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#pre relationship
sideblogforcrimpy · 58 minutes ago
Sitting here spaced out and uninvited (but welcome) the image of Penelope going up to literally anyone's desk saying 'Penny for your thoughts?' while framing her face with her hands when they're feeling down to make them laugh at her stupid joke came to mind and made me laugh
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shadowathems · 8 hours ago
With new Ascians to meet (because there are never enough of them...) and new allies to make, the Scions are moving homes.
Please guys, if you like my work, give it a reblog. My story could use some more readers with comments, this project (even though it is personal and it was my decision to make) took a while and some real effort, believe it or not.
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bloomingtalent · 18 hours ago
((OOC: This is just to test something: Like this if you're ok with being thrown asks etc. regarding (a verse/thread where Hinata is sent to UA after being teleported from Konoha). This is in regards to my threads with @phantasmalcalamity and not her bnha verse.))
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blonde-and-cat-suc · 21 hours ago
11. siblings: a choice to be made
rating: M 
wc: 996
cw/tw: incest, c//a, canon shippings, glimmer curses lol 
desc: Glimmer and Scorpia talk about the legitimacy of Catra and Adora’s relationship. The first one. 
“I’ve never had a sister!” Scorpia’s eyes are as bright as her exoskeleton. It had been buffed the day before, and today Glimmer was taking the time to polish the scuffed, jagged patches of her pincers that had been earned during battle. This was as close to polishing her “nails” as she was going to get.
Glimmer gave the gentlest of smiles. She hadn’t a sister either. Having one wouldn’t have been desirable when she was younger. If she remembered correctly, her mother and father’s attention was the most valuable thing to a young, restless Glimmer. Sharing that attention with the Kingdom of Bright Moon was already unsatisfying. Having a sibling probably would have made it worse.
But she was an adult now. There was something incredibly special about the way she and Scorpia gossiped about the rest of the Princesses, went shopping in the village, discussed the latest fashion trends, and pitted their outfits against each other... They even shared clothes sometimes. Scorpia’s dresses flowed around Glimmer’s ankles, and Scorpia found great interest in the clusters of jewelry piled in Glimmer’s vanities, most of them long-forgotten gifts from various kingdoms.
At the moment, Glimmer was wearing Scorpia’s favorite texture of lipstick, matte black. The smoothest, non-smudging lipstick in all of Etheria. In turn, two sparkling, heavy diamonds dangle off of Scorpia’s ears. Where they were from was a mystery, though if they asked Micah, he would probably remember.
Glimmer takes great care in brushing away at the sharp, blade-like ridges of Scorpia’s pincer. “If I did have a sister back then, we would have never got along!” She truly could not imagine her younger self running her fingers against a huge, powerful scorpion claw to polish it, nor could she imagine admitting that she felt some kinship to her former enemy. “I’m glad we are.”
“Me too!” Scorpia nods. “I wonder why Adora and Catra just didn’t stay sisters. It seems really fun!”
“Huh?” Glimmer’s form tenses up.
Did she mishear?
Scorpia blinks her dark eyes, as innocent as a deer. “Having a sister seems fun?”
“No! What you said before that.”
“’I wonder why Adora and Catra didn’t stay sisters...?’ “
Glimmer’s lip curls. She can’t control it. Sometimes Scorpia says the strangest things without realizing it. But this one is very strange. Adora and Catra are married. It was like suggesting she and Bow were brother and sister at one point. She explains this to Scorpia as patiently as she can, biting back the sigh in her voice. “They were never sisters”, Glimmer finished, shaking her head. “Always just friends.”
Silence falls over them. It seems like Scorpia was still processing Glimmer’s tangent. Glimmer moves on to Scorpia’s next pincer, setting a neat dollop of polish on the very base where her skin met the armor. She began brushing it across the rough blades, but Scorpia squirms, ruining the even spread of polish.
“Are you okay?” Glimmer narrows her eyes. She didn’t like her perfectly good work taking any longer than it had to.
“If Adora’s mother is Shadow Weaver...” Scorpia’s tail twists behind her in thought. “And Catra was also raised by Shadow Weaver...”
“Everyone was raised by Shadow Weaver!” Glimmer retorts.
“Nope.” Scorpia tips her head to one side. “I wasn’t. Lots of us weren’t.”
At this, Glimmer frowns. It was almost too easy to forget that Scorpia had once been a Horde soldier. She was present for even the smallest of Horde-based offenses. The Fright Zone Princess had a good point there.
“They aren’t related...” Glimmer replies, unsure if this was a valid point like Scorpia’s was. “Not even the same species.”
“I don’t know if that takes away from the bond. The first one.”
She finishes with Scorpia’s pincers, and it was time to move onto her own fingertips. They changed the topic, waiting for Scorpia’s polish to dry.
They talk a little bit about Bow. A little bit about Perfuma. A little bit about how they were going to let their children have playdates with each other on weekdays. "Auntie Scorpia" enjoyed babysitting for Glimmer and Bow. Sometimes it was unclear if the playdates were for the children or for Scorpia.
When Scorpia’s huge pincer held a nail polish wand (for human fingers), she quirked her brow. “They used to take baths together.”
“Can you drop this already?” Glimmer wiggles her fingers and rolls her eyes. 
