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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#enjoy I am making more
ko-eko-ev-go-ms · 3 days ago
Catch me not sleeping or eating bc I haven’t done the things I need to do (which also include eating) & yet as time passed I continue not to as my brain functions continually worse
#thoughts#oni talks#oni vents#i have been awake for more than 12 hours & have not eaten a proper meal#I gotta do things though but brain don’t know how do them and the concept of doing anything at all is#well my frustration tolerance is not having it today no sir#is this likely worsened by my own decisions & self care needs? yes. does that change anything? no.#I have to do all the things on the proper schedules of others & today I have wasted my one day I could have had to maybe not mask#for the week & I still have to do things today and I didn’t even finish what I was supposed to do yesterday#and on the one hand I know the lesson of Care important but also I don’t feel like breaks are allowed and I need to be productive#and ppl rely on me to complete things that I need to complete but as time passes it overwhelms me#to where I can’t eat unless I do things and I can’t sleep unless I do things but I can’t do the things#and it’s no one else’s responsibility I have to do things and be responsible & i as much as I want to say it’s a brain thing#part of me just feels like maybe it’s a me thing since everyone seems to expect so much from me when w/o structure I haven’t even been able#to eat properly in days or shower & barely able to even do things I enjoy or to wake up but I still have to be productive#& I am lagging behind on what everyone needs from me & expects me to know what to do & I have no idea what I’m doing at all other than that#I am very much not doing what I am supposed to be doing & I feel like that John mulaney meme where he’s like#I also don’t want me to be doing what I’m doing#I do not feel allowed to do anything bc I am not doing enough and everything is stressing me out bc I also feel like I have to enjoy things#correctly and timely and I need to do everything as quick as possible when I don’t know how to or can’t seem to make myself#anyway I’m gonna go try to problem solve a little more bc I need to drop off check but my brain wants 2 cry when I think abt it
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snuffles005 · 4 days ago
tumblr truly is a different place to consume MDZS media. all i do is reblog silly little gifs and cute little art and put my silly little thoughts on the tags. but if i head over to instagram it's just full of reposted art, conspiracy theories about the actors and Yet Another Incident™ with ppl not respecting privacy that just gives me second hand embarrassment and I'm like I want none of it!!!!!! None!!!! just give me some silly little memes to save and spare me of the weird shit stalker fans be up to!!!! I don't need to know at what time the actors returned to their hotel from filming!!!! As long as they're happy and healthy i do not care to know any more!!!!!!!!
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redheid · 4 days ago
my personal cut key to unlocking a sincere passion for writing prose not just the dialogue was realising i could actually write in first person as much as i want to or, when it’s in third, could write myself in as a very hands-on narrator so it almost feels like i’m writing another character into it. i think that is cool. no, i know it is cool
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admdmrtn · 5 days ago
i will never forgive pb for making jonas a non-li
#did i log in just to post that? yes#am i replaying distant shores? yes#on the other hand i’m kinda enjoying slow burn so far#yvette is my queen brick chef i love her#also foreign affairs is coming to an end soon#already missing tatum mendoza holy shit#you best bet i chose him to make a fake sex tape with lol#as much as i know making him jealous by choosing blaine instead would be delicious#i just couldn’t pass the opportunity#you know what other shameful things i’ve been playing these days?#litg season 3 boat party 😔 ye i know....#it’s surprisingly not bad lmao#the mistake was restarting season 3 and now i’m boread as fuck all over again#but boat party is a pleasant surprise i actually didn’t mind it#also played the latest update of mindblind!!#was a short update but a good one no less#can’t wait to see more kent zarneki hehe#what else have i been going on about?#i’m really struggling through a very scandalous proposal idk if i’ll continue that lol but i get bugged if i see unfinished books#so :/ idk we’ll see#oh and and i heard kodan is finally out!!#gonna download that soon and play it again#gon see my man yakov hehehehehehhehe#but well the thing about kotsam is that i don’t have a fixed mc so :/ i should probably figure one out maybe#okay what else#this is a whole rant lol i generally dive into many things all at once if my head is in a messy place#so as you can probably tell i’m playing/replaying a lot of things rn#i’ve been brainstorming some ideas for edith the past few days too#since im slowly... slowly backing away from twc and ub i kinda want to create a divergent path for her#create my own canon if you will - just for the fun of it since mishka’s taking a while to get the next book up
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artsyorangeykay · 6 days ago
How are you and how are you holding up after the finale?
Me personally? Could be a lot better. Could be a lot worse.
