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yourdailyqueer · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Nina Bouraoui
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
DOB: 31 July 1967
Ethnicity: Algerian, French
Nationality: French
Occupation: Writer, songwriter
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yokaidisarray · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Saffron is probably my favorite oc design wise. Im really proud of how he turned out!
His ability is also the most complicated, lol.
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burninglights · 13 hours ago
must say I hate that the world has suddenly decided that I'm not enough. Not smart enough, not black enough, not disabled enough; I'm so tired, man. I just want to do well and have the support I'm entitled to by law and have basic respect afforded to me. Is that really such a big ask???
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ultragreedier · 13 hours ago
un fucking related but i can't remember names to save my life tjis is why everyone gets nicknames or i call people by their urls/usernames/etc
my sibling had a friend over like 2 days ago and i kept mistaking her for an ex friend of both of theirs and I'm like I Am So Sorry. This is why ur former nickname was Question marks
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Inclusivity within “Ginny and Georgia” Part 1 of 3
Be wary of potential spoilers!
I want to talk about the inclusivity of Ginny and Georgia because of the amount of backlash I’ve seen from articles and social media surrounding the show and its character. 
While the show is far from perfect, I think it’s impossible to please everyone, especially when your dramedy is one of the few shows in mainstream media that touches on such relevant and important topics facing teens around America. When your show is the only one that includes this much representation it will face a lot of backlash from critics and people because the show is unable to represent everyone and what they’re going through. That being said everyone’s personal experience is relevant, which is why diversity within film and tv shows is so important. 
The show addresses topics such representation of diversity and people of color, mental health, and queer relationships. The show delves into these topics in a way that feels safe and comfortable and shows viewers that you don’t know what other people are going through.
Ginny, the lead protagonist, plays a bi-racial teenager to a white mom. This could go one of two ways, fortunately her mom, Georgia, is super supportive and does her best to understand her daughters identity and what it’s like for as a woman of color. Obviously, being one of the Black women in her rich, white community, Ginny struggles to fit in, which she has all her life. In episode 2, It’s a Face Not a Mask, you can see right away Ginny doesn’t fit in her with her friends, she narrates a scene where they’re all in the school bathroom putting on makeup besides her, “It’s a face, not a mask... I know about masks, mine never comes off” (1:43). This line followed by episode 3 (Next Level Rich People Sh*t), where at Ginny’s Sophomore Sleepover where her friends totally dismiss the fact that as a woman of color her hair is naturally curly and has less natural oils, therefore you can’t just brush through her dry hair without making it frizzy. Alas, their only worries were that MANG all looked the same for the gram. Her mom unintentionally comes to her rescue and fixes her hair telling her daughter, “How many times have I told you not to let anyone touch your hair?” While this is something so little, I think it goes to show the effort her mom makes to understanding Ginny and protecting her from people who don’t understand her. 
While Ginny experiences many micro-aggressions throughout the show, even from her friends (as white people we all have internalized racism and biases due to a lack of knowledge and education), a more blatant moment of racism from the show occurs during episode 10 (the last episode), The Worst Betrayal Since Jordyn and Kylie, when her english teacher, Mr. Gitten (a white man), takes a moment during class to acknowledge that the book they’re reading includes the n-word. He calls out Ginny for being Black and makes her feel embarrassed and goes on being racist to say that the cultural context of the word back then wasn’t bad (newsflash it f**king was). To top it off her friend Maxine just sits back silently and lets her friend experience this all because she is mad at Ginny for sleeping with her brother. Hi Maxine, your white privilege is showing! Good to know that racism is excusable just because you’re mad at your bestie.
After this Ginny runs to the bathroom to breathe where she runs into Bracia, one of the only other Black girls that attends school with Ginny. They bond over shared experiences with Mr. Gitten and the micro-aggressions they have faced from him. Bracia being called “B” because he couldn’t pronounce her name, way to show that you’re really racist by not bothering to learn the pronunciation! 
While those are problematic parts of the show, it’s intentionally placed within it as a form of social commentary and to reflect on real life scenarios that people of color and Black people experience. 
