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#if you dont actually know me hello there
kmchelle26 days ago
*head in hands and screams*
#emma rambles#i think its so ridiculous how nice it is to sleep but like. we don't get to ENJOY sleeping at all like wtf is up with that#sleeping is so COMFY like u are literally relaxed asf on a soft surface w stuff to cuddle with and you have fun/interesting dreams but like#it goes by SO QUICKLY you don't even get to enjoy it in the moment because next thing you know you're awake and that's all gross#i suppose that defeats the purpose of like. being unconscious while sleeping. because you wouldn't feel as well rested ig??? idk#i also think it's so interesting how dreams like. flow into each other. like there were three separate plots in the dreams i had last night#and somehow they all merged together in my memory to create one jumbly incoherent mess#but it all made perfect sense at the time i dont remember being confused?? and now im wondering how much time those dreams actually took#like what if there were like 2 hr breaks inbetween those dreams where i was just deep sleeping but i didn't realize it because i was. yknow#deep sleeping. anyway#man i had this one dream that was so nice i just remember cuddling with this guy who just rly liked me and his hair was really floofy ahwles#n it kind of kept getting in my face but theres something so *chefs kiss* about being big spoon to someone who is physically larger/taller#like yes let me wrap myself around you like some weird starfish#half of it was the physical sensation of being able to hug someone like idek who the guy was but it was just COMFEY (im so goddamn touch#starved hello its not even funny) and half of it was like the affirmation that he just. liked me. :pleading: im fairly certain dreamscape me#and him were completely platonically cuddling but it's like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa anyway#this is so embarrassing lmao
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marcvsjvnivsbrvtvs2 months ago
thinking a lot of thoughts about familial legacies and filial piety and debts owed to the dead re: Brutus today
Tumblr media
#'thinking a lot of thoughts' a phrase which here means 'im tired of studying italian renaissance era law practices'#twitter got this one but im posting it here too bc. you know. thinking thoughts#me 馃 brutus: familial legacies pressuring us to behave in certain ways#the main difference is brutus was actually semi decent at following thru lmao#i just kind of refuse to behave as people think i should now#'oh you should get married' no. 'you should join in the religious life so that it can bring status and honor to the family' also no.#i am doing a painting of caligula and thinking about dead romans#also i am both trans and gay and that nixes my chances at a religious career i dont want and also marriage dates which i ALSO DONT WANT#did i ever tell you how i was in kabankalan one summer#just for a day bc i wanted to visit my favorite cousin's fiance#anyway so like. i ran into her mom while i was there. i cannot stress this enough: i had NEVER met this woman before#but five seconds after saying hello she was trying to set me up with her sister's twin sons#on the logic that if i didn't like one i would like the other#like MA'AM IM JUST TRYING TO VISIT MY FAVORITE COUSIN'S FIANCE. YOUR DAUGHTER. I WANT TO EAT SNACKS IN PEACE......PLEASE....#anyway. the snacks were good and i had fun! kabankalan had some REALLY good sweets that i CRAVE. that said:#i'll get married if i ever meet someone who's willing to put up with the fact that im a little in love with machiavelli#forget the engagement ring the only proposal聽i want is with a replica of the eid mar coin
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brutal-nemesis4 months ago
Merry Christmas Whump Community!!
Tumblr media
I made this for fun cuz we were doin Christmas Picrews聽and I was like聽鈥渉aha crimmis card but I intend to just have us stare at it as a collective鈥 and everyone was like聽鈥測o post that shit鈥 so here we are.
Not to be sappy on main but I love everyone in this community so much. Like for a bunch of people obsessed with pain and shit everyone鈥檚 so nice and just genuinely awesome.聽 So thank y鈥檃ll for existing and shit and I hope you have a lovely day, even if you don鈥檛 celebrate Christmas (鉂伮粹棥`鉂)馃挄
So yeah Merry Christmas from me and @simplygrimly鈥 @as-a-matter-of-whump @galaxywhump @legallylibra @spookyboywhump @ihaventwritteninsolong @my-whumpy-little-heart @muddy-swamp-princess @slaintetowhump聽!!
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leafeonb4 months ago
going insane right now. a little bit
#lulu.txt#999 lb#THAT SCENE AT THE END. THE TO BE CONTINUED. WRONG ANSWER.....MY NAME IS ACTUALLY [REDACTED]#i dont think its him. it isnt him my levels of suspicions are higher for someone else............>_> hm.#I WILL PUT MORE STUFF IN THE LIVEBLOG LATER BUT man that really will make me lose my mind THE SCENE AT THE END I GRRRRRRRR GRRR#THE COFFIN......WHAT DID THE NOTE CLOVER FOUND SAY.....#BUT ALSO @ SANTA WHY WOULD U DO THAT.....MAYBE I KNOW WHY BUT. WHY. ANYWAYS#the coffin.......i am looking directly at it i rly am#why didnt clover bring the axe we could have like tried to open the coffin by breaking the password thing#but like really carefully bc. i know whos in there. SIR.........SIR I MISSED YOU SO MUCH WTFFFFFFF#he didnt even show up but like......if this is the incomplete true ending#then everything will happen like this. but they have some extra information FOR SOME REASON#it will be the password for the coffin......but at what cost i am actually VERY scared of that other special ending bc i dont know#what may happen in it just by knowing the name......馃槦#THE KNOCKING. THE WAY THE CAMERA WAS LIKE zoom.....on the coffin.....focus on the coffin#thank u the coffin is so important but hey what the fuck#hes been stuck there since he vanished????? HELLO THATS LIKE#THREE OR FOUR HOURS IN THE COFFIN...........................#in some endings they dont even see rhe coffin so hes really just stuck there and probably still dies I HATE THAT anyways#hiiii 馃グ#im goinf crazy right now i was like OHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!#santa. i think he has a plan as to why he did that like. i think zero is someone else but im not going to lie that scene surprised me and#also the scene that plays after the camera zooms in the coffin....hello.#BUT ALSO YESSS santa if u chose ace to go through that door....kill him. please. he has committed way too many crimes#i will rly add more stuff to my liveblog later i have a lot of thoughts.#once again. THE COFFIN.........MAN......IM SO SORRY U WILL GET OUT OF THERE SIR DONT WORRY...........#junpei describing that the knocking sound was something that didnt belong to the room.......#wait. going crazy again then rhat means DOOR 9 IS CLOVER SNAKE JUNPEI AND SEVEN#CLOVER AND SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SIBLINGS WILL BE THERE I 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 MAN!!!!!!!#siblings interactions pspspsps.......i care them 馃槩
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verytendou4 months ago
im going to smack myself in the face with. hm. idk pick a weapon ig.
