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#actually not a hc its just how i live
transdemon · 6 days ago
Idk about you guys but its canon in my life that when a tree falls it whispers "doofenshmirtz" when nobody's around and you have no evidence otherwise
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youknow-igetit · a year ago
i’ve always had the headcanon that neil learns how to pole dance and dan helps teach him and i saw someone else post something similar to it (iconic of them, really) and it made me want to elaborate on my hc
some days, neil wakes up and he can’t stand looking in the mirror
he look in the mirror and despite the scars on his face and hands and the vibrant orange hoodie and the chipped nail polish on his hands, all he sees is his father’s eyes and hair and cold smile
so he usually finds himself at the gym building, blasting music in his ears and facing away from the wall of mirrors as he purposefully overworks himself so he’s too exhausted to care about the cold smile that he knows well
either that or he’s in the basement, hitting a punching bag with taped knuckles and pretending that the canvas is his father’s face, lola’s, romero’s, sometimes even his mother’s
one morning he wakes up at four with the phantom pains of hundreds of knives wracking his body
he can’t go back to sleep, so he heads to the gym and picks the lock to the basement
he’s so caught up in his own head that he walks right past the room full of punching bags and opens the door next to it
despite it being in the basement, the room has the same high ceilings as the upper floors, maybe twenty or twenty five feet
there’s no equipment that neil can see in the dark room, nothing except for the mats covering the floor and four vertical poles bolted to the floor and ceiling
he’s confused at first but then... oh
he’d obviously heard of pole dancing as a sport, he remembered seeing the words on the gym directory
but actually seeing the poles, he was kind of intrigued
but he backed out and went into the right room and ran himself down, and despite heaving on the floor, he felt like he could finally breathe
he was exhausted by the time the exy team started trickling into the main gym to do their workouts, but he honestly didn’t care about the stern talking-to kevin was attempting to administer
over the next week, inexplicably, neil’s mind kept going back to the room with the poles. he found himself watching pole dancing competition videos and tutorials and reading articles on different products that help to stay on the pole
on another one of Those Days, he finds himself purposefully breezing right past the boxing room and opening the door to the pole dancing room
he turns on the light, which is still dim, and walks nervously up to the pole in the far right corner
he’s bad at first. not as bad as he thought he’d be, but still bad. youtube isnt exactly the best coach
but he comes back the next day. and the next. and it eventually becomes a regular thing as he becomes better at it. sometimes, when his school workload isn’t heavy, he spends his free periods between classes practicing.
he never sees anyone else there, no matter what time, and he likes it that way. he gets more confident in himself, eventually ending up stripping down to just his briefs as he learns new moves
he doesn’t tell anyone about it. it’s not that he’s ashamed, but the idea of the ex-mafia kid exy player spending his free time pole dancing? it was a little embarrassing
like andrew knows in general where he is at those times but he doesn’t know/care what neil’s doing there. he guesses its just more things to do with exy
and kevin is suspicious but when is he not
but all in all no one finds out
one day it’s like three pm and he had the most annoying argument with the TA and he’s still pissed as he descends the stairs to the basement of the gym, just wanting to dance and blow off some steam
he bursts through the door and stops abruptly as the person whirls around
they both kind of just stand there for a moment before neil’s like “sorry, i was--uh, the boxing room is right next to this one and--”
“you were planning on boxing?”
“uh huh”
“in skinny jeans?” dan raised an unimpressed eyebrow
neil glanced down. he was wearing skinny jeans. “um.”
neil shifts nervously. “what are you doing here? nobody ever goes in here.”
“I was just--” dan pauses. “wait, this is where you’re going when you disappear?”
neil rubs the back of his neck. “kinda, yeah”
“kinda or definitely”
so neil tells her everything, about how he’s been going there for months and teaching himself how to dance and whatnot
dan is highkey impressed and asks him if he wants her to teach him anything
“I used to be a stripper, neil.”
“oh. right.”
“no, you’re okay. it’s just... i kind of missed it. not the stripper part, but during the day, when the club was closed and my sisters were teaching me. it didn’t feel like it was for anyone. it was for was liberating.”
neil nods. “i get that”
so dan ends up joining in on his practices more often than not
at first neil’s kinda uncomfortable being so physically exposed around someone that wasn’t andrew
but he finds a weird comfort with dan, both of them in just their undergarments swinging around on poles in a big empty room with music playing out of one of their phones
dan ends up teaching neil a bunch of moves she knows, like how to bend over upside-down and spin with just thighs
“and if you twist like this, it shows off your ass”
they also end up talking a lot, about random things, but dan also tells him a lot about her stage sisters and what her high school life was like and in turn neil ends up talking a bit about his life on the run
they also end up talking a lot about their relationships, like how dan learns that andrew likes to snuggle (dan is astounded) and neil learns that matt sleeps with his socks on (neil is apalled)
some of the foxes notice that dan has joined in with neil’s disappearances and she tells them that she’s teaching him “how to be a captain for you assholes. it’s hard fucking work, i’m giving him seminars about you little shits”
but one day matt comes up to neil during practice and he’s like “hey neil can i talk to you”
and neil’s like “you’re talking to me now”
“no i mean like later”
neil’s like ?? but he agrees
after practice everyone leaves the locker room except for matt
he nervously sits down on the bench so once neil’s done he hesitantly sits next to him
“what’s up?”
matt’s acting shifty and weird and isn’t look at neil’s face
“so um, i need you to be honest with me, okay? and i know you wouldn’t do this, but i’ve been having doubts and i just--” matt sighs. “is dan cheating on me with you?”
neil is... absolutely pissed
“what the fuck?!”
“i mean, like, you guys have been disappearing off on your own and then you come back sweaty and flushed--”
“we work out together”
“but she’s always smiling and content after!”
“i literally have a partner”
“that doesn’t stop a lot of people, neil”
“don’t you remember that i don’t swing? dan’s like my sister, matt” neil is surprised when he says it and finds that he’s being truthful. “dan loves you. she’d never hurt you like that. stop selling yourself short.”
matt nods and neil leaves
the next time dan and neil practice together, the next day, dan asks him about matt and neil tells her everything
“i think he’s just paranoid that you’re leaving at the end of the year” neil spins around and hooks his ankles around the pole
“yeah... i’ll talk to him” dan sighs and wraps an arm around the pole and hoists herself up a few inches
“if you’re fine with it, he can come to our next practice”
“you’re sure?” a few weeks ago, neil had told dan how insecure he was about his scars and they both enjoyed the privacy they had at the practice room
“yeah. it’s just matt”
they twirl around for a while, soft music playing from dan’s phone, the artist singing something about being sorry that she fell in love with someone while they were in a hotel room
“what about your boy?” dan asks
“what about him?”
“does he ever doubt you?”
neil shrugs, as well as he can while upside down “we trust each other”
dan thinks for a minute. “are you going to show andrew too?” dan motions to the room with her foot. “i’m fine with it if you are”
so later that day, back at the dorm, neil turns in his bean bag and asks andrew if he wants to come to his and dan’s next practice
andrew replies with a “not particularly”
“don’t you want to see what we do?”
“not really. you don’t ask me to watch renee and i spar.”
“yeah but that’s cause it your guys’ thing. also, dan and i definitely don’t spar”
“it’s still your thing.”
“i wouldn’t ask you to come if i didn’t want you to”
andrew looked at him before saying “you’re insufferable.” neil knew that meant he’d be there
so the next day finds dan and neil leading matt and andrew down their familiar basement path
andrew shows no reaction to the poles except for a quirk in his left eyebrow (neil knows he’s very surprised)
matt, on the other hand, says “this is what you guys have been doing?”
neil nods and takes his shirt and pants off, which leads to another shocked sound out of matt and another raised eyebrow from andrew. (that’s both raised eyebrows. neil’s never done that. he takes it as an achievement. andrew’s eyes tell him not to read too much into it. neil smirks)
andrew leans up against one of the untouched poles as neil talks to matt about liquid chalk as dan takes her own clothes off
matt sits down on the edge of a mat as they start practicing. after a few minutes neil almost forgets that there are two more people in the room than usual, the only giveaway being andrew’s sharp eyes never leaving him and matt’s amazed “ooh”s and “ahh”s
after the alarm on dan’s phone beeped to tell them that their hour and a half were up, matt stood up as the two stepped away from their poles
neil started pulling on his clothes as matt went “I--um--that’s--that was--”
neil picks up his bag and starts walking toward the door, knowing that andrew’s following
“don’t fuck near my pole” he calls, and he can hear dan laugh as he shuts the door
andrew is silent all the way to the dorm
later on the roof, he asks “why?”
neil sighs. “it makes my mind quiet. suspended like that, fifteen feet in the air, the only thing that’s keeping me from falling is me. it’s not like exy, where I have to rely on my teammates. It’s... it’s finding trust in my body.” he looks down at him scarred hands, at the one interlaced with andrew’s. “also my father would never pole dance. neither would my mom. god, she’d be so pissed.”
neil smiles
“what do you think about it?” neil asked as andrew took another drag on his cigarette
“it doesn’t matter what i think”
“it matters to me.”
