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lowkeyhoplessromantic · 4 days ago
You are fucking every thing! -Elektra
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deviiancetv · 6 days ago
Live… Werq… POSE!!!!
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This show has truly been a treat for me to really appreciate and accept the struggles that those before us had to do for black and brown LGBTQ+ people to be able to have the luxuries and acceptance that we have.
I definitely think Elektra and Blanca are the greatest TV mother’s I’ve seen in a LONG time. You can just feel and sense the love between both of them and how much they had grown and changed. From the flashback in episode 3 of season 3, we saw the toxic bigotry that Elektra had faced from her own mother, constantly pushing the ideals of a person that Elektra never wanted to be. I can relate to that myself, having such a narcissistic mother who pushes beliefs onto you and wants you to be a person you just don’t want to be. Elektra’s motherhood changed through the years and lead to her working her ass off to be the best mother she could, walking the balls, snatching trophies, and heisting the most expensive wear for the ballroom. Then to see Blanca grow into her confidence and her womanhood, being able to live as a proud HIV+ woman, being the best supporting mother and bestfriend to all of her children
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Tumblr media
I loved seeing a healthy trans relationship between Papí and Angel. I love those two so much!!! Their truly such a beautiful couple!! Angel overcoming her addictions to the rocks and showcasing her beauty and talents was always something I enjoyed seeing. In real life, I love Indya Moore who plays Angel. Their such a well-spoken activist and a beautiful model!! When Papí and Angel reconciled after their dispute over Papí’s son Beto (he’s so adorable) that was my favorite episode. Then the next episode they got married, that was such a beautiful moment for television. And damn Papí can sing!!! I love their relationship so muchhhh!!!
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The death of Candy in season two was such an important and beautiful melancholic story. I loved every minute of it. The effects of all the death Pray Tell had witnessed, his ex and Candy’s being such a memorable ones just shows how much of this had really began to affect Pray Tell’s mental state. Him having alcoholic issues. To see Pray Tell begin to go blind and then start deteriorating due to his status, it was heartbreaking. In the series finale, Blanca and Pray Tell both got on the trial of cocktail meds to help with their status. They both began to start feeling better, and Pray signed up to be apart of a Gay Male Choir along with Ricky. Ricky started showing symptoms of HIV/AIDS and pharmaceutical’s weren’t testing them on many people of color until the community began to protest to make their voices be heard. The scene were Pray and Blanca perform Diana Ross, and the night before Pray’s death was so emotional… I couldn’t stop crying, he risked his own life to save Ricky’s after.
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I’m gonna miss this show so much… I’m gonna miss this family of people who have different backgrounds and lived during a time of uncertainty. Forever and Always. LIVE, WERQ, and POSE!!!!!
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SCORE: 10/10 ⭐️
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infinitemusicplaying · 7 days ago
Pose season 3:
While I enjoyed the show's final season and will miss it dearly, I kind of wished we got an episode/montage with all the main characters confronting their past and showing the people who doubted them how they've grown. We kinda got a bit with Elektra, Pray and Angel when they went to visit their own family but I wish they expanded on this idea.
Like I wish Blanca could have been walking the street with Christopher and Pray talking about her plans for nursing and she runs into her brother and sister randomly and they see how she's grown and found genuine happiness
I wish Elektra and Angel could have had a scene with their former lovers from season 1 and they both see that they is doing 10 times better than without them
Had Damon not left the show, I would have wanted to his parents that may have been in the city for a show of sorts see his name "Damon Evangelista" in headlights at Alvin Ailey's or something and the brief guilt they might have had.
I wish we got a mini backstory on Lulu, Papi and Ricky.... I also wish they didn't write off Quincy and Chile but I'm glad the house of Evangelista is thriving and they won at the end of the day.