#IM SUFFERING. THIS STUPID ESSAY.#MY BRAIN... WHY WONT IT WRITE... HELLO.... WHAT IS THIS.....#I COULDNT EVEN COME UP WITH A WEAPON? YALL KNOW I LOVE THAT.....#i already am on extension time i need to be DONE why wont this WORK#i already tried turning my brain on then off again it works for like 7 minutes then im RIGHT BACK TO NOTHING#am i just going to have to finish this essay in 7 minute intervals? is this the life thats been left to me#how fucked up would it be if this was a symptom of covid and thats why my brains been off and unable to focus all week lol#i would literally lie down in the street and pass away sdfkgjdsfg like my mom couldnt have waited until AFTER finals to give me covid...#ig i still might have it but at this point that answer is scarier bc if i dont have it then what the hell has been wrong with me this week#still!!! can this essay just be done!! oh my god i havent hit a block like this in actual years i dont think#if this is just writers block i would probably actually cry i dont have time for writers block this final is due tomorrow#i have the hq gift exchange for feb#i want to update ytinab... i have not one but 2 zine pieces i have to work on now#this is not counting other personal projects i just want to finish...#i literally cannot have this happen right now why couldnt my mom just keep her ass at home i stg it was literally just#i was just forced to stay at home and wait for my mom to infect me huh... and i know shes going to change jack shit abt her life#bc ppl are saying it makes you immune if you catch it and then recover... and so she'll just keep going out#and if we dont have it she'll just pat herself on the back for not catching it and giving it to the entire household...#like there is no winning#and im UGH#this is worth 35% of my grade but im writing it and its just not coming together or i cant make it come together#and like i could write something else but then WHAT i planned this so thoroughly i dont know why its not working#both my ta and my teacher have gone over me with this and i dont know why i cant do it and now if i switch topics they'll know#that ig im like incapable of writing smth on time and well even after like a full week of planning it and what kind of person cant do that#i asked so many questions i thought i would be fine and that the early slowness that i was running into was just me being lazy#but now im like! idk! if i can write this.. but like i KNOW what it needs to look like but my brain just cant parse it and im UGH#whatever i'll just have to do my best... if i get a b in the class ill just idk like cry abt it and check if it'll affect my grants :/#ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh#negative#v.txt
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teamfreehoodies5 months ago
a friend once called me broken from the passenger seat of my jeep on a full moon night and i have been haunted by that moment ever since
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laurenault9 months ago
鉃 rant in tags.
#hello!!!!! :)))#so I'm doing the worst I've ever done mentally and I know u all don't care and that's wtv ur free to think what u want but I just like... +#really need to just get what I'm thinking /out/ there bc like I feel so awful and I keep saying I'm feel better that I'm getting better bc +#like maybe if I keep saying it then it will actually happen and that's just not the case? shocked and upset :/#I'm sorry I'm joking a lot in this but I'm trying to keep it light and fun (as light and fun as I can keep this topic w/o being insensitive)#(but like I can also be insensitive bc this is what I'M going through and I'm allowed to make jokes about it if that makes sense)#but anyways. so my account @nico-nation got deleted which was like really funny to me at first bc I was like 'well what did I say or do to +#get it deleted?' like I know I talked about su*c*de a few times but I never encouraged it. I never spoke about it in any positive light. +#I spoke about it because it was something I was considering. NOT ENCOURAGINGLY. and someone must have reported me or something bc I was +#totally fine until I posted about intrusive thoughts and how they are different to impulsive thoughts. if u reported me for that bc u +#thought you were helping. whelp buddy I've got big news for u :)#SO bc that account got deleted I was making jokes and all and like honestly for the first day or 2 it was genuinely funny bc I was having +#laffs with my friends on discord and I was talking to ppl who also got their blogs deleted and everyone was like 'yeah it only takes 3-4 +#days for them to get it back up' and I was like okay cool I can wait but this is the 5/6 day... and they still haven't emailed me back?#like that blog meant so much to me and everything and yes I was thinking about deactivating but that would be /my/ choice. and I got that +#control ripped out of my hands. I don't even want it back anymore. I don't even want to be here anymore.#it's so fucking disheartening to have this blog othat you enjoyed and depended on to keep you stable. its so hard to have that taken away.#and i KNOW I'm being dramatic but honestly it just really hurts and I miss it but I don't want it back bc like... what's the point. how is +#getting it back going to change anything? I'm still going to be feeling awful. the blog isn't going to change anything. it's just a bit of +#comfort to HAVE it. and now I dont. idk how to explain it. but that account meant so much to me. it was my support for so long when I was +#going through possibly the worst patch of my life. I could log on and I could talk to ppl and make jokes and it was FUN I enjoyed being +#there and I enjoyed talking to ppl :/// but i was so paranoid and that's just something I've always lived with. I've always been paranoid +#and that's not unusual so I left for a bit. I come back#everything is fine. I go out with friends. I come back. my blog is gone.#I wasn't even there when it got deleted. I didn't even know until a few hours after. I was having a good day for once and it was ruined.#I know I'm coming off bratty and annoying BUT at this point I don't even care. I miss it but I don't want it back. I love tumblr but I +#don't want to be here. it's v conflicting. like I love everyone here and I love my mutuals and friends and even the ppl that hate me. I +#love them as well. I love the anons I get. I love the ppl who just like my posts and never interact. I love the ones that do interact. +#I love the old mutuals. I love everyone on here but I also hate it here. and it's conflicting bc I want to be here but I don't think I can +#handle it. I want my blog back but I don't think I ever will get it back and idk ive just got to come to terms with that.
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lebrookestorean hour ago
hello!! tests are done so im back hehe but if you ever need any help or anything just lmk and ill take a look and try or listen (both math and non math) consider me like your lil friendo (but actually little i am pretty short鈥) im in 11th grade so pretty close. being chatty isn't exactly my forte im v shy so apologies in advance if i just dont say anything for a while but always if you need something will be here - 馃ゴ
dfjknsdjf omg hi bby! ayeee i hope you did well<333 and thank you so much, thankfully we鈥檝e moved on to different chapters in math with NO TRIGO thank gOD but we never know ;-; and yes! you're my friendo
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mr-walkingrainbowan hour ago
I'm literally not trying to be rude or anything, just trying to be helpful in a kind manner
They're: contraction
they are.
in, at, or to that place or position.
"we went on to Paris and stayed there eleven days"
used in attracting someone's attention or calling attention to someone or something.
"hello there!"
belonging to or associated with the people or things previously mentioned or easily identified.
"parents are keen to help their children"
used in titles.
"a double portrait of Their Majesties"
belonging to or associated with the person or people that the speaker is addressing.
