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#i'm so fucked
midnight-dome · 7 minutes ago
I do have a writing blog in addition to my art and reblogging blogs, but it is still very empty and not only for OM. I mostly float around ask boxes putting snippets in there to make people's day a little better. Because I'm a bit shy.
And yes, that was in fact my very first time writing something for just Belphie. I'm more used to writing for some of the other characters, but I'm a firm believer that everyone deserves proper characterisation in fic, so I always try my best.
I'm glad you liked what I wrote for you, though!
-Paragraph Anon
aaaa no worries you don't have to tell me!! but seriously thank you, that really made my day <3 also that's so cute that you go around and put stuff in people's ask box.
i'm so impressed!!! i love how you wrote him and yeah god THANK YOU!! i also have characters that i'm not too fond of but i still want to portray well for the people who like them. of course everyone can do what they want buuuut idk IF i write about a character i want to do him justice. that's at least what i think
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countingthecars · 20 minutes ago
wild concept but sometimes i make an offhand post about an amusing celebrity slight on a corporation that caused a stupidly huge economic reaction and i actually don't think that much about it? or do extensive research into it? because in general my posts are seen by about 12 people and ignored by 10 of them and also life is short and also i am not aware of every controversy or accusation involving every celebrity in the world? i know that's inconceivable to some people whose entire life and identity centres around Knowing All And Being Superior On The Internet but, amazingly, thorough research into and eloquent composition of a dumb sports post did not even feature on my to-do list for the day
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izukukuzi · 43 minutes ago
I truly cannot begin to illustrate how frustrating it is to see people reading the latest manga chapters and continuously coming away with "all might needs to die so izuku will learn to stop overworking himself" or "*insert character* needs to punch him in his face so he'll stop acting like this" takes, because?????????? what are you actually talking about?
the fact that so many people can look at the circumstances and constant stress that izuku had been subjected to and genuinely believe that the way to fix it is by PUTTING HIM UNDER MORE STRESS, PAIN, GRIEF, AND SUFFERING is just..... astounding. really, it blows my mind :/
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ladyalienist · 54 minutes ago
Even after years spent parted, I sometimes still dream of her. I dream of us sitting in the dehors of a fancy café, her with a pistachio croissant in front of her, taking a picture for Instagram.
I settled for apricot jam, pistachio is amazing but too heavy.
She laughs and talks to me and I listen - her passion, her vehemence, the way her eyes glow when she speaks. We studied together, I know what she's about, she knows what I'm about.
I look at her - she's so astonishingly beautiful, tall and slender and graceful. Grey coat and black ripped jeans - a casual chic Parisenne model, just born in another place.
Dark blonde hair fall on her face as she searches in her purse. She's still fast talking about that one exhibition I should have accompanied her to.
She asks me if I mind her smoking. I don't. It doesn't matter that I quitted years ago and I loathe it with my entire being more than when I was four - it's ok if it's her. Chasing the taste of smoke on her tongue is a bliss, especially if mine is coffee-dipped and the mix brings me close to the gates of Heaven.
Loving you is easy, I think, easier than you'd ever reckon. The way she once told me that hugging me was easy, that talking to me was easy, that she felt calmer and safer when I was around and she listened to my voicemails to get to sleep. The way she excitedly run to all of our acquaintances with a plushie in her hands, pointing at it and claiming loudly "Lady Alienist got a gift for me! It's mine! Lady Alienist gave me a plushie!" and I felt both incredulous and incredibly loved. Loving you is easy, and I love you.
In my dreams I get a chance to tell her.
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rjalker · 57 minutes ago
Poverty didn’t spring into existance in 1916 when John D. Rockefeller became the first billionaire so stop fucking acting like millionaires aren’t part of the problem.
It does not fucking matter that billionaires exist to throw off the fucking scale.
It does not matter how they got their millions of dollars.
Every single person is capabel of redestributing their wealth.
Eat the Rich does not stop at billionaires.
Eat the Rich includes millionaires.
Eat the Rich includes all rich people.
Eat the Rich includes people who go on four paid vacations a year. 
Eat the Rich includes people who own three houses.
Eat the Rich includes people who casually spend over eight hundred fucking dollars in three days on a cell phone for a ten year old who has already destroyed the first $400 cell phone they bought him by jumping into a pool with it in his pocket.
Billionaires are bad people. Millionaires are bad people. All rich people who have more than enough money to thrive and then spend that extra money on buying yet another house, yet another boat, yet another brand new car, are bad people.
You cannot fucking defend millionaires like they aren’t doing anything wrong when poor people literally fucking scrape together every cent they have to help other poor people not die.
You cannot fucking defend millionaires when poor people are giving up their own food to feed others. You cannot fucking defend millionaires when people are homeless. You cannot defend millionaires when people die because they can’t afford insulin.
You cannot defend millionaires when poor people literally have to beg for scraps from other poor people just so they don’t die. You cannot defend millionaires when literally every poor person I know always donates their money to other poor people the second they aren’t literally starving to death or late on rent.
Stop pretending that millionaires are oppressed because they aren’t billionaires. Poverty existed before billionaires. Shut the fuck up. Millionaires are not poor people. Just because billionaires exist to throw off the scale does not mean millionaires aren’t evil.
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ameba-from-space · an hour ago
Just last week we all discovered Scott cawthon supports some of the most toxic and homophobic people in the world an he won't even apologize for it.
