO REALIZE HE WAS IN LOVE WITH LWJ WHILE THEY WERE STILL YOUNG. This isn’t a huge wild fix-it fic, its just a little vignette into a softer timeline where they didn’t have to be child soldiers and could’ve just fell in love normally and it gave me butterflies and I love it. Another one I’ve reread multiple times over the past couple of months bc it HITS every single time.
out of breath, out of my mind by mme_anxious (Wangxian, E, 4k)
“We…haven’t done that before,” Wei Ying says, her voice almost cool as she fixates on the painting.
Lan Zhan knows that look. Wei Ying has always been single-minded in the pursuit of new ideas.
“Anonymously gifted porn. Someone wants us to have fun on our wedding night!”
“Would it?” Lan Zhan asks, her golden eyes lowered.
“Would what?” Wei Ying’s brilliant smile cuts like Suibian in moonlight.
“Would that…be fun?”
Or, wlw!wangxian try something new.
Wlw!wangxian get gifted porn for their wedding and then they FUCK. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!
all the silver moons by milkcrates (Wangxian, E, 10k)
"Hey," says Wei Ying. It's the softest his voice has gone tonight, but he's close enough for Lan Wangji to– touch him, kiss him– hear him. "Eyes on me."
Wei Ying, thinks Lan Wangji, always.
And he passes out.
Lan Wangji gets injured on a night hunt, Wei Wuxian takes care of him, and lots of feelings are had.
Post-canon get-together hurt/comfort fic. I just think that maybe it’s fun and romantic if wwx gets to be the one taking care of lwj for a change!
Lead Me On Through by mrsronweasley (Wangxian, E, 54k) ***
"Who do you think your betrothed is?" Wei Wuxian asks, sprawling out in front of Lan Zhan and enjoying the prim thinning of his lips at the question. He shouldn't be sprawling—they're in the library, for one, and Lan Zhan is studying, for another—but he can't help himself. Wei Wuxian is a sprawler.
"I do not believe this to be of importance," Lan Zhan responds, without turning his gaze away from his book.
"What!" Wei Wuxian sits up. "How can you say that? Of course it's important! This is the person you'll be with for the rest of your life, Lan Zhan."
Mrsronweasley is truly a power writer in this fandom and she’s DONE IT AGAIN!!!!!! An au where all of the gentry children are betrothed anonymously when they’re young and then meet their spouse at the altar when they turn 18. This of course leads to wwx having the brilliant idea while he’s studying at the cloud recesses that he and lwj should kiss for practice so that they’ll be good at it when they meet their spouses. Insanely good. Insanely cute. I haven’t read many fics longer than 50k recently but this was more than worth the time investment and I loved it. Everybody say thank you mrsronweasley!
crawling through your door by saltyfeathers (Wangxian, E, 12k) ***
Lan Wangji kisses him. When he pulls away, he speaks into the silence between them, because when he is with Wei Ying, he so rarely considers. “Why don’t you touch me anymore?”
Oh man this one hit me in the HEART. Lwj loves wwx so much and is unashamed and unabashed and cant figure out why their public relationship seems to be the only thing that wwx feels any shame for. Aching and tender and romantic. I love it.
alloy by darkredloveknot (Lan Wangji/Nie Mingjue, E, 3k)
He pours himself another drink and allows Lan Wangji a moment—he expects that coldness to be hard like glass, needing to shatter to reveal the pink flesh underneath. Instead, Lan Wangji molds fluidly into the explicitness of the situation, lashes lifting slowly as he looks upon Mingjue without a shadow of shame.
“Are you propositioning me, Sect Leader Nie?”
Or, Lan Wangji sleeps around during his sixteen years of hollowness.
OKAY. I understand if this is a hard sell and you’re not interested BUT besides the sex being pretty hot, it does also have some interesting character-study tidbits and I thought it was compelling to see a still-grieving lwj through nmj’s eyes. ALSO there was one specific part that made my heart drop out of my asshole and if you end up reading this fic im sure you’ll be able to guess what it was.
hid that love up with my bones by heyitsathrowaway (Wei Wuxian/Wen Qing, E, 4k)
Wei Wuxian wants to make her laugh, and cry out, and come; he wants to coax one more good thing from the dead dirt of this home they’re making here. He can leave behind at least something worthwhile. Lotus pods and a-Yuan and the best and bravest doctor of the Qishan Wen, laughing in exile.
TWO HARD SELLS IN A ROW! This is probably the third or fourth wwx-and-wen-qing-fuck-bc-their-world-is-ending-and-life-sucks fic ive read and I have to say, I personally love the concept. The authors in this fandom are great and always make sure to emphasize that these characters are both bisexual AND wwx is still in love with lwj, which just adds layers to the fics and it’s always fun to read.
beg for it by everyearning (Lan Xichen/Nie Mingjue/Nie Huaisang, E, 6k)
Xichen's cheeks are flushed a pale pink and it suddenly occurs to Mingjue that Xichen isn't doing that fancy Lan technique of using his core to evaporate the alcohol before it can affect him. Which means Xichen wants to get drunk. Which means only bad things for Mingjue, generally. Good, but very bad things.
