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#what’s not to love
in-the-words-of-shlorp · 6 hours ago
Are Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson a couple?
Haven’t thought of that. Still working on it, they were friends since replicants and Pfizer was the only person to not question Johnson & Johnson’s name. He just accepted it. Pfizer would tell others to buzz off if he heard them make any comments about J&J’s name.
And I was thinking that J&J didn’t ever have thoughts about Pfizer. A LOT of people on Shlorp think something is off about Pfizer and J&J is just: *shrugs* I don’t see it.
Still working on this because I fell in love with them now. Thanks for the ask.
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weissflower · 14 hours ago
you are not a true fan DC COMICS and yes the political activist and globalist, idolater ,communist AND LEFTIST like JOE BIDEN AND KAMALA HARRIS and SAME thing who idolizes her eco-terrorist, PAMELA ISLEY, POISON IVY the hate office men and humanity and the dictatorship gay and lesbians for sjw and how much shame and disgust I have about you genocide idolater?
bro it’s fucking 2021 why am i getting anon hate??? I just enjoy Ivy and Harley getting married and Batman getting railed by Superman and being a good dad calm ur nazi tits my dude.
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disappearinginq · 18 hours ago
I feel sort of bad wishing it, terrible would it be to have Ainsley do something to Malcolm because Malcolm is trying to arrest Martin, or get him to turn himself in, or otherwise one of their fights where Malcolm (rightly) accuses Martin of all the horrible things he did to them as children,  to "help" Martin - and Martin flips shit, because Malcolm is an always will be his favorite child. 
And Ainsley being made a pawn in her father's game just to get his son
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mure-sauvage · 23 hours ago
I have such a soft spot for Kuwei; he's got so much love to give and he's effusive about his feelings because he just feels really intensely and he can't help it spilling out. Yet no matter how much he feels, he's not the one the object of his affection returns feelings to.
We readers witness Jesper and Wylan's hurt over the kiss first and foremost because they're the ones we're closest to, but Kuwei didn't kiss Jesper meaning to hurt him or even Wylan, he kissed him because he's a lonesome 16 years-old who's lost everything ; he just wants to belong, desperately, even for a brief instant and the awareness that Jesper's not truly kissing him.
Ultimately, Kuwei's character is a tragic one and this boy deserves so much empathy.
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aeide-thea · 23 hours ago
*fantasizes about cultivating really terrible facial hair*
#like not even on-purpose-terrible just like. i doubt my squashy little face would be improved by it#but like. just think. i could rub my fuzzy lil face the way i rub my fuzzy little calves. comfort fur.#like just in general 'body as sensory playground for self' > 'body as consumable aesthetic object'#i was going to add 'for others' but like. honestly i think the distinction a lot of people make between 'for others' and 'for themselves' is#kind of nonsense#ime even like. women getting dressed up to go on dates get dressed up in a way they think is cute‚ period.#it's not like 'oh i personally feel bad in this outfit but i'm Wearing It For My Man.' you learn 2 feel cute in what society says is cute#I Know‚ It Happened 2 Me#like the only circs i can think of where people are explicitly dressing to other people's aesthetic standards while violating their own are#professional settings#and/or if you're trying to pass as cis and/or het (often a concern in professional settings but not *just* there)#but ultimately like. what we think is cute is in dialogue with what society has taught us is cute‚ i feel like#for definitions of 'society' that include 'queer subcultures'#(obviously like. ppl who dress in ways that are deliberately visibly gnc Aren't Doing It For the Gender Police)#(but i do think we do it in the context of like. working towards a different concept of what's aesthetically pleasing)#(which IS subculturally-supported)#but anyway i just don't think it's ever as straightforward as 'i'm presenting myself this way For Me‚ Not For Society'—you contain society#but like. idk. i guess really my point is 'it's not a simple either/or binary'#(who could ever have seen that stance coming from me)#anyway uh. love the evolution of this post. this IS what it's like 2 be in my brain actually.#Wild Rollercoaster Tangents of Dubious Validity#also i started this post hours ago & then got distracted and forgot to hit post. which is similarly‚ alas‚ on brand. anyway. go time.
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fruitygus · a day ago
missing scene from 3x12 where shawn’s all flustered when gus is in the firefighter uniform & flirts with him just a bit too much.
then like the day after the case, shawn opens the door to their apartment to see gus hot & sweaty in a firefighter costume, leaning against the door frame.
“you mr. spencer? i got a call about a fire.”
shawn let’s out a noise that borders on inhuman, and doesn’t stop staring at gus.
gus is smirking & he flutters his eyelashes & takes his time looking shawn up and down. “you gonna let me in?”
shawn can barely get out a “yeah” but then gus is inside & he tries to keep up the act (“so where’s the fire?”) but then shawn has him pressed up hard against the door.
anyways then shawn makes gus carry him bridal style to the bedroom & we all know the rest
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beerin · a day ago
Getting an Instagram advertisement about delievering areas in my hometown and the first thoughts are:
Which weird racetrack is this? Why have I never seen it before?
Tumblr media
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applecherry108 · a day ago
I love going into the recommended tab cuz it’s like, full of Miraculous spoilers but I haven’t watched anything since season 1 (I didn’t lose interest just focus lol)
So I’m seeing all this shit and my only thoughts are “haha catboy go prrr :)”
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