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fuckboy-orochimaru2 minutes ago
*Orochimaru voice* "Well you see, Sasuke-kun....mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell...."
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mecomeco15 minutes ago
I鈥檚howed it to my friend, and she like it.
Keshi: They need Orochimaru's research, they need him by their side. If Konoha knows the elders will want Naruto to take action. Mitsuki would have to go back to Otogakure. Maybe... I'll never see you again... Log: And is this a problem? Keshi: You promised to help me with my revenge. And until I do what I said, I don't want anything to get in the way. It would be a headache to reframe my entire plan. Log: Does your dad know, everything you've been doing? Keshi: No. I don't want him to get upset about things like that. I'd rather get my hands dirty myself. Log: It must be sad, not being able to talk to your parents. Telling you how you feel. Keshi: You even seem to know something about it. Log: Don't be fooled. Even now, my parent knows you're here. He points to a camera in a corner of the wall. Keshi had noticed this when he arrived. She felt like an idiot for her words. For Log being right. She felt lonely. Keshi: My mom wanted me dead and I would be if it weren't for you... Log: What I promised, I will keep. You have my word, because this is what I want.
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waterrolls31 minutes ago
drabblle request!! if you dont mind that is 馃槄
How about Hinata arriving late to her mission and Kiba spots some weird "red marks" all over her body x)))
Can you pleeeeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeeeee do a fluffy drabble of naruto being a clingy boyfriend?
Are you still accepting requests? Can you write a drabble where Hinata got playfully annoyed at Naruto for giving her a hickey when he is fully aware that she will be out on a mission the next day. XD Thank you! 鉂わ笍
- - - - -
Hi guys! 馃榿馃憢
I hope you're having a wonderful evening or day. I hope to make it better with this ask.
Thank yo so much for waiting! I appreciate you being patient. So here you go:
Hinata angrily zipped up her top, almost trapping Naruto's fingers within the teeth of the zipper. She glared at him but he remained unrepentant. He'd offered to help her get ready this morning but his idea of "helping" had been to press kisses on her skin as she got dressed. First the inside of her arms when he'd held her shirt as she slipped it on. Then of course, his mouth had lingered on her collarbone and at the side of her neck.
Not to mention the ones he'd already inflicted on her from last night, she thought as she resolutely refused to look down on her legs where she'd felt him nip lightly when they'd been on his bed.
And he'd marked her, damn it! Those pink and red spots on her skin were embarrassingly obvious to everyone who could see.
Then this morning, Naruto simply wouldn't leave her alone.
As a result, she was now running late for this mission with Kiba and Shino, who were probably already at the Konoha gates.
"Naruto!" she yelled with exasperation as she tried to get his hands off her clothes, which were now roaming over the front of her shorts. "Stop it! I really have to go now!"
He grinned at her instead. "I'm just trying to help you with your shorts."
"Argh," she said, trying to hold on to her temper, but she was suddenly laughing because his hands were now inside the pockets of her shorts and squeezing at her hips.
"Just checking to see if you have your kunais."
"I don't keep them there!"
He took his hands out and said, "Oh, you're right. Whoops!"
But he bent down and squinted at the holster strapped to her right thigh. He slipped a finger into the strap, rubbed at her skin gently, then looked at her again with that teasing glint in his eyes. "Just want to make sure it's not too tight so your blood supply doesn't get cut off mid-mission."
She chuckled, but she was already opening the door to the shoe closet to grab her boots.
"Oh, yeah!" Naruto yelled as he quickly snatched them off her hands. "How could I forget the boots? Come on, then! I need to help you put these on, too."
So saying, he bent down again and took one slender calf and slipped on the boot. He did the same to the other leg and caressed his way up her calf and then to her thigh.
"Naruto鈥" she started saying, but he quickly cut off her protest with a kiss.
"Right, you're all done," he said as he ended the kiss. "You have been thoroughly inspected. I now proclaim you ready for your mission."
Instead of letting her out the door, though, he grabbed her hand with the intention of walking with her to the gates.
"No!" she shrieked. "You stay here! You're not coming with me to meet my team."
"What?" Naruto said with a pout.
Her expression became flushed and flustered as she brought her fingers up to tap them together nervously. "They're going to make fun of me again."
Naruto laughed and relented. "Fine. I won't go with you this time. Tomorrow, for sure." He looked at the clock. "But you better hurry because you're late!"
"Naruto!" she wailed. "Argh! You!"
But he couldn't let her leave the apartment without another kiss.
Hinata sprinted and she was huffing by the time she got to the gates.
Kiba had a frown on his face. "Jeez, Hinata! That's the third time this week that you're late!"
Shino looked on quietly, and Hinata flushed red when she saw his glasses linger at the tell-tale marks on her neck.
Kiba noticed, too, and said, "Don't tell me he's been 'helping' you again this morning?!"
Hinata's flush only deepened. She didn't answer, only said, "Let's go!" and then started walking.
But Kiba's deep sigh was clear for everyone to hear.
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ladykissingfish32 minutes ago
Naruto: So, Sasuke ... we鈥檙e not kids anymore, dattebayo. We鈥檙e older.
Sasuke: So?
Naruto, blushing: So ... so maybe it鈥檚 okay now, that we try more, um, adult things?
Sasuke: You mean like ... going on missions and pretending to be a normal, functional member of society despite having crippling anxiety and PTSD stemming from the murder of my entire clan and family?
Sasuke: Because if so, then I鈥檝e been doing 鈥渁dult things鈥 for YEARS.
Naruto: ... I meant stuff like kissing but 鈥
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kakairuincorrectquotes35 minutes ago
Genma: Don鈥檛 worry, you have time. No one else is going to ask Iruka out.
Kakashi, offended: Why not?
Genma: Because Iruka is terrifying.