And now just cause he is retiring the entirety of my Twitter timeline is just filled with #ThankYouScott????
I'm actually so fucking pissed, this is why I fucking hate Twitter
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chrisbangs · an hour ago
Okay, same anon. Your blog isn’t as personal as you think. You talk about Chan and SKZ too much for it to be personal. That’s why it’s annoying and I’m entitled to my opinion because you over do it. Side blog would probably be best but you don’t even see it as a problem
just because this is a fandom blog doesn't mean i cant talk abt my own stuff on here ?? this is still MY blog ?????? i am allowed to talk abt the things that happen in my life on my blog ?? just as you're entitled to your opinion i'm entitled to do whatever the fuck i want on my fucking blog!
and if it bugs you so much like i said before, feel free to idk unfollow ??? blacklist the tag ??? like ???????????
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What percentage of your blog contents involve gritty or kermit im just curious/pos
Dude I don't fucking know i just work here
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captainofwonder · 2 hours ago
I'm caught up on the jujutsu kaisen manga and now I have 💫💖 depression 💖💫
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awoogaamoist · 2 hours ago
I would like to congratulate this post, in making me realize i fucking hate studying design.
Tumblr media
I fucking hate it, and today was the last straw.
I'm going to take this next semester, to write to book i'm writing, and next year i'm going to study audiovisual comunications.
I hate the classes, and the only reason i was staying it was because my college classmates whom i really didn't know, but they were the only people my age i could talk to, but you know what?
Fuck college
I'm not going to keep studying something i don't like just because i don't have everything figured out.
So a big thank you for the person who made this post, and for the people who told me that i can leave if i'm tired of hurting.
It should be obvious, but it isn't. And i should be true to myself. I deserve that. I deserve to feel happy godamit.
Fuck you depression, you are not going to take me down, you fucking bitch!
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wendashanren · 2 hours ago
dance classes are starting again today after months of lockdown and on one hand i’m v excited but on the other hand this week has already been so stressful and i’m so behind on so many things i’m 🥴
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riddleblack246 · 2 hours ago
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sokkascroptop · 3 hours ago
taylor! i am offering you this: prince! sokka and appointed knight! y/n. no, i will not be elaborating. -🌈 anon
this is it. this is the final piece of my blog and i can pass away happily with this thought only, swirling around my head.
rainbow anon, HOW have i never thought of this before. you're the only one who can be blamed if i write a drabble based off of this now.
in an atla AU where There Is No War, the southern water tribe can still be a dangerous place, and it's even more dangerous when you're the Crowned Prince of your Nation. Or that's what all the advisors tell Sokka, not that he'd know, he's never allowed out of the palace unless it's for sanctioned activity; some party or some other boring meeting he has to go to.
But Sokka always been so curious!! He's given the best tutors the SWT has to offer and then they ask for complacence from him? they teach him the wonders of the world that live outside of this frigid palace and expect him to not want to go there??!!!! so no one can blame him if he wants to see the great city of Ba Sing Se and the huge walls they built long ago, when the world was a much scarier place. It's only the tutors fault if Sokka wants to travel to all the Airbender temples and meet with his friend Aang and learn all about airbender culture from the airbenders themselves! (plus Aang says they have the best fruit pies in the whole world, and Aang's actually gotten to travel the world, so he would know). Why wouldn't Sokka want to visit Zuko and Azula and Mai and Ty Lee in the Fire Nation without guards flanking his every move??
But Sokka has no means, and no way to get out of the Water Tribe and onto a boat anywhere without getting caught. I mean he's smart, but not street smart. He only mentions wanting to leave for a bit ("Just to get away, Katara! Not forever!") to Katara once before she's knocking at his door three nights later with a scheming look in her eye. "You said you wanted to travel the world? I can help you with that."
In enters Y/N. Sokka knows that he's never seen her around before, he'd remember that, so where exactly did Katara find her?!
"She's a knight-in-training, but she used to travel a lot with her family and she's really good. I see her training when I'm out practicing my waterbending."
Y/N gives a little bow, but the smirk on her face makes Sokka blush because that felt really mocking. "So Prince Sokka, what do you say? Are we going to run away together?"
#and then they DID!!#it probably pretty buddy/cop at the beginning#y/n being all sarcasm and wit#but what she doesn't expect is that sokka only talks in sarcasm as well so they get along way better than she thought they would#but she knows that lord(?) hakoda is going to be /pissed/ when no one can find his son#so she makes sokka write letters home telling them that he ran away and is not dead in a ditch#and sokka is like#and dont worry i'm not dumb i brought a knight w me to keep me safe... here y/n say hi#y/n: .....#and imagine the fun they would have wearing disguises!!!!#sokka thinks that shopping for disguises is the best part of the whole trip#and they visit all of sokka's friends!!!!! as they make their trip around the world#and they fall in love as they do it :')#ugh this is brain rot#oh fuck theres probably one night where they can't get to an inn in time and it gets too dark and y/n says they have to set up camp#but as soon as she gets one tent up it STARTS POURING RAIN and she has to abandon building the other tent#and so they huddle inside of one tent together soaking wet#and it's all very 'and there was only one bed'#but at this point both of them are pining hard#but y/n is like 'i can't he's the prince he could never like me like that'#and sokka is like 'i can't i'm a prince and y/n would never like me like that'#but IT IS IT IS LIKE THAT#and then they kiss because duh dude they're soaking wet from the rain and cuddled in a tent together#the end#taylor talks#rainbow anon
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