"what is your name?"
belonging to or associated with any person in general.
"the sight is enough to break your heart"
you are.
"you're an angel, Deb!"
Oh man. whOOO! anOTHer one of these. I鈥檓 so sorry but this was just the absolute wrong day and time to send this. Just saying I鈥檓 not holding this against you. Your trying to help and be sweet and I get that.聽
But I鈥檓 also gonna rant and make an example so no one else every tries to do it again.
It鈥檚 driving me NUTS!
so PLEASE. For the love of the GODS. STOP TELLING ME THIS!!!!!!
(Once again aye-non. I鈥檓 not holding this against you. You were nice and genuinely trying to help. I鈥檝e just had way to many people be a total jerk about this) and you happened to say this once again during an extremely shitty day for me
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daikonsenpai6 hours ago
hello, same anon that asked about the lyrics meaning also which thought the weaving tradition has something to do with the yugi('s)s ritual.
ill just add some few thoughts if you dont mind sorry,
'three go together...lying awake' absolutely no clue, if we were thinking of this wayy before kid!tsukasa sung the same song on this chapter, than i'd say that sumire' ghost's song was foreshadowing the sleepover with natsuhiko, mitsuba, and kou, lying awake, (tho then mitsuba dozed off lmao) maybe also means that mitsuba sleeping, um he's the one not alive out of three of them (not sure bout natsuhiko tho) then he dissapears with the severance happening
the first to second line seems to be indicating the passing day which then end on the sixth, i'll get back to that later
'gazing at the moon waiting for the morn', as i said on my ask before, i can only think that it's either foreshadowing severance,
or maybe picture perfect arc, cause if you combine the 'lying awake..gazing at the moon' it matches with when amane is showing the stars on the roof with nene.
if the yugis ritual actually has some connection like the urabon event, then there needs to be a sacrifice
'trapped until the fifth day' im guessing that the ritual is waiting a week/6 days counting to the night where death appears (no.6) , that could explain tsukasa being kept / trapped inside a room, amane gazing the moon, as he's trapped with the fate he has chose. 'i'm not going anywhere'
but what for though? what is the sacrafice for? who knows? maybe be the kannagi or have a special place ( like aoi rn) on the supernatural side, and maybe the yugis fought over that, or maybe opposite, they dont want to be the sacraficed one. no connection with the basket yet though
but with the chapter where aoi, who holds the basket is the one being taken/sacraficed then maybe they were fighting over it too?
anyways just ramble of thoughts
Sorry it took me a while to answer!! But this is so interesting! I love when people analyze this stuff because to me, it鈥檚 so complicated?!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One night,
Two dawns,
Three go together,
Lying awake,
Gazing at the moon,
Waiting for the morn,
Trapped until the fifth day,
6 strands we weave.
So I wrote out the whole song here ^^^
And now this had me thinking,,,what if the entire song is the ritual that Tsukasa and Hanako preformed? (Going back to the ritual theory)
One night and two dawns鈥攚hat if the two dawns represents the twins?
Three go together...what if the three is whatever they tried to enact during the ritual?
Lying awake and gazing at the moon and waiting for morning鈥攃ould be their dead bodies, left lying out?
But they鈥檙e trapped until the 5th day鈥攗ntil their bodies are discovered.
So then 6 strands were weaved?
Djdkdkclck idk what I鈥檓 saying lol鈥攂ut I really liked your analysis!! Thanks so much for sharing ;;
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zmayadw13 hours ago
Hello to all :)
My free time is so limited lately, I barely have any time for wtiting :( And it's so frustrating!
Anyway, here is the next part of the story.
Wish you all a nice and relaxing weekend! :)
Mayas POV
In the following days the calls stopped. Nothing was happening actually, and I didn't know what to think of it. Was that a good thing? Or was there something worse coming my way? I did feel a bit calmer with the calls gone, but that sinister feeling was still much present with me. Jake left when we woke up, saying he has to go do something, grinning at me before leaving. He seemed less worried too about everything, but I had a feeling something else was bothering him. I dont know how long it passed, I was lost in my work, when he entered the room, smiling at me from the door 鈥濺ight where I left you.鈥 鈥濰ey you.鈥 I said smiling back, taking my headphones down. 鈥濿hat you been up to?鈥 鈥濿ouldn't you want to know.鈥 He grinned 鈥濩ome on, get up and get dressed.鈥 鈥濷h god, not that again.鈥 I said desperatly, and he laughed. 鈥濪ont worry, nothing happened. Just do it.鈥 鈥濧ll right.鈥 I said, getting up and dressing. 鈥濿hat's this all about?鈥 I asked curious when I was done, and he just walked to the doors, opening them 鈥瀁ou'll see.鈥 鈥濷k, mister 'oh-so-mysterious'.鈥 I was about to take my phone 鈥濶o,no, leave it, you dont need it.鈥 I turned surprised to him 鈥濧ll right, now I really want to know what's this all about.鈥 I said, crossing my hands at my chest. He rolled his eyes, walking to me. He gave me a quick kiss, taking my hand pulling me towards the door 鈥濲ust trust me, and come on already.鈥
Leaving the motel, Jake lead me to the car, popping the trunk. He took out the blanket handing it to me, and a big paper bag filled with stuff, I couldn't see with what exactly. He closed the trunk, and started walking towards the woods. He turned to me when he realized I was still standing confused by the car. 鈥濩oming?鈥 he grinned at me. I raised my eyebrow 鈥濼o the woods?鈥 He smirked 鈥濧www, dont be scared, angel, I'll hold your hand.鈥 He winked and continued. When did he get so cocky? I quickly followed after him, and he grinned as I catched up with him, holding his hand out for me. I stuck my tongue at him, he just shook his head and smiled. 鈥濿hats in the bag?鈥 I asked after we walked for a while, trying to peep in it. He just shifted it under his other hand 鈥瀁ou'll see.鈥 鈥濬ine, I wont ask anything anymore.鈥 I said making a pouty face. He looked sideway at me 鈥濼hat face wont work on me, I'm still not telling you anything.鈥 鈥濩ome on, thats not fair.鈥 I protested, but he just laughed again 鈥濩an't you just be patient a little?鈥 鈥濱 can鈥 I said 鈥濱'm just too curious of a person.鈥 I grinned. 鈥瀁ou do know what they say of 'curiosity' and the 'cat'?