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#i feel it tho
undedturtle · 11 minutes ago
I think I just saw a p*rn account in the Stop Asian Hate tag. This fucking website.
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inkykeiji · 45 minutes ago
Claaari, not only are you radiating positive energy and are a ball of sunshine, but the amount of drama and toxicity that is absent from your blog is so absolutely comforting, truly thank you for creating such a space, you always find a way to make my day.💞💕💕💞
- 🦄 anon
oh my gosh please my lil unicorn 🥺🥺🥺 i love you!!!!!!!! thank you so much for your kind and loving words, i really cherish them 🥺 <333
when it comes down to it (and like i was saying to an anon not too long ago) my blog is my lil virtual home (tbh i picture it as a modest chateau bed & breakfast nestled in the countryside and every day i’m on the verge of making a rp blog for that LMAO). but my point is, this is MY space; it’s one of the only places where i have complete control over everything, and i aim to make it as safe and comforting as i can for both me AND anyone who wants to stop by or hang out—which is to say, there is no room for any of that icky stuff here. the main focus of this blog is to share my writing and hopefully provide others with comfort, or entertainment, or an escape etc etc etc. and so i stick to that focus. i’m not here to focus on anything else except sharing my work and hanging out with all of you <33
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yveshusband · 48 minutes ago
Okay finally finished that lonngggggg assignment... now onto another one :,)
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bedrock-to-buildheight · an hour ago
Tumblr media
What happens when you give a pair of business majors a grudge against the system, a practical outlook towards content creating, and all the sponsorships an agency can provide?
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kakarot-kun · an hour ago
btw if u’ve sent anons and i havent gotten to them i apologize 😭 i’m cleanin out the inbox soon so i’ll get em
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bluefaeriefury · an hour ago
Hi, if i have a crush on you, it'll a) be very super obvious nd i will tell you sweet things every chance i get or b) I'll nvr talk to you cuz im too scared of messing up our nonexistent relationship and will barely interact w u cuz of it 🤡
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bosspigeon · an hour ago
xbbsbdhsjs 21 for arlo and adam, im sorry 😭
21. accidentally knocking your head into someone’s chin
The transformation takes a lot out of Arlo.
The moon is sinking slowly beyond the horizon, and Arlo is tired, dozing with his chin atop Adam's head. Adam will have to formalize a report to the Agency in the morning, explaining why he disappeared with a recently turned werewolf who has been under heavy surveillance up until now, but he is confident he can convince them to see things his way.
They ran for hours, they sparred (Arlo calls it play-fighting, much to Adam's exasperation), and eventually Arlo simply collapsed in a lanky heap in the dirt, panting happily.
They will have to return to headquarters shortly after he wakes. Arlo will be ravenous after the energy expended by the shift, as well as by their activities afterwards, and the Agency will have ready access to the calories he'll need to recharge. Arlo insists there is a twenty-four-hour diner a ways outside Wayhaven that wouldn't mind the two of them staggering in just after sunrise covered in dirt and thoroughly exhausted so that Arlo could eat his weight in meat and potatoes, but Adam does not think the Agency would be as forgiving of their activities on that front.
Arlo claims the diner staff have definitely seen stranger things.
For now, sunrise is still an hour or so away, and it is quiet. Arlo's heart is a heavy, constant rhythm between Adam's shoulder blades. He is languid and relaxed, far more than he ever is within the Agency's walls, when the guards, the barrage of scents and sounds, the dozens upon dozens of eyes and cameras watching his every move leave his body a tangle of anxious knots, and his mood suffers for it.
Here, for now, there is peace. Peace Adam is happy to give him.
Unfortunately, Adam is so caught up in the peace of the moment that he does not hear anyone approaching until it is too late.
