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bauliya · 18 hours ago
reading atonement on edge of graduating college and having no clue what to do with my life while surviving Significant Historical Events and quite possibly being on the precipice of my country dismantling is either the most cathartic decision i've made or the worst
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bauliya · 19 hours ago
yea i probably messed up timeline thanks for clarifying it bothered me for a long time
lmao you can forgive ceci now
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bauliya · 19 hours ago
everyone blames briony but what about cecilia who literally had alibi for robbie but didn't speak up. why? because her rich girl reputation is more valuable than working class guy life? plus briony was a child while cecilia was an adult and robbie was her supposed beloved. i hate this stupid movie
cecilia didn't have an alibi for robbie because she went looking for the twins with someone else and robbie was alone when lola was raped. you're getting your timelines mixed up and I do not tolerate and ceci slander here
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bauliya · 20 hours ago
there should have been a scene in x-men where the kids are watching atonement together and someone pipes up "hey robbie kind of looks like professor X" and someone scoffs and says "are you blind"
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bauliya · 21 hours ago
the absolute worst part of atonement is the fact that i've NEVER in my LIFE related more to a character than i do to briony tellis
but honestly even if she had named paul they wouldn't have believed a little girl over a rich industrialist, robbie would've gone on to medical school and been recruited in the war and likely died, the family wouldn't have let ceci marry robbie and she would've been estranged. literally what did briony fuck up that the war and the unequal english society didn't.
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bauliya · 22 hours ago
"i could fix him" well i could give him a fictional happy ending after inadvertently ruining his real life
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bauliya · a day ago
atonement would've made such a GOOD bollywood film though unf. fucking soundtrack by a. r. rehman.
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notfye · a day ago
going to the beach with a Boy do i watch the beach scene from atonement in preparation y/n
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brutal-nemesis · a day ago
E&T Atonement AU-How Far You’ve Fallen
Oh boy it’s teatime
Erebus & Terror Masterlist
Ingredients: noncon touching (unsexy)
What he’d expected when he’d been dragged into an empty room and had his wrists chained to the ground in front of him, he wasn’t sure. For a few minutes he simply knelt there alone, left to wonder if it was going to be pain, humiliation, or some twisted combination of the two. He looked up as Neteri entered, but when he saw who was with her, he turned away as if he had been struck, arms pulling vainly against the short chain anchoring them to the floor. Why was she here he didn’t want her to see him like this and how was she even-
“So, this is what’s become of you, huh?” He refused to look at her even as she crouched in front of him, fighting to keep his tears from spilling out.
“What are you doing here?” he whispered.
“Oh come on, is that how you greet me now? Gone for a month and you’ve already lost all your manners…” Hesitantly, his gaze slid over to meet hers, though he still kept his face turned away.
“H-hello...Aunt Almira.” She gave him an amused smile.
“Hello, little nephew.” Her hand cupped his cheek, gently turning his face towards her. “Hmm, you don’t look as much like Elisenda anymore with your hair short like this. Regardless, I am happy to see that you survived. I’d hoped you would when I helped the Empire invade-”
“You what?” he gasped. Almira sighed.
“I did it to reduce casualties. There was no way we could ever hope to defeat an army like Xerna’s, and I didn’t want to sacrifice our men needlessly.”
“T-that’s why it all happened so fast that’s why they knew-”
“It was my way of helping. Trust me, this was for the best.” She gently thumbed away the tears that had started silently falling from his eyes. “My sister was always too soft on you, and I can’t imagine things would have gone well once you ascended the throne. But now, Berké can have a real future as part of the Empire, and you’re somewhere where you can’t do any damage with a nice owner who will take good care of you. Drottkia knows you couldn’t do it yourself.” Almira let go of him and stood, looking down with a hint of disdain. “You were never fit to be king.”
“I know.” The words come out automatically, before he even realizes what he’s saying. But that’s the truth, isn’t it? 
It is.
This is how everything is supposed to be.
He’s right where he belongs.
Tags: @dramaticcollapse @thehopelessopus @just-a-whumping-racoon-with-wifi @galaxywhump @as-a-matter-of-whump @mnmlover2002 @tears-and-lilies @yet-another-heathen @rippedjeansandfadeddreams @starnight-whump @unicornscotty @thebewilderer​ @kixngiggles​ @itallstartedwithharry
#i wrote something#erebus & terror#atonement au#erebus#neteri#noncon touching#betrayal cw#whump#royalty whump#lmao yeah one of the reasons he's so upset about his hair is he doesn't look like his mom anymore :)#neteri is literally just having gay panic in the corner the whole time#almira is strong military lady#if this were normal circumstances neteri would be like#''erebus your aunt is really hot''#and erebus would just be ''neteri if you hook up with my AUNT i will kill you''#and if it turned into something more and then suddenly neteri is also erebus's aunt#god that would be fucking hilarious. just out here experimenting on my nephew!#see i dont make *all* of my crack content canon because this 100% will not be#i already know who neteri's wife is and it's not almira 😔 but the aunt au can be a thing on the side#also: is almira based heavily on general amaya from tdp? fucking maybe#general amaya is like actually a good aunt tho we stan her#if you know who that is no you dont (actually no come talk to me i love tdp be my friend)#if you dont know who that is and you like women look her up and you can thank me later#it's canon that almira sorta betrayed the kingdom but i dont think erebus ever actually findsout#she really thought it was the best course of action to keep her men from dying in what she figured would be a pointless struggle#and she's always thought erebus was too soft to be a good ruler#she didn't necessarily *want* him to get fucking tortured though but no way is she setting him free#and oh look at that he's broken now#which means we're almost done here
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In my expressions, it’s always about how weak she makes me. It’s significant to me. A person has never meant so much to me that I, at my very core, yearn to relinquish myself to her.