OKAY OKAY THIRD AND LAST HARD SELL. This one I read accidentally because I thought it was a 3zun fic and it……is not. And im usually a pretty hard nope on things like this but it was……very well written……and compelling….and I did finish the whole thing and then reread it a couple times after that. So. Totally up to you whether you read it or not, but I did actually like it enough to include it on the rec despite being incredibly embarrassed about it!
By Any Other Name by ShanaStoryteller (Wangxian, UR (probably like T if I had to guess), 31k) ***
Wei Wuxian wakes up in Mo Xuanyu's body and heads straight for Lotus Pier. Wu Yingtai is the newest member of the Jiang Clan and rumored to be the future wife of Jiang Wanyin.
Lan Wangji is not in love with her.
I FUCKING LOVE THIS FIC!!!! The premise is that when wwx wakes up in his new body he heads straight for lotus pier, and jiang cheng hides him by pretty much having wwx adopt a drag persona. It SOUNDS like a bonkers concept but this fic was fucking RIVETING and so interesting of a canon-divergence take that wound up being incredibly satisfying. Another one that fully gave me butterflies in my stomach. Oh also this author LEANS IN to the wangji/sizhui father/son dynamic and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! LET SIZHUI CALL WANGJI BABA!!!!!!!!!
Ghosts Shouldn’t by ShanaStoryteller (Wangxian, UR (probably also T), 15k)
Wei Wuxian's spirit lingers.
Another canon-divergent au by the same author as the last one. This time wwx’s resurrection goes a little differently. I don’t want to give anything away but this one was also very good and interesting and this author truly has a knack for making up totally new events in the universe but making it feel totally believable and engrossing.
Clear Through the Long Night by mistresscurvy (Wangxian, E, 14k)
It was Lan Zhan's declaration at Koi Tower, his complete disregard for his own future and reputation, his utter constancy in the face of all reason, that shattered any illusions Wei Wuxian might once have had. He could not separate his current self from who he had been. He could not keep himself from loving Lan Zhan--even if he had never been more aware of how little he deserved him.
A canon-divergence au starting with episode 43 and moving through post canon. It’s cute and soft and Baoshan Sanren makes an appearance which is always fun. Also features a little sexy dual cultivation and a happy ending for wangxian. A true chicken-soup-for-the-fic-readers-soul kind of deal.
the red dark shifting by typefortydeductions (Wangxian, E, 15k)
In the aftermath of the disastrous events on Tarsus IV, Wei Ying is rescued by none other than Lan Zhan, his former Vulcan best friend and now Starfleet Captain.
“The man who recognized you, Captain,” Commander Osei begins, already wary of his reaction. She is right to be. Lan Zhan already does not know how he will proceed when Wei Ying is identified, when Starfleet realizes exactly who it is they have rescued. A life is a life, and nobody on his crew would argue otherwise, but even so.
“Did you know him?” she finishes. Lan Zhan’s face is perhaps not widely-known, but he is given enough press conferences in his time that it would not be out of the realm of possibility for Wei Ying to be — to not —
“We attended Starfleet together.” There is little point prevaricating, and Lan Zhan will not lie, not about this, not even by omission. “His name is Wei Ying.”
Wangxian star trek au? ANOTHER ONE. This one is a bit darker but no less compelling AND I just happen to think that any version of vulcan!lwj is a good one.
i’ll be your girl by plonk (Wangxian, E, 30k)
At Nie Huaisang’s Halloween party, Wei Ying hits on noted heterosexual Lan Zhan. Successfully.
I have the absolute weirdest relationship with this fic. This was technically the first ever untamed fic I read bc it came across my dash right before I finished the show and I figured a modern au wouldn’t spoil me for the last few eps. And it didn’t. BUT. Ao3 says ive read this fic SEVEN TIMES and it has still taken me this long to put it on a rec list because I can NOT figure out how I feel about it. It’s fairly ridiculous and the writing style of the author is just annoying enough that I wouldn’t usually rec it. BUT. BUT!!! The premise of the story is very much up my alley and there is a TON of fun gender exploration stuff and I think for all the author is a little silly in the way they write, they actually stay pretty true to wwx and lwj’s characterizations in fun and interesting ways. This is WAY too long of a description for a fic you’ll probably read and be like “it was pretty good!” but I felt like I needed to both defend myself and elaborate on it in case you hate it and lose faith in my reccing skills.
Accidents Will Happen by mrsronweasley (Wangxian, E, 46k) ***
Wei Wuxian downs the cup of tea. "All right. Now, I'm fine." He isn't, though. The tea is a mild kind, the sort that Lan Zhan prefers before bed, but even so it makes his taste buds revolt. It's only through sheer force of will that he doesn't vomit a second time.
Fucking hell, who cursed him, and how soon can he kill them?
Wei Wuxian finds himself in a whole new situation.