“I can’t!” Scorpia protests. “I know you think I’m dumb or something right now, but I swear to God I thought they were sisters in the Fright Zone.”
“You’re not dumb. Just...” Glimmer wrinkles up her nose. “Why do you know if they used to take baths together or not?”
“Before little cadets went on puberty rampages...” Scorpia lowers her voice as if embarrassed to be talking about this, though there was no one else around to hear. “You know, like... They start...”
“Having sex.” Glimmer urges. “I got it. What about that?”
“I was going to say start getting acne!” Scorpia’s skin flushes. “But yes, before that, we all took showers in the same bathroom.”
“Right! Okay, so what then? Everyone bathed together.”
“Everyone showered together”, Scorpia corrects. “No, siblings would take a bath. Shadow Weaver would prepare them baths.”
“Like... A good commanding officer?”
“Like a good mother.”  Scorpia furrows her brows. “But from what I hear about her, it seems like she was only ever good at keeping her daughters in line.”
“God-fucking-damn it! Don’t say daughters, that’s so gross!”
Glimmer reaches her hands up, ignoring that she might smudge the pink polish dripping from her fingertips. “Shhh! Stop talking about this! They’re married. They’re having a baby. Don’t ruin it for me!”
Scorpia purses her lips. She slides her gaze away. “Okay, yeah, sure. We don’t have to talk about it.”
“Okay. Thank you.”
“But it’s still there.”
“Well...” Glimmer closes her eyes and holds out her hand. “It’s going to have to stay there. It’s too late to do anything about it. The only thing left to do now is to finish my nails, please? Thanks.”
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wigglebox · 22 hours ago
No, he never thought he’d be a dad. 
If anything, Dean had been banking on Sam somehow spawning a child so he could be the favorite uncle, seeing the kid every so often if Sam would let him by then and spoiling him or her rotten. 
But he wasn’t “dad” material himself. No way. 
There were things he could follow, books and magazines, TV shows provided some kind of a model, and Dean had seen families over the year he’d file in the “normal” column, but—
He didn’t ever want to see if he would pass or fail that experiement of application. 
Over the years Dean had been told plenty of times he was “great with kids”. He knew how to calm them down after one of those scary monsters got in their face; he knew how to talk to them to get information needed from the hunt; he always knew when to call the local DCF because he only ever took care of one kind of monster, though he’d like it to apply to all others as well. 
But being a dad was never in the cards. 
Not in their line of business. 
What the job had done to John over the years was never something Dean could bear to see happen to himself in the company of a child. Any child. A child that sees him every day, depends on him, wants the world from him—and Dean wouldn’t be able to deliver. 
Because the job adding another layer of bullshit onto John was one thing, but Dean knew, he knew, that deep down, his dad was always probably going to turn out like this. He’d seen it in other families that tell their story to Dean, or to outcast children they meet in backwoods areas, saying how they weren’t pushed out by their fathers but left willingly in order to avoid more suffering. 
Just like Sam eventually did.
In his mind, Dean figured someone like that doesn’t just happen—they’re born with that spark. 
And if John had that spark, Dean had no proof to himself that it wasn’t in him as well. 
So no... 
Too many factors, too many reasons not to consider fatherhood. It wasn’t why he was put on earth, Dean would tell himself. The option will never be there. 
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virtie333 · a day ago
I See You
Coming Soon!
Because when depression, anxiety, and utter loneliness hit hard, I have to direct it all somewhere...
Tumblr media
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ghospoke · a day ago
“….I see ghosts.” There’s a small silence that follows the words, and fear that sits in his stomach. For just a second, he’s a little scared that he might throw up. It’s fine, it’s fine. Hands are held together near his chest, trying to hide that saying the words makes him shake just a little. “P-Please uhm, please don’t say that I’m c-crazy.”
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hiddenknives · 2 days ago
STARTER CALL for manda sjögren !! ( mutuals preferred )
she’s a detective in sweden but she travels in her free time. she gives off a vibe that if you drop a candy wrapper on the street, she’ll immediately arrest you for littering. once you get to know her, she’s pretty chill.
Tumblr media
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pepperonyfic · 2 days ago
Some Type of Love: Quotes/Lyrics
Author:  kiwigirl Rating: gen Word Count: <2k Genre(s): comedy Film-specific: no Tropes: pepper walking in on tony, pre relationship, shenanigans
Summary:  A series of ficlets written for Pepperony Week 2017: Quotes/Lyrics
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tovezza · 2 days ago
early drafts of some lady parts fic: 
So yeah. They’re in a band now and it’s an odd thing to get used to but they’re in a legit actual band that plays gigs and gets asked to play gigs and has an actual audience who post about them on social media. They’re in a band but after they sleep off the one A.M. chips-and-adrenaline high of a late night performance they’ve still got their day jobs. 
            Amina goes back to stressing about internal review deadlines and null results while both maybe sort of avoiding Noor in the lunch line and missing her terribly, even when she’s on the other side of the canteen, and trying to figure out how to feel about Ahsan, and then getting emails from her advisor about her internal review deadlines, a biological cycle far more reliable then the fungal chemical pathways that have been her life for the last three years.
         Bisma goes back to cutting up orange slices and and radicalising Girl Guides against the patriarchy. 