鈥 he said teasingly to me. 鈥濧h, but the cat has nine lives.鈥 I countered and grinned again. 鈥濧nd besides鈥 I said 鈥 going for a movie, or dinner would be less..uncomfortable, then wandering through the woods.鈥 He looked at me grinning 鈥 Admit it, you just desperatly want to see that new movie with Chris Hemsworth.鈥 I laughed 鈥濱'm surprised you actually know what's playing in the cinema at the moment.鈥 I said teasingly. 鈥濿hy so surprised? I do watch movies.鈥 He said and grinned. 鈥濭ood to know your whole world doesn't revolve arround computers.鈥 I said grinning back at him. 鈥濷h, I can assure you it doesnt.鈥 He said. 鈥濨ut, yes, computers are my biggest passion for sure, been that way since I was a kid.鈥 I was taken aback by his words, he never before said anything remotely similar, so I just stared at him. He turned to me 鈥濿hy are you looking at me like that?鈥 鈥濴ike what?鈥 I asked, still surprised. 鈥濻o astonished.鈥 鈥濿ell, to be honest鈥 I said 鈥濨ecause I never heard you talk like this before. About yourself.鈥 鈥濿ell, Maya鈥 he said and smiled 鈥瀁ou never asked me anything about it.鈥 鈥濧nd if I did, you would tell me?鈥 i asked surprised. 鈥濷fcourse.鈥 He said without hesitation. 鈥濧nything I ask, you would answer?鈥 I asked again and he stopped walking, turning to me. 鈥濴ook, I know you are curious, and yes, you can ask me anything. I might decide not to answer some questions, but it wont mean I dont trust you or anything like that. So, please, just keep that in mind, all right?鈥 I just looked at him for a moment. 鈥濧ll right.鈥 I said finaly. 鈥濭ood.鈥 He said and continued walking. 鈥濩an you tell me now where are you taking me?鈥 I asked teasingly and grinned coming beside him. He looked at me and groaned 鈥濪ont make me regret this.鈥
After walking for a while longer, we finaly emerged from the woods, and I stopped and stared at the sight in front of me, smile widening on my face. The Blackwater lake was even more beautiful seeing it with my own eyes. The sun was out, making the color of the water silvery, soft wind blowing making the ripples on the surface sparkle like diamonds. The woods surrounding the lake and the singing of birds gave a serene atmosphere to it. It was amazing, so I just closed my eyes, the sun warm on my face, making a mental picture of it in my mind. I opened my eyes, turning to Jake. He was looking at me with a smile, his phone in his hand. 鈥濪id you just take a picture of me?鈥 I asked, walking towards him. 鈥瀁es I did.鈥 He said, and I groaned desperatly 鈥濽gh, delete it, please, I turn out terrible on pictures.鈥 He smiled, his eyes sparkling 鈥濶onsence, you looked beautiful just now.鈥 I blushed a bit, I was never good at receiving compliments. 鈥濱 think the sun is making you delusional, maybe I should be the judge of it.鈥 I said grinning. He laughed 鈥濱'm not showing you the picture, you will just delete it without looking at it.鈥 鈥濬ine鈥 I said, squinting my eyes at him 鈥濱'll just do it while you sleep.鈥 鈥濰a! Good luck with breaking my password first.鈥 He grinned at me. I pouted my lips 鈥濧nd its not fair, why do you have your phone, but I couldnt take mine? I like to take pictures, too!鈥 He smiled, hugging me arround my waist 鈥濨ecause, you are here with me, and nothing can happen to you, so you dont need your phone for me to be at peace.鈥 He leaned and kissed me softly. 鈥濧nd besides鈥 he said and smiled 鈥濱 wanted to have you all for myself, with no distractions.鈥 I smiled. 鈥濨ut, what if something happens to you, and I have to call for help?鈥 I said all serious. 鈥瀁ou have to tell me your password, it's for your own protection.鈥 I grinned, and he sighed and shook his head 鈥瀁ou so ruined the moment.鈥 He said, taking the blanket from me, spreading it on the ground. 鈥濷h, I'm sorry, don't be cross at me.鈥 I said, feeling guilty for it. 鈥濱'll make it up to you.鈥 I said, as we both sat down. He streched on the blanket, leaning back on his elbows 鈥濰mm, I dont know, you would have to come up with something really good.鈥 鈥濻omething really good..鈥 I said toughtfully. 鈥濿hat could that be..鈥 I said, biting at my lower lip, my other hand playing teasingly with the zipper of his hoodie. His breathing got heavier, and I leaned slowly to him, stopping so close, my lips barely brushing his. 鈥濰ow am I doing so far?鈥 I breathed it out almost whispering, looking him in the eyes. He swallowed hard 鈥濸retty damn good.鈥 I smiled, kissing him softly and unzipping his hoodie. His hands wrapped arround me, and he deepened the kiss, laying me on my back. He broke the kiss after a moment, his eyes sparkling 鈥濧nd you are lucky, because I just cant resist you.鈥
Jakes POV
鈥濧re you really asking me that?鈥 I said laughing. She was laying with her head on my stomach, eyes closed, and I played with her hair. She turned to me 鈥瀁es.鈥 She grinned 鈥濿hy? Are you embarrassed to give me an honest answer?鈥 I chuckled 鈥濶o, but are you sure you want to hear the honest answer?鈥 I raised my eyebrow 鈥濱 was pretty wild when I was younger.鈥 鈥濽gh鈥 she groaned 鈥濧lrighty, next question.鈥 I laughed again 鈥濩ome one, dont tell me you wer and 'angel' back then?鈥 She blushed a bit, averting her look from me. 鈥濧ll right, all right, I said next question.鈥 She asked after a moment 鈥濷k, where did you grew up?鈥 Ah, here we go, I thought, personal questions, but I didnt mind, I was expecting it. 鈥濿ell,not that far from here, actually. My mom moved back with my grandma when she found out she was pregnant.鈥 鈥瀁ou said before, Hannah and Lily are the only family you have left, so I persume she passed?鈥 she asked. 鈥瀁es, when I was 12.鈥 鈥濷h, im sorry to hear that.鈥 She said softly. 鈥濱ts fine.鈥 I said. She was silent for a while 鈥濪o you think your life would turn out differently if she was still alive?鈥 鈥濱 dont know鈥 I answered honestly after a moment. 鈥濱 was always fascinated by computers and all this 'hacking' stuff, so I can't really know if something would end up different.鈥 鈥濿hat was she like?鈥 she asked then. I was silent for a moment, memories coming back. 鈥濱'm sorry if its too personal.鈥 She said to me. 鈥濶o, it's all right.鈥 I smiled at her. 鈥濻he was amazing. She was firm, but soft when needed, she always stood her ground. She was tough on me, but showed me nothing but love.鈥 It was strange for me talking about my mom to someone, but it felt nice. I was amazed how easily it was for me to say all this to her. And she was genuinely interested, intensly listening to my every word. I smiled again 鈥濻he would always say to me 'Jakey, my boy, always listen to your heart, not your head, no matter what. The heart knows best.'