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#but why is it single handedly the sexiest thing
ateezjuno · 2 months ago
+𝙍𝙚𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙥 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝘼𝙩𝙚𝙚𝙯+
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sharing clothes with each other because Hongjoong is actually not that bigger than Juno😩
*inserts that one iconic vlive where Hongjoong accidentally wore Juno’s hot pink adidas slides😭*
Juno is the one member that Hongjoong can actually control a bit, so she’s usually the one trying to calm down the other members as well
“Hongjoong said you guys need to stop fooling around cause we need to go on stage in 3 min”
✨Both obsessed with each other✨
lots of 3am dates, when Juno helps Hongjoong with his English, and he helps her with her songwriting skills
“But Juno, I don’t think having lyrics like “you’re eyes remind me of big chocolate pancakes” is gonna make any person listening to it moved-
Juno likes to initiate the back hugs and affection first (cause she’s most comfortable with doing it first)
*confidently smacks Hongjoongs ass on a live broadcast*
He’s ready to clap back at any interviewer, manager, person, or anti who dare harms his baby
*Juno in that one vlive* “Hongjoong oppa said that my lyric skills are so bad, he won’t ever give me a chance at writing a song😃 I still love him haha🥲”
Teaching the boy how to play her drum set, only for Hongjoong to send the drum sticks flying in the air-
Juno obsessing over hands sizes with Joong (aka her clowning him cause she has longer fingers than him)
Doing each other’s nails together
supporting/being aware of global wide issues
single handedly destroying the patriarchy together😌👏🏼
Tumblr media
lol we don’t do that “Seonghwa is the protector of Juno” shit over here
JUNO is the motherfuckin night in shining armor for Seonghwa
“What did you just say to my mom?”
Literally, she’ll be on the watch and getting ready to clap back at Wooyeong or any other member who attacks her princess (princesses, if you include Minki as well)
cause she’s the only one that can make fun of him😎
Juno smiling and laughing from hearing Seonghwa’s very cute and improving English
Naps in seonghwas lap as he plays with her hair
Seonghwa constantly being on the lookout for Juno’s profanity and sexual dance moves
*shields Juno from a mediocre kiss scene in a drama with his hands*
also Juno *removes seonghwa’s hands so that she can keep watching😏*
Watching kdramas together in bed, while chewing gum and seeing who can make the biggest one
Juno teaching seonghwa how to bake her mom’s cookie recipe (and him making them for his mom later on🥺)
Hwa blushing and being flattered from Juno’s bouquet of geraniums she made for him in her flower class (only to find out that they used to hold the meaning of “stupidity”)
Seonghwa has a lot of respect for Juno, and sometimes Hongjoong teases him for acting like the younger one when Juno’s around
the MOST wholesome couple of this group💗
“I’m so scared of Seonghwa when he performs though, I just don’t know which demon is gonna pop out of him every time-”
Tumblr media
goofy besties💙
Both love to give hugs to each other (with Juno being a big spoon)
comparing hand sizes and thumb sizes
“no way, my thumb is twice as big as yours)
“Nuh uh, so not true!”
Besties that twerk together, stay together😌
nudging their noses together cause it’s a Junho thing:)
Dude, she got PISSED when they were on their American tour together and they went to the local gas station to get some snacks after one concert, and Yunho got hit on and eventually got this girls number
Juno: *aggresively rips up the number written on paper*
*traps Yunho against the wall* “you’re mine”
Just as he is for everyone else in the group, Yunho is definitely her energizer and vitamin on a bad day
oof they used to have this predebut fued with each other to see who was the better dancer🙄
She’ll get upset or worried about some things, but the boy will always be there to assure her she’ll be just fine
the excuse: “I just wanted to see how they looked on me😅🤫”
always giving her unexpected cheek kisses, that there was even this one time where Juno turned her head around as he was leaning in for a kiss and she SCREAMED
“wHy are yOu trying to kIss me!?”