          Taz goes back to the corporate warfare of defending Ladiez Delights against the constant and unending encroachment of Ann Summers on her territory. 
          Ayesha is working pretty hard at burning her way through jobs every makeup counter in the greater Whitechapel area, something that concerns Amina- and, she suspects, the group- but that no one seems to be sure what to do with, not when it’s Ayesha who was already sort of terrifying at the best of times and now has been dealt the double blow of a a burning love and a backstabbing heartbreaking betrayal, the kind of thing that Amina only really knows about from novels and her mum’s Coronation Street addiction but imagines must be a really, really awful thing to have happen to you. 
         And now Saira has her motorcycle. This is not a detail Amina cares about at all. 
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1littleshippergirl1 · 2 days ago
Percy x OC
Percy had no time for romance. 
He said it often enough now, whenever his mum or one of his siblings brought up the subject again and again. Because it was usually brought up again and again. He knew she meant well. She only wanted to see him happy like his other brothers and sister were. He was grateful for that, especially after all the rough times between them. Honestly, he didn’t even deserve that much from her. 
But back to his lack of romance. 
She was beginning to not take what she deemed as an excuse for an answer any longer. It wasn’t an excuse, but she--nor the rest of his family, much as he tried to convince--wasn’t listening. She felt he was using that as a crutch and had been since Audrey left him. He wasn’t, thank you very much. It was not a crutch. Definitely not a crutch. How could he think of dating right now? That was so far off his mind. He had two daughters to care for. They needed his attention and love more than another woman did. 
Why didn’t anyone understand that? It wasn’t that he intended to put it off for the rest of his life. Merlin knows he greatly missed the championship he once shared with Audrey. Yes, it would’ve been nice to get out again but now just wasn’t the right time.  He couldn’t be off gallivanting for a woman; Molly and Lucy were growing up and he wanted to have a front side view of everything. They were his number one priority, as they should be. He refused to be like those other parents; the ones that were concerned with their social and romantic lives than their own child. Honestly, it was entirely irresponsible of them. Those people didn’t deserve to be parents. 
Now that the girls were older and into their teenage years, he was feeling immense pressure from the family to settle down again. His mum was especially bad at this. She’d been dropping not-so-subtle hints that some friends of hers had daughters or nieces or goddaughters who were single and adored kids. George had asked him if he was planning on getting out there again. Even Oliver offered to introduce him to some ladies that played on Puddlemere or from an opposing team. 
Each time, Percy flatly told them he wasn’t interested. 
What was the rush? He’d inwardly sigh in exasperation. Why did he have to be in a relationship with someone? Couldn’t he just enjoyed the rest of Molly and Lucy’s youth before he started to look? Charlie was older and he only just married his long time girlfriend that most of the family didn’t know he had until a few months after the war ended--that had been a source of major gossip within the family. His mum was not pleased to learn they eloped when they came by the Burrow to announce it. Charlie ended up running outside, yelping when their mum tried hitting him on the backside with her slipper. 
He appreciated that they cared. He really did. He just wished they didn’t care quite as much. Let alone having the audacity to speak of the matter in front of the girls during one Sunday dinner that he should have stayed home from. Now they, too, were concerned about him being alone. That was the last thing he wanted and it was the last thing they should’ve been worried about. They were young; he wanted them to soak up every bit of their adolescence as they could. Not fretting that he wasn’t with anyone. 
Furthermore, he wasn’t alone. Everyone else might think otherwise, but it was true. He wasn’t alone. He had his daughters and that was enough for him. Why did he need a woman to feel happy? Why did have to be looking for one? It was rubbish, that’s what it was. Completely, utterly rubbish. They assumed he must be unhappy, longing for that connection he once had. It would have been nice, he could admit. Not the worst thing in the world. And if he managed to find one, if that were occur, who said things would last? Percy didn’t have the best track record when it came to relationships. 
There’d only been two in his lifetime. The second one wasn’t even supposed to have happened, if he was being honest. It sounded harsh, but was the untold truth. He was happy it did, though. That second relationship gave him two of the most beautiful girls in the world--and he didn’t care if he was being biased or not. Still, it wasn’t how he envisioned things turning out. His first was with Penny and that was short lived.
They’d broken up shortly after their seventh year ended. She was accepted into the St. Mungos healer program. She worked tirelessly; working sometimes a number of weeks straight before getting a short break. He was just starting his position at the Ministry. They went days without talking. No letters, no meeting up for some butterbeer or lunch. No dates. Nothing. He hadn’t meant to ignore her at the time. He’d been caught up. The beginning of his unfortunate downfall. If only he could travel back in time and smack himself before he spiraled down too deep... 
At some point, she did start sending him letters again, cordially asking if he would join her for lunch. He never responded, being so distracted with work and feeding into Mr. Crouch’s demands. She eventually came to his office, shutting the door behind her, standing there for seemingly an eternity before blurting out the words. 
They were quick. Like ripping off a bandage. 
