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#team 7
kakairuincorrectquotes · 4 hours ago
Tsunade: Would Kakashi-Sensei please come to the hokage office?
Kakashi, arriving at the hokage office: Hokage-Sama, is there a problem?
Tsunade: [Points to Sakura and Naruto]
Tsunade: I believe they belong to you?
Sakura and Naruto, simultaneously: We got lost :(
Kakashi: I didn’t even bring you two here with me-
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vizsitori · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Team 7 - Sasuke , Sakura , and Naruto - Naruto
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fangirlmily · 5 hours ago
Part 2: SFW Morning Ritual//Minato Namikaze
Naruto's Best-Friend! x Minato Namikaze
a/n: I decided to do a more age-friendly/fluffy version to this story!
warnings: none
wc: 600
open to requests!
Tumblr media
“Y/n!” Come on, don’t you think it's about time you move on from my dad?” Naruto pestered as the four young ninjas made their way to the training grounds.
“Naruto, you know I’m not really in love with your dad.” She grunted.
“He’s just someone I really admire.”
“That’s a relief, I was starting to believe you were totally obsessed. And that would be so weird.” Naruto added as they approached the open field.
“Did you hear that, Itachi? I totally have a chance!” Shisui blurted out while shaking the shoulders of his best friend and relative.
“Yeah, I guess so. Good thing too, you wouldn’t have a chance against the Hokage.” He mocked back.
Entering the field they noticed a pink haired girl along with a spiky haired boy.
“Y/n!” Sakura called out while jogging over to her.
The six of them began to practice their respective techniques for hours before collapsing from exhaustion.
Agreeing to leave and get ramen for lunch, they headed out.
“W-wait! Y/n!” Shisui’s voice called out before she could catch up with the others.
“What’s up Shisui? Did you need something?”
“Um, actually, I wanted to ask if maybe you wanted to go on a date with me?” He stuttered out nervously.
“Sure! I’d love to!” She responded excitedly.
Later that night, the two met up at the nearest restaurant, which just so happened to be the ramen shop.
They sat on the plush stools and ordered two bowls of ramen. For around an hour, the pair chatted and enjoyed their food without a care in the world.
That was until the fabric that hung from the shop's entrance was pushed to the side to reveal the Hokage and his wife.
“Y/n-Chan, Shisui-Kun! What a surprise!” Kushina cooed while walking over to them.
She gently rubbed the tops of their heads affectionately.
“Hey kids! I see you’re on a date, Kushina and I had our first date here too. That was a while ago of course!” Minato joked as he stepped from the back of the shop.
Y/n starred as he approached them, a nonchalant smile on his face.
His presence was enough to distract her from her original thoughts.
“I’m sorry Y/n, I wasn’t able to visit you during training today.” The Hokage apologized while looking grim.
“Don’t worry about it Minato-Sama! I know you’re busy!”
“But never too busy for someone so special!” He responded with a wink, enough to make her blush and look away. Her attention was completely stolen by the yellow-flash.
“Um, Y/n? Are you ready to go now?” Shisui questioned, slightly jealous at the lack of regard she had for him.
“Uh, yeah let's go!”
“Oh one second Y/n, will you come here?” Minato’s voice instantly commanded her attention.
Kushina was sitting on a stool ordering for the pair, as Shisui waited outside of the shop.
“Of course, Minato-Sama.”
Y/n walked over to him as he leaned down to her height.
She could clearly smell the cologne he had on, that paired with his bright blonde hair and stunning blue eyes was enough to keep her mesmerized.
Once he was close to her ear his voice whispered,
“Your crush on me is highly inappropriate… but it is flattering.”
Y/n quickly turned away and felt her cheeks burn.
She bowed deeply before racing out of the shop and straight into Shisui’s arms.
“Y/n? Are you okay?”
“Mhm, I’m okay Shisui. Let's do this again sometime!”
With blushing cheeks, he smiled. Grabbing her hand and leading her home.
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Rwby shenanigans / incorrect quotes:
Ruby designing Crescent Rose: *models it after uncle qrow's weapon but with her own added flair* "I can make...a knife-gun!"
Weiss with Myrtenastor: "Its a rapier but also a revolver - different dust cartridges for each chamber!"