“I hate you.”
“mmhm. don’t i know it.”
they were quiet as they watched the sun slowly dip over the horizon
“you’re more flexible than i thought”
“what’s that supposed to mean”
“it means i liked it. you are as confident at pole dancing as you are at playing exy.”
“are you telling me that you like when i play exy?”
“shut up. yes or no?” he flicks aside his cigarette at neil’s yes
a few days later, matt apologizes to neil for his assumptions. he ends up convincing neil and dan into entering a pole dancing competition that takes place a few weeks after the championship game
they end up winning third place
(the competition was recorded and put on youtube. neil’s proud. he catches andrew watching the video more than once)
(when kevin finds out about it he practically combusts and tells neil how bad it is for his exy career and what will pro teams think blah blah blah neil doesn’t care)
after dan graduates, neil and her keep up their practices through facetime
the next year they’re able to win first place
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iidasman · 22 hours ago
✧*•.:*.• how the main boys would react to you blasting your favorite song in the car
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
notes: i don't normally write my own input but i live for this prompt and i love writing for it (and yall better blow this tf up i spent way too much time figuring out how to write for todoroki </3)
requested?: no.
warnings: swearing, caps lock
wc: n/a
Tumblr media
midoriya would be concerned-? not so much that, he would be wondering why you need to yell so loud, more so.
(song - love by keyshia cole)
• he loves you
• he really does but
• pretty please stop yelling </3
• hes around katsuki all the time, so youd think hed be used to it, but he isnt used to driving with a katsuki clone screaming "NEVER KNEW WHAT I WAS MISSING, BUT I ONEW ONCE WE START KISSIN'-" his ears cant handle it
• once he gets in the car with you more, he gets used to it!
• and he will totally ask you to turn it down if it gets to be too much for him :)
• but the convos you both have while the musics blasting are so funny LMAO
Tumblr media
bakugō would definitely sing with you, no matter the song.
• i hc that he either loves heavy metal or just like 2014 myspace mcr type bands
• he would scream with you 100%
• all the cars around you would be so worried
"hey- hey y/n, put that one song on? the one by skillet or whatever. yeah, that one."
• minas playing pop songs everyone knows the words to, while sero and kaminari are playing stupid good songs like all star
• kirishima just vibes in the backseat
• when a simple plan or all-american rejects song comes on youll hear bakugō screaming and smiling to all the words
Tumblr media
todoroki would be so confused, but hed softly sung along with you.
• why did you have to scream the song at full volume??
• why not just play it at a normal volume-?
• he doesn't necessarily mind it, he would just rather you put the windows down if you did blast your music
• he gets butterflies when he sees you so happy singing your favorite songs
• seeing you happy just
• UGH it makes him so happy too
• if you played one of those catchy "sad" songs like be alright by dean lewis, he would sing with you
• thats the only time he actually knows the words bc hes an edgy teen leave him alone
Tumblr media
denki would be the one to scream the lyrics with you.
(song - dont stop me now by queen)
• loves singing with you!!!
• whether its outside the door while youre doin something in the other room, or blasting music in your/his car!
• it puts him over the moon to see you so carefree and happy
• doesnt really mind the noise, because he blasted his music even before he met you!
• even if its a super short trip to, say, the grocery store, he loves playing metallica and queen with you
• he would sing in such an annoying voice until the parts he could scream came on pls
"tonigght~ im gonna have mySELLLF A REALL GOOD TIME"
• he may or may not use his quirk to turn the music up a little,,,
Tumblr media
kirishima is like a mix of kaminari and midoriya. he doesnt hate the music, but if its on like.. not full volume hes ok with it!
• he wont let you play songs he doesnt know, vise versa
• not bc he doesnt want you to play songs you like, he just wants to sing with you!!
• most of the time that rule doesnt exist if its a more happy song
• he would absolutely love hoizer?? hozier? idk but eijiro would live for his music
• ooh maybe mitski too?
• either way, he wants to shout the lyrics with you versus just sitting there and nodding his head
• kirishima would let you take the lead vocals though like
• if there was ever a part in the song where there was no bg music and it was just vocals, yknow those kinds of songs??
"yo, n/n! do you know that one song? i think it was by a dude named hozier?"
Tumblr media
iida would not let you unless it was your car.
• he would just turn it down slowly,,, or just not let you put music on at all-
• mf would listen to elevator music or just bone at all-
• if you were driving in your car, however
• obvi yk he doesnt really enjoy the loud aspect of your music, so please turn it down for him
Tumblr media
sero would love blasting music with you!
• so bc the mha fandom has collectively headcannoned sero as latino, he would love introducing you to his music (if you arent latino, too!)!!!
• if you arent latino or just dont listen to their cultures music, please please please show him your music
• even if its your favorite fandoms music like anime ops or game osts!! he lives hearing new stuff and learning abt it :)
• also! he loves when you sing his music!
• *disclaimer i dont know anything abt latino culture, so please tell me if these lyrics are wrong-*
"once de la noche en san salvador, el salvador,"
• its his favorite thing ever to sing with you fr
Tumblr media
all posts on this blog belong to iidasman © 2021.
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red1sg0n3 · a day ago
i do not shut up-
imagine c!techno isnt immortal like alot of ppl hc yanno? and c!philza has to live with the fact that one of his closest friends- his (PLATONIC) soulmate wont live with him forever?? imagine the reality hitting phil during small moments??? like techno finally getting grey hair or when its technos birthday- phil tries to keep the feelings pushed away but he cant help but think of it when he lays in bed at night knowing his best friend won't be there one morning to greet him.
of course he knows techno will be fine!! but. he cant help but think about it some days. he lives and carries that with him every day and it eats away at him during the slower days where he can do nothing but sit and think
or even
phil has the harsh reality remind him that his sons arent immortal either. of course, he knows this, he took Wilbur's life before. he watches his sons age and they grow, it pains him so much, he was blessed enough to get wilbur and tommy back!! but it doesnt mean theyre safe still, they still can die and that lives with phil, watching his son(wil) become grey pains him and makes him weary- how many more precious days does he have with them? hes too scared to think about how little time he mighy actually have.
-a sad simp bc i just read an angsty drabble of sbi and it made me cry.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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april2009 · 2 days ago
any random homestuck hcs? :0
MAN OH MAN oh man. oh man you fucking bet i do. i regret to inform you that its mostly like beta and troll hcs because im like. microhyperfixating on them in respect to like my main h/omestuck hyperfixation you know what im saying this doesnt rly make sense ANYWAY
were starting out with a really random one but i think jade would live pretty close to hawaii but not like super super close like her place would be situated at most a few hundred/thousand kilometers from one of the islands or something. i think shed get lonely if she wasnt near at least one populated area even though her definition of near in this case would be like. 100 miles away
comin in with number two dave stutters when nervous/excited/something similar. cause thats a thing i do. actually most of the little additional character traits ive added on to him are just projections of my traits onto his. at this poibt he kins me. i kin him. symbiosis
theres decent wifi on the meteor for some inexplicable reason. if they use husktops/laptops then theres got to be some sort of internet otherwise those things are like completely useless except for like. the notes application. sudoku. ms paint. whatever software dave uses to make music. stuff like that OH and maybe pesterchum too though im not sure if it requires internet or not
vietnamese john. vietnamese june. words have no idea how much i love that ethnicity hc i wish ppl used it more often. also rose and dave are mixed white + latine. and jade is filipino :-)
ummmmmmm what else what else. k/anaya has an english accent but thats kind of a rly widespread headcanon so that doesnt really make me that special rofl
now that were on the topic of quadrants pale davekat didnt happen until everyone got settled on earth c. they were best bros and everyone knew it but they didnt rly consider it as moirallegiance until like two-ish weeks after they beat the game. also i think i should add in that i think ppl can have more than one palemate like it could be a platonic poly thing if everyone involved is ok with it
WOW i didnt expect for this response to get this freaking long lol hope it suffices
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kiegem · 3 days ago
Bullied S/o
"hewwo! i'm not sure if requests are open, if they aren't please just ignore this. i have a tendency to forget what i'm saying midsentence, and end up just saying, "um...uh..." a lot before trailing off entirely, and it's been making me feel especially bad as of late. so if it's possible, may i please request hc's of Kenma, Tendou, and Oikawa with a reader who's being bullied for it, either by a teacher or (in Oikawa's case) by fangirls? thank you!" - @honey-deerling
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⥅Genre ━ fluff, comfort
⥅Characters ━ Kenma Kozume, Tendou Satori, and Oikawa Tooru.
⥅Warnings ━ Bullying.
⥅Authors n: ahhh, this took a while. But I hope you aren't getting bullied irl :(( Here's some comfort for you! +the traits are based on their mbti's so I hope its accurate enough
Tumblr media
K E N M A – K O Z U M E
Kenma tends to live inside his mind, So be honest and forthright. Because Kenma himself isn’t good at understanding the emotional needs of others, you may need to be very direct about what you need and expect in that regard.
But overall, Kenma is extremely observant. Even though others think he isn’t paying attention at all.