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christianworld · 8 days ago
A house mother asked Blanca for advice outside of the building where the balls are held " Hey Blanca, I got a question for the legend. This is the third ball we leaving empty-handed. What we gotta do to snag us some trophies?". A parallel scene shows Praytell saying " well, well, well. Look at the sad Queens. Disappointed about our scores are we?. Blanca, remembering she was in this same predicament says" this ain't gonna be the first time you lose, and it sure won't be the last. Ain't no secrets or shortcuts to success. You just... You keep trying. The house mother replies" what if you want to give up, though? And you feel ain't no reason to keep going?. Blanca stats" you think this would've ever happened if I gave up?. You the house mother?". The mother of her family shakes her head and says " mm-hmm". Blanca continues and tells her " to look around, you want a reason to continue? It's standing right there in front of you. The parallel shows Praytell saying " there it is, right there houses are times to all the little boys and girls who never had one. The current scene illustrates Blanca finishing Pray's statement " and they gonna keep coming here. To New York City 🗽. Sure as the sun rises ☀️. So what you got to is. The screen shows a past scene of Pray Declaring " work harder" and then to Blanca in the present saying " reach higher and dream big until you. Blanca recalls Pray stating triumph and she then goes on to say " until you triumph. It won't happen today, but one day. And when you do. I'm a be right in there cheering you on". Blanca then walks off after inparting that wisdom to the house mother and her kids. According to Steven Canals "My intention with this last scene, seeing Blanca walk off down the NYC street, was to let our audience know that life continues. We Black and Latin and Queer and Trans people continue to walk, to press on, to persist, in the face of all adversity. #PoseFX" ❤
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christianworld · 8 days ago
When Safaree arrived at the ball and told Blanca she didn't have anything special to wear. Bianca replied, " don't worry, we got you". This sense of acceptance is what all of The LGBTQIA+ community deserves. Blanca introduces Safaree to her new family- Evangelista " y'all listen up, this y'all new sister Safaree alright, and look we got to help her get backstage quickly so Justice dust this mug in and Teena put something sickening in front of that rack. Safaree responds " wait, what's going on?". Blanca replies " oh, I'm sorry hunny. You are walking your first ball. Welcome to The House Of Evangelista's" 😃. The new generation of Evangelista's goes and helps Safaree prepare while Blanca, Lulu, Elektra, Papi, Ricky, and Angel look on like proud parents. The hug afterward with everyone. Ricky should have joined in though 😩
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christianworld · 10 days ago
Angel calling Elektra the transsexual robin hood 😫since Blanca said " you talking real tough Elektra, but I know you quietly giving money to those hospitals and those drug treatments facilities to help the girls". Lulu also added " Elektra is paying for hormones and surgeries too"😲👏🏽.
Elektra states " shh, don't be so loud ladies. I have a reputation as a cold heart bitch to uphold". 😅
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christianworld · 10 days ago
Blanca reading Pray's letter to his loved ones.
To Elektra- Elektra fights every day to get what's hers and maybe that looks like a selfish act, but the truth is. Every time Elektra gets herself something. She shows all of us the world, how much we are capable, how much we deserve.
To Lulu - He said you got a real strength in you girl and that sometimes when he was feeling like he couldn't fight anymore. He would think of you and how you never took any shit from anyone and that made him laugh and it would get him through the night.
To Judy- He said that you actually made him believe in the goodness of white people 🤣.
To Angel and Papi- He never thought that so close to home in our neighborhood and our community. He would ever see the kind of romance and love that he saw in the movies. Real true love. When in these darkest times. Your love gave him hope for the future.
To the great council- Manhattan, Castle, and Jack. He said Fellas, we held our crazy world together. The tribal chiefs. The four pillars of the ballroom. Whatever legacy I leave behind. I owe it to your friendship and your commitment to the magic of the balls.
To Ricky- I was never old, I was never sick with you. I didn't have to be emcee on a stage or a father. And the best moments we shared. There was no performance. I was just me.
Angel asked Blanca " what did Pray say to you Ma?. Blanca responded " nothing, there was nothing ever left unsaid between us".
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