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cuddlyscribe56 minutes ago
Can I request Lee with some friends to lovers angst edition? So I鈥檓 thinking like the reader catches him kissing someone else that leads to a confession. Maybe a happy ending?
Idk but I鈥檝e been in hurt-comfort hell lately. 馃槄
in this house we love some good old hurt to comfort!! my angst always has to have a happy ending 馃ズ I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
For the past few days you've been hearing rumors of another Konoha nin that has feelings for Lee
Up to this point, you had been tossing and turning in your brain wondering what your true feelings for him were
Was it just friendly between you two? Or did you feel something more for him?
AAHH the struggles of navigating relationships 馃様
But after lots of thinking and considering how you feel (as well as the pressure of knowing someone else had the hots for him), you come to the conclusion that you don't just want to be friends
You love him <3
You plan to ask to meet up with Lee at your favorite little spot just outside the village. It's where you both practically grew up together, training and sparring and just being silly
You gather your courage and decide that this is when and where you will confess your feelings. It's perfect, after all!
A safe and familiar space for both of you, so even if he doesn't reciprocate it will help to get rid of a bit of the awkwardness
But on your way to find Lee at his usual spot (in one of the training fields), you spot him locking lips with another under a nearby tree
You feel sick to your stomach. You had told yourself you would be strong, but this is not what you had prepared for
Part of you just wants to run away and not look back, to leave Lee and all these silly feelings behind... But there isn't anyone quite like him. You fell for him for a reason, and you're not about to give up now
You want to make your feelings clear to him, even if it's pointless now. If anything, it will be your first step to moving on
Once you get your bearings, you turn around to begin walking towards Lee only to find the other person is gone. Better for you, anyways. No audience
You jump right into it, explaining how after all this time you had finally come to the conclusion that you loved him as more than a friend. That you were sorry that you had missed your chance with him, but that you hoped he would be happy with them.
Lee is standing there dumbfounded by your confession, looking on sadly at your teary eyes as you walk away just as quick as you came
Despite it, he can tell how important this moment was to you. He needed to start being honest with himself, because if he didn't, he'd lose you forever. He had tried to mask his feelings for you by unrightfully leading this other person on, because he was terrified of ruining his relationship with you if you didn't feel the same
Lee just feels like a fool and he starts sprinting to catch up with you
"Y/n, I'm a damn idiot. I hid behind my fear of messing up our friendship, but now that I know you feel the same... Will you be mine?"
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reyngachaan hour ago
Naruto Uzumaki from Young to Adult
Tumblr media
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milfmitsurian hour ago
Sometimes I remember that ppl think Naruto and Sasuke are straight....not me tho, get help <3
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ilderartan hour ago
Tumblr media
I am weak for the animal/monster and human duo, so I had to draw Akamaru and Kiba as well 馃槆
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marc--chiltonan hour ago
enemy nin: i'll kill you
gai with a big cheerful grin: but not in a way that matters!
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mrxi-cadmusan hour ago
sasuke confused out of his mind, waking up to an empty household. he doesn鈥檛 cry, hasn鈥檛 been able to since he was a child, so he just stays quiet. he knows no one will answer him, because, fuck, who is even there to answer a seven-year-old child鈥檚 questions? like why should he even think that鈥檚 possible. like no one even bothers to visit him. they just let his mind wander alone, just offering a small explanation that doesn鈥檛 answer his hurting heart at all. awkward + selectively mute sasuke that still wants revenge? but he鈥檚 just so fucking tired. like, he knows he wouldn鈥檛 be able to beat itachi, and he just follows team 7 around in a slumped position.聽
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lossie92an hour ago
Tumblr media
Madara and baby Kagami~
I'm working on a little fix-it project. It's a short chapter fic where Madara raises Kagami and it ends up saving him from madness. If all goes well, I should be able to post it soon 馃
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narusakuheavenan hour ago
Naruto: *opens the door for her* after you, Sakura-chan.
Sakura: that's sweet of you, Naruto, but no, after you.
Naruto: I insist, Sakura-chan...
Sakura: after you I will, Na-ru-to.
Kakashi: *pushes them both aside* After me.
Sasuke: *pushes them both inside* JUST. GET. IN.
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harunoh2 hours ago
im deadass so sad bc i think b*ruto is such a disservice to Naruto and its legacy
you had these child soldiers navigating the cruel world they live in and finding their place in it, being helpless in the face of tragedy and circumstance but also finding meaning and peace through love and bonds they have with the people in their life
b*ruto is such a joke and all the characters deserved better
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whereisnardo2 hours ago
Naruto Skincare Routines
Tumblr media
Used 5-in-1 body and face wash, shampoo, and conditioner: Kakashi, Kankuro, Jiraiya, Choji, Kisame, Asuma, Rock Lee, Gai, Kushina, Killer Bee, Raido
Has a minimal routine--face wash & moisturiser: Shino, Aoba, Tobirama, Minato, Yamato, Sakura, Yahiko, Kabuto
Intermediete Routine--face wash, toner, moisturiser: Temari, Tenten, Genma, Izumo, Obito, Nagato
Expert routine--face wash, toner, serum, moisturiser, SPF: Shikamaru (he won't admit it), Kakazu, Kurenai, Hinata, Hashirama, Shizune, Shisui
11 Step Intense routine--double cleanse, exfoliate, toner, essence, serum, sheet mask, eye cream, lip oil, moisturiser, and SPF: Ino, Sai (bc of Ino), Tsunade, Itachi, Deidara, Sasori (if he wasn't a puppet), Neji
Does not wash their face: Naruto, Sai (formerly), Kiba, Sasuke, Hidan (washes his face in the blood of his enemies), Kotetsu, Zetsu, Orochimaru (he sheds or smth)
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