And what he had acknowledged today was very shocking and upsetting.
You were crying by yourself in your room, your head covered from the pillow your holding. It wasnt a delightful sight to see.
He slowly approached you and gently reached out for your hands, “what happened?” he asked.
“Something embarrassing happened earlier…” he sighed and rubbed his thumb to your knuckles.
“Do you want to talk about it…?” he wasn’t really sure how to comfort you, but he knows that he needs to do something.
You nod, “there was a report for today’s semester…” you mumbled as kenma strokes your hair.
“Take your time.” he smiled.
“My professor made an insult about my pausing and...everyone made fun of me,” you confessed while holding back the tears.
Kenma stopped, shocked at what he heard. “I’m here for you, don’t let those words be your weakness, I know I'm not good with words but, please let me take care of you. Let me help you feel better.”
T E N D O U – S A T O R I
tendou is generally observant, especially when it comes to his present surroundings. He lives very much in the physical world and will recognize small details.
Of course, he has noticed the way you seem to pause in a middle of a conversation, whether from a discussion or a recitation in class.
Today was one of those days where you actually think of those hurtful words people spat. You were losing your mind.
And tendou seems to feel the aura your giving, Tendou stopped looking at his computer and bent backward against the chair to look at you from upside down.
“You seem rather down today, did something happen?” he asked in curiosity.
“Sorry, I was just thinking of...something,” you mumbled and continued doing your work.
But, Tendou wasn’t satisfied with your lack of an answer. He wants to know what you were thinking about.
“Want to talk about it?” he asked, still in that position.
You sighed, “it’s nothing important...don’t worry.”
Tendou stood up and cuddles you, “I knew you weren’t going to tell it the bullies?” he asked while rubbing comforting circles on your waist.
“How…?” your eyes widened.
“I seem to eavesdrop on the conversation, I know the feeling. And I won’t let them do that to you again but for now, let me comfort you paradise. I cant leave you like this, hmm?”
O I K A W A – T O O R U
In relationships, Oikawa is helpful and enthusiastically supportive. He is motivated to understand his partner and to do what pleases them.
Oikawa makes a great cheerleader and will encourage his partner to develop and explore their potential.
Oikawa wants harmony above all else, sometimes at the expense of his own needs. Conflict is upsetting to him, and he often avoids it.
But of course, in Oikawa’s situation. Fangirls wouldn’t leave the two of you alone, even when Oikawa himself told them you two are now a thing.
You were bullied for your interaction skills. Basically.
You seem to not speak in a fluid or flowing way. You may pause awkwardly between words.
You know you shouldn’t be taking those words from heart, since it’s clearly not your fault.
But a part of you agrees to those slurs.
Now you are somewhere near the school’s entrance, where the fangirls are talking trash about you. But you seem to not hear a single word they say.
You were in deep thoughts, What would Oikawa do when he finds out?
And thats when the mocking stops, you shivered as you feel the aura from beside you. You looked up and saw Oikawa.
“What are guys doing to my s/o?” emphasizing the word ‘s/o’ to know he is indeed serious.
The girls were shaking and ran off, Oikawa sighed and sat near you.
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I should’ve taken care of this in a second.” He pouted.
With your lack of response, he knew you were upset, “hey, No one's going to hurt you anymore, I promise. I'm here, and I love you. Okay? Okay.”  he positions his head on your shoulder while he interlocks your fingers.
Tumblr media
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rurifangirl · 3 days ago
Hskskslalsjdj aight, new oc time😩
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Name: Qiran
Pronouns: They/Them, but really doesn't mind any.
Sexuality: Demiromantic Demisexual
Age: 23
Height: 1.79 cms
Species: Human
Likes: Trees, learning bout other coltures, their family, painting in their free time, stuffed animal plushies.
Dislikes: Birds, sweaters, going sailing, socks, strawberries.
Personality: A really dumb n dence mf. They want to seem as friendly as possible and Is really caring, though that's mainly because of the people he lost durin his adventures. They gets invested in learnin bout many things, and Is generally really chill. They get really flirty the time they get to know someone n hardly not gettin attached to em.
Weapons: A sword and some daggers, though they have some magical powers too. They also seem to have a connection with fluids as a whole n bein able to control some of them.
Some hcs/lore/facts bout them🗡️
They lived in a sorta of a small town, which Is a really sandy place really distant from any other one. Their relationship with their fam Is healthy, and still is in contact with their brothers and sisters. Qiran decided to dedicate themselves to adventuring mainly, since they heard so many stories and were so excited to actually visit them one day. They do, and when they're old enough they start off. They have some friendship that accompaign them for a while, but they don't last long. Not because of them having troubles w keeping them, but because, as i anticipated later, of losses. In fact, they lost many if not all of their relationships with their friends in an awful way. Qiran didn't let anyone know about It so their fam figured out they had to get away or something.
Okok, back on the track, remember how i mentioned in this post how he was gonna involved w Shou n meeting him? Yeah, I'll explain a bit rn. So they were normally travelling n just, staying around town. They were in its main street, though It was full of people n It was difficult to walk. After a while in there they noticed someone having troubles, but they didn't interfene. For Qiran that person had a strange aurea w em, so out of curiosity they decided to follow them. Time passes, and eventually they stop, because they lost sight of that person. They get suddently stopped n they couldn't move, like something was holding them. It was too dark though, so they couldn't see. Longstory short, that person was Shou, n he asked them who they were n what where they doing. After Qiran replies to him, he lets em go, n invites them at his place for the night being,cuz he was aware of what It could've happened if he left em there. I plan to do another post bout their relationship, so when I'll do I'll add It here.
Aight time for hcs, they have w them some of their siblings's drawings they made for Qiran.
They also bring a little notebook with notes taken from their travels.
They get impressed really easly, basically ya can make em see something they never saw and they'd be like ":0"
Honestly this Is a lil gag that I'll draw, but basically when they found out bout Shou being a demon (cuz he didn't tell him because he was scared they'd reject him), they just went
"Oh,so in the end 'I was right >:], anyways what did you say bout 'th mask?:0"
They have a rly strange accent too n will put some accents on some words sometimes.
They're primarly a swordsman, n they actually have a lil collection of daggers.
They like to give out those lil plushies to their old friends, n did It also w the gang when they got to met them.
I luv em too so welcome to the gang😼
Tags undercut
@a-chaotic-dumbass @spoopy-fish-writes @dopesaladlady @damnfoxx
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kittydripuwu · 4 days ago
Hey can I request for Bsd Boys headcannon :dazai, chuuya, and akutagawa reacting seeing their s/o flinch after they almost snapped out of anger at them (s/o can be gender neutral or female)
hihi! hope this is okay <3 enjoy!
dazai, chuuya and akutagawa (+fyodor) seeing their s/o flinch hcs
words - 962
warnings - swearing
genre - angsty fluff hcs
note - yes ik fyodor wasn't requested but i felt like adding him
dazai osamu
- argument stems probably from you hanging out with chuuya or someone really pissing him off
- very manipulative during arguments, will almost never be reasonable whether its something you did or not
- dazai's not one to show much emotion in the first place so he wouldn't really show you how mad he actually is
- but eventually he will go off if he lingers on it for too long
- will start off by talking with an angry tone but eventually will escalate to yelling
- this will scare you and make you flinch considering that you've never really seen him this mad
- will see you flinch and instantly stop yelling at you
- realises that hes gone too far instantly
- he'll apologise calmly and forget whatever he was angry about in the first place because man like he scared of losing you
- you are like EVERYTHING to him like u are his reason to live so please just forgive this man hes trying his best to be a better person
- will keep apologizing until he feels you've finally forgiven him (even tho u did when he first apologised)
- makes it up to you by cuddles or stargazing with him ( please i see dazai as the type of person to just stargaze for hours like idk why but it makes sense to me??)
- he'll hold you close and tell you sweet lil things like "i love you" "you know i would never hurt you"
- WILL make u promise to never leave him because man this got hiM SCARED like hes fucking scared of people just leaving him when he gets too close
- so please, reassure him that this was nothing to you and that it's okay, it was just a small argument (even tho it wasnt that small)
- but ya overall expect good cuddles and hugs after, as an apology
- and kisses like everywhere
chuuya nakahara
- oh boy
- we know this man has some anger issues
- idk what he would possibly get mad about but tbh it probably wouldnt be anything related to you
- will probably start ranting about someone that made him mad at work or overall just something really small that pissed him off
- very short tempered (haha short)
- you let him yell for a good while because you know he needs to let some sort of anger out
- but it will get scary shortly after he starts he kinda just goes nuts
- no self control when hes angry
- he wont even realise the look on ur face
- ur scared, admit it
- he may be short but hes SCARY when mad
- anyways
- when he sees you flinch  tho, dead silence in the room
- he goes QUIET which is rare for chuuya yes
- the one thing hes very afraid of is hurting you, he would never want to hurt you in anyway
- will give you the biggest hug
- tells you he loves you and hes sorry
- reassures you that he would never wanna hurt you or make you scared of him
- pls he loves you so much
- wont let go of you for the REST OF THE NIGHT
- he needs to make sure you know that you're safe in his arms
akutagawa ryunosuke
- um this boy is just ANGRY always
- would probably get mad cause of atsushi being praised by dazai
- "why him"
- please hes been through so much oh my god this man
- dazai wtf how could u hurt this poor boi
- yeah he'll be really fucking heated and just fucking yell and threaten to kill anyone around him (if theres anyone else there apart from you)
- bye this is awful but i feel like he would accidentally activate his rashomoun and break something -
- so ya when he sees you flinch for the first time, i feel like he wouldn't really thing anything of it until he sees you do it again a couple of times
- he'll stop yelling and talking in general
- he wouldn't really know what to say or do tbh
- but will apologise
- will get sad cause he didn't wanna make u scared of him
- like yes he wants people to fear him but hello?? not you omg ur special to him <3
- will probably walk away for like an hour and keep to himself until he's ready to properly apologise to you
- will then give you a hug and let you sleep in his arms
- i dont see aku as being very physically affectionate but yeah dw you'll get ur well deserved cuddles <3
fyodor dostoevsky
- tbh i wouldnt put it past nikolai to piss him off LMAO like he would fully annoy him SO much
- but its okay cuz we love niko <3
- sorry but i cannot see this man yelling
- hes just so calm?
