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#bertrum piedmont
bertrumstrousers · a day ago
thinkin about how how bertrum survived not one, but two pandemics—scarlet fever during his childhood and the 1918 flu pandemic when he was in his late 30s
this boy washes his hands real well
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bertrumstrousers · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Apparently this is $75,000 in 2021.
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Tumblr media
Speaking off; While i am working on Bertrum Piedmont things... and a story for him and Lacie, Have some of their Designs during the Studio goings!  With Work from Lacie and Henry and Tom, Bertrum is able to move around as the Bendy Animatronic! With some additional help from his previous body...
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bertrumstrousers · a day ago
11, 13 for Love, 9 for Domestic? (Bertrum/Lacie ^^)
11. Oh no this is hard I mainly listen to metal…
Pre-Ink Machine feels:
“Marguerite” - Richard Cocciante (which is in French but tl;dr it’s just a sappy love song about doing everything for someone and it’s really sweet 🥺)
Here’s some escaped Bertrum and Lacie feels:
“When I Was Done Dying” - Dan Deacon
“Human Drum” - Cubanate
13. They both have pretty decent memories, but remember different things. Lacie’s a big picture kind of person so she’ll remember the big stuff, but Bertrum’s gonna be the one to remember her favorite ice cream flavor and type of flower she likes.
9. Bertrum wakes up real early but Lacie doesn’t like when her big personal space heater leaves her side at 5am, so she’s gonna try her absolute best to drag him back into bed. It always works.
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What's the worst and best thing about the studio?
The best thing would be its prosperity and popularity—that will be beneficial for my park when it is finally revealed to the public. Although, I do suspect some...let's say 'disturbance'...among the financial aspect of the studio.
But that's none of my business.
As for the worst part...well, let me first say that without a stable, tactful leader, success in any form is difficult to achieve. The boss of the program must know what he is doing...and heed to the requests of his workers when needed. The power shouldn't go to his head.
I'm sure that you understand what I'm trying to say.
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Who's your favorite employee?
You think that it is appropriate to pick favorites? I disagree.
Each one of my team members adds something to the group—some have strong organizational skills, some are better at building, and even others work best in highly-detailed design work. And they all have unique personalities that attribute to their abilities. That being said...there are some that I am closer to than others, but that does not make them any less valuable.
If you're talking about the Joey Drew Studios employees...well, I cannot say that I work closely with most of them. Sammy Lawrence will at times stop down to work on music for the rides, and I'm in contact with various financial department workers...and then there's...Mister Drew...but that's hardly enough of a selection to pick a 'favorite'.
It doesn't really matter.
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how is bendyland coming along??? are you excited for it?
It is going along well—my team and I are planning and working on it every minute of the day. Creation of these kinds of excellent, colossal wonders takes a great amount of time and patience, however...a rushed project is a failed project. But trust that I, a renowned professional, can promise a remarkable result when all is finished.
Am I excited for it? Of course! This will be my most outstanding achievement to date! The cherry on top of my already majestic sundae of design! And when it is finally revealed, the public's attentive glory will—of course—be all mine.
So yes, I would say that I am very much excited about it; in fact, I daresay that I myself look forward to it more than anyone.
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bertrumstrousers · a day ago
Hi I’m at work but can’t stop thinking about ripping the entire Whipper off of monster Bertrum and ending up with horrific inky murder crab dad
this is why you leave monster Bertrum in the fuckign whipper
I need to draw more crab dad later because what is anatomy even
Tumblr media
he heard u got snacks and you better share
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bertrumstrousers · 3 days ago
First and foremost, how did Bertrum and Lacie meet? Who felt romantic feelings first? e u e
The two of them met 20+ years before the concept and development of Bendyland started in 1940. I headcanon Lacie being in her late 50s and Bertrum in his early 60s in 1940 so they met when they were both around 40 or so.