*yunho getting shy* “i jUst wAntEd tO sEe if I hAd bad bReath-”
lots of video game sessions with one another, and a whole lot of screaming into their headsets-
lowkey the most competitive🤔
Tumblr media
No thoughts, head empty except for Juno always wiping Yeosangs mouth with her thumb when he eats and get stuff on his lips-
“baby Yeosang”
She just randomly picks up this boy and runs around with him on her back, shouting out loud how much of a cutie he is
Yeosang and Juno like to pat each other’s back, or softly link pinkies during interviews or really large public events (cause Juno may seem like a people person, but the crowds can scare her a bit, so Yeosang does it to show that he’s always there for her)
💐🌼✨flower power buddies✨🌼💐
“You know I’m older than you right?”
*Juno pretending she didn’t hear* “huh?”
ok but the girl keeps hurting yeosang on accident that there’s even been compilations pls-
It’s not like she wants to, but Yeosang’s has been punched, kicked, slapped, and had his nose shoved up by Juno’s nails before...
Ok so she was originally workout buddies with Woosan, but DAMN she’s been working out real hard with muscle man over here
lowkey just stares at Yeosang’s biceps and arm muscles as he lifts weights like 🤤
Teaches Juno how to skateboard (a shit ton of Juno being very shy and cute, and also her just yelling “IF YOU LET GO IM LETTING GO OF THIS FRIENDSHIP”)
bruh she’s so violent and fierce and for what- it’s just skateboarding like sweetie calm down😩
Tumblr media
bro even their ship name is so cute😩
confident gays at maximum power
She’s probably brought him to one of her pole dancing lessons once, and got pissed off that the teacher liked him so much
talking to each other in their hometown satoori’s, and constantly bickering about which terms are correct and whatnot
the two people guilty of always walking around without a shirt on (dw she’s got her sports bra on folks🙄....... #freethenipple)
Avoiding anything San drank because that kid backwashes everything-
sharing each other’s food (it always starts with “just one bite”)
San is always making fun of her voice, and always imitates it so much. It’s his form of therapy-
Jusan when they perform: ⛓🥵💀💣☄️🔥
Jusan when they cuddle with each other: ✨🥺💒🌷🍄
San probably knows Juno the best in the group, so he knows when she’s about to cry, when’s she having a hard time, when she’s so overwhelmed etc.
And the best medicine for that is a hug from shiber and Sannie🥺 or even just softly holding hands
a lil jealous because he’s labeled as one of the “sexiest” members along with wooyeong, so she’s always trying her best to make every single atiny infatuated with her and bow down to “her majesty the sexy one”
*sigh* that’s what she says I just write this shit down😏
Tumblr media
Juno: “pls shut up”
Mingi: “thank you my queen”
But it’s okay, us atiny’s still have the 1021 fan compilations of Minju being cute, crackhead siblings
both targets for being a bit slow at some things
Mingi: “wait, 10x10 is 100 right? Just making sure”
Juno: “omg no it’s not”
Also Juno: *proceeds to justify how 10x10 is 110*🤡
the only person she’ll share her gum with when she’s in a good mood
Mingi: can I have one Juno?🥺
Juno: *shoves the whole pack of gum into his hands*
Ok wait but why is it that Mingi’s always declining Juno’s calls-
Literally in every vlive: “Oh! Everyone, I got a call from Juno!”
*declines the call and smiles in I’m gonna get smacked when I get home pls send some hearts one heart equals one prayer omfg save me*
just kidding just kidding🤪
ok but Mingi’s so soft for Juno, he can’t do anything to hurt that girl. He loves her too much to ever let her go, and would probably make her the godmother of his child
Whereas Juno would make Mingi the really tall, sweet, and fun uncle her child can always lean on🥺
Many thoughts, head full of Mingi copying Juno’s “oh gosh” in English when something happens
Lmaoo just imagine this big boy walking around saying “oH gOsh” in the most cutest accent🥺😩😭
lots of good ol forehead kisses
Mingi bursting his uwu’s when he sees Juno wear his clothes as a dress cause she’s ₛₘₒₗ
Tumblr media
Juno🤝Wooyeong: being the loudest kids in this group
sweater paws🐾
a suspicious amount of butt smacks-
lingering blushes, and sincere stares into each other’s eyes when they sleep side by side next to each other
singing softly to woo when he has a bad day and can’t sleep🛏
he’s probably her go to vlive buddy tho, cause the two shitheads love to annoy their managers behind the camera
Lots of cheek kisses from the boi, and stomach rubs cause he loves her belly🤗
He’s probably walked in on the girl showering once and was like: can I join?