- and collected?
- how -
- anyways
- so hard to read like you have no clue what hes thinking like EVER?
- but you can tell hes mad when his eyes go all dark and he talks like SUPER calmly with 0 emotion in his voice
- he'll scare you
- i mean who wouldn't be scared of him
- you'd probably flinch from just the way he talks so fucking CALMLY
- like how? is? he? so? calm? yet? angry?
- oh boy he would def feel bad for going all scary on you
- "im sorry, milaya" (darling)
- he would say that so calmly aswell-
- would give you a forehead kiss and light hug and go to his lil work room for like 3 hours
- you will not see him until its time to sleep where he'll cuddle you and apologise again
- "i would never want to scare my little myshka" (mouse) he would say that to you as you fall asleep
- will give u so many forehead kisses PLZ
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arminssseashell · 4 days ago
Aot characters and their reactions to you with a new cat/dog
Tumblr media
Desc: The Aot cast and what they do when you come home with a new cat/dog
Warnings: none
Pairings: Eren x gn!reader, Armin x gn!reader, Levi x gn!reader, Jean x gn!reader, Mikasa x gn!reader, Annie x gn!reader
Tumblr media
•He might freak out— but in a good way
•He won’t even let you sit down or anything, he would just snatch it away from you
•After they warm up to each other, that’s when he will ask you the questions
•“When did you get him/her? Did she cost a lot?”
•If it’s a cat then he might not be very attached to it because he’s more of a dog person imo
•But if it’s a dog— that ain’t your guys’ pet, that’s 𝘩𝘪𝘴
•He would let it warm up to him of course but despite the type of animal, it’s gonna be his new favorite thing
•If you two don’t sleep together, he’s obv gonna snatch that thing and keep it in his bed, along with it’s food because he loves it so much
•But it’s gonna be your job to take it outside, no matter how many times you both argue about it (if it’s a dog)
•The pet will end up hating him at some point tbh
•Like it would just be laying down and Eren would get all up in its face
•It probably bit him at some point, too
•But other than that, Eren would be overjoyed!
Tumblr media
•Like Eren, Armin would be very excited!
•Although instead of Eren, he would let you get everything situated before he meets the new pet
•I hc him as a cat person, so if you brought home a cat he would probably love it even more than a dog
•But either way he would still let you be it’s favorite because he would get too attached otherwise
•If you both sleep in different beds, he would let the pet sleep with you as well unless you aren’t home. Then he would most likely let it sleep on his floor or in the living room
•He offers to take the pet outside for you most of the time (if it’s a dog) because “his s/o shouldn’t have to do things like that”
•Armin also offers to wash the pet for you because he actually kind of enjoys it??
•Sometimes you would come home to him and see him asleep on the couch/in his bed and snuggling with the pet
•He then gets mad because you took pictures
•But he secretly likes it
Tumblr media
•Like Armin, he’s probably better being called a cat person. He’s more fond of cats because they’re elegant and that’s kind of his style
•So, if you happen to come home to him with a cat, he won’t seem very excited, but he’s actually quite happy about it
•At first he’d hesitate to show any affection, but when it’s just with you or by himself he’d smile at it and give it a few pats
•But if it’s a dog, he won’t really be fazed
•Dogs tend to be messy so he might “hate” you afterwards
•Not because he’s a total clean freak, which he kind of is, but because they require a lot of attention which he doesn’t really want to show
•If you get a pet cat, he might be a bit more delighted if it didn’t have much fur so it doesn’t shed. If it’s a dog, the same goes for it
•If you happen to get a dog, though, chances are that the only way he would give it the tiniest of love is if it was a chill dog
•Other than that, he may help you take care of it, like feeding it and bathing it, but other than that you’re on your own
•But he wouldn’t completely hate the pet despite the type, he isn’t that type of person
•What he 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 do, though, is scold you for bringing home a pet without him knowing
Tumblr media
•Okay, I wasn’t really ever attracted to him enough to write about him but whatever
•He would be more excited if it were a bigger dog rather than a small one
•Same goes for if it’s an adult dog rather than a puppy
•He wants someone to be rough with, so if you brought home a smaller pet then his hopes would go down the drain
•He would give you the same look as when he rubbed his hand on Connie’s back in that one scene
•But later on he would still try to give the pet the love it deserves because who doesn’t love a nice pet?
•He might help take it out on walks and stuff because he wants to see if it would play— if it doesn’t then he just wants it to get familiar with him
•He would also do almost all of the pet work until it finally likes him to the point where it follows him around
•But yeah, he wouldn’t be too disappointed if you brought home a new pet!
Tumblr media
•She would stay calm and collected about it
•She wouldn’t rush to meet the new pet— she would just let it go to her
•I hc that she used to have a pet when she was younger, so she already knows what to do and what not to do with one
•Since I see her more as a cat person, she would be a bit disappointed if you brought home a dog
•She would probably steer clear of it
•But then one day you’d just see her come home with sunglasses on, dog in her purse with it’s own pair of sunglasses, and just struttin down the hallway (bc she’s a queen obv)
•You may be a bit confused at first, but just let her do her thing. This is a rare you see her have fun
•She would suggest taking turns caring for the pet so it’s fair, and so it gets equally amount of attention from both of you
•She might post it on Instagram and be like “new child” or sum
•But yeah, she would be more calm about it
•But like Levi, she might confront you about it
Tumblr media
•Pretty much like Mikasa except she would take longer to warm up to the pet
•I hc that she also used to have a pet when she was younger— a cat— and so she would be a bit more familiar if you happened to bring home one
•She wouldn’t mind a dog, but she might not give it much attention
•It’s def sleeping with you, regardless of the animal
•I feel like she might actually try to avoid it because she’s just kinda shy and awkward like that
•It’s like handing a baby to someone— you don’t really know what to do with it
•So you just sit there with the baby in your arms, awkwardly looking around the room
•Yeah that’s how Annie is with a pet
•Basically she wouldn’t be happy or sad about it— she’s just… neutral
•I don’t really know what else to put about Annie but yeah, that’s about it lmao
Tumblr media
A/n: thanks for reading!! Making my masterlist rn
Tumblr media
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juggalohenrik · 4 days ago
Let me go DEEP into the most chaotic pairing of primary. Bc I feel like this whole arc is the most god tier thing in the mf Villa.
Tumblr media
Charlie and Bobby.
One’s a soft boy who rehearses his jokes and wants people’s approval and the other is snarky Mancunian Tailor with the temperament of a geriatric cat - it doesn’t make sense. But since the Stick or Switch ceremony there was something palpable brewing between them that reaches its culmination when Hannah Christ sacrifices herself at the fire pit in the name of Gary and Lottie’s sins by coupling up with Bobby. Resident reformed chav and notable shit stirrer Charlie Booth is the one who plants the seed of doubt and ensures their relationship falls apart within four days max. He succeeds and the two leave the show hand in hand on Prom Night. By the time the Reunion happens the two are deep into their new lives in New York helming a Tailors and a Bakery respectively.
As much as Charlie really loves Bobby, there’s an aspect of frustration that carried over from their time in the Villa when Bobby had allowed himself to be a pawn in R!Hannah’s arc until close to the very end - His need to be the one everyone approves of and liked seems to get in the way of what he wants. Charlie’s initiative and gall where he can just see what he wants and just goes ahead and takes it without a single shred of regard for anybody standing in the way of that carries over from working in an industry as cutthroat as fashion, meaning he doesn’t particularly understand why Bobby feels the need to do the stuff he does. As the relationship blossoms and develops, the two grow really comfortable and acquainted with each other’s habits. It’s generally assumed by everyone (including Bobby himself) that Charlie kind of sees Bobby as a fashion disaster fixer-upper who needs his intervention, but it’s actually quite the opposite - He doesn’t want Bobby to feel like he has to change or become somebody else for him, he likes everything about Bobby as it is and he actually loves how bolshy and chaotic his fashion sense is because it’s so ostensibly Bobby. He just doesn’t want Bobby to undermine or become what he thinks he should be like to please the people around him. The Bobby he knows, the one he fell in love with, is Charlie’s favourite person in the whole wide world.