鈥 鈥濱t sounds to me like she was a wonderful person, and a great mom.鈥 She said to me, smiling softly. 鈥濻he was.鈥 I said smiling back at her. 鈥濻he would have liked you very much.鈥 鈥濿ish I could have met her.鈥 She said and smiled. Her face got serious 鈥濿hat happened to her, if you don't mind me asking?鈥 鈥濱 dont mind鈥 I said. 鈥濻he got sick, it was getting worse fast, and she passed some months after we found out about it.鈥 She turned, staring at the sky. 鈥濱ts not fair.鈥 She said after a moment. 鈥濿hat isn't?鈥 I asked. She turned to me 鈥濼hat good people like that leave so soon.鈥 Her eyes got watery so she turned her head away, and my heart skipped a beat. I turned her head back to face me, her eyes glazed. 鈥濪ont get sad on me now.鈥 I said smiling softly at her, tucking the loose hair behind her ear. 鈥濱'm sorry鈥 she said, giving me a small smile 鈥濱'm soft on things like that.鈥 I just stared at her. Her emotions surprised me once more, her sadness was so real, so sincere, I was amazed. And I knew, right here, right at this moment, my heart belongs to her forever. I knew I was in love. I pulled her to me, kissing her gently. 鈥瀁ou really are an angel.鈥 I said to her, and she blushed a bit before smiling. 鈥濪ont praise me, or you might end up disappointed.鈥 鈥濼hats not possible.鈥 I said kissing her once more. She smiled again before moving to lay back. 鈥濿hat happened after she passed? Did you stay with your grandma?鈥 she asked. 鈥瀁es鈥 I said 鈥濽ntil I was 18, then I left.鈥 鈥濿here to?鈥 鈥濿ell, I found a group of people who shared my interests, so I joined them. I was with them for quite long, and learned much from them.鈥 鈥濱'm sensing a 'but' here.鈥 She said and I smiled at her 鈥瀁ou are right.鈥 I said. 鈥濨ut, they became a bit too extreem for my taste, so I moved on.鈥 鈥濻o you joined someone else?鈥 she asked. 鈥濶o, I was on my own from then. I did meet some new people after it, but never joined any groups.鈥 鈥濿hat about friends?鈥 she asked serious. I laughed 鈥瀁es, angel, I do have friends. Some of them are really good friends of mine, the ones I trust.鈥 鈥濼hats good to hear.鈥 She grinned 鈥濵aybe I will meet them one day.鈥 鈥濰m, if
you stick with me long enough, maybe.鈥 I said and winked. She smiled, before getting serious again. 鈥濰ow did you find out about Hannah and Lily?鈥 I sighed 鈥濿ell, I didnt get along well with my grandma after my mom passed, so after I left I havent really seen or heard from her much. I found out later some lawyer was trying to contact me when she passed, so I met with him.鈥 鈥濿hat happened?鈥 she asked curious. 鈥濰e told me my grandma left everything to me, since there wasnt any other beneficiary. So I went back, collected important stuff, and sold the house. It wasnt really till few years back, when I went through some old stuff from my mom that I found out about them.鈥 She turned to me 鈥濱t must have been hard finding out like that.鈥 鈥濱t was.鈥 I admitted. 鈥濱 was really angry at first, at my mom, and my grandma, for not telling me anything about it. It took me a while to cope with it.鈥 鈥濿hat happened then?鈥 鈥濿ell, the rest you actually know.鈥 She looked puzzled at me. I sighed 鈥濧fter I cooled of, I decided to contact Hannah. I was curious. At the same time, thats when i ended up in trouble. And all the other things that happened. So there, that's it basicly, now you know the whole story.鈥 鈥濧ll right鈥 she said 鈥濨ut, can you tell me anything about the trouble you got in? Or why you are so mysterious about the 'people' you do things for now?鈥 鈥濱 had a hunch you will ask that eventually.鈥 I said. 鈥濩an you blame me?鈥 she asked 鈥濱t worries me. If I knew more of it, I might get calmer a bit.鈥 She looked so intensly at me, I knew I had to tell her at least something. 鈥濧ll right鈥 I said 鈥濱 wont go into much details, and I want you to promise me, you won't ask anything more then what I'm gonna tell you about it after. Can you do that?鈥 She just looked at me for a while. 鈥濧ll right.鈥 She siad finaly. 鈥濧nd I need one more promise from you.鈥 鈥濶o, I won't tell anyone about what you will tell me.鈥 She grinned. 鈥濼hat's no it.鈥 I said, and her face got serious and worried. 鈥濼hen what?鈥 I sighed 鈥瀁ou have to promise me, you won't feel guilty after I tell you this.鈥 鈥濭uilty? Me?鈥 she asked surprised. 鈥濿hy would I? What's it got to do with me?鈥 鈥濪o you want to know or not?鈥 I asked. 鈥濷fcourse!鈥 she exclimed 鈥濶ow even more then before.鈥 鈥濼hen I'm serious, Maya. No guilty feelings, ok?鈥 鈥濷k,ok, I promise.鈥 She said, but I knew it will affect her eitherway. 鈥濧ll right.鈥 I said, taking a deep breath. 鈥濱 got a hold of some information, something that I wasnt suppose to find. And I got caught doing it. So thats when all this shit started happening. I had to move constantly, as you know already. I kept what I found, hoping one day that information will serve as my ticket out of anything if needed.鈥 鈥濷k, that doesn't sound that bad so far.鈥 She said. 鈥濿ell, my plans changed abruptly.鈥 I said, looking for the right words to continue this. 鈥濿hy?鈥 she asked. I had no idead how else to say this, so I just did. 鈥瀁ou.鈥 鈥濵e?鈥 she asked, and I just nodded. She didn't say anything for a while. 鈥濨ut, what I have to do wit...鈥 she fel silent. I could see on her face her mind was racing, connecting the dots. 鈥濶o...鈥 she breathed it out after a moment. 鈥濵aya...remember what you promised me.鈥 I said, raising my eyebrow at her. 鈥濨 it can't...鈥 she stuttered. She got in sitting position, hugging her legs. 鈥濵e coming here, to had to do something you didn't plan on, right?鈥 鈥濻omething like that, yes.鈥 I answered her honestly. 鈥濷h, god.鈥 She said desperately 鈥濱 completely messed your plans, didnt I? I ruined everything for you.鈥 She lovered her head on her knees. 鈥濰ey, look at me.鈥 I told her, and she slowly lifted her head. I moved to her, sitting also. 鈥濱 don't blame you for anything. It was my decision. I wouldn't do anything differently, belive me.鈥 鈥濨ut, because of me, things got even more complicated for you, again.鈥 I smiled 鈥濱 don't care.鈥 鈥濰ow can you say that?鈥 she asked in disbelief. 鈥濱f it means I can be with you, I really don't care.鈥 She looked at me for a moment, suddenly throwing herself at me, hugging me tight. 鈥濱 am so sorry for