She admitted that she thought it was best if they broke up. He was in the midst of paperwork, simultaneously having a quill charmed to take notes beside him. He never even looked up. He was that engrossed. Only when she left in tears that he glanced up, feeling a twinge of guilt. But he’d been too embarrassed at what he perceived to be the only failure of his that he kept it from his family for the longest time. Just knowing that the twins would pick on him for it, especially for the fact that it was Penny who broke up with him. She didn’t give much of a reason other than she didn’t feel the spark anymore and gave a measly excuse that they needed to focus on their respective careers. It’d hurt, more than he felt he could bear at the time. It was partially the reason he threw himself more into his work. It was an escape. A reasonable one, he’d told himself. And until he was standing there in front of some of his family, nearly about to go on his hands and knees to beg for their forgiveness, he didn’t see a problem with that. 
And then there was Audrey. She was supposed to be his happily ever after. That soured shortly after Lucy was born, but he supposed it began to go downhill prior to her becoming pregnant with Molly. Which led him to now: single. Not where he expected to be but he was there all the same. No use whining about it or trying to hastily change that fact. 
He thought of himself as being single for a long time. Perhaps forever. 
Little did he know what fate had in store for him. 
Percy was wearing his favorite work robes. The robes were sky blue; a color that his mum affectionately said matched his eyes. George said the robes made him stuffy and uptight--when their mum glared at him, his brother held up his hands in surrender, claiming he was merely joking. He still liked them. They were incredibly soft and a smidgen more casual than his others. He wore these on Friday’s, a day that it so happened to be. After he finished his shift, he decided to not go home right away. The girls would be fine. They were having friends over and Molly was at that age where everything Percy did was seemingly embarrassing and going to ultimately ruin her social life. 
He usually had to refrain from snickering. But he did it. He was a good dad so he didn’t even though he wanted to. 
About fifteen minutes after leaving the Ministry and walking through Diagon Alley, he found himself standing in line at Florean Fortescue's. The line was moderately long, with Percy having to be all the way back at the front door. He was the last person there, which was fine. He could wait. He felt he deserved a treat after the tough week he dealt with. And it was such a nice day outside, he might as well eat it here. Maybe pick up something for Molly and Lucy as well. 
His head was turned to idly look at the bustling people out in the Alley. It wasn’t as horrendously busy as it was during the few weeks prior to school starting, but it was enough for a Friday. Just as he turned back to look ahead, something--someone bumped into his chest and immediately there was an ice cold feeling soaking through his robes, nipping at his bare skin. He gasped, startled, staring down at the chocolatey mess that was now smearing on the material.
“What on-” The words died in his mouth at the sight of the young woman in front of him. She had to be around Ginny’s age, perhaps younger but not by much. Not to mention- 
She was pretty, he could admit. 
Her hair was like Lucy’s; blonde and up in a high ponytail on the top of her head. Her eyes were hazel and just the way they looked, made her seem so innocent. She must have had muggles for parents, judging by the t-shirt and pair of shorts that reminded Percy of what Oliver wore the majority of the time he wasn’t in his quidditch uniform. 
She didn’t seem embarrassed by her accident nor did she widen her eyes in horror like he would have done if he was in her shoes. On the contrary, he blinked when she took the cone off his chest and licked at the remaining ice cream like nothing happened. 
That was....odd to say the least. 
“Sorry about that,” she chirped.  “I wasn’t watching where I was going. Do you ever get lost in daydreams? I do. That happens to me a lot. My friend, Randy, says if my head wasn’t screwed it would fall right off. Isn’t that funny?” She let out a giggle that was probably too loud for being out in public, kind of obnoxious but also sort of...endearing. “Isn’t it such a lovely day? I love sunny days. They’re so pretty. Do you like sunny days, too? I think most do. Oh, you have a stain. I’ll take care of that. Here.” She brandished her wand and with one smooth flick, the ice cream vanished. 
Percy was rendered speechless. She’d said all that one long breath without taking a break. Not to mention she certainly wasn’t shy. “Er, it’s quite alright and, er,  thank you.” 
She distinctly reminded him of Oliver again. Oliver had talked the whole way from Kings Cross to Hogwarts on their first train in first year. 
She slapped a hand to her forehead in a rather dramatic fashion. “Oh, goodness me! I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Abby Adams! What’s your name? You  look familiar. Have we met and I just forgot? That's possible. I forget sometimes. Than again, you look like you’re hard to forget.” To his astonishment, she giggled again and a bit of a pink flush came onto her cheeks. 
For a moment, he didn’t know how to respond. His blasted tongue was flimsy and he deliberately ignored the smirking teenage girl who was serving people at the counter. It didn’t even register that it was his turn to order now. But the girl wasn’t bothered by that. She was enjoying the show, it seemed. “Percy,” he eventually managed to say. “Percy Weasley. We might have gone to Hogwarts together.” 
Her eyes lit up with recognition. “Oh you’re a Weasley! That’s right. I was in your sister’s year. We didn’t really talk much. I didn’t have many friends at Hogwarts. My best, best friend is Randy. He’s a muggle but he knows all about magic. I told him. He liked reading my textbooks. I remember you were Head-Boy. Everyone thought you were annoying but I didn’t. I thought you were interesting. Do you still talk to Oliver Wood? I remember you guys were always together. He plays for Puddlemere, not that that’s a surprise. Am I right?” 
“Right,” he murmured. 
She took a glance at her watch. “Oh, darn! I’ve gotta scatter. Break’s almost over. Bye, Percy! Enjoy your ice cream!” She flashed him a smile as she exited the shop and apparated away. Percy kept staring at the last place she stood until the girl at the counter hummed and he blushed. 