There’s a softness to their relationship that neither of them are used to - One planting a kiss on the other’s temple the moment they wake up and get ready for work or waking up early just to make the other a cup of tea to start their day. Heartfelt notes tacked on the insides of their lunchboxes, thoughtful observations or things that reminded one of the other on their commute to work sent over text or silly conversations in BSL in the early hours. There’s pieces of each other in their place of work like cupcake shaped pincushions or tartan aprons hand sewn with painstaking devotion notched on a hook in the Bakery. Charlie wouldn’t admit it out loud, but Bobby’s melted his snarky reserve a fair bit while Bobby learns that he needs to vouch for himself and not cast his feelings aside for the sake of others.
I HC that Bobby’s familial life and his relationship in terms of his Mum and Dad is quite strained as a carryover from a childhood marred by their horrid relationship and even more disruptive divorce, meaning he was ignored for the most part unless he or his sister were used as leverage in an argument. He talks to his Grandmother and sister, but his parents are a tender subject. Charlie’s family welcome him with open arms and for once he’s met with an environment where he’s acknowledged and heard and where his achievements aren’t used as ammunition against the other parent for being absent. It gets harder for them to see them when the two move to New York, but every holiday season they make sure to go over to Manchester to visit. If not - A Video Call will always suffice.
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carewyncromwell · 5 days ago
Hello Dear! FFWF ASk:
What are Carey, Bat, and Ru's favorite books and why?
(also, your HC for Orion's favorite book?)
Carewyn's favorite Muggle books as a child were the Oz books, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Secret Garden. Princess Ozma and Edmund Pevensie were actually her first fictional crushes! As an adult, she also reads and really enjoys the American book To Kill a Mockingbird, as well as its film adaptation.
Bat is a true scholar when it comes to books, so he's more likely to read to learn rather than just reading for escapism, but his favorite fictional book, both as a vampire and in his second life in the Golden Era, is Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol. He thinks it is truly a masterpiece of literature and he knows it like the back of his hand. In the Reincarnation era, he's also seen just about every film or theater adaptation of A Christmas Carol he can get access to, despite his limited funds -- his mum, knowing his love for the story, always saves up some money for around that time of year and treats them going to see a local production as Bat's Christmas gift every year. It doesn't matter how basic the production is -- Bat always enjoys it.
Ru will devour just about any textbook you put in front of them, but fiction-wise, they're very partial to Gothic literature like Frankenstein, Dracula, and The Phantom of the Opera and compilations of old-fashioned penny dreadfuls like A String of Pearls (birth place of Sweeney Todd). If they were in the modern era, I could actually have seen them adoring graphic novels, given how visual of a person they are and how much they enjoy photography and film.
As for Orion...I actually love the thought of Orion enjoying both Peter Pan and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. There's such a wonderful sense of escapism to both, and yet also a lot of cleverness, emotion, and whimsy to how both are written, which I think would really have appealed to an orphan like Orion who sought some peace and is such a deeply thoughtful person. In Peter Pan's case, I think someone who lives "parent-free" would see little to lose in flying away to the Second Star to the Right and straight-on 'til morning, never to grow old and free to go on adventures every day. With Alice, the way the books are written just reminds me of how Orion talks, quite honestly -- very detached and dreamy, with the only "logic" being very emotion-heavy and oddly esoteric, rather than anything grounded and concrete. Like, take this passage from Through the Looking Glass, for instance --
‘I don’t understand you,’ said Alice. ‘It’s dreadfully confusing!’
‘That’s the effect of living backwards,’ the [White] Queen said kindly: ‘it always makes one a little giddy at first—’
‘Living backwards!’ Alice repeated in great astonishment. ‘I never heard of such a thing!’
‘—but there’s one great advantage in it, that one’s memory works both ways.’
‘I’m sure mine only works one way,’ Alice remarked. ‘I can’t remember things before they happen.’
‘It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards,’ the Queen remarked.
Tumblr media
Fanfic Writer Friday!
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my-neighbor-todoro · 6 days ago
Happy Birthday Iwaizumi!
Iwaizumi x Oikawa , Iwa-Chan Birthday Hc/Fic
Takes place Post Timeskip, Oikawa and Iwaizumi are in a long term relationship. Oikawa lives with Iwa in Japan on the off season.
Tumblr media
Oikawa finds it hard to plan Iwaizumi’s birthday. 
He’s a mellow guy who’s fine with pretty much anything
And Oikawa’s not a person who settles for “just anything”
Oikawa starts his preparation three months before Iwaizumi’s birthday
For a good reason!
Iwaizumi’s made a lot of friends over the years, many of them are in different countries
So, Oikawa buys a Godzilla plush and a nice photo album.
He starts with a photo of himself and the plush, it’s super cute with him holding the plush in his arms and a peace sign.
Next, he sends it to Makki, who adds his own plushie picture, its him and the plush at an ice cream shop with his girlfriend
Mattsun is next, the picture is of him having a tea party with the plush and his little niece
Mattsun drops it off to Iwa’s mom, who takes a picture and writes a loving note saying how proud she is of him
The plush and album is then mailed to the Japan Nation Legue. There are many pictures, some of individuals, some of teams.
The MSBY boys attempted to take a nice posed picture, but Atsumu tripped and fell into Sakusa when he ran to pose after he set the camera timer. The picture is blurry, the group in a pile on the ground with the Godzilla plushy miraculously safe in top
The Schweiden Adlers actually manage a posed picture with bright smiles (for the most part)
There’s even one of Kuroo posing with the plush and an unwilling Kenma in his office
Somehow, all of these are taken without Iwaizumi’s knowledge (it involved a lot of making Iwa run a lot useless errands in order to get him away for enough time for them to take a picture)
The package is then shipped all the way to America. A miriad of states and many friends Iwa met when he studied abroad
Finally, the album and plush are sent back to Oikawa in Japan
The last photos in the album are of him and Iwaizumi. Some date back to their high school years, and a few from Oikawa’s visits back to Japan from Argentina. A lot are of the couple on dates with each other
The very last picture is of Oikawa
It’s him at the beach at sunset, the light making his eyes a molten gold and his hair shine
He’s smiling brightly, a look of love and adoration in his eyes.
Underneath the picture is a letter
A letter to Iwaizumi
On the day of Iwaizumi’s birthday, Oikawa makes him breakfast in bed, and they spend the day cuddling on the couch watching movies and responding to birthday calls
At the end of the day, Oikawa takes Iwaizumi to dinner
It’s lovely, not a very fancy place, but one they frequent often and love
Then Oikawa brings Iwa home and sets him on their bed
He tells Iwaizumi to close his eyes and hold out his hands
Once the wrapped box is placed in his hands, his eyes open...
A beautifully wrapped box sits on his lap, and Iwaizumi looks up at Oikawa.
“Baby,” he says a smile in his voice. “You didn’t have to... the day wais enough.”
Oikawa smiles and sits next to him on the bed, “I know, but I wanted to give you something to let you know how much I love you,” he brings his palm to cup his lovers face. “How much we all love you.”
“Wh-“ Iwa starts to speak but Oikawa presses a finger to his lips.
“Just open it.”
He opens the box and pulls out the little Godzilla plush and the photo album.
Tears well in Iwaizumi’s eyes as he flips through the album. Page after page of his loved ones and friends, the people closest to him.
Finally, he gets to the last picture. He remembers that day, he took that picture at the end of a beach date with Oikawa on their first anniversary of dating.
Gingerly, Iwaizumi picks up the letter. The tears start to fall and small sobs leave his mouth.
Oikawa embraces him, tears of his own falling down his face.
“Happy Birthday, Hajime.”
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megumifushigirosgf · 7 days ago
sakusa sfw alphabet - pt.1
gn reader | sfw | slight nsfw with k | fluff | hcs
an: decided to split it into two parts so you guys can have this while i finish the rest :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A = Affection (How affectionate are they? How do they show affection?)
i think that sakusa isn't very physically affectionate, because of the whole avoiding germs thing he doesn't feel comfortable with physical contact. but that doesn't mean he can't show affection in other ways
his love language is acts of service so he enjoys doing stuff for you making sure you don't overwork yourself. he likes receiving words of affirmation - being reminded that he's amazing and super cool always makes his day, even if he doesn't show it. imagine sakusa squealing about it when he gets home bc he got a compliment from you
he hates pda, any form of it, the most he'd do his hold your hand but anything more is a big no, it's so bad that people don't even know you're together for a while
B = Best friend (What would they be like as a best friend? How would the friendship start?)
gossip. this man gossips so much but it's always really fun to listen to - the quiet kids know it all. he definitely bullies you but both of you guys know that he's joking around so it's never a big deal.
irl sakusa doesn't really talk much but he goes all out on his phone, he texts you way more than whatever socially acceptable and it's absolutely hilarious because when you see his chats with anyone else his replies are so dry
i think the friendship starts because you guys bump into eachother one day and he gives you a dirty look, then somehow you bump into eachother again, and finally you guys find out that your parents know eachother. they actually wanted you guys to start dating, but both of you were repulsed by the idea so you guys just ended up becoming really good friends.