One last pivotal part of the show in episode 8, Check one, Check other. Hunter and Ginny get into a fight and they’re both say racially insensitive things towards one another. After school one day Hunter and Ginny are hanging out when Ginny complains about how Mr. Gitten was being racist for now giving her the scholarship award for paper (Hunter won despite Ginny’s paper being so poetic and creative). This gets them into a fight as they both deal with being bi-racial in their own ways- Hunter being mixed White and Taiwanese. He prefers to keep a low profile whereas Ginny prefers to speak up and vocalize her thoughts. She stereotypes him with being a “genius and a prodigy” because of his Asian heritage, it’s not okay to white-wash people Ginny you should know that as it has been done to you before. “When I went to Taiwan I thought, wow. Finally, my people. But it was this hard reality check that, no, you don’t belong here either” (38:00). Ginny’s response to this is just to be more problematic? She tells him she knows more Mandarin than him and his favorite food is cheeseburgers. Then, to make it all worse she tells him, “You’re barely even Asian!” While this is an intense scene to watch, I think that’s the point. Being a mixed person is difficult, not having people from either of your race’s fully accepting you.  
With that being said, hopefully this trend of “diversity” doesn’t end in 2021 and with Ginny and Georgia, I hope to see more media in the future that continues what they started and does it better. Social activism is not a trend, it is a necessity, especially in representing minority communities.
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thetrueblackheart · a day ago
summary ▬ theo and the reader are dating but never had sex, after the reader is suspended from school, he makes her feel wanted and needed
pairing ▬ theo raeken x biracial!plus-sized!reader
warnings ▬ fat shaming, racism, unprotected sex (use protection), first time, shower sex, swear word, praise kink?
words ▬ 4.5k
requested ▬ @theshyprincess
Tumblr media
not my gif
The full moon for the month passed. It was a normal night, like usual. Y/n was sitting in her room and watching a few movies while eating sweets. She smiled when she saw funny scenes or when she saw that the love interest would be nice to the main protagonist. But now it was a few days after that and she was back in school.
Y/n walked past other students that looked at her with disgust and were whispering behind her back. She seemed as if she didn't hear what was going on. She liked how she looked. She was just not fitting the beauty standard of society.
She felt an arm wrap around her and turned her head to look at the person. Theo Raeken had his arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her into him, not caring what other people were thinking. She was his girlfriend after all and he loved her like nothing else.
He smiled down at her, she smiled back up at him. She could hear laughter coming from next to them and looked over to see two white girls looking straight at her. She didn't understand what they had against her. She may be different but she was a human nonetheless.
Theo turned to look at the two girls and glared at them if looks could kill they would be dead and Theo could even make it happen but he knew to control himself, especially around his own girlfriend. Theo turned to look at Y/n.
"They know nothing," he told her and kissed her cheek. A smile spread over her face as she felt his lips brush her cheek. She felt her cheeks warm up as she looked at him. He had a stupid smirk on his face before leaning down and capturing her lips with his.
He pulled away before putting a strand of her curly brown hair behind her ear. She smiled up at him before kissing his cheek.
"Have a nice day, Theo," Y/n said to him as she walked away from him and into the classroom next to them. She sat down in her seat in the middle as Theo stretched his head into the room.
"Have a nice day, beautiful," he called out to her with a smile before vanishing in the hallway. She smiled and looked down at her table. She could hear footsteps walking around her and sitting in their own seats.
Malia sat down next to the brunette with a smile on her face, she was her best friend after all and she was supporting the relationship with Theo even after he kind of killed her own boyfriend, Scott McCall.
"Hey," Malia said as she took out her books. The were-coyote turned her head to look over her shoulder as the teacher wrote something down on the board. Y/n wasn't paying attention to her best friend and she wrote down the information.
Y/n looked up as she heard a growl coming from next to her. She turned her head and looked at Malia, who was glaring at someone behind them. Y/n turned her head to see one of the girls that were trying to flirt with Theo when she was around. She put her hand on Malia's to calm her, she knew she wasn't her anchor but Malia would always calm down for her.
The teacher turned around and narrowed his eyes at the girl, that was watching her best friend, who just turned around to look down at her paper.
"Y/n!" he called out. He was a little older and definitely the most hated teacher from the pack. The brunette looked up at her teacher. "Go to the principal's office," he told her. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open, she never was sent out of class and she didn't understand why.
