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rubbish78 · 5 minutes ago
Hey uh please flush the toilet when you are in an airplane bathroom
Because what the fuck I had to flush after 5 ppl today at least,,,,,,
I swear to you there is a button or a knob ,,,,,please,,,,,
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aussieez · 20 minutes ago
Cheers, @pixie88 how did I know you'd wanna know about AOKF? 😜🤣
Alrighty, let's get cracking! 🤣
1. How did they first meet?
Officially, at work. Unofficially, they bumped into each other a few times at uni, but never knew each other's names.
2. What was their first impression of each other?
Kylie thought Jack was a huge flirt, undeniably gorgeous and annoyingly laid back. Jack thought Kylie was feisty but hiding a lot of loneliness.
3. Did any of their friends or family want them to get together?
Oh hell yeah! Kylie's best friends wanted KJ to happen for months, even her sister asked if anything happened between them. Jack's housemates told him to go for it or get over her (cause he clearly had her on his mind ... a lot!)
4. Who felt romantic feelings first?
Ooh ... by the hairs of his chinny chin chin, Jack.
5. Did either of them try to resist their feelings?
Jack suppressed his feelings for a long time, because he was "sort of involved" with Nicole (trying to break up with her). Kylie absolutely resisted, she was too scared of another Luke scenario.
6. If you had told one of them that the other would be their soul mate, what would they think?
Kylie would've made a sound like a derisive snort, but deep down would be wondering if it was true. Jack would act super casual and maybe even agree with me.
7. What would their lives be like if they had never met?
Miserable. Jack would've let himself be stuck with Nicole, convinced it was as good as it was going to get. Or he would've remained single, having one-nighters whenever. Kylie would've focused on work and made herself forget what it was like to be in a relationship.
1. Who initiated the relationship and how did it go?
Jack and it went very well, except for a 3 day delay 😉🤦‍♀️
2. Did they have an official first date and if so, what was it like?
No they didn't and it's something that's been nagging at Jack's mind for weeks now 😈😜
3. What was their first kiss like?
Well overdue, right @pixie88 @secretaryunpaid? 🤣
4. Were they each other's first anything?
Hmmm ... no...t really. 😂 Not a first anyway 😂
5. What's their height difference? Age difference?
Jack is 6 ft 1, Kylie is 5 ft 8 ½. Kylie is 4 months older than Jack (currently both 31).
6. What's their relationship with each other's families?
Kylie's family love Jack. Her parents think he's the best thing that happened to her since graduating. Her dad is impressed with how down to earth and hardworking he is; her brother and sister can see how good he is to and for her. Jack's family welcomed Kylie with open arms, especially his parents and sisters-in-law (well, Paula is his only SIL, but Tayla's been with Robbie long enough to be considered SIL). They're just glad he finally settled 😂
7. Who takes the lead in social situations?
Generally both, but if it's like family functions, whoever's family it is, they take the lead.
8. Who gets jealous easier?
Hmmm ... I'm not sure. I'll have to think on that one 🤔 😈😜
9. Who whispers inappropriate things in the other's ear?
Probably Jack more than Kylie 😈
1. Who said "I love you" first?
Jack 😍
2. What are their primary love languages?
Teasing and flirty banter.
3. Who uses cheesy pick up lines?
Jack (to the point Kylie's like this 🙄🤦‍♀️😂)
4. How often do they cuddle/engage in PDA?
When they're not at work, all the time.
5. Who initiates kisses?
6. Who's the big and little spoon?
Jack's defo the bigger spoon 😜
7. What are their favourite things to do together?
Anything as long as they're together (especially a good ol fumble 🍆💦)
8. Who's better at comforting the other?
I wanna say both, but I think Jack takes the cake here 😍
9. Who's more protective?
Jack!! By a mile! And he fair dinkum proves it in an upcoming chapter!
10. Do they prefer verbal or physical affection?
Both, one tends to lead to the other anyway 🤣
11. What are some songs that apply to their relationship, in-universe or otherwise?
These two, hands down!