But she also makes me feel so powerful. There were points in my life where love was the only thing I could hold onto despite it not being in front of me or returned. Loving her helped me endure years of trauma and pain. Now she’s forever in my veins and I wouldn’t dare have it any other way. I simply don’t want her to leave. Everything that happened pushed me to begin healing and confronting my sins to the bone to finally live for myself. She makes me want to do the work with so much passion, just as she is, it engulfs me. The storm that we were was the most powerful driving force in my life yet.
I’m honored to be a safe haven the way she is for me. I just want to care for her all the time. So much it aches in my chest. It can make me feel aggravated when I can’t or I’m messing up. I’m eager to understand everything about her. I hope to feel like home. It’s not a pedestal I’m building her up on, but it is a lavish throne. It’s where I believe she deserves to be. It feels more like building and decorating a home for her and her lover too.
I don’t see myself as beneath her at all. Can’t I live to spoil the love of my life? Can’t I desire to be used? Can’t I become my most tender and delicately nurturing self to give her all the love that she wants and needs? I can and I’ll try. I don’t think I’m undeserving of romantic love. I have it. I just need to solidify the relationship with myself before committing to anyone else. But that doesn’t mean I don’t I love you, my dear. I love supporting you. I love talking with you. I love seeing you. I love thinking of you. I love you even when it hurts. If I could make this love my career for the rest of my life, I would, but it already is.
It’s not too much to say I’m yours because it’s true. Yours to take, to have, for forever, for 30 minutes to a day. Sporadically, through rain checks every single day. All time spent on you is worth it. I’m still my own person but I’m this too. This is what I want. This is where I’m meant to be. This is what I want to be.
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platanosconlechera · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
#shirtoftheday #immolation #majestyanddecay #atonement #dawnofpossesion #kingdomofconspiracy #hereinafter #failuresofgods #shadowsinthenight #deathmetal
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brutal-nemesis · 2 days ago
E&T Atonement AU-Sample Collection
Aight I return to y’all with this sexi lil bitch. Medical accuracy? Never heard of her 
Erebus & Terror Masterlist
Ingredients: giant needle hours, lab whump, fingernail whump
That was, without a doubt, the largest needle he had ever seen. It was freakishly long and impossibly thick, and he couldn’t imagine it was for drawing blood.
He whined in terrified anticipation as Neteri sterilized part of his upper right arm, and did his best to keep himself from crying out into the gag as she cut out a small chunk of his skin and muscle. Then came the needle, sliding through the opening in his flesh. A shiver went up his spine as he felt it tap against bone, but oh, it didn’t stop there, it kept pushing, pressure building up against his bone until it punched through with a sickening crack. He screamed as a bolt of pain shot up his arm, shuddering as he felt the needle slide deeper inside his bone.
The needle stayed in there for a few minutes, drawing out whatever it was she wanted from in there. He kept his gaze focused on the now-blank ceiling, tears watering out his vision every few moments. He can never seem to stop crying nowadays, and today is no exception. When she slid the needle back out he couldn’t help but whine, escalating into a scream as her healing magic closed up the hole she’d made in his arm.
Something cold touched an equivalent spot on his left arm, and his heart sank. She was going to do the same thing again, wasn’t she? Yes, yes, once again his flesh was cut out and collected, once again the huge needle punctured his bone, once again everything was painfully healed up like nothing had ever even happened.
Next, she gripped his right thumb tightly, keeping his hand still, and he didn’t understand why until he felt something grab onto his fingernail and start to pull. He screamed but she kept pulling despite his muffled pleas of no no wait stop please I won’t ever try to run please- The pitch-black nail wrenched free, choking an inhuman cry out of him as raw agony raced up his entire arm. The pain almost doubled as she started healing it, forcing the fingernail to grow back unnaturally fast, wrenching out all manner of wails.
Even when the healing and the pain finally stopped, it was still too much. He sobbed, what was even the point of this if she was just going to heal everything back up? But he knew why, he knew all too well she was just taking away pieces of him so she could study them. It was all he was good for now, being sliced up and studied and put on display-
Her hand wrapped around his left thumb, pliers gripping the nail.
He screamed before she even started pulling.
Tags: @dramaticcollapse @thehopelessopus @just-a-whumping-racoon-with-wifi @galaxywhump @as-a-matter-of-whump @mnmlover2002 @tears-and-lilies @yet-another-heathen @rippedjeansandfadeddreams @starnight-whump @unicornscotty @thebewilderer @kixngiggles @itallstartedwithharry
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dwuerch-blog · 2 days ago
Only One Perfect One
Only One Perfect One
I’m still faithful to my “One Year Bible” daily readings. I’ll admit I might miss a day or two, but I’ll catch up and get back on track as soon as I can. I don’t say that to impress you, but it does impress me because I am getting so much out of these readings. I mark the scriptures that catch my attention like neon lights. Well, not really neon lights, but I do mark them with my neon markers!…
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