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dsa-lj · 8 hours ago
A drabble that was written in the winter. It's small, but I really like it, so I decided to post it here. Not sure if everything is beautifully written and looks good, but I hope you enjoy it. Also I don’t know if I translated the whole text correctly, but I hope that those who read it will be able to understand it. And I still don't know if it's worth publishing this text on AO3...
"For Higan, all people were disgusting, rotting creatures, parasitizing the earth, poisoning themselves and their surroundings. With the exception of Tsubaki and his subclasses, who, despite the lack of family ties, have become a real family and support for each other. But it was no longer possible to call them people. Creatures, who were betrayed by their relatives and friends, driven to despair, who were given a second chance and a better life, without demanding anything in return. Therefore, Higan didn't understand why Licht decided to help him, "save" him. Licht seemed the same as everyone else: thought himself more important than others, but invariably the same rotten. But it seems that later he also became an exception, a mistake in the vampire's perception of the world. How else to explain the fact that even after Higan's attempts to burn these snow-white angel wings, Licht covered him with these? - Are you not afraid that I will kill you? - the vampire asks again, pulling Liсht's body close to him and looking straight into the bottomless blue eyes. Higan could have killed him easily — do it right now. It didn't cost him anything to slide up the chest, in which calm breathing and measured heartbeat are so clearly felt, and clasp his arms around Licht's neck, pressing harder until the pulse subsides under the skin. - You won't do that, - Angel replies firmly, absolutely not doubting his own words. - Why are you so sure? - Higan doesn't understand, can't understand the answer intended for him in any way. As well as he doesn't understand why every time his hand doesn't stop on the neck, but almost weightlessly outlines Licht's cheekbone and again gently touches that place, where the beating and warmth of life is so soothingly felt. - Because I can feel it, - the Angel responds with an unusually soft tone. Licht himself doesn't know how to explain this feeling of confidence, which may seem so stupid, presumptuous and irrational. But this seems to be the most correct of all possible options. Words are not needed here: it will always not be enough to explain all thoughts, all feelings and actions. It was similar with Lawless. The Angel initially knew that the servamp wouldn't be able to kill him, no matter how he tried to prove the opposite. In the end, despite Hyde's words and actions, Licht was indeed right. Perhaps this is another "angelic force", as the servamp used to say, that allows the Angel to "tame" vampires. Licht himself doesn't like such an extremely rude formulation. He wants to believe more that he doesn't tame, but helps to cleanse the demons. Even though he seems cold and arrogant, even if his hands are like ice compared to the hands of the vampire standing opposite him, the Angel gives the Devil all his warmth that comes from the his own soul. And he also allows himself to touch the chest opposite, where the defiled, wounded, but still having a chance for salvation, soul is located."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dsa-lj · a day ago
Succumbing to temptation
It can also be translated as: Falling for temptation, Yielding to temptation.
Tumblr media
"They had known each other for a dozen centuries for sure: as soon as an unbearable demon appeared in Licht's life, everything immediately went awry. Lawless was spinning nearby, and strove to ruin everything, bringing relations between small states to war (sometimes he even succeeded), and also always tried to touch Licht in order to leave an sloppy golden trace on his skin, which burned strongly for the first minutes and which had to be washed off in a Holy well, carefully hiding from other angels. These traces were serious violations of the prohibitions, and therefore remained only on Licht's skin - Lawless, after all, is already one continuous violation, which he himself embodies. The connection of an angel with a demon is an unforgivable act, because of him, both will be punished without trial, who started it first, and who just followed the lead."
Collage for one of my favorite fanfiction -
This is not my fanfiction, but I liked it so much that I couldn't not try to do something atmospheric for the author.
In short, this is a story about the love of an angel (Licht) and a demon (Lawless). The angel succumbed to the demon, fell in love with him and fell to hell as punishment. And the demon as punishment was sent to earth and became a human who didn't even remember Licht.
They lost each other, but then found again, although both have already become other creatures.
This is a very emotional fanfic, so I hope someone can translate and read it.
And I hope I have translated a piece of this text correctly.
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zachtgefluister · a day ago
Je ging door het vuur
Voor hen
Hoewel het licht in jou
Met alleen al jouw aanwezigheid
Veel meer ruimtes liet verwarmen
Dan de kilte in hun ogen
Zij die jouw licht niet willen zien
Zien in jou een spiegel die haarscherp weergeeft
Wat zij allemaal niet zijn en nooit zullen zijn
Ik smeek je om jouw licht aan te houden
Vooral in de donkerste gangen
Op de engste paden en
Zelfs met je voeten in het vuur
- zacht gefluister
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wirtschaftcom · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tesla-Fabrik in Grünheide bekommt zwölfte Baugenehmigung Tesla hat am Dienstagvormittag die zwölfte Baugenehmigung für die Fabrik in Grünheide erhalten. Das berichtet das Wirtschaftsmagazin “Business Insider” unter Berufung auf das Brandenburger Umweltamt. Auf eigenes Risiko kann das Unternehmen demnach nun Leitungen unter anderem für Abwasser und Niederschlagswasser sowie Rohre für Strom und Versorgung innerhalb des Tesla-Betriebsgrundstücks oberhalb des Grundwasserspiegels verlegen. Dabei habe … |
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Fana: What’s worse than a heartbreak?
Licht: When you wake up in the morning and Tetia isn't there.
Vetto: When you wake up in the morning.
Rhya: When you wake up.
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wbe7 · 4 days ago
(ElemenTå_∆Illuminatyes West in Peace)
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dsa-lj · 5 days ago
Red as blood, blue as hate
Tumblr media
Cuts on the forearms, wounds on the body, caked blood on the face. Terribly sick of all the madness going on with him... between them. He wants to scream to the sore throat, to the torn ligaments, to the loss of consciousness from exhaustion. - You are a madman, - this is the only thing Licht can utter, but words alone are not enough to convey all his feelings, all hatred. - I know, but who are you then, if you come back to me every time? - a scorching whisper and a rhetorical question, the answer to which has long been on the surface.
Instead of writing all the accumulated sweet, gentle and fluffy ideas, I again embody the sudden delirium with suffering and angst 😆 But my beloved Higan\Licht, which I absolutely adore and want to see content with them. And since there is no content, I will make it myself. In general, my friends tried to persuade me to write something romantic, with tender feelings, but I'm like "NO, THERE WILL BE MADNESS AND PAIN". Well, okay, the main thing is that my friends liked it 😆
Recommended listening:
P.S. 9 April - happy birthday to me XD
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wirtschaftcom · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Umfrage: Mehrheit würde sich mit Sputnik V impfen lassen Die Mehrheit der Deutschen ist offen für eine Impfung mit dem russischen Impfstoff Sputnik V, sofern dieser von der EU-Arzneimittelbehörde EMA zugelassen wird. Das ist das Ergebnis einer Umfrage des Meinungsforschungsinstituts Yougov im Auftrag des “Handelsblatts” (Freitagsausgabe). 55 Prozent der Umfrageteilnehmer würden sich demnach mit Sputnik V impfen lassen, sollte der Wirkstoff von der EMA … |
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