"Why?" Y/n asked the teacher. Malia furrowed her eyebrows at the older male, he always looked at Y/n in disgust and she didn't understand why.
"Because you are interrupting the lesson," he explained, he was lying and even without the super hearing of her best friend Y/n knew that. Malia stood up, a fire burning in her brown eyes.
"Y/n did nothing wrong, she was listening to the lesson," Malia defended her best friend. The teacher narrowed his eyes at the louder female but didn't say anything against her.
"Y/n, will you go now," the teacher demanded before the voice of the blonde behind them was heard.
"Yes, Y/n. You're interrupting the lesson and are taking too much oxygen from me," she said. Y/n looked down at her notes and packed them into her bag. Malia was ready to argue but Y/n shook her head. She was going to the office like he demanded and would hopefully come back to class.
She stood up, turning to the blonde that was looking at her with a smug smirk on her face. Her green eyes looking down at the other looking girl. Y/n walked out of the door, closing the door behind her. She looked through the window at the class.
Malia was standing and looking angry as she looked at the teacher. The male tried to keep her calm as he looked at the door and glared at the biracial girl. She walked away but still could hear the angry voice of the were-coyote yell.
"That's racism! Y/n did nothing, she got me to listen to the lesson!"
Y/n looked down at the floor as she walked through the hallway, towards the principal's office. Theo was listening to his teacher as he saw Y/n walk past his classroom, she had her face turned to the floor, which meant that she was sad.
He sat up, his hearing was focused on his girlfriend heartbeat, it was steady, but her breathing was uneven. He wanted to stand up and run after he, wanting to know if she's okay, but knew that she would send him right back to the classroom to resume his lesson.
He looked down at his notes as he heard snickering behind him. He heard her name and used his advanced hearing to listen in the conversation.
"She's so fat, I wonder who would ever take her as his girlfriend," one of the males said. Theo tightened his hand around his pen as he wrote down the biology notes.
"And she is so ugly with her skin, her body just adds to that," his friend explained. Theo gritted his teeth together as he had to listen to them. Lydia looked over at him as she heard something being crushed. His fingers were covered with ink as he glared at his paper.
Scott looked over to his friends as he heard a faint growl coming from Theo's throat. Theo looked down at the paper covered with ink like his hand.
"Yeah, probably never got a good fuck," the first one said with a chuckle after. "Maybe we should give her one," he added. He knew that Theo was her boyfriend but he thought it was, as a joke and he would dump her at some point.
Theo looked over at Lydia, who saw that his eyes glowed yellow. She gripped his arm, her green eyes looking into his eyes.
"Think of Y/n, she wouldn't want you to wolf out for whatever they're saying," Lydia reasoned with the male.
Theo closed his eyes as the teacher turned around to the board. His lips were pressed into a line as he thought of Y/n. The smile she would give him every day when he did something nice for her or kissed her cheek. The laughter that would leave her mouth when they watched a series or movie together or even when he was joking. The kisses they exchanged together every day.
They never had sex but was that really important in a relationship when you loved someone and couldn't bear to lose them. He loved her and tried to show her it every day without having sex even if he wanted to have it with her. He didn't want to pressure her into anything she didn't want, even after she told him that she was okay and ready.
The bell rang and he snapped out of his thoughts. Lydia smiled at him, she was proud that he didn't try to attack the boy while in class or even was seen by a single human with his glowing eyes. Theo sighed as he packed his things into his bag.
The boys that were talking bad about his girlfriend walked past him with laughter in their voices. He stood up and walked after them. Lydia and Scott walked after him but saw who Theo's eyes were on.
Theo pushed the first boy against the locker. His hand at his collar. As he got into his face. The boy's eyes widened as he came face to face with Theo Raeken. He was sweating and his lip was trembling. He didn't know why he was pushed against the locker.
Theo was raising his hand before he put it into a fist. Anger was coming from him in waves as he looked into the face of the boy. Scott was trying to get his attention to stop him from hurting the human while Lydia was looking around the students that were all filming the thing.
"Theo?" a voice spoke up and Theo's head snapped to the left to see Y/n looking at him with worry. Her chemosignals all were of worry and he immediately let the boy from his hold. He walked to her and wrapped his arms around her. She was surprised as he kissed the side of her head.