“What’s up with him?” the girl said out loud. 
An older bloke who was nearby responded. “Well, I’d reckon to say he’s in love.” 
Love? No. That was preposterous. 
....Or was it? 
This is part 1! I’m gonna go through different moments between them. 
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aalissy · 2 days ago
Day 18 is finisheeddd and it includes Ladrien kisses which are my fave haha!! Lemme know what you guys think! I’m going to see a movie later tonight so I’m also very excited hehe
Adrien hummed, stepping back after he had lit the last candle in his room. Proudly, he surveyed his efforts over the past hour. Flickering candlelight lit up every square inch of his bedroom, making it look both dreamy and romantic. It was very reminiscent of the time he had brought both Marinette and Ladybug to his private spot as Chat Noir. This time would be different, though. Because this time he would be able to kiss and hold Ladybug in his arms. 
Some time ago, they had begun a secret relationship after he had unwittingly spat out his feelings to her after being struck by an akuma. After Ladybug had won the battle, she had shyly dropped him off at home. Adrien could still hear her flustered confession perfectly in his memory even after all this time. It had been one of the happiest days of his life, especially when they shared a few kisses after agreeing to start a relationship.
“Will you quit spacing out?” Plagg’s nasally voice interrupted his daydreams, causing Adrien to shake his head rapidly to snap out of it. “Your lady love is going to be here soon and I still need my cheese.”
“Shush, Plagg! If Ladybug catches you here we’ll both be in serious trouble!” He glared at his kwami, crossing his arms across his chest. Plagg simply stared back at him nonplussed, his tail swishing out behind him lazily. Adrien sighed, scrubbing a hand down his face, giving up as he tossed a piece of camembert to his kwami. Plagg immediately brightened, scarfing down the cheese before floating over to one of his usual hiding places.
It was just in time, too, because the next thing he heard was a gasp. His gaze snapped over to the window where he saw Ladybug, her eyes darting around the room as she looked at all of the candles. One of her hands shakily came up to cover her mouth as she blinked over at him. “Did you do this all for me?” she asked, her words brimming with emotion as she gazed at him adoringly.
Adrien flushed before rushing over to take her hand in his, squeezing it gently. “Of course I did! You mean the entire world to me, Ladybug. You’re worth this and more. Besides, this is only a candle of the love I hold for you.”
Her eyes narrowed at the pun, her hand coming down from her mouth to slap his shoulder lightly. “You didn’t need to do all of this, Adrien. Seriously, this must have taken you ages to set up. I don’t need this to know how much you love me.”
“But I wanted to do it!” Adrien bounced eagerly on his toes, shooting her a beaming grin. “And you do like it, right?”
Her sapphire eyes softened as Ladybug nodded her head. She caressed his face, causing him to lean into her palm. Quietly, she murmured, “Of course I do, Adrien. I just wish you wouldn’t strain yourself over something as simple as date night.”
“Eh,” he waved her off, taking a step back as he sat down on the couch, patting the spot next to him. “Just consider this my reparations for not being able to see you every day or take you out to fancy restaurants.”
Ladybug turned a dark shade of red as an unreadable expression flashed across her face. It was gone in the next second as she released a long-suffering sigh before scooting into the spot next to him. Shaking her head, she then pointed a finger at him, “I’ll let it slide this time, Agreste. But next date is my turn, so prepare to be swept off your feet.”
Adrien’s heart melted and he slowly pushed her finger aside, taking her hand in his as he squeezed it again. “You always sweep me off my feet,” he murmured.
Ladybug’s cheeks flushed again before she giggled quietly. “You’re too charming for your own good, Adrien.”
“I know. I’m the perfect package.”
That got a good snort out of Ladybug and he beamed with pride as she dissolved into a fit of chuckles. Her laughter was his favorite sound in the world. When she finally calmed down, she leaned forward, tapping his nose with a small smirk. “And an ego to boot.”
Instead of responding, Adrien simply tugged her towards him, pressing their lips together. Ladybug squeaked once before she melted into his arms, kissing him back just as passionately. Quickly, his hands reached up and tugged her ponytails out, letting his fingers roam through her beautiful, dark locks.
Ladybug ran her own fingers through her hair with a small pout when they eventually parted for air. “Must you take my pigtails out every time? I swear, my hair must look awful every time I leave.”
“No,” Adrien spoke softly, leaning forward to take one of her hands out of her hair, intertwining their fingers. “It looks beautiful. You should leave it down more often.”
Ladybug squeezed his hand back, staring at him adoringly. “How did I get so lucky? I swear I must have the sweetest boyfriend in the world.”
“You should be asking how I got so lucky,” he laughed. “Because I know I have the sweetest girlfriend in the world.”
“Flatterer.” She stuck her tongue out at him before tugging him towards her, bringing him back into another perfect kiss. Adrien’s tongue swept out, enjoying the sweet taste of her cherry lip gloss. 
This was his new favorite memory. If he ever got akumatized by Hawkmoth he would just need to remember this and he’d be able to shake off any negative emotions. Being able to simply hold and kiss the love of his life after so many years was absolutely worth the wait. Especially now that he could finally treat her the way he had been dreaming of since he was a young kid. 
