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#perfect figure
averbaldumpingground · 17 hours ago
All I ever wanted was you, like the time we got groceries by Astor. You, with a basket with chicken and yoghurt dumped in it, and I trailed behind you and wanted.
There wasn't a clean way to end things. There couldn't have been. I wouldn't follow you to Texas, not with a half-broken heart and all of it, so unrequited. You'd only jokingly asked.
But I'm not sure you understood me. It was the evenings sitting on your radiator, with the radio on, watching movies on my couch, the errands, the time after church, those were the moments I wanted.
I loved you like a book that I'd reread. The kind of thoughts I'd only realized much later were different.
#June 12 2021#Garbage.#I'm thinking of a Charlotte Cornfield song a bit.#She's fantastic btw.#The Shape of Your Name is just such a fucking perfect album.#Man.#I saw her a few years back at Rockwood Music Hall where she was opening for Royal Wood.#(Who is also fantastic and I've seen a bunch of times at Club Passim and the Living Room and Rockwood.)#(Which should date me a bit. Because I keep saying it but I fucking miss the Living Room.)#(Best shows there were the third or so time I got to see Royal Wood live and I got him to play the Oompa Loompa song.)#(And the one time I got to see Django Haskins when he was playing a solo show.)#(And the audience kept requesting things from his pre-The Old Ceremony days. And I got him to play 'Beautiful'.)#(He seemed very humbled to take us back through his song catalogue. It was a really great intimate show.)#(Folding Stars has some great stuff on it. I still have a physical copy of it somewhere I think.)#(I got it when I was in high school. I think I discovered him because a webcomic I liked mentioned his old band International Orange.)#(His version of 'Prince Charming' is just kind of heartbreaking.)#(Any I'm not sure why I requested 'Beautiful' that night. The song I've listened to most on that album is definitely 'Geronimo'.)#(And my favorite songs of his are probably 'State Road Valentine' and 'Blood and Oil' and 'Holiday in Elsinore'.)#(The latter two are The Old Ceremony songs.)#(But I don't know. I guess I was feeling kind of raw that night and figured if he was entertaining left field requests let's go for it.)#(I miss the Living Room.)#(I've seen Royal Wood a bunch at Rockwood. Including the times he played with Charlotte Cornfield and Diana Chittester.)#(And yes I bought both the ladies' albums because they're great.)#(I was supposed to see Charlotte Cornfield at littlefield last year. But that obviously got canceled because PLAGUE.)#(So the last concert I actually went to was Sloan at the Bowery.)#(And like can I just say? Chris Murphy is such a total sweetheart.)#(I mean I knew this already because I had met him briefly many many years ago when I saw Sloan at T.T. the Bear's.)#(But nicest most genuine musician/famous person I've ever met? Without a doubt Chris Murphy from Sloan.)#(I'm sure I probably raved about this last year some time around that concert happening.)#(I just miss live music a lot right now. There's some stuff coming up I want to see but don't particularly want to go alone to.)
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the-highest-warlock · a day ago
Planning for university be like:
Look at the various different universities
Narrow down your degree choices
Casually select one of the top universities as one you’re interested in
Get sidetracked by an fishkeeping channel on youtube (fish for thought) having come from an equestrian channel despite disliking horses.
Decide that red-tailed sharks are very cool and that you want one because you can colour match the shark to a skull and a red goth aesthetic
Realise that you can’t have a pet in uni
Realise that you can have a pet in uni it would just take effort to research it.
Learn about personal statements.
Stave off the anxiety (they’re not due for a while)
Sign up to ucas
Casually mention being slightly terrified andalsomentalhealth in the next counselling appointment
Look at more universities
Realise the top university is unrealistic
And probably not good for your mental health
But your parents have high aspirations for you and have never put pressure on you for very little else so just um casually feel a slight pressure from their lack thereof
Watch some more fish-keeping youtube
Decide that you’re going to buy lots of lego and create an amazing lego fish tank
Take a step back and realise you’re being a chaotic idiot
Take a step forward and continue being an overtired chaotic idiot.
Then idk do something else I have reached that far yet with my planning.
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jazzy-peryton · a day ago
Okay so I’ve seen the theory of Tyto (Owl Mask) being Belos’ son (very cool) in conjunction with Tyto being half-witch half-human, with Belos actually being human (also super cool, loving it).
BUT I’ve also seen theories of Tyto being related to the Clawthornes in some way, and we know that Eda had direct access to a portal to the human realm. So what I’m saying is, what if Tyto is Eda’s son, half-witch half-human.
#here come some thoughts#i’m warning you if you go into these tags. there’s a lot.#the owl house#toh#toh spoilers#tyto#owl mask#eda clawthorne#and for all of you stan pinesXeda shippers he could be stan’s son too#haha i hope that makes it clear enough that this is mostly a joke and that i don’t believe it’s the case for several reasons#BUT it’s actually super fun to think about so it’s perfect for like an AU#and there’s angst potential which is the best kind of potential#eda having to give him up for Reasons and always regretting that and believing she was a horrible mother#but now looking out for luz and being a great if unconventional mother figure#tyto eventually learning about this and he knows he has a better life as the emperor’s right hand and a powerful magic user and a prodigy#literally on posters all around the isles the face of the most revered coven in the lands#and he wouldn’t even want their life as they’re traitors & have nothing (he tells himself even as he begins to observe the ways they laugh#and love like no one he’s ever seen in the emperor’s coven)#(even as he sees the insecure and strict lilith smile and glow in ways she never did when she had all of her magic)#no no. he does not envy them.#but still infuriatingly feeling cheated and jealous because WHY is she keeping YOU when she ABANDONED ME?#and and!!! what if he inherited the curse?#what if he grew up with a curse that wasn’t his own?#something thrust upon someone else and now he has to carry when he didn’t do anything to deserve it?#and if that was the case it’d probably be impossible for him to not put together that eda ‘the owl lady’ was probably his mother#so he hated her and kept his relations to her a secret but always in the back of his mind when after he’d transformed he’d feel a strange#sense of CONNECTION to her because it was something THEY shared and it made him feel CLOSE to her in a way he both despised and yearned for#and i’m sorry i’m just rambling now and nothing’s making sense but tyto is literally my favorite type of character right now#has enough personality to have a presence but a blank enough slate of a mystery (for now) where you can throw anything at them & it sticks#you can explore lots of ideas with their character and i just think that’s so cool
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l0lll · a day ago
I would sacrifice my family for this.
Tumblr media
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“Unrealistic expectations from both ends of the scale are bad for women’s health. Obesity and skeleton bodies are dangerous and unsustainable.”
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b99peraltiago · 3 days ago
maybe it’s common knowledge but i just realized... 153 episodes of brooklyn nine-nine = 1+5+3 = 9
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guidingsbolt · 3 days ago
will playlist guide for now :]
hold on when you get love - basis for the character i think :] got a lotta emotions all running high but i think she operates on love
seven devils, in the woods somewhere, the wild - being turned into a werewolf
dancing in the moonlight, lost in the wild, wolves of the revolution, turn the lights off, wolf (bonus track) - in the woods with werewolf cult
problems, bury me face down - encounter with yasmina
ragged wood, meet me in the woods, werewolves of london - entering back into society
little lion man, the wolf, my body, barlights - all conceptual will songs and like. her relationship (or lackthereof) w her family and herself i think
wolf like me - other basis her for character
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christophosaurus · 4 days ago
Sickening prayers and poems Open doors slammed in a rage Take a good look at the mirror Only a figure in frame
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hollywforever · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Beautiful Holly Willoughby presenting This Morning
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