"It's okay," Theo said as he heard the voices behind him murmur about the hot guy with the 'fat' girl. He wanted to show them all how perfect she was and how they could all stay away from him if they thought so about you.
"Can you take me home?" Y/n asked. Theo nodded and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He walked towards the parking lot with her and sat in the car. They sat in the car. He heard that her heart was beating faster and that she was fiddling with her fingers.
"What is it?" he asked as he put his hand on her arm, rubbing lightly over her bare skin. She flinched away but relaxed after in his touch. He furrowed his eyebrows as he saw her flinch before taking her hand in his.
She squeezed his hand as she looked down at it. "I got suspended," she told him. His eyebrows pulled together as he looked over at her. He started the car and backed out of the parking lot before driving towards her house. She looked over at him and saw his expression.
"I was interrupting the lesson in some way," she told him, he glanced at her before concentrating once again on the road.
"Malia was arguing with him that he was racist after I had to leave the room," Y/n announced to him. Theo's hand gripped her's tighter, she didn't mind it.
He continued to drive down the roads, slowly to not get into an accident or freak Y/n out. He stopped in front of her house and ran out of his car to open the door on her side.
She stepped out of the car and walked towards her front door. She unlocked it and walked in with Theo right behind her. She didn't hear her father or mother in the house before she saw a paper in the kitchen:
Gonna be home late, don't stay up to the next day — Mom & Dad
Y/n furrowed her eyebrows as she opened the fridge and took out a fruit salad that she made herself yesterday evening. She turned to Theo with a shy smile.
"Sorry for pulling you out of school, you can go back," she told him with a smile as she took a fork and put a strawberry in her mouth. She turned away from him, her back facing him. "You can also stay here until your break ends." She turned to him.
He nodded as she took his hand and pulled him with her to her bedroom, he was already in it a few times but every time it's like a new experience. She sat down on her bed and continued eating her salad. Theo laid down next to her on the bed and watched her with a hand on her back rubbing circles on it.
She hat put on a show that they were watching together as she was eating and he was enjoying seeing her happy. She took her last strawberry into her mouth before turning to Theo with a smile.
Y/n was looking at him adoration but inside she also thought that he deserved someone that the people wouldn't judge because of her appearance. She stood up and took out some clothes, Theo was watching her with confusion.
"I'm going under the shower," Y/n told him as she walked into the bathroom connected to her room. She blew him a kiss before closing the door behind her. She wasn't sad but she wanted to know why the man she loved didn't want to have any sexual intercourse with her.
Theo watched her as she closed the door. He could clearly hear her heartbeat which was a little bit faster than normal and could also smell that she was disappointed and had anxiety from out of nowhere. He continued watching the show but he smelled sadness and stood up.
He opened the door slowly and saw Y/n body through the glass wall. Her back was pointing towards him as she put shampoo into her hair and massaged it. Theo smiled before getting out of his own clothes silently. He opened the small door and slipped in.
She was facing the wall as she let the water, fall onto her head. She was letting the shampoo she let into her curly hair. The water fell on her face after she stood up straight.
Theo took a step forward before kissing her shoulder. She jumped slightly before she leaned back into him. He continued kissing her shoulder, she was relaxed and comfortable. His hand was on her arms and her hands were touching them as she leaned into his chest.
"I love you," he whispered to her as he trailed up her to her neck before he found the spot where she was holding in her moan. He smiled against her skin.
"What are you doing?" she asked him in a whisper as if it wasn't obvious what he was doing. He was doing what he wanted for so long but didn't want to pressure her into something.
"Do you want me to stop?" he asked and pulled away, taking a step back. She turned around to face him, both of them never saw the other completely naked and he never even saw her chest.
He was breathless as he looked at her, he truly loved her and seeing her bare in front of him was something he never thought he would see, especially when water would roll down between the valley of her breast.
"No," she said to him and took a step forward. Her hands were on his arms as he looked down at the brunette. She smiled up at him before leaning up. Her pink lips brushing against his as she looked into his eyes before glancing between them and his lips. Their breath was mixing in the small space between them.
He leaned down capturing her lips with his. His hands were landing on her hips as he kissed her with love, slowly and soft. His hand was pressing softly into her flesh as they pulled away.