Adrien would always love her and nothing, not even Hawkmoth could ever tear them apart. He would make absolute certainty of it. She was much too important to him for him to ever even consider the idea of her leaving. He only hoped she felt the same way about him.
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xxxbookaholic · 2 days ago
Going Off the Page - Tenmuku Fanfiction
There was no “objectively” in that situation, no “only in a certain respect.” Rather, all that remained was Muku – his hair, his eyes, his nose, his ears. Everything about him took Tenma’s breath away, completely shattering him from the inside. Is this intentional? he couldn’t help but wonder, desperately trying to throw the blame off onto someone – anyone – else.
Muku finally convinces Tenma to read manga with him.
(written for tenma week day 4, manga and cuddling. writing is under the cut!)
Tenma wouldn’t call himself well read – far from it, actually. Between filming and auditions, he rarely ever had time for so much as going to the park, let alone reading a book. The task itself was tedious, the tire he put into it even more so – and that was not because he couldn’t read. Absolutely not! A celebrity like him being so uneducated as to not be able to do something as small as skim through a little novel? Why, even just the idea was ridiculous; anyone who thought otherwise must have a screw loose.
…But still, avid reader or not, hell if he could ever refuse Muku’s excited grin. So that was how he got where he was now, sitting on a folded up blanket, leaning on a giant pile of too-colorful pillows, and watching aimlessly as Muku sifted through his manga collection. Now, there were a million things he could have said in that scenario – questions about what exactly his troupemate was looking for, awkward confessions about his dislike of reading, inquiries of whatever the hell that blue pillow was supposed to be in the shape of – but despite that, he stayed silent, tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth like glue. Muku just looked so damn happy there, eyes bright and hands practically shaking with excitement. The last thing he could bring himself to do was ruin that.
And so he decided – if there was even a choice at all – to keep his mouth shut, instead opting to just watch the pink-haired boy open and shut random books. With his eyebrows pinched and cheeks puffed out like that, he looked more focused than Tenma had ever seen him, as if he was learning the meaning of life and not the plot of a comic page. Paired with the bubblegum color of his hair and softness of his lips, Muku almost looked like a painting, far too beautiful to be real – not that Tenma thought he was beautiful or anything. It was totally objective; as a guy, he was comfortable in his masculinity enough to notice another guy’s beauty. Not that there was anything wrong with being gay, but he wasn’t – there was just no way. Muku’s face was just very cutely shaped, that’s all. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.
Or at least, there was nothing wrong with it until Muku turned around and locked eyes with him – from there on, his heart was a warzone all on its own, rattling against his ribcage like a key in a lock. His breath in his throat for just a second, causing him to look away and tumble into a whirlwind of coughs. What is this, a new illness? he wondered, face nothing more than a bucket of bubbling lava.
Muku, on the other hand, was blissfully unaware, skipping over to his side and plopping down so they were shoulder to shoulder, manga in his hand opened to the first page. “This is one of my favorites!” he explained, face seeming to be stuck in a smile that was just too adorable to be legal. Objectively. “Fushigi Yuugi – it’s about two high school girls that get teleported into a mysterious novel! There are crazy fights, daring adventures, heartwarming romances… it’s an amazing tale! You won’t be able to not love it, Tenma, I promise you!” The longer he spoke, the louder his voice got, and yet Tenma couldn’t even find it in himself to be annoyed – not when his eyes were sparkling like two perfectly polished gemstones.
“Uh,” he said dumbly, trying his best to stop from fidgeting. Damn you, Yuki, for pointing out my nervous habits. “If you say so.”
On any other occasion, Muku would probably have noticed his hesitance immediately and said something – probably something irritatingly honest – about it. Now, however, it was different; with his nose in a manga, he was like a whole new person, completely out of tune from the rest of the world. Where Tenma once found it odd, he now saw it as nothing short of endearing – objectively. His train of thought was quickly rammed into and forced to a stop when Muku leaned over to set the manga in between them and, in addition to that, nudge their faces even closer than they were before. From this distance, Tenma could feel his breath, let alone hear it, and when he opened his mouth to speak, the actor felt an unsolicited shiver run down his spine. It must be cold in this room – do they ever turn the heater up in here?
“Do you want me to read it aloud?” Muku asked, tilting his face so they were eye-to-sparkling-eye. “I can, if you want me to!”
Is he mocking me? “Of course I don– “ he began to retort in response, but upon noticing the hopeful quirk of his friend’s lips, he was cut short. There was just something about the way Muku was looking at him that didn’t feel malicious in the slightest – rather, it was almost… expectant. Like he was hoping for a yes. Suddenly, it just felt wrong to refuse – and besides, he was starting to get tired, so maybe passing on the strain to someone else wouldn’t hurt.
“If you want to, I guess I won’t mind,” he finally settled for, voice sounding far more choked out than he’d hoped it would be. This time, Muku looked as if he noticed the difference in tone, but said nothing about it, eyes flicking back to the page as quickly as they’d wandered.
“Good!” Somehow, upon hearing just those simple words, his face lit up even more, mouth growing from a slight smile to a proud grin – and just like flipping a switch, he was in a totally different world, completely caught up in the moment. “Wow, I don’t believe it,” he began, his voice shifting into a totally different tone than his usual one. “All my favorites!”
