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#team gai
lotusfartstwice · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nyaabinch · 2 days ago
When Neji fell to the Ten Tails Tenten knew that there was one thing she could do.
So she did it.
Tenten took off the necklace she had worn most of her life and broke it above Neji’s wound.
Out of it poured a green luminescent liquid, enough to heal but not enough for the pits curse.
Tenten had never planned to use her keepsake, a hold over from before she came to Konoha, from when she still went by names such as Wayne and Al Ghul.
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Basically Tenten is FemDamian
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kakashiswaifu01 · 4 days ago
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Flustered Kakashi can just live in my head rent free
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ladykissingfish · 5 days ago
Kakashi: I’m not in love with Gai. We’re just friends.
Sakura: I’m a fifty foot tall dragon with three heads.
Naruto: My hair is black, dattebayo.
Sasuke: I never awakened my sharingan.
Kakashi: ... what?
Sakura: Oh, sorry; we thought we were playing a game where we say things that clearly aren’t true.
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brujamaki · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
always keep an extra layer on top of your work and draw some encouraging doodles
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galacticturnip-art · 6 days ago
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My Shop / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook ✨
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honiweii · 8 days ago
Search for Tenten's clan
Rin & Tenten Nohara
They look like each other !! I really like them both, they're so cute, and they have the same eyes and the same hair color.
I really like the idea of a sibling relationship between Tenten and Sasuke (sasuten in my ♥)... this could have happened (in my mind) if Rin had survived and ended up witth Obito !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tenten Senjuu
It sounds so amazing !!!
Tenten really looks like Hashirama and Mito ! But I won't suggest that she's their daughter.. maybe she is the child of the child of the child of the children of Hashirama and Mito, or just a child of their children...........
This would have reinforced her admiration for Tsunade.
Tenten would have been like this ↓
"As a descendant of Senjuu, I also want to be as strong as Tsunade !!" (shining eyes)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So much wasted potential...
Tenten is not weak ! She is much more powerful and stronger than what we are shown in the series !
She developed her own technique on her own!
She has the skills of spatio-temporal techniques.
She inherited the fuinjutsu technique from Mito Uzumaki.
Just look at Erza, she is the most powerful in FT ! and yet her technique is the same as that used by Tenten.
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oxenfire · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
OOP almost forgot lol, i also put some new prints up - including my super sexy and sad kkg comic and some recent naruto illustrations (team gai and team 7)
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stuwor-art · 9 days ago
Theres a lot of reasons why i refuse to consider Boruto canon, and some of the reasons are:
- Metal doesn't call Tenten 'Auntie Tenten' (or Tentenee-chan)
- Lee and Metal don't go to Tenten's shop after training everyday just to see her.
- Tenten never told Metal that his father started to drink at the age of 13. (This is just for annoying him ifndofnd)
- We don't have an anime episode of Tenten, Lee, Gai and Metal doing a trip to find the most beautiful sunflowers just as a present for Neji's grave. (Since it was the day he died.)
- Hinata doesn't ask Lee and Tenten to go to her home and tell some stories about Neji to her sons.
- Lee doesn't act like the most caring father alive. (But oh well, everybody is a bad parent in this thing.)
- It's not canon that Metal has 84937494 weapons presents from Tenten.
- We don't have NO EVEN ONE scene of Tenten making sure that Lee doesn't consume any type of alcohol when they hang out together. (She doesn't want to fight a monster this moment.)
- It's not canon that, after Konoha was destroyed in the timeskip, Tenten finally got a lot of money bc everybody buy her weapons for protection and now she invited Lee and Metal to a summer trip.
I just would like that the writters knows that team gai exist and that Neji had others bonds aside from Hinata and Naruto.
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tentendeservedbetter · 9 days ago
I've probably said this before but I used to ship Tenten and Neji and yeah thats great, I still like them as a pair but romantic and platonic nejitenlee just remains superior- especially platonic team gai, it just hits differently
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brujamaki · 9 days ago
part of my tumblr experience is people reblogging old art and reminding me that oh shit i had a continuation for that
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incorrectkakagaiquotes · 10 days ago
Kakashi: So, how did you convince all three of my students to betray me? What did you offer them?
Gai: I asked them if they wanted to embarrass you and they instantly said yes.
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frogstack · 12 days ago
shoutout to the person who just went through and reblogged a bunch of old posts from my naruto tag
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