In regards to the finale, I stopped watching the volume after aboooout episode 2, and from there either read itsclydebitches’ thorough and thoughtful recaps (which I can and do recommend) or let someone else tell me what happened to save myself some sanity. Which, from what all I’ve heard, isn’t the worst option I could have chosen (the best choice imo would have been to not at all watch or listen and live blissfully ignorant for the rest of my days-but hindsight ya know? Lol)
But to sum up: im fine since I didn’t watch it, but based on recaps and what my friends have had to say about fit—that was so fucking dumb. Hey crwbs? That was bad. What the fuck that was bad. Also that’s it? That’s it??? That’s the big face off?? That’s so dumb. That’s so bad. What the fuck. Hey RT? What the fuck.
Anyway -tosses v7 and v8 out the window into the garbage- in one of my better energy moods I’d like to start drawing a short comic of Qrow accidentally getting sent the wrong video clip from Glynda while he’s on a mission (it was supposed to be something from Ozpin relevant to insert mission here) but instead the clip is an old recording of young James in a chair, singing a book to sleeping Winter on one side of him in the chair, and a barely awake trying to sing along with him toddler Weiss on the other side of him.
Or just more of pseudo dad James with the Schnee kids because I’m so weak for it. Always have been.
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nope-body · 6 days ago
My parents have been having a Talk with my sister for at least an hour and a half now, and I’m barely avoiding a panic attack just because I’m listening to a comfort song on repeat with noise canceling headphones.
And I used to think that I didn’t have trauma.
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Weird question but it's been on my mind and I have no friends. How critical do you think you need to be of the media you consume espically when you're into things from like the 80s where alot of questionable things weren't called out as much?
I mean, very critical, I think? Like you have to be aware of the context of when and where those things happened.
That reminds me of two videos I saw, that oddly enough both involve Mötley Crüe and stereotypes of asian people: one was a commercial about this Asian guy playing as a mad scientist of some sorts with a very thick and cartoonish accent who invented a machine to predict if an album was gonna sell or whatever the fuck, where he'd make listen Shout At The Devil to some boomers and if they hated it, that'd mean it's gonna be a hit (I mean, solid point but could've gone without the very racist stereotype ykwim?), and the other is when Nikki and Vince hosted Headbanger's Ball back in... somewhere in the early 90s? I forgot the year specifically, but that doesn't really matter. Point is that Nikki was going on about how Vince is very fluent in Japanese and I immediately thought "no wait that's so cool--" but I forgot that we were in the 80s/90s and Vince was just yabbering making incoherent noises trying to imitate an asian language I guess and I was legit facepalming bc it was so cringey and stupid and wrong oh my god and I was like "pls just shut up"🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
But at the same, that's what the 80s were all about, I guess? Like everything I've seen from that decade is extremely exaggerated and cartoonish (I might be a little biased bc all I've seen from that period are Crüe/hair metal mv lmao) so I just kind of accept it for what it is, bc even though a lot of the things that were done back then are questionable, there's not much we can do about it now, what matters more is that we moved on and improved as a society from that point. Like, when you consume media that are from a time period so different from the current one, I think it's important to both know when to turn off your brain so you can enjoy it without a care because in that precise moment you need a distraction but at the same time turn it on again when it's necessary to be aware that it wasn't perfect and some of the things said and done weren't good.
Like, you can enjoy a literature classic but also be aware that it might have some racist or sexist stereotypes: you have to both recognize it's a good story but also that it has its short comings due to the context and time it was written in. You have to be critical about the things you love, otherwise you'll never be able to face how reality is, which is made not of black and white, but rather shades of gray
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I know it’s apparently bad to exposition dump too much, but really I still think MANY tv shows, movies, etc. don’t do it ENOUGH. Which I know could just be me, since I always care about lore and worldbuilding 10x more than I’ve ever cared about silly plot events or little characters lol, but.. even taking into account that most people just want something to get emotionally invested in (rather than solely plain cold details like me), don’t you still need SOME information to do that? Can people really care about things just because the story does/characters do with no context???? 