Juno: no you may certainly not-
Bro she probably hates him but loves him too much to hate him yk what I mean?
the biggest aegyo hater when Juno does it-
“It’s so hilarious that you think you’re cute”
Juno: 😠I’m telling Hongjoong you said that, just wait until you feel his fiery wrath of smolness
Hongjoong: 😦
The never ending fight for Wooyeong’s love ft. Juno and San
San: “Who the fuck do you think you are?”
Juno: “wooyeong’s husband, now get away from my man”🔫💪🏼
LOTS of sexual tension if you know what I mean, like im not even talking about stolen cheek kisses or lingering touches, I’m talking about intense glares and stares when they perform
matching hickeys from different (or possibly the same) people
me rn: 🤪🥲😃😭🤭😦😬
Tumblr media
✨✨the exclusive couple✨✨
Juno’s specialty in the group is to baby each and every single boy even when they’re older than her. But with Jongho, bro she’ll put a mf bib on him when he eats💀
“hey baby”
Jongho: *has a crisis on whether he’s a baby or an adult baby*
they got their own secret handshake that the others want in on, but they never include them in
“It’s for maknaes only”😌
Imagine Jongho hitting them high and delicate notes in their songs, and Juno coming in with her deep ass voice and singing with him as well-
the amount of times Juno has called Jongho from her hotel room while on tour, asking him if he wanted fries at 2:am is ASTRONOMICAL
“Hey bestie! ready for another day of annoying our group members and asserting dominance as the unstoppable youngests?”😃
*high fives each other*
“You bet bestie!”😉
Couple sweaters (ft. jealous Ateez cause Jongho NEVER does that shit with them)
Arm wrestling matches where Juno always loses but still insists that she won
“My hips are my strongest weapon so that’s not fair Jongho, how am I supposed to beat you?”
Neck kisses, and whispers in each other’s ear
“Borrowing” his charger all the time
Almost like Juno’s brother and a second son to her parents🥺
Her only excuse for the shit she does is “I’m older than you”😌
Has probably eaten more than a hundred of the apples Jongho breaks with his bare hands
Always supporting and taking care of one another with the small things (giving them their sweater when they’re cold, sending them happy birthday texts right at midnight, and leaving the last chicken wing for them, even when Yeosang wants it😩)
JJ ENTERTAINMENT😏 we would love to see it
(Copyright 2021 © ateezjuno // all rights reserved)
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hotdamnhunnam · 5 months ago
Five Shades of Hunnam
President • King • Captain • Pilot • Gentleman
A/N: SO PSYCHED to be writing this crazy filthy crossover fantasy based on the below request for getting gang-banged* by five versions of Charlie!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Note: Though this fic is part of my 500 Followers Kinkfest Celebration, this first installment is kinkless and fun, so I’m just tagging everyone 😅  But I will only tag my kinkfest-specific tag list in the second. Hope you’ll enjoy Part 1!!!
Pairings: Jax Teller + King Arthur + Will Miller + Raleigh Becket + Raymond Smith ... x Reader Warnings: smut, swearing, dirty talk, rough sex, gang bang* (5 on 1), *NOT gang r*pe – fully consensual, reader enjoys getting ravaged in every hole 🙃 Request: Kinkfest request from @itsme-autumn (winner of this poll that I posted for which fic to write next!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
GIFs by misterhunnam | hunnamsource | charllehunnam
“...Bitch, did you really just describe this as a damn glitch in the fabric of the universe?!”
You cannot wrap your mind around the words.