Blake when making Gambol Shroud: *sees Adam's + Sienna's weapons* I shall make a ballistic chain scythe, but with ribbons!
Yang with Cecilia Ember: It functions as explosive jewelry that I can punch people with! I can and will look stylish while kicking ass and that is a threat!
Also while everyone else grabs their weapons in the vol 5 opening credits, Yang is basically like: "My fists are my weapons!" And I love that for her. (I always thought it would be really funny if instead of driving away on bumblebee that when Yang gears up she just grabs her arm instead).
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Sakura, panicking over Chunin exams; I’m gonna fail! This is it. I’m gonna get kicked out of the system. My life as a shinobi is over!
Kakashi, trying to comfort her; Well Sakura, just remember that failure is just, uh, another step to... not failure.
Sakura; wow thaaaaanks.
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historicfailure · a day ago
Yes, uncovering his relationship through a scenario like the bell test! I also love to imagine when they see Kakashi's face, but unlike their attempts as kids, they do it by accident. Sakura punches him too hard, he falls asleep while sitting in a tree reading Icha Icha after pulling too many all-nighters, etc. How do you think the team would react? (At least one nosebleed pls XD) And, I loved your comments on my fic, it means a lot, thank you! They're a great confidence boost. :D ~ 1AM
Hey there ^^ Sorry for taking so long T^T
Yeah, Team 7 would be so surprised as a whole. They worked so hard in their youth to get behind Kakashi’s mask, and now it just dropped by Sakura punching him a little bit too hard? 
Naruto is at first flummoxed. What the fuck? His mind can’t grasp that the secret of his youth is suddenly right in front of him, laid bare and for the entire team to see. Then, his excitement kicks in! 
“Kakashi-sensei, I didn’t know you had a mole! And no buck teeth or strange weird, puffy lips? Is that why you hide your face, because of the mole? That’s so unnecessary, believe it!”
Basically, Naruto will shower Kakashi with questions why he would hide his face for so long when it’s perfectly fine.
Sakura is of course also surprised. She stares at her fist for a little bit too long. Then, when she see’s the pretty face of her sensei, she can’t help it. He’s pretty, okay? A little nosebleed will sneak up on her, but she reigns herself in before anyone (but Sasuke) can see. Kakashi is still confused by the heavy concussion her punch gave him to notice. Sakura is weak for pretty faces. Naruto’s Reverse Harem Jutsu got her too, after all. 
“Kakashi-sensei absolutely has no reason to hide his face... Oh god, I’m so glad I didn’t hold back. Second best day of my life, the best day was when they put me with Sasuke on one team...”
Sasuke is the least perplexed. He overcomes his shock pretty well, only to shrug it off. Fine, Kakashi has a face. (As a child, he once had a nightmare that underneath the mask was a black hole which would swallow him if they ever uncovered Kakashi’s face). After he got a good look at Kakashi’s face, he just sighs and turns away to continue his own training.
“Alright, no black hole. That’s good. Anyway, where was I...?” *continues his training like nothing happened*
That doesn’t mean he won’t think once or twice about Kakashi’s face in the week after the incident. 
Their reactions are just too cute xD Kakashi has to fend off questions for quite a while (especially from Naruto of course) xD
Thank you so much for your lovely asks! ^^
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tanu-chan · a day ago
Helloooooo! Welcome to a Shitpost Wednesday and today I will be telling you my impressions of the teams in Naruto -
Team 7 -
Duckbutt haired Uchiha Sasuke
Bitchgirl Haruno Sakura
Uke to every FUCKING male in the series Uzumaki Naruto
I read porn infront of children Hatake Kakashi
Thank you for reading part 1 of this shitpost I have to think for the other teams and also this is all just a joke if you feel offended for the character. And you can see my bias towards Sasuke. ( I've finished Naruto )
Well then see you byeeeee.
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Sakura and Naruto help bring out the child Sasuke was. Sasuke and Naruto bring out the ninja Sakura could be. And Sasuke and Sakura see who Naruto really is, not just the Kyuubi.
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wanderingnin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
¨hey Sakura..too close..YOU TOO usuratonkachi!!¨
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