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#Maito Gai
incorrectkakagaiquotes · 9 hours ago
Gai: Not everyone is gonna think I’m handsome, and that’s okay.
Kakashi: I mean, they’re wrong, obviously, but it’s okay.
Gai: Yeah, totally, still wrong, though.
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nekisui · 10 hours ago
Anko: *looking at sakuino and sns on a double date* Why say "I love you" when you can say "you're my rival" tho
Kakashi: hm
Kakashi: Gai
Gai: yes?
Kakashi: you're my rival.
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ohayohimawari · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He made a manhole 😆
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incorrectkakagaiquotes · 12 hours ago
Gai: Online games are bad for your mental health, and physical health everybody cut them out of your life as soon as possible
Kakashi: Did you lose again?
Gai: Shut up
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incorrectkakagaiquotes · 16 hours ago
Kakashi: I couldn’t sleep at all last night! I kept hearing these weird noises
Gai: The next time you hear them screech at the top of your lungs to assert dominance
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nekisui · 17 hours ago
Kakashi: * talks about how terrible friend, rival, teacher and person he is*
Gai: stop Kakashi, you know that I think you’re amazing. I can’t stand hearing you underestimating yourself so much, you know how much I love you and how much you’re imp-
Kakashi: *shocked* did you just say you love me?
Gai: yes? Obviously. Didn’t you know? I’ve already told you that
Kakashi: WHAT? WHEN-
Gai: I literally told you you’re my man on destiny
Kakashi: that was a love confession?!
Gai: Yes?? What did you understand??
Kakashi: a friendly way?
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depressedhatakekakashi · 20 hours ago
Gai came up to Kakashi, pecking him on the cheek with a kiss, hugging him, head on chest, nuzzled up to Kakashi. He looking at him with deep, suggestive eyes, a smirk creeping up on his face. Though it couldn't be seen, as his mouth was on Kakashi's chest. Picking up his head to speak.
" Oi , Kakashi. How have you been ? "
For some unknown reason, his voice was deeper, and much more seductive. And his whole personality seemed off as well. Gai had a hot, but welcoming aura about him. Calm and soft.
“Uhhh, I-i’m alright,” he wasn’t sure what, but something was definitely off about Gai today. Usually he would have tackled Kakashi, or hugged him from behind.
But this was a lot more personal. In his face.
He liked it.
“Everything ok with you? You’re acting a little …mm, different today.”
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maitiest · a day ago
gai  is  shit  at  remembering  names  .      and  when  lee  told  so  excitedly  told  him  that  all  nine  bijuus  had  names  ,  gai  struggled  hard  ,   but  he  put  in  great  effort  remembering  them  all  because  it  was  obviously  important  to  his  son  .
Tumblr media
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Kakashi: *impulsively tells Gai a fucked up thing about himself*
Gai: that doesn’t sound healthy
Kakashi: yeah lol
Kakashi: *thinks about what he told Gai for 5 hours*
Kakashi: why the fuck
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Gai: I think ultra spicy curry is the BEST kind of curry, and anyone who says otherwise is dead to me.
Kakashi: Do you take opinions?
Gai: Tread carefully, you’re on thin ice.
Kakashi: I think…. Spicy curry… Sucks!
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kaitovsheiji · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Did someone say Pride Month Team Gai? No? Too late, I heard it anyway!!
This one goes out to my fellow kkg hell inhabitants because i really wouldn’t have done it without you guys.
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Gai: So, you hate improv?
Kakashi: Yes.
Gai: Don’t you mean…
Gai, striking a pose: “Yes, And”?!
Kakashi: …See, shit like this is what I’m talking about.
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incorrectkonoha · a day ago
Gai: I've decided I'm going to call my lovely boyfriend, Kakashi, by a new, gender-neutral petname.
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quotesfromnaruto · a day ago
Well, Guy-sensei is a weirdo, but he's not a prankster or a liar.
Tenten, to Kakashi (Boruto episode 108)
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Gai : I promised lee we'd go to lunch today but I really don't have the time what should I do?
Kakashi : just cancel
Gai : I can't do that lee 'd get sad :(
Kakashi : you're too lovey dovey with your students . Breaking their spirits as tough love is the only way to make them respect you .
Sasuke : Kakashi sensei do you want to-
Kakashi : no
Sasuke : *leaves*
Kakashi : see?
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lotusfartstwice · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Idk what it is but I love associating them with ducks. 🦆
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Kakashi: If you think my room is a mess, you should see the rest of my life!
Gai: Spoiler alert: it’s also a mess.
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