12. What kind of nicknames do they have for each other?
😍😍🤣 this question! Jack calls Kylie "Wombat", because she's cute but deadly (also more generic things like babe, love and mate) and she calls him "Kookaburra" (though not as often) because she loves his laugh.
13. Who remembers the little things?
1. If they get married, who proposes?
No comment 😈
2. What's the wedding like, who attends?
No comment 😈
3. How many kids do they have, if any? What are they like?
Including students, 16 🤣 nieces and nephews (including Harry and Aiden), 7 + 2 on the way 😍 their students are savvy little buggars, but love them so much. Jack's niece, Isabelle is only a few months old, but Kylie's nieces and nephew held a session to decide if Jack would be their new uncle. The request was approved 😜😍
4. Do they have any pets?
Not at the moment ...
5. Who's the stricter parent teacher?
They're both pretty strict when it comes down to it.
6. Who worries the most?
It would appear like Kylie does, but Jack has a very good poker face. They're about the same.
7. Who kills the bugs in the house?
Both, although if the bug fights back (we're in Australia folks, it happens 🤣 our bugs are so big they have their own bugs 🤣) Kylie will hand the thong ("flip flop", can't whack creepy crawlies with a g-banger!) and Mortein to Jack 🤣🤣🤣
8. How do they celebrate holidays?
Sleep ins, followed by lots of family/friends time, drinks, food, laughter and a few good fumbles!
9. Who's more likely to convince the other to come back to sleep in the morning?
In summer, probably Jack (and not for sleeping either 🤣🥵) but in winter, Kylie (also not for sleep)
10. Who's the better cook?
11. Who likes to dance?
Kylie, when she's had a few 🤣
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the-doodle-nerd · 23 minutes ago
Katrina: You look tired, how much sleep did you get last night?
Eugene: Seven. hours?
Eugene: Seven minutes.
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the-doodle-nerd · 24 minutes ago
Jason: I can never look at Tasha again.
Connie: What happened?
Jason: She told me that she liked. me, and I told her "That sounds like a you problem."
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the-doodle-nerd · 27 minutes ago
Buck: I'm trying out a new signature, can anybody tell me if it's good?
Eugene: Sure, here, use this to practice.
Buck: Oh, thank yo-
Buck: This is an adoption paper.
Eugene*innocently*: Yes, and?
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briefsoulsuit · 31 minutes ago
Smoking the petite femeé tonight with the new blend.
We're about to start drawing cards.
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majesticbullshit · 32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
The faculty bathrooms at my work are not designed to cater to people my size, apparently.
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epaily · 35 minutes ago
the afternoon i have had yall....
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lynne-monstr · 40 minutes ago
wip wednesday
trying to pull myself out of my writing slump and get back to the de-aged ywz fic
Choosing a seat is automatic. He’s used to sitting quietly in the shadows during the rare occasions the training camp goes out with the team. His feet walk him towards the place furthest away from the spotlight, away from where everyone’s eyes are naturally drawn.
“Wenzhou, Wenzhou, over here!”
Huang Shaotian’s voice stops him in his tracks. He’s standing with his hands on the back of his chair, not yet sitting. The seat next to him is conspicuously empty.
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franticvampirereads · 41 minutes ago
Tumblr media
*arc copy won in a goodreads giveaway*
Books about grief are something that I’ve come to really appreciate in the last few years. I love the concept for You’ve Reached Sam, being able to connect with a passed on loved one, to speak with them again, to hear their voice again? That would be incredible. While reading this book, I could just imagine all the things that I would say to my loved ones if I had the chance. I could also clearly picture this book playing out as a movie or a tv show. It’s got an almost cinematic quality to it.
I loved just about everything You’ve Reached Sam had to offer. I liked how Julie had to really work through her grief over losing Sam. Even if she was dragged, kicking and screaming though the grieving process. I really loved the conversations that Sam and Julie had on the phone about memories, about moving on, about saying goodbye one last time. It was heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.