While overseeing the installation of amusements at the Louisiana State Fairgrounds in 1920, a fresh-off-the-boat-from-Europe Bertrum watched in awe as this tiny lady commanded her construction team with a kind but stern manner that he’d previously thought only he was capable of. It developed at first as a partnership since they shared a very similar management style. After a good year or so of “hey, let’s go to lunch to talk progress”, it morphed into “hey, let me take you to dinner because I like you.”
Bertrum definitely caught feelings first—he’s pretty bad at hiding emotions and Lacie is the opposite. Once it became pretty clear to him that they were more than friends, that’s when he asked. Lacie saw it coming from a mile away but here he was thinking he was being cute and sneaky about it.
Unfortunately due to the nature of Bertrum’s work he couldn’t stay in the US permanently and had to leave for Europe a year later. They both kept in constant contact though—the stack of letters they amassed over the years they spent apart was ridiculous. Bertrum had the habit of writing several-paragraph essays to her while she’d write back with a few sweet little words. Eventually as phone lines improved they were able to talk more and more and it developed from there.
When Joey pulled Bertrum out of retirement in 1940 and he agreed to Bendyland, one of his biggest non-intellectual property stipulations was that he needed to have “his old work partner, the best in the business” on the project too. 😊
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bertrumstrousers · 3 days ago
Domestic, 7 and 11
7. Lacie thinks bugs are really cool and shouldn’t be harmed, so she generally leaves them alone or brings them outside. Bertrum absolutely hates the things and will SHRIEK in mixed disgust and terror as he rips off one shoe and throws it as hard as he can directly at the offending bug.
11. Neither of them have dancing at the top of their list of hobbies, but Lacie would be lying if she said she doesn’t think it’s adorable when Bertrum tries to teach her proper Victorian dance when he knows full well she has two left feet. If they’re gonna dance, Bertrum’s gonna be the one who starts it.
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joeykinsstuff · 3 days ago
Ayy, I knew you'd pick him
I like Bertrum a lot, he's unique in his own as a victim of the machine and his voice and motives are pretty well implemented. I love his personality is completely drawn from being almost exactly like Joey but with more of morals and sense of decency upon his boss' actions. I love the overall desgin and theme for his reveal, love the mystery behind his death and he's overall underrated by how well established he is.
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bertrumstrousers · 6 days ago
Glad you're enjoying the Tumblr scene king, lovely to have you! You got any headcanons for Bertrum and Buddy's relationship this fine day?
Y’all are so lovely!! ❤️✨❤️ Idk why I was so hesitant to come!
It’s not quite accurate to the timeline based on DCTL, but just for the moment I’m assuming Buddy and Bertrum interact again!
Bertrum gets along well with Buddy and is incredibly patient with him if he makes mistakes—he’s polite and friendly by default, and given that Buddy is also pretty chill, Bertrum stays that way as well (very much unlike his interactions with Joey). Buddy—like most of the studio’s younger staff—brings out a lot of Bertrum’s Wise Old Dad mannerisms which are half “let me tell you about life” and half “let me tell you about MY LIFE because I AM EXTREMELY IMPORTANT thank you :) ”. Bertrum also never shuts up so poor Buddy gets regaled with whatever’s on his mind that day. 😂
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bertrumstrousers · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
this is it
this was baby’s first bertrum
I want to revisit this with my current headcanon for Henry and monster Bertrum, they’re very different now, but this painting still holds a special place in my heart 🥺❤️
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bertrumstrousers · 7 days ago
i could not be happier with how batim tumblr welcomed me, oh my goodness what a friendly bunch of folks 🥺❤️ thank you all!!
i love talking about my headcanons, please do ask about them if you’d like!! i don’t bite~
i have some more artings queued but I promise after that i’ll stop spamming the tags lmao ✨
Tumblr media
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bertrumstrousers · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
My first doodle of human Bertrum also included my first Joey.
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hello-im-not-a-possum · 7 days ago
A handful of LGBT+ BATIM headcanons because I remembered it’s pride month.
Keep in mind that in the 1920s-1960s, these guys didn’t have the same resources, information, and public acceptance available that LGBT+ members have in the modern day. So it’s fair to assume that most if not all of these guys are closeted and or have hetlag.