C = Cuddles (Do they like to cuddle? How would they cuddle?)
at first he is very hesitant with cuddles and tries to avoid them whether it be consciously or unknowingly.
one day you stayed over really late and fell asleep in his bed, he didn't really feel like moving you so he let you lay there. he was just about to close his eyes and he felt your arms around him, he was internally panicking questioning whether he should push you off or not but you looked so peaceful and couldn't bring himself to do it. he begins to ease into it and starts to realise it isn't so bad.
he doesn't mind the position as long as he's the big spoon.
D = Domestic (Do they want to settle down? How are they at cooking and cleaning?)
settled sakusa, yes or no? i'm not fully sure, because i feel he's stuck between it.
the idea of you guys living together and getting to come home to you everyday is absolutely divine but i think he's scared because he feels it will be suffocating.
all in all sakusa is very domestic, he loves the home life because less people. he's a very very very good cleaner and insists on doing it every time because he feels as though you can't do it good enough - idk if that's a good thing or not. however, his cooking skills are limited to pasta and sauce he can't make anything else - and when it comes to cooking he treats it like a science experiment, measuring it down to the milligram.
E = Ending (If they had to break up with their partner, how would they do it?)
i always hate writing this one but...
sakusa kiyoomi breaks up with you because he feels as though you guys are too different... and the worst part is that he does it by text
its so stupid bc its his fault, he's the one who's barely making an effort yet he makes it seem as if it's your fault
F = Fiance(e) (How do they feel about commitment? How quick would they want to get married?)
sakusa as a husband brainrot
he's scared of commitment so i doubt that it happens quick, i'm going to say late late twenties because he uses his career as an excuse and he feels that he won't be able to fully commit to you while he's busy working and training.
he doesn't want a wedding at all, he'd rather have an expensive honeymoon but if he sees you really want one, he'll give in. he only wants a few people there: friends, family, and the vbc. it ends up being a really pretty garden wedding and its so beautiful - it lasts the entire day and everyone leaves way too late especially atsumu because he was crying.
his proposal would be very simple - you guys go out for dinner one day and he realises how much he loves you and how much he wants you in his life forever then boom marry me?
G = Gentle (How gentle are they, both physically and emotionally?)
sakusa is very gentle to you, the idea of hurting you in any way haunts him.
so he makes sure to never swear at you or raise his voice when he gets mad, and if he ever does hurt you he always makes sure to come back and take the blame.
physically he has a naturally soft presence so he's very gentle when touching and guiding you or moving you out of the way.
emotionally kiyoomi is learning how to deal with your mood swings and sudden changes in behaviour, apart from that he's very good at understanding how you feel and is really good at comforting because he's a good listener.
H = Hugs (Do they like hugs? How often do they do it? What are their hugs like?)
such a good hugger because of his lankiness. he doesn't really engulf you he just puts a bit of weight on you which is actually really nice, he enjoys rubbing his hand against your back and if he's feeling like it he starts tickling you whether your ticklish or not.
he doesn't hug much only when he needs to like when you're upset or when he feels clingy.
he really loves your hugs although he would never say that to your face.
I = I love you (How fast do they say the L-word?)
he says it first but he didn't really think of it and that's cute because then you know it came from the heart.
i'd say this happens maybe 4 months into the relationship is this early orr idk but you guys were hanging out on the weekends, as you usually do, and you were screaming the lyrics to Hamilton and he burst out laughing yes he laughs and he just goes i love you
i don't think he realises what he said until you go home that night and he's about to panic, but when you sent him an "i love you" after your usual goodnight text, he knew that there was nothing to worry about
he says the L-word more times than you'd expect but i think its more of a reminder to himself to remember that you really and truly are his greatest love.
J = Jealousy (How jealous do they get? What do they do when they’re jealous?)
jealous!sakusa brainrot
scenario: this dude is hitting on you and the pick up lines are so bad and unsubtle, sakusa can see you from the corner of his eyes and he is giving a death stare. he can't take it anymore and he stands up and walks right next to you swinging his arm across your shoulder and pulling you closer - "hey, yeah they're taken". the guy starts to get defensive - "yeah, i just wanted to get a number, nothing serious". sakusa is fighting the urge not to swear at him but he rolls his eyes subconsciously - "can you please get out of our way, we have somewhere to be."
and he's so proud of himself for it
he loves you jealous because he thinks it's very hot watching you get all possessive
K = Kisses (What are their kisses like? Where do they like to kiss you? Where do they like to be kissed?)
his kisses are very soft, gentle and warm. he leaves those kisses which linger way longer than you'd expect. his kisses feel like cold coffee on an autumn afternoon - unfamiliar but homey
his fav places to kiss you is your lips, eyes and hands - things you use all the time but at the end of the day they'll always be on him
he likes to be kisses anywhere but something about you kissing the back of his neck while you cuddle makes him want to scream
L = Little ones (How are they around children?)
sakusa hates kids...
when they're all snotty and teary and the fact that you have to change their nappies is a literal nightmare and then vomit !! hell no
but but but if his s/o really wanted one i think he'd give in and surprisingly it turns out way better than expected, getting pushed out of his comfort zone and becoming the best dad ever.
kids also seem to be attracted to him, whenever he goes out the kids just start laughing at him its really cute.
M = Morning (How are mornings spent with them?)
when he doesn't have practice or somewhere to be sakusa enjoys sleeping in, he probably stays in bed until around 1pm and when he gets up he likes to look at you for a bit. just admiring how cool it is that you're beside him and he has nothing left except a day dull of you
he likes to take a shower first thing in the morning and if he feels okay then he'll let you join, if not he lets you get a start on breakfast. his favourite breakfast is salami and eggs. he really loves it when u cook for him and enjoys helping you although he's pretty useless for anything other than staring at you.
Tumblr media
mmm sakusa kiyoomi pt.2 coming idek when, hopefully soon.
@cam6339 i hope you liked this, i'm so sorry for this taking longer than it should have, i've just been going through something atm
reblogs are appreciated <3
requests are open make sure to click my page to find the 'rules'
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tundrainafrica · 8 days ago
Im honestly so done with aot fandom wars really. I now let people spew whatever shit they want. It gets toxic in the end. I started hating so many characters because of this irritating fandom till I realized that a bunch of teenagers dont have the right to steal my love for this story away from me. Theyre so ridiculous really it looks like a bunch of kids decided to watch AOT and miss the point entirely. Yams wrote a beautiful story that gets more interesting when you reread it. I wasnt even aware of shipping wars till I finished the manga only to realize its hellfire here. I just assumed oh Erwin loved Marry but chose the corps how sad. Shadis had a thing for Carla. Bittersweet. Oh Ymir and Historia loved each other. Tragic. Reiner is a historia simp great. Oh Levi and Hanji are closeted lovers who just cant accept they're into each other. And thats it. But I went online just to see wow manga discussions yaaay and I ran into middle school children shipping Levi with Eren/Mikasa I mean are you ok? Are you not unhinged? Do you need therapy? Seriously guys wtf? Levi/Erwin? WTF? They're literally brothers wtf? Hange/Moblit, WTF? Are you even aware of the concept of friendship and loyalty that runs in the army? Do you think everyone in the army is in love with each other wtf is this logic Im sorry Im so done with this fandom. AOT deserved better fans who'd appreciate the story and its depth. Apart from a few plotholes that made no sense. (Especially hanji's useless fking death, dude she could've lived ok its so unfair. Anyways) I also can't stand it when people start making Yuri and Yaoi ships of two clearly straight characters. I don't mind if you ship characters within a show that have some sort of legitimacy FROM THE SOURCE MATERIAL. But literally changing everything about characters just so they can fit your idea of a stupid ship is pathetic. A character is so much more than someone you ship with someone. Grow tf really.
Anyways, I just wanted to rant really. Im so sick of this fandom and the toxicity it holds. And sadly its just growing.
Hi anon,
Feel free to rant about it here haha. Given what's been happening recently and yeah even before that, I have seen a lot of toxic parts of this fandom. Stuff which make me wonder if people actually have lives outside the fandom because the amount of effort people go to just to be angry is just amazing.
There are parts I don't agree with though. Personally, I just think that people can ship whatever they want, they can hc whatever they want, they can write whatever they want, they can draw whatever they want.
Like I'm not a fan of other ships in AOT, as much as I am of Levihan but what just irks me about the overall fandom is this need to police everything and this need to push preferences on other people.
Fiction is powerful. Fiction can be a reflection of reality but a lot of people like to use their own strict preferences as some means of putting themselves in a higher plain of moral existence. Lmao, news flash, the best determinant of how 'moral' someone is is for one, how they treat others and how they navigate morally gray situations.
A person’s fandom preferences is not a good indicator of their moral compass.