everything I've put you through.鈥 She said. I hugged her back even tighter 鈥濶othing to be sorry about, angel. 鈥 She held me tight for a moment more before moving away 鈥濰ow can you still call me that, after everything?鈥 I smiled, taking her hand 鈥濨ecause nothing changed.鈥 I leaned, kissing her softly. 鈥濼hank you. I really dont know how you can still put up with me, when all I ever did was complicate things for you.鈥 she said a bit gloomy, lowering her head. 鈥濪on't you ever think like that.鈥 I said, and she looked back at me. 鈥濱'm right where I want to be. It's all that I ever wanted since I met you, to be with you. And nothing will change that, ever.鈥 She just looked at me, her eyes getting teary. She hugged me again, burrying her head to my neck 鈥濱 really don't deserve you.鈥 she said. I smiled, wrapping my hands arround her. She wasn't even aware of how much my life changed for better because of her. 鈥濷h, I'm pretty sure it's the other way arround, angel.鈥 She lifted her head 鈥 You just say that to make me feel better.鈥 鈥濶o, I really mean it.鈥 I said. 鈥 But if it makes you feel better, then that's just a bonus.鈥 I grinned at her. She laughed, shaking her head 鈥瀁ou're impossible.鈥 鈥濰ey, don't steal my line!鈥 I said teasingly. She laughed 鈥濿ait, I tought your line was ' You're amazing '.鈥 鈥濱t is.鈥 I said. She grinned 鈥濼hen this one is mine now, you can't have both!鈥 I laughed 鈥濬ine, fine, you can have it.鈥 She got serious again 鈥濷k, joking aside, tell me just one more thing, please. The people you 'work' for now, are they the ones you took the information from?鈥 鈥濷h, god, thankfully not.鈥 I said. 鈥濼hen who are they?鈥 鈥濼hat, unfortunately, I can't tell you. For now, at least.鈥 鈥濧ll right鈥 she said 鈥濱 won't ask more about it, I said so. But, can you at least tell me, for my peace of mind, what you do now, is it something you detest?鈥 She actually got me thingking with this question. 鈥濰m, no, definitely not.鈥 I said after a moment. 鈥濱 still do what I'm good at, just in a way I'm not used to. I don't know how to explain it better without telling you something I shouldn't.鈥 She was silent for a while. 鈥濼hank you.鈥 she said 鈥濬or telling me all this.鈥 I smiled 鈥濶o need to thank me, angel. Did you at least get you curiousity satisfied now?鈥 鈥濷h, I got more then I expected.鈥 She said gravely. I chuckled 鈥濿ell, be careful what you wish for next time.鈥 I said teasingly. 鈥濵hm, I definatly will.鈥 She said and laughed. 鈥濿ell, I do have just one more question.鈥 鈥瀁ou do?鈥 I asked, raising my eyebrow. 鈥瀁es.鈥 She said all serious. 鈥濩an I see what's in that bag finaly?!鈥 she grinned, and I shook my head. 鈥濿hat?鈥 she protested 鈥濱'm hoping you have something to drink in there, I'm thirsty as hell.鈥 I laughed handing her the bag 鈥濱'm sure you'll find something to your taste in there.鈥 鈥濷hmygosh鈥 she squealed out checking the bag 鈥瀁ou had all this stuff in here, and you let me starve and be thirsty all this time!鈥 I chuckled 鈥濼he bag was here all this time, you could just take it.鈥 I said, reaching in the bag to take a bottle of water myself. She slapped my hand 鈥濰ey, what's that for?鈥 鈥濿ait for your turn.鈥 She said serious. 鈥濼hat's what you get for keeping things from me.鈥 鈥濧ww, don't be like that, angel. At least give me the water so I don't dehydrate, I think I deserve that much.鈥 I said trying to be dramatic and act hurt. She looked at me for a moment, taking the bottle and handing it to me 鈥濨e happy with this. I'll think about if I will share the rest with you.. Jakey.鈥 I laughed 鈥濼hanks. And please, don't call me that鈥 I groaned pleadingly 鈥濱 never liked it, anyway.鈥 She grinned 鈥濷h, I'm SO gonna use it just to annoy you from now on.鈥
Mayas POV
The sun was slowly starting to settle down. I stared at the calming water of the lake, thoughtfully licking my fingers from the melted chocolate we just finished. My mind was still processing all that Jake told me. Even though he left out some things, I learned a lot about him. And I was happy he did it, and amazed how open he was with me, I felt so much closer to him now. My feelings for him got even stronger, I liked him even more now. that the right word to describe how I feel? I knew better. A smile forming on its own on my lips, and the warm feeling spreading throuhg me from just the tought of it was a clear sign 鈥 I was in love. 鈥濿hat's on your mind?鈥 he asked me, wrapping his hands arround me from behind. I smiled and leaned back against him 鈥 I was just thinking, how I wish this day could last a bit longer.鈥 He smiled 鈥濭lad you liked my little surprise.鈥 鈥濷h, I loved it, belive me. The whole day was like a beautiful dream.鈥 I said and smiled. But the smile slowly vanished from my face. 鈥濽nfortunately, reality is hitting back at me like a wrecking ball.鈥 He sighed 鈥濱'm sorry, angel. I wish things wer different, I really do.鈥 鈥濱 wish that, too.鈥 I said. I turned my head to look at him 鈥濨ut, I'm lucky I don't have to go through it alone. I'm glad you're with me.鈥 He looked at me, his gaze determined, the reflection form the lakes grey water in his eyes giving that determination even more intensity 鈥濧s long as I breathe, and as long as you let me, I will always be here for you. You will never be alone.鈥 I just stared at him, what he said sent tingles all over my skin, and before I knew, the words just left me. 鈥濱 love you.鈥 I tensed and my eyes widened, as the realization of what I said hit me. He just looked at me. I got up sitting, turning to him. 鈥濷k, ok, don't freak out on me now.鈥 I said. 鈥濨ut it's true, I do love you.鈥 My heart was beating fast, and the words just continue to leave me. 鈥濱 know it's crazy, right?! We barely know each other, but I can't deny how I feel.鈥 I was beginning to sound a bit histerical by now. I dared not to look at him, I was affraid what I might see on his face, so I lowered my head, staring at my hands. 鈥濱t's just.. I don't know.. Just feels right, you and me, being together.鈥 I was talking fast, scared what he might say if I stop. 鈥濱t was like my life was missing something, and then you came along. You wer that one missing puzzle piece in it, and now the picture is complete.鈥 My voice started cracking. 鈥濪ont worry, I dont expect from you to say it back. I mean, who could blame you if you don't. I completely jumped you just now with it.鈥 My hands started to shake, and I clasped them, nervously rubbing them together, feeling my palms sweat more with every passing second. I stood up, hoping my legs won't betray me from how nervous and terrified I felt. I took a few steps towards the lake, a knot forming in my throath. What have I done - I tought to myself desperatly. 鈥瀁ou know what, just forget it鈥 I started, not turning arround, staring at the lake 鈥 Just forget everything I just said. I take it all back. Just pre...鈥 鈥濪on't you dare!鈥 I was cut mid sentence by him, and I turned arround. He was already on his feet. 鈥濿hat?鈥 I asked bewildered. 鈥瀁ou can't take it back.鈥 He said, coming towards me. 鈥濪on't take it back.鈥 he said stopping in front of me, his voice trembling a bit. 鈥濪on't, because...鈥 he started, his eyes glistening 鈥濨ecause, I love you, too.鈥 I gasped, and just stared at him, as the sound of my heart beating frantically echoed louder and lounder in my ears. 鈥淔rom the moment you entered my life, I knew things will change. You made my head spin. A complete stranger.鈥 He said, and I just continued to stare at him. 鈥 But I was so drawn to you, I couldn't think of anything but you. It was driving me insane, I could barely function normal!鈥 He paused for a moment, catching his breath. 鈥 And you wer, you are, the best thing that ever happened to me. You changed my life for better. With you, I finaly feel alive again.鈥 He was looking so intensly at me, his eyes
