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orsimer · 13 hours ago
while falling asleep last night i had this hazy thought of ririka dozing off on the couch with her bass guitar gently against her cos she’d been sleepily playing it and mary comes by and lovingly settles a blanket over both ririka and her bass
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gaythingliker69 · 2 days ago
As Friends
Inspired by the comments and tags on this post by @blacktipreef and @syelies
“Thank you, Sayaka, tonight was wonderful!” Yumeko exclaimed, planting kisses on Sayaka’s cheeks, one after the other. “You’re sure you’ll be okay getting home?”
“Y-yes, thank you Yumeko,” said Sayaka, stumbling through her fluster. “I’ll see you soon!”
She turned and hurried up the path, turning onto the street. She eventually came to her own home, where she was able to change out of her going out clothes and relax. Then, her phone buzzed, and she reached out to grab it. Midari’s name stood out in white against her dark home screen. Sayaka sighed and unlocked her phone.
heyyyyyyy sayaka
Hi Midari
how was ur date?
u literally just went out with yumeko lol
u lucky fucker
It wasn’t a ‘date’ Midari. We just went out for lunch and to see the blossoms, that’s all
sounds pretty romantic tbh. there are always couples by the blossoms
Sayaka paused. There had been other couples around. Mainly straight ones, but the occasional gay and lesbian couple watching the trees come to life. Her and Yumeko shared what felt like a secret smile with a couple of girls they’d met, like they were part of some kind of club. It had felt nice, walking through the centre of it all, her and Yumeko hand in hand… but it was as friends. There wasn’t anything else there.
aw cmon don’t go quiet now
did u do anything? like what type of stuff was she saying?
Well she did compliment my outfit
hmmm that might’ve just been her being nice
anything else???
She said she liked how the sun reflected off my hair. And she said my eyes were really pretty and unique
oh my fuckin god sayaka
We also held hands by the blossoms. It was really nice
oh my fucking god sayaka igarashi u are the definition of useless lesbian
i mean this isn’t even the first time
u and kirari pine for each other so bad it’s funny. and u let mary take u to the cinema that time
Hey me and Mary are friends!
there is a pic on her instagram if u w ur head on her shoulder ffs
then there was the time u bought saori lunch at school and yumemi was gonna murder u
What? I didn’t mean anything I was just being nice
u got any more dates planned
I’m going out with Miroslava for dinner next weekend if that counts
omfg you’re dating the presidents cousin
Whatever. Call it what you want
babygirl u have a HAREM
Sayaka slammed her phone down, storming off to get a bath and try to put Midari’s stupid suggestions out of her head. The way she went on it made Sayaka sound like she was dating every girl at Hyakkaou.
Miroslava Honebami was beautiful. This was Sayaka’s overriding thought as she walked nervously to meet the taller girl. She’d never thought they were that good friends, but if Miroslava wanted her here she was more than happy to come. Miroslava turned at the sound of her approach, her light green eyes sweeping over her ‘date’ for the evening.
Sayaka almost scoffed at her own thoughts. She hadn’t been able to get Midari’s messages out of her mind all week, even if they sounded ridiculous on paper. Even when she saw Midari in school, she’d get a knowing look and an almost unhinged grin. This grin was at its widest when Midari saw her eating lunch with Yuriko. Yuriko didn’t pick up on Midari - too wrapped up in showing Sayaka an old pottery piece, comparing its beauty to Sayaka’s. Or something like that. Apparently two people can’t eat lunch together and not be girlfriends.
“Sayaka, you look stunning,” said Miroslava, her normally stoic facade receding slightly. “I’ve really been looking forward to this evening.”
“Me too, Miroslava, I hear the food here is really good!”
An almost puzzled look crossed Miroslava’s face, but it disappeared as a waiter approached to take their booking. As he walked toward their table, Miroslava gently took Sayaka’s hand to guide her through the shallow forest of table and chairs to her seat. Sayaka smiled at the girl as she sat opposite.
They ordered, talked, drank, and ate, and as the evening progressed Sayaka felt more abs more able to relax into their conversation. Miroslava hadn’t wanted her here as a date - Midari was just reading into things too much. Being in a dungeon instead of class will do that to you.