And I just hate this general need to attack Levihan and the Levihan fans just because one has other preferences, attack peoples favorite tropes or hcs just one has different 'favorites.'
Let's just stay in our own backyards and just enjoy our own food??
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neptunesfullbuster · 8 days ago
hey! first time doing this, but can I get domestic life hcs for Rogue (basically like what being his roommate would be like) please ^v^
living with Rogue Cheney
Tumblr media
characters ; rogue cheney
authors note ; this was so cute to write fbofdjbgb- hope you like it!<3
warnings / genre ; a few swear words, fluff
gender ; gn!reader
Tumblr media
Rogue is a great person to live with, honestly.
He isn’t messy or gross; rather, he is a very clean and tidy person
I find he likes cleaning, so your place is spotless all the time until Sting shows up
You are in charge of decorating and picking everything out. Rogue gives his opinion, but he has no idea how to make a space look nice and welcoming; his aesthetic is very modern and dark, so he rather someone else do it. If you are also bad, then you call Minerva and Yukino to help you both out
You both have your own spaces. I canon that Rogue is secretly an old person, he definitely knits or crochets, maybe even sews, so a corner of your house is a bunch of his things. You also have a space for your hobbies. Even Frosch has a little spot to themselves
Frosch is your child- you can’t say otherwise. You both treat them like they’re your baby. Frosch doesn’t mind it at all
You both are very respectful of each other and your things, he won’t go digging in your stuff as long as you don’t mess up his
Also since Rogue likes to make clothing, the three of you have matching pyjamas and its adorable bgjofbjgf
He isn’t the best cook, but he tries; if you are good and enjoy cooking, you typically make all the meals, but if you arent again, you call Minerva
You 100% fall asleep more on the couch rather than your actual bed. You watch TV on the couch like a married couple and end up falling asleep with Frocsh lying on your legs
If one of you goes on a job without the other you’ll just pass out ontop of them and just sleep there for the night
Also, be prepared for Sting to just show up out of nowhere like he owns the place
Literally doesn’t give a shit, he’s there all the damn time
No matter how many times you kick this man out, he’ll just show up the next day
Sting says he has a key, but all three of you know he does, and you have no idea where he got one
Besides Sting being there and fucking up the place 24/7, your home is relatively very quiet and peaceful
Rogue isn’t very loud or annoying; he’s chaotic but not a loud chaotic like Natsu and Sting. He brings fun and laughter as much as he brings peace and calmness
Rogue can be a bit overdramatic sometimes, so if you cut your hand while cooking or fall on your ass, he enters panic mode. Though it isn’t as bad when little Frosch hurts themselves, then its full parent panic mode, and if anyone stands in his way, they’ll get their ass beat
Rogue would be the best person to live with and would pretty much just try his best to make sure your happy and comfortable; he never wants to step on your toes:) he is the sweetest ever
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omuses · 10 days ago
i wanted to do like, a quick start guide to feyn’s relationships with the various companions + inner circle to kinda help figure out how rp interactions can go? obvs your interpretation can and will change and influence the relationships, but i know sometimes its easier to jump right into something rather than start from scratch, so this is easily more like a guildeline than an actual must.
–cassandra: very much like oil and water at the start, they do not get along due to cassandra’s aggressive insistence that feyn must do this job… despite the fact that, in feyn’s opinion, they literally don’t know diddly about who they’re asking to lead them. they clash a lot on beliefs and views of duty and responsibility, but do start to come to an understanding after the attack on haven as it appears like feyn is finally taking things seriously. feyn does come to appreciate cassandra’s straightforward attitude and her honesty, though they still seem to butt heads, it’s less antagonistic and more of them learning from each other. after learning more about the seekers, feyn encourages cassandra to rebuild and rededicate them
–leliana: she and feyn don’t necessarily spend a lot of time together, but feyn feels she’s far more insightful than she lets on. he relies on her intelligence and spies a lot, feeling her subtlety and grasp of nuance and gray areas are important parts of dealing with people
–varric: funny dwarf man. but no really, he thinks varric is a pretty decent guy and a good storyteller, but doesn’t really consider much else about him until his past with hawke and kirkwall become more obvious and it’s apparent that varric has lived through some shit. feyn feels absolutely awful about leaving hawke in the fade
–solas: someone who is an amazing source of knowledge, even if he needs to loosen up and relax a little bit. feyn’s always interested in talking to solas and getting his opinion on things, because even if he doesn’t say he’s Dalish, he’s clearly been studying elven history and lore and knows things that feyn doesn’t. i personally hc that solas does tell feyn the meaning of vallaslin, with high enough approval. he also does his best to help save the spirit, but keeps solas from killing the ones who summoned her
–cullen: a decent commander, but doesn’t speak to him much outside of the wartable. it’s not that he doesn’t like him, feyn just… there’s a personality mismatch, and they don’t really have a lot in common in his point of view. feyn encourages him not to keep taking lyrium and thinks it’s a good idea for him to start weaning other templars off of it as well
–josephine: feyn really loves and appreciates her hard work and dedication and really, really wants to make her happy–but also, no, he will not wear shoes when nobles come to visit, and he will be obnoxiously Dalish and feign ignorance. he feels a little guilty for making her job harder, but also, they put him in charge so everyone kinda deserves what they get. feyn protects her at all costs
–the iron bull: scary smart. like, sure, he seems normal enough and he’s very straightforward, which is honestly something feyn really appreciates about him, but he puts off extremely intelligent vibes and it can be really intimidating at times. kind of reminds him of his older brothers, in a way. encourages bull to make his own choices in regards to deciding the fate of the chargers and is aggressive in making sure bull knows he has a place and goal with them that isn’t tied to the qun
–blackwall: cassandra lite–no no, ok, feyn jives more with blackwall, despite both he and cassandra sharing strong opinions on duty and honor. the difference here is that blackwall isn’t telling feyn what to do about it. feyn thinks he has good insight into people and the world, but it comes through the filter of a very down-to-earth kinda guy, which helps feyn not feel quite so overwhelmed. post revelations, feyn doesn’t feel betrayed in the slightest–everyone has their secrets or pasts that they don’t want to talk about. feyn keeps thom with the inquisition and is pleased to hear he travels about helping others after corypheus is defeated
–vivienne: feyn doesn’t get her and honestly has the hardest time trying to understand her. in his eyes, she’s all about the game, and he can never figure out what it is she’s really after and what she’s really saying, and that makes him nervous. she feels wily, and for that, he doesn’t trust her a lot. she does have his respect, however, even though he kinda dodges her a lot because she gives off big disapproving mom vibes whenever they talk. feyn gives vivienne the proper snowy wyvern heart, and while he doesn’t feel close enough to try comfort her, he has flowers delivered to her room every day for a month
–sera: loves this kid. really, they get along well, and he loves everything about the red jennies. he doesn’t always agree with the level of violence that she employs, but you can’t really argue with her results. it’s a bit off-putting, some of the things she says about the Dalish, but he never tries to push his culture onto her, and relies on her to help represent and remember the average person when making his decisions. he always has time to help out sera and the red jennies
–dorian: incredibly apprehensive upon first meeting. like, yeah, the guy’s cute, but he’s from tevinter, and that just sets off so many alarm bells. they start off really rocky, just from dorian’s perceived overconfidence and arrogance, but feyn’s surprised that dorian actually says more of what he means than most of his station and is quick to give and keep his word. his intentions really are what he says they are, and despite a few rough early confrontations about slavery, feyn actually comes to value dorian’s opinion and expertise. feyn is supportive throughout the confrontation with dorian’s family–you don’t get to choose your family, and after what halward did, feyn understands not wanting to get along with him. but this is a chance for closure, positive or negative, and dorian should see it through
–cole: feyn’s incredibly confused about cole, but then again, who isn’t. he fluctuates between believing him to be a spirit vs believing him to be a very sensitive and insightful boy. feyn does not like the level of insight cole has on him, and frequently tries to duck him after they first meet. however, he’s protective of cole and doesn’t think he’s trying to hurt anyone–he really does just want to help. always takes the option to help cole become more spirit
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alientoastt · 10 days ago
Cecil Gershwin Palmer for the character ask :)
First impression
i first listened to night vale when i was 9. i thought he was so fucking cool and his voice made me kinda sleepy. also he was my first exposure to a gay character! ever! cecilos was my first ship :D
Impression now
i havent listened to nv in like. th.three years? but i still love that funky man and his furry leggings
Favorite moment
dont make me pick a favorite moment from a podcast thats been running since 2012. but uhhhh. "i know two things. i love you." "i love you too! what's the other thing?" "you already said it." is a strong contender. also seeing night vale live isnt a moment but god its my favorite. also "we are not one person. how lonely that would be!" and "Be proud of your place in the cosmos. It is small, and yet it is. How unlikely! How fantastic! And stupid. And excellent." and "he is holding a cat" and “We’re getting more updates about those doors. In fact, I have a very important scientist on the phone right now. He’s at the very top of his field, a really handsome scientist!” ok im done
Idea for a story
hmmm. i don't know what's already been done because i havent listened in so long! but i'd like to know more about his mother.