glowing. 鈥 And I can't find the right words to tell you how much you mean to me and how much I love you .鈥 My head started to spin, and I threw my hands arround his neck, feeling as if the earth beneth my feet was dissapearing. But it was my own feet giving up on me, I didn't realize I was holding my breath all this time. His hands quickly wrapped arround me, pulling me tightly to him. 鈥瀁ou all right there, angel?鈥 he asked, not taking his eyes off of mine. 鈥濱m fine.鈥 I said after a moment, my feet steady again, air coming back to my lungs. 鈥濭ood.鈥 He said rising his eyebrow 鈥濻o, you won't faint or something if I kiss you now?鈥 I smiled, shaking my head 鈥濷h, shush it, and just kiss me already.鈥
As we walked hand in hand back to the motel, I couldn't shake off the goofy grin from my face. This day turned out to be perfect. I was happy, and nothing, nor anyone could change that. Whatever happens from now on, I knew I will be all right, as long as I have him by my side.
How little did I know.
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kozuelle22 hours ago
Tumblr media
鈥 struggling to eat in front of others
鈫 with kenma and tsukishima
ask: Hey I wanted to send in an emergency request (if your requests are open, also I've never done a request so I'm sorry if I do this wrong!) I struggle to eat in front of people, it makes me an insane amount uncomfortable and it takes a lot for me to take a bite. My family get so angry at me for not eating and that just makes it worse. Could you maybe do Lev, Kenma, Tsukishima, Yamaguchi and Tendou comfort? Thank you so much 鉂
Tumblr media
i do wanna apologize in advance because i have no idea what this feels like or what the conditions of this is, so i did it how i interpreted the ask and i hope thats alright !!
genre: hurt/comfort
warnings: mentions of eating disorder tendencies, not eating, food, slight timeskip manga spoilers, and the title!!
pairings: timeskip! kenma x gn!reader, tsukishima x gn!reader, and tendou x gn!reader
wc: 989
a/n: hello love, with this prompt, i wanted to give u as much comfort for each as possible so i just made it two i hope thats alright (if you would like me to do any other two send in another request i just wont get to it as quick!!)
Tumblr media
-> kenma
eating. it was a hard thing, for kenma and for you. he often forgot and skipped meals, whereas you were hyperaware and didnt like eating in front of others. but you two overcame it together and he taught you how to eat in private quickly, make meals small but filling, and you two became each others emotional support system. at least this is how it had been for over a year now. 鈥榟ey babe, my family and i are having a dinner today. would you like to come?鈥 you text kenma, trying to hint that you needed him there or all hell would break loose. kenma was never very good at reading social cues well. 鈥榠 cant i have a stream ive been teasing for weeks tonight, remember? text me updates tho ill text you as well :DD鈥 he sends back, oblivious to the stress you are under. at the dinner everything was fine, nobody seemed to notice your 鈥渓ack of appetite鈥 until someone pointed it out. 鈥渉ow come youre not eating, sweetie?鈥 they said, venom dripping menacingly the undertones of threats haunting their words. 鈥渦hh im just not hungry right now sorry,鈥 you respond with a thin lipped smile barely concealing the distress youre under. 鈥渋 cannot believe youre being so disrespectful to us making food for you to eat. you ungrateful child,鈥 they spit with malice causing you to get up and go into the bathroom with a 鈥榚xcuse me鈥, tears in your eyes. once in the bathroom you text your boyfriend, 鈥榮orry to bother you, but can you pick me up at [address] they started the comments again.鈥 meanwhile, on kenmas stream he gets that notification and immediately sends a mass cryptic text to the people playing with him, that 鈥榤y s/o鈥檚 in trouble gtg tell my stream im sorry.鈥 he then shoots a text to you, 鈥榠m omw bub please just hang on. ill be a little late but you鈥檒l see why.鈥 in about 15 minutes he finally arrives, the time it took feeling more like 15 years as you sat on the toilet, your leg bouncing as you fiddled with your fingers anxiously. 鈥測/n? are you in there?鈥 you hear from a very familiar face. you quickly get out and jump into his arms, him rubbing circles on your back while whispering things like, 鈥渋m so sorry, next time i鈥檒l come. actually there wont be a next time. youre so strong im sorry this happened again. their words dont mean shit please dont let them set you back. im so proud of you for being so strong. cmon, lets go home i love you.鈥 as you two get in the car he hands you food, and a separator so he can鈥檛 see you eat knowing it would make you feel better. 鈥渆at up love, you deserve it.鈥
-> tsukishima