“So… you seem very popular these days,” said Miroslava, picking her words carefully. “I’ve seen pictures of you with Jabami and Saotome recently, and there’s that time you sat flirting with Yumi for half an hour the other day. So what’s your goal? You thinking of the election?”
“What? No! I just like having lots of friends, that’s all. I’d never betray Kirari. And flirting with Yumi? We just talked, is that what counts for flirting now?”
“Well, she seemed like she was leaning in a bit, she wasn’t exactly observing personal space. And you weren’t exactly stopping her.”
“I… I didn’t notice.”
Miroslava looked almost dumbfounded, and excused herself to the toilet. She came back, they talked about other things, and left. Miroslava made a point of paying. As they stepped outside, she took Sayaka’s hand in both of her gloved ones, and gently kissed her on the ring finger.
“I hope we can do this again sometime. Goodnight, Sayaka,” she said, quietly, before moving away into the evening.
As soon as Sayaka stepped through the door she felt her phone vibrate.
how was the date bestie
It wasn’t a date Midari
what sort of stuff did she do
Fine. She kissed my hand and told me I look stunning. Is that what you want to hear?
bestie she likes you
so did yumeko. and mary. and half of campus
No, you’re reading to much into it
Sayaka thought about it for a second, and a quick series of images flashed through her head. She felt Miroslava’s hands cupping hers and Yumeko’s lips on her cheeks. She saw Yuriko’s pottery and Yumi gently leaning into her, feeling the distance between them shrink. She felt her head rest on Mary’s shoulder as the film played insignificantly in the background and heard Saori’s laugh ring in her ears. She nearly dropped her phone as the realisation hit her.
yes babe
You might be onto something
glad to hear
more importantly
i’ve got tickets to a concert next week, are you free friday night?
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orsimer · 2 days ago
i don’t think mary would ever get tired of reminding ririka she loves her like mary is the kind of partner for ririka that would enjoy the mutual teasing but when ririka needs her most there would be this real shift in mary and she would delicately but firmly know what to do and say in order to support her mary would take care to learn and remember what helps ririka most and that particular side of mary would be exclusive to ririka
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yumarygona · 2 days ago
also after the greater good gamble manyuda and sumeragi had like no romantic/shippy type interactions together lmfao. they just be sitting together, eating, chatting.dats it. im telling yall that theyre each others beards
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malusneon · 2 days ago
Kakegurui (Kari) cap. 132
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
En donde Kirari se encuentra en una realidad virtual con su secretaria vestida de sirvienta!
¿Qué está tocando Kirari con sus manos...? :0
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kissy-kobos-garden · 4 days ago
Come be my Teacher
Tumblr media
| One-shot |
Genre {Fluff & Rom}
913- Words 85- Sentences
~Author's note - Hello and welcome Yeobonims <3 What follows is a romantic little one-shot. The Setting is provided at the top. We really hope you enjoy your time here and do check out our page to listen to the latest song recommendations. ~Helen
The city lights shined out across the river in the night.
You were trying to piece together the events of the night. He picked you up at 7 pm and took you to a cozy little restaurant. The booths were so intimate. You thought you might die because he was sitting very close and sometimes when you reached for a side dish your hands would momentarily brush. After dinner, he asked if you would like to walk along the river before taking you back to your place. You accepted immediately, you'd be crazy not to.
It was amazing how the two of you fell naturally into deep conversation and banter. It felt easy and yet when he looked into your eyes it felt like a fire lit inside of your chest. God, his eyes were so beautiful. The softest shade of warm brown, like leaves in late autumn or the feeling you get when you come inside to a warm place out of the cold. Your heart was fluttering in your chest like a caged butterfly.
Could this guy really have asked you out on a date? I mean, you had been hoping something like this would happen to you and yet you never really believed it would.
As the two of you walked along the river. A strong wind blew from across the waters and created a slight chill. You crossed your arms over your chest as a shiver traced its way down your spine.
"Oh, are you cold?" he asked with concern.
"Yeah uhm... I get cold easily." You say.