Her brown eyes looked into blue ones as she breathed out. Her heart was racing as she swallowed her salvia. His breathing and heartbeat were faster as well as her hand was on his naked chest, feeling it through his skin.
"We can stop—" theo was interrupted by Y/n pulling him down to her with her hand on his neck. She kissed him as if she never wanted to kiss anyone else because it was the truth. He put his hands on her face and pulled her more into him.
He took a few steps forward, making Y/n back up against the wall she was looking at minutes ago. They pulled back, both out of breath as they looked into each other's eyes.
"I love you," Y/n replied. She hadn't answered him as he said it to her but now she could. She was not surprised and a smile spread on her face. He smiled down at her as he caressed her cheek with his thumb.
He leaned down and kissed her once again softly. Her hand was trailing down his neck before being on his chest. Her eyes moved with her hand as she traced his muscles. He was tensing under her touch while he watched her amazement. She smiled as she trailed to his v-line.
He took her hand in his own and she looked up at him a 'sorry' leaving her lips but he shook his head. His eyes were darkened, while she traced down his body he was watching her big breast which was as perfect as someone could be.
"I want to touch you too," he said and pulled her towards him with her hand. She smiled up at him as she took his hand and put it on her neck. She bit her lip lightly as she looked up at him, seeing his gaze on her breasts.
She trailed his hand down to her collarbone and her breathing stopped for a second as she felt his fingertips against it before trailing downwards toward her breasts.
He watched their hands as they went over her breasts, she stopped on her breast and looked up at him. He could feel her heart beating faster through her skin but could also hear it.
The water was hitting both of them as she let her hand fall from his and toward his neck. She pulled him down, their lips crashing against each other as he wrapped his hands around her breasts. She gasped and he let his tongue slip through her lips.
She was not fighting for dominance but she was enjoying the sensation of his tongue inside her mouth. He was discovering everything in her mouth before he let his tongue meet with her own. They were dancing together as he squeezed her breasts. She pulled away, leaning against the wall behind her and letting her head fall back.
Theo smirked before attacking her neck, she gasped as she wrapped her arms around his neck, letting him know that she was okay with what he was doing. He pulled away from her neck after leaving a hickey on it. He kissed her lips, slowly and passionately as he let his finger trail down to her vagina.
He stopped and looked at her face which was relaxed. Her eyes were closed as she leaned against the wall. He stopped as he looked at her.
"Are you sure?" he asked her. Y/n opened her eyes to look at him before nodding. He didn't do anything, he wanted a verbal confirmation.
"Yes." He trailed down and touched her. She was already wet, in both ways, which made his part easier. He smiled up at her as he moved one of his fingers in a circle over her clitoris. She withered in front of him.
He kissed her, slowly as he made her feel comfortable. She smiled into the kisses as she pulled more into her. He also smiled as he kissed her. He knew this would be her first time being touched by him or any other boy, he didn't even know if she touched herself when she had the urge to but he knew that he would make her feel as if she was on clouds.
He let his hand go between her legs before slowly opening her cunt. She shivered as he put one finger into her. She gasped as she looked at him. He was slowly moving his fingers as she held herself near him with her hands on his biceps.
He looked at her while moving, his other hand was on her hip helping him move her on his fingers. She smiled as she leaned forward and kissed him softly. Her lips brushed his cheek as she trailed down his neck. She kissed it down until she found his sweet spot. He gasped and curled his fingers in her.
She bit down on his skin and pulled on it. The water was falling n her head and running down her back as she pulled back, admiring the hickey she gave him. A smile on her lips as she pulled him into a kiss.
He pulled out of her, his fingers were laced with her wetness. He brought them up to them and licked on them as she watched him. They were clean as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Kissing her on the mouth.
"Can I make you feel good?" she asked him. He furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at her. He saw her glance down but he shook his head.
"No," he immediately said, he didn't want to pressure her into making him feel good when he wanted to make her feel good. He didn't realize that he voiced it wrong and took her face into his hand. "You don't have to. I want to make you feel good."
He pressed his lips against hers, slowly kissing her. She put her hand on his as they squeezed her cheeks. She looked at him while he pulled away.