I think the only thing that I didn’t like, was that a lot of the time Julie came across as very selfish and whiny. There were points where Julie was almost insufferable with the whining of “why me” and “my feelings are the only ones that matter”. I know everyone grieves differently, but she wasn’t the only one who lost Sam. I wish she had been just a smidge more conscious of her friends feelings because they lost him too.
So, overall this book gave me mixed feelings 🤷‍♀️? The last 50 or so pages were pure magic. I wish the rest of the book had been up to par with those last few pages. I’m having a heard time giving this one a rating. I definitely enjoyed it, but it also wasn’t something that I really connected to. I don’t know that that’s the right word for it exactly? I’m thinking this is right around a 3.25 stars for me.
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pie-king-dean · 42 minutes ago
Best animated chibi kitten ever!
Tumblr media
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azazel-kicked-ham · 46 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Reboot or new season?
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omophagist · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@dabihaul666 , i heard femme!saki was where it’s at...
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changeling-rin · an hour ago
Based on the “insert-character-here” experiences “insert-other-character-here” adventure... after reading about how Midna just destroys everything in her path, how would Navi or Tatl enjoy dealing with each adventure with the local Link? - Ballad
Skyward Sword: Navy keeps getting interrupted by Fi.  They’d have a feud going, except that Fi is too focused on her job to notice said feud.  Navi fumes in silence.  Tatl leaves sarcastic commentary about everyone, but most specifically Groose and Groose’s hair.  She almost made him cry once, it was weird.
Minish Cap: Navi keeps getting interrupted by Ezlo, and they definitely have a feud going.  Tatl has several questions for how the Picori live.  Who’s idea was it to hide in books in a public library where anyone could find them?  She almost made the lead architect cry once, it was weird.
Four Swords: There’s nobody to interrupt Navi.  She is in her element.  Tatl thinks the Great Fairies are yanking them around, but she unfortunately can't make any of them cry because they outrank her.  Dang.
Ocarina of Time: The only reason Navi permitted Tatl to come along was that Tatl was too busy criticizing the poor life choices of the Zora King to interrupt Navi’s duty.  
Majora’s Mask: The only reason Tatl permitted Navi to come along was that she (correctly) assumed that Navi was way too naive to survive Termina without help.
Twilight Princess: Midna takes immediate offense with Navi.  Tatl, on the other hand, she gets along with like a house on fire.  By joining forces to criticize people, they can make them actually cry rather than just almost cry.  Dreams do come true.
A Link to the Past: There’s nobody to interrupt Navi... but the odds of her being listened to are slim.  Very slim.  Tatl, meanwhile, discovers a fellow agent of chaos in Lore.  Oh boy.
Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons: Navi is thoroughly ignored and feels miffed about it.  Tatl cackles merrily to herself and flits around to cause more chaos.
Link’s Awakening:  Navi is ignored, until the moment when her empathy training kicks in.  Tatl tries to fight a whale.  It goes debatably well.
The Legend of Zelda: Navi is not ignored, but she may as well be because Realm can’t follow her directions to save his life - though not for lack of trying.  Tatl just bops along for the ride this time and laughs at Navi’s misfortune.
Wind Waker: Navi keeps getting interrupted by the King of Red Lions, and they would have a feud going except for the bit where he claims that there’s no feud. He’s also lying through his teeth - he just won’t admit it because he’s royalty and is above that sort of thing.  Tatl keeps hassling the mapmaker fish, because she can.  She nearly made one cry once, it was weird.
Spirit Tracks: Navi defers to Zelda.  It’s actually almost funny, because she keeps trying to take charge and then stopping halfway through a sentence as she remembers that she’s outranked.  Tatl attempts to attack Chancellor Cole on sight, every time.  She also successfully makes him cry by criticizing his uneven horns - oh, happy day!
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moonrollmeawayx · an hour ago
Today we learned Leo loves old Cartoon Network as much as I do.
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