"Here take my cardigan," he says and shrugs off the light beige sweater draping it across your shoulders. You can feel the leftover body heat, the warmth that's seeped into the fabric. The smell of his cologne is so comforting and almost too much to bear "There... better?" he asks
"Yes, thank you so much," You say. "By the way, I just wanted to say...this night has been so amazing. I'm really enjoying spending time with you."
This elicits a chuckle.
"You sound surprised! You were expecting to have a horrible time?" He asks.
"Oh no no, I was just surprised when you asked me to go on a date with you," you say.
"I was surprised you said yes," He replied "Is there anything else on your mind? Please, tell me, always be honest with me about what's on your mind."
"Well, okay...I kind of wanted to ask you for your advice." You say.
"Oh yeah? I'm great at giving advice. Go for it," He says.
"Sometimes when I have a stressful day at work I start to feel kind of insignificant and I was wondering what should I do when I start to feel this way?" You say, sighing out the last few words and looking down at your shoes.
"First, before anything else you should talk to me. Yes?" He says lightly nudging you in the arm. And then very tenderly he says "I think, everyone feels like this from time to time but it depends on how we overcome the sadness. Think of positive things that can cheer you up when you start to feel negative. Try to find positive thoughts, watch something you enjoy, and laugh. When you feel sad you should change the mood, you know? It isn't good to dwell on negative thoughts," He seems to think about this for a moment before adding "You should go out and walk just like we're doing right now, get some fresh air and sunlight or eat your favorite foods."
"Wow" You say taken aback by how heartfelt his advice was. "You actually do give amazing advice. I'm very impressed. Thank you, I will keep it in mind next time."
You look up into his eyes as the cold breeze cuts past the two of you once more. It ruffles his fluffy hair and leaves it in a beautiful mess. He reaches up and fusses with it.
Before you can stop yourself your hand is touching his arm.
"Don't," You plead "It looks perfect like this." The heat creeps into your cheeks. "Is there anything on your mind that you would like to talk about?" You ask
"Actually, there is" His voice drops and he looks down at his shoes. "I've wanted to hold your hand all evening and if I don't do it now I'll regret it later, so please, give me your hand," he says
"What??" You ask a bit hesitant.
"I said give me your hand." he insists while extending his hand to you.
You step closer and slip your hand into his. Now that the two of you are palm to palm your cheeks were starting to burn. You stayed like this for a few moments before he yanks your arm upwards and presses your hand hard against his chest. You involuntarily let out a soft gasp. You could feel his heart beating and the heat from his body that leaked through his t-shirt. You looked down and away. He moves closer to you. Gathering your courage you shakily take his other hand and press it against your own chest in reply.
"Can I?" He asked. His eyes moved down from your eyes to your lips.
Your heart was beating faster and harder than before.
"I ---i -" you stutter. Obviously flustered. "I haven't done this in quite a long time."
"That's okay, I can teach you everything," he says.
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kissy-kobos-garden · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
prompt #7: "“wait, no, don’t take kissing away from me.”
genre: fluff
word count: 1,195 words
a/n: hey there, yeobo-nims! here is a short prompt and i do hope that this prompt is to your satisfaction. it's been a while since i've last written a prompt or anything of the same sort.
and we welcome you guys to kissy kobo's garden! if you want more, you can head to the request box and ask away~ we'd be happy to oblige. anyway, i do hope you guys enjoy this prompt!
- miko ✧
small, childish banters are quite common in a relationship, right? well, it's quite common for you and kobo - knowing how teasing this man could get.
the rays of light slipping through the tiny spaces in the blinds had you stirring up from your slumber. stretching your aching limbs, you face towards the side - only to be greeted by the sight of your beau, fast asleep with his lips slightly ajar, a wee bit of drool leaking on the corner of his lips.