Let alone the fact that you are standing here, before a spitting image of yourself, who inexplicably appeared. It’s strange as hell. Like staring in a clean crystalline mirror, only clearer.
Your clone snaps back. She even sounds like you, and acts the way you act, pouting and placing both her hands upon her hips just as you do. “Excuse me bitch, you think I wanna be here?! I’m just telling you the truth. No need to be so fucking rude.”
You roll your eyes and heave a sigh. “I just don’t get it. So the universe is all broken and shit?”
“Well, technically the multiverse. You know how there are infinite dimensions of existence in which every possibility occurs? Apparently your neurons are extremely powerful and something burst. Your brain’s a badass motherfucker.”
“But that’s insane,” you tell her stubbornly. “If it were true, why would I summon you? I have no reason for another me. Honestly. If I could, I would much rather summon fifty shades of Charlie Hunnam with the power of my brain.”
At the thought, your clone giggles and gasps enthusiastically. “Oh my God—that is such an amazing idea, actually...” she claps her hands in fangirl glee. Of course this otherworldly version of yourself is equally obsessed with Charlie.
But before you can say anything more, to your inter-dimensional visitor... she suddenly just disappears. Like she was never here. You’re alone once again, like this shit never happened.
... yet that only lasts for a second. The next big event of this afternoon goes beyond anything you could have ever imagined.
“What—who the fuck are you supposed to be?” you hear a familiar voice from behind you at the other end of the room. Unmistakably Jax Teller’s resonant boom, raised to a raging volume. “Are you all, like, inferior versions of me? Where the hell even are we?”
You incredulously turn around, toward the sound. Then find yourself face to face, literally... with five incarnations of your favorite celebrity. Surrounded by five different versions of Charlie.
Like... actually? This cannot be reality. But damn, it sure as hell feels fifty shades of real...
Fifty versions of Hunnam at once would have been way too many to take. Whereas five shades...? You hope you can deal.
But you have no clue just how fucking real shit is about to feel.
Jax. Arthur. Will. Raymond. Raleigh.
You recognize them instantly, from all the shows and movies that you’ve seen. Brought to life from the screen. Fuck, they’re so fucking beautiful. Here in the presence of multiple versions of Charlie, you’re wetter than you’ve ever been, naturally. Just look at these goddamn gorgeous bastards. Heart starts beating faster, brain functioning slowly. If even at all. Not at all, probably.
Now that your subconscious has taken the liberty of tapping into your newly discovered powers—to summon a whole damn collection of Charlies—you spend the next half hour, obviously, doing your best to play cool. But it’s such a damn struggle to try not to drown in a puddle of fangirling drool.
You attempt to describe to them all what happened—at least as far as you can even understand. Truth is you really can’t. And whatever went down, you can’t just snap your fingers and flip it around; as it turns out, your powers don’t work on demand...
So the fate of these five shades of Hunnam is out of your hands.
Jax, the stubborn and self-righteous President, deeply resents anything that he can’t comprehend and command. Runs a palm across his slicked back hair to make sure that he still has control over his long blonde strands. From where he stands, this whole situation is massively fucking uncool.
Poor King Arthur is stunned and just staring at you like the court’s fucking fool. To His Majesty, this is a mystical travesty, set into play by the sorcerous powers that be; this absurd twist of destiny just seems capricious and cruel.
Captain Miller is pacing the room with the mindset that he might be able to master the mystery of multiverse travel, take it all under his total control, if only he could just get his competent hands on the right kinds of weapons and power tools.
Meanwhile Mr. Raymond Smith, the impeccable gentleman he is, hasn’t yet said a word while pondering these most peculiar circumstances. Standing still against the far wall, pushing up his glasses. Styled so well like a professor at the world’s sexiest school.
And robot pilot Raleigh Becket is just desperate to be helpful. Determined to fight his way through this whole inter-dimensional system—work out solutions to this problem, to find a way back home for all of them... but sadly can’t even get started on tackling this battle until he makes sense of the rules.