"You really want this?" she nodded with a smile. He put his hands on her ass, pressing her against his body before letting his hand go down to his hard penis. He reached it and led it to her entrance. She pressed her chest against his as she felt his tip play with her folds.
She grabbed his face with her hands, pulling him into a kiss. He pushed slowly into her, as he kissed her. He distracted her from the small pain she would feel from his filling her with a sensation that made her feel good. He stopped pushing in and letting her adjust to him.
He pulled away from the kiss as he leaned his hand next to her head. He looked at her with concern and she nodded. It was okay, she didn't feel any real pain, she only felt him. She kissed his lips softly as he moved deeper into her. She squirmed, it was uncomfortable to lean against the wall.
He saw, he put his hand under her thighs before pulling her up. She looked at him as she was pushed down on him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He reached for the shower and turned it off.
He put her against the other wall, the one between the glass wall and the wall she was leaning against seconds before. He brushed some wet hair out of her face.
"You can move," she told him and he smiled as he kissed her cheek. He slowly pulled out, so that his tip was still inside her. She moaned quietly. He kissed her neck with a smirk on his lips, he knew he could make her feel good.
"I want to hear you," he said as she looked down at him. She nodded with a shy smile, her cheeks a faint rose colour. He moved back into her. A loud moan came out of her mouth, he kissed her as he slowly moved in and out.
Both of them started to sweat. Theo moved faster every second as he held her up, looking at her face which was full of pleasure. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly agape. Her hands moved from his neck to the two walls next to her. Her hand was pressed against the glass, which was fogging over.
Their moans got louder as he pounded into her. Her hands tried to keep her up as she felt pure bliss. Her eyes closed. He looked at her as he let groanes out of his throat.
"You're a goddess," he complimented his girlfriend as he locked up at her. She still had waterdrops trailing down her body and her hair behind her as well as her face made her seem like an ancient goddess that he had the honour of pleasing.
"I'm close," she told him, he smiled and moved faster to give her the release she needed. He kissed her neck as he moved one of his hand down between them and played with her clit. She moaned louder as he made her finish. He felt her cum around him. He was ready to pull out but she held him back.
"You feel good, come in me," she told him. She didn't want him to not finish in the same way she just did. Y/n wanted him to have as much of this session as she did. He wanted to reply no, but he saw her face and couldn't say no.
He pounded into her almost giving her her second orgasm as he finished inside of her. He continued holding her up as he let them both ride out their orgasms. He slowly pulled out of her and set her onto the floor.
He turned on the water, he turned it colder than it was before so that they could cool down. He took a small towel from next to them and made it wet, cleaning Y/n up from their sexual intercourse.
He smiled down at her and brushed her hair away from her face as she looked up at him through her eyelashes. She was exhausted as Theo cleaned her up. He kissed her forehead. He picked her up and carried her out to the outside of the shower after turning off the water.
He dried her and himself before carrying her to her bed. He tucked her under her blanket before getting a pair of sweatpants that he had at hers and crawling in next to her.
She put her head on his chest, sighing as she closed her eyes. Theo brushed her hair as he watched her fall asleep in the middle of the day.
"You were great," he whispered and kissed her temple. He snaked his arm around her and closed his own eyes to take a nap. He didn't care that he had school for the rest of the day, he only wanted to be with her.
author's note
so, this is longer than I expected it and it's as long as a normal chapter when I am writing it. I wrote this in a day. I had some motivation. Hope you liked it and that it was right presented, it's the first real smut I wrote.
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laurenisastarling · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I have a galaxy of freckles on my face. Where is a laser
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the-victorian-elf · 3 days ago
I know it will sound stupid but do you know how many years it took me to realised that my body shouldn’t fit in just one category? 24!!!
My father is African and my mother is Italian, my body is a mix of them in every shape and form. I remeber growing up not being able to feel represented.
Not white enought. Not Black enough. 
I played with both black and white dolls since i couldn’t understand why i didn’t fit in. Don’t let me start on my experience in school, all the bullism and the mean people that i met shaped my view on myself.
Why am i not slim? Why am i not super curvy? Why my body is so strange? 
Now i know that i’m mixed and i’m not just one thing! I’m both! And that’s okay!
I know it’s silly but it was a big revelation for me.
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