"you must've worked really hard last night, huh?" gently wiping away the drool, you focus on his soft features.
the oh-so-fluffy hair that you love to thread your fingers through, the thick eyebrows that would have you giggling whenever he raises it whilst pulling his fringes away, the sharp nose that you love to boop, the long lashes that tickles your cheeks whenever he showers you with kisses and those red, plump lips that would leave you intoxicated after a kiss.
but besides all of those, what you love about him was how kind-hearted, and dedicated he is. everything about him just makes you happy. the way he would cook you your favorite dish when he knows something good happened or if you're down, he'd be there to drop everything and be with you - making sure that you won't go to bed with a heavy heart.
another, what you love most about him is how he allows the two of you to grow as individuals - not focusing your lives on each other but rather, growing together as individuals chasing their dreams and be each other's support system.
you'd never thought that a guy like him would be the person you'd see a future with.
lost in your own train of thoughts, you barely notice the fluttering of his eyelids.
"like what you see?" kobo sleepily asks with a cheeky smirk finding its way to his lips. "hmm, you really can't get enough of me, huh?"
rolling your eyes in response, you let out a scoff before snuggling close to him - burying your face onto his chest. "i'd always love any type of view," you look up, only to meet a pair of soft brown orbs.
"especially if it's you."
the raspy laugh that leaves his lips had the butterflies in your stomach go wild, causing you to bury your face closer to his chest once again. "uh-huh, nice try [y/n]." despite not liking your cheesy reply, kobo pulls you closer to him and proceeds to rest his cheeks on top of your head.
the sound of his breathing and those grunts when he shifts slightly to make the two of you comfortable was always calming. a minute or so passed and silence filled the air like white noises.
"i want to stay like this forever," he heaves out a sigh before taking in the scent of you. "like what?" of course, you weren't the only one who felt all those things.
kobo, for one, couldn't help but feel his heart swell with happiness and peace. mornings like this was something he'd always look forward to. with you being the first and last person he sees during the day just reminds him of how much he wouldn't want to trade it for anything.
the beating of his heart was like music to your ears. the soft lub-dub that goes on and on like a beautiful symphony, and one thing's for sure, it'd be nice to go back to sleep while listening to it.
a soft hum slips past his lips and the arms around you tighten.
"like this," he says, "having you all cuddled up in my arms and just not worrying about anything."
"but we both know you can't keep still without the thought of having to work," you interrupt as you gently pull yourself away from him, plopping your elbows on the mattress to hold you up.
"i know," a bittersweet smile dances its way on his lips, "but, i wouldn't mind spending a day doing nothing as long as it's with you."
sure, the two of you may have been together for quite some time but there's just something about you that always had him feeling at peace. something he can call home.
"wait, no, scratch that. i still need to go to the gym and work out, and for sure, my lovely yeobo would love to join me, huh?"
hissing at his suggestion, the man before you lets out the loudest laugh. "how about i take the kissing away in exchange for working out with you?"
"sure, i can live without kisses since i love hugging you." kobo confidently answers - no signs of hesitation. "are you sure about that?" you ask once more.
the way his eyebrows furrow at your question was enough for you to nod in acceptance. "alright, no more kisses for you starting today-"
"starting today?"
you nod your head again, "yes, starting today. no morning kisses, no mid-day kisses, and no good night kisses since uri aegi said that he loves hugging."
panic starts to sink in and before you know it, he's already up in your face - a pair of long, slender hands cupping your cheeks. "yeobo, i-i was just kidding."
"y-you don't really mean it, right?" he's become a stammering mess. his brown orbs search for yours - trying to see if you're just pulling his leg. "right?"
"i wasn't joking, bubs, i mean - you specifically said that you can live without kisses." you reiterated what he said. "“wait, no, don’t take kissing away from me.” he pleads, now tackling you on the bed with him hovering on top of you.
having both of your hands pinned on the bed, he looks at you and repeats what he said once more. "no can do, aegi. you said it yourself-"
peck after peck after peck. you couldn't stop the hearty laugh from erupting from your chest after getting cut off by kobo's cheeky advances.
"don't," he pauses before placing another kiss on your left cheek. "take" another one. "kisses" another one, "away" and another one, "from me."
"please," he pleads one last time before leaning down to capture your lips. the sweet taste of those plump, pinkish lips of his left you breathless - taking in the form of yours, as if trying to memorize the feeling and shape for the nth time.
the soft taps of your hand were enough to reel him back and he pulls away with a sheepish smile. "fine, i won't be taking the kisses away from you."
a loud, triumphant cheer fills the room and before you know it, you've once again been tackled by the man who once said he can live without your kisses.
but it doesn't matter. it somehow keeps everything between the two of you fun and alive.