Jen I’m pretty sure you sent me this one, but I’m going to include it for posterity. This is a wangxian mpreg au and once again this fandom breaks all of my preconceived notions for what kind of fics im willing to read bc mpreg is not usually my bag but BOY HOWDY does this fic HIT. Extremely extremely cute and MOVING and lovely and sweet and all of the good adjectives. I cried like six or seven fucking times reading this fic so like. I do in fact love it. Once again, author mrsronweasley is a shining star in this fandom. (oh also part 2 is cute too, check that out as well)
I will be chasing a starlight by feyburner (Wangxian, E, 18k, WIP)
“You know what?” Wei Ying said. “I think we should be friends.”
“Vulcans do not have friends,” said Lan Zhan. He was staring very determinedly at the screen in front of him.
Wei Ying frowned at him. “That can’t be right.”
Usually I would never ever rec a wip, I almost would never even READ a wip……..BUT. feyburner is absolutely one of my favorite writers in this fandom. And I obviously love a wangxian star trek au. AND I particularly like a star fleet academy au. So. I am adding this wip that was posted three months ago and hasn’t been updated since. It’s EXTREMELY good and I check ao3 almost every single day to see if it’s been updated. SO……watch this space? Or feel free to bully me if it never gets updated and I’ve made myself look like a clown for nothing. (ao3 says ive visited this fic SEVENTEEN times fhkaefkhjahfelkagrkjdaf BRAIN ROT!)
Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by scifi (Wangxian, E, 9k)
“When the breeze is sticky and fireflies light up the languid evening, let's meet where we parted.”
A getting together fic wherein Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian reunite in the heat of summer, picking up right where they left off.
It wouldn’t be one of my fic recs if there weren’t about 500 post-canon get-together fics. This one has a very cute letter from wwx to lwj and an infinitely soft first time together. And I think there’s nothing wrong with that!
trust my love by panpipe (Jing Ling/Lan Jingyi, E, 14k)
Lan Jingyi —
Are you doing well? Everything is fine at Carp Tower. I wouldn’t let it be any other way, of course.
However, the elders have requested I consider marriage. Before I do that, I thought you should know, I love you.
Jin Rulan
Jin Ling confesses his feelings, and Lan Jingyi has to muddle through the aftermath. (The aftermath is they're in love.)
It’s been a minute and a half since I read any juniors-centric fic but I stumbled across this one and really liked it. Perfectly captured how Jin Ling and Lan Jingyi are both awkward weirdos in equal but opposite ways. Just young dumb boys in love!
No declaration unanswered by MsNyx (Wangxian, E, 8k)
“Where will you sleep tonight?” he asks.
“Wei Ying is injured,” says Lan Zahn. “Wei Ying must have the bed.”
Wei Wuxian gives his head an exasperated shake. He gestures with the empty wine jar.
“I’m not going to deprive Hanguang-jun of his bed again,” he says.
Lan Zhan looks at him with that particular steely, unblinking expression he has and Wei Wuxian falls in love with him all over again. It only makes him more determined. He folds his arms stubbornly across his chest.
“I will sleep in the bed,” he counters, “if Lan Zhan will sleep in it too.”
There are many amazing what-if-they-just-fucked-in-episode-43 fics and im determined to find and read and rec ALL OF THEM!!!! Here’s another one that is very cute and hot.
token of affection by fyredancer (Wangxian, E, 14k)
Variation on a theme: Wei Wuxian leaves. He doesn’t think about what he needs to do in order to return, or even whether it will be possible.
Lan Wangji has made careful preparations, only to find them thwarted.
In the end, it was what they left unspoken that will bring them back together.
Another post-canon get-together fic :-) This time wwx hears that lwj isn’t chief cultivator anymore and HOOFS it back to Gusu to get his man! Deals very satisfyingly with the fact that lwj’s love language is acts of service and wwx’s is words of affirmation; which is tough when lwj doesn’t speak much and wwx doesn’t understand that sometimes actions speak louder than words.
WHEW! It will never not bring me extreme joy to share fic for this fandom. I say it every single time, but truly this fandom is an unending well of talent and creativity! Six months of obsessive fic reading and i STILL feel like im barely scraping the surface of what’s out there. It’s been fun to dive into some of the lesser known corners of this fandom’s fic now that ive thoroughly exhausted sorting by hits. And not only that, but this is still an ACTIVE FANDOM! So many of my favorite authors are still posting new fics all the time!!! All of this to say that I love it here and am still happy and excited to be a part of this fandom.
Catch me crying over the untamed on the daily over at @wangjiapologist!
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chinnzz · 4 months ago
Chapters: 4/4 Fandom: 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù, 陈情令 | The Untamed (TV) Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī/Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Arranged Marriage, Practice Kissing, practice other things, horny boys in love, questionable logic, Questionable Choices, they're dumb but cute, but dumb, but really cute, slight knives, Happy Ending Summary:
"Who do you think your betrothed is?" Wei Wuxian asks, sprawling out in front of Lan Zhan and enjoying the prim thinning of his lips at the question. He shouldn't be sprawling—they're in the library, for one, and Lan Zhan is studying, for another—but he can't help himself. Wei Wuxian is a sprawler.
"I do not believe this to be of importance," Lan Zhan responds, without turning his gaze away from his book.
"What!" Wei Wuxian sits up. "How can you say that? Of course it's important! This is the person you'll be with for the rest of your life, Lan Zhan."
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