food. tsukishima loved it. loved critiquing it, making it, eating it, he just loved it. he taught you to love it too, leaving you in whatever room you were eating in alone preferring to just be content with the sounds of your chewing. as creepy as that may sound, the two of you never said, 鈥榟ow were you? are you ok?鈥 or any variation of that. instead, it was, 鈥榙id you eat? how was the food?鈥 in both of your eyes, it being your code language. tsukishima never pried for why eating in front of others made you uncomfy, but one day you told him and he couldve sworn he could murder anyone who ever made that worse. 鈥渉ey idiot, stamp union opened a new restaurant, do you wanna try it out there. maybe see if me helping you actually helped.鈥 your tsundere of a boyfriend asks you, never one to push your boundaries but wanting you to gradually get more comfortable. in an environment of people in their own world like stamp union, it was ideal for you and him. 鈥渋- i鈥檒l try it,鈥 you decide, it being a year since getting help and slowly becoming comfortable eating small snacks in front of a small group, contact with your family members otherwise avoided. as your normally cold boyfriend holds your hand to lead you to stamp union, you could feel his hands get sweaty, nervous for you. worried about you. his own way of showing he cares and letting you know, giving your hand a squeeze to acknowledge it. 鈥渙k here it is. they opened a wendys so i鈥檒l order for you, just focus on me and just me ok?鈥 your boyfriend asks, making sure youre ready to follow through. 鈥済ot it,鈥 you confirm promptly spacing out in order to block the negative thoughts swirling in your head and the small hints of uncomfortableness. 鈥渉ey y/n. earth to y/n. tch, dumbass,鈥 you hear as you get sucked back into reality, looking at your intertwined hands to keep you sane. as soon as you look up at the people eating there, talking at tables, you feel queasy and let your boyfriend know exactly that. almost immediately, before you can even smell the food, he walks back to your apartment/or dorm and sits you down. 鈥渉ere, i plated this food and im going to hold your hand as we eat together ok? no shame in not eating but im going to try to make it better ok baby?鈥 tsukishima reassures you whispering 鈥榦k first bite, youre doing so well, good? im so proud of you do you wanna try again?鈥 and other stuff, uncharacteristically sweet to you, but very appreciated. all the while he is saying this, his hand is alternating between stroking yours and rubbing circles with his palm. 鈥測ou did it baby im so proud of you. you did so well, now cmon we can save any leftover for tomorrow.鈥 鈥渢hank you. i love you.鈥 鈥渢heres nothing to thank i mean all of it. and i love you too i guess.鈥
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thecalicocaa day ago
Hello hello!! I hope you had a great day and can I request some comfort hcs for diluc, Xiao, albedo, zhongli? In which they care of y/n, aka their only daughter,
Hello, I hope you had a great day as well anon!聽
Thank you for requesting!
I think I went a bit off topic for this request...I hope you still like it!
Comforting Headcanons for Diluc, Xiao, Albedo and Zhongli to their Daughter!reader
No words can describe how soft Diluc is towards you.聽
not like he鈥檚 going to admit it
This man has a lot of money in his pockets so he鈥檚 literally going to buy you everything
Oh you kept your eyes on that owl doll for more than 3 seconds? The next time you see it, it鈥檚 in your father鈥檚 arms because he bought it just for you
Even though Diluc spoils you a lot during shopping, he鈥檚 going to keep an eye out on you 24/7 because he鈥檚 very protective聽
聽Sometimes it can get out of hand but he has good intentions聽
You actually know he鈥檚 the Dark Knight Hero because you caught him sneaking out of the house once-聽
He declines every time you try to join him and always says that聽鈥淚鈥檒l bring you with me when you鈥檙e older鈥 (although I鈥檓 sure we all know that he will not bring you even if you are 20 or older)聽
Overall, he will do everything in his power to make sure you are safe and happy. He does not want you to experience the same childhood he had
Similarly to Diluc, Xiao is very protective over you. (Maybe even more than Diluc..?)聽
He literally follows you EVERY WHERE he can
Going to the restaurant in Wangshu Inn alone? Boom! He鈥檚 right behind you, up on the stairs watching you eat.聽
Asking Zhongli to tell a story? Boom! He鈥檚 there behind the door, listening to every single word that鈥檚 falling out of Zhongli鈥檚 mouth聽
Hanging out with your boyfriend- Wait..BOYFRIEND..?!? Xiao will definitely not allow you to have one unless you beg him I guess
He has been through a lot of despair in his life and doesn鈥檛 want you to be a part of it聽
Every time he goes out to fight monsters, you always ask if he could bring you with him.聽
He may or may not bring you, depending on the situation and his mood
He can come off as a cold and strict father but he鈥檚 very understanding and a good listener so dont hesitate to talk to him with your problems!聽
This man right here is the Geo Archon himself, Zhongli, as your father聽
With his soothing, calm voice, he can easily bring you to sleep especially after you woke up from your night terrors聽
He also tries to get you everything he can with the help of Childe
If you are interested in history, Zhongli would gladly tell you everything he knows聽
Not only is Zhongli a great speaker, he鈥檚 a great listener as well and he will give you advice on the things you tell him聽
He will tell you about all the different people that he had met in his life. One that caught your interest was Guizhong since you can kind of notice that Zhongli has this soft, admiration look in his eyes when he talks about her
When he鈥檚 busy, he usually lets Xiao take care of you. Xiao is like a big brother to you ehehe
He doesn鈥檛 trust Barbatos at all
Overall, He is a very caring father and has good knowledge of everything he does. Please find a good job though, he needs mora
You and Klee would be best friends if Albedo was your father
Since he鈥檚 always busy with work and Jean likes putting Albedo on babysitting duty with Klee, you would always be seen playing together聽
Albedo sometimes bring the both of you to fight monsters (based on his trailer with Klee)聽
He would teach you alchemy if you are interested and won鈥檛 force you to learn it if you don鈥檛 like it聽
He would always come home with an object in his hands which is actually something he made for you.聽聽
He knows he鈥檚 incredibly busy but he tries his best to make enough time for you聽
If he can鈥檛 bring you with him, you would probably be with Jean or Sucrose聽
You also love it when he does your hair. He would be very gentle with every touch since he doesn鈥檛 want to hurt you
Generally, he is very sweet and will do anything to make you happy!聽
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Hi! I know I鈥檓 not actually apart of the squad but hello I love you and you matter to me 馃挅馃挄馃挀馃挆馃挒馃挊馃挐 please feel open to talk to your friends and dont compare your pain to others !! Your health matters and you have issues which is okay 馃挄!! Talk about it because you鈥檙e awesome and it sucks if you don鈥檛 feel good. Not meaning that as in you鈥檙e a burden, we c a r e about you and like you a ton 馃挄馃挅馃挀馃挆馃挐馃挒馃挊
AAAAAAAAAAAA 馃挊馃挅馃挓鉂p煉楌煉樷潱馃挊鉂p煄馃挓馃巰馃挓馃挒馃挅馃挊馃挓馃巰
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