The gleeful lightness Muku took on while reading was almost addicting – Tenma found himself wanting to lean into it, just a little, to bask in his radiance. Against the fairy lights lining their makeshift cushion, he looked as if he were glowing, like an angel or a butterfly – it was almost dizzying.
Muku continued to read aloud, his voice taking on different tones, ranges, and shapes, and yet Tenma found himself unable to focus on a single word, far too focused on the excited smile falling upon his face – and then Muku adjusted just a bit so their knees bumped and god, if he wasn’t warm earlier, he definitely was now.
Tenma was a world-known actor; he didn’t blush, or fluster, or stammer – no matter what time of day it was, no matter what he felt, he always remained cool, composed, and neutral, just as he’d been taught to be.
…But, regardless of what he looked like in the moment, even he couldn’t deny the bubbling under his skin and scorching of his neck; any sudden movement and Tenma swore he’d burst at the seams.
Only when Muku paused to take a breather did he dare look, and the second he did, he instantly regretted it. No words could possibly come to mind when he looked at his friend. Phrases, compliments, scripts – nothing in the world would be able to describe what he felt in that moment, staring at the pink of his cheeks and red of his lips.
There was no “objectively” in that situation, no “only in a certain respect.” Rather, all that remained was Muku – his hair, his eyes, his nose, his ears. Everything about him took Tenma’s breath away, completely shattering him from the inside. Is this intentional? he couldn’t help but wonder, desperately trying to throw the blame off onto someone – anyone – else.
But one look into Muku’s eyes told him there was no malicious intent behind that soft smile, causing him to spiral into a single line of thought: I think he’s beautiful.
As simple as the phrase was, it was just so strange – never in his life had Tenma felt this way before, especially not for another boy. Everything was unnatural: the pounding in his ears, the rushing blood, the burning hands. There was nothing familiar or comfortable about this situation and yet, in an odd, tricky kind of way, it felt good – exciting, even.
All at once, every urge that told him to run away while he had the chance dissipated, leaving him with nothing but the yearning to stay like this forever, shoulder-to-shoulder with the most beautiful boy he’d ever met and nose-to-nose with a manga he was barely even paying attention to.
Any regret that had come from agreeing was gone and replaced with pure, undeniable comfort – and for the first time that whole evening, Tenma let it.
Author Notes
and that's a wrap! i hope you enjoyed the fic!! this was my first time writing for tenmuku, and it was a super fun (and fluffy) experience! this was written for tenma sumeragi week on tumblr! if you're interested in looking at entrees or participating yourself, the tumblr is here: . big thank you to my wife and beta-reader, , who is too amazing for her own good!!!!
please leave a comment and kudos if you find the time, it really keeps my spirits up!
have a nice rest of your day/night! <:)
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shadowathems · 3 days ago
It was time to rebuild the order and fight the Empire alongside their new toy.
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murdcck · 3 days ago
I feel like I might drop most of my threads and start some new ones with everyone. If you wanna keep some threads with me, let me know! But I think I’m gonna do this in the future because I have so many and it gets overwhelming. There are some I’m keeping regardless, however.
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pepperonyfic · 3 days ago
Some Type of Love: Pre Relationship
Author:  kiwigirl Rating: gen Word Count: <2k Genre(s): angst Film-specific: no Tropes: pre relationship, character study, pepper thinking about tony
Summary:  A series of ficlets written for Pepperony Week 2017: Pre relationship
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dottiesficrecs · 3 days ago
we're gonna be okay, kid by honestlydarkprincess
Rating: General
Ships: Buck & Christopher, pre-Buck/Eddie
Warnings: None Apply; one incident of and several mentions of vomit, Buck's self esteem issues, the Lawsuit and the Grocery Scene repercussions
Word Count: 4.2k
Summary: The last thing Buck is expecting is to be woken up from his ill advised mid-morning nap with a call from Christopher's school, telling him that Chris is sick and should go home. He can't leave his favourite kid to fend for himself so even though Eddie might get mad at him, again, he's on his way to pick up Chris before he can even think about it.
Set during the lawsuit, post-grocery store scene.
Notes (contains minor spoilers): Oh god I love Dad Buck so much. This fic is kind of melancholy but also fluffy?? Christopher is adorable even sick, he needed and got all the hugs and I'm so happy for that. I love how he calls Buck all these different things, Bucky and my Buck and daddy. And I loved loved loved how Buck just threw himself into taking care of him and pushed his insecurities away. (And how he wore a Diaz shirt :sobhearts:) And then Eddie!! I really enjoyed his parts (especially all the soft-intense looks he gave Buck). Wonderful, wonderful fic!
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dinlukerecs · 3 days ago
Summary: Luke tries to imagine showing a child a pile of books and saying, these rotting pieces of dust told me you weren’t allowed to see your dad ever again. If Luke had tried something like that on his sister after Ben was born, Leia would’ve told him to fuck off and fuck the Jedi Order, too, for good measure.
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5lazarus · 3 days ago
Same Time Next Week?
Lennier and Vir meet for their usual drink. A pre-relationship fic. Read on Archive of Our Own here.