"Nateykins, I found 'em!" Felix's voice echoes through the trees like a bullhorn, and Adam sits up sharply, the top of his head cracking into Arlo's lower jaw so hard he hears the werewolf's teeth clack together painfully. Arlo yelps, reeling back, and Adam tips backwards himself without the bulky chest to support him. He hastily steadies himself, shooting to his feet and doing his best to dust himself off and look a bit less like he's been running around in the woods and rolling in the dirt the entire night.
Behind him, Arlo is growling and snuffling irritably under his breath, and Adam thinks if his vocal cords were capable of speech in this form, he would be cursing quite colorfully in every language he knows.
Felix pokes through the foliage with a bright smile, followed shortly by Nate and Mason, and Felix quickly notes Adam's stiff posture, his tousled appearance, and his proximity to the disgruntled werewolf at his back and leers. "Are we interrupting something?" he asks, eyes sparkling.
"A nap, mostly," Adam huffs as Arlo continues to grumbles, turning his face away in hopes that Felix won't be able to see the way his cheeks color at the implication.
"Together?" the younger vampire presses.
"Felix," Nate chides gently. "The transformation is exhausting enough without your needling. How are you feeling, Arlo?"
Arlo flops into the dirt again and huffs.
"Great, he's somehow gotten sulkier than usual," Mason snickers.
Arlo growls, and Mason growls right back.
"What's that saying about pots and kettles?" Nate hums, tapping his chin thoughtfully.
Thankfully, the three of them are quickly distracted by their bickering, and Adam turns to check on Arlo, who is watching the exchange through slitted silver eyes, his side rising and falling steadily with his breathing. Tired, but content. Surrounded by his pack.
Adam smiles to himself. Perhaps next time he will invite the others along, so they do not feel the need to hunt them down.
But, perhaps, there is a small part of Adam that relishes being able to spend these moments alone with Arlo when he can.
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lies-n-slander · 2 hours ago
FUCK ME went to the eye doctor for a yearly check in and I'm seeing this doctor for the first time ever and he takes one look at my right eye and is like we got a major problem. TURNS OUT I'M GOING FUCKING BLIND IN BOTH EYES. It's due to the fact I've been a type one diabetic for 18 years and not a great one at that (tho this had to happen when in taking the best care of myself since I was like 13) but thankfully I can get a shit ton of eye injections that will most likely fix the problem. But just like come fucking on can I get a break in life??? I swear to God every time I solve one major life crisis another one pops it's head up and joins the party.
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darkhopping · 2 hours ago
val mendoris appreciation hours 💜 she killed the angel of death and cut its wings off queen shit
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lesbiangemma · 3 hours ago
Oh also like. I wanna apologize to any of the anons that I shut down when they pointed out that my last relationship was very unhealthy. Idk why I was so defensive over her like I was trying to ignore it but. You guy(s?)were 100% correct and I didn’t mean to disregard you like that.
There was so much toxic shit that she made me feel bad for if I thought of it. And after we broke up she did something that hurt me so badly that I’ve been so depressed for like 2 months now and who knows how long it’ll last. and that’s when it came to my attention that like. She really was so bad for me. And she’s also just like, not a good person honestly now that I’m not all defensive over her and I’m able to realize it.
She was so guilt trippy for the 3 years we were together and the past three months she just lied to me. Constantly. And when I finally told her how badly it hurt me that she keeps lying to me she STILL kept lying in that same conversation even though I literally knew she was lying and told her this. I could just tell too that she didn’t care anymore. It’s so painful and she doesn’t care at all that she hurt me so much
Anyways everything you guys said was totally correct. It took me way too long to realize but thank you for still bringing it to my attention even after I shut you down.
I have her blocked on everything and I just. Think I’m going to cut her off forever. I don’t want to talk to her ever again because all she does now is hurt me. Over and over. And I don’t need to deal with that. I’m not gonna let her guilt trip me anymore and I’m not gonna let her hurt me anymore. It’s gonna be hard bc of how close we were and it’s a big change and hurts now but it will be worth it in the end.
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theothercrybaby · 3 hours ago
I made a playlist for Apollyon too but theres like nothing on it 😔
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