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#london institute
onlinechurchawards · 4 days ago
Invitation to London, Preparing for Lambeth 2020 – The Living Church Institute
Invitation to London, Preparing for Lambeth 2020 – The Living Church Institute
Come one, come as many who are able to register in time! Register immediately (space is limited) for “‘God Wills Fellowship’: Lambeth Conference 1920 and the Ecumenical Vocation of Anglicanism,” Oct. 2-3. Seminarians; graduate students; scholars; lay leaders; deacons, priests, bishops: all are welcome. In partnership with Lambeth Palace and Westminster Abbey, the Living Church Institute is…
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aelin-herondale · 7 days ago
Alastair: Well you can't spell stupid without 'u'!
Matthew: *confused at what he just said*
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aelin-herondale · 7 days ago
Thomas: Hey Matthew?
Matthew: Yeah?
Thomas: The floor is lava.
Matthew: *pushes Alastair onto the ground.*
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unsungbollywood · 9 days ago
Sonal Sehgal wins ‘Best Script’ award at the UK Asian Film Festival in London
Sonal Sehgal wins ‘Best Script’ award at the UK Asian Film Festival in London
Sci-Fi thriller ‘Manny’, written and produced by Indian Actor Sonal Sehgal and directed by Latvian director Dace Puce has had quite a successful run in the Festival circuit. Last night the film won ‘Best Script’ at the recently concluded 23rd UK Asian Film Festival supported by the British Film Institute (BFI). Sehgal has written the Story, Screenplay and Dialogues for the Feature Film. This is…
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starry-lu · 10 days ago
Will: Jem, darling, my beloved parabatai! You love me, right?
Jem: normally, I’d say yes without hesitation, but I feel like this is going somewhere and I don’t like it
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carmenblackthorn · 15 days ago
We should talk more about the fact that there are two Herondale rings with a lightning and the inscription “The last dream of my soul” out there
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aelin-herondale · 15 days ago
Anna: Don't break my heart.
Ariadne: If you don't break mine.
Anna: Then please don't let it fall on the floor or I might step on it-
Ariadne: Anna! This is not what I meant?!
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carmenblackthorn · 20 days ago
Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact there’s no logical explanation for Jace’s fear of ducks, we collectively decided that made sense because Herondale. Hilarious.
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carmenblackthorn · 25 days ago
Okey but Kit calling “Will H.” an idiot cause he wrote his name in every single first edition of the books at the London Institute is something...
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