 Especially with fantasy there’s so much stuff that’s just so vague.. “we’re hunting down all mages!! they all must die!” Why? what did they do? what is the reasoning? why murder instead of any other method you could use to deal with them? “the great evil shall sweep the land!!” WHY though?? what does the evil want? how does it work? why is it only destroying this area specifically? “we have to win the great battle!” WHY? what is the battle for? who started it? who benefits from it?  “something something because of prophecy!!” why is prophecy important in this world? who wrote it? why do people care? have they come true in the past? etc. etc. etc. I’m just literally incapable of caring even the smallest amount about a ~conflict~ in the story if there’s no reasoning given, or if the reasoning is just kind of obscure like ‘well mages are bad because they’re.. uh.. scary!!’ or ‘one kid died once in a magic accident in our village’, maybe this is an unpopular opinion from an overly analytical detail obsessed hermit but I’d MUCH rather have something bogged down and “”boring”” with TOO many details than something vague and shallow because they never bother to give a (good) explanation to anything ghgh
#this could also stem from me not really empathizing with characters/anything in media/etc. though#whenever I do actually make time to sit and watch something I notice I usually view it again from a more analytical and detached lens#to me the little details and world lore and practical facts and etc. are the most important part#plot comes second and characters last. I mean I can think a character is decently written or something but I never relate to them#to emotionally attach to them. I guess theoretically if someone heavily empathises with characters maybe it IS enough that the characters#care about it? like they don't need a practical in-world lore explanation reason to care#they care about the conflict because the main character does and they're emotionally invested in what the main character is also#invested in or etc.#And i know - obviously- things in fantasy don't all have to make sense. there's an inherent suspension of disbelief - but I guess my thing#is that like.. it can BE completely nonsensical BUT that nonsense should still be rooted somewhere. The world - even if it works#nothing like how ours does - should feel deep and internally consistent. even if some things are  a stretch it should 'make sense' by it's#own logic and feel like there's a REASON things are happening (and like.. a reason actually founded in something other than#'idk evil wizard woke up one day and decided it' lol)#Anyway this is also why I never watch things hgjhgjh everytime I actually decide to engage with media I walk away from it with 10000 things#to say like 'THIS didn't make sense and also WHY did this happena nd also THAT was weird and also...' gjhgjhgjhb#kind of like how people say kids are annoying because they ask ''why'' to everything? that's still me with everything as an adult lol#I don't have many friends (and especially not with personalities similar to mine) but I always feel the need to go rant to someone for an ho#ur after watching anything. not even in a negative way like 'I am just too hostile and evil to enjoy media UwU' (though I am indeed#hostile and evil in many ways... bastardly old wizard energy) but more in a like... cognitive way?? or an intellectual way? I'm not mad at#the material or upset or genuinely like invested emotionally in my criticisms of it but more like.. it's kind of like a puzzle my brain has#to figure out and process. In a distant way I want to try to make sense of all the things that don't make any sense and try to understand#how the show came to the conclusions it did or why it chose to be written that way and etc. etc. - if that makes sense?#I'm not angry that a plotline was silly (I will move on and forget it even exists like 3 days after watching) BUT I do want to understand#it and try to analyze to myself why my brain personally found it silly and if that was intentional because That's Just How Writing IS#or if it's not actually silly and is just me having kill joy detail obsessed hater disorder lol#ANYWAY this was put in my drafts months ago I don't even remember what it was about but.. yea... I still agreee with my past self lol#long post
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oasis-of-you · 9 days ago
#yes i have noticed a pattern in my emotions#yes i am indeed venting on here again what’s new#yes i am having a crying session alone in my bed j. the dark. at night#and yes i am reading the wikipedia page on indian history to cope#wow wikipedia is now more comforting than a fuckin person what in the fuck#basically i have to do a Social thing tomorrow#and i know i’m going to feel angry and invalid and stupid and degraded when i go there#but i still enjoy some of my time with those people#and i don’t wanna cause a scene and cancel last minute because i literally have no excuse#but like i’ll be thrown off my balance and control of being alone in my own room#where outside factors can’t really do much because there are none#it do be just me myself and i#and so going there will make it so there are bajillions of external factors and thousands of negative outcomes#and yes i may feel happy but i will also definitely feel sad#and i can make myself happier than those people can#so is it really worth it#but then again if i use that logic to be asocial my whole life i’ll literally just be a loner#i think#i just described social anxiety by the book definition#and i’m not therapist or mental illness specialist but like.#i also read the bpd and did and anxiety and depression wikipedia pages before this#i have this cycle of always just being happy for a few days and then something messes it up and i fr sad and then i cry alone in my bed in#and the. i’m calmed and the next morning it’s better and only a few days later the something is terribly wrong feeling coms back#and then it repeats#welp at least i cut my hair pretty short now so there’s at least a physical change#today has just been SO F U C K I N G!!! tiring emotionally#i was an anxious wreck before i got my haircut and then i kinda had to be a support system for someone and i love them#but at the same time i wasn’t really stable to support myself forget supporting another#NAD THEN THE PERSON I WAS KINDA RELYING ON JUDT IGNORED MY VVENTING#thanks for the therapy sesh tumblr
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klavierbi · 9 days ago
every time i see someone speak vehemently against the catcher in the rye my appreciation for the book grows 10% stronger
#if you're reading it only through the lens of whether you condone holden's actions or not YOU'RE READING IT THE WRONG WAY#like it is literally a character study. the POINT is that holden is flawed and complex. ALSO HE'S A TEENAGER#everyone who says 'i distrust people who identify with holden'... how many people have you met who genuinely do that. how many#and like... it is not a bad thing to relate to holden a Little Bit?? controversial opinion i GUESS but like. the whole book has these#themes of isolation & feeling alienated from your peers#which i'm pretty sure most people can understand at some point in their life#so even if you do relate to holden my first instinct would... not be to think that you're a Bad Person for it. like wtf#and like... whatever. holden doesn't make the best decisions. he is also a kid with a considerable amount of baggage who is clearly#struggling emotionally thruout the book. i don't know.#it's fine to dislike it of course that's just personal preference but i'm tired of seeing ppl say that enjoying the book is a red flag#or whatever... like it's. good. it's a good book. every character has such a distinct voice also unreliable narrator stories are INTERESTING#sorry i just. keep seeing bad takes online <3#i have more thoughts about this actually. idk if it was just my english classes but i feellike. ppl will just refuse to empathize w characte#characters* when it comes to analyzing them. yes i am still mad about how my 10th grade class discussed the kafka unit.#'inara you just have bad taste' i watched glee. you can't hurt me. i know this already x#anyways yeah sorry if u disagree with this. spending so much time on social media these months has desensitized me to posting potentially#lukewarm takes#phae.txt#OKAY i have to get back to finishing my project.#WOWWWW edit: i did not realize how chunky these tags were.