Once you’re finally done with your nonsensical explanation, five identical pairs of beautifully blue eyes blink at you for a solid ten seconds. The five different flavors of alpha male energy radiating off of all of them got the room crackling with tension.
“ you’re saying we’re stuck in this far-off dimension?” Jax reckons. “Some random girl’s bedroom?”
In the meantime King Arthur surveys the space with his imperial gaze. Needless to say, there were none of those twenty-first century accessories back in his day, in the faraway realm where he came from. “This seems such a strange little kingdom...”
“She’s not a girl, really,” then chimes in the bashful yet bold voice of Raleigh, in reply to the word Jax had used to describe you. With his puppy dog eyes wide and bright as the sky, big and blue, he’s the babiest version of Charlie. The most wholesome Hunnam. “She’s a fully grown woman. And clearly a powerful one.”
Captain Will interjects, with a shake of his hard ‘iron’ head. “There’s nothing clear about this shit. Power only goes so far as we can control it. Y/N can’t even comprehend what she just did.”
Wait—did the captain just call you Y/N? You turn toward him then, more than a little spooked, and fucking shook. “I never said...”
“It’s on the cover of your notebook, babe,” he casually explains, nodding toward the journal on the nearby table where your name is written clear and plain. You feel stupid as fuck. “When I want information I know where to look.”
Golden Retriever Boy Becket is bristling again. “Since when did Y/N become ‘babe’?”
“Oh, come on—now your gallantry’s just gotten tiresome,” the last of five similar voices now finally joins in: Raymond, ever the gentleman, gracious but often impatient. “There are many words far worse than ‘babe’. I sincerely respect your respect for women, but there’s really no need to wrap every damn thing in red tape.”
“Are you all finished shooting the shit?” Jax addresses the room in a furious hiss, standing tall with both hands on his hips, slick pink tongue darting out as he licks his lips. “Look, back at home I’ve got serious business—”
“We all do,” Captain Miller interrupts before the President can finish. “And if you’d just quit huffing and puffing for one fucking minute, you’d see that the multiverse doesn’t revolve around you.”
“Yeah, well my club does, so the multiverse can kiss my ass.”
Oh hell yes, your inner fangirl cannot help but gasp—Jax Teller is the motherfucking President of Sass. And it would be a privilege for the multiverse to kiss his luscious ass... 
Somehow you shut your mouth and stop yourself from saying that aloud, maintaining some semblance of dignity and class.
A few seconds of awkward silence pass.
“Perhaps we should just let Y/N take a moment to process and focus,” Ray calmly proposes. “This young lady did single-handedly summon us to her dimension. If anyone can send us home, she’s the one.”
Raleigh is in support of that notion, and rises above the insult he had recently taken from Raymond. No quarrel is worth compromising his morals. “That’s right, Y/N. But we are all here to help you however we can.”
Ugh, God. You simply cannot with these five equally hot, and yet so vastly different, versions of this same painfully perfect man...
Before you can attempt to take Raymond and Raleigh’s suggestion, to sit down and focus on using your brainwaves to send these man back to their proper dimensions... President Teller interrupts, again. “Whoa, hold up—what the fuck is this crap on your laptop?!”
... Oh, shit. Why did he have to notice? Your computer is right on your desk; before getting into this mess, you had closed it. But Jax just presumptuously flipped it open, as if a goddamn google search could provide all the answers for which he’s so desperately hoping.
Which means... now he’s seen more than he needs to see. Moments before your first visitor had popped into your room so unexpectedly, you’d just been shamelessly indulging in rewatching Season 7 of Sons of Anarchy. Focusing on some of the leading man’s best moments. Naturally.
The current episode is paused right in the middle of Jax Teller’s final sex scene. So emblazoned on your laptop screen... the whole room sees the gloriously naked ass of Charlie.
You gulp, gasping for air as Jax threatens to slay you with his savage ice-blue stare. “J-Jax—I can explain, I swear...”
