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#figure hugging
Click on the YouTube link to learn how to How to draw a give me a hug stick figure step by step. Link:
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sxgarxhxney · 2 days ago
Ooh ooh!! I see you have pride icons open 😈
If you want, could you do Overlord with the rainbow and genderfluid flag?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hey ya go bestie! 😁
If wish to use as a profile please give credit!
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3amsnek · 4 days ago
🥺 *accepts virtual hug and gives you giant one back* Thank you, for both the beautiful bi-pride Braincell (who is now my phone background) and for your lovely and definitely helpful advice. I still need confirm with the Ouijie board, but for now I’m gonna role with the bi label. (Getting extremely flustered over both Janus in a skirt and an extremely smart girl in the span of an hour kinda confirmed it lol.) ♥️ Thank you again for your kindness friendo ily =) 🌈
Heck yeah anon!!! And a giant wahoo of support for you you lovely andveryverysweet human you!! /gen (I’m very glad we could be at least a little bit helpful and I wish you the best of days/nights 💖💜💙)
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phoebehalliwell · 8 days ago
Paige introduced through Mitch bc they both work at social services. He's a social worker; the documents Prue saw were the file on his missing foster kid (the one he was trying to save). And he and Paige have been friends for years, which is why she's so easy to tease him about Prue later because "I'm your best friend, if I don't give you shit about not dating her, who will?"
And maybe Mitch is the one to realize she's half-Whitelighter; he didn't really recognize it before because it had been so long since his mom died, but after the adventures with Leo, he's full of "this is what a Whitelighter feels like" and he recognizes that energy from Paige, only it's muted so he figures she's half like he is, and he brings her to Prue and her sisters to meet.
And if we really want to get the humor going, the p's don't make the connection at first. they're like "oh, you're half-whitelighter, that's so interesting. y'know, our mom had an affair with her whitelighter. maybe your parents did too."
and Paige is like "I have no idea, my parents gave me up for adoption when I was a baby"
and the p's are like "oh, that's so sad" and just not getting it
and meanwhile mitch is sitting there going "HELLO, SHE'S YOUR SISTER!"
god i love a good dumber than a box of rocks premise. p4 all being besties and having No Idea they're related. casually making jokes like haha paige is like our fourth sister. she doesn't have any family so she's our family now. paige you're officially a member of the family! her meeting grams her meeting patty and they didn't even name her they don't know what she looks like so they're like what a lovely witchlighter <3 i hope your long-lost daughter has half the heart of her. and like. they keep casually mentioning it as like a non-possibility that paige thinks the timeline doesn't line up, which, to be fair, the girls think that it doesn't. like they'd remember if mom was pregnant. even if patty mentions having a daughter, they'd assume it was an eldest sister. someone that predate prue. paige's dream is in their book and they're like wow! we must have crossed paths in a past life! isn't that cool. mitch pulls leo aside like is paige they're half sister. and leo's like what ? and mitch is like. paige. like. p name witchlighter like could she be patty's daughter? and leo's like nah haha because.................................................. wait. and then they gotta figure out how to tell the sisters.
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