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sysig · 12 days ago
Realizing belatedly that I can't add images to an ask. lol oh Well. (I made a quick doodle of them as fairies. XD) Scriabin, or Edgar.
Ahh, yeah, you can only add images to replies hah. Sounds cute tho, and I do have submissions open uou
I’m assuming this is for this ask meme? This one’s unfair, it switches back and forth between them so even I’m not sure at any given point which one’s my favourite. I’ve been more sympathetic towards Edgar, especially in the past, and he’s very rewarding to draw. And Scriabin is a complete enigma to me, I have every reason in the world to hate him and yet I love him, and I’ve talked at length about how beautiful I find his design, whether Before or After. I stopped counting after I got into the several hundreds of doodles but they were tied at one point and I’m really not sure who’s taken the lead by now, it’s anyone’s game
I think I’ll have to give it Scriabin this time, even in a low mood I’m still excited to see him
#metamorphmigus#I got confused since I'm used to ask games being tied to the blog they're reblogged to lol#Scriabin wins this round but like all battles it doesn't reflect the wider war#They're a package deal can you really expect me to pick#I also partially chose him because I chose Edgar in a reaction comic from the first time around lol#They're tied once more!#I can't even really say that I've doodled one or the other more most recently - the latest was them together as usual#And even the solos from before that were both of them by themselves so *shruggles* They are tied in all things#They excel in their specificity - although Scriabin does stand out as a bit of a beautiful mess#I don't know how to compliment him in the way that I mean without making it sound detractive lol#I really do mean that I should hate him but I don't - the amount of elements that make him utterly repellent to my sensibilities are plenty#And yet he is incredibly compelling and endearing#It's the juxtaposition#Edgar by contrast is harder to hate - but the reasons that I love him aren't in opposition to his natures#It's the specificity the specificity *waves*#All that said I'm still recharging on Vargas - I'm still happy to talk about it haha but it is tiring now rather than energizing#Part of why I've pulled back as much as I have hah - still love it but am in need a good rest uou#Vargas#Thanks for the ask ♪ I do enjoy ask games#And of course there's no cap on asks lol if it sounds fun please join in
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mikeyfuckinway · 13 days ago
i am a: girlfriend boyfriend
seeking: boyfriend who will also let me call him my girlfriend 
#aries.txt#my relationship with gender is incredibly complex and it bleeds into the way i desire to interact with people romantically#i enjoy Men but i also enjoy the idea of them sharing some degree of gender nonconformity with me#mostly in language thats where most of my gender nonconformity manifests#i think its bc i dont really associate my physical form with my gender or anyone elses for that matter#i enjoy appearing in ways considered feminine but i dont associate that with being a woman or even the concept of femininity#like ofc i know this is a feminine appearance but i dont make the connection of me being a feminine person if u get what i mean#i just look the way i look and i enjoy when other people look a certain way#and that certain way tends to be how men look but i do also enjoy women a lot#it is interesting#sometimes i desire to be a boyfriend with a boyfriend that i also call my girlfriend#and like. maybe that is just a cis man that i am calling my girlfriend#i dont necesarrivly care abt his actual identity#its more that i desire another person to share in my destruction of gendered labels and share in the practice of using-#woman gendered terms for men and man gendered terms for women#i dont want to destroy the terms girlfriend and boyfriend i like them#i just want to destroy the way people think about them and just view them the same way we view pronouns like how the internet does#they dont necessarily signify gender its more about the words and sounds u like#girlfriend#boyfriend#gender
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