“Bitch, I don’t care—”
“Don’t lay a hand on her,” cuts in the valiant King Arthur, crossing the room to stand beside you as he reaches for the sword sheathed at his side: mighty Excalibur. “Don’t dare. Have you no honor?”
Jax takes a few steps back, appalled, but not at all intimidated by the king’s attack. On impulse, his hand falls toward the gun kept in his holster. “What, you think I’m gonna hurt her?”
Arthur smolders, shielding you behind the broad frame of his shoulders. “A reckless knave like you? No telling what you’d do. Wager it wouldn’t be the first time you’ve committed bloody murder?”
“No, it wouldn’t,” you butt in, startling the whole room with your sudden interruption. “But... that’s also true for all the rest of you.”
The five men turn to face you now and blink in unison, in sync in their confusion. All the truths about them all that you already knew... they haven’t got a clue.
“Or most of you, at least,” you add, after a pause, realizing that you’re not completely certain as to one or two. But they have all had tortured pasts. They all have flaws, even the sweet angelic Raleigh. As have all characters ever played by Charlie.
These men don’t know you’ve seen their lives portrayed in movies. But you can thankfully pull up the videos for them to see. And so that’s what you’ll do—to try and prove to them that every word you’ve said is true, that they can trust you. That you’re innocent in this whole crazy situation, honestly...
Even if there is nothing innocent about your filthy fangirl fantasies. But that... that’s a whole other story. It has to be. They never need to know that all your dreams about these men are so damn dirty. Straight up nasty.
So you tell yourself, at least. Just keep it classy. Keep it classy...
For as long as you can, here among five different versions of this sex god of a man, you’ll do your damnedest to contain your naughty fantasies. Otherwise shit is bound to get all kinds of messy.
Never mind the fact that that’s exactly what you want to happen. Desperately.
Arthur squints at the screen, still unable to process the technology he’s seeing. More preoccupied with that, than with the firm contours of Charlie’s flawless ass. “But what manner of sorcery...”
“You have got to be shitting me,” Jax groans disgustedly. “My ass is on display for all the world to see. Did all of their movies involve scenes like these?”
You shake your head as you hit pause on Sons of Anarchy to move on to another film, Pacific Rim. “No, Charlie’s not a cheap actor,” you answer him. By now they’re all familiar with this concept of the film star known as Charles Matthew Hunnam. “He hates getting dirty on screen. And you’re by far the biggest whore of all his characters.”
Well, shit. You regret it as soon as you’ve said it.
You clear your throat and try to walk it back. “I mean...”
But there’s no getting past Jax. Obviously. “The fuck did you just say to me?”
“I—I’m sorry...”
“No you’re not, bitch. But you will be.” 
Fuck the way that made your pussy twitch. Right now you don’t dare to make eye contact with Jax because you’re dying for the man to fuck you silly.
Meanwhile Arthur still can’t get over the wonders of technology. “This magic vision box just kills me...”
Will seems to have had quite enough of all this nonsense. Doesn’t even care to see his own on-screen portrayal, to be honest. “Are we seriously gonna spend all our time in another dimension just watching TV? Think there are better things to do than see our own asses in crap movies...”
Hearing those words from him, you stop before starting Pacific Rim and glance around the room. “Um. Anybody want some coffee?” 
No one answers at first. Silence so tense it hurts.
“...Tea?” you continue, as they all just blink at you. “I’m sorry, Mr. Smith, but I don’t own expensive whiskey. Please forgive me.”
Raymond pushes up his spectacles and smiles in a subtle way that practically just ripped your panties off. “Oh, not to worry, love. Tea’s fine with me.”
Now did he just say tea’s, or was it... tease? You’re suddenly weak in the knees. 
“Oh, fuck the tea,” Jax grunts aggressively. “I think it’s pretty obvious by now that Y/N brought us here to live out some insane filthy fantasy. Honestly, think I could go for some hot cross-dimensional pussy.”
That shit gets Raleigh Becket fucking angry. While the President’s dirty words just made you wet and wild and weak, the righteous pilot is too furious to even speak...
