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crimeronan · 4 minutes ago
I NEED to know what proper Gaelic last name you would give to the disaster brothers
I'M HAVING TROUBLE FINDING AN ANGLICIZED ONE THAT'S AS DIFFICULT TO PRONOUNCE AS MY OWN however in trying to pick one i HAVE discovered that fennessy is an anglicized irish surname. and. can u imagine ronan fennessy and jordan hennessy,
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weird0strawberry · an hour ago
Nahh NAHHH bruv we save the toads see?
we put ‘em in safe habitats for dem to ‘njoy far far away from dem brits
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margridarnauds · 2 hours ago
The Morrigan would have a Twitter JUST for the sake of starting flame wars, and then promptly sit back while it all collapsed around her, sometimes dropping a reply when things are starting to die down in order to stoke the fire. 
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midnightvices · 2 hours ago
Upon hearing a friend of mine say she doesn't have celebrity crushes - and realizing she's a psychopath because that actually makes no sense to my obsessive brain - I took it as my duty to remedy the situation.
She's not a TV or movie person - don't ask me why I'm friends with her, honestly wondering what we have in common right now... - so basic beings she should know about she couldn't know or care less about. So I start with some names we pretty much all know and love.
Now, I understand that we all have different taste BUT when I tell you I sent her SEBASTIAN STAN and TOM HOLLAND and she, and I quote, "didn't find them attractive"....
Excuse me
Not even a little bit she said
Some things are non negotiable and THIS IS IT MY FRIEND!
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faelles · 3 hours ago
One vampire being really excited to be a vampire and doing all sorts of cool vampire things and the other vampire being ugh abt it and also >:/ at the first one and maybe they fall in love...
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boldlyygo · 4 hours ago
my shirt felt kinda nautical today, so here's one of my favorite traditional tunes, Out on the Ocean, to match!
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jour-de-printemps · 5 hours ago
I’m honestly just gutted that BTS chose to advertise McDonald’s instead of Supermacs, the superior burger joint. 
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lucidcapricorn · 5 hours ago
i think two of my favorite language miscommunications with scorpi is one time when he tweeted something and then asked "hey is it read or read (red)" and i looked and he actually meant to say "rid" instead
and then the other time was last week when we were finishing evangelion and it had been a bit since we watched so i said "ah.. I've missed the intro" but he thought i meant the show wasn't playing on my part so he got worried and we had to start from the beginning it over while he said that he didn't get english sdfjhsdkfs
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thunderstruck9 · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Genieve Figgis (Irish, b. 1972), Family Portrait, 2015. Acrylic on panel, 100 x 80 cm.
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justcolinmerlin · 6 hours ago
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