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#look at them
starsandshit902 hours ago
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This picture is SO CUTE
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ji-svngshine7 hours ago
they all looked so good and the performance was great too, but most importantly...
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I'm obsessed
he's so pretty
also Chan's makeup looked very pretty as well
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misojyny13 hours ago
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metacrovv15 hours ago
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I just wish that I could give you that, that look that鈥檚 perfectly un-sad...
my ocs are so in love that鈥檚 so based
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serxeins19 hours ago
Just saw someone compare Vincenzo to Boss Baby and now I can鈥檛 get it out of my head. YALL I CANT UNSEE IT!!!
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Tumblr media
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galaxyeona day ago
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Diana : ( i sleep
Triana : ( banging lighting everywhere and screaming ( Lighting go brrrrr )
Diana : wakes and takes notice( its 4 am
Diana : goes to triana's room and sees ( what in the monstrosity is this )
Diana : im fucking tired this bish time to get cyan i mean he is the leader
Diana : goes to cyan's room and sees ( hey cyannnnnnn.........wt-
Diana : wakes ( oh my god what was that calm down diana that was just a drea-
Looks that circel is litteraly sleeping next to her
Diana : WAKE ME
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swpromptsandasksa day ago
May the audience have some more NeedForTouch? Specifically with Paz and Din talking over what happened? Or how Boba, Din, Paz, and Fennec are becoming a pack?
Now, Din wasn鈥檛 oblivious, not really.
Honestly, he鈥檇 have to be nose blind to not smell Paz interest in him, curled up in Paz den and cuddled into him as he often is. Not even the filters of his helmet would have been able to remove all the scent when their out of their kute and armor and only in sleep clothes and helmets.
He just鈥
Well, he hadn鈥檛 had the energy to deal with it, the loss in his soul for his pup making him ache and feel listless in ways he couldn鈥檛 explain.
But the days passed, with Boba, Paz and Fennec hovering around him, providing each their own comfort and care. Sometimes, Cobb called from Mos Pelgo, having a friendly chat and promising to visit when he could. Cara had done the same with Greef voice echoing in the back but it was further away for them than for Cobb.
Apparently, after the deal with the tuskens were struck, the town was much safer as the tuskens and town鈥檚 people now worked together instead of working against each other. They had even initiated trade.
Cobb had quietly, with a sly smile, informed Din that they had managed to get a steady supply of black melons and the village had managed to filter the awful taste out of it.
Which was nice to hear, on a planet like this, any kind of fluid to hydrate was good, making it easier to swallow was a good idea though. Children might not swallow it if it tasted like it was in the source.
Shifting slightly, Din returned his mind back to Paz, feeling the others arms around his waist. They had been sharing the same bed since they arrived on Tatooine, unless Din stayed with Boba, his vode often comforting him.
Boba often made him feel small in those moments.
Not in a bad way though.
Small but protected, the same way his dad had done before in the village and his buir later on in the covert when they held him tight to their chest and stroked his back.
But most days, he stayed with Paz in his den.
Shifting slowly, Din turned around to look at the other鈥檚 helmet, flickering his eyes up and down, running his hand hesitantly up and down Paz dark brown upper arm. Then he ran his hand up to the others exposed neck, finding the others scent gland and bonding patch, fingertips a light touch. He was grateful the other had worn a low v necked shirt to bed last night.
Paz would be a good alpha.
Caring and warm, always there for their mate, be they beta, omega or even another alpha.
鈥楬e wants me鈥 do I want him?鈥 Din licked his lips then flushed as his mind opted that moment to remind him of all the times he thought of Paz after Nevarro. Okay, so that was a stupid question, even from an emotionally unstable and anxious man like Din was right now.
Could he be the kind of omega Paz wanted though鈥
Mandalorian omegas weren鈥檛 the same as core omeg-dank farrik.
Din wrinkled his nose, why was he even thinking about core omegas and standards?
His lips pulled into a snarl in silent disgust, both at the thought of core standards and at the idea that Paz would want anything to do with that. Paz admired warriors, mandalorian alphas wanted warriors, not pushovers that simply stayed barefoot and at home, always pregnant.
They wanted mates that fought at their side, wanted fierce mates that carried a child and protected both themselves and their child as ferociously as any alpha would. 鈥楾hat鈥檚 what Paz would want too鈥 but I鈥檓 not that kind of omega, am I?鈥 Din slumped a tad.
He had given up his child so easily, despite being tasked with returning Grogu to his own kind, that still made him a bad omega.
Paz couldn鈥檛 possib- 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what you鈥檙e thinking, but stop it.鈥 Paz sleep growling voice rolled through his vocoder, Din jerking his hand away guiltily as the arms tightened around his waist.
鈥淚-鈥 Din stammered a tad, squirming in the grip of the others arms.
鈥淵ou smell miserable Din鈥檌ka,鈥 Paz continued, gently tapping their heads together in a Keldable kiss. 鈥淚 can make a guess what you鈥檙e thinking but believe me when I say that you鈥檙e a good omega. A good buir鈥 I certainly think you鈥檙e good.鈥 Paz voice eased with softness.
Swallowing thickly, Din struggled to open his mouth, find something to say.
Then he simply swallowed and sat up, Paz letting him go so he could, visor tilted to keep track of Din.
He went ramrod stiff when Din reached for his helmet, slowly pulling his helmet off. 鈥淒in鈥︹ He rasped, large hand settling on the bounty hunter鈥檚 thigh, voice conflicted and yet seemingly incapable of turning his head away.
Settling his helmet down in his lap, Din nervously looked to the alpha, stroking his helmet flattened hair out of his face, feeling the curl of it due to the length.
For a long minute, the two simply stared at each other, Din clinging to his helmet, visibly feeling Paz eyes flicker over his face despite the visor in the way.
Finally though, Paz sat up too, still staring. Then he slowly reached out and cupped Din鈥檚 cheek with a large, warm hand. 鈥淢esh鈥檒a鈥︹ Paz whispered reverently, huffing out air when Din turned his head to kiss the others palm.
Watching nervously, Din held his breath as Paz reached up for his own helmet with his free hand, tucking those large, long fingers under the chin and pulling up.
Warm brown eyes looked back at him for the first time without a barrier, and Din knew that this, this was a moment he鈥檇 remember forever as Paz smiled at him, his face framed by tight curls along with the a goatee not unlike Cobb in the same black as Paz hair.
His nose was broad and slightly flat and his lips were large and dark to match his brown skin tone.
It suited him.
Paz was beautiful and Din let out a low noise, practically a quiet whine. 鈥淧-Paz.鈥 He stammered again, unsure what he was asking for.
Paz however seemed to know, his eyes softening even more somehow before the alpha leaned in and pressed their foreheads together. 聽鈥淢esh鈥檒a.鈥 He simply repeated, warm thumb stroking delicately under Din鈥檚 eye.
鈥樷 was right. He is a good alpha.鈥 Din let himself fall apart, slumping against Paz as the other held him, their helmets resting in their laps as for the first time since he gave up Grogu, Din finally started to feel warmth in his soul once more.
Mesh鈥檒a = beautiful
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x-exoa day ago
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Tumblr media
I can't do this
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onlymeandlife2 days ago
Saw this OC Maker on my Dash today and wanted to give it a try too!
So here are my Cyberpunk V boys. None of them are girls...but younger version of them if you don鈥檛 look too closely? It could work I think. Or just their genderbend versions. U was just fun :D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In Order:
Vasili Cromwell 掳 Vincent Bennet 掳 Malachi Vesco
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tinysentencejournal2 days ago
Tumblr media
I literally cannot fucking do this today
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