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ehcals · 3 minutes ago
Fuck love. Eat a dick.
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harpsicalbiobug · 38 minutes ago
New workplace challenge: get my coworkers to use my other coworker's pronouns correctly even a single time.
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stacee-not-jaxx · an hour ago
Tumblr media
When I say I hate reddit lmao. Imagine thinking Isaiah's scene in episode should be with Steve and Bucky instead of with Sam. What are some people smoking
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montanabohemian · an hour ago
anyway. tomorrow is gonna suck. the terrible awful that happened at work about a month ago got continued to tomorrow. and. i have no idea what the fuck is gonna happen. because no one can tell me anything. and i'm gonna walk in there and be like, NO IDEA OTHER THAN THE LAST MONTH HAS BEEN HELL. so. yay me.
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harmonicaorange · an hour ago
i’m so STUPID for some reason i thought shadow and bone was out today ???? and i made plans for the 23rd 😭😭😭 gonna have to watch it a day late
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charleswaterloo · an hour ago
i hate coffee. “add more milk! add sugar! vanilla! cream!” BITCH it still tastes like distilled death? no? i don’t know why i’m so angry about this right now but i have to wake up early tmrw so that might have something to do with it
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jinseibluetooth · an hour ago
I have a Zoom in an hour that'll probably go on until like eleven pm, after I had the busiest work day I'd had in a while and I don't wanna be a person anymore.
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apprenticing · an hour ago
tell us about amir?
Ah i wanted to post some art but alas my drawings have been shite lately so you will have to settle for a basic bio and rundown.  Also a lot of this is subject to change because i am a flighty bitch forgive me.  (I stole this bio from @tabbybells)
Nickname: none, but he gives nicknames to everyone else
Pronouns: He/him
Sexuality: Bi, can find physical beauty in anyone
Birthday: May 5
Height: 6′2″
Magic Capabilities: Nothing overt but has an abnormally high charisma/natural magnetism as his bloodline crossed with some seductive night time creatures several generations back
Scent: Spicy herbs and incense
Style: Decadent and rich, loves sumptuous fabrics, teasy sheer materials, silks, fine linens, furs in the winter.  Wears lots of jewelry and styles his hair everyday, prefers to leave a few layers loose and wear a comfortable braid with the rest (the left side of his head is undercut), enjoys sparkly headpieces or weaving gold strands in.
Favorite colors: Purples/indigos, ombre with golds
Favorite season(s): Summer
Favorite food: Though Amir has an expensive palate, he also likes a lot of homestyle meals like rice and curry dishes, preserved fish, and spicy skewers.  All time favorite food is fire cooked bread stuffed with curried beef.
Favorite drink: Cardamom tea with cream, hot or cold, sangria, prosecco OR brut depending on the occasion
Personality summary: Unruffled and deliberately sexy, Amir was trained to be a king’s consort but after a the plague caused a peaceful power restructure in his homeland, he bounced to make his own way.  He can be flighty and guarded with his true heart and is slow to fully trust, but he puts on a spectacular front that is disarming and incredibly charming.  I loves meeting new people and learning what gets them flustered, and shamelessly enjoys many casual encounters.  He is funloving and doting, even if its hard to tell what he’s actually thinking.  Amir can be a bit manipulative, and likes to feel protected so he’s not above using sex and his other charms to get people on his side.  
Lucio brings out the worst in Amir and he takes blatant and open advantage of his simping ways.
Hobbies: fashion, painting, poetry/literature, socializing, fine food/wine, traveling, wooing his way across the keep and countryside.
- Fine things
- Getting physical with a fun variety of people
- Spending Lucio’s money
- Lavishing attention on his chosen company for the evening
- Generally having a good time, he’s actually not super high maintinence
- People who can’t ever let loose a little
- Senseless cruelty from those in power
- Almost everything Lucio has ever done.
- Debates
- Citrus flavored hashish he hates it with a passion
- bad coffee
- Honestly, Amir is down for fun distractions but its hard to get through to his core.  He’s very guarded due to his training and background so he prefers to keep his emotions at a safe distance.
- BUT he is earnest with his affections, and genuinely enjoys being with his friends and paramours, spoiling them and taking care of them makes him feel good.
- In bed Amir is very flexible.  He can top, bottom, give, or take, though he tends to lean more to either topping from the bottom or being a bit of a bratty bottom, it mostly hinges on his partner’s needs.
- Silver tongued, he can talk his way out of anything
- Very rare does he meet someone who can resist his charms
- With Lucio, Amir starts to get a little ambitious and manipulates the count to make political moves he wants.
- Amir is quick to establish friendships with many people who could help him if there was ever a sudden... power vacuum at the palace.
- He sends holiday cards to like 300 people, each one is hand written and personalized.
- A romantic at heart, loves the arts and is moderately talented and many of them.
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phoenix-angel-suyari · an hour ago
I am having an incredibly shitty day.
I woke up to find I’d had a bleeding incident. Both my BP and my blood sugar were low today, which made me feel seriously sick all damn day. I’ve had the mother of all migraines riding my ass hard all week, which coupled with the aforementioned lows only increased the intensity to neigh unbearable pain and disorientation. So I took a shower and took a nap that ended up being most of the day. I’ve had exactly TWO encounters of the 8 legged kind. One of which was a fat fucking hulk of a bug and the other a speck with legs 100 times it’s body. Which woke up my anxiety from it’s migraine induced haze and has caused exactly one panic attack and a sudden rise in paranoia. 
I had so much stuff I wanted to get done today while my mother wasn’t home because she’s been making my life a literal fucking hell of late, but didn’t get around to any of it. And to top it all off I have the first appointment on my therapist’s schedule tomorrow morning which means I need to wake up at 7 which means I can’t watch FATWS tonight. 
There are days I just really fucking hate my life and today is definitely one of them. 
Hope everyone else had a better one. 
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clenastia · an hour ago
Chapters: 57/70 Fandom: Naruto, Fairy Tail Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Uzumaki Naruto, Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Mebuki, Haruno Kizashi, Haruno Sakura, Yamanaka Inoichi Additional Tags: Crack Treated Seriously, Humor, Action/Adventure, Bodyswap, Sharing a Body, More Serious Than You Think, Probably Less Crack Than You Think, Worldbuilding, Konoha Is TOTALLY A Yami Guild, Hatake Kakashi is a Troll, Natsu Doesn't Deserve This, Unless Property Damage Invokes Karma, ...He Probably Deserves It, Kizashi is Best Dad Series: Part 1 of Flowers Bloom in Red and Gold Summary:
Natsu wakes up in Sakura's body. It only gets worse from there.
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bi-bi-richie · an hour ago
Spotify not having the rap version of No Scrubs by TLC sucked the soul out of my body
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ohanahoku-ao3 · 2 hours ago
Researching for a fic, and timeline discontinuities are the absolute worst! 😤
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cvptainbucky · 2 hours ago
fucking walker shut he fuck up
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pinkstars-jpeg · 2 hours ago
i’ve been so low energy for like two weeks and I was embarrassingly low for my zoom meeting with kiddos that the lady who watches interrupted to say stuff to the kids. 
bruh. im. i need. energy. and like? how. 
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