“I keep giving them time together, leaving the room at propitious times,” Lennier mutters to his drink. Vir’s reflection in the glass wobbles as he shakes it. “And yet, every time I return to her quarters, it is as if I am intruding on the moment right before.”
Vir tells his drink, “See, for me, it’s exactly the opposite problem. He just won’t stop. He’s got a girl over, who cares, he thinks I should read the dispatches through the door while she’s working on him. And I—you know Centauri have robust appetites, but this is just grotesque.”
Lennier does not quite know how to respond to that, so he takes a sip of his water. Vir fills up the silence.
“And he’s gotten into so much trouble over his—wenches, and he never learns! I can’t fault the women, he’s such an easy target, and the ambassador’s allowance does come earmarked for certain performances. Centauri have a reputation to keep.”
Lennier says gloomily, “I’m allergic to her hair. She sheds like a cat.”
“I like cats,” Vir brightens. “One of our friends from Earth gave Londo a cat once, but then G’Kar killed it. By accident, he claims.”
Lennier drinks. The petty, cruel squabbles of the ambassadors before the war seem so tame now. He and Vir have been doing what they can for the Narn Resistance, he knows. He does not know what Vir has been doing and he does not need to know. These impromptu chats are not meant to be diplomatic relations or war planning. They are necessary catharsis, in a world so consumed by the powers of darkness.
“I love bitching,” Vir says happily. “Waiter, another round! Just for me, thank you.” Unstealthily he looks at Lennier and looks away. “I’m here by myself.”
“Okay,” the bartender says. “On the ambassador’s tab?”
Vir gives an insipid smile. Not only is it unnecessary, it draws further attention to him. The bartender backs away and comes over to Lennier.
“Centauri,” he mutters. “Can I top you off?”
“I am interested in trying your carbonated water,” Lennier announces placidly. “Perhaps with a piece of one of your Earth fruits.”
The bartender stares at him. “You mean a soda.”
“The added sugar is unhealthful.”
“So a seltzer,” the bartender parses. “Right. Coming right up. Lime? I think you’d like lime.”
The cold glass of seltzer sweats like Vir’s shining face. Lennier looks at his reflection refracted in all the little droplets of the glass. He is not unattractive. The smarminess is a cultural characteristic imputed in all Centauri, and Vir charms it into something kind with his genuine compassion. These clandestine talks, speaking to each other’s drinks, moor him in time. Lennier does not know what he would do without this lifeline. Well, he does know: he would carry on, but carry on less full than he needs to. He is his flame in the dark.
Vir crouches over his goblet and whispers, “They killed G’Kar’s nephew last night. My agent made sure it was quick. But they’ll lie to him anyway, to make him suffer more. He won’t believe me if I tell him. As if I could tell him.”
Lennier says, “I will.”
They drink.
G’Kar is unsubtle and prone to posturing like the tragic hero he has become, with as eloquent rhetoric that Lennier has read in any scripture. He cannot risk telling him his nephew died cleanly. G’Kar would broadcast it to the entire station. So he will think his nephew died drowning in his own blood, or worse, and blame himself, and blame the Centauri more, and stoke the flame to survive this war. G’Kar deserves better. His nameless nephew deserves better. Narn deserves better, and so do they all.
Lennier says aloud, “I can’t take much more of this.” He pauses. Vir looks at him sharply and then looks away, creaking back in his seat. “But I must. So I will.”
“Well,” Vir muses. “It can always be worse.”
“You think that’s comforting?” Lennier says.
Vir shrugs, laughing a bit. “Well, I mean, yes. It could be so much worse. All of Londo’s wives could be back here. My wife could be back here. Do you remember G’Kar’s terrifying attaché?”
A bit wounded, Lennier says, “I thought you weren’t married.” Both men look at each other, slightly shocked. Vir almost reaches for him. Lennier looks away.
Vir clears his throat. “Another round!” he demands, trying and failing to channel Londo. He peers over his empty glass at Lennier. “Why don’t you drink?”
Taken aback, Lennier says, “I do drink.” He gestures with his water. “Look.” He smiles, and wonders what he’s trying. This only works if they don’t interact directly. He doesn’t want to lose this. He cannot speak to Delenn, as much as she tries, and the Babylon 5 staff are so tense, it is difficult to come to a meditative medium with them. All he has is Vir.
Vir says, “I don’t know how you get through this without help.” The bartender places another drink in front of him, and he drains it sloppily, spluttering as it pours down his throat. Lennier waits patiently. Vir coughs, wipes his face with his coat sleeve, and says, “I can’t do this without these nights.” He puts his arm down on the bar and Lennier quietly places his hand on his. Surprised, Vir looks up at him. Lennier doesn’t look away. Vir does not let go.
“It’s been a hell of a night,” Vir says. “Life. Year. Time on this station.” He gestures vaguely with his free hand.
“Yes,” Lennier responds. A smile ghosts across his face.
Then the bartender comes by and says, grinning, “So, another Shirley Temple?” Quickly they let go of each other and look away.
“I think I’m done for the night,” Vir says.
“I as well.”
The bartender tallies their tabs and walks away, shaking his head. Vir dabs at his face awkwardly. Lennier stares fixedly into the distance.
Finally, he says, “Same time next week?”
Vir says, “Always. Yes. Of course.”
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