"i love you," he whispers against your neck as he continues to put all his weight on your body. "i love you too but can you please get off of me?"
"no," and soon the four walls of your shared bedroom are filled with giggles and laughter.
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orsimer · 4 days ago
ririka baking and cooking ririka with an apron and some flour dusted on her cheek omg
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orsimer · 4 days ago
having someone run their fingers through your hair or running your fingers through someone else's hair is a declaration of love like your hearts are whispering i'm imagining ririka with her fingers through mary's tuft of bangs and mary threading her fingers through ririka's silky bangs and it's so right for them bc it involves their hands which is how their souls communicate with one another through their hands it would be a natural and comfortably familiar gesture too which is the overall tone of their bond
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kissy-kobos-garden · 5 days ago
When I feel that I can't rest my eyes,
William whispers, "go to sleep."
How does his voice make this bed
Softer, warmer?
My body loses its worries and tension.
Preaching softly in my ear
He says,
Take care of yourself.
Eat well and drink water.
My peach, my cream.
My good night, my sweet dream.
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fancyjoo · 5 days ago
the return of kakegurui as surprised cats
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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orsimer · 5 days ago
ririka taking the chance to stop mary before she tried to leave during war game and pleading to let her see it through...that’s something she did for herself something that she wanted and felt and went after as herself without letting anything stop her she wanted mary to trust her bc that’s so important
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shikakunaras · 5 days ago
ships for the ask game: any generation of shika/cho and hmm kakagai
Shikaku and Choza - Not really 
Why don’t you ship it? - I don’t like Choza. Like he’s good with his team but he rubbed me the wrong way during the war arc esp how he was with Choji. 
What would have made you like it? - A really good fic. Or Shikaku/Choza/Inoichi not just Shikaku and Choza. I can see them just respecting each other but not really loving. 
Despite not shipping it, do you have anything positive to say about it? - They make a solid team. Shikaku does include Choza in plans and they do get along when they are out during dinner. 
Shikamaru and Choji - I will always love them 
What made you ship it? - There’s so much obvious love. 
What are your favorite things about the ship? - GOD everything? Shikamaru loving and supporting Choji no matter what. Choji supporting Shikamaru when he has a plan and everyone is :/ abt it. The care hey have and the War Arc scene with Choji holding Shikamaru ;w; 
Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship? - I don’t have one? Or know what the popular opinion is to have a negative one. However - I am tired of seeing Choji’s weight being mentioned like that’s a huge catalyst. Why can’t people write him without him saying how unworthy of love he is bc he’s fat OR them fetishizing his weight? It’s almost every fic and it’s getting tiring, 
KakaGai - Love them
What made you ship it? - Supportive best gays. The things Gai would do to get Kakashi out of a bad head space in the anime sealed the deal. 
What are your favorite things about the ship? - Every part. The support Gai gives Kakashi, the competitions, and the homoerotic things they say to each other. 
Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship? - I HATE it when fic writers make Gai out like some hollow happy machine or Kakashi being a dick. Like he’s never said anything actually mean to Gai so where tf that came from I want that gone. 
Ship Ask Game 
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kakashibestie · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
peace and love on planet earth
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orsimer · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fancyjoo · 6 days ago
just wrote a whole ass opinion essay about kakegurui for grammar class, it would have been longer if it wasnt for tomorrow
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orsimer · 6 days ago
ririka being smooth with the lines? it would never not shock mary. her poor heart couldn’t take it.
ririka with her lines oh my goood i love smooth ririka so so much she's just out here proposing and just dropping this gf material her combination of charm and unpredictability would absolutely ensure mary would never be able to react completely nonchalant meanwhile ririka is also keyboard smashing in her mind bc both of them are so enamored with one another that it has them simultaneously bewildered and captivated they would like take turns flustering one another especially interesting to think about after ririka settles into her own how that would change her flirt game god help mary when ririka reaches the point where she's fully aware of her own inclination for these lines and the effect they have on mary like she would melt right through her resolute exterior every time
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