But Arthur gives voice to the thoughts they have in common, eager to defend the honor of a woman. “That is no way to address a lady—”
Yet that doesn’t stop Jax from pushing on with his attack. “Tell me, baby. Do you want us to treat you like a lady...? Or whip out all five of our cocks and just go fucking crazy?”
Now you’re hopeless and hazy. Thankfully don’t need to respond with your mouth. And you can’t. Because hot damn, with five shades of Hunnam... there’s only one thing that you want. There was never a doubt.
They’re all here in your room and you don’t even understand how...
But it’s going down right fucking now.
... Continued in Part 2!
Hope you enjoyed this, and would love to hear if you did!! ❤️
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fytheuntamed · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Untamed Wardrobes (3/?) // Jiang Cheng + eps 25 - 28
More pictures, commentary, and general nonsense under the cut!
Just a little disclaimer before I get into it; i did play around with the colors of the outfit in the actual edit part of this post, so if you notice some differences in color between the pictures above and the pictures below, that’s why. The pictures posted under this read more have been edited to better show the details, but unless otherwise stated, the colors themselves have been left alone.
First things first, some full body shots! One of my favorite things about the clothing in this show is that it’s very flowy and there are multiple layers!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I believe the cape is detachable, as Jiang Cheng later throws it from his shoulders quite dramatically, but there is a small chance he simply ripped the fucking thing off, so I am keeping the (?) after detachable incase that is indeed what happened. One never knows with this lad.
Both the outermost and middle layer have slits in the skirt, which I imagine serve both a functional (ease of movement) and aesthetic purpose. The outermost layer is sleeveless and the middle layer has two buckles holding the upper part of it together. The bottom of the innermost layer is not a skirt, but pants. *Cue gratuitous shots of Jiang Cheng in naught but his undergarments*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(socks too big for he gotdamn feet)
Also, after taking approximately 50,000 screenshots of this outfit from episodes 25 - 28 I’ve come to the conclusion that he may have changed his undergarments sometime in between? The color seems slightly different and the necklines are different.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now in terms of him changing his undergarments, in real life it wouldn’t be surprising since time did pass in between these episodes, however if you’re a character then there isn’t really a need to change them... (aka nobody but someone taking way too many screenshots would notice the difference). I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable and boring explanation, but it just struck me as interesting lol. Anyways, enough about the man’s undergarments. Back to the outfit as a whole.
Tumblr media
(Pictured above: large, medium, and small Jiang Chengs)
In the first picture you can see a bit of his innermost layer peeking out, whereas in the third picture he has come to a halt, so the outermost layer is covering most of the other two layers. In the fourth picture he is walking quickly, so the top two layers are flapping about quite rambunctiously.
Now for some cape shots!
Tumblr media
First we have a view from the side, then a view from above while he’s mid-twirl, and lastly a view of the cape from behind. I believe the cape attaches beneath the purple fabric at the very top, as this piece remains attached to Jiang Cheng after he throws the cape off his shoulders. (See screenshots below)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
also i have a hypothesis that this is not the first time the man has dramatically flung a cape off of his shoulders, which leads me to question what then becomes of said capes.
option 1: the yunmeng jiang disciples are used to this particular habit of jiang cheng’s and pick up his capes for him once he’s walked away in a huff.
option 2: having someone pick up the cape ruins the drama of it all, therefore random capes can be found strewn across the land wherever jiang cheng has experienced an adverse emotion. he is single-handedly keeping cape-makers in business.
option 3: he sneaks back to retrieve his cape in the dead of night because he liked that cape but he also has a reputation to maintain :(
he sit
Tumblr media
oh shit there he go
Tumblr media
alright now for some detail shots! (feel free to open them in another tab to see them at their full size)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sexiest sword. there, i said it.
Tumblr media
back of his sash/belt:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
also, a before and after shot is necessary:
Tumblr media
and finally some memes to end this post
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
how to smile like you’ve definitely smiled before and this definitely isn’t your first time trying to do so, a guide by jiang cheng:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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