Henry: Polysexual and wants to be in a polyandrous relationship, but doesn’t mind being monogamous.
Susie: Is a Transwoman. She cut off her family and moved away due to unrelated reasons before she transitioned, so only she and her doctor knows that she’s amab.
Wally: Bisexual, but he doesn’t realize it until late into his life (but not quite post-studio escape late.). He always thought that he was just envious of all of his guy crushes’ looks.
Emma: Lesbian, but none of the studio workers are her type.
Norman: If you asked him in a gay bar, he’d just say “I’m queer” and leave it at that. If you asked him outside of a gay bar, he’d either walk away or try to change the subject.
Joey: Gay, but he’s also toxic to the point where in the studio, the phrase “Friend of Joey” gets coined as a term for an LGBT+ member who’d out other members without regard to their lives in a heartbeat. Yes, he’s done that to his employees before.
Sammy: Is asexual and nonbinary. *Cough* there’s a reason why he likes being called “Sammy” and dislikes being called “MISTER Lawrence” *Cough*. But he wouldn’t know about the asexual part unless; A. someone sat him down and spelled it out to him. or B. He went on a long soul-searching journey, reflected on his past romantic relationships, talked about it to his (post studio escape) therapist, etc.
Bertrum: big ol’ bear. But he finds Joey obnoxious to the point where he’s ashamed that they share the same sexuality.
Jack: Gay and happily (secretly) married to the man of his dreams.
Grant: Aro/Ace. Believes that he just doesn’t have the time or energy for romance. Post studio after the dust settles down, he tries dating and decides it’s just not for him.
Lacie: Nonbinary and doesn’t give a hoot about what pronouns anyone gives her.
Johnny: Pansexual and only romantically attracted to people who are 1. stronger than him. 2. could and would kill him in an instant. Usually his crushes are men, but after working in the studio, his biggest crush is not a man or a woman.
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bertrumstrousers · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to my headcanon for human Bertrum—I painted him originally for the Ch 4 anniversary but ended up really liking doing lineless art. Famcy boie ✨
Kinda wanna go back and slap a five o’ clock shadow on his face.
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bertrumstrousers · 7 days ago
Dctl’s only description of Bertram is that he’s absolutely enormous so my personal joke hc is that his head was always the size it is in the game and he’s just a giant
My headcanon is that human Bertrum is a 6’8” ABSOLUTE UNIT maybe not quite giant BUT HE IS NOT A SMALL BOY so yes I absolutely agree ✨
On the other hand I actually do hc something like this for monster Bertrum—very lorg borderline feral half-man half-machine.
Tumblr media
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lowfructosecornsyrup · 7 days ago
I dunno if anyone asked but why do you like Bertrum of all people? What makes him your favorite?
Heh...there are a few reasons, I believe.
I think my primary one is how I just like his personality as a character, both canonically and in the fandom's interpretations—he's just...well, interesting to me! I don't really know how to explain it...
As my Wattpad friend King_of_Paradoxes once said in his explanation of why he likes Henry the most: "Blame the fanfics." I just love reading different ideas on how he acts, and it's caused me to like him a lot as a character.
I think it's mostly Bertrum's confidence that intrigues me; yes, he has way too much of it...but it's inspiring, in a way. Additionally, he's one of the few employees that is apparently openly defiant toward Joey, but can also hide his frustration when needed (Dreams Come to Life).
That, and I just love anything related to Chapter Four. Also, his boss music is my favorite soundtrack. And his voice is nice.
It's kind of like being a Joey stan like you are, dear: you like Joey as a character, but does that mean that you think he's absolutely perfect? Of course not—you recognize his flaws just as much as his positive traits.
My stanning of him might also have something to do with me being a diehard Joetrum shipper—wait, did I say that out loud?
Blah, you probably didn't want a huge explanation like this...sorry...
Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
TL;DR: Mister Piedmont is just that cool.
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