Unpopular opinion
i will always be bitter that the night vale fandom of like. 2015 twinkified a dude who totally could have been an otter. if you're going to make a character look sort of like their va at least give him a mustache
Favorite relationship
fucking guess (actually. ok i am really sappy about his relationship with his family as a whole)
Favorite headcanon
t4t cecil and carlos. also any physical description of him is still hc i think so! navajo cecil. i never could make up my mind as to if night vale was in new mexico or arizona but its in one of them (ignoring that Ralphs is just a california thing. actually it could be in death valley but thats not About Cecil)
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fandomfluffandfuck · 12 days ago
Hiiiii I just want to say I’ve been reading your evanstan a/b/o verse stuff and do you think you could give us a lil more headcanons?? I prefer Omega Seb but you could do whichever pairing you want I just love a/b/o smmmmm
P.S I love your writing I look forward to it like every time you post smthn :))))❤️💗💞❤️
That I can do!
It always seems like I'm not writing enough A/B/O lol, but I totally feel you A/B/O is so good. It hits some spot in me that nothing else really does.
(Hopefully you've already seen this, but if not enjoy it too: Assorted Omega Seb HCs)
Thank you for the request <3 <3 <3
In the days before Sebastian goes into heat are when he's is most likely to be found in an oversized, overworn hoodie that's softer than it has any right to be. Hiding his hands and exposing his collar bones because he's starting to get that heat flush, so there's no need for an actual shirt too.
(Chris notices this and goes back home quickly to find some of his old, old sweatshirts that are worn enough to nearly be falling apart at the seams. He puts them in Sebastian's side of the closet without saying anything. He hears Sebastian find them because he says, "wha-" to himself and assumedly unfolds one, realizes what it is before half sighing and half purring. When he returns he's wearing one of them. Not drowning in it. Just comfortable.)
Seb has a praise kink that is potent all on its own. We know. His blush says it all. So. Imagine how potent it would be when he's in heat. Like, Chris tells him he's pretty or good for him when he's in heat and Sebastian makes the Highest little whimper, shaking from head to toe as the compliment shudders through him, turning his insides to goo. It gets him so wet, hearing Chris' voice dip into something of a growling purr, a deep rumble that lives deep in his chest and gets deep into him. Usually compliments and praise just disarms him, making him melt, slick leaking out of him. But...
There's times also where Chris will compliment his omega - whether it's something as simple as telling him he looks nice (which he does every day) or something as loud and proud as "God, 'mega, you suck my cock so fuckin' good, 'm gonna cum so fast cause a' that pretty mouth." - and if he's still coherent enough to speak Sebastian'll complain about Chris making him burn from the outside in. His cheeks flushing and his heat fever raging. He doesn't need to be hot enough that he's dripping with sweat and slick. Chris never backs off though, he knows Sebastian isn't serious and he also has his own instincts, rumbling through his hindbrain saying, yes, yes, pretty omega. Pretty omega blushing. He's healthy enough to blush.
Omega Sebastian always makes these sweet little noises. Little chirps and sunny hums and almost relaxed drowsy sounding noises like he's waking up or going to sleep but just all the time. Lying in a sunbeam in the afternoon. After Chris hugs him. As he grabs his hand to hold. When they're cuddling before bed. From under a newly purchased extra warm blanket... all the time. Chris doesn't know how he missed the noises if Sebastian always did that, always made them. Eventually though the alpha realizes Sebastian didn't always do that. He just does it when he's comfortable and happy- when he's around him. Chris knows omegas purr when they're happy and Seb does purr. He just didn't realize all those noises were happy noises in addition to his purring. They make Chris' heart squeeze and explode with affection. His omega is pleased and comfy and happy more often than not it seems like.
Sebastian's instincts know that Chris is The Best Alpha- The Best Alpha For Him and as a result when he scents his alpha going into rut there's something in him that just flips. He flips into breathing and living to make sure he's good and ready for Chris. His alpha. So much so that Seb goes out and buys this really, really expensive custom fragrance oil that's made to smell like his aroused scent pretty early on in their relationship. The fragrance oil isn't as good as his natural heat slick scent, of course, but it's damn close. Whenever jetlag fucks with them and un-syncs their cycles, or just when Sebastian's heat is coming a little while later than they're expecting Chris' rut to happen, or even if Seb just feels like getting fucking wrecked as Chris' rut instincts flood his brain, making him grab, thrust, and bite harder than normal, Sebastian will get out this oil. And, sure, he could just use it like cologne and rub it into his skin but where's the fun in that?
No, that's not as fun.
Instead Sebastian puts some of it in the bath as it's filling, knowing that the steam from the hot water will waft the carefully crafted scent of his bottled arousal and slick scent in addition to his own while he wants for his alpha to figure out what's going on. It never fails to make Chris vibrate in place upon stumbling into the bathroom, hands clenched around the door frame, more or less drooling as he imagines fucking him in the tub until they spill water all over the floor over the sides of the tub.
(The first time Sebastian does that he's honestly trying to put the oil on his washcloth to rub it into his skin when he spills it into the bath. It brings Chris to him. Walking in with his eyes dark and his cock straining against his jeans. Both of which he's trying to hide, trying to not look at him like he's a peace of meat). But Chris - the stubborn, sweet alpha that he is - offers to help him wash rather than fuck him silly. However with his mind clouded with arousal, Chris doesn't climb into the tub with him like he might normally. He doesn't strip. He falls to his knees next to the tub and lifts Sebastian's leg out of the water like he's something golden and fragile and precious and washes his feet and calves more thoroughly than ever would be necessary. Sebastian is shocked enough that he just lets it happen, feeling like he's put his alpha under a spell. Or. He lets it happen until Chris mouths and then bites at his ankle, going up to his knee as he massages his foot, at which point he's so turned on that he just whimpers, "alpha- alpha, get me out. Gemme out- I, Jesus, I. You-you've gotta help me out so you can fuck me, knot me. Please!")
If you put Seb on top during late in his heat he'll whine and cry for Chris to fuck him because his muscles literally turns to jelly and he can't make himself bounce on his knot by himself even though he'd give anything to feel it. Instead he just cries like it's torture, whimpering and whining, begging, "fuck me, fuck meee, need it. Need you. You gotta, gotta fuck me, I need it, want it, wanna-" until Chris gives him what he wants. How couldn't he when he's such a pretty hot mess. Wet, gaped, and swollen lips. Flushed, sweat damp, hot skin. Tightly shut eyes. Limp neck muscles that keeps arching back and presenting Chris with the vulnerable curve, practically begging to be bitten. High, feminine sounds that only get higher and higher the more pleasure he gets... God. His omega is a wet dream.
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eddiecabotsmile · 13 days ago
I LOVEEE your work already!!!! This is another request (no pressure ofc!!) could you also write a preference on how they react to hearing the reader sing for the first time? Xx thank u again Daisy <3
thank you !! yes anything for u mwah this was such a fun idea. hope you enjoy -love daisy
hc: "a preference on how they react to hearing the reader sing for the first time?
Good singer or not, the name of the game is to annoy mr pink as much as you can
Singing in the shower, singing in the car, singing in the rain, ANYWHERE this boy is
“If I tell you, you’re a good singer will you stop?”
He KNOWS you’re doing this just to piss him off - so he plugs his ears “LA LA LA”
Eventually you two call a draw, equally annoyed at each other
But if he actually catches you singing naturally he thinks its sweet - pressing his ear to the door of the shower whenever he can - just to hear you
The first time he hears you singing is most def NOT the last time he hears you singing
Orange is such a babyyyyy - and he needs you to sing him to sleep at night
Turns the radio down when you two are driving in the car, and his eyes keep fluttering over to you - “what?” you ask “nothing, you just keep singing doll”
Singing while washing his hair !! his favorite passtime ;)
Using tooth brushes as fake microphones when you sing in the morning - he will 100% do air guitar and back up vocals and dancing and lights and etc...
Teases you constantly, “i know you’re loud in bed, but this is new for you baby”
Makes you sing for him while you dance
Does his stupid dance for you when you sing - which makes you laugh so hard
Buys you so many records claiming that “It’s for you, so you can practice lyrics and shit”
Randomly grabbing you and dragging you into the living room, holding you close to his chest, swaying gently with a vinyl in the back. “Sing for me will ya, babydoll?”
Overhears you humming your favorite song while you were tidying up
Leans on the doorframe watching you and he feels his heart swell with joy
Mr white would argue that you’re better than anyone on the radios - and he would die on that hill
“Anyone ever tell ya, you’ve got the voice of an angel?” yes - he does every day
Tbh larry likes to sing too - just like his speaking voice, his singing voice is sexy too
You two sing oldies in the kitchen while making dinner - or he’ll be humming a tune and you’ll catch on, humming too :’)
Absolutely gushes over how good you are
I honestly feel like he would make you sing the soundtracks to his favorite movies
Follows you around with his hands clasped begging you to sing the song for him
“Oh baby, cmon! Just one more time for meee. It’s for research purposes! jus-”
*like a virgin starts playing*
The type of boyfriend to chime in while you’